Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Divine Intervention Activation Preliminary Report

This is to let you know that both the critical mass for the Divine Intervention Activation on December 21st, and the critical mass for the Planetary Liberation Petition have been reached. Congratulations! Full report will be posted here in a week or two.


The Light forces have communicated that now we need to keep the momentum going. If you have not signed already, you can still sign the petition:

They have also asked that those who feel so guided can do the Divine Intervention Meditation once a month at the exact moment of the full Moon. This will immensely help to keep the Light portals open and to strengthen the Light grid around the planet. Instructions, with exact times of the full Moon for 2022, are here:

Victory of the Light! 


Monday, December 20, 2021

Divine Intervention Activation Countdown


Friday, December 17, 2021

Divine Intervention Activation Update

Signing process for our Planetary Liberation petition has been very successful, on both petition websites together we have gathered more than 165,000 signatures until now:





This is already well over 144,000 signatures needed, and a certain exopolitical protocol will be initialized at the moment of our meditation at 4 pm UTC on December 21st: 

You can definitely keep signing the petition if you have not already signed, but our main focus now will be to gather over 144,000 people meditating at the exact same moment at 4:00 pm UTC on December 21st.

Therefore the Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to participate in our last booster  meditation to help reaching the critical mass. This booster meditation will be taking place at the moment of the full moon on December 19th at 4:35 am UTC.

The exact time for our ultimate booster meditation for all time zones worldwide is here: 

Instructions for the booster meditation remain the same, and are posted here:

Ultimate booster meditation livestream video in English is here: 

You can watch SpaceX CRS-24 liftoff (scheduled a few hours before our meditation) here:

You can keep signing the petition here: 

And finally, the instructions for our main meditation on December 21st are here: 

Victory of the Light! 


Project 501 Update

Absolute collapse of beta based P501 protocols declared: L0 grid ratio outside of HVBN minus infinity, recovery p=0.000. Modulation of gamma based P501 protocols requested, in progress. L1/L2 extraction protocols to form the motherboard with IS:IS ELCONV.exe, with mdispersion isidic antarionid hyperphase DL scattering, protocols to be published here as soon as ready.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Divine Intervention Activation Update and Another New Cobra Interview

Time is slowly approaching for the Divine Intervention Activation and the energies are rising as we are gaining momentum. For the Planetary Liberation Petition, the critical mass of 144,000 signatures is almost guaranteed, and for the meditation on December 21st, thing are looking good as well.

Signing the petition and doing the meditation will  actually increase our collective power:

Our booster meditation on December 4th was very successful. The number of daily signatures for our petition, which was averaging about 2000-3500 signatures per day, has jumped to 4500-5300 signatures daily immediately after the booster meditation:



December 21st, 2021 is the turning point of a certain cycle and is in fact the most powerful day of this year.

SpaceX CRS-24 mission to the International Space Station, which has a certain important significance for breaking the quarantine status of planet Earth, is expected to be launched on that day just a few hours before our activation:

If everything goes according to the plan, I will be able to reveal the classified aspect of the SpaceX CRS-24 mission in a few months.

On the very next day and just a few hours after our activation, the James Webb space telescope is expected to be launched:

James Webb space telescope might play a significant role in finally confirming the existence of extraterrestrial life. It will be deployed to L2 Lagrange point, suitable for near-infrared observations.

The energy of the December 21st portal will be so strong that a certain think tank is expecting a financial default of the US:

And another group is threatening with mass destruction on that day in Japan:

According to my sources, neither of the above two drastic scenarios is expected to happen on December 21st or shortly thereafter.

The remaining time until December 21st is decisive for how many people join us for our activation and how much impact our activation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide. Youtube videos are the easiest way to make this viral and many short version promotional videos and longer guided meditation videos have been created in 31 languages:

The main page with instructions for the activation is here:

Many people are supporting our activation.

Benjamin Fulford: 


Laura Eisenhower:

Sementas das Estrelas: 

Prepare for Change:

Era of Light: 

Dollar Vigilante (at around 35 minute mark): 

SDV News TV: 

And Michael El Legion:



All articles, videos , interviews, facebook groups and meme posters about the Divine Intervention  Activation are gathered here:

Our activation is being promoted on Portal 2012 telegram channels in over 20 languages:

Youtube channels have created playlists of promotional videos for our meditation in many languages: 

Playlists of promotional videos for the Planetary Liberation Petition are here:

And a playlist for guided audio meditation here:

Guided audio meditations downloads in MP3 format in over 30 languages are available here: 

A playlist of short inspirational videos for our activation in over 15 languages is available here:

Promotional anime videos are available in English, German, French, Spanish, Telugu, Chinese and Japanese:

Live stream for the meditation will begin at 2:15 pm UTC on December 21st here:

If we wish to achieve an impact on the physical plane and reach the critical mass, tt is extremely important that we do our meditation exactly at the time which has been determined by the Light Forces to have the maximum positive impact, which is at 4:00 pm UTC on December 21st. Timetable for other time zones is here: 


Doing the meditation earlier or later, or doing it in a significantly different way will NOT help us reaching the critical mass, as we are living on a physical plane that is subject to laws of space and time and if we wish to influence the physical plane, we need to do this with laserlike precision, especially timewise and with unified and focused intent.

It is extremely important that we speak out aloud three times both decrees, as specified in meditation instructions (step number 5 in meditation instructions):



Failure to speak out the decrees aloud would significantly decrease your contribution towards the critical mass for the meditation.

Exact instructions for the meditation on December 21st are published here:

And the link for signing the petition is here:

Another new Cobra Interview has been conducted by our Asian teams to bring even more awareness about our activation.

The transcript in English is here:

In German here: 

In French here: 

In Italian here: 

In Spanish here: 

In Portuguese here: 

In Romanian here: 

In Slovenian here: 

In Croatian here: 

In Polish here:

In Hindi here: 

In Telugu here:

And in Japanese here: 

The Youtube video with audio in English is here:

And with Chinese subtitles here: 

Victory of the Light!


Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Friday, December 3, 2021

A New Cobra Interview

A new Cobra interview has been conducted by the Sisterhood of the Rose to bring more clarity and awareness for our Divine Intervention Activation and Planetary Liberation Petition.

The transcript in English is here:

In French here: 

In Spanish here: 

In Portuguese here: 

In Italian here: 

In German here: 

In Dutch here: 

In Polish here: 

In Slovenian here: 

In Croatian here: 

In Romanian here: 

In Hungarian here: 

In Turkish here: 

In Hindi here:

In Telugu here: 

In Japanese here: 

In Chinese here:

And in Korean here: 

The Youtube video in English is here:

In German here:

In Spanish here: 

In Italian here: 

In Chinese here: 

And in Japanese here:



The Solar eclipse with our booster meditation is coming very soon, tomorrow on December 4th at 07:35 am UTC, and the Light Forces are asking as many people as possible to participate.

Instructions for the booster meditation tomorrow are here:

Instructions for our main activation on December 21st are here:


You can keep signing the Planetary Liberation Petition here:

On the original petition page, which seems to be permanently taken offline, we have gathered at least 81,676 signatures. On the current petition page we have gathered 27,473 signatures at the moment I am writing this, so together we have at least 109,149 signatures and counting.

Let's do this!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Pandora in progress. Mplan override command sequence L1 complete, sequence L0 in progress. M signal field substable, wipeout sequence 8 in progress. Minimum M / DL / HP / MDS / SD requirements met, VTX requirements not met.