Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Phase 2 anchor selected


  1. I have seriously been waiting over a decade for this. I can't express how excited I am that all of these evildoers will finally be exposed. Hopefully this will open up the eyes of the broader population.

    1. A decade? Really?

      I wonder how you came to know about this stuff 10 years ago? This blog was started in 2012 no?

    2. ::: Brief History :::

      "(Alfred) I see. Now talking about this Event, this is something that some of us in this movement or this community, have been following for decades. I know in the 1980’s some of the groups that I was a part of it at that time would call it “the cosmic changeover.” It’s where there would be a virtual paradigm shift and would come very quickly. So it’s a concept that’s been around and I can remember “Oh it was gonna happen in the 70’s, it was gonna happen in the 80’s.” So could you tell us about the Event now in the present time 2013/2014.

      (Cobra) First I would like to explain a little bit of the background. This so-called Event or.....what was your name for it?

      (Alfred) When I first came across the concept in the early 1980’s it was “cosmic changeover.” That wasn’t my name but it was a name that groups that were working for something very similar called it.

      (Cobra) Actually this was called the Shift of the Ages centuries ago by the Mystery Schools and it was known that there would be a moment of drastic breakthrough for Planet Earth. The exact timing was not known but the symbolic year was always known as the year 2000 - a symbolic number that was given hundreds and hundreds of years ago. People were expecting this to happen. The exact moment is not possible to predict because of the free will of everybody involved.

      After WWII, the Galactic Confederation chose to contact some people on the surface of the planet to give them more details about that plan, especially after 1953 there were many physical contacts. As we were approaching the year 2000 we were getting very close. Those people were then trying to facilitate that change and many were wishing for that to happen but of course, that was not possible. But then, as we were approaching the year 2000, we were getting very close. When the Archons, the controlling forces. realized we were about to liberate the planet, they created the last possible possible blockage, which was the so-called Congo invasion which happened in 1996." Albert Webber Interview 12-2013

    3. I learned about this stuff on September 12th 2001. I was already awake enough to know that 9/11 wasn't what it seemed. So, I started looking for answers. I found Dove of Oneness and her NESARA reports which she strongly implied had offworld assistance. She's dead now unfortunately, but her team/supporters seem to have joined this movement.

    4. If phase two means what I think it means, then those about to be exposed have been committing unfathomable crimes against humanity for far longer than a decade. I've only started to become aware since twelve years ago. This blog has brought clarity.

    5. When I came across Cobra's blog I first thought -- "Wow -- somebody else has noticed that things aren't quite right!!"

      I thought I was part of a very weird, probably tiny group of people who had "thought some thoughts," including the slave situation people are in with mortgages, students loans....... how nobody is thinking of getting off oil for energy.........and "where does all the money go, if we are all working so hard and paying all these taxes? And why are we all getting fatter and sicker?...." Things like this, I wondered to myself, sort of subconsciously, really.

      I thought I was a weird, lonely soul to think these thoughts.... I was so relieved to find out others had not only thought these things, but were working on fixing it all.. and had been, for a few decades....!!

      What a relief...!!...

    6. I have also been waiting since 2006 :) it has been a long road with many ups and downs. Cobra was one of the voices of loving truth that I found through the years. Rob, David, James and Corey echo that truth in these times. Victory to the light. Victory to the light workers/warriors. Restoration of Gaia. Restoration of our galactic society status. The beginning of the Golden Age

      Namaste all of you, my team

    7. Beloved Rob,

      Some people awakened much earlier than a decade ago through difference channels.

      May the LOVE be with you always!

    8. Rob - There are many that have been waiting - In a sense I've known since I was a young child that this time would come to pass in my lifetime. I didn't realize then what I do now, but I got a glimpse in an FA18 in 1988 & again in 1991. I've been wide awake at increasing levels since 2007.

    9. Channels like Nidle were around for more than a decade. But Cobra took up the slack in 2012 when nothing happened. He was the only one to specifically explain why nothing happened in 2012. If you dig deep enough you can discover a niche of material from even 50 years ago referring generally to all this stuff.

    10. I've known of the "cabal" or "inner sanctum"(as my father called it) of power people pulling the strings of the world since about the mid to late 80's. The first Gulf War was a complete and total setup from the start, orchestrated in large part by Bush Sr and his people. After the 2001 9/11 attack, it started to become more 'out there in front of you' for all people to see, unfortunately most people at that time were still very much asleep and got a majority of their news and info from the MSM.

      Just because this blog started around 2012 doesn't mean all this was unknown to people before hand. All it means is that the RM was now "public" in their endeavor to clean out the shit that has backed up in the system and this was a conduit for them to 'communicate'.

    11. Some people already passed infos prior to 2012. I used to say that there wouldn't be a sudden shift in 2012 but a longer period to enter the new era even if a lot of "spiritual ones" were announcing a sudden shift in 2012. I prepared my friends for this, as well as the poeple I had in cessions or my fb contacts. At this time the arcons just didn't let me publish larger but the infos were distributed by a good amount of us. Waiting for the event as the humanity hasn't been able to change the movement.

    12. I only became slightly aware of the whole fiasco in 2011 or 2012 via the goldenageofgaia (cant rem original name) and then thru a couple of those fear-mongering and disappointing Drake reports... I became more aware of the game after I encountered this site maybe somewhere in 2014.

      I am happy to report that although i spent a good chunck of me life wondering what was me mission in life.. i feel lucky that after some awakening . i am STILL wondering what is me mission. What is so good about it? Well finally I can claim without a doubt that I am consistent for a change :))

    13. I first noticed the idea of the 'end of times' in European representations of not just the last Judgment of which there are many famous examples (eg. the huge mural by Michelangelo in the Sistine chapel).

      The idea of the Return of Christ and the end of current times has actually been around since the beginning of the Christian era. Many of the early christians were convinced they would be witness to these prophesized events.

      As an Art History student in university (in the 60's)i came across many representations of the end of this world, this especially when nearing well rounded numbers like the year 1000 and even more when approaching the year 1500. Think of the "Four horsemen of the Apocalypse by Durer" and many, many other works no art.

      I became seriously interested in this much later when someone handed me the Ra material/Law of One books in the mid nineties....

    14. An interesting explanation of why now(ish)...

  2. Mantra :

    In this present NOW

    May I be free from pain and the root of pain
    May I enjoy happiness and the root of happiness

    May all the sentient beings be free from pain and the root of pain
    May all the sentient beings enjoy happiness and the root of happiness
    It is done it is done and
    So It Is!


    1. Beautiful Mantra!

      I am adding:
      Strike fast like a Cobra!
      With power of the Tiger!
      And Eye of the Hawk!
      For love!


  3. What happens now that the anchor is selected? Isn't it operational?


    With god by our side the best is yet to come! :)

  5. This is another step in the right direction. It's time to end all clock and dagger secrecy and for full disclosure. Let the light continue to grow and expand and root out all the deception, lies, chicanery and nefarious activity of the dark forces. May they be removed once and for.


  6. Ok. Can anyone elaborate on what this implies?

    -active duty military (communications)

    1. anchors are incredibly hard to drag or move. it is like a modus operandi. a guaranteed sweep routine if you will.

    2. Okay, phase 1 was basically identifying an entitic being called the Ace of Spades. It is a rare and highly dangerous breed which was missing a key component. That component (alive) was discovered in some undisclosed location in North America. Thus, phase one now being completed, all the superhero movies are now open for firing as a part of Phase 2, which involves a few other things also, mostly to do with pretty girls. So, I would encourage people to watch as many movies as they can these days as those are now officially portals for the light to enter(benefits include permits to access all kinds of (natural) abilities and coded information)..I've got Shiva and a few others waiting for you guys on the other end..Peace. Christ and Hari Om. :)

    3. Oh that! That probably belongs to the Grateful Dead I'm sure! Which especially at this exact particular point should not be considered to be an ordinary band, likewise for the music of Trey Anastasio, and Bob Dylan. That is the domain of the Spades.


  7. Here Comes THE SUN.
    We'll now ALL make the World a Brighter and More Colourful place. Let's Get This SHOW On The Road NOW.

    Cirque Du SOLEIL, s'il vous plaît. Merci Beaucoup.

    A Circus Of THE SUN indeed it will be. And No Kidding.
    So let's Get This Party Started :-)))

    Lots Of Love And Light And SUNSHINE To ALL



    "Paisley Soleil"


    1. Thank You for Just-in-time publishing, Portal-webstaff. You rock !!!

      Ever since I wrote that comment it has not stopped SNOWING here :-)

      SnowStorm in Full Effect, baby !!!


      THE SUN



    2. Higher than THE SUN - Primal Scream Live at Eden Sessions ;-)

      It's Party Time.
      Come On - COME ON !
      The Acceleartor - THE ACCELERATOR


      You either do something All The Way and Full Steam Ahead, or you don't bother trying at all. Otherwise it's just a waste of time and effort.
      Entweder GANZ oder GAR NICHT !!!

      I know how WE are doing it, and ALL THE WAY is The *Only* Way Forward.
      Higher Than THE SUN :-)




    3. I'm leaving a cat card here, in case anybody needs it real bad! :)

      Cat? :)


    4. I AM The Beginning And The End


      I AM THE SUN
      And . . . It's *always* THE SUN




    5. The LION KING claims the cat card. And plays it.
      CAT CARD IN PLAY !!!


      Of course I am The Messenger, and I write and I write and I write.

      So get into The Car, and We'll Ride and Ride and RIDE.
      All of it is Yours and Mine.

      "Die Katze"


  8. This is the strongest mantra I know. I wish this can help everybody and our worlld.
    佛頂尊勝陀羅尼Buddhosnisah Dharani

    Na-mo ba-ga-va-ther try-lo-kia pra-ti-vi-sis-ta-ya bu-da-ya ba-ga-va-ther.
    Da-d-ya-ta, Om, vi-so-da-ya vi-so-da-ya, a-sam-ma – sam-ma sam-man-da-va-ba-sa spra-run-na ga-di ga-haun-na sva-ba-va vi-su-de, a-b-sin-ja-tu mun.
    Su-ga-da va-ra – va-ja-na a-me-ri-da – a-b-set-kai ma-ha man-tra – pa-dai.
    A-ha-ra a-ha-ra a-yu sam-da-run-ni.
    Su-da-ya su-da-ya ga-ga-na vi-su-de, u-s-ni-sa vi-ja-ya vi-su-de sa-ha-s-ra – ra-s-mi sam – draw-di-ther.
    Sar-va da-ta-ga-da a-va-lo-ka-ni sug - pa-ra-mi-ta – pa-ri-poo-run-ni.
    Sar-va da-ta-ga-da – ma-di da-sa – bu-mi pra-di – sdi-de.
    Sar-va da-ta-ga-da heri-da-ya a-dis-ta-na-dis-ti-da ma-ha – moo-d-re, va-jra – ka-ya sam – ha-ta-na vi-su-de.
    Sar-va va-run-na a-pa-ya – doo-ga-di pa-ri vi-su-de, pra-di – ni-va-ri-ta-ya a-yu su-de, sam-ma-ya a-dis-di-de.
    Ma-ni ma-ni ma-ha – ma-ni, da-ta-da bu-da – ko-di pa-ri – su-de, vi – s-bu-da bu-di su-de.
    Ja-ya ja-ya, vi-ja-ya vi-ja-ya, sma-ra sma-ra, sar-va bu-da a-dis-di-da su-de, va-jri va-jra – gar-bhe va-ja-rum ba-va-doo ma-ma sa-ri-rum.
    Sar-va sa-d-va-nam ja ka-ya pa-ri vi – su-de, sar-va ga-di pa-ri – su-de.
    Sar-va da-ta-ga-da sin-ja me sam-ma-sva-sa-ya-doo.
    Sar-va da-ta-ga-da sam-ma-sva-sa a-dis-ti-de, bu-di-ya bu-di-ya, vi-bu-di-ya vi-bu-di-ya, bo-dai-ya bo-dai-ya, vi-bo-dai-ya vi-bo-dai-ya, sam-man-da pa-ri – su-de.
    Sar-va da-ta-ga-da heri-da-ya a-dis-ta-na-dis-ti-da ma-ha – moo-d-re svaha

  9. Lovely mantra, thank you for sharing this! <3

  10. the mafia in action...http://www.infowars.com/report-trump-supporters-in-texas-see-votes-switched-to-rubio/

    1. I don't believe this, trump is a Jesuit puppet and a psychopath this story is a fabrication

  11. Thank You to all, I will see you in my dreams, Love and Light, God Bless

  12. I'm really trying to hang in there, but just feeling beat down from every direction, especially financially. If I can't hang on till completion, I wish all of you victory of the light! Hopefully, for all our younger loved ones, this happens in their lifetimes, Victory for the light, bring the dark into the light with forgiveness and love!

    1. There are enlightened support systems coming thru for every being on this planet right now. Let your portal thru the central column of your body widen. Let the energies of enlightened support/ god consciousness move down thru your body, and ground into the earth. Send these energies out to all beings. It will support you, release your difficulties, and accelerate your enlightenment. Support yourself in this power. It is available to everyone. Transform in it. It gives what is needed. Amma.

    2. thank you! thank you! I will do as directed! mahalo

    3. Thanks for posting this....it really works very well and is a way to keep oneself in the light.

  13. The meanings and the POWER of Number 8.

    Many ancient civilizatons believed that this number represented the EARTH - NOT in its surface, but in its VOLUME - since 8 IS THE FIRST CUBIC NUMBER.

    In general, the number 8 represents INFINITY, ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY.

    In the Bible, it represents A NEW BEGINNING; meaning a NEW ORDER or A NEW CREATION.
    It symbolizes the new life of man as "BORN AGAIN" when he/she is resurrected from the dead into ETERNAL LIFE.

    The Christian Church traditionally associated the Number 8 with the ENTREANCE INTO THE COVENANT OF GOD..

    It's the symbol of the COSMIC CHRIST.

    In Babylon, in Egypt and in Mesopotamia, it was the number of the DUPLICATION devoted to the SUN, and was depicted inside the solar disc as a CROSS WITH 8 ARMS.

    In Angelic numerology, it is the number of KARMA - the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.
    Also, Angel Number 8 brings a message from the angels that FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE is on its way to you and your just rewards will be yours.

    Angel Number 8 brings an uplifting message of encouragement from your angels telling of achievements, success, striving forward, progress and attainment. It is a message to stay optimistic and listen to your intuition and inner-guidance as you hold positive expectations and thoughts of positive abundance in all its forms.

    And finally:
    It represents/symbolizes the SELF-DESTRUCTION as well as the FINAL POINT OF THE NEW MANIFESTATIONS.

    The ancient Egyptians looked at it as the Number of the BALANCE and of the COSMIC ORDER!!!


    I wish, that THIS YEAR, March the 8th, the International Day of WOMEN, would be the day when the "RE-SET" button of the FINAL LAST BATTLE will be pushed!!!
    ( like it shows in this picture:)

    Let March 8 be celebrated WORLDWIDE as the day of the "dead and resurrection"; the end and the BEGINNING!!

    Let it be the day of the FINAL POINT OF THE MANIFESTATION of the NEW LIFE of Love and Abundance on GAIA, and NEW creations for her CHILDREN - Not only on the surface, but inside out - under the STRICT control and guidance of "THE ONE", according to Divine Order, and according to COSMIC LAW!!

    Let it be the day of saying bye-bye to the law of KARMA forever!!!

    Let it be the day of ENTERING INTO THE COVENANT OF GOD, holding the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS as a flag!!!

    Let it be the day of openning the doors for the RETURNING of ALL exiled GODDESSES back to Earth!!!
    The FIRST day; the beginning of the NEW ERA of Divine Feminine and Divne Masculine existing in balance and HARMONY.
    And let it be a day blessed by ISIS, Kuan Yin, Mother Sekhmet, Mother Mary/Lady Nada, Ma'at, Dou Mu..... etc, etc.

    Let on that Day of Number 8 bring a message from the angels that FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE is on its way to ALL OF HUMANITY!!!

    BTW: 8+3 (the month)= 11 It's the first MASTER number!!!

    (Strangely enough, in the USA, March 8 is not celebrated).

    1. "Let it be the day of saying bye-bye to the law of KARMA forever!!!"

      I think the law of karma is good for faster learning in life...

    2. A nice message Hye Angel! Our meditation with Our Power of Love will help manifest the breakthrough sooner (hopefully very soon) versus later.

    3. The Christian Church traditionally associated the Number 8 with the ENTREANCE INTO THE COVENANT OF GOD..

      ...through the sacrament of baptism. The number eight is therefore often visible in the architectural ground plan of especially Early Christian and Medieval church buildings

      Would be lovely if March 8 would be the day...it also happens to be my birthday!

    4. That should be the octagonal ground plan of baptisteries, not of the churches.

  14. I'm with you Fool Nelson. Oh the horror, oh the horror...

  15. Outline for the Muslim Vs. Christian Holy Wa


    There are a lot of mind control victims in the United States and it is time for these people to contract Order of the Star and get help. Ask them to deprogram you.

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  17. O que significa fase 2 âncora ??

  18. O que significa fase 2 âncora

    1. That message isn't for the general public ... it is for the Resistance Movement. We are not meant to know what it means.

  19. Why destroy the cabal 's taking so long ?

    Corey Goode in Cosmic Disclosure with David Willcock (Ep.8 S.3):


    Legendas em português !

  20. I recieved a letter today from my bank saying i will not be able to use my card at a atm or online during every weekend of march. Must be something going on

  21. Divine Descent and Evolutionary Necessity 2.0.1


    The vision contained within Cosmic Science is above the whole Earth; this means it establishes a view of reality, galactic in nature, encompassing different galaxies, star systems and planets. This is an entirely new description of the universe from the poin

  22. It looks as if peace is finally coming to the Middle East.

    Here's a very interesting article recently posted.

    Putin’s New World Order Versus the West’s


    It was reported sometime last year that Putin's absence in March, 2015 was due to his having high level meetings with the Light workers (Paladins) and that they have been working with him and supporting him with advanced military technology.

    Cora in his recent interview with Rob Potter talked about the Resistance putting some criminal evidence against the Cabal into the computer system of major news agencies around the world and into the computers of private individuals. Knowing that they are opposed to any disclosures, this will hamper their attempts to inflame the situation in the Middle East.

  23. There is a very old story, "he" was asking something. This is her reply: "No, I do not think so." And:"How?"

  24. A beautiful vision related by the Pleiades via Sophia Love:


  25. Dorian Gray has signed a Quit Claim.