Sunday, November 23, 2014

TOP EGG L0 infection cleared


  1. My heart litterally jumped in my chest, tears in my eyes ! Oh boy that's great ! Victory of the light ! God bless you Cobra and all the RM !

  2. Wow, we are moving faster now, feels like.
    Thank you everyone and keep up the work you all are doing<3

  3. <3<3<3 Thank you Cobra and team for all the effort, time and good work. My gratitude, and good luck to you . MAY THE LIGHT BE VICTORIOUS NOW AND FOREVER!!!! during todays planetary meditation i was guided to do the twin hearts meditation. what a blessing it was for me and to all .

  4. There ya go....That's what I like to see...........Making some good progress,,,,,,,Whats next

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  6. Sunday bloody sunday for the chimera

  7. Cobra you are the best! RM you are the best! BADASS liberators no one fools around with'em...

  8. Oh my god, how exciting. I also did some work on my solar plexus and have been able finally to inform hundreds of people about extraterrestrial presence and the situation here on earth, overcoming my own fears. Thank you for all the support from everyone here and our light family. Victory of light! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  9. Snowball!
    Soon all of our stress and pettiness will melt away, and we will look back and laugh for just a minute...then we will fly


    If you google the word IMPERATOR & IMPERIAL(ISM)
    you'll get to see it's been connected to the history of
    the BABYLONIAN ROMAN EMPIRE, but also to the
    system of political, financial & military
    totalitarian control.

    "For the ship, see SS Imperator."
    "Imperator Augustus" redirects here.
    For the first Roman emperor, see Augustus.
    The Latin word imperator was originally a title roughly
    equivalent to commander under the Roman Republic.

    Here is an explanation that I myself has a sence of
    what all of these messages about the TOP EGG
    has to do with ( after several interviews and
    articles with COBRA )

    I sence it also can referece to the levels of controll
    ( hiearchy ) of the CHIMERA's esotheric energetic
    way to organize their controllsystem, which also
    then in a methaphoric way means that it is the(ir)
    leader THE IMPERATOR or the Top of the Top Level
    of this controllsystem of hiearchy left to be cleard out.

    Cobra has stated that THE EVENT &
    THE FINANCIAL RESET (includes the
    MASS ARREST which has to occure
    at the same time) can't happend before
    THE CHIMERA GROUP has been
    totaly defeated.

    So all this articles and posts from ZAP / POOF
    and others in the same style is just to confuse
    and harvesting energy and create dis-info.

    This shift into this new paradigme energetic
    flow of expansion of love in truth is based
    In the feeling. FEELING THE TRUTH
    WITHIN by leading you oneself.

    Remember that YOU ARE:


    I have followed Cobra and his blog way back
    since he started his black in 2012.
    I presented him in my videoblogs
    I have manifested for the Scandinavien
    speaking people ( I'm from Norway )
    since 2008 regards to this energetic
    shift of cansciousness and the manifest
    of this new paradigme of the new earth,
    based in expansion of love in truth,
    by you oneself leading, you oneself.

    We are all ET'S-
    There is no separation.

    Victory Of The Light.

  11. yeeeaaah !!!!
    Cobra <3
    October 1, STRANGE EGG tau in final completion / TOP EGG in progress,
    November 2 STRANGE EGG tau complete , TOP EGG in progress
    November 10, TOP EGG L4 infection cleared
    November 17, TOP EGG L3 infection cleared
    November 20, TOP EGG L2 infection cleared
    November 22, TOP EGG L1 infection cleared
    November 23, TOP EGG L0 infection cleared

  12. For the first night I can remember, I only had peaceful dreams of happy situations. Thank you Light Forces for all your excellent and speedy work!


    Thank you Cobra, The RM, The Lightworkers, All the Ground Crew and to Everyone here who have been holding Light and Positive thoughts about the Victory on this Planet.

    The time is NOW.
    Victory to the Light.

    In Peace and Love.

  14. Is it time to fasten our seatbelts? This feels like we're at the Death Star Trench Run. :)

  15. Hooray! What's next? Is this going to take another few more years before the main event happened?

  16. Heartfelt gratitude to Cobra, RM, and ALL who served the Light!

  17. Awesome, awesome, awesome, what an awesome speed right now. I'm just thrilled.
    Thanks to all who are involved in this major mission. I appreciate all your hard work and I send you heaps of Love and Light.

    Victory of the Light

  18. I also had very different feeling dreams and the energy felt calm and clear.

  19. That sounds really good! Thanks Cobra.

    Does anybody know why i keep seeing the number 222 everywhere. Its been gradually increasing and nows Its gone way way past coinsidence. Maybe 10 times a day. A few years ago my address was 222, then 2 months and 2 weeks after i moved out i got a job that lasted 2 years, 2 months and 2 weeks.
    Im also seeing 111, 333, 444, 555 alot too.

    1. @Robert, it means that your personal angels are trying to communicate with you. They either just want to say hi or they want to tell you something important. I did a quick google search and came up with this website (so I can't account to its accuracy):
      I believe more in just listening to your heart in quiet moments to hear what the angels are trying to say.

    2. 0: This is the message of love of the Creator;
      1: Watch your thoughts and think only your desires and fears not, otherwise you will attract what you think;
      2: Keep your faith and never give up hope;
      3: Jesus or other elevated master are with you and help you;
      4: Angels will help in this situation;
      5: You will experience a positive change for you;
      6: left to God and the angels any fear about the physical world, material. Balance your thoughts on the spiritual and material aspects;
      7: You are on the right track, so go ahead!
      8: Abundance will be facing you now;
      9: Work as personal mission without delay.

      When you see a combination of numbers, "gathered" just above meanings. For example, if you see the number 428, it means: "Angels are with you, so keep your faith, because wealth will go to you now."

    3. The number might have to do with the twin flame. A lot of people have been interested in the twin flame in a wave, there seems to be a surge of these energies.

  20. Thank you all who are involving in this mighty success. The info regarding THE EVENT is spreading like any thing in our locality. So many beautiful souls are joining us during planetary liberation meditation. Feeling awesome.

    1. yipee....thank you for your involvement Neha Gandhi.

      In Love and Light

  21. pants getting pretty tight over here

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    1. @JustBe, you're describing the same procedure as in the memories of the Garden of Eden by Simon Parkes.

    2. @JustBe, here is the missing link:

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    2. JB, your original post was brilliant and very inspirational! I wish you didn't remove it...

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  24. Awesome news !
    A little bit less everyday for darksiders and soon they won't have even have a taste. Soon we will share in all the joy all abundance and I want do it front them watching. Hope a darksiders reads this and blows a fuse..... Haha

    Love the RM best thing that's happened. I still want out a here though I want to explore......the GALAXY.. Yes that's what I want. To boldly go were no little ant has gone before. Yes lucky little ant....I shall be. Big daddy say so....nobody mess with big daddy. He is the highest level soul in the universe. Can't touch this.... Hee hee. Can see in all times and all dimensions. He rocks..

    Thank you Cobra the videos were awesome..

  25. One courious thing happened to me.
    Some people will laugh, some people will attack me...
    But the smartest and open minded ones will benefit from it
    As a buddhist meditator, i experienced throughout the years a lot of benefit from meditation, a purer mind , more peace, equanimity, etc.
    However, there were many phisical symptoms that still subsided, and some mental as well . Like :
    Mild back pain
    Sugar crávings
    muscle spasms
    heart palpitations
    chronic fatigue
    mild depression
    and lots of anxiety
    irritability for no reason
    stress for no reason

    So i told my teacher and he told me : no, it is all in your mind... there are only sankharas ( deep impurities) going out...keep on meditating!
    But then i realized that i was using meditation like a drug to feel better! And actually meditation is a tool for trascendence.
    newagers told me i was just " being negative" and should be " positive".
    In spite of my efforts i was still suffering all those symptoms. Angry for no reason. Mhhhh. So i decided to shut my ears and do my own research!
    Those people think everything is all mental and forget they are in a body.
    So i research for a long time
    One morning i prayed to Source and it took me to my saviour ! I checked my symptoms and discovered i was terrible magnesium deficient!
    In spite of my " perfect diet" , htm diagnosis confirmed it.
    wow bingo!
    So dont think you take enough mg in your diet!
    High intake of calcium and sugar in our diets are the culprits
    our modern stress depletes mag in our bodies
    nowadays even organic soils are poor in this mineral
    mag is stolen from refined breads and salt

    So i decided to take the magnesium salt. My story divides itself in two: before and after magnesium. End of it.

    I still meditate , of course, and along taking complete diet, my body and mind feel happy and peaceful.
    My.body and mind can manage stress better.
    For those with similar story, you can do your own research
    Control of the mind , awareness, what the people call " positive thought" are important and i advocate them.
    but also your diet is equally important they are both related.
    you can sit with crossed legs and manage your mind a lot, but you are not so powerful to generate all those nutrients.
    And as i researched over 60-80% population is mag- deficient.

    For those interested i suggest to research further.

    Dont forget your body!
    Be hollistic!

    1. Good advice! and good for you for not accepting the standard answer and continuing to search for an answer. Over the last few years (since 2012 kindof), I've been noticing the unusual need for various things. For a while it was Vit A, just craved mangoes like crazy...then I saw a crop circle in the shape of...Vit A! So I figured I was on the right track. Then it was Mg (especially after getting rid of metal fillings in my teeth) and still fairly often. Now tho', since a few months, it's potassium: need to eat lots of bio/organic potatoes with the skins on... Not sure why...I just research my symptoms and/or am "led" to the realization and follow along...

    2. Yes ger sey thx.

      We know this for long, but people don't listen...

      The most spiritual concepts are claiming all is "higher" (bodies, mind ... whatever). And yes, there are many higher parts belonging to us.

      But it's a system. And as we get big impact on physical body from the higher parts, there is also huge feedback from physical body to higher parts.

      And many diseases have their reason in these feedback. Some are special developed to create and use feedback loops between physical and higher parts.

      And easy minerals like magnesium or sodium bicarbonate break many of these feedback loops. This is why they got taken out of our food....

    3. No diet is gonna remove those mantid implants in your brains. Get real. Get smart. People need better advice than this.

    4. Hahnemaniac: yes, always follow your intuiton. But is good also to read some info as well,it will help u a lot and also u can help others.
      About the potassium ( like calcium) there is a fact that will give you nightmares.:
      No matter how much potassium you put in your body, if you dont consume enough magnesium you will not be able to absorbe it. You will always be potassium deficient
      and the same happens with calcium. This is very dangerous!
      Why is it so?
      Because mag is the master mineral and its job ( among over 300 functions) it is to metabolize calcium and potassium.
      And the calcium we take which is not absorbed deposits itself in
      brain, etc
      leading to death
      Calcium supplementation is a hoax and doctors prescribing it almost without mag are killing people!
      Ok do your homework if you have time on google.
      i will.not bother poor Cobra anymore, if someone want to talk more about the issue, feel free to add me, my facebook account is Ger Ison.
      I am not a doctor nor an expert , but i read thousands of studies, in 3 different language, and above all , i have my amazing story.
      Nor i am selling anything, you can buy mag at ridiculous prices in your pharmacy!
      But before study it more, before taking any supplement always consult your doctor.

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  27. Schumann´s frequency:

  28. Some of this stuff you just can't left brain. Open your third eye and let the wisdom pour in.
    Sometimes I get the answers to questions asked in a breeze in the wind and the answer just washes over me. Divinity at its finest. But I am a feely airy fairy and I don't belong here....just yesterday I walk passed the TV and the news said another brutal attack and I thought wow I need to go. If this is what everybody is into I want out. And yes, a lot of people still enjoy the 3D trauma drama. But since I am stuck here pissed off I usually like to feed darksiders misery of other darksiders since they really prefer to feed on the light ones. It bugs them out. Its the least I can do. Remember darksiders have no conscious and they have short fuses. They are little firecrackers. Emotional maturity of two year olds. They don't comprehend emotion they are disconnected they only understand love as material possessions up in their face. Its like a bone in front of a dog want this go fetch. It makes them intelligent in that they can be very objective no emotional attachment to outcomes. It only makes them seem like they are responsible individuals. Nerves of steel is bs they got no nerve endings the dark soul in them turns it off in the body. O yes they customize. Push their button and watch them go off takes about 3 minutes. Which is good to know as it throws them off balance. They leave you alone. Learn some of this and you peg them every time. Yes I learned something valuable in all those sessions. However normal wise people are slow to anger long fuses connected to TNT. Any day now....we will be hearing them go number. I hope... We will see.

    1. .....I have got that with the wind too......the wind of farewell was blowing some time ago here it is so calm and people get more friendly everyday, so many are smiling and laughing, it feels like all are getting familiar that we are one family.....I feel today more strongly the ships are doing something with their frequencies.......a child of a friend of a friend painted a picture with the tops of the pyramids and it said they must be put back at their place......if the galactics put them on top secretly some day and everybody will wonder about it? who knows.....would be fun.....

  29. I too keep seeing numerical sequences - particularly on my car's speedometer etc. I used to think it was coincidence, but it just happens to be too regular to ignore now.

    And thanks again Cobra!! :)

  30. " smart" pleabe:
    I am not speaking here about the implants,
    i am speaking about a real fact that affects most of humanity.
    before posting such a rude statement, try to have a solid base.
    Before speaking about invisible things you do not see and therefore you are not sure about it, i suggest u investigate and deepen some in the world we live in...the way it works...the way matter affects mind and viceversa

    You do not know that chemistry affects state of mind and thoughts?
    Well what happens when someone puts a lsd under the tongue, for example. It mess with higher chakras, right?
    So everything is related...
    This world is so magic
    so if you are worried for the implants and this is your case, then go for your cure! What are u waiting?
    But do not attack people who expose a different point of view!
    Be complete, my friend!