Saturday, November 29, 2014

TOP EGG primary clear


  1. Thank you Cobra and RM!Liberty now!

  2. Can't resist and already apologize for the bad humor, but that is "egg-cellent"

    Also muchas gracias for the "just-in-time" feedback via updates for Egypt, I thought that was great and was a real inspiration. Thank you.

    Right. Talkin' Shop now.
    They're the second-hardest instrument in the world to play.
    Their Sound makes you want to either Fight or Make Love.
    Sometimes both at the same time, thankfully not to the same person.
    And that is By Design ;-)

    So, One More Time for Old Times' Sake :-D
    "Ladies And Gentlemen,
    Boys And Girls,
    Children Of ALL AGES !"

    Hit The BAGPIPES

    No More Fighting.
    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom For All and Forever.
    Happy Advent.


  3. Bonsoir Cobra ! L'Ordre Social Est Rétabli....! M de Eli