Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New Cobra Interview By Japanese Prepare For Change Team

You might want to read this new Cobra interview by Japanese Prepare for Change team here:

Victory of the Light!


  1. nothing interesting to read.and a very short interview.
    I wonder when the good news will come up . off I'm tired of waiting

    1. Want new Intel try Sam mugzi on you tube with Kent Dunn and Drake Bailey, at least is new ( on youtube)

    2. Cobra said that in early december we´ll have some information about the event

  2. Hmmmmm? i guess COBRA has to keep his answers simple because of language barrier and translation issues but this interview is very uninteresting and uninformative with the high level of interest in what is going on and how much progress has been made.
    i am not ungrateful but this level of information is a "want to know" basis not a "need to know" basis.

  3. Cobra is perhaps Hungarian ??? I personally consider the evaluation as low ! Cobra looks at Hungary from a big angle.. [About approx 36% of the Hungarian voters' base does not think so.. Mr Orbán has created 'a state' that is already semi-feudal..] Only a Hungarian...


    1. He is rather a RM citizen, not a genuine earthlinger.


    2. Cobra is rather a RM or a breakaway citizen...

      He seems too ashamed for 'earthling affairs'.

    3. News from 'the Unknown Lightworker':

      NEWS Analysis:

      What To Shine The Transmutational Light Of Your Consciousness On This Week

      This week on Ground Crew Command, find out more about:

      •The hot (conventional military) war on the Cabal just got hotter, with hundreds of drug labs bombed in Afghanistan by the White Hats… And the White Hat throat-hold tightens with:

      •Pedophile rings busted in China as well as the Philippines, Africa, and Germany

      •Military tribunals and sealed indictments across the USA now just shy of 4,000

      •Retired military called back to active duty

      •Air and land connections to North Korea shut down, which has stopped the flow of amphetamine money to the Cabal

      •Mass arrests and deportation of the MS-13 El Salvadorian gang who are hired killers for drug kingpin El Chapo (who worked for the Cabal)

      •New attack on the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, cutting off cocaine money from South America

      •The International Criminal Court now poised to prosecute the CIA and the Bush cabal for torture and other war crimes in Afghanistan

      •US Navy about to be ‘cleaned out’ with the investigation of 440 people, including 60 admirals—one third of the Navy’s officer/command structure

      •FBI neutralized

      •Alex Jones exposed?

      •And above all, why did it take this long for the White Hats to make such a long-awaited massive move against the Cabal, with both Glen Canady of Project Nsearch, Tom Heneghan and Stew Web also saying the Marine raid on CIA HQ did indeed happen.

      … and what the end of this wait means for you, and the planetary liberation process.

      The answers will shock you & excite you.

    4. The comments by 'unknown' lead to porn websites.

    5. @Jonathan Carty Yeah, I'm really tired of it, and I don't know why Cobra continues to approve his comments.

    6. is a valid site link from PFC..

      i just checked that link from my phone and it leads to a tgeir website.

      My recommendation do a spyware/virus scan on your machine John.. make sure yoir side is ok..
      clean the browser cache etc.

  4. ((22%-fidesz, 36%-wanting to change the government, 42%-uncertain.)) (for the moment the Hungarians want it ... ) .ph. sc.

    1. Szerintem inkább a pápa és a dalai láma értékelésén kéne kiakadnod.

  5. For those with difficulties to open the link. Link in Pastebin. With images link (IMG)

  6. Mr COBRA, this interview is A LOT BETTER than the last ones! A LOT! You seem to resonate with Japan much, much more than with China and US.Please keep your balance in these interviews -as hard it may be even for you, with a lot of garbage-questions mostly in it. Better then no interview, than bad ones. Thank you. Cheers & VoL , R.

    1. It has nothing to do with balance. In the previous interview, many questions were asked that Cobra had already answered. Such a thing is energetically unfavorable. Also questions were not asked, which should be asked now.

    2. No interview is wasted. What might seem old for you.. might be new and an eye opener to others.. These interviews serve many in their own way.

      If anything could be suggested is that the interviewers get notified or ask that their specific audience and others review the questions that have been collected from previous interviews at least if they dont feel compell to listen or read the old ones.... which is understandable as there are so many.. at least try to check the FAQs created for such purpose...

      since not everyone wil do such.. we could have a little patience with interviewers and nicely provide them feedback.

      The interviews are a reflection of our efficiency and effectiveness and unity to name a few.. if tge interview are not at the levels of awesomeness is on us all...

      As things improve would be the result of everyone working together to assist others in creating the final product...

  7. Wow! This was great! So much fresh information and new reading materials too! Thank you!

  8. Short and sweet this one. Great gem and book recommendations.

  9. i have heard examples of individuals with good high degree of advanced spiritual growth.. what are they missing that they cant make it to the level of Neo?.... heart?

    1. @Dragon Heart Perhaps they're missing perspective. Too high on the light to use their money to help those less fortunate than them. Business as usual.

      Or they're the kind of people who purposely give up materialism to the point of being extremely poor and relying on others, which also accomplishes nothing, but satisfying their sense of worth and outdated spiritual concepts.

      The primary anomoly affects us all.

  10. oh I read "the crystal stair" long ago! I try to find the book but it is no longer at home (maybe I lent him). Fortunately it is available in PDF. Vincent and I are going to read it again with a fresh eye. Thank you Cobra!

  11. Version in Google Doc. You can save to your computer

  12. Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  13. Great interview! We are seeing alot of videos about indictments ready to be delivered as well as Marines landing at Langley not sure if that happened or not. It seems the mass arrests are very near. I wish all were awake as I am sure others have experienced relationship issues when spouses are not awake and it causes a problem. I keep asking for divine intervention to help awaken my wife.. Any advice on this would be appreciated. Victory of the Light!

    1. in what way is causing problems...

      is it cause she refuses to buy organic food?.. is it on the issue about vaccines ??

      or is it cause you both dont agree on the bible or religion? or extraterrestrials . or she refuses to believe in the event..

      if is the latter... she wont be left behind... the event will shake everyone to a newer level of understanding... (diff for everyperson)... when it happens.. u will be there to help smooth her transition...

      just do whatever you can to bring awareness without the need of pulling or pushing... engage her by asking what she think about various subjects... make good choices on what u present....

      You better than us know your wife.. thus u should have better idea what might intrigue her...

      this task doesnt have to b so strenous.. for the both of u.

      is all on ur presentation kid.

    2. To help your wife:

      It was understanding the fraudulent money system that first woke me up.

      When Obama came into office as president in 2008 (right after that huge financial crash), he didn't "clean house" and he kept the same financial people --Bush2's people--in the Obama administration.

      Wow -- okay --- he is a puppet, I realized. And things started pouring forth after that.

      The Thrive movie is really a good entry point for all this new information, too.

      I would say tell her to watch it 3 times.

      Because that's how many times it took me to let everything sink in.

      The website says 78 million people have watched the movie in all these different languages.

    3. ah yes. thats a good movie.

  14. Thanks Cobra.
    It is always interesting to read interviews from countries other than the USA.
    Now I want to go out and find some of these stones to help me connect with light ships.

  15. A tribute to the Pleiadians

  16. Alert Meditation Update

    11/29/2017 02:27:00 am

    Since the situation is still very critical, Cobra has asked ALL the Lightworkers to perform the Alert meditation at four hours interval, in order to help the Light Forces to resolve the situation.

    Here's the link to our Facebook event :

    It will be held at the following time:
    • 12 AM GMT
    • 4 AM GMT
    • 8 AM GMT
    • 12 PM GMT
    • 4 PM GMT
    • 8 PM GMT


  17. Tuesday, November 28, 2017#MassArrests - Military Contractors Told To Be Prepared For "Mass Civil Unrest" In The United States
    Mike Adams of the Health Ranger news network reported that his contacts who are hired as military contractors were told to be prepared for "mass civil unrest" in the continental United States. Mike Adams seems to be suggesting that a False Flag is possible during this time. Many others are saying that this is the time that the 4300 indictments will become unsealed and the mass arrests of the criminal cabal begin. What do you think? #MassArrests or #FalseFlag ? ~AWE

  18. Therese Zumi's declaration:

    "We are there yet":

  19. for younger al-Assad I would give 7/8 points... I remember in 2010, he was very againts the intentions of Obama and the Arab League in relation to Syria...

  20. Wow! I really appreciate that nearly all quarries from Iruka included a desire for reading material that can elucidate the details of the subjects. Thank you

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  22. (Al-Assad's assessment was poorly written! The correct:4/5..)

  23. Vamos que vamos em encontro com o somos.
    São muitas vitórias da Luz!!

  24. Cobra what can you comment regarding books written by Jorge Raul Olguin, Heaven Responds. TY


  25. Here comes the Swell. And it's a Big One.
    Surf is rising.

    God moving over the face of the waters




  26. A Short Summary of Recent Prophetic Dreams Coming True

  27. the SCULPTOR is the efficient cause and the honor of the goddess is the final cause.


  28. All of us humans! Where are We All going?
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    Nobody and Nothing is gonna stop US.

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  29. BREAKING: Deep State Attacks Q Anon with Nazi Smear Campaign, Fake Q Postings, And Mega Anon on Q Anon

    by Justin Deschamps,

    An alleged insider going by the moniker Q, also known as Q Anon, appeared on the messaging board service 4Chan several weeks ago.
    They posted very cryptic messages that took the alternative media by storm, with some analysts concluding that this individual, or perhaps group of individuals, was using 4Chan to disseminate important information related to a covert cold war raging within the Shadow Government or Deep State, a seeming unprecedented effort to "drain the swamp."
    As of November 25th, Q Anon has not posted anything new to these message boards.
    However, Roy Potter, a YouTuber, exposed a smear campaign targeting Q Anon, wherein a fake Q appeared on 4Chan using Nazi symbols.
    This appears to be an attempt to paint Q as a Nazi, which could then be used by the mainstream media to trigger the throngs of unthinking masses to dismiss everything Q has brought forward to date.

    Authentic Q posts use a specific tripcode that looks like this "Q !ITPb.qbhqo"—which is the same code used by the fake Q poster.


  30. Interview w/ ex-CIA Robert David Steele - Q, NSA, Zionism, #GoogleGestapo & #UNRIG
    Destroying The Illusion

  31. I am so happy to see THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE who appreciate Cobra's help/guide/service, the way I do!

    Do you remember the words that the "Happy E.T." was saying on this intel's top picture?


    And I said:

    HYE ANGELNovember 6, 2017 at 10:19 PM


    Hmmm... very funny, and sounds very familiar!
    I remember saying something very similar to this a few months back.


    I was right. This is what I said back in March:

    HYE ANGELMarch 29, 2017 at 10:19 AM
    Cobra, as always, You're very stingy with your words..... And we hate it!!!
    But when YOU say something -YOU ROCK the "house of the blues" taking place on Earth and on many sites on the internet!!

    PS: This is what I meant by saying;
    >>YOU ROCK the "house of the blues" taking place on Earth and on many sites on the internet!!<<
    Things were going not that well back then, and THIS site was really full with negative comments. Some people were even attacking Cobra on other sites. Do you remember the attack done by the "One Who Knows"? Amazingly, he didn't even know that Cobra IS a man, not a woman! I think he himself was under attack.
    Thanks to Cobra supporters, (especially Mr. ED), he learned that and more...

    Peace and abundance to Earth!

    1. um...
      Try to track-down schrodingersothercat.blogspot dot con... the whole blog
      Cat vs Snake

    2. bummer... turns-out I must have just removed the orange cats from my reading list
      I wonder how that happened- I was sad, still sadder

      A "time stamped" synchronicity for
      Gaia Portal

      Federal standards are raised in advance of income Light Bearers
      Flashes of Brilliance Light the skies
      hu-being expansion is at hand
      Nothing can stop the Trains of Illumination

      Tweeting past the floods
      Fade 2 Black tweet

      oh no...
      past lunch (dark @ 4pm)
      the meditation is like a review of a bank account... a universal law...
      "getting back what U put in"
      2 power your "zenith"
      "Goddess Spiral"
      what U add goes up
      (what the Angels bank on)
      U get parts 2 a puzzle

    3. Oh, and before the (randomish) meditation tweet:
      The Fade 2 Black internet/radio show uses the "feeds of twitter" (TweetDeck- many twitters on one page)
      for real-time-feed-back
      an ever expanding (in any direction) part of the show... I am using music CD's to sync posts & events... for F.U.N.
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      & a tweet for bacon soup (more or less ham gravy)
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      hmm... no Food City (still Time)

    4. almost forgot... twitter was only recently up-graded
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      2 fit Gaia Portal in a tweet


  32. WELL . . . !!!
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    And tearing that dark, stinkin', evil empire down isn't done in a day either.
    We're tearing it down. Piece by piece and brick by brick.
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  33. Love him or hate him, Eminem is brilliant. Watch this very POWERFUL exchange all the way through, to understand both sides of the social commentary story.
    [#WARNING:#GraphicLanguage] #ImNotRacist

    Pнιℓσѕσρнυѕ ۞✍۩PsychologyDoc
    8h8 hours ago

    I'm Not Racist...

    Wish this could go viral...


    1. Phoenix, I watched.
      I turned it off after about 1/4 of it because listening to Eminem at the beginning is really hard.
      Then I turned it back on to hear the whole thing.
      All this separation -- is coming to an end.
      Which is wonderful.

    free pdf unveiled mysteries.

  35. Yesterday I had a dream where everybody knew that The Event would happen on this winter solstice and everyone was really scared about it.

    Cobra said that 2-4 weeks before we are going to see drastic changes so I guess we should soon find out if this dream was not another strategy from the archons to create false hopes and keep us waiting :)




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  37. Please wait in early december! Cobra promised more news. In early December ...

    1. He did not promise it. He hopes he will be able to do so. Remember that Cobra receives Intel in compressed form. It takes some time until he understands it himself.

    2. dates like 'early december' came and go since 2012, and nothing true is coming out, nor on personal issues...

      who still believes anything?...

  38. Eu Sou a penfeita compreensão de tudo aquilo que desejo saber compreender. Eu descodifico qualquer codigo instantaneamente. Assim é, agora e sempre.

    Paciência, compreensão e sabedoria à todos, agora e sempre.


  39. Thanks for the research recommendations! Short, but very good questions from our Japanese friends! Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

  40. Cobra thank you for that interview. About the formula you gave us: comand pb stardust i gave it to my wife when she had a tooth ache a few days ago and the pain went away instantaniousely. Shs was more than amazed. I gave it to her sister her body was in pain from fibromyalgia than she felt the energy and tbe pain came down. She was amazed as well. Thank you for this to you and our brothers and sisters Pleaidians.

    1. @Jean Banville
      Awesome!! Congrats and Blessings!!
      I'm planning to one day go to the nearest hospital, pretending I'm lost, and... chant it over and over as long as I'm in that "devil's den" ;)))
      If I won't be blocked, and it goes well, then I might make another trip. Then another one..... and another one....

  41. it is plain as the sun light that cobra nor the galactic forces and the light workers can free humanity on their own.They can alleviate the circumstances that is holding humanity, but humanity has to wake itself up, as the climate for the event to happen is already in existence .Dont wait for it bring it into existence in your the ones you are with,hate no one,don't depend on any one or circumstances to lower your vibration in love.We are the one we have been waiting for.

  42. Phenacite would be a nice crystal to tachyonize. And maybe even have some tachyonized essential oils especially high quality lavender.


  43. We all know that the darks are out of their everloving minds.
    They are totally out to lunch.

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    See, darkies?
    You may be out of your minds, but I AM batshit crazy for Love. And you can't teach *that*!!!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


    1. Nice RaJah. Nice!

      A message to the Cabal:
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    2. Beautiful song, thank you for that, Greg.
      Especially because it's another train song, really wonderful! :-)

      I posted this in another thread when sharing GaiaPortal's UpDate that "Nothing can stop the Trains of Illumination."

      But it's worth repeating it, I feel.

      This Train Is Bound For Glory

      And since it's almost that time in this neck of the woods here, here's the... Ah, screw it. I'll just wait a few minutes till and publish it at exactly midnight my time ;-)

      Everybody on board then, Trains are leaving the stations!
      *Attendent blows the whistle*

      Full Steam Ahead!


      Thanks again, bro.

      Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All


  44. Slovenian translation of the interview:

    Link to our SOTR and ESG group on Facebook:

    Thank you for the interview Cobra and Victory of the Light!

  45. @ "astral traveler": I think for those mentioned powerful individuals of the cabal to be "taken out of commission," we would need to see the complete removal of toplet bombs and yaldaboeth with entities in the plasma level, thereby ensuring the world safety for THE EVENT to occur. Just like a lot of talk to prosecute Hillary Clinton or law suits to go up against Monsanto, they don't materialize when the cabal structure controls everything, including the courts. But I hope we are very close to what you express and soon there will be

    Victory of the Light.

  46. how many times have they been taking out Soros... is this the third?


  47. All righty. This is a joke, okay?
    Kinda. Sorta. But a bit tongue-in-cheek nonetheless.
    A bit more than that as well.

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    And She smiles, and she says:
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    And No Kidding this time, that's what The Source really says.
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    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All

    LET'S ROCK!!!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


    1. '"Job well done. I wanna have some fun now. LET THERE BE ROCK!"
      And there was ROCK!'
      That's a better bible version Rajah. Mad as always you are, thank God. I know it was you, scrolling up and BOOM BOOM...
      Yes, it's all love. Only love. There you go...

    2. Hehehe, looks like my Addiction to Love is spreading - and I wouldn't want it any other way :-)

      BTW, just FYI: I had sent you a reply concerning the time stamps over in the Antarctica thread, not sure if you saw that one as it's quite a way up and other postings came up at the same time.

      Anyway ;-)
      Here's something I had completely forgotten.
      Thankfully it was posted on Facebook to remind me that I really like this.

      Fly away on my Zephyr
      I feel it more then ever
      And in this perfect weather
      We'll find a place together
      Fly on My Wing

      Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Zephyr Song

      Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All


    3. Wow, love those lyrics.
      I don't understand your remark about the poststamp.


    4. That Waterboys song is one of my absolute favorites, I listen to it quite a few times every week.

      "You came like a comet, blazing your trails"

      Not post stamps, Maria. Time stamps - I explained how and why the are often special when I often post my stuff. Like the 11:11's I often use or this 3:45.

      i really like myself some diivine numerolgy and hope tthat this commet is number 5 x 5 x 5 = 125 in this thread.

      Lots of Love and Light


    5. dearest Rajah, I get somany special times that I don't bother anymore. Oh sorry for te poststamp, but in a way it's correct.
      I want you to listen to a very special 'song' from a dutch dude, kyteman. After finishing this album he stopped for a while, maybe a year. Challenging (?) succes and going a total different direction. Respect for him.
      And love, peace and light for us all. Love you.

    6. ... and I may not forget: I'm just a singer in a rocknroll band


  48. no matter the alledged progress, need any time more and more,... and never is it enough...


  49. David WilcockLike Page

    Yesterday at 4:13pm ·

    FINALLY! Intel is rolling in after issues occurred that were so sensitive it was hard to get anything nailed down at all.

    There have been rumors about an alleg...


  50. But, this is what Therese Zumi is writing now:

    "My God if I knew back in 2014-15 that we would still be here towards the end of 2017 in expectation of The Event I don’t think I would have been able to continue writing in an optimistic way about change these past two-three years".


  51. May we consider us being here like soldiers, volunteers fighting for the planetary liberation.

    And soldiers being like, should we have to remember that our language is, or may be, much more 'flexible,'... as much as we may not feel ashamed if hearing phrases like 'the dick to the nose'...

    But the problem is that in some cultures the phrase may seem very strange,... So, even is your language accepted, you get often the question: OK, but what does it mean?...
    The answer is: simply,... wagging the dick towards someone's nose...

    1. @unknown The only thing you're getting is a swift kick in the pants. Straight from Source.

  52. For the Ones waiting that a event is happen and they will swimm on the top ... sorry,that is not possible, you will be confronted with all of your shadows directly and it is going much more intensivly as you can imagin.
    Think twice again.
    No one who has worked hardly will carry you.
    I am Momo

    1. That is a bit of a synchronicity for me, as I just recently begun the process of Shadow Self integration, which is all thoughts, feelings and behaviors that people (unconsciously) are always trying to suppress and pretend that it is not there.

      A good video about dealing with the Shadow Self in the link below. I personally recommend it for any lightworkers to go through with.

    2. Is your twin flame appa or aang?

    3. The job is to get rid of the CABAL and liberate the Earth.I don't care for the ascension.

  53. December 1st in London now
    Event 2-4 weeks 😁

  54. Universe doesn't work hardly. He always works easily.

  55. For about 10 days, I forgot posting these...

    Here are the best videos loaded with INSPIRATION and HOPE.

    Start by listening PART 1. (just 40min)
    And then you'll be hooked to the 5,5hours long PART 2!!!

    Jared Rand on RV/GCR Healing Tech Encouraging Interesting Call

    Jared Rand - *Mind-Blowing* 5 Hr Call: Where We Came From, 'Med Beds', Exchanges, Callers

    Triumph, and Victory of the Light!

  56. What is the difference in purpose of the pentagram from the hexagram? I felt it important to ask.


  57. Are ETs Watching Us? -- Presentation
    Divine Frequency

    Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency presents a case for exopolitics regarding the "Watchers" paradigmatic perspective of ET contact.
    This presentation was made for the course "Exopolitics 101" administered by the Exopolitics Institute.
    For more information on courses in Exopolitics, go to:

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  59. Super Full Moon Meditation - Sunday December 3rd at 2:30 PM GMT

    11/30/2017 11:56:00 pm

    Full Moon is a powerful time of gratitude, gracefully acknowledging the beauty of life itself and all you have brought into beingness. You may feel a burning desire to express your creativity, bliss out in sensual activities & through fierce yet profoundly tender vibrations let go of any aspects of your life that no longer serve the grandest vision of your Soul.

  60. I heard in previous posts that there is a resistance movement in earth underground, how did they manage to come in numbers into earth undetected did they not know that there is unlimited supply of evil crazy draco's on earth and available everywhere outside the quarantine in principle since during 1970's the light forces had much les access? Did you think archons are that careless?

    1. portals?

      There has been fights between bad guys n resistance all along... is not only presently..

    2. Oh! ok so it is like safe who can, and there could be not much control going on.

  61. I heard in previous posts that there is a resistance movement in earth underground, how did they manage to come in numbers into earth undetected did they not know that there is unlimited supply of evil crazy draco's on earth and available everywhere outside the quarantine in principle since during 1970's the light forces had much les access? Did you think archons are that careless?

  62. Der Prüfstein, für alles was hier und sonstwo behauptet wird:

    "Erleuchtete Selbststeuerung und die Einhaltung des Universellen Gesetzes ist die Grundlage für eine freie Gesellschaft. Nur auf dieser Grundlage werden wir in der Lage sein, die Ego-Falle zu umgehen, in der wir „Autorität“ über andere ausüben, um ihr Verhalten zu kontrollieren und zu regulieren."

  63. Yes! Everyone will have something to do and will have a way to contribute to society. :)

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. I.key Space Ghost Rears that of No Face Once More

    Demands Consultation

    Seeks Enlightenment in these Times

    Thank you

  67. Let's take advantage of the multidimensional portal surrounding the winter solstice time to help create the foundation for lasting positive change for our world.
    We will also be taking advantage of the pleiadian Command PB Stardust technology for healing, as well as the 0010110 decree for planetary acceleration, in a group effort and meditation.
    Please join us DAILY if you feel interested, inspired and guided: