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Planetary Situation Update

There are massive, tectonic changes happening behind the scenes, and not much about that can be reported for tactical reasons. Therefore the posts on this blog are a little bit less frequent.

In the last few weeks, there have been huge victories against the Chimera fleet. There are two subfactions of the Chimera, the first one called the Orion subfaction and the second one the Andromeda subfaction. The Orion subfaction is mostly located in underground bases and is being wiped out. The Andromeda subfaction has infiltrated the surface population in the last few years as they realized their final defeat is near, and they will be a little more difficult to clear, as they are using humanity as a living shield.

The Light Forces have managed to infiltrate the Chimera chain of command undetected, and are now corroding the Chimera structure from within. Most of the negative scenarios for the planet have collapsed, but there is still one quite improbable, but very dangerous scenario that has yet to be resolved.

The Light Forces have completed the construction of both Dyson spheres, the one around the Sun and the one around the Earth. The Galactic Confederation fleet is thus ready for the arrival of the Solar flash, they just need to liberate the surface of the planet and prepare humanity as well.

Earth's magnetic field is already 25% down in its strength, and strong solar flares that are expected during the coming Solar maximum in the next few years can collapse the Earth magnetic field to the degree necessary for the magnetic excursion, leading to the physical polar shift:





On the surface of the planet, there are strong geopolitical shifts happening as well.

First, Russia is busy preparing for the implementation of the new gold and commodities backed global financial system:


That will include a international reserve currency based on a basket of currencies, exactly as I have predicted on my blog more than 10 years ago:


And a stablecoin cryptocurrency backed by gold:


Behind the scenes, the Russians are also quietly preparing to release free energy technology, and they will do that as soon as the power of the dark forces is diminished sufficiently that it is safe to do so:



Situation in China is a totally different story. A few years ago, Dragon sources have communicated cryptically: “Xi has lost the mandate of heaven”. This has now become mainstream knowledge:


Xi is under heavy Jesuit influence and is trying to hold on to power, becoming more and more dictatorial:


Not everybody in China is happy about this, and the Shanghai clique is trying to remove him from power. This is the real reason behind the Shanghai lockdowns, as Xi is using lockdowns to block the activities of the Shanghai clique:



Although, on average, Chinese people can tolerate more abuse than Westerners, they also have enough, and beneath the surface of the Chinese society, a revolution is brewing:


Chinese financial system is on the verge of collapse, and the authorities are misusing Covid apps to block the citizens from accessing their banks and their money to prevent bank runs:



Xi has also signed a decree to legalize “special military operations”, obviously targeting Taiwan:



As promised, Dragon sources have immediately reacted with disclosure in Chinese mainstream media on the same day:



Evidence is coming out that the Chinese have deliberately released the coronavirus from the Wuhan lab:


Even Tedros Adhanom has admitted that the virus may have come form the Wuhan lab:


The same lab also experimented on monkeypox:





There is some interesting intel coming out about the vaccines:



And about microchips in medicine pills:


The World Economic Forum is still trying to enforce their version of the Reset:


Now it is their do or die moment, and they are trying to terrify everyone:


By engineering a systemic collapse of the Western civilization:



The system is far more resilient and adaptive than they expect, and their attempt will fail.

They will fail:


And we will win:


We are not there yet, and a meditation for peace is needed in a potentially emerging conflict between Russia and Lithuania / NATO:


Flower of Life meditation is also needed, to stabilize the planetary Light grid, bring more Light to the planet and help purifying it from the remaining anomaly:


Victory of the Light!

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Pandora in progress. M signal field substable. Minimum M / DL / MDS / HP / SD requirements met, VTX requirements not met.