Sunday, March 13, 2016

MOSS grid ratio evaluated, TOP sequence in progress


  1. Come on team. Let's push for the finish line!!!!

  2. Hey everyone, I'm calling cobra across the board. We must play divided sky now, cobra supporters will most probably not get to see the event whereas others will get pretty much everything they were supposed to get.

    1. No one's paying attention to you. Go Away.

    2. You should change your name to "Opposite Day"...& how many people believe your nonsense on this blogsite??

    3. Your statement is pretty vague...wanna clarify?

    4. It is indeed very vauge I would love to hear more. Would you be so kind aniKet.

  3. Cobra, we are here, stand by, for help you.

    1. Yes. Here we are in Costa Rica standing by you.

    2. I am coming to Costa Rica for the month of April. I would love to connect with you, family of light.

    3. We are already connected:-)

  4. I hope that you will publish an article summarizing the events more clearly later on.
    Best of wishes for you and your friends!

    Victory to the Light.

    1. Peace and light among all nations.
      Love in Light.

  5. Today I had a dream the event started and people cheered on victory
    Then I went to breakfast I felt massive changes in the air!

    I was looking at a tree and it was more vivid and vibrant and seemed to reflect the energy of the Event

    Ive noticed more sites are talking about this portal .

    Its great to see the events are alot more liquid this week

    I just feel it in my bones in my heart we are edging up to the edge of the huge light taboggon to be pushed over the edge to the global masses.

    Hold the light, anchor your light keep spreading light to others show non awake sheeple " thrive " its the basics , to opening sheeples eyes

    The signs are every where every hour of the day massive change

    More sites are pointing to ben fulford , cathrine austin fitts ,
    The portal here

    Its talked about in main stream outlets more and more global financial reset.

    Trump is like a burning caboose on the end of a long train of same old thing , lighting fires and making sheeple look harder at what is going on . Monosuto is getting resistance , politicians puppetteers meeting resistance .

    Every hour awareness is taking hold .
    Thank you to cobra and the resistance movement , I see " Winning" but not in a Charlie Sheen way . In a moving leaps and bounds way .

    ( The Off-word connections via the Draco are the Kroton and Jesuits, the off-world connection to the Pleiades is via the Roseline. )

    I attached these articles from COBRA and then it is up to you what to make of that data compare to what is now being revealed through the Sphere Alliance Data.

    <3 COBRA about Brotherhood of the Star / Sisterhood of the Rose <3
    ( Do not know if that is the same Brother/sisterhood that
    is being revealed through Sphere alliance post )

    But it seems like it as Cobra has stated that he has the Pleiadan connection and has insiders that is providing him with data and we also know that he has talked about the FINANCIAL RESET through the AIIB ASIAN INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT BANK which is on the hand of the EAST CHINESE DRAGONS and the so called new SWIFTSYSTEM created for the AIIB that has been created for this AIIB new banking system is also by the same old system as the old FED ( proxy for the old CHINESE DRACOS HSBC ( HONGKONG & SHANGHAI BANKING CORP ) who has always been behind it all.

  7. Which is why it will be very interesting what will be the experienced endgame related to the ending of all banking system on this planet and how it will play out as and experience of it.

    HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) is British only in corporate registration, it is own by the Chinese dragon families and has been the premier money laundering bank in the world, it is also the 100% shareholder in the SWIFT wire transfer network and the vertical computer services built around that product.

    <3 COBRA - Tuesday, May 27, 2014 <3
    Sisterhood of the Rose

    In Atlantis, priestesses of the Goddess were gathering in circles of twelve to anchor the energy of peace and harmony. They were called the Sisterhood of the Rose.

    The takedown of the Holistic Medicine Pioneers
    by The Chinese Royal Dragon Family

    <3 AK NOTE: <3
    There has been a shakeup in the organization of the Data Collectors, after some inconsistencies came to light in certain data (most of which was not published) related to the Roseline Sisterhood and their agenda. It was discovered that 1/2 of the data collectors were of the Roseline Sisterhood and once that was discovered, they were been relieved of duty.

    ( you came here to thrive yourself oneself
    way back home in alighnment with
    you oneself from within )

    The World ( Source IS NOT AGAINST YOU ) cause the only one
    that has been againt you, is YOU that adopted the illusion
    of separation so you gave yourself challenges so you
    came to remember this, cause you have never been separated.

    CAUSE NOTHING HAS BEEN BROKEN AND NEEDS TO BE FIXED ANYWAY...CAUSE THAT WAS THE EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE HAD IN THE ILLUSION OF SEPARATION FROM YOU ONESELF FROM WITHIN. ( and the so called outer is just a experience of the inner. So the more that alighn within oneself the outer will reflect that aswell. )

  9. The experience of disharmony, disunity or seemingly chaos/separation is all and experience based on the illusion of you being out of alighnment with you which is to be out of alighnment with all there is, which is the illusion of being separated which now flowing back in to alighnment within and the need of controll dissolves as more and more individuals catching up and alighn back with self from within.

    You came here to merge yourself oneself back with you oneself,which is to alighn yourself oneself with you oneself and that is the healing of the illusion of separation from the source of all there is, which is you which happend within you oneself and when you do that as individuals you will experience the fulfillment of the already UNITY that has been there always and you will also see, feel and remember that noting has been broken and needs to be fix.

    What's need to be done is you alighn back with you within and the more each individuals do that, the more feeling of the experience of unity there will be for everyone to experience.

    <3 But remember... <3
    You can't fix anything outside the vortex or all there is, which means that you can't experience the flow of unconditional love in unity if you are out of alighnment with you oneself,w hich means that you still live in the illusion of separation within you oneself which means that the only one that stand in you way of experience that is YOU ONESELF and all adopted selflimitations and adopted beliefsystems and you still keep pushing against you own inner desire to flow freely as a free individual unique spirit as you already know deep within that you are.

  10. So the trick is to not stand in your own way for yourself or keep supressing your inner true unconditional love of who you are as a free living spirit, and not attached yourself to an experience that is alighn with what you want but still keep up the flow of you expanding and experience more of all there is which is all you and flow freely.

    So the reason you came was to complete yourself and then remember that you already are complete and always have and will forevere be. You are here to heal the illusion of you being separated from you.
    <3 Abraham Hicks 2016 01 23 North Los Angeles Full Workshop <3

    1. As the broken Ice re-forms every season...
      Life should be so Busy
      As the Waves of Healing
      We Pray
      (as life should be so busy as we pray)
      (<- we pray as the waves of healing life should be as the broken ice re-forms)
      (we as life as life as we) (down/up/down)
      and the photo of my, ever-way unfinished, blog

      8D must be the dream come true..?

  11. I do not know what all this means but you have my full support in thought. Victory of Light! Much love!!

    1. My Grandfather had some very cute Haflinger horses :)
      Victory of Light! Much love!

  12. <3 Roger says further <3
    These articles from AMERICAN KABUKI and videos from TOBIAS LARS is spot on related to you catching up with the true force of unconditional love that you are as a conscious cocreater force leading you oneself, as when you heal the illusion of you being separated from you.

    <3 Abraham Hicks ~ 3 Hours 1 Topic:
    Love and Relationship Vol. 1 <3
    ( This Abraham video is all about you merging with you
    oneself and the most important relationship is
    with you oneself )

    <3 Tobias Lars - Spiritual 'DESCENSION' <3
    Full Incarnation - Re Birthing Heaven on Earth

    <3 INNER-GRATION by American Kabuki <3

    ( Related to Cobra's EVENT Meditasjons from the 21 november 2015 )

    1. I like how you bring individual pieces is neat and makes this a pleasure to read and follow along :)

    2. Thanks Coleta and yes.. Everything transforms back to one within dissolving teh illusion of separation fragmentations, systems and structures as full abun-dance in all its polarized contrast is the beauty of source experience itself oneself through choices med in the present flow, which present is all there is.

  13. Thank you RM.
    Especially Kathryn.

    1. You are so very welcome Heather. If we can write S.O.P.s together (especially sappy ones), we can BE together, DOing what We do. And Going where we want to go.. As far as we we want and no further, as fast as we want and no faster.

  14. Snapdragon as a meditation releases so much good.

    Order of The Star. You help us keep our heads and recover or restore them when we lose them. Thanks to you CALM HEADS PREVAIL. TY.

    Nepenthe is very good medicine.

  15. Can you please elaborate on this? Thank you.

    1. Cobra won't do that. Such messages are for the agents of RM on the surface ,we just know there are progress that's enough.

    2. I just posted partial info somewhere below that i found on Cobra's blog, however BBB and greenlight are right.. those coded messages r intended for the RM...

      Cobra Blog Purpose:
      "... blog was created under instructions from the Resistance Movement with the purpose of instructing the surface population about certain developments...Many surface operatives of the Resistance Movement read this blog as it contains some coded communications for them…"
      Read more:>

  16. Invisible shield
    In space, it found an invisible shield around the Earth, but researchers do not understand how he came
    In an article published in the magazine Front Line Desk, reported that in the Van Allen radiation belts discovered a third zone, filled with electrons and high-energy protons. Held in place by Earth's magnetic field, Van Allen radiation belts expand and contract in response to the Sun perturbation. Although the radiation belts were first observed more in 1958, scientists have identified only two belts that extend at an altitude of 42,500 kilometers above the Earth's surface.
    Last year, Professor Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado at Boulder and his team are using double probes, launched in 2012, opened the third transition accumulation zone. According to their study, the third zone is located between the previously known inner and outer Van Allen belts. This zone is characterized by the fact that it appears and disappears, following the changes of space "weather".
    Purpose of this belt is quite clear - it blocks the killer electrons, preventing them to get deeper into the Earth's atmosphere. Because of its near-light speed, these electrons can be extremely destructive, and they pose a threat to astronauts and orbiting satellites, and may even cause damage to the entire space systems.
    The Earth's magnetic field holds the belt in place, but the electrons in these zones - which are moving with nearly the speed of light - blocked by some invisible force, preventing them from entering the atmosphere of our planet.
    Before the discovery of an invisible shield, scientists have assumed that electrons are scattered by air in the upper atmosphere of the planet - but it seems that they did not even get there because of the invisible electronic shield Earth.
    Now that scientists know that there is an invisible shield, they are trying to determine how it was formed and how it works.

  17. I'm medi-praying for equinox,seem reasonable ?

  18. Replies
    1. It’s time to re-connect Mother Earth with the Net of Light,” the Grandmothers declared. “These links must be made everywhere and they must be made now.
      “Earth herself is sacred and has always been so. So too are you. You are here at this time to be a link pin, a conduit for the Divine. You are the middleman so-to-speak, the one needed to make the connection between Earth and heaven, between the so-called ‘mundane’ and the Divine. You are the link. There is no other,”

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  19. What next? No Republic? What do we believe?

  20. Any ideas what the TOP sequence is? I'm wondering if the event will start within the next few weeks, it does feel like we are close, and March was a big deadline for starting it/changes.

    1. I guess that means about the sequence of clearing of toplet bombs in certain plane

  21. FYI, MOSS is multidimensional operations. So if the grid is elevated that meaning we have moved higher dimensionally. That's good news.

    1. I think the word is "evaluated", not "elevated"...or am I missing something? :)

    2. MOSS: *MultiDimensional Operations Solar System"
      The Plasma Accretion Vortex... "is not a dead plasma field, it is actually a living entity of a negative nature. One of the main purposes of MOSS is to dissolve that entity, take it into the Galactic Central Sun and transform it there into a pure positive plasma elemental essence.
      See: Accretion Plasma Vortex
      Read more:

      One aspect of MOSS is to clear these implant stations.
      Read more:

      These colonies are now in the process of being cleared by the Light forces in the current phase of the MOSS, and humans who were captured there are being liberated and given healing.

      I am sure I might have missed other details but in short MOSS have diff parts to it:
      After the completion of MOSS (Multidimensional Operations Solar System) and subsequent Sublunar Operations, the Event will follow.
      This will be the completion of an old prophecy which is part of the spiritual lore of the Central Civilization about the time when all darkness will disappear from the Galaxy and the Galactic network of Light will be completed. 

      Quick Desc SubLunar Operations:
      The Resistance defines sublunar space as the space below the Moon orbit and above the orbit of the lowest man-made orbiting satellites.
      • "Sublunar operations will remove all Chimera presence, their implant stations and all plasma strangelet and toplet bombs from sublunar space. All parts of man-made satellites, directly related to Chimera operations (such as ion-plasma chambers, some high definition spy cameras, etc.) …".
      • Sublunar space was always a region of intense Chimera activity, as it is the last line of defense before the planetary surface.
      • There are may man-made satellites orbiting the Earth, and some of them double as Chimera plasma strangelet bomb implant stations:
      • The most important to mention is the proposed Manned Orbiting Laboratory:
      Read more:

    3. Thanks for the reference links. It makes much more sense to me now.

    4. and as someone else pointed out is that all this info is for the "operatives' for lack of a better word. I for one am not peeved if I can't make out these coded messages. It is of the upmost importance that all these operations flow and the messages are received to those they are intended for.

  22. Rally for peace @ the state of war or, trust that
    Russia would offer @ rally for
    True Peace, Full Pardon @
    Snowden to black the eye of war cons

    (foot in mouth)

    (rally for peace @ Russia would offer @ true peace, full pardon @ Snowden)

    (peace for rally @ offer would Russia @ pardon full peace true) (5D..?)

    Because the trillion dollar spy is just not able to keep peace for the process of a vote for the next to take the lead here... so, pick a country (outside the usa) for one rally of Peace

    Yellow Rhythmic Seed
    Kin 84
    Moon Day 7
    Sunday 13 March 2016

    Law of Time 13 Moon Calendar

    I Organise in order to Target
    Balancing Awareness
    I seal the Input of Flowering
    With the Rhythmic tone of Equality
    I am guided by my own power doubled

  23. Victory of the light! It seems we really are almost there!
    Also, I love my tachyon pendant!! I can't wait for more technology such as this to be released.
    Thank you RM! Feeling the good vibes out here in SoCal! Also, me and many others are gifting a ton of orgonite out here. I hope it's helping the energy!

  24. Event on the equinox would make a lot of sense



    I share a videoclip of my friend which is spot on to the core of what is all about which also is in resonance with what Abraham Hicks is presenting in the workshop from january 2016
    So the reason you came was to complete yourself and then remember that you already are complete and always have and will forevere be. You are here to heal the illusion of you being separated from you.


    <3 Abraham Hicks 2016 01 23
    North Los Angeles Full Workshop <3

    <3 Christian - You are PERFECT already!
    Relax, and let goodness flow to you! <3

    <3 KYLE CEASE - You're Only Manipulating Yourself <3
    ( There is only one of us here cause the source of all is one source we all as individuals coming from.

    I love the multitude of contrast within all there is which
    is the flow of full abundance source provide for itself
    oneself, in its flow of experience itself oneself.

  27. <3 The beauty of full abundance and to be in gratitude for all endless possibilities through free will choices to experience all there is and more according to my responsible concsious choices to flow and lead my life <3

    I love the flowing polarisations which makes all to flow in its unconditional ABUN-DANCE so I experience this unconditional love
    of all there is.

    ( Abraham Hicks )

    Be deeply Satisfied & In Gratitude & Be Ready For More.
    ( Abraham Hicks )

    I love my life and the true abundance through my free will I have to chose my focus and leave the fear distraction focus of being in fear of what so ever that keeps the inner flow of the illusion of being separated from all there is, which keeps you out of alighnment with you oneself and your life and what you acctually wish to experience in the flow of unconditional love.

    I love being myself oneself and you can flow that
    flow yourself by your choices to lead you oneself.

    I love the multitude of contrast within all there is which
    is the flow of full abundance source provide for itself
    oneself, in its flow of experience itself oneself.

    <3 Your dreamlife is already there and you chose what life will be for you, as life is what YOU make it as your
    reality by your choices by your flow in the present.

    You are the source of full abundance from within and it is already there cause it always have and will forever be, and so is the unity.

    <3 Come unity with you oneself ( Comm-unity )and dance the flow of ABUN-DANCE <3

    The true unity will not appeare and not be experienced by you before you come unity with you oneself (Comm-unity )and dance the flow of ABUN-DANCE <3

  28. <3 Somebody asked this on the Pleiadian fb forum <3
    "I'm I the only one that still believes in Magic."

    The idea of magic has appared through the illusion of the separation game which we adopted the experience that there was some outside force that made the magic happend
    ( as we experienced it as magic ) which we believed come from somewhere else or other had some kind of magic power to make things happend.

    <3 This is what I answered to this question in the forum. <3

    "The magic is you, and only you according to your choices. More or less magic is all up to you as the magic comes from within and from nowhere else. The less beliefsystem based in the illusion of separation the more magic, as you are all the magic there is as you are the source all there is. Your magical ( or lack of it, which is an illusion based in the illusion of separation ) reality is based in your choices in every changing present according to your choices.

    Your focus makes your relaity and that is how in the illusion of being separaret from you oneself and adopted the fearfolow of everything, as the focus of being afraid of what so every becomes your experienced reality.

    Time is also an illusion in the constructed illusion of separation through all the beliefsystems we as individuals adopted and that was something we let our consciousness be runned by, by giving away our free will choices to lead ourself oneself as indiviuals.

    Thanks in gratitude for the cabal which showed me these parts of myself oneself that I hadn't healed in myself oneself through the adopted illusion of being separated from myself oneself.

    <3 TOBIAS LARS <3
    You want to Know God? - Feel & Heal your FUCKING SHADOW!

    I observe that many still woreship beliefsystems outside themselves like stones, crystals and what ever that they believe will do the inside work for them or Cobra or anyone else.

    You are the only one that can make it happen for you and it goes through you will to make choices and be honest and accept you oneself and let go of anything and everyone elses journey as you can not controll anyone else and their choices.

    You can only take responsibillity for your choices.

    My friend Chistian
    <3 CHRISTIAN - The nature of fear <3

    <3 Turn your fears into your dreams! <3

  29. <3 GAIA PORTAL ENERGETIC UPDATE 14th Of March 2016 <3
    "Enlightened channels carry sparkles of crystalline Higher Energies to all Gaia beings."

    Illuminations are commonplace with each hu-being.

    Waves of transformation pervade all hu-being affairs.

    The lamps of Inner Truth are lit for all.

  30. Love and Light to All NOW!
    Planetary Liberation NOW!
    Victory to the Light NOW!
    So it Is!


  31. Today's GaiaPortal Update:

    "Enlightened channels carry sparkles of crystalline Higher Energies to all Gaia beings.

    Illuminations are commonplace with each hu-being.

    Waves of transformation pervade all hu-being affairs.

    The lamps of Inner Truth are lit for all."

    Just Wow to that and the UpDates on here as well. Great great work and Progress all around. Keep it Up, We've GOT this :-)



    1. After FIVE Months of only showing My Girlfriend's photo with maximum brightness my phone switched itself off and rebooted in "safe mode." :-)
      I didn't touch it, as a matter of fact I wasn't even in the room when it happened. But it did :-)

      It behaves like a "normal" phone for now; as in: show photo for ten minutes, dim display for 15 seconds, switch off display.
      Let's see how long that'll last this time.

      But at the End of the Day I'd much prefer having my actual Soulmate sitting next to Me in person instead of just a photo ;-)

      Lots Of Love And Light To All




    2. Nice One, that was quick :-)
      Phone's back to constantly staying Switched On and Displaying Divine Dini.
      One Cycle Ended, One Cycle Begins.
      *Thumbs Up*

      Probezeit ist rum, aufgeraucht.

      All righty then, everybody. Rehearsal's Over. We're getting serious now.

      Real Deal, Till It Shines

      Der Frühe Vogel Kann Mich Mal . . . :-)


  32. Benjamin Fulford talking about gold in the update.
    Gaia Portal: Life forms entreat the Cosmic Light.
    Corey Goode: Partial disclosure phantom.
    Please RM and Pleiadians share new intel with us on the Earth.
    Pleiadians, can you start communicate with us in this forum please?
    You can release "safe" intel now.
    Thank You for All.

    1. it is safe to release the "kitten litter replicators" too :).. because.. i say so? :)

    2. My Opinion too.
      Thank you, Momo

    3. @Dragon Heart
      Right you are!
      I dont wanted dangerous intel AKA "Vril Society" buddy:)
      Maybe informations about the Guardians or the Ancient Builders or the Sphere Being Alliance?
      (*"safe", like real safe intel for the Masses)


    Anybody hear of the site above? Disinfo?

    1. Amazing, SomeOne has send me the same link...will read...
      Wonder what is safe intel.... guys... "Marduk is of the much disinfo in teachings about ancient times... wonder how share the little intuitive knowledge without names? The hot things I would have as well questions and information but that could be dangerous also... no good... imagine...better not is to do as the advice was told, so much appreciated, always... glad for every answer...
      Love is the Only Way!
      Victory of Light!

    2. and I"ve heard the opposite, that Marduk is not of the light. sigh. lols. The answers will come...eventually.