Saturday, June 9, 2012

Grid Ratio between Light and Dark

The purpose of this post is to explain the balance of power between the Light and the Dark forces on this planet as a response to some comments in my blog. Further comments and questions are welcome but please with clear logic and without the emotional drama of “Cobra’s clones”, “shills for Rockefeller” and  “disinformation agents.”

Light and Dark are equal and opposing forces and this is the reason for the status quo. The Dark are prevented from carrying out their plans of putting everyone in their FEMA camps, starting WW3,... because the Light are opposing them. The Light are prevented from implementing NESARA, introducing free energy,… because the Dark are opposing them. This situation can only last until a certain point when the compression breakthrough will happen, the Light will win and the Dark will surrender / be defeated.

Positive ETs have technology to block the nukes from the distance in most cases. The reason why they can not block all of them is quantum foam anomaly on this planet that can sometimes cause their advanced technologies to malfunction (remember Roswell UFO crash). Therefore some of the remaining nukes need to be cut off from the Cabal by Resistance ground personnel. The Rothschild and Rockefeller factions had full access to nuclear weapons until December 2011. Only after that problem was solved in January 2012, the Plan for mass arrests could move forward. The Jesuit faction had some access to nuclear weapons until a few days ago. Only after that was solved, real negotiations for the surrender of the Cabal could start taking place.

The Cabal is now weakened but not yet without power. They still have access to conventional  and also some chemical / biological weapons. 20% of the military and at least 40% of the general population is still supporting them. They still have full control over the media and their Rothschild banking casino is still open. Even if the positive ETs intervened this moment, they could not block all negative actions of the Cabal against the general population. Imagine what just one massive attack with chemical weapons would do. 

The other factor here is the deeply ingrained fear in many of the positive ET races. They have been through their share of the galactic wars and to tell you the truth, they do not like the idea of being involved into something like that again. The Pleiadians have clearly stated to me that they will massively appear only after the Cabal is removed. They are happy to assist, but only from a distance. I had great problems years ago getting them more actively involved in the liberation of this planet.

Liberation of the planet would be much simpler if the general population would not be so deeply programmed so they could cooperate with the Plan. The key here is to take control over the mass media from the Cabal. Therefore this is the first condition for their surrender.

Also, through the control of the mass media the Cabal wants to create an illusion that nothing is happening to discourage people from actually doing something to speed up the changes. Actually much is going on in the background, as me, Drake and Fulford are reporting.

If you want to actively participate in the change (apart from the mass meditations) I have a suggestion: it would be nice to gather information about the top players in the Cabal, who they are, what they did, where they live, their addresses and phone numbers. For Rothschild and Rockefeller factions, this information is quite easy to get and it would be good to post it somewhere on the internet in a clear and concise way. When they are exposed, they will cooperate in negotiations even more and will be less prone to dirty tricks.

Further explanation about the votes on this and other websites: the purpose of the voting is not to decide the future of our planet, but to give the Light forces an idea of what people want so we can negotiate better.


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    2. That resonates with recorded history at time of Akhenaton, 18th Dynasty. At the time link between our Sun and Sirius A had been severed, and Nibiruans were asked to restore this link , but instead stole the divine Scepter, Wasit, (snake power), and used it self-servingly, to rape, piliage, wars, intentional separation between masculine and feminine, create hate and fear, ultimately creating a mental nuclear bomb- monotheism.

      Gaia and women and children were used and abused...Without the Feminine energy, men couldn't balance their actions, women became less loving.

      Now is the time, for healing, and restoration of unity, with much love and help from above:)


    3. i am not cobra, but i too thank you for this song. i dont understand a word but it somehow calms me, thanks again! :)

    4. untwine... this music just made me so very happy. thank you, dear brother!

    5. Cobra, you forgot about STASIS. Just saying...

  2. Keep in mind , if what you say is true, each day there is delay and negotiation approximately 5000 die from war and hunger because the actions of the ones you negotiate with, this two week delay then causes around 70000 deaths, remind everyone of that.

    1. Actually the true number is around 15,000 deaths daily. An all-out war with the Cabal would have death toll in millions.

    2. Just remember amidst all the numbers, the one true fact, this is still just an elaborate illusion created for us so that our souls can learn all the lessons that are required to move past duality and into oneness. So death means nothing and doesnt even actually exist... Just like time, its all just a prt of manmade perceptions.

    3. Brando it's easy to see only the numbers and then think oh it's only an illusion etc, but if you saw the amount of suffer and death on a daily basis it would truly break your heart. It must be stopped!

  3. The cabal needs to release truths that will assist humanity in moving forward. If they do not, the media will be taken from them and they will be forcefully exposed. The truth about the ET coverup MUST be exposed by the very people who created the disinformation in the first place. We need their help and you who have caused the problems must do your part to rectify the situation. We are all in this together and the only place to go is forward. Once the happy truth is told, the healing will begin and the difficult times are finally behind us. The future is bright - just look! Go with it... Namaste

    1. If they dont come to terms sooner than later it is very possible we will see anarchy and mass violence for a time also melody. the future is bright and going forward means lawfull actions of continued arrests. Perhaps mass is not the right word but major arrests qiuckly in succession. Many of the individuals are simply not human melody many are in holographic bodies commonly used by being whose biology cannot exist in our environment and earth type bodies are thus created which allow them to walk amongst us and wreak havoc unknown. difficult to get these sabateuers out right now

    2. Today, I demand PEACE. Let all those who feel fear, release it and be at peace. Let those who have controlled our world by means of money and war, STOP. If you do not stop today, we will stop you. There are too many innocent people suffering and dying right now, i will no longer allow your insecurities to stand in the way of progress. I love you immensely, but i love those you are torturing right now too. And i will not choose sides. If you force my hand, you will not like the outcome. There are those entities that have a strong grip on many of you, and if you cannot release them yourselves, i will help you. The resistance is strong and we are not going to wait any longer. I love you. But you will stop all this nonsense RIGHT NOW. I know you hear me and the ones who have the power to snatch you up and arrest you hear me too. I will not allow you to hurt innocent people anymore. If you do not start doing the right thing and continue doing the right thing we will remove you. You must give up control of our planet and stop thinking that you are better than the rest of us. I made it very clear over the past few days that i love you and i understand that we are ONE. But, the people you are hurting are a part of me too and they WILL receive the help they need TODAY. No more waiting. Give control of the planet back to the people or it will be taken from you. No more games, no more stalling. Stop NOW!

  4. Cobra
    I have abstained from commenting on the previous post as I only woke up few months ago and don't channel info, don't have the amazing experiences others have during meditations so am not at the same spiritual level as some others who regularly post on your blog. I have, however, done the meditations you have promoted, and will do the one tomorrow too as I have complete trust in you and really feel from the bottom of my heart that you are working with the light.
    Thanks for all you are achieving!

    1. I wouldn't underestimate yourself, Dear Friend... we are all awakening together, and the most important thing at this time is your heart and your intention. That is the most important thing to tend to right now, and the fact that you're meditating is a clear indication of your free will expression of your heart.

      I believe we are all receiving a "reboot" at this time and are connecting to our Spirit together. We are all making a giant leap As One and will all embody our true whole individual expression of Mother/Father God, Source, Creator, whatever term is your favourite.

      Cobra, deepest Gratitude and Love for your work and those who are unseen to us... my heart is full of Respect and humbly request that you pass along a word of Gratitude to those whom you are in contact with. Please convey a message of Love and Gratitude from my Heart to theirs.

      Peace and Love, Dear Friends. You are bright, bright stars in my sky...

  5. This makes my job easier in explaining to my family members and I sooo appreciate the explaination, which has been the big picture all along in my resonation, there is nothing like seeing the elephant in the room.... the safety of the population has been the GFP's focus of concern for us as well as this should be our focus, and yes the mass media take over is key. We have so many planetary sisters and brothers that want to help us only if we want to help ourselves.

  6. Thank you Cobra.

    From this message, as with your others, I hear us being called to re-activate our individual will to act on behalf of the whole, and use our will to act in ordinary, perhaps humble ways that are nevertheless effective in getting us over the hump of this present gridlocked moment.

    This is no small potatoes. The individual will is the prime target in this all-out war. The entire machine of media control -- including the massive disinfo campaign working against the light on the blogosphere -- is designed to try to confuse, overwhelm, paralyze and replace the singular will of the awake and aware individual.

    The project to wipe out the will also includes all of the secondary cognitive clutter of received ideas and secondhand narratives (or dead memes) that would worm their way into the mind and have us stop thinking for ourselves; to stop feeling our individual connection to life; and to bypass and our living sense of truth about reality where it counts.

    As we release ourselves from the clutch of these dead stories and free ourselves from the mind control efforts of the media machine, we can act with singular intention and an intact will for the good of the world.

    This is the ratio that unlocks our potential to effect change: to feel, think and will as individuals on behalf of the whole.

    1. that's how i feel too, well put, thank you

      a little light can help us see a large room. Let there be torrents of it. We can unconditionally choose.

  7. My question still is why doesn't someone in contact with a major news or televison personality negotiate an agreement to begin exposing information on air. This may seem difficult but if the anchor and just the technical editor were to agree at least a few minutes worth of info could then be exposed. Perhaps just some backround on the Rothschild/Rockefeller factions and their mind/media controls, positive military/ET plans, and our ability as a people to unite against them and bring about the peaceful conclusions necessary.
    All it will take is one big push, and the right tv personality could really make a huge difference. Certainly someone reading this has some type of connection like this?

    1. If this could be arranged that would be a big victory and would really make a big difference.

      At this point I can only do radio interviews with voice modification program to protect my identity, but no TV. Perhaps Drake or David Wilcock would be willing to do this?

    2. Certainly Cobra you should push Wilcock to go for it, surely he has the connections necessary. Even if during some brief interview. A surprise attack like this could work if worded perfectly to wake people up. But a trusted tv person would really be ideal. Also there was a video of several celebrities who were speaking out in a court room setting against all the wrongs of our current society/big government. Did anyone see this? It should be available on youtube and included Edward Norton, Michael Douglas, Benecio Deltoro and many others speaking about how American values and the constitution have fallen apart. Surely these are the personalities that need to be reached and could help save our world with their famous standings. I think these are the kinds of individuals that immediately need to be briefed on what's really happening. Show them proof and get the ball rolling. I'm willing to help any way that I can.

    3. Wilcock stated in his most recent post on his blog that he had dreamed that he was making a public announcement, and at first didn't want to do it... I see this as a synchronicity and am going to request that he step forward, for humanity, and do this... please join me... I think he'll listen to our requests...

      from his blog:


      Just last night I had another dream where "it" had happened -- the arrests -- and I was literally surrounded by press at every turn. I tried to escape it, but ultimately realized I needed to take the stage and do the press conference -- as this was it.

      I certainly understand how people can, and will, write this off as "ego" -- but considering how reliable these dreams have been for the last 20 years, I have to take it seriously.

      The previous dream from this same morning had me working directly with extraterrestrials, in a top-secret facility, promising them I would do my best to dissipate "interstellar racism" that has written them off as terrifying "Aliens."

      It was very strange and a little unnerving to be around them -- it felt very real in the dream -- but once we started speaking it put my mind at ease."

    4. Suggestion: Democracy Now might be a good outlet - Up till now they skirt around the cabal issue - personally I've tried emailing them many times, but no coverage - their progressive audience might be the next target in the 'compression breakthrough' extending from the extreme left and right. Would be great if anyone has connections to negotiate there.

    5. David Wilcock might mean well, but he's too easy to discredit. He hasn't come clean about his past regarding the Ascension 2000 or how he used to claim he was (the reincarnation of Rasputin.) Or how his family is made up entirely of famous reincarnated people. Seriously he's said the same stuff about how they too are important people from his important past (Whichever one he's claiming to have at the time.)

      The guy is genuinely warm and he puts effort into what he does but one casual look at his old website (that I, a regular person) can put forward in minutes would reveal enough to immediately discredit anything he says as yet another "Miss Cleo" type.

      If David were to fess up to his past publicly, and try to set the tone that now is different than before (without using weasel words to absolve himself of full responsibility for his former predictions or claims) he might work. But seriously though, supposing this were real would there even be that kind of time?

      Whether or not it's right, the messenger matters as much as the message. It's got to be someone who cannot easily be discredited.

    6. Media vortex located in the Hollywood Hills above Wonder View Drive.,+Los+Angeles,+CA&hl=en&ll=34.132819,-118.336594&spn=0.010515,0.019033&sll=34.132748,-118.336478&sspn=0.003743,0.004758&t=h&hnear=3575+Wonder+View+Dr,+Los+Angeles,+California+90068&z=16

      Follow Wonder View Drive passed the water tanks. Follow the dirt trail that extends north. (The trail to the east goes to the Hollywood Sign.) From the north trail, 400 feet above the Valley floor, Universal City, Warner Brothers, ABC and Disney Studios are all visible.

      Two stone canyons are on this trail. This is where the vortexes are located. Google maps shows large brown pipes extending from underneath the rock outcroppings. The stone in these canyons is similar in composition and color to Rosslyn Chapel in England. There are small springs at each location. Both locations have stone face doorways similar to the ones in Peru.

      Focus light energy into these canyons to bring into fruition productions that would harmonize with these truths. Focus energy into these portals to bring a new channel onto the television that would have news of this nature 24/7.

      No need to visit, use the maps. I have been working for four years at these locations, wrestling the dark energy, vaporizing the controllers, priming the studios for the light. Please help.

      There is also a vortex at the Hollywood Reservoir. This one is for the writers. There is another a the Hollywood Sign. This one is for the actors.

      But all productions get the green light from the studios. Start with the studios, then branch out.

    7. I hear you, Fallout2man... I haven't been following him long enough to know his entire history... I just started to follow him after reading Source Field Investigations... and really love his research, mostly because he's synthesized so much information that I've read in different places and from my own experiences. Because of this, I really like him and find him credible from the standpoint of disseminating important information.

      I do understand that not everyone will be able to receive what he's saying though... and I believe it will be impossible to find a single person that will be THE ONE that will be able to reach the full spectrum of humanity.

      I think the more the merrier. If people start to see multiple sources saying the same things, then people might pay attention. If it's one person, then it's easy to write something/ someone off because of our duality/ reject-other programming.

      @I AM Love... I think Democracy Now is a great idea. They have a vast following!

      I think it would be most important to find someone who can speak for "middle America". But if what you say, Fallout2man is the crux, and we don't have that kind of time, then I say we Occupy TV and Occupy Internet!!!

      Just my thoughts for the moment... Peace and Love for Us All.

    8. wow... wounded owl... thank you for this. cobra, can you check with your intel to verify so we can discern where to put some focus? much gratitude.

    9. It's not that easy to just contact an anchor and have them talk about the truth on tv. It would be very dangerous for that person and surely would not advocate it to anyone. The time is near for the good guys to take to the airwaves and talk to the public about the many changes at hand. I am forever grateful to those good guys behind the scenes that put their lives on the line for all of humanity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for answering your call. You are greatly appreciated and loved. We know the light wins and I for one hope to be able to shake your hand and give you a hug one day when this is all over. May God Bless You and Keep You Safe. So be it is.

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    11. there are censors first in the Cabal controlled station itself this why they have the FCC and all big media is owned and operated by the Cabal players. The secondary censor ir NRO and norad and they most definitely have a sattelite control to shut down or interrupt any un authorized broadcast. That is why yesterday i suggested ET help in the 'announcement transition" clearly their councils do not authorize this intervention at this time so we must bow to their wisdom in this.. however their wisdom has not been so helpful these many thousands of years so i am hoping the vast armada of ever increasing space families and their voluteers can make our situation more tenable soon.

  8. A New Candidate of the US presidential campaign interviewed on TV today!

    Former GOV JOHNSON of Liberaterian Party! If this is not the beginning of major media "Disclosure", nothing is! Listen to what he says! Yeeeeeee!<3<3<3

  9. Cobra,

    Two points, if I may: explain to us just how deeply etched in stone the date of December 21 is.

    In my meditations, I've seen the other side. Other lightworkers have seen the other side. It exists. The outcome has been seen.

    If we do nothing, if the light and dark remain at a stalemate, if total control is never achieved by the light, the singularity at December 21 will still happen, will it not?

    Secondly, and this is as plain as the nose on your face, if media control isn't turned over to the light soon, this whole experiment isn't gonna go off like we hope.

    I have a large family. Not one of my family members has even a single clue as to what is happening in our world. Yes, I've tried to inform them, but I might as well be talking to my dog.

    Everyone, look around. Where I work, I know hundreds of people. Are any of them awakened? No, they're not. And they're not gonna get awakened until that damn TV starts to tell them the truth.

    It's a classic standoff with a technological twist: the good guys have the internet, the bad guys have TV.

    The brainwashing programming on TV has worked so well that most of humanity are zombies.

    So, that's the trick. How do the good guys break the zombie spell that has been cast on humanity?

    I don't know, but I can tell you this: TV and its control are so important in this mess that a top priority should be given to its take over by the light.

    Cobra, just so you know without any doubt; my family will not know the truth until they see it on TV. Period. I'm not kidding and it's as simple as that.


    1. TV is the key factor to victory, I know.

    2. I agree, most people I know are in a hypnotized trance state perpatuated by the mass media and this state successfully prevent them to perform any type of critical thinking/questioning, therefore any attempt to explain the current situation is totally futile,as it is perfectly depicted in Matrix:
      "You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it."
      It is really essential to free people's minds, until it's achieved no mass awekening is possible.
      Should the Cabal not comply and surrender by the 21st of June the Resistance/Galactic family in my opinion should start to impose their messages on the TVs, just like in V for Vendetta.(I believe the Wachowski brothers are brave heroes for creating the Matrix and writing the script of V for Vendetta , they must have paid a high price for it, their complete silence,Larry's gender change, and the decline of quality in Matrix Revolution and Reloaded in my opinion is due to malevolent influences.)

    3. agreed. the media needs something to report. Something physical something material. Anything, something, the smallest little thing from the main stream media will help exponentially. We can then to work on the masses. Start to awaken the majority. We are well into june and the grid is in place. The time is now.

    4. Why don't we report on miracles first :) Why not start up some community care centers with what can only be described as miraculous results happening. Get the people at a grass roots level exchanging positive transformational stories. That will make the news. Then we balance the difficult information everyone must process with the good that will help heal our world. I will gladly use my sources within the local media where I live - and I live in Kern county, a very conservative place that could easily be the cultural tipping point for the light.

    5. I call for first contact! There are areas in the world that would welcome them with open arms. If the leaders of the cabal are put on the network news admitting the crimes they have committed at the same time as the landings, then fear of this being an invasion is balanced with the truth of ET existence and their true intentions. If we start reporting on positive truths and sprinkle in the negative aspects we could avoid panic. The ones who have been in charge of these crimes need to be the ones who admit their own lies so the ones they have enslaved will grasp the factual nature of the information being exposed. If the leaders of the cabal don't tell the truth, I will. The masses may not want to believe me at first, but they will. I can do it gently, but the cabal members may be severely hurt by those that WERE enslaved. DO YOU WANT TO BE BURNED ALIVE? OR ARE YOU GOING TO CHOOSE THE EASY WAY OUT? That is my question to you. Its my way or the mobs way. The very mob that your lies created will turn their negativity against you. I am going to start making announcements today so the choice is yours.

    6. As Garbanzo and Cobra said: "TV is the key factor for success"
      Why ETs with their advanced technologies just don't take control remotely on the TV signals all over the World and transmit the pre-prepared videos material that Drake mentioned in his first interviews. In You Tube there are many serious videos talking about: free energy, fluoride poisoning, the Fed Truth, 9-11 truth, chemtrails, real cancer cure blocked by big pharma, genetically modified food, Out of the Blue, The Greatest Story ever denied, What in the world are they spraying to us, Thrive, America: Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo, etc. To take control over Tv signals, mustn't be something difficult for advanced ETs. In my opinion, the Cabal is just winning time to bother light workers.

  10. Cobra! Thanks you for your work and more infos! You said in 6th April: "The Resistance movement has experience with overthrowing the Cabal and liberating planets, since they did this on planet X in 1999. They have constant physical (not telepathic) contact with the Pleiadians and other positive ET races within the Confederation, which give them daily intel about every Cabal member, where they are, what they do, even what they think. The Illuminati now have nowhere to hide."
    And now, what does it mean?: "I have a suggestion: it would be nice to gather information about the top players in the Cabal, who they are, what they did, where they live, their addresses and phone numbers."

    1. The Resistance has that intel, not me. They only give me intel that I need for my mission.

    2. Thanks for your answer! The most exciting job in the world is yours, and for us too!

  11. "The purpose of this post is to explain the balance of power between the Light and the Dark forces on this planet as a response to some comments in my blog. Further comments and questions are welcome but please with clear logic and without the emotional drama of “Cobra’s clones”, “shills for Rockefeller” and “disinformation agents.”"

    I appreciate your attempt to answer some of the concerns that me and others like 'disappointed' had COBRA.Whats nor welcomed however is the wrongful accusations possibly aimed at us by you in the above quote.

    If that was not your intention I apologize,but until otherwise shown I will assume this is the case and defend myself accordingly.You claim your accusers didn't use 'clear logic', despite the fact we posed several great points that you or your 'lightworkers' refused to address at the time.

    In your mind it seems merely talking about sugar,unicorns,and rainbows is preferable to logical debating and providing actual evidence to back your claims.

    Some of your followers were even absurd enough to basically suggest that rational thought and questioning (aka fear in their mind) is a trait of lower vibrations,and that I paraphrase 'just gotta let go of the doubt and believe' to reach the higher plains.

    No please enlighten me as to how this mentality is any different than the koolaide drinking cults;or the Dark Cabal putting fluroide in my drinking water to keep me calm and stupid.Any takers..anyone?

    And secondly I find it extremely sad that you felt the need to stoop so low as to use the 'Rockerfeller/Rothschild disinfo agents' card.It's true there are true disinfo agents out there trying to spread false information.

    But I'm beginning to notice a frightening trend of the new age guru's and their most loyal followers repeatedly pulling out that card whenever confronted with honest and legitimate concerns by free thinkers out there.With some of you it's like 'logic be damned,I'll keep believing this no matter what evidence to the contrary is presented'.

    And the sad irony is that you rant on and on about escaping mind control and brainwashing by the Cabal.Yet by clinging to your beliefs despite logical evidence otherwise,you display one of the most classic signs of covert brainwashing in yourselves.

    Now with that addressed I will ask a few more questions that also require logical answers from you COBRA.The Cabal still has access to chemical weapons then..fair enough.Have you made it clear to the cabal that if they unleash a biological attack on humanity they will be wiped off the face of the earth?

    Psychopaths value self preservation above almost all other things.Therefore if you make it clear that surrender is the only hope they have of coming out of this alive,perhaps they will be more willing to cooperate.

    Also one of your main demands should be that they hand over control of all mainstream media to the resistance at once.The media is the cabals biggest infleuncer of public perception.As said before if they try to stop you from taking the mainstream media with biological attacks,remind them that they will be annihilated if they choose to do so.Power and force is the only thing these cabal nutters truly understand.I have changed my opinion somewhat in the regard that I think slight negotiations may work here.But only if their self preservation natures are threatened if they do not comply.

    1. cooter,

      Very well-stated comment.

      I walked away from this blog a month ago because it felt like something was rotten in Denmark.

      Well, something is still rotten in Denmark.

      My suggestion: read this blog with massive discernment.

      So long,


    2. There was simply too much name calling among the comments and I want to avoid that. As I have said, logical debate is very welcome.

      Cabal's need for self-preservation is exactly at the core of negotiations. If they behave nicely and surrender, most of them get away with no punishment. If they play nasty, we play nasty.

      Surrender of the mass media is the key element and one of the main conditions for the peace treaty.

    3. Garbanzo,

      your beautiful self was missed very much here, I am delighted to see you return my friend :)

    4. GB,

      You are a very clever person. I have watched with great interest the methodology that you use from the very beginning of this blog - build up trust, relationship, stroke ego, talk the talk and then - shoot for the mark and leave your negative & disinformed comments.

      You are very good at what you do. There is no doubt that 'they' have sent the 'best in the business' here to discredit the great work that Cobra and others are doing.

      So thank you. It is a great testament to what is being done here.

      I wish you and your family many blessings in these times of great change.

  12. Cobra,
    thank you for the clarification, I reckon everyone here appreciate it.
    Following the pattern of intelligent discussion thread after one of your post I have two questions:
    1,Why is it beneficial that people gather information about the Cabal, if as you stated at the "Origins of Resostance Movement" article:
    "The Resistance movement has experience with overthrowing the Cabal and liberating planets, since they did this on planet X in 1999. They have constant physical (not telepathic) contact with the Pleiadians and other positive ET races within the Confederation, which give them daily intel about every Cabal member, where they are, what they do, even what they think. The Illuminati now have nowhere to hide." You should have all the info required according to this.
    2, In the Forces of Light and Forces of Darkness you stated: "This programming also resulted in most channels to lose contact with the Confederation and they began channeling astral shells instead. This served to additionally disprove channeling as a reliable source to get higherdimesional information. Today there are very few reliable channels but that does not change the fact that Galactic Confederation is a very strong and reliable force that will make itself known at the time of First Contact."
    Wouldn't it be beneficial to let us know which channelers are reliable?
    Thank you.

    1. The Resistance has that intel, not me. They only give me intel that I need for my mission.

      I am not a guru to tell you which channel is clear. If you practice discernment, you can find that out yourself.

    2. 1,OK, it just seems strange, if I was a leader in the Resistance, I would provide you with intel about the Cabal instead of suggesting you to get info from readers/ordinary people, but I guess I don't see the big picture and why they/you chose this method.
      2, Fair enough, reading channelings have played a huge role in improving my and I believe many other's discernment, in one comment section it was great to see how everyone agreed that something happened with Greg Giles's messages and that they do more harm then good now, rephrasing the question I was wondering about your personal opinion if you read any. I myself, despite the rumours coming from the Tolec/Tanaath/Kettler trio regard SaluSa,Nidle and Matthew Ward worthy to read.
      3, I am happy to see that you answer questions now, a previous inquiry from a few was about the Tolec/Kettler/Tanaath report of 'Operation Sweater' and 'Operation Cube Stomp' resulting in the destruction of black magic instruments on the astral plane(Tanaath praises the effects of the global meditation happening that day and ask to continue our efforts) and the destruction of a cube "a permanent installation located 15 degrees off the ecliptic (northern hemisphere) in the direction of Alpha Centari, just right outside the Kuiper belt"
      Do you have any information about this?

    3. Enough of this, ENOUGH of the entire Cabal and their lying platitudes!!!!
      They must surrender voluntarily or be eradicated.

      Even the devil is reviled by their "child sacrifices" done for his honor. I have seen death up close. I have witnessed friends die directly at the hands of the vicious cabal, where times I have laughed and still other times I have beseech them & cast them into the fire! I even turned them into the Canadian mounties where they were incarcerated.

      I have heard bullets blazing by. As long as they illegally usurp their way into power, nothing shall EVER change. I was brought here for a different purpose and they darn well know it now.

      Every single thing of the New World Order has brought up nothing but anger, embroiled rage upon rage. Never fear, because I have never had fear of a Wizard of Oz. They best know right now, Armageddon can come.

      As Sirian says, they should take the offer & begin stepping down in haste! If the Cabal does not willingly give up & put this entire charade to an end soon, I will kshoot them, every last one of them, & stand full of bullet holes in the process because they deserve flat death. Then I will hope to pass on the paperwork I held so someone one day can take that paperwork to court & replace the entire bankrupt Federal Reserve.

      Then I shall flee the United States with what I have left, many of my comrades were trained to kill. Against their will or not, they know the horrors of bullet filled war thanks to them. They will stand by & literally kill every last one of them, probably get shot & enjoy it. As for the brainwashed population, if Armageddon occurs by mistake; I will already have left the U.S.A. There can be no positive future no matter what if the ignorant, slimy traitor Cabal escapes anywhere.

      I am sick and tired of seeing them anywhere in the Guardian press. If the news refuses to report about them I will gladly start sending anonymous "court injunctions" against every last executive editor I find - warning them to appear in court or face judgment. They're already reporting about Edward Falcone's case in the EU.

      I am tired of how they treated Ron Paul who already leads "Romney" in delegates, and happens to have nothing to say for it. Not even a real home for their future posterity. If they refuse to fight back I will shoot some of them anyway & shoot up my leg, as retribution upon my own self for shaping this New World Order.

      I had three teeth tear up the inside of my face & fall out anyway. No pain, no gain. I won't live in hell again, we won't, thus should conditions continue they will have signed their execution order. Unfortunately many a man has no hope in Gods, only in bullets, this is the state of affairs that the Cabal has wrought. I am sure much red is shed yet to end this treason, unless the Rockefellers admit who they are on camera & accept their jail terms. The end will be worse than anyone in the skies ever knew.

    4. wizard of oz = the man behind the curtain creating the Illusion


  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. That would make the Cabal crazy and they would start killing people en masse. The hostages (human population) must be set free CAREFULLY.

    2. Yes, in the meantime I realized I wrote big stupid.

  14. Cobra please reply,

    You stated "The other factor here is the deeply ingrained fear in many of the positive ET races. They have been through their share of the galactic wars and to tell you the truth, they do not like the idea of being involved into something like that again."

    I thought these E.T. races where in tune with oneness and lived without fear?

    1. The Pleaidians (same race as humans, but from a far more advanced future), offered us their help to ascend 13,000 years ago. By offering their "hands-on" assistance, "free will" of us didn't manifest, throwing everything in chaos. Now is that time again, the "window of opportunity", but this time we are ready!
      Our Galactic Family and many VERY very special, extremely rare, astronomical alignments, in the ENTIRE Universe, support us wholly, the rest is up to US! Choice is yours! Not everyone can handle this rapid evolution, but MORE and more are awakening/remembering/healing and releasing. WE ARE DOING IT RIGHT NOW, WE ARE CONSCIOUSLY PARTICIPATING :) as witnessed by events happening past few days, and clearing space for Light and Love, LightWorkers


    2. Nice. I only disagree with you on one issue "not everyone can handle this rapid evolution." It may seem that way to some, but I have experienced a different truth. I know it seems unrealistically optimistic to some, but I assure you, we will ALL ascend together. I will not leave anyone behind. GAIA is already prepared for the uplifting energy and she requires each of her creatures to accompany her. No one wants to be left behind, and they won't be. We are all ready, each and every one of us.

    3. Thanks MelodyDove.
      Please don't get me wrong, EVERYONE is "invited", as long as they "invite" and accept the healing Light and Love. Even the cabal are given that same oppoturnity, but some of which are not ready/willing to do so hence, cannot handle the radiating Light causing rapid physical and spiritual evolution and transformation...
      Freedom of choice is now


    4. Oh Melody this is beautiful, you just phrased my secret wish, that we will ascend together without leaving anyone behind. :)
      It might be naive, but my instincts say that :)

  15. The light side is running a very complex plan. This plan is much too complex for human mind. There is no one on earth, who knows more than 0,001% from the plan. So don't think Cobra is able to answer all your questions.

    And there is a second point. It is not allowed to make all informations public. It is important for the plan, that many informations stay secret. Or do you tink, Cabal is not reading this? They are not only reading, they are for shure writing, too!

    For my opinion, Cobra is giving nice and many informations.

    'The reason why they can not block all of them is quantum foam anomaly on this planet that can sometimes cause their advanced technologies to malfunction (remember Roswell UFO crash).'

    Is the 'quantum foam anomaly' still in place? I think maybe not.

  16. I don't understand the negativity in some of these comments. According to the word about the Internet, not just from Cobra, it's pretty much over. The Cabal are negotiating their surrender. That sounds pretty final to me.

    I'm sure that despite what's being expressed here, all of it is an expression of a a desire for peace and prosperity ASAP. I'm sure Team Light is doing their best.

    Instead of being upset about what we have yet to accomplish and letting it cause doubt, we should support the Light how we can by doing things like joining the next meditation. If nothing else, meditating is very good for you. And the effects of mass meditations have been scientifically proven, even if those were the only things going on to support the light.

  17. Could you please define a "quantum foam anomaly"? All the links from Google point right back to this post.

    Thanks for your work, and for the steady stream of updates and clarifications.

    1. Quantum is nano particles, spinning at a very high frequency with gravitational pull.
      Anomaly is just that, an anomaly, glitch.

      Several years ago, the unseen veil started lifting with panic-ridden "news" about "holes in the ozone layer".These "holes" were created by the Light as it penetrating through the net/veil.
      After the recent and successful restoration of the grid of Light, we are once again flooded with and in the platinum Light :)


    2. I can't explain this very well, but its sort of a polarity issue. Things that are magnetized flow in a particular direction. But everything is always in a constant state of flux. The anomaly exists when changes spring up. Not much of a definition, I know. Suffice it to say that we must remain positive within ourselves to keep the vibration high enough to sustain our existence and shift into the fifth dimension.

    3. freia ozone hole are very dangerous and too many big hole which are caused by radiation and fossil fuels allow cosmic radiation which damages our dna and left to increase and get bigger could completely blow of our atmosphere like the nuclear wars on mars did aeons ago. we donot want to repat this mistake and this is one of the primary reasons we are recieving so much help our irresponsibility would affect life on other dimensions and worlds by the destruction of ourselves and our planet. Ozone holes are very bad and the consequence of materialist mentality that seeks to wrest power form natur eand control it secrets rather than by coperation and harmony. We should use natural eco friendly means instead of force or we will end up living under te surface like the martians! smiley face

  18. Just 2 hopefully simple questions?

    1. are the Pleaidians in 4D or in 5D?

    2. is the shift from earth going from 3D to 4D or to 5D?


    1. This is the best way I know how to explain dimensionality. The first dimension is DESIRE. The second dimension is EMOTION. The third dimension is SPACE/TIME and our physical connection to everything. The fourth dimension is WHAT YOU DO with the first three. This fourth dimension is the astral plane on which our light bodies travel (during dreams/meditation) and where IDEAS exist. The fifth dimension is LOVE. It is a place of a higher vibration where we understand that we are all connected. We all share the same spirit, we aren't separate, we are ONE SPIRIT, that is simply manifested in all these various beautiful forms. The essence of us, what powers our desires is a spirit that is indivisible and unchanging. It lives within us all and as soon as everyone behaves (4d) in a way that is evident of this understanding, we will officially be in the fifth dimension. When we start acting in an unselfish manner and giving love unconditionally, the result will be breathtaking!

    2. you are so beautiful! this brought tears to my eyes, Namaste!

    3. Pleaidians exist in 5D (physical) and 6D (emotional, held by Sirian sacred geometry)
      We are living in 3D (physical) and 4D (emotional), rapidly evolving towards 5D....

    4. No brando, you're beautiful! You are all so perfect and pure it is astounding. I have been crying all day, the flood gates are finally open and there is love pouring out in every direction. Thank you for the feedback, I'm crying again - lol.

    5. Ok thx,

      but it doesn't make any sense to me! Pleaidians exist in 5D and they feel fear? Lol. Why would someone who is love should feel fear? Energy flows where attention goes. Having fear in 5D would manifest bad bad things immediately.
      I reckon because they are in love, they love the dark forces as much as the light forces, because all are one. So real help could not be expected from the Pleaidians.

      And what's the problem with the cabale? When earth jumps in to 5D, the reptos and dracos are gone. Afaik reptos and dracos can't go to 5D. They don't have a mental body. So the frontier for them is 4D. And without the control and power of the reptos the cabale are just a joke.

    6. I would like to clarify some things about dimensions and planes they are the same. There are seven planes that comprise the cosmic physical and it most likely goes higher form there ad infinitum! Each plane has 7 sub-planes .
      1 the physical plane is composed of 1 solid 2 liquid 3 gas 4 ioinic 5 first ether 6 second ether 7 third ether
      2 The Astral Plane composed of 7 levelsof higher vibrational also. These are not revealed to earth eyes and we do not have the technology at this time to understand or use this knowledge at this time. The science of the astral is used by bad ET's and good ET's. Our science observes the influence of these higher particles in our physical world through the quantum fields called hadrons lepton quarks up down charm truth etc.
      3 The mental Plane also unknown and unseen properties to the earth's science at this time. The material though unseen and un measurable at this time exists and is the source of the enrgy that radiates to the physical brain and has a higher and a lower aspect. Conscious subconscious and the bridge between the two.
      4 The Buddic or intuitional again unknown composition used to unify all knowledge and makes discoveries and the like.
      5 the Causal body unkown properties but this is the true source of perfected Adam Kadmon or mer-ka Ba Light body
      6 the Atmic body unknown properties the Seed of the soul and plane of the dive spark or Son aspect of Self
      7 Logoic unknown properties source of cosmic beings in whom we move and have our being just as you are a logoii to the bacteria that live in you.
      All of these bodies nest inside each other so you are composed of all of these bodies. Ascension from the material worlds would mean you have raised your vibration to the point where your body is composed of primariy higher vibrating particles of which ever plane you have ascended to. You may lower your vibration to appear on lower worlds but must earn your ability to stay on higher planes and worlds! Except when certain provisions are made to bring messengers to higher planes/ worlds for instruction! explanation of gravity and 4th dimension to follow: The 4th dimension is the gateway to time, and anything moving from here to thre changes its mass into a form of energy. anyhing coming from higher plane through the 4th dimesion brings energy to mass that is already here. Mass does not pass through the doorway,only energy does. But energy can its form as it moves upward and inward.

    7. continue......
      These principas are well adhered to when moving objects beyond light speeds. or moving through time (time travel). The 4th dimesion is timeless, and it also wheremass transits its energy to another time. Once in the new dimesion, form gains mass back proportionately to the energy necessary to old it in the continum of the higher or other dimeion.
      An example would be moving up onto a higher (astral) plane, or simply switching too another equal dimension parralel universe or side continum) Gravity plays an important part also as it is present as an integral part on all planes. gravity unites energy into form,providing mass.Although gravity is peculiar to different planes or levels of consciousness, magnetism is not in its present form as we know it on earth.the atomic frequencies are higher than those on earth and therfore the currents produced by elctron flow are not present there as they are here on earth. In fact electrons do not exist but each plane contains a finer grade of matter which are faster and occasionaly their effects are witnessed on the physical by high energy nuclear experiments.Such are the mysteries and new discoveries for mankind as we hopefully will soon take our place amonst our brothers and sisters of the stars.

    8. The Pleideans as I understand it are existing in the physical plane on their worlds hoever there bodies are composed primarily of what we would call the first second and third ethers. They do come here and are very carefull not to be contaminated by our nagative thinking in fact our auras create a type of stench for them which is unpleasant they have strict monitoring and tests for theoir teams who rotate in and out of earth frequecy service. They also do not want our brand of illness and wrong thinking to contaminate their civilizations so they are uber careful in dealing with us and many of them want nothing to do with our situation. This may have changed somewhat lately as the Andromedans are much more active and advanced and do reside in a higher dimension than the physical whch one i have no idea but they are really taking bold moves in effecting real change without interfering in Karma or our freewill and a supreme devotion to non violence and respect for life.I met a Pleidean once in Cnada he came to one of my talks he did not introduce himself as such but my mentor who was a ongoing physical contactee scientist indicated he was very physical and did fear for his life from the Cabal. He was staying at the Hauptsburgs the multi- billionaire family residence as were some greys he was trying to bring some light to Cabal Plans! I wondered at the security lapse? for this but it seemed this was his misssion/risk. He did survive and left the planet some years ago.his name was James with blonde hair and shocking blue eyes. When I picked up telepathically who he was and asked him where he came from he opened the curtains to the hotel room looked longinly up to the stars and said "lets just say that we are kidred Spirits Rob"
      sincerely shared with love

  19. I understand positive ETs don’t have fear and just prefer to avoid any fight causing havoc, mess, blood, etc. which reduces the Gaia vibration and delays our ascension.

    Re. TV, GFL mentioned they have technology to augment and/or replace our current TV broadcasts with their own, so they could arrange Disclosure programs with those celebrities who can be put under the GFL protection umbrella like David Wilcock.


    1. Besides, if Galactics upon mutual agreement intrude with their technology into most popular TV stations and start broadcasting Disclosure programs recorded by people like David Wilcock, Drake, etc., their would be no blood and the Cabal would not be able to deny existence of ETs and their technology. This is a win-win situation.

    2. There's no guarantee that the Cabal wouldn't react violently to that.

      They'll likely do something of the sort after the Cabal has (probably grudingly) agreed to it so as to save as many innocents as possible.

  20. Please check my youtube channel today. I will give ample opportunities for you (the cabal) to help us turn this situation around. I will meditate today before I do it so that I will be coming from the best place possible. I want the best for all of us, but you are still holding us hostage and that has to stop. I will give you the opportunity to surrender yourselves peacefully, but the death and destruction resulting from your actions must stop. You have the power to turn this ship around yourselves. You are already in possession of the power and the truth, use it. Start giving people the uplifting truth. Tell them about technology and natural cures. Give them something to be excited about so that they can move forward. Allow our people into wartorn areas to provide relief - DO THIS NOW!!! Get your militias under control and prevent further bloodshed. Do this so that the transition will be smoother. Help us help you. The more you do for the population, the better your own situation will be. Start treating others the way you would want to be treated. Literally put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what would help them the most - then do it. I am putting myself in your shoes right now. I understand you feel as though you are in a difficult position, but once you take that first step, the rest will be so easy. Do not lead with your head, lead with your heart, or rather, let your heart lead you. We are all connected within our hearts. Some people do not believe that you have hearts or a conscience, but I do. I BELIEVE IN YOU. I know you have goodness inside of you because I can feel it, I feel you. I know you are scared and feel alone, but I will protect you. I will show you the love and affection that you deserve. But you must open your heart first. Just throw open the gates and let the love out. You must give of yourselves before you are ready to receive. It has never been about GIVE and TAKE - its about GIVING! When you do that, your heart is automatically open and able to RECEIVE all the love that the universe has for you, that I have for you. We all want to help you, but you must start by helping others. I thank you in advance :)

    1. perfectly said! thank you


    2. Beautifully said! I think I know why the Pleaidians have a problem with negativity. Since I was healed I have a problem being around extremely negative, hateful people-not that many of them but I feel them and stay away if at all possibe. Anyway, I was just telling all this to someone who would be open and she pulled up Bildeberg on youtube and is listening to the Alex Jones report with all the documents. Also, just announced Spain Bank closed so looks like any time. I agree we need to report the good things first! Maybe this is just to get them to pay attention as sending out scare tactics are not going to be good. Any idea's who is leaking? Hope it isn't them trying to instill fear in the population.

  21. We can pick some TV office and occupy outside the buildings, for a start. Like BBC here in UK.

    I'd like to gather some clear things to show how the media are lies and censorship. Myself i know they are, many people do, but that's not who we're trying to talk to. We need clear demonstration that they are bogus. Anybody got links or stories about that ?

    Another strategy would be to focus on demanding that something be shown. BBC for example is paid by taxes. We citizen have a right to ask what we wanna see.
    In that sense we could do a collective demand that, for example, the movie Thrive be shown on TV. Or that a personality be interviewed. We can make banners and demonstrate about that in front of their office. It's in the middle of London, it will be public. It can be a good trick because they will have to report it : "the occupy movement has settled in front of our offices asking we broadcast the documentary Thrive". That will get many people to watch it anyway, for a start. I think that should be done without blocking the entrance of the building, to keep it peaceful.

    I'm gonna check that with the Occupy London, try to get people to join on this.
    That can be done all over the world at the same time, that would make it much stronger.

    1. Good idea. Instead of focusing on the negative aspect of having been lied to, we should be showering the public with the beauty of the truth. Offer them hope through understanding and knowledge. Let's give the cabal the chance to allow this shift. KEEP IT PEACEFUL AND UPBEAT. No blame, no shame, just the truth. The fact that these things have been hidden from us will become evident, but we need to overshadow it with the possibilities of the future. This is a wonderful change and that's all the public needs to be shown. Assume that the powers that be will not fight this, as we already have evidence that they understand their predicament. When we begin to wake up the masses and offer them a new way to live, they will embrace it as it empowers them. Fear will disappear when the beauty of our existence and the infinite possibilities are offered to the people at large. Those of us in the know only need to keep our energy high and possibly meditate during these unveilings and panic can be avoided.

    2. any reliable demonstration of free energy technology would be a good place to start. The people can demand that the MSM cover the discovery. If they dont we can then protest against their censorship of such an important discovery. Simply showing up to a TV station demanding an end to a censorship that most believe not to exist will not be effective.

      Any reliable evidence to the existence of the collateral accounts could also be an avenue. I think the responses to Neil Keenan's liens will substantiate a lot. Once the collateral accounts are accepted as very real and significant a transition to NESARA will be easily understood by the masses. People will better understand the mechanics behind the debt right off as well.

      another good idea would be to ask all politicians at rallies and on network television what their stance is on the federal reserve and its private status. Mostly all Americans still think the fed is a government agency. It's not and its status as such should be common knowledge.

      Personally i think the first suggestion is the best. It's very easy for everyone to see the benefits of what a discovery of that magnitude would mean to themselves and the rest of the world. The manifestation of a free energy device engineered by another human could easily be accepted by the masses. Bringing down the oil industry by making all energy free and abundant will deliver the cabal a very strong blow. It just might be the fist domino to fall.

  22. How do you negotiate with pathological liars and psychopaths,
    they are satanists they worship lucifer/satan....they offer human sacrafices, they do not think like "normal" people isnt that obvious.
    They are threatening more violence as leverage to negotiate.
    These entities are double crossers and back stabbers.

    No one has the authority to enter into agreements on my behalf

    Drake and Fulford and Cobra Started out IMO with good intentions
    But I sense they have all been compromised either knowingly or unknowingly , call it clones disinfo whatever you like.

    WHO ARE YOU MAKING DEMANDS OF? All men are created equal!!!
    who are you petitioning too?

    God is watching you beg for relief from SATAN
    Think About it

    thousands of years of spilt blood for corruption and greed
    now when there is finally a noble cause to stand up for
    you tell us enough blood has been shed?

    let the cabal show good faith and release some supressed technology
    let them ease the suffering of our brothers and sisters in squaller

    I understand alot of us are on the ropes and wish for this nightmare to end but I am not willing to jump out of the frying pan into the fire, this nightmare wont end till all evil is purged, we have barely begun to see through the vail of illusion
    we need to get to the full truth before we negotiate anything

    1. May Peace Be in Your Heart!

    2. I have Love in my heart and thats Why I am stating my opposition, I am not promoting war or violence
      This whole "agenda" is another divide and conquer strategy. The opposition is cornered and scared they will say anything.
      They will offer peace in one hand and have a dagger in the other.
      The kingpins and the puppeteers have not been revealed we have no idea who is really behind the scenes calling the shots
      this is serious stuff alot of people good people have been exterminated, alot of innocent people have been exterminated. my guides and intuition say this is negotiating ploy is a total scam just like our banking system, and legal system.

    3. There exists no Satan, just badly behaving souls. The devil was entirely created by Christians from one of the pagans' deities, the horned God. This goes back a long time and there is much evidence. The soul has stages: 1. innocence (still with source). 2. ego (separates from source). 3. acceptance (returning to source). Thus, like the hands of a clock, what comes from God/Goddess will return. The cabal are in their ego phase, flowing away from source, whilst the lightworkers/warriers are flowing back towards source. Really, this is the only difference.The concept of evil, on a planet based on free will, creates logistical problems. Who is qualified to decide what is/is not evil? It is relative. All of us have experienced the ego phase but have forgotten what havoc we caused.

    4. Satan is not a christian adaptation of anything, though the christians (and others) assimilate the character into their doctrinal frameworks. No religion or system of men has invented what was known from eons as "adversary..." There is more to this than badly behaving souls. The "christians invented Satan" argument is silly and short on understanding of truth.

  23. To: Cobra
    From: wingmakersDotUS
    Date: June 9, 2012

    Dear Cobra,
    I hope this helps with finding address of the 'Cabal' and their minions. I was made aware of this website: last year.
    Our colleges and university campuses are full of 'Cabal' ie: Phill Knight of Nike / University of Oregon.
    Thank you Cobra and wish us the best. LIGHT!

  24. Dear cabal, you are beautiful! Open your heart right now because I am sending you every ounce of love I have to offer. They say the only love you get to keep is the love you give, so I am going to give you all the love I can possibly muster. I have been reading your energies all day and I have felt you soften. I know your are in a strange place but there is no reason to feel anything other than joy and happiness. The world is walking into the light of a new day and we need you. You are a powerful group and I can't wait to see what you are truly capable of. When you start giving away your wealth and helping those less fortunate than you, the world is going to fall in love with you. I am already in love with you, each and every one of you. I live within your heart and cannot be banished. I will continue to grow and shine brighter and brighter until we blot out the sun. I feel you so intensely right now and I can't wait to meet you. I'm going to wrap my arms around you and give you a big bear hug so our hearts will finally come together as one. You are so pure and so powerful and I want to build a new world with you. People who claim that you don't have heart need to be proven wrong. I can see you. I can feel you. I know you...and I need you. I love you more than words can express, and I need you in my life. I'm going to sit and meditate and send you all the love that I have. Open your heart, now, and receive it. Namaste

    1. Come on now you are getting ridiculous it will take them lifetimes to come back to the light so you can say all this that is fine but we will not be working with them bringing this transition at that love and light means nothing to them its just makes them uncomfortable and the energies are getting higher on this planet than ever before and they will not be able to handle it their destination will have to face the karmic board and sent to a prehistoric planet where they will have no control power or anything for lifetimes until they reconnect back with source,and i if you were to meet them for real they will turn you into a sex slave and introduce you to moloch they don't love you or humanity wake up because you are starting to get weird and delusional again.

    2. Thank you Sirian...
      Melody, you are sweet and beautiful. It's not your job to save the cabal. I get what you are trying to do and your love is immense....i worry you are at risk of attack and harm by opening yourself up so far and wide. Please shield yourself :) Much Love...

    3. You of all people should not be calling anyone weird or delusional. And for you to claim that you know what the future brings is a lie. They cannot do anything to me because of the power that I now have at my disposal. You only know what bad things they are capable of, and if you do not know yet that anything is possible then you do not know love. The law of manifestation erases all karma. Let me repeat: THE LAW OF MANIFESTATION ERASES ALL KARMA! That means that we all have the power to determine our fate. You speak as though you are educated about the history and inner workings of the universe and then you go and say something like this. You need to realize that you are them and that we ALL ascend together. It has already been decided by the great spirit as we are all ONE. You do not get to determine who I work with and who I dont. If I choose them as my friends it is none of your concern. Do not add anymore posts like this to the discussion as they are not welcome. If you have something positive and uplifting to say, please do so. You are empathic I know, but I am extremely more sensitive than you and I would appreciate it if you would simply allow me to do my job. These people need love. Do not under any circumstances tell them that they will be banished. You are not part of the negotiations and you have no authority to be saying where they will go. If they manifest their own banishment then that is on them, stop manifesting it for them. And for the record, because time is speeding up, no one has to wait lifetimes for anything. When things happen as quickly as they are now, soo much more is possible in a much shorter span of time.

    4. Melody,
      If you lose your light and love over a comment on a blog, then it is hard to imagine your powers of light are strong enough to transform the cabal. Why attempt to censor Sirian? Hasn't Sirian helped you in the past? I think he is just showing a little tough love...
      Love the cabal with all your heart, by all means! Start claiming you are the antichrist, etc. And expect people will speak up! With your newly aquired powers, a comment shouldn't throw you. What do you imagine a satanist would say to you? Sirian's comment reads like a love letter in comparison...time to refocus.


    6. Wow Melody, you are a glorious soul! Love is the strongest 'weapon' but unfortunately many of us are not on the level to truly love our enemies.
      Arresting the dark cabal can also be seen as an act of love because they need to be protected against themselves. By harming others they only harm themselves.

    7. You have a valid point. But they will make the right decision. They understand what they must do and they will do it. They are a part of me and I will not allow any harm to come to them. I feel everything they feel, that is my gift. And when you threaten them with harm you threaten me. Thank you rb for being open to loving your enemies because you are them. Remember, separation is an illusion, we are ONE. Check with source and know this is true. Anyone feeling hate or fear needs to stop now and go to source. There is only love. I REPEAT: ONLY LOVE EXISTS.

    8. I have to agree with Melody here and Sirian you seem a bit negative lately. I still love you. Namaste!

    9. No i have not i am being realistic about the whole situation read CiceroGrimes post a couple of times and comment back to me your views the previous post i added here because it was talking about nesara the media the arrest's etc that is why i asked cobra to give it to his intel and comment back what they know about this because they work with the ashtar command also personally and the comments towards melody i put out was because the same pattern was coming up again from her a manic episode and i am not being funny read all her post's and tell me is that normal because it's not especially the last one,melody deals with different energies when she does her rituals sometimes she will yell meaning all caps then she will invoke ancient deities that will fully take over her body,now don't kid me wrong she means well but more bringing her wiccan pagan side out more these days.INVOCATION/EVOCATION

      There are so many people who say they invoke the Goddess or they invoke the elements. The question is--do they invoke or do they evoke? Invocation and evocation are two separate things..


      Invocation is when you want that particular entity to step into your body, and you become them, and you absorb those particular energies. In many covens, different pagans will call in a particular quarter, and, when they do, they become that quarter, absorbing that particular energy so much so that they become that Quarter. They then have to stand at that Quarter and guard it, as they are the actual Guardian of that direction. It is interesting but several covens have "words of wisdom" wherein say a pagan, who has invoked a particular Quarter then speaks of wisdom of that element, as the Element is actually speaking through them. The same would be if you invoke the Goddess.When people do channeling and an entity takes over the channelor's body, they are invoking that entity into them.

      A word of warning. You do not want to invoke all the Quarters into you during ritual if you are the only person in that circle. Nor do you wish to invoke a Quarter plus the Goddess. Only one entity should be in you at one ritual.So brando9000 i let you know a little bit more about what melody does on a daily basis they have taken over her so much we can't even talk on the phone anymore because she does not care getting her minutes for her phone anymore and i was helping her get stable see i know melody you only know her form this blog site not personally like i do.Namaste

    10. Invocation of the light as described some of the solar space family described years ago by the solar cross foundation and richard miller is also called the tensor exercises and involves the wareness intention and concentration of and individual to first is/her pituitary and pineal gland and then to "the secret place of the most high" this is vortex of light that literall feed ours physical bodies or form. it has many names "IAM" or "The great IAM" It is located above the physical sheath and by invoking through desire intent and conscious awareness of this lighted presence (thought adjuster/mystery monitor for you SSeed) We can raise our vibration and dispell the downward flow of our life force to the ankle biters/archons. Also by following the inner sound current and electronic light currents that run through the body we remove the dross that keeps us enmeshed in our own falsely created illusion which though transitory and painful is really false and part of the temporary man self created hell that is taking our attention. Meditation comes from the Greek medi tare or to "wait" in the " middle" meditation is listening to creation or god . Prayer is talikng to god by affirmation or decrees. When one is in conscious control and has an iron will over their Thoughts feelings and the spoken word their light increases or the raise their vibration if the world was all aware that this is the only real worthy effort of the sons and daughters of god and this is our mission we would bewell on our way to liberation. The ARchon can only effect those whose vibration is low enough that they can be assauled in the sense of being tempted or distracted by their lower ego personality desire bodies to engage in fear greed lust hate anger etc. By keeping ones attention and focus on The lighted true or high self or actins become more potent as they are attuned to divine will . Warmly sbmitted Rob

    11. Thank you. I did what I had to do. So many are so entrenched in the lower vibrational world. It took me so long to get out of the maze and start helping the resistance, I had to do something drastic. I've been through so much that I became a very strong woman and I knew I could handle speaking for the Goddess. It was a necessary step I had to take. She is still with me, but I speak for myself now. Things will change rapidly now. Expect a great shift.

  25. Why don't crack the msm right open by disclosure at RT-News and They seem to be closest to spreading real news?

    1. Yeah RussiaToday is the bravest, most open MSM media outlet nowadays, they reported about Bilderberg meeting(they even hosted Alex Jones),the real cause of Lybian invasion, and are write about NDAA,ACTA, almost everything you can read at the alternative news. Today they featured the strange spiral phenomena over Armenia,ISrael,Iran and not write it off as "Russian missile test bs". They are my homepage.
      I have also heard of DailyMail being quite open, for example reporting that during the London protests last summer, for mysterious reasons police were told to stand off and let the vandals loot around for 2 days, or they report about crop circles.
      Great suggestion McCroft!

    2. Internet won't work for majority of people to consider such a breakthrough info authentic. Only major TV stations would make an effect. So, Positive Militaries, Resistance Movement, David Wilcock, Drake, etc. need to ask for Galactics cooperation to crack the major TV stations and start broadcasting the Disclosure programs

  26. Unconditional love = Even if you hate me, I'm still going to love you, and I'm NEVER going to stop.

    1. I agree with you.

      Unconditional love is the only way to raise your vibration.

      Unconditional love and faith is the key.

    2. MelodyDove: to tell people that they hate U is not so productive. I think U have good intentions. I would suggest lots of people using - W.A.I.T when commenting (Why Am I Talking).

      I myself don't bother to read comments that are long as a newspaper article to prove anyones point. (Except for Serianstarseed')

      As someone pointed out setting boarders is also love if U have kids U know what I mean. A lot of cabal mambers are actually acting like kids but with difference that they are responsible for the same sinse they are adults.

      LöncsVezér: Thanx for the kudos btw..

      Love and light

    3. Hello Melody,

      Unconditional love means that there's no reason needed to love. Love is unconditional when it just flows effortlessly from itself. When it projects itself upon anything that flows into consciousness. Unconditional love needs no power or focus of any kind. Fully allow your heart to be broken. You know what's inside. You do remember.


  27. Link TV is available on Dish & Direct TV !

    They are a new PUBLIC station that has been telling the truth on TV!!! and so far they are for real -

    On memorial day 'Democracy Now' was part of their programing and they showed the military tossing their metals of honor at the gates of the Nato summit.

    Here is where anyone can submit ideas for programing or speak out

  28. Hidden secrets about our planet that a majority of people have no idea about.Govt men in black are breeding superaggressive black
    Bronx squirrels
    originally to control pidgeons and rodents but now to
    control poverty
    births. Muffled black AWACS helos drop them into homes
    and babies disappear
    to Nellis AFB, Groom Lake, NV. These squirrels have
    eight instead of the
    usual four (A,G,C,T) DNA base pairs, because the
    UFO-derived bases of
    hazinine, vudanine, quikunine and shugimine are
    included. UFOs also passed
    on their W and Z heterogametic chromosomes to snakes,
    birds and moths.
    Translucent blue-skinned, pointed-ear, subterranean
    aliens (aka subters), whose white-hair-covered elders
    are mistaken for
    sashquatch, also have these eight base pairs, and it
    was by experimenting
    with them that the squirrels were developed. These
    subterraneans were bred
    by the reptoids from fallen blues, from which commonly
    known as angels or
    fairies. The fallen blues were sent to help humans
    ascend to a higher plane
    but instead conspired with the reptoids and became
    what we commonly think of
    as demons and witches. These subterraneans have a
    complex underground world
    of tunnels which connect them to major secret
    underground archives of many
    powerful organisations. Their central offices are in
    fact hidden unerneath
    Vatican Hill and connect to the Vatican archives,
    where cloaked aliens are
    mistaken for apparitions of dead popes. The pyramids
    of Egypt have long been
    laboratories where they experiment on humans. The
    aliens thusly manipulate
    Vatican, White House and Kremlin archives to control
    world events. Their
    peculiar-shaped single eye, surrounded with
    pyramid-like horn-bone structure
    has served as the symbol for the masonic and
    illuminatist movements, whose
    highest-ranking members attend the councils of the
    subterranean masters. The
    horn-bone is also the basis of the unicorn myth. They
    had also fooled the
    Jewish people into thinking they were a tribe, and so
    actually form the
    mythical "lost tribe" of Israel, as well as the
    supposed lost continent of
    Atlantis. Petroleum is actually synthetically produced
    from their sewage and
    they pipe it into reserviors we mistakenly call
    oilfields, and by
    manipulating the appearance of oil, they further
    control world events by
    sending oil mostly to Islamic countries succeptible to
    superstitions - The famous meteor of Muhammad was
    actually fired by the
    reptoids to help the subterraneans do so. Common UFO
    drones are greys which
    were bred to serve the reptoids, and some have been
    bred for earth and
    disguised as some, but not all, monkeys. The monkeys
    which spread AIDS to
    humanity were actually greys, as were the Ashanti who
    sold African slaves to
    the West. The fallen blues fought a nuclear war with
    the reptoids on earth
    which led to the extinction of reptoid-derived
    dinosaurs, allowing humanoids
    to first settle the earth. The time-travelling
    Pleiadians are the source of
    Judeao-Christian deity, and the Haryapans (commonly
    called "Aryans" and after
    whom Harappa was named) are the source of
    Hindu-Graeco-Nordic deity.
    Humanoids from Sirius are the combined source of the
    Mongolian, Shinto and
    AmerIndian deities, and those from Vega are the source
    of African animist

    1. No comment Sirian as you have already been offended by my questions but you should realize that black ops squirrels and AWACS dropping them into homes to steal babies is a bit far-fetched. Don't believe everything you read.

    2. Only if you knew what has been really going on and reports of babies missing from their cribs alot goes unreported did you read the title hidden secrets nothing is far-fetched in this world and the majority of stuff is covered up because alot of people can't handle the truth and the same thing goes with the different religions and what beings have been behind them.My 911 story i shared was hard to believe also even though it was all true this one no different just somewhat paranormal.

  29. As you know the work is nearly done in getting the Second Coming mission announced and much of NESARA implemented in the United States. You are not to go looking for me, because I am not very available to you, I am very secure.

    This notice serves as a stand down order unto those still within the United States Military who are resistant to the changes. You are hereby relieved of your command, and your arrest warrants for various charges of treason are prepared and awaiting the delivery to you. All is in completely legal order, under the real united States constitution. You are not citizens of the united States of America, because by amendment 13 to the real constitution of the country, you have vacated your citizenship rights, for representing a foreign corporation.

    You are under arrest under international jurisdiction for this reason. Now those of you, who do not stand down,will not only be arrested, you will not receive justice in the universal court system of Nebadon. You will be given your hasty trial, and the only choice you face is uncreation, in these circumstances. This is by order of Ashtar, of the intergalactic Federation of Light, this order comes through the Galactic hierarchy of Orvonton, from those that have a higher jurisdiction in this arena than does Christ Michael.

    You enter your stand down, to the proper authorities in your chain of command. You know who these are at this time. If you enter your stand down, which means your resignation, and agreement to cause no further trouble, you will face the true mercy of Orvonton, and be allowed to continue your journey, which will be under different circumstances, the void planet, for your rehabilitation. You will no longer have a home here upon the Earth. Be in preparation of your families on this issue.

    You will prepare them, that you are leaving the planet entirely and they shall not see of you again for some time, because the residence on the void planet tends to be lengthy one. In the case of your uncreation, they will not be seeing you again. If you love your families, you will prepare them for your departure.We are bigger than you, and you have no protection.

    You have been given this option before, and have chosen to not believe in its possibility. But the papers are now drawn, posted legally as necessary, and there is not a lawyer upon this planet than can change the outcome. Your destiny is certain, and your only choice is uncreation, or a new residence on the void planet for rehabilitation. Again, you must make this decision prior to you receiving the arrest papers. You will be shortly be served your arrest papers, and you cannot , not accept them, as they will be delivered by other means than standard courier. Keeping the door unanswered will not be effective.Now, I direct my attention to certain ones in Congress. There are also some of you, who are ordered to stand down, and resign your positions, and you know who you are.Yea are the lizard types and the American public will shortly have had enough of you when the truth is told. Prepare also your families for your departure to other places, you have the same choices as the military who have held this up.To the members of the Supreme Court, several of you have resigned as you were asked,most of the other members of the Senate and Congress have made their decisions to resign.

    1. There are more arrest warrants which will be public shortly, to prepare the American people for the coming changes.There are several high up in media also, who are not agreeable to the changes. Those who own Fox and NBC are given this warning. You also have arrest warrants facing you for obstruction and treason to the American people. These in the fairly near future will also be made public. Your choices will be uncreation, the void planet, or prison in America according the laws for treason to your country. Think well on that topic, and also prepare your families.To those being requested politely to stand down, I am aware you chose to not stand down however, the planet Earth has been returned to the control of the higher realms now, is a full member of the Galactic Federation of Light at this time, and comes under Galactic Law. You have no recourse. The older Bush, the former President, will also be receiving arrest warrants. We have not at this time determined when the public will be made aware of this. The military on our side in this, has been very busy It is usually his clone you also so see, he takes little risk of being in front of the public.Understand that this must be done from the inside, as is being done. Certain military and others from Mars have provided great assistance in getting this done. It has been mostly a numbers game, and now the numbers are in the right proportion to effect the change. As I have been told, you were told that there were American military on Mars who were returned to Earth to provide this assistance. There will 300 people returned of varying ranks and capabilities, so thus it is Americans getting the work done, and not a foreign power.I am taking a bit of time to thank all of the Congress people, both representatives and Senators who have seen the vision. Many of you have been participating heavily behind the scenes around the issues of NESARA for some time now. You now stand in greater power, as we move into the process of removing the higher power structure. I will not give names at this time to protect identity.

      To those who were more reluctant, but chose to go along, because you saw no other way for yourself, I believe as everything unfolds, you will be understand the vision. You should be going before your peoples and giving them an apology for your behavior, and you should not chose to run again, since you are dropping out without true support of what is ahead, in this total Second Coming process.

      We have had many in the media make a firm and joyous commitment to NESARA, re education of the public, and to the sacred honor which is implied in their choice of profession. A mighty education plan of the American public over the next couple of months has been envisioned, and much of it already prepared and waiting to be put before the public eye.

      The Bourse, in which much of the world will not being using the dollar is going into effect, country by country. This will finish the Federal Reserve system. All of the oil producing countries with the exception of Saudi Arabia, who still sits under NWO control is going over to the Euro. This process ends many a game played in the financial arena that is connected to oil production. Iran has gone to this, which is exactly why the foreign USA corp. is wanting to attack them. There is not the real issue of their having any ability at this time to make nuclear weapons. This is a contrived story for the American public.Several Cabinet members have resigned also, and those that did not, you will receive similar marching orders. Your time is up. All of you, who have knowingly participated in this grand NWO order scheme, and you all knew to come degree, face also arrests for treason. Again, no lawyers can get you off the hook, the warrants are "tight." You can not claim defense under the laws of the foreign corporation, you also gave up your citizenship to the United States, and come under international jurisdiction.


    3. Oh wow...I certainly missed it - if anyone threatened harm towards Melody's dark cabal. Good job protecting them from that "evil" Sirian. Wow. Again.

      Melody, it appears you have been influenced. No one on this site has threatened violence or harm that I know of.... In fact, you seem dead set on attacking the light to protect the dark ??? Interesting. I would suggest you have been influenced/ taken over...

      I completely agree there is nothing to fear. Your precious cabal has free will and the opportunity to accept the light at any time. Please don't sacrifice your light for their darkness. Stop attacking people who are concerned for your beautiful presence. :) The resistance needs you and your best efforts are made in supporting the light, not defending the dark. They will come around in their own time with their own sovereignty and free will.
      :) much love to you and your beautiful self!

    4. You are a very sweet person. I do not defend the actions of the cabal. Their time is almost up. But I will not condone violence of any kind. And I do not feel as though we have the right to judge the path of another. We are all here to do a job. I protect life. Namaste my friend

  30. Check out free energy on PESWKI and you will find all kinds of free energy technology ready to go with plants built-good timing huh. I just saw a levitating VW today in China, PlasmERG clean engine with 3 plants here in US cost $50 per year to run, E-Cat World which can provide energy for $100 per year, etc, etc. It is already here. That is how I started, before I got to these sites I had been watching the clean energy for over a year as I couldn't believe it would be let out. Please think about only spreading love as Kharma is a funny thing. What you put out you get back and I only say that out of love. The folks dealing with these guys know what they are doing. Oh, by the way, we have had nightly UFO sightings here in Kansas City for well over a month-even been on local tv twice! Good things are coming and I thank Cobra, Wilcox, Drake, Fulford, Everyone behind the scenes! No wonder all those Senators were freaked out about the LEAKS yesterday!

  31. You can not claim either, that because the United States chose not to be part of the International Court of Justice, that you are immune, because the real united States made no such choice. The private corporation is subject to that entity, because it invaded and stole the entire government system put in place by the founding fathers of the united States of America. This same condition exists for others mentioned in this paper. You have no protection legally from prosecution. Most of your lawyers serve this fake government also, and thus are not citizens of the united States, and cannot represent you legally in this case, as they must be citizens of the united States to represent united States interests. Your corporation has been disbanded and uncreated by legal means.The Federal Reserve will also find itself in bankruptcy proceedings, and the new story will be that because of the bankruptcy, the coinage of money has been returned to the Federal Government, under the US Treasury.The story to the public will be that the credit cards will be zeroed out because of this bankruptcy, and the illegality of the organization to begin with. All the original considerations in NESARA will be covered around debt reduction in the united States of America. The public will be taught and informed of the procedures for this by the media, at the prescribed time.The Rainbow money can be begin to be released with the downfall of the Federal Reserve, and the bills exchanged equally with Federal Reserve notes as the new currency becomes available. There will be no rush and no need to turn in the expiring notes in your possession. Just spend them as usual, and you will see change coming back in the new money as it becomes available. Banks will simply begin using it instead of Federal Reserve notes, as they have supply. Those with money in banking accounts, the money remains as credits and debits to your accounts, the usual situation, and a non issue during this change over.Worry not on the prosperity funds and the delivery of them, this will and is being handled by those involved. With the bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve, this changes everything legally, and barriers are removed. Not all banking changes will be instantaneous. There will not be a NESARA announcement, a one shot announcement. The details of NESARA will be put before the public, and called NESARA a bit later. When you see the Federal Reserve coming down,you will know the show is on the road.So if cobra can respond on what i posted and explain what his intel views are on this since they provide you with all information concerning your mission because alot is being kept from us i know for a fact.

    1. Obama rejoined the ICC on behalf of the states a bit ago...

    2. Yes that's because the message Sirian posted here is from the 19th of February 2006 by 'Admiral Jonhka of the AShtar Command'...

    3. That is why i posted it to get cobra's view on what i posted since you track every single thing i put out anyway so i will wait for cobra's reply.

    4. NICE! Your postings happened right before I blogged about sudden burst of Light energy:)
      thank you Sirian et al!


  32. I agree with most of Cobra's conclusions, but not with his(?) analysis.

    It may very well be that the "balance" between "good" and "evil" is just another lie set up by the evil ones to justify their existence.

    If this balance really existed amongst humans, why are there so few seriously insane? Why can we speak of the "1%" versus the "99%" and have figures that actually demonstrate the point?

    Our natural enemies are NOT our fellow humans, but the barriers and situations that we have all co-created. We call most of them "natural forces." These alone are plenty to provide lots of challenge, distress and heartbreak without having some of our own kind covertly plotting against our survival. Those people get like that because they have become convinced that they are totally created, and no longer capable of real creation. They have lost all sense of the God in them. And in so doing, they have discovered a kind of power. But the power of real creativity is greater, though subtler. So our worst weakness is in our tendency to become convinced that our power is less than it really is.

    The "evil" among us have tremendous personal problems. If they ever recover from these problems, it will be because we helped them to. If it weren't for our ignorance about our own powers, we would no longer fear them, but only pity them.

    For this current situation to degrade into general warfare would be tragic, though not unusual. If that does happen, rest assured it will be each other we will be fighting against, not them. They don't need anyone to fight against them; they consider that they have already lost. They are in a state of total desperation and always have been.

    We might, in fact, do well to ignore them, and concentrate our efforts on studiously rebuilding our planet. Most of their "supporters" are unwilling, and would walk away if they could figure out how. It is our responsibility to show them how. And to exercise that responsibility, we must learn how to do that ourselves. None of us are total paragons of virtue, very much including me. Though I have lived, I rely heavily on what I have studied. But I have studied some technologies that seem very reliable. And that is mostly what we need to teach now.

    We all know well the technologies of war. What are the technologies of peace? If we cannot find them and learn them, we will not win on this planet. And we may never win, as much as "our friends up there" might wish that we do. Short courses in many of these technologies are free online. It takes about a week to study up on an area of interest, then test it out in life and see if you can make it work. That's how I learned electronics 35 years ago (but in more than a week!); that's how we now need to learn the ways of peace. If we really want them to lose their power, we must step up and take it from them. It is not that difficult, if you are not ignorant of the basics. This is our huge challenge now.

    1. Exactly ...What are the technologies of Peace ?

  33. BTW. you don't need to be afraid of the dark cabal. :)

  34. If I weren't swamped with work b/t now & wed (believe me, I WILL take a break 8pm BST for the Surrender Meditation!), I would volunteer to coordinate who seeks out which info... or 'sommat' (something in Hagrid speak) ;D in hopes folks do not duplicate efforts seeking out cabal addys when they could be meditating, hiking with nature, raising their vibrations, etc etc... that's my 2-bits for the mo before I crash... (12 hr work day whoops...) xo! kkof007s or kk444

  35. No matter what they try / have tried, just live in love and live your life in harmony with your higher/inner self ^^ that's what I do.. And it works good! I don't think about them at all.. They are not bothering me.. :)

  36. "Tonite, we are young. So I'll set the world on fire, we can burn brighter - than the sun." "By the time the bar closes, and you feel like falling down, I'll carry you home tonite."

    1. I wonder how your hubby is dealing with all that goddess and ET energy and beings you have been invoking and i bet you have not had alot of sleep either hahaha bouncing up and down the walls hopefully it will get to much as i did for me a year ago because it's very addictive invoking them in your body,the down side of it is,Depending on your frame of mind, you invoke or evoke but know what you want to do before you start your circle.Always be prepared anytime you are to do ritual work.Most people do both as far as the Goddess is concerned but only evoke the elements. You would be one charged up "puppy" if you brought them all into you and plus you are just asking for trouble if you did that.So i will make my assessment on you tomorrow melody and read all your post if you post any but i feel you will and come to my conclusion how far you have gone into this because i feel your power and energy i am laughing about it because i know what you have been doing but it still can be dangerous in this day and age because people don't understand to much about dealing with different energies and invoking,ritual spell work you do can end you up in the asylum because its to powerful and intense.

    2. I am good my friend. In fact I have never been better. Thank you for your love. I realize that others view me as being off in my actions, remember I feel everything, but it will all make sense soon. I do what my heart tells me to, no matter what. The creator has an intense imagination and a wonderful sense of humor. The ankle-biters will cease and the world will become very bright. Believe.

    3. "The Seven of Swords card suggests that your power today lies in scruples. You will not cheat yourself, look the other way, sneak or be distracted by superficial perceptions disguised as appeal, entitlement, rescue, comfort or security. In this stage you are not a victim and therefore, any advantage, temptation, or betrayal would be an inside job or come from a moment of opportunity in choosing to leave yourself unprotected or exposed. You are empowered by expectation and opportunity and your virtue is forewarning or accountability."A reading i did for you and yes i understand and believe 100% i love you so much.Namaste

    4. I know Melody only from the postings and from the answers i got about her. The answers were very clear. Melody is taken over, but not by the cabal. Melody is taken over by her higher-self. And for the informations i got, Melody is full in the light, and one of the 72.

      light and love to you all (including the cabal)

  37. Now that rings a bell
    Surrender :)

    1. so true. i needed that. thanks untwine :-)

  38. You can still put your vote for World Peace, Free Energy and Personal Freedom at AVAAZ

    Peter E

  39. It may appear the hardest Path ... Can we find enough support to buy time on Tv ?

    1. The good ET's just need to show 1 single evidence that they are helping that cant be explained or simply written off to i.e. RT-News and they would report about it all over the place.

  40. Italy's Largest BNI Bank goes bankrupt, All Accounts zeroed out
    "Network Bank Investments, via a short notice, decided to block all accounts and thereby any means of getting to money, in any form, be it online or cash. The notice was sent out 7 days ago. Thus not many were able to read it.


    The institute decided in an extraordinary meeting last November, after getting the green light from the Banca d’Italia, to suspend any money transfer for a whole month."

    Men, stand adiese soldiers. Sharpen your knives but Keep your powder dry. God has decided to intervene and the traitorous Cabal is on its way out, just as my good friend Tom Heneghan said.

    The Leo Wanta Reagan Mitterand Protocols are being implemented after all, multinational banks are zeroing out their balance - in a total economic collapse aka reset.

    Then comes the revaluation as many predicted and none believed. BNI Bank has started their revaluation process...

    Keep well trained and on guard, however there is no need for further war just yet. The Cabals is willingly shooting itself in the foot with the economic reset, all we must do is wait out their financial decapitation....

    As the Wanta Reagan Protocols are implemented, visualize a permanent end to the Cabal's power and the start of the NESARA program. Be prepared and ready for fireworks!

    When NESARA is voted upon, the Cabal loses all powers it figured it had and the Title of Nobility Act is returned as law. Thus, Cabal members like Strauss, Bush, Ackermann and Calderon will surrender themselves & serve out their sentences. (Some only for 6 months) After of which, they will have thousands of hours to clean up this mess. Also note that Timothy Geithner will be stripped of his high nobility title, so he finally will do some real jail time and give up his Vatican bank accounts along with all his horrible friends in the state legislatures. Title of Nobility will literally put them on trial finally. NESARA is coming my colleagues...have some assurance that God doesn't want further war.

    With their banks zeroed out in Italy it is just a matter of time. Either way the presidential race hasn't even started yet, and with the amount of delegates surging in the primaries, this year is going to be full of surprises. Remember Ron Paul said there would be economic collapse, and according to Europe that is happening right now, which means me and my army are sharpening our guillotines. Short of total economic collapse, the secret government could continue seems however God saw to there being all out collapse.

  41. This soldierhugs vote is pretty amazing.

  42. LöncsVezér: yeah love that design, that dude is cool. I bought the same template for my blog.

    I've sent and e-mail to the producers at RT. Please send some love to this as well.

    "Dear Ladies/Gentlemen,

    RT is simply one of the best news agencies around these days. The Main Stream Media is mostly reporting stuff that is not true ore heavily distorted.
    The crack is however opening fast!

    Now, I would like you reporting about even more news for the benefit of the people. You've done an excellent job so far but there is more to do.
    As you are probably aware of the following is currently happening in the world:

    · Iran is trading with China, India and others but not with dollars anymore - that's a fact.
    · The BRIC countries along with 140 other nations has a new financial system running outdating the current one which is run by the Vatican, The Crown, IMF, World Bank, BIS (Bank of International Settlements) and Washington (The private FED owned by JP Morgan etc.)
    · Now why is this? The world is tired of war and to be run by idiots!
    · Neil Keenan has law suits going against 12 FED Banks, and also G7 countries in order to get stolen gold back to Asia where it belongs
    Information can be found here: and
    · There are two NESARA - The National Economic Security & Reformation Act
    But there is only one that is the real deal. The U.S have stripped the constitution to shreds and the U.S. is run by corporate private interests.
    · Disclosure of UFO's needs to be done together with the release of technology which will give us abundance of energy. There is no more need for oil, pharmaceuticals and GMO food.
    · We need to educate the people cause the changes will come whether we like it or not cause the people are waking up.
    · WWIII has been prevented many times and is not allowed to happen.

    You've have reported so nicely about Ron Paul and on other topics so let's keep this going. How can we setup such a scenario where above topics are reported by you?
    We need to get rid of the Banksters and the large corporate companies that do so much harm against mankind. Think if it we could end poverty with no problem today but the bad guys
    in various places needs to be exposed. Not many people will like what they here when realizing that they have been manipulated for so long but it's time to awake the masses.
    No need for religions we are all together. Why has the Vatican so much money but still demands people to donate. What are they doing with their wealth that actually belongs to the people?

    Maybe a blog on your site with these topics would do the trick?

    Much love and light from Sweden spatziba."

  43. I don't understand why doesn't the GFL or anyone else start broadcasting their own worldwide channel that everyone can access that speaks about truth. Not the whole truth yet, but things that are important right now. Just this small act of getting info to the people would immediately turn many around and get them to seriously consider their entire reality.

  44. Zeus: Cause we need to do the job ourselves.. ;o)

  45. Many people here want the cabal to be in prison or to be gone. They writing words of hate and enemy about it. And the don't understand people like MelodyDove.

    But there is some very important point for the people in the light, that have to be unsterstood:

    If you send the Cabal love and foregiveness, you send them some energy, which ich charged with 'good' energy (neg-entropic energy). This energy keeps the dark down, and makes them waeker.

    If you send the Cabal hate and fear, you send them some energy, which is charged with 'bad' energy (entropic energy). THIS ENERGY HEALS THEM IN THE DARK AND MAKES THEM STRONGER!

    And as i've written before, dark side is reading AND WRITING here, too. So stay in the light, and send love and forgiveness!

  46. Well we need organise an enormous effort to get things rolling in the mainstream media. We need to put pressure on them as soon as possible. As many people as possible. This should be a goal of all sites and blogs.

  47. Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

    1. No such thing as satan. The church even admitted to inventing the guy so they could maintain control over the middle-age masses.

    2. Don't be so literal. And the "church" (which is not valid) has no jurisdiction on this truth, though they would try. This is the truth irrespective of religion(s).

  48. let's laugh a little....:)
    a suggestion for negotiation that occurs.

    A lesson on Negotiation by Mr Dallas :

    1. LMAO!

      I was just thinking that there is this tendency to get a wee bit too serious about these matters. Like Hamourapi2012 writes up there, fear and hate charge 'em up. Love and light balance things out. Lightness also equals laughter, and when we start giggling at the silliness that some of this is, it really takes the wind out of their sails, too, eh? ;-)

      There's nothing more that the ankle biter hates than not being taken seriously and being laughed at, just like a schoolyard bully hates to be laughed at, too. Yeah, yeah, I know, bad shit has happened, yada yada yada. I know. But they really want us to think they are so badass. A little nonchalance and eye-rolling at them, plus just plain laughing kinda tweaks them off, lol.

      Thanks for the humor, Merlin. You are magic. ;-)


    1. An open letter to Mr. Drake, Cobra [commander?], Fulford, et al...............

      I’ve noticed that you have recently decided to ask the people to take a vote upon how they want to handle this mass arrest, money and government transition thing......

      Forgive me for asking but...are these the only choices that you feel we have available? Because it makes no sense to me and I beg to differ.....

      One choice seems to be an all out war over getting these old guard cabal people into custody and put on trial.

      It seems to me that such a scenario would mean mass bloodshed and chaos and provide a perfect opportunity for their apparatik to declare martial law in the US and pretty much all over the world and use their armed forces to kill innocents with impunity...not to mention the time that it would take to actually finish the war and see who wins in the end...which, if it’s just the small minority of us that are actually aware of the situation and willing to lay our lives on the line and sacrifice ourselves for the cause...could pretty much mean that, when the smoke clears and the dust settles, the good guys, as we see it, could pretty much be defeated....and then what?

      The second choice seems to be more of the same stalling for time and enough time to figure out how to start a war, any war, that would be big enough to get the above scenario done and, for however long it takes to get their shit together and rally against their defeat and downfall....stall and stall some more........

    2. Please don’t tell me that you’re counting on the local citizenry to wake up, smell the coffee and bacon, grab a gun and join the cause....because I can’t really say how that would work out for you.

      Sounds like a win-win situation for the cabal...but that's me...

      So, really.....after all and everything we’ve been through to come this far, you’ve offered, at least, an illusion of hope, now you’ve decided that the people should vote on it before you decide what the next step will be? Never mind that the people that are aware enough of this to actually vote are less than 10% of the world population, by far....i dare say closer to 1%.... but that’s the best you can do at this point?

      I can only assume that you guys feel unable to feel confident in your ability to just go in and arrest have to talk about it and get them to agree to it first...I understand, really....if they’re that big and bad, then you might want to consider my offer of a third alternative, which apparently, you have overlooked or completely ignored.

      There is enough evidence on public satellite photos and NASA films and archives and a mountain of other realize that there is a whole fleet of Galactic ships out there. Some of these ships seem to be larger than Jupiter. There has been talk in such circles as yours of a group called the Earth Allies. This seems to imply that they are allies of....beings that are not of this Earth.

      From what I can tell, being a little guy...[who listens to me?] That there is enough evidence to suggest that these beings are not evil and are here to help us get a leg it were....I know you guys are against all that and claim that all aliens are evil..but that would pretty much mean that we live in an entirely evil universe. Forgive me, but I have no idea how to deal with that, so I will have to go into denial and disagree with that.

      There are plenty of good, loving, light filled, spiritual aliens out there. I daresay that they are actually the overwhelmingmajority of the universe and least.

      In fact.......please work with me here......there are actually some people that see this whole thing as primarily a spiritual war and that this is the last place where Luciferian holdouts need to be dealt with and removed.

      Since the people that you need to arrest seem to fit the description of these evil misfits, may I suggest that, if anyone out there is actually an Earth Ally, that they let the people vote on whether or not they want these beings with all these ships that are here working with the spiritual hierarchy [Really? Who could possibly believe such a ridiculous thing!] as well as other beings that seem to hold a rather high place in universe affairs. Hell, I hear that even GOD and Christ are here for this well as Muhammed, Buddha and a host of other bigwigs that have had their words and teachings corrupted for the sake of establishing religion as a business...I also hear that they would all like to have a few words with us really soon!! Cool, huh?

    3. So look.....maybe....just maybe...all of this is actually true and all these guys are actually here to help and they’re just waiting on us to give them the word....take a vote...that gives them the go ahead to come in and remove these satanic buggers from off of the face of the Earth....heaven knows they have the fact...if I remember correctly, such a vote has been taken a few times already and as far as I know the answer was always yes from the voters...apparently they must be waiting on more people to show up and vote or something...or maybe they just want you guys to ask. Hey, it couldn't hurt! Heaven knows they've got the tools to do the job and get the job done right!

      Some even say that these guys have technology that we can only dream of...stuff that makes our kiddie weapons pretty much useless...literally...they could even help us get rid of our weapons and start loving how to live without them.

      I’ve even heard that they can put the whole planet into something called stasis and then just swoop in and whisk all the murderous thugs matter who they are...and their whole entourage as well.

      Just think...everything you’re taking forever to do could be done in a weekend and it would just seem like the blink of an eye to us.

      Couldn’t we use that kind of help? Would it kill you to consider the option of getting this thing over with quickly and cleanly? They could do it without you, you know, and be perfectly within their freewill rights. Are you saying that your free will trumps GOD's?

    4. Hey, look at the bright side...

      They’re willing to share free energy technology.

      Help us learn to live without money....that’s really cool.

      They’ll let us join their Galactic Federation and about networking...We could travel the friendly skies of the universe! WOW!

      Then again...there is that GOD thing....Apparently He’s a really big part of all of this. Apparently, they are aware of GOD as a reality of being and just happily live to serve and do His Will and learn to live like HE does......go figure...who knew, right?

      Now...I know that’s going to be a huge problem for some of you. Considering that this GOD guy considers Himself to be the actual and real owner of our little piece of real estate...and everything else it seems...for that matter....

      But I hear He’s not like the rumors at all.

      He’s really cool once you get to know the real Him. Real friendly and fatherly and loving and stuff...real magnanimous guy...kinda like everybody’s best friend, y’know?

      Well...don’t just take my word for it...I already know The Guy. The least you could do is meet Him and see for yourselves.


      He’s offered many times, to help us out and I’m told that you know that, and it sounds like a really great deal, if you ask me...which you didn’t...though for the life of me, I don’t know why......

      I know, I keep telling God that for Him to interfere would be a violation of your free will...but that’s why you should let us vote on it. WE might just want God to step in and lend us a hand. Did you ever think of that? Our free will is violated constantly, every day...has been for millennia... really, what difference does it make at this point? Do we even know what free will is anymore? We’re manipulated at every turn into deciding upon and choosing between choices that are given to us...kind of like what you’re doing....right now...with this vote thing... can we even begin to make an intelligent, informed decision about this? Do we really know everything that’s happening and all of the players and who and what they really are?

      I say...VOTE FOR GOD! It's worth a shot! Let whoever is on GOD’s side, come what may about our own beliefs and faiths and whatever we got right or wrong based on real information, mis-information and/or dis-information.......I AM SURE that there is one being that knows everything about this and HE knows exactly what to do!

      So I say that we should invite Him in and ask Him to help us out so that we can get on with having a real world with a real life and start getting along and living in abundance like we’re supposed to...according to HIM, anyway...the guy you guys never mention in all of this...why, I don’t know. The people you want to arrest and put away, worship a dead Lucifer...WHY CAN’T WE ASK FOR HELP FROM A LIVING GOD!? HUH!? ANSWER ME THAT!

      So anyway.......that’s my third alternative to your efforts to replace the old guard with the new guard and keep things going as you see fit...









      I reckon we’ll find out how it went real soon

      Doesn’t take Him long to count....accurately...and act accordingly...unlike some people I know........

    5. This was posted on the Galactic Free Press site and I am very disappointed that the people bringing forth this vote did not give us this option. It has been stated many times that these ET's over the years have offered their help to our governments, who refused. Well now the governments are falling apart and power is being restored to the people. So it is up to us to stand up and give them the invitation to help us NOW!

    6. I am sure this site is monitored by many of the ET's that are here atm. Simply reply in this post that you agree to option C and agree that we ask for their divine intervention to swiftly remove the Cabal with their advanced technologies and let our voice be heard by them!

    7. I missed this post today :( I VOTE OPTION C. I'm going to manifest this tonite. Why do it ourselves when we can let the almighty take care of it. Gosh sometimes I miss the obvious. I get so caught up in the idea that we have to do this ourselves. What a blessing.

  50. Time is up. I spoke to you yesterday about what you must do. I gave you the ideas, a way out. If you have not yet done the right thing, it will be done for you. This will go down peacefully, no panic, no riots, no problems. The media will be handed over and a new day will dawn. Peace reigns.

    1. COMMUNICATION RECEIVED! Thank you for your cooperation. We must now work swiftly to help those who are suffering and dying. You know who the resistance groups are, make a generous contribution and stand down. We will handle rogue groups that you have lost control over but assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated and would undoubtedly be a huge step in worldwide healing. The media will be in the hands of the resistance now so I will make a 30 second video introduction this afternoon. Please organize the information and videos for the masses so as to promote health and happiness and we will sprinkle in the ugly truth as needed. They have agreed to relinquish all broadcasts and we are going to be in full control. We may need a new thread for this as this one is getting full. I will post my video on youtube this afternoon. :))

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Melody-you have been a real inspiration for me. I went looking for your youtube post and didn't find it. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place. I am kind of like others who are feeling a little insecure right now. Most of the time I am great but have these preiodic waves of doubt.

    4. I felt the uneasiness in the air today. I sat down to meditate this afternoon and ended up feeling a lot better. I manifested some very helpful things, but I decided against making a video. I don't want anyone to think or feel like I am a leader, we don't need anymore leaders. I manifested that we would all be able to start leading ourselves. To do all we can, to be all we can be. To add our own uniqueness to the whole and revolutionize our world in the process.

  51. Dear " all addicted to control or power",

    You would provide us earth humans with a tremendous gift if you would willingly give up ALL conrtol.
    It would help us release virtually instantly all of our negative conditioning resulting from vibrations of fear, greed, hate, etc.

    It is important that you ALL surrender control.

    Dear "light warriors",

    I think a gift like that should be appreciated for what it is. How easily would you willingly give up your control?
    Anybody surrendering their power should be rewarded with at least genuine gratitude and a some kindness.

    Being vigilant does not entail being hateful and spiteful.

  52. Very nice text brando. Thx.

    I will break it down to an easy point.

    Out there are very much high entities waiting to help us.
    There is only one problem, it's a rule of the creation.
    They are only allowed to help us, if we ask them to help!

    So just ask for the help, and the help will come.
    If you are afraid, because you may ask a dark one (without knowing it), just put some condition to it (please help, if you're in the light....). The high entities have much names. So ask (conditional) all entities you know, and much power and help will arrive.

    1. Well said. I just posted the original message. I should have just posted the link to the site.... LMAO!

      Anyone have the link to Drakes new site? I wanna post it here too.

    2. Ask and you shall receive and that is for each and every person with just a spark of the light within them, the question and the answer comes from within you. I took those words to my heart, Seek and you shall find...research,research, research and you will find what resonates within YOU. Knock and the door for opportunity you will OPEN....don't be afraid to knock on the doors of opportunity for it WILL OPEN UNTO YOU.

  53. Cobra I have a serious question yo you...

    If you are the surface representative with the RM and they are in direct contact, not channeled, with the Pleiadians. Then why can we not simply send them the message that there are more then enough people here that want their help and give them the open invitation to intervine.

    1. brando9000 Are there more than enough people here on this planet that would request their help? Currently there was a big fight about Drake's petition to know peoples free will decision about peace and war and we all witness the vile, hurtful enuendo's about one man's request so who are allllll of these people that would be enough?????

    2. The Pleiadians are making some plans right now. I will report in a few days.

    3. Well I would say the millions possibly more that post and follow on all these websites should be sufficient. Also if it is a matter of free will then I think disclosure needs to occur in whatever form it may be so that people could express their free will on the subject. Because my guess is that if the rest of the people knew the choices and the background which led to them that they would be asking for the same help. But how can they ask for help that they dont even know they need?

    4. It is not a matter of free will. You have all clearly stated what you want. It is a matter of grid ratio between light and dark, a matter of setting the hostages (humanity) free.

    5. How are we hostages if the ET's have the power that they say they do? Many things are talked about that could pretty much just remove the cabal in the blink of an eye... and disable all weapons. And what is up with the grid ratio all of a sudden? Second meditation had supposedly eliminated a huge chunk of the dark. It was stated by you that we where successful and that only a few dark forces existed on the surface? Or are you talking about "grid ratio" as in the number of beings in our collective "grid" that believe in good or believe more evil?

  54. I'm for Option C.

    Every weapon of mass destruction, be it nuclear, chemical, biological, HARP, etc. is still controlled by people who know the initiating procedure and secret codes. The Positive ETs know and track the people who are in control of such weapons, so in case of threat they should be able to neutralize those who are about to press the red button and the equipment itself. If needed, the key people can be just beamed up in advance (with technology similar to how Grays have been doing their abductions) and returned later for prosecution.

    1. BTW, if the Cabal just start disappearing as mentioned above, those who are left on earth's plane would be much more cooperative in negotiations and surrender.

  55. I am for Option C too!
    It's the one that makes the most sense to me.
    I saw on another blog that ETs offer the gift of youth to us!! If they can do that, they can certainly get rid of the cabal as Brando suggested.

  56. They have been offering us everything they have forever, but our Cabal controlled governments have always refused on our behalf. Now it is time for the benevolent ET's to see that WE ARE TAKING OUR POWER BACK NOW!. WE DO NOT GIVE OUR GOVERNMENTS OUR POWER TO DECIDE FOR US ANY LONGER! WE DECIDE, AND WE CHOOSE YOU! WE LOVE YOU!

    1. Now everyone stand up, on this website, right now and let it be known that you as well choose this. Do not only support it here, really stand up and state my caps lock above out loud and put forth the message!

    2. LOL @ CAPSLOCK....

      I love you guys

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. I feel it is our mess here. We need to sort it out ourselves.Many of us, as star seed souls, have contributed to the abuse of power and mistreatment of Earth souls throughout the ages. We are karmically tied to this planet, it is why many of us are here now. All that really matters is that the suffering stops . This is a beautiful video to set our intent to let go of duality.

  59. All this time I have been refusing to vote because I am and always have been really opposed to either/or choices. I think in another comment here somewhere, I said there had to be a third, fourth, fifth, etc. choice. There always are options. The voting thing to me seemed kind of dumb, so I refused to do it. In addition, the whole "win-lose" mentality is nearly driving me bonkers, and I refuse to be driven into fear by the jackasses who have been controlling things. (Who are also a part of creation and do need to receive unconditional love and compassion, just not Idiot Compassion from me. Like someone who has been victimized by a psychopath, I, the victim, should not have to treat that mental patient! It's up to the mental health professionals to care for them at this point, and all of us need to be separate from their gridwork to be able to get clear and heal, eh?)

    This is hard for me to type because it feels way, way over the cuckoo's nest, still, but I have been having telepathic contact with my Pleiadian team for longer than I even realized it. But I did realize back in March who it was who had been chatting in my head all this time, and understood that they would be having physical contact with me soon. I believe I had an initial contact on May 28 via a visiting orb I saw in a special place outside my window. And I am nearly certain that I have, during my sleeping hours in this timeline, been going on some kind of missions with them. But it's not been shown to me what. I know this, yet have a bit of trouble in the 3D fessing up because it sounds so nutso. o_O

    Before that first physical contact happened, I understood that I had to be able to acknowledge them and invite them for further contact.

    When I saw brando9000's response up there, I realized with Option C that is *exactly* what is needed here. A further intervention! I could feel my entire self nodding in accord.

    In synchronicity, I had been recently led to the Marciniak materials and just completed the initial book. I had constant "chatter" in my head about what was so and what was flexible. But everything was very much fitting with what I already had been given -- those keys and codes were already unlocked.

    I am feeling so certain right now, though, that Option C is the best option. I'm more than ready for it, it lines up with not only what's happening globally but for me personally as well (as a kind of mirror or microcosm). I have been doing so much of the work to get to the place where a "reveal" would be so welcome, even if just to me personally to ensure that the work continues. I've let them know this over and over. I do understand it is on a "need to know" basis, and if the timing is not right for this, then the timing is not right. I really see dimly on this stuff right now.

    But I totally and wholeheartedly vote for Option C. It's time, guys. We have to go live on this one if everything is at stake that folks say there is. Please come and help.

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.


    We NEED to get rid of these power-hungry few, and replace them with candidates that are truthful and REPRESENT THE PEOPLE. People who want to make a change for our global community. TOGETHER. With NO ego-based, greed system, but a system that works for ALL OF MANKIND !! And, YOU count, you are powerful, the amount of energy you hold is vital for making change.

    Begin in your local community, talk to the cashier, the florist, neighbor, friends, family, at the bus-stop, waiting lines.. anywhere, interact with each-other.. spread the awareness.. but in a peaceful way.. make people conscious about whats going on, and what you can do. Form an idea together. Take action. Time to sit around on your ass is over. GET involved.

    Spread this video to everyone you know.

    Blogs, forums, facebook, twitter, anywhere... time to stop the fear, doubt,victimization, and compartmentalization.. the separation, the ego.. get together.

    If you are a lawyer, scientist, engineer, CEO, politician, doctor, any form of a public figure, or just the common guy that knows TRUTH, and have kept your mouth shut for a long time, speak out, stand in truth, be balanced, responsible, mature, and step forward. NOW is the time. Back each other up. Do NOT let insecurity, doubt, fear, or whatever it is keep you down. Be courageous, take a stand, be a leader for the better of all mankind. By understanding, loving, and knowing what's right for humans and all life on earth. People will support YOU, they will come when you least expect it. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE !! KNOW THIS !!

    Much LOVE to you all !!


  62. Blogger -- here -- is acting very hinky today for me. Hmmmmmmm. I was trying to respond to Melody up there re: videos and her YouTube account.

    Here's what I have been trying to post:
    Anyone ever notice YouTube's by-line/motto?


    Isn't YouTube tantamount to a network already? Have we not seen videos from YouTube "go viral" and be noted by mainstream press? Isn't YouTube an avenue to do the broadcast for ourselves? Actually, that's what many, many lightworkers and starseeds are doing already on "instructions." It seems to me that YouTube is a hub for information/broadcast. Anyone notice how that awesome video re: Quebec protests went viral a couple of weeks ago? (well, it was on Vimeo, lol, but still...) Lots have tried to use this avenue, with varying amounts of success. But it is definitely a place that says to me "He or she who has ears, hear" (and see). 'Course, it could help if the P's were willing to give us a wee hand with some of this. As in, please come by my house again and I can get y'all on video! But lots of people are doing this already. If someone were to analyze the data on it (or able to -- I have no idea how it works. It's kind of hard to track the origin of videos) could they not track how many new legit vids of craft are put up? There's a guy whose mission it is to do this to some degree already: (user 2011MESSAGE)

    That all just jumped out at me as I went to look for Melody's channel. FWIW.

  63. Guys, as per option C, which I also back up I found a petition whereby we would request the help of GFL to defeat the elite.
    It only requires few more hundreds of signatures to reach the Signature Goal.
    Ps: I'm aware few of you don't trust Greg Giles messages and this petition has been initiated by Greg so up to you if you want to take part in it, I personally did as it looked genuine to me.
    The link is
    Much love and light

  64. Cobra ,
    I was very busy yesterday and could not address your Quantom foam/ roswell earth anomally due to time. I just wanted to clarify the Roswell crash was due to the new and most powerful Radar at the time of the crash which was surrounding the nuclear weapons program of WWII in New Mexico. The radar sent a pulse into their nuclear reactor core of the grey ship and caused a Flash expolsion in the Berylium. This was a Grey ship with human body parts thus the secrecy lid and fear for public disclosure and other reasons of course. A side note is all ships with certain technologies like the greys must move in a triangular pattern when in physical dimension to avoid this feedback in their engines. It is true no one knows the future but my analogy is that for those from higher planes their is a perspective that can give them ablilities to see certain probabilities.If 2 cars were speeding toward each other on route 395 toward area 51 from joshua tree (smiley face) and they could not see each other due to the up and down elevation changes on that narrow road they would certainly crash. Now if someone who was in a helicopter looking down could see this happening they could "predict" with a certain amount of accuracy what was going to transpire (in this case the accident) a collision. So for being who exist in higher dimensions or planes their's is a more expanded view and they can see things we with our limited perception are unable to see. Earth people can and do have such perceptive abilities but for the majority these remain dormant. the Pleideans actually travel to probable futures and leave devices that monitor situations and when we arrive in real time they go to get the device to see if it is still even there ! Certain unknown variables may change and the once thought or percieved outcome is longer real! So even advanced space family cannot know the future for absolute certain. However The Pleideans looks upto the Andromedans and the Andromedans look up to beings of Pure light so there may be more certainty the higher or more refined planes of existence. If someone knows are exact future they arent saying anyway. The reason I bring this up is you say hat millions would die in an all out war with the Bad alien backed cabal at this time? I wonder where this number comes from as it would depend on which plan was implemented to "attack" the cabal. We all know the Cabal is a very small number of (compared to all of humanity) earth minions of bad oy/ fallen ET/ED's.

  65. continued....
    So it seems to me that a well planned take over of major media and public arrest of congress while all members are in session just might provide the coverage we need. the worlds media could not blackout an Arrest and public trial with the capitol as the holding cell for the traitors. I realize that the many in the military simply take orders and if the cabal can order a war ot stop these lawful arrest and detonate biological weapons etc. it will result in loss of life. Clearly the respect for life and and exactly how we achieve or end goal of planetary liberation is of paramount importance. We cannot be guilty of violence or destruction in our actions. I however feel we do need to arrest these criminals to secure this planet and to save her and all life upon it. As I said before previous post several days ago. Their resistance to the Law of the land the rights of the people the consitution and and the laws of life and the unverse are such that they would resist these lawful actions violently then the police forces have a right to protect themselves. This universal law of Karma and willful disobedience to truth may result in their violent acts which could ultimately destroy themselves. I do not think all of the worrying of how they will be judged and treated is the real issue here the real issue is getting them arrested! I say this because though I have faith that there is a speeding op of earths vibration due to or position in the presession of the equinox I really do not know if this does mean a separting of worlds as some would say is happening. I do feel that the laws of physics and the very parameters of creatin itself will in the blink of an eye restructure itself. Much like a cymatic shift in sand on a metal plate moves from one form to the next so will the laws of nature shift for life on our planet. While the sand holds its form albeit in a state of flux it does completely breakdown its form and the sand seems to move into chaos before reforming in its next vibration which has its own boundaries. This is what is occurring on earth we are breaking down old parameters and forms on all levels social physical and politically systematic. The forces of light are here to see to it we are not co-opted again by these renegade forces of "Darkness" . It seems in the grand scheme of things it might be better to reach for truth with a firm resolve to stop and arrest the guilty parties in the physical so that we can move forward the risks outweigh the result if we do not move forward. Who want to reincarnate into a draco slave world anyway? We can secure our own future by making this happen sooner than later. We must not fail in our resolve as the ground crew to effect real legal lasting and drastic measure to ensure mankinds fredom. With no Violence is the intent and hope and wish by all.

    1. What many people here are not realizing and is that the space family of light do certainly have the power to drastically alter our situation by advanced force technologialc superior will .....IF THEY wanted to. There is clearly a higher reason and wisdom that refrains them. One reason must certainly be freewill the other is respect for life and the imperitive to be non violent (except in defense). Some groups are so advanced they can never be touched by the ankle biters or any fallen ET groups simply because they can remove themselves from the area of time and space by raising frequency beyond the lower levels used by these hostile forces. It seems clear there is an element of timing and other aspects of enacting divine will and the plan of redemption.The good guys do not reveal their hand or plans even to many of their real contacts this is for security reasons and so that the entire plan or puzzle pieces are not found out by the Bad Boys until it is happening. The current situation of leading us onward into an ever expanding revelation of who we are and what is happening and the reason for universal discord and anxiety is a step by step process.The earlier vanguard of genuine contactees who have selflessly served and did not see ulitmate victory in their lifetime. They were encouraged forward with the carrot before the horse trick until they realized it was the service itself which was the reward and though they would not witness total victory in that lifetime their adherence to truth assured their personal victory. It is with this in mind that I do not presume to think that it will all occur in my lifetime. though i sense mankinds ability to detroy nature is so advanced technologically at this time that our survival as species is truly in jeopardy.

  66. I do have faith in the multi-dimesional plan and holgraphically attended love actions being infused into our reality with the help of our space family and legions of light. However I do want to encourage those lucky yes I call you blessed and lucky souls who are entrusted with the actuall movements of ground crew forces to contine forward with all dilligence and godspeed toward upholding the earths peoples end of this action. We the lightwarriors are holding the light realizing the truth and transmitting into the Ethers the realiztions of harmony and love we are sharing and awakening our fellow man, albeit slowly to
    the truths which will cause us all to willing shed the cloak of fear superstition and ignorance which we have allowed to enslave ourelves with for so long. I will again thank you of the Special Forces and liasons for the Space family for your service which is more dangerous than any Bond Movie. Your loyalty and bravery are respected and noted. Those of you in actual contact must refrain from fear anger and hate and this will allow your IAM presence to assure victory and allow your continued protection by Spiritual forces. The numbers needed to effect these arrest will require the ET/ED aspect and the many realiztions of the complexity of this situation to be hidden from the "regulars who will be entrusted with the back-up of carrying out these lawfull actions and arrests. The awareness and prayers of the 99% will be with you in the higher selves though they know it not their eternal selves are part of this divine plan and action.
    With respect and hopes that the family of light play the trump card and reveal their loving presence to us without fear or haste but with patience and power the faithfull await your council as we all individually responsibly and faithfully Realize our own power and divinty and serve a Loving God

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