Monday, April 3, 2017

March Monthly Cobra Interview By Prepare For Change

Here is the March monthly update Cobra interview by Prepare for Change. The transcript and the audio version are available here:

You can submit questions for the next interview here:
We are getting far more questions that can be answered in a one-hour interview. We will ask as many Cobra questions as can be answered in the hour allotted.

Answered questions from past interviews are nicely gathered here: 

Victory of the Light!


  1. Ahoy lightpeople! Found this amazing method on how to get the future cobra pfc update without having to wait a whole month!

    1. Load any cobra pfc interview
    2. Hit CTRL + A, then CTRL + C
    3. Create a new text document and open it
    4. Hit CTRL + V
    5. Enjoy the future interview

    1. ngobas you are welcome to host an interview with Cobra. I believe Cobra welcomes all opportunities to spread the truth... it wouldnt hurt asking...

      once you walk in that path... do not think ill of our criticisms for you will see it as well... we are never satisfied.

      by the way. althougg there were a few repeats whichs wasnt that horrible of an experience there were other questions that were indeed new on the table to be fair...

      as far as repeated question... perhaps we could share some ideas that would be feasible for pfc to incorporate or apply in an attempt to minimize the repeats further.

      i believe they are trying their best in filtering the old from the new... it will take time but i trust they will reach a comfortable level agreeable to everyone.

      one suggestion i have is that if they are able to list the questions prior to the interview on a public forum or page perhaps our eyes could assist in pointing out if any of those chosen questions is a repeat and where the answer lies... transcript#

    2. work with what we got ngo... help it make it better instead of bashing it.. imho

    3. Don't be cynical, Cobra just answer what we ask from him. Ofcourse he can't describe something in few short sentence, and we should accept he can't talk from few topics.

      If you think the interviews are boring, go and ask better questions!

    4. Also, those who enjoys spicy food would like to add a little bit of actual text from Benjamin Fulford.

      Like this for example:
      Benjamin Fulford April 3rd 2017:
      "North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un, meanwhile, is in such a funk about the situation that he is permanently high on amphetamines and sleeping in a different location every night worried about being taken out by US drones, Japanese military intelligence sources say."

      But add just a little at a time otherwise you may overpower your meal with too much spiciness!

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  3. Very interesting interview this time. Lot's of interesting stuff. Thanks to Cobra and the good folks at PFC.

    Victory of the Light :)

    1. Yes agreed many great answers C thanks. My bday is on April 16 maybe we can have some good news on that day :)

  4. Don't be careless! Let's brace ourselves till the Event! We choose the good future.

  5. "Lynn – How does SSP (Secret Space Program) and Extra Terrestrials create Artificial Gravity in their ships?

    COBRA – Simply by disengaging the atoms from the physical plane and keeping them in the, I would say, suspension in a certain way that allows them to be disengaged from the gravitational force."

    Cobra, I really appreciate your positive attitude and sense of humor.
    "Simply" made my day.

  6. Thank you for this interview. It was really good. Lots of good info.

  7. This was the best interview in a while.

    Glad to hear our progress again on Congo healing and the passing of one of the Sith Lords...

  8. a disappointing set of questions, a wasted opportunity. recognize that cobra is a wise and knowing being. im interested im questions which enhance or expand my inner knowing.
    if you ask me, there is far too much emphasis on external dramas in the question sets.
    far more interesting are questions which touch the inner mysteries .

    1. i am sure you are aware that the questions asked were sent by the different indivuals worldwide thus the mixture.

      PFC cant make everyone happy...

      Would like to see more questions of your liking... send them in as it has been instructed many a times.

      last but not least... what you might consider an unnecessary question you might be surprise that even that question may have assisted someone else to expand their vision of this world.

    2. Cobra has done plenty of interviews about inner knowing especially with Rob Potter. Just go look them up. The answer to those questions don't change. On the other had the "external dramas" gives us information on what the cabal is doing which many of us want to know.
      If you truly want to expand you inner knowing, the information is already out there, you need only look.

    3. And one more thing ... what was wrong with the section of the interview when they did address spiritual issues?

      This interview had something for everyone.

    4. i think my comment was also a reaction to the overall state of the PFC newsfeed/blog, which is really not on the right track imo . that's another topic , but they are connected too.

      okay. so this is my opinion on the interviews.

      first, if we are actually, authentically engaged and applying the teachings in our own lives, on a daily basis, living our higher purpose, there should grow a natural evolution of questions.

      and, then, insights will come to us. we can discover the meaning of the insight, and another question will arise. so the questions with cobra can serve to further illuminate those inner mysteries which we share.

      i would like to see the interviews have a dedicated sections to the following. this way the wisdom of these topics deepen from interview to interview. you can add to this if you want.

      - galactic origins/history [remembering who we are and why we are here] this can include questions about the wisdom in new age or traditional teachings, and how it ties in to the view presented by cobra.

      - new atlantis/areas of light/cintamani project

      - the event [preperation, physics, prophecy..]

      - ascension process [meditation, mystery, painting a clear picture of NEW EMERGING REALITY ]

      notice that there is nothing here related to exopolitics, the cabal, the OLD REALITY. it is totally pointless to be so concerned about those ongoing activities. why bother asking about this if we are not in a position to do anything about it?

      at this point, if we are really connected to the view of the resisitance movement, from our inner knowing, we should be able to discern what is going on by reading the news. and cobra will keep us informed on important topics, in any case.

    5. Most of your dedicated sections have already been discuss by Cobra. If you bother to take the time to look that up, you wouldn't have time to complain about information that is already available. There is a wealth of the insight in the updates and interviews.

      You may not be interested in what the cabal is up to, but as I stated before there are many of us who are. If what they are doing was totally pointless Cobra would not be giving intel on it.

      We are in a position to do something about it. Cobra has discussed this. The meditations gives us power and connecting with your "inner knowing" helps. Look it up, you will find more than what you seek.

  9. I really liked this interview. THANKS to ALL who made this possible.

    >>COBRA – There have been waves of energy not just in that time period but in many time periods so it is not those particular time frame.
    ..... I am still awaiting for the really significant energy waves coming in the near future<<.

    Here is what he meant:

    "The Galactic Wave of Love"

  10. Sorry, i wanted to include this part from that intel, but i forgot......

    >>But the main aspect of this Galactic pulse will be a wave of cosmic Love. This Love energy is the basis of universal cosmic reality and is now reaching our shores. This energy has Galactic proportions and can not be stopped by the Cabal, no matter what they try to do.

    This energy will completely clear the primary anomaly and the plasma octopus entity around the Earth, which was called Yaladaboth in Gnostic teachings: <<

  11. Thank you Cobra! Victory of the Light!

  12. The best interview yet ,rapid fire,the questions were "By people that have woke up" it's a new breed of interview
    I loved how it showed how awake the people are becoming and how far they have come.That in itself was amazing to me. I'm sure Cobra had to feel it too the questions were keeping him entertained.Great Great great job .It didn't lack anything .The best is yet to come but not a good show ,finally a, great show ,after all the years ,the great Awakening is thriving.Victorious is The Light !! Can you feel it???

  13. Do you think "time zones" (21... -10, -11, and 12 are tiny)
    can be to fit grid line points... maybe 3 together
    like -10, -9, -8, and -7
    (all one "population" grid point)
    -6, -5, -4 another... Each point faces the Sun at noon

    As long as each 3 time zones (one population grid point)
    did a 3 hour meditation (like 9am), then the next 3 time zones (one grid point)- 3 hour meditation "their 9am"
    An etheric ribbon could cover Earth (3 days would be cool)

  14. I noticed that I experience a high pitch ringing in my ear(s) whenever I listen to a Cobra interview, especially when he speaks. I sometimes experience this with other lecturers, but always with Cobra. Does anyone else experience this and know what may be causing it? Thanks.

  15. For me, the questions seem to be better asked than in the interviews before. Yet, there is something which does make me wonder.
    As a response to the Fukushima question, the statement “if you are living more than 10 or 20 miles away from the reactor you are safe and everything else is just dis-information.” The argument being that people with Geiger counters could not find “excessive radiation quite close to Fukushima”.
    Well, if that is the case then I would like to know if the reports about staggering death of sea life, such as dead tide pools and so on, are disinfo as well. It just does not add up, given the variety of sources and individual observations.
    Some might argue that it is possibly something else which is spreading death there. But what about the disappearance of official radiation measurements, the staggering increase of “safe” radiation caps, the outflow of at least 300 tons of radioactive water every day? Is this just disinfo as well?
    So what is it worth then when Cobra says that people were using Geiger counters and doing measurement In locations “quite close” to it? Well, the truth is you are not allowed to go there without a permit, cannot measure the water with normal means, the cores are melted, and robots in the reactor do fry out due to extreme radiation levels.
    First and foremost, there’s the outflow of poisonous water. If that is disinfo, we could just jump in the ocean right off there and take a bath, nor could we?
    So, to me, the answers regarding Fukushima are superficial and incredulous. There are real effects, and these effects merit an explanation. And if that is lacking, I am very skeptical and reluctant to believe any of this.

  16. Thanks for the very interesting interview...Thanks for your time & dedication to putting this interview together...Good team work everyone!

  17. Hi COBRA, I noticed there were a lot of questions about manifestation processes and how to create finances that you couldn't comment on. I was wondering if you can make a post about it? I have been trying to create certain things but lack the knowledge to create it quick.

    I'm personally interested in the 3 steps mentioned

    Thanks a Bunch!