Monday, July 30, 2012

The Plan and What You Can Do

I have received new intel about the Plan.

The Event will be a multidimensional breakthrough for planet Earth that will send waves of Light across the Universe. The Event will be spiritual and physical in nature. It will encompass a breakthrough in removal of non-physical negative entities, mass arrests of the Cabal and drastic increase of sightings of positive UFOs. It will be an unified effort of the Pleiadians, the Resistance Movement, Positive Military, White Dragon Society and other positive groups.

The Event is scheduled for October this year or later.

The Event is only the beginning, then things will go as fast as humanity can integrate. First Contact operations will proceed along with the restructuring of the system. New financial system will be very short lived since after the First Contact money will become obsolete. The Ascension will NOT happen on December 21st. Humanity needs a lot of healing and December 21st is just the beginning of the Ascension process.

The main reason why mass arrests of the Cabal did not happen within the April to June timeframe is that the Positive Military was not aware of Archons until recently and did not integrate them in their 35+ years old plan. The other reason was that positive groups got heavily infiltrated by the Cabal.

Nothing spectacular will happen on August 4th. There will be a gradual increase of number of UFO sightings during August / September period. The hostage situation around humanity is slowly being resolved, the ships of Pleiadians and other positive civilizations of Light are progressing towards the surface of planet Earth.

To explain from my last post, Magdalenian Archons invasion was an invasion  that ended peaceful Gravettian Goddess worshiping paleolithic high culture more than 16,000 years ago and started Magdalenian hunting paleolithic tribal society.

Many people would like to become more active and are asking me what to do.

First, you can join weekly liberation meditations.

Second, you can distribute information.

Third, you can spread the beauty of your Soul.

Fourth, in the future when safety conditions permit, I will be able to hold conferences worldwide where I will speak about different topics connected to the planetary liberation, ascension, disclosure and first contact. There people will be able to ask questions directly. People willing to organize such events can contact me at .

Fifth,  the scope of this blog, projects associated with it regarding planetary liberation and people’s response to this has grown to the point when I can no longer cover everything with my own financial resources. Information in this blog will always be free. However, additional funding is needed from wealthy persons that are willing to contribute something to those liberation efforts. I trust there are some rich people out there that haven’t been completely absorbed into the Rothschild casino and would like to support the Light instead. Minimum donation is $1000 and regular monthly donations would make things much easier. Those willing to help, please contact for details. Please understand that call for funding is directed towards wealthy individuals outside the Cabal as this would not be a burden for them, and not to general population. Large part of the donated money will go towards a project of healing planetary timelines with advanced reverse time loop technology.

Many people have asked to join the Resistance. This is not possible at this point. Only few extremely well trained agents of the Resistance are now operating on the surface of the planet. After the Event, the Resistance will gradually make itself known to the general public.

I have received reports from some people that they can not post comments in my blog. I do not know the reason for this. I hope it is just a technology glitch and not the Cabal interfering with us. I rarely delete comments and I do so only when they are extremely negative and counterproductive. The comments section in my blog has evolved into a sacred space where awakened beings can share ideas and revelations.


  1. Thank you Cobra. For me usually your posts provide information that I seem to already "know" or remember. Waking up is a wonderful thing. Stay safe.

    1. @Karen, waking up is indeed a wonderful thing, but it's universal so no credit card details should ever be required..

    2. It is good for me to be occasionally reminded that I am already in place where I need to be in order to do whatever I can to help move things along.

    3. hello, i share positive info on facebook, yet they have a habit of deleting people's information, hmmm, wonder why? lol...this is invasion of our personal rights...:) love and light, faiza

    4. @ Claydog,

      I do hope that people can heal their issues surrounding right relationship and energy exchange, and add comments that are respectful and a bit more farsighted.

      We have heard you once or twice before.

      Your point has been made.

      Thank you.


  2. SaLuSa, July 30, 2012:

    "Lightworkers can prepare to take some responsibility for making sure people around them are calm and not fearful about what is happening. We cannot cover it all in just a few days but will soon have the freedom and facilities to address you directly."

  3. NEW BLOG.

  4. this is great! Am sure there are many more, who are experiencing a greater awareness of their own divinity and power. feels like many of us are becoming activated, to assist with what many of these postings here(and in other places, most importantly in the heart) are saying. The walls are crumbling and it feels as though the calvary is indeed coming. :-)

    Thank you Cobra for sharing what you do. god bless you and the resistance and everyone making an impact on shifting this world. Our shared dream is coming true. :-)

  5. as always, your posts resonate deep inside, I always find inspiration here! Keep up the great work and let us all meditate, spread the word and spread the LOVE! Thanks COBRA!

  6. Thank you Cobra.
    Your updates are always eagerly awaited

  7. Thank you Cobra, although hearing that the Disclosure will not happen in August is a Huge disappointment to me and I am sure will be to many.. I would like to ask .. one thing.. isn't there any way for You, and some of the Channelers, Drake, Benjamin F. and David Wilcock to get on the same page.. We keep getting conflicting information and that is leading to many believing that all this is nothing but a fake way for some to get attention or seek a way to earn a living through their Blogs and books. It would be nice if you all could have an Internet meeting so that the Information flow is the same. Even this Morning, Salusa is telling us that we should expect Disclosure in August. Very confusing for us here on earth without the contact you seem to have. Thank you though, I do appreicate your posts and information.

    1. Forgive me, CarolinaCarrol, but it seems you are labouring under the illusion that all the parties you mention have the same agenda.

      I doubt this is so.


    2. The disclosure for some peopledisclosure has not happened for me it happened many many years ago. for some a spaceship could land on their lawn and it would not be enough. having your own experience is a wonderful thing and i wish i could share with you "the knowing" but it will come for everyone . Every little thing is gonna be allright.
      I wish I could give you this understanding but I cannot. there are many things we may take note of and wonder. This universe if filled with light and life.
      My experience is that there are intelligent brothers and sisters from other worlds visiting, working and living here, in direct inter action with the earth and her peoples.
      This entire site is built upon this premise. I pray that soon all people will not require faith to benefit from the wisdom of these brothers and sisters from afar. Hopefully you too will have the physical tangible experience of face-to-face contact with space family.
      I have had this gift and I can assure you it will be a wonderful and happy day when it arrives in your life.
      I worked side-by-side with Fred Bell who also was a contactee of Semjase.
      I have seen her ship personally in Laguna on several different occassions spanning 20 years.
      She sent me much love and light to me as I too struggled with unbelief back in my youth. She would come down close in the canyon where I lived about a mile from Fred's house her ship would pulse a soft white glow like a star but it MOVED!
      Ever so slowly down closer and closer her ship came with waves of love and compassion emanating from her to me. In the early morning fog her slow moving ship and thoughts filled my eyes with tears of graditude. I cried for myself and for the world who must to this day remain steadfast with only faith and an open mind to succor their intense desire for truth.
      I knew Wendell Stevens and Jim Dilletosso. Jim I jammed on the keyboards at Fred's house in the early 80's. Jim was the photo expert who did the anaylisis for the now famous book UFO Contact from the Pleiades.
      Jim was a very smart guy as he was building prototype telemetric helmets for the govts. secret space program. These are helmets that have feedback computers, which read the brains mind thoughts and activate technical electrical systems on board spacecraft. This helmet was type of mental activation switch so to speak. He knew his technology and his analyses is quite accurate.

      Semjase told Fred that night we were up late that Jim could see Semjase's ship if he wanted to by going to a specific location in the desert at a certain time. It was about 10 in the morning and we had to kick Jim out of the house so he wouldn't be late. He was reluctant to go we were having so much fun at Freds. I also think he was a bit scared of an actual contact< but who knows!
      I am glad most here also have open minds you will need it in the days ahead. I will pray that your awareness will soon share reality of interplanetary space family of love and light to your deepest satisfaction.
      ps A space ship was over the stadium of the olympics on opening nite next to a blimp but they were definitely separate. you tube is all alight with several video angle views!

    3. Wow, awesome story, Rob!! Thanks!

    4. Carolina,
      Full Disclosure will begin once all of the cabal has surrendered, by Aug 4th.
      The Event can only happen after the Disclosure. We are right on the "schedule" :)

    5. I too have been fortunate enough to see first hand evidence of our star family. I have seen several different ships in the past few years, but one experience holds firm in my mind. My friends and I were out in the forests of N Colorado, around midnight, when we saw a throbbing light in the sky, moving from side to side, and changing colors. As we became entranced with the shifting colors, it began to split into multiple lights, from one to two to five or six... swirling around in different shapes, and then rejoining into a singular light again. It was ever changing, in shapes, size, and colors. Every once and awhile a small red light would seem to fall towards the earth from the light source... We watched this happen for over an hour, and finally went to bed with the lights still spinning in the sky. It gave us all a very distinct feeling; a peaceful, entranced state that has confirmed to me that we do indeed have alleys above.

  8. Something is wrong here boys two data messages at the same time, a confirmation of other channels, such as "Channel Pleiadian GLR by MICAH. Friday, July 27, 2012 "confirmed by that of de Salusa 07.30.2012 and other channels that confirm the same news, but now cobra at the same time frame belies all the other channels so far favorable to the date of August 4. But what happens?

    1. I get the impression that Cobra does not highly rely on channeled information and is also not a channel. I personally feel that one cannot really pin down time frames from channeled information in any case as "time" is so fluid and doesn't even exist as something agreed upon from one's perspective to another -- how could a being operating at such a different frequency than beings on Earth tune into how we perceive time here? And that is aside from the changeability of what is planned and intended.

      As always, just my two cents, of course...

    2. Aug 4th was the deadline dte for the earth govts to make their own disclosure and make the process less difficut for the huddled masses. A newer more powerful allowance has been decided upon and this will continue to escalate in the year ahead and even beyond into next year. We have a long way to go Cobra family and you can expect an ever increasing number of sightings.
      Heck compared to 20 years ago the numbers of slow moving 'here we are" space ship sightings is simply mind boggling and completely available now with youtube and camera phones it makes chonicling these events much easier.
      Still we all each of need to have our own iindividual understanding and truth. An intellectual ascent and a picture though worth a1000 words cannot compete with a live ship over your house. Forget any dates will you!? Just stop it.
      redicted sightings never happen..... on a large scale anyway.
      If you really want to see a space ship go to James Gililands ( ECTI.ORG) place in Washington. If you are sincere and have an open mind "proof" will be provided. I hope James doesnt mind me saying it. He is like a guy named Gabriel Green of the 60's, through the 90's.
      If you went to Gabe's house you would definitely know the brothers from upstairs were around. Peoples hair would stand on end going into his house. Lights would Flash, appliances would turn on and off and cars engines would die. All just part of a little show to let you know they were around and monitoring.
      James is the same way. he is extremely humble and matter of fact about it all. A japaneese camera crew came to visit him and he said they would be there at 7pm. at 7 no show and the camera crew were talking. Well before 7:01 the ship was in place above the tree and blinking in and out etc etc. they were very happy camera men.
      So if you absolutely need to see the lights and need this experience to bolster your faith go for it. It may be along way to go for some of you. However i can give you a pretty good odds for success. Dont expect a landing or a hand shake yet but once you know you know. Then what will you do? Will it really change your world ? not that much but you can then share the truth with your friends ....yeeeehah and then you can know what it is like to have your close friends and even family think your cuckoo ... so be careful for what you wish for. It is a wonderful time to be alive!

    3. Hi Rob, I have also had the pleasure of seeing a craft at close quarters, it was in the early 1970's and I was awoken by a very soft hum. I looked out of my bedroom window to see it no more than 60 or 70 feet away hovering just above a tree, it was brilliantly lit and I still don't know how it was not seen by more people.

      I watched it for at least 15 min while it pulsed different coloured lights on the underneath with brilliant white lights around the edge, it slowly moved past my window for around a hundred yards then was gone in a blink.

      I don't tell this story to many people as it is usually greeted with much skepticism....yet I will never forget it.

      I have seen many more at times through the years but never as close as that.


    4. Rob, some really interesting footage on
      Thank You for sharing :)

  9. As far as missing comments go, I thought that I perhaps had some deleted a few weeks ago and considered that they may have been deleted by Cobra even though they were merely sharing of links that I thought that some might find useful, nothing negative or counterproductive (in my view, anyway). After all, this IS Cobra's blog and I did not wish to clutter it up with something that might be counter to anything else being posted here. Then more recently it occurred to me that they probably were not deleted at all but that in order to see if anyone commented on my own comments it would be a good idea to keep hitting "Load More" until there IS no more "Load More" link! The other day I realized that when I replied to a comment and then later (after "loading more") found that someone else had said basically the same thing but it was not visible to me at the time I was replying. Which makes it more of a Google glitch to work around than anything else. Though I don't doubt there are dark capabilities of deleting things also and that it likely happens. I have felt watched and followed for so many years that nothing like that would surprise me. LOL, of course that's also likely a case of me speculating that I might even be "special" enough or of enough interest to be followed and watched :D.

    1. Yes, Angelsea, I have had the same experience with comments appearing.

      It's important to keep hitting LOAD MORE.

      Switching to Firefox from Internet Explorer allowed the comments beyond 200 to be visible.

    2. I use Firefox, and when I come to this site, I got to the bottom of the post I am interested in, then I click load more, load more, load more, until there are no more. Then I scroll back to the top, and then read my way down. This is the only way to ensure you don't miss any new comments, including your own.


    3. That's what I've been doing too, but I could only access the load more function by opening this site in Firefox. However...I have posted at least 4 comments that did not show up. It's only a few out of many, but I did get a 'your message has been published' message each time. I have to say that I thought these particular comments were of a very high vibration...almost a feeling that they 'came thru' me. So I assume that they were delivered telepathically, hehehehee! Now I 'copy' my comments before publishing. So here's one I've saved from the last Cobra posting, regarding money and Lightworker struggles, a discussion between 'Our Spiritual Wealth' and 'I AM Love'. Let's see if it will post.

      OSW and I AM Love,
      You are right on about the purging. We all (the Conscious Old Ones) have designed our own scenarios for these times. I've been calling it, 'stripped naked ego', but for me it's just a lesson to discover who I AM, once I reached the bottom of the slide. It was a releasing but now I realize that I must see money for what it! It comes and goes but it's only a tool to be used. I have no problem manifesting anything I need, though it doesn't always look the way I expected. So I don't have dollars in the bank, but there's nothing I need at the moment. I receive as I need. But the trick is not being at ALL concerned about that. Don't think too far ahead, nor look back with angst. Just be present and satisfied. Believe me, it's a trick to get here, but if you are always thinking that St Germain is coming, or any other relief, it will always remain off in the future, just like disclosure and the Event! Your power is NOW. It's just a shift in perspective. Besides, we'll be out of this trap of money soon anyway, this is not part of the Divine Blueprint, but for now it's a manifestation exercise. We have been programmed to feel lack, there is no such thing. I've had $300 in the bank, no savings, no fall back, no credit and living month to month for 3 years now. Gone through foreclosure and eviction, bankruptcy, lawsuits and tax penalties, but what else can they do to me? I am happy and they can't take that!! I have my job, yay! And a car. And my animals, oh double yay! But it all made life simpler and now I can let go of the Spiritual Warrior role of fighting the system, I have failed in the corrupt Orion system and that feels like a victory, because now I'm free. Manifesting, yup that's the thing. Abundance is in the eye of the beholder. Love to you all!

    4. Hello Diane :)

      Thanks for the info - and just to let you know, this post was visible on the other entry.

      Thanks for posting it again - there might have been others who weren't able to read it.

      Yeah, now it's totally about the NOW I think :)

      Somewhere I came across the information that all of us had scripted how our finances would be at this particular time leading to ascension - as difficult as that might be to reconcile with, it makes sense to me.

      I'm sure many of us have been through the fires - unrelenting challenges that we never thought we could withstand, or see the end of.

      But here we are, hopefully with a smile on our faces, and beaming with LOVE.

      I must say I'm hoping that the October event date is October 1st, rather than October 30, but not going to get too hung up about any dates.

      Oh, that's right - it's all about the NOW...hehee. :)))

      Much love to you and All

    5. LOL, I've been reading here for, hmmmm, a month and a half or so?, and one would think I should be fairly familiar with how the mechanics of the blog work, but I have to admit that I'm still bumbling my way around at times! So those little "load more" reminders finally got through to me the importance of doing exactly that! If your reply is within the first 200 then there should be no issue whether everyone is able to see it or not, but I'm not whether that 200 includes replies to replies. So it works differently for IE or Firefox? I'll stick to Firefox since that's what I prefer and I'm used to it. So it all boiled down to how to properly navigate this Blogger thingy.......

  10. Today's message from SaLuSa gave an actual deadline for their actual intervention, and their appearance (in the Olympics too mind you). He actually gave a date: Saturday the 4rh of August! It's the first time I hear dates and deadlines in such messages... impressive indeed

    We'll see soon enough...

    1. One of the guests on Cosmic Vision News was at the meeting at which this was discussed, and what they seemed to be saying was that that date was the time by which the human efforts needed to get back on track, otherwise the galactics will intervene.

      Why the discrepancy? I can only guess that it's due to the information coming from different sources, or the fact that SaLuSa is being channeled, which raises the margin of error.

      But like you said, we'll see soon enough...

    2. Well we have some progress, due to dates being handed around. We will have the ability to separate some of the wheat from the chaff based on whether events happen or not.

      But anyone who listens to the reams of excuses from either source that claims, "the energies were not right" or like Greg Giles recently, "it was not me channelling this one despite me err.. channelling it" Hilarious back peddle from Giles and people still bought it.

      It's all a group test of the individual state of true awareness.

    3. Check this out guys...

    4. You are misunderstanding and spreading misunderstood words please stop and reread his message and the message Mike Quinsey gives in regards to it. It goes along with AAM and what he said. They said that after Aug 4th they will no longer respect the free will of those leaders opposing free will and will begin the disclosure project themselves against the free will of anyone opposing it....

    5. brando9000, I read it the same a you there is nothing outwardly spectacular going to happen after Aug 4th, in other words no more negotiations with disclosure happenings. I am happy about that because after disclosure comes some form of NESARA we all can use that to heal.

  11. Why don't you have your galactic buddies just replicate the money for you???

    Your post goes against everything everyone has been saying for thousands of years. So are we looking at 2013 or 3012 for ascension? So much for the Mayan calendar.

    1. Dear Sean

      Here's some LOVE for you .... >>>>>>>>>>>>>

      Breathe deeply ....

    2. Your reply to Sean suggests that you think he said something wrong. He has a point. It's ballsy enough to ask people for money but to demand a minimum "donation" is just plain psychological extortion and they don't even get a membership. What a deal!! It never takes these bloggers long to start putting the hand out, does it?

    3. searcher, much love to you to my friend :)

    4. Adding Love here too ☼

  12. Firstly thank you very much for taking the time to share your knowledge, i have enormous respect for you and your communication manner i am very grateful.
    The big thing here for me is that Dec 21st is being played down a little, i have always resonated at working towards this date, i have a healthy fascination with Thoth Quetzalcoatl and that this date stood 26000 years ago and was recorded and will stand as the make or break the closing curtain...the harvest or the ascension.
    I also resonate with the Aug 4th news, i have experience as most of us do of these dates coming and passing but for me this August 4th seems different more certain... just up to each of us to decide whether its real or false flag...why do i love this stuff again? Enjoy the update guys , be well laugh loud and keep smiling.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Just read that back and i sound a bit shoot the messenger! Sorry not my intention, i think im trying to say that i will weigh this up with what resonates with me and form conclusions...either way huge respect to you Cobra i hope to buy you a drink one day...especially if moneys round.

  15. Gracias Cobra,siempre traduzco al castellano tus intel en esta pagina:

  16. Telepathy is merely muted at the moment due to systemic environmental abuse via tech and in our water supply, our entire current eco-system is polluted with suppressants.

    If you have a dog then telepathy is abundantly clear as your dog picks up your intentions all the time. You don't need words to communicate with your dog.

    They know when you're coming home because you have been thinking about it, this is the dimension of intent and is clearly visible to the dog.

    We are blind to this en mass due to hypnosis and this hypnosis is the cult tech of the cabalists.

    It's the veil in operation and it's beginning to slip and more and more people are waking up.

    Thoughts are full of potential, we have the thought but currently let the intention slip away as we are not "AWARE"

    The cabalists are AWARE and they manipulate us and we co-create for them.

    But the age of dark sun worship is fast approaching the apocalypse. Nobody know's this more than the illuminati.

    Thought's are intentions, dogs communicate this way as do all the elemental's

    And so do WE.

    But we currently have a collective amnesia and a schism of our true self.

    Cleansing of the endocrine system will speed this process of connection up but the lightwave is bringing it regardless.

    Expect more synchronicity and remain HEART, not EGO centred.

    EGO will make us react to false flag operations in a very negative way and this is the plan of the creators of false flag operations. All Wars have been created by false flag operations, there never has been opposing sides in war at the top level. That's the illusion of the cabalists.

    The lightwave speaks of full disclosure, of acceptance and then healing.

    Telepathy and telempathy are just the first symptoms of full DNA activation. We are waking up to our true potential as co-creators. The cabalists worse nightmare is finally coming true and we have all chosen to witness this scenario as it unfolds.

    That's the 2012 prophecy and not the FEAR based Hollywood version the cabal wish us to co-create for them.

    1. Excellent post ClayDog!
      It resonated so much in me...
      Thank you.

      And thank you too, Cobra. Always great updates- real food for thought...
      Your epilogue, that "your blog has evolved into a sacred space where awakened beings can share ideas and revelations." is so true... In here, i have come to love people i don't know , and will propably never meet in person...

    2. @ClayDog,

      this last comment of yours sounds very much like the comments we have enjoyed from Rule303.


    3. So more people are catching on then? ;-)

    4. ClayDog, Love your comments resonates well with me.

  17. Thank you so much for your updates Cobra! You make my day!

    I cannot wait to meet all these wonderful beings who are helping us!

  18. MUCH MUCH LOVE Cobra

    I resonate fully with this information.

    Love and Blessings to ALL


  19. Can't thank you enough Cobra~ it brings HOPE to my heart. Can I ask you a dumb question?
    I want to connect deeper. I have always been highly intuitive/psychic but I know there is an even much 'deeper' level that I can go to....I meditate but can't seem to cross that barrier....

    Can you tell me HOW to cross it and be more deeply connected to the Galactics/Universe? I have gotten glimpses before then it seems everything goes backwards...I don't understand why.


    1. Big Thanks to Cobra that is refreshing :).
      and DL I share your feelings too. I also felt a big wave of HOPE from this post despite the again posponed due date ... and my feelings of not enough active involvement in the process that I'd like to support physically so much but don't know exactly how ... but after this post I start to feel some transformation going on in these feelings ... I feel now that these meditations and this "just" keeping the focus on the positive atitude are much more powerful as I can imagine. It is one to read a books, blogs and researches (Wilcock, Braden,...) and think you believe it is true but it is totally another think to feel it :) I think I start to feel it now. Now I start to understand what are these "just" meditations and positive atitude really and that in my opinion they are even more then 50% of the 'get job done', how much I think I don't know yet :). Some day I'm sure we'll be able to see these now still non-visible stuff for some of us.
      Keeping the focus on the atitude will bring the right action at the right time :)
      Light, Love, Life

  20. I heard August 4th is the date the cabal is planning a false flag operation either at the Olympics or somewhere else to kick start WW3. If Cobra is saying the cabal is being monitored, then we have nothing to worry about.

  21. I absolutely respect Cobra and appreciate what he/she has done by bringing us all together on this blog. I do not know which info source is correct, but I feel there are very powerful light workers on this blog and we must live in our NOW. We cannot attach too much to any dates given, whether they be sooner or later, for this distracts us from our NOW. In every moment and while meditating we expect Peace, Harmony, Abundance and Love across the planet NOW.

    I must state that I believe ascension has already begun. We are in it NOW. A Fairy Godmother is not going to snap a wand at us and just have it happen all at once!

    Let us all keep our focus on making it happen NOW! It will then happen in Divine Order!

    1. Yes, Christopher, the NOW. The NOW. The NOW.

      We must all remind ourselves of it's sacredness.

      Thank you

    2. Yes, yes, yes! It's we the bloggers that make this site special. What a great exchange of ideas and love I've found here. We ARE changing. Great post Christopher. We need to keep our vibes way high to hoist the planet to the 5th dimension...then SHE will assist us. Planetary Ascension is a given and THAT does not depend on us ascending, but we can help her by maintaining a state of knowing and loving, get to work!! xo :)

    3. A small gem for you both, I Am Love and Diane.

      "Do not dwell in the past. Do not dream of the future. Concentrate the mind on the present moment"

      The Buddha


    4. Thanks Co9 - a gem indeed.
      Duly noted & concentrated on :)

  22. Our sovereignty was ripped apart by the families of the dark sun worship dynasty, as was the entire globe in WWII. And the story of WWII in the history books and on TV is mostly bullshit. Kings never really kill kings as they are just the elite playing out war games with the population as pawns in their bloody satanic chess game.

    We have constantly been at war as war is just "business as usual" To the elites.

    Every country at some point has been ravaged by the ruling elites and we have a collective memory of it called "HIS-STORY"

    But it's collective PTSD also, and we manifest it as so called "mental illness"

    A time for blaming countries and governments of different factions is over. And NOW it's time to cut out the infection that causes all the rot.

    We have constantly been battling the disease instead of finding a cure for it.

    The lightwave is the cure, and symbolises the end of tyranny and psychopathy, which are one and the same.

    We have been kept tightly gripped in a dark age of occultists who are master illusionists. This is the cult of tech and dark sun worship.

    The same force behind the Nazi party were ancient Rome and the 13th dynasty of the Pharaohs and Akhenaton, and all the other malignant uprisings through out the reign of dark occult energy worship.

    Queen Elizabeth is a Tudor and the last reigning Queen of the dark sun cult. The Tudors are the Pentagon and Washington and London and Switzerland and they make up the Carlisle group and they are at the top level of freemasonry and all other secret occult societies. QE1 was not the last of the Tudor Dynasty, history books are total lies..

    One of the biggest lies of the dark arts was to convince the UK public that the Queen is just a figurehead and good for tourism..

    Nothing could be further from the truth, she is a true tyrant and considers her oldest son, Charles totally inadequate for the job and such is her hubris that she will remain the last Queen of this dynasty.


    She know's her time is up, it's important to remember this when reacting to any last ditch attempts to fuck us all over..

    We are all just drones to her, nothing more than worker bee's with heirarchy seen as a class system that we are all her "subjects" of.

    The Royal etymology is so blatant that we hardly notice that she does not even hide her disdain for us.

    We are just blind to it due to hypnosis.

    And now the curtain in OZ is falling and it's wake up time.

    1. "HIS-STORY"

      very true, very true...
      I like it!

    2. Excellent comments thanks.

      For me 'his-story' does not work as well as 'their-story'.

      The vast majority of us have had no hand in making up the stuff we have been fed, hence it is time for us to discard gender in this and perhaps identify differences in intent and so realize our oneness...

  23. I found this to be a vey postive timeline update, thank you COBRA :)and thought I would share it on The Global Voice 2012 facebook page which is the radio home to Drake.

    Well I got told in no uncertain terms by Drake Kent himself "Drake Kent Oh my! Look, y'all be usin up our space when ya should have yo own page...fer cryin out loud!"

    Woops, Never mind I wont be posting on that page again, but I have shared in many other caring open hearted groups, so it's all good <3

    1. I find it interesting Drake would react that way when his close associate Lady Dragon claims she is in contact with Cobra all the time. And Drake created a post about pleaidians and GFOL the other day. Hmmm.
      Well, thanks for trying CK! Soon that unfortunate page will be nothing but NRA propaganda.

    2. Thank you for your kind words Klove <3 I felt it was strange, and it didn't say anything in the page info about not being able to post articles from what I could tell, but I did notice a few similar comments from Drake to other members who had posted galactic posts and they have asked now, for ppl to not post anything galactic...

    3. I used to be a member before I asked the "wrong" questions and was unceremoniously booted! ;)
      They sure like creating new rules over there. And things of that nature...haha sorry...couldn't resist. xo

    4. LOL :D No need to apologise, Im picking up a lot of deep south energy coming from there hahahaha sorry, couldnt help myself :P

    5. LOL, I haven't gone to that FB page in some time, I guess I need to check it out. I won't be posting, though, since I would be sure to be booted out :-). Drake is from West Virginia, isn't he?

    6. LOL Angelsea, I deleted my post as I didn't want to be associated with that page after being reprimanded haha Who knows where he's from, my jest was generalising that he didn't sound to bright :D Just send them love is all we can do <3

    7. :( please don't generalize us southerners as being dumb. If the NRA crowd isn't ready for galactics, we should at least be happy that their eyes are up and ears open. Even something as rudimentary as 9/11 truth is a step in the right direction. And hey, when the family reunion hits prime time tv, we will have already put the bug in their ear. They'll be blessed to have sites like this and people like us to talk to, but the jesting just puts up a wall we'll have to tear down later.

      Great, now I have to re-examine myself when I want to talk in a hick voice, or make fun of the pervasive ignorance in the south. And I thought I got a free pass for being born and raised here... :)

      Thank you guys/Dang y'all for being a mirror I can view my own thoughts in, making me more aware and... *shudder* ...responsible (Proverbs 27:17), and for indulging my hubris (as it's not really my business what others post). If I hadn't noticed the speck in your eye, I may not have seen the enormous telephone pole in mine.

      Love ya, peace out

  24. Just reading the comments, and I realize there are a lot of people confused by the channeled information they are receiving. 2 different scenarios from different sources.

    You have the GFOL saying disclosure and providing dates, which if not met, would leave people once again feeling fear, loss of hope, etc.. Sound familiar? hmmm sounds exactly like something the cabal would want!!

    So in my search to discover the truth(or what resonates best with me as truth), I've found that "The galactic federation of light" and those involved with them(channels/ET's/Ascended masters) are NOT part of the positive ET's, they are a part of the group called Velons(Annunaki). The Velons in fact are the ET's that the Illuminati became. Those not on our planet have been restricted from entering our space, so it does make sense to cloud peoples minds with false channels.

    So do not confuse the "galactic federation" with the GFOL, they are 2 different things from what I can tell. If your channeled ascended master calls themselves lord, you should question that. If your channel spreads information that could lead to fear, you should question this. The channels that tell you to that you can acknowledge whats happening but to focus on YOURSELF, and provide guidance for ascension are probably positive/good channels. Because really, the only way the general public can help in a non violent way is to work on manifesting their joy, love, desires, and focusing on themselves to increase their own frequencies.

    Cobra's information resonates with me as truth from what I can tell. Recently watched Psychic Chris Thomas talk about 2012 and I can agree with most of what he says. I'm not sure he's correct on dimensions, because there are so many different way to look at dimensions. I think he confuses consciousness dimensions with physical/space dimensions. But what do I know, I could be completely wrong. talks about omniscension, which would align with what Chris Thomas talks about as the soul integration and coming into our true powers as human beings. They describe it different, but in the end it all comes out to about the same thing. Now if you want to jump start your ascension process, test out some of their alchemy, it's pretty much out of this world and certainly helped open my eyes.

    The golden age is upon us, and I'm totally looking forward to it!

    <3 Bliss

    1. Totally in agreement with your assessment of GFL and Federation. I have also read Chris Thomas. The whole soul integration concept feels right to me. However he seems to have become a bit scary of late and seems to have an axe to grind re all ETs. Interesting view point though.I think lots of people have some of the threads that make up the true picture but nobody yet has all of them.

  25. My comment remain the same, stop waiting, waiting send you to the futur, but we need the presence, the "NOW" is all, it is eternal. the cabal programmed people to always waiting. You wait for chritmas don't you?, your communion, your graduation, your exams...hypnotic, it is a spell, very strong magic.
    I feel my feet in my schoes, then feel the ground benead; that is MAMA Gaia, She is all we need now, talk to Her, aknowledge Her, feel Her.Feel Father Sun on Your Face, talk to Him. Mother and Father will never disapoint us. The presence, the moment are gut medicines. I am african, in my culture, august, september, october...have no meaning, like fiat money, they are fiat words. feel your your body, Sisters and Brothers, just "Bee" e.i.: to bee or not to bee.
    Blessings from Africa. (pardon for my poor english)

    1. McMoff --

      So so good to see someone from Africa posting here, and your comment made me smile. I have been concerned for your continent in all the things happening these days, and have felt that so much of the Ascension blogs in English are focused only on the west, only on developed nations. I have a big heart for Africa, and want the transition to happen well for her, too.

      Mama Gaia. I am going to start calling her that now. Thank you.

      And your English is understandable enough that you communicated excellent words and excellent ideas well.

      Blessings TO Africa!
      Calliope the Muse

    2. Oh Yes,

      Ms. Calliope, you beat me to it :)

      Welcome here from Africa McMoff !!

      I echo what my friend Calliope has said, and would add that your comment about living in the NOW is the key. In that way timelines, deadlines etc do not distract us from what is most important.

      Many thanks and Blessings to you and all your kin.

    3. Welcome McMoff! :)

      You are so RIGHT! We have been programmed to WAIT! Always looking forward to something or fearing something in the future...time to BE in the NOW.

      Thank you for your wisdom. Love to you and Love to Africa.

    4. This is SO BEAUTIFUL, Mc Moff! I am printing this to keep near my computer, because I got tears when I read it. I can feel your HEART in these words. Yes, MAMA GAIA!! Thank you!
      Big Hug to you,

      PS: CtM and I AM Love, wow, you ladies are fast on the keyboard! You both posted while I was typing :)

    5. Dear Diane,

      Ms. C's and my post were clocked in @ 3:25 & 3:40 pm - I HOPE you haven't been typing that long --- hehee (joke)

      But seriously, the same thing has been happening to me when replying to a comment - other comments that were there all the time only show up after I publish mine -

      Ah well, this too shall pass :)


    6. McMoff, your post is beautiful, your English is perfectly fine and everything beautifully stated, almost poetically. I have great admiration for everyone for whom English is not their first language who must communicate in English anyway. There are those of us for whom it IS our native language and we are quite sloppy with it, especially when speaking.

      Wonderful to meet you here!

    7. So So true McMoff, your wisdom is welcomed, look forward to seeing you post again.


    8. To ~I AM Love~

      Very funny! I saw that, too. Guess it's because I'm on PST...what the heck am I doing up at 2:46 am?? Good night all!


  26. Thank you, Cobra, for addressing the August 4th issue. Lightworkers may feel impatient, but society in general does not need another shock to their system right now. I live in a very conservative/aggressive part of the US and I can tell you it would be mass hysteria. People thinking we need a mass landing or uncloaking aren't thinking compassionately towards their neighbor. Healing is so necessary. I trust all will happen in the right way - at the right time.
    Gratitude and Blessings to ALL working behind the scenes! xoxoxo

    1. They need something spectacular SOON, we are already in mass hysteria the last 1,000 years and counting. Healing will come quickly once people are taken out of their oppression.

    2. @Smuhamm

      It is the other way arround. First the mankind has to reach a certain level of healing. Then something spectacular can happen. This is the reason, why we needed so many elephants to start the healing, it's 407 elephant pairs now!

      If you would to some spectacular things first, the mankind would take massive damage, caused for example from the implants.

  27. Thanks you Cobra for all your great work. Your words always resonate deeply within me as well.
    James of Wingmakers said a few years ago that Dec 21, 2012 would be like a light ripple moving across the ocean. For me, it represents us/mankind stepping across the threshold into a new paradigm - a new beginning. Our ascension or expansion has been happening all along. It's not a one-day event, but merely a marker that heralds us into much greater consciousness.
    Let's stay in our hearts and maintain "now-ness" as much as possible.
    Love to you all Souls, dark and Light. Jean

  28. nice update glad to hear the comment problem is not from you respectfully

  29. whopppeee i can post again victory to the light. Hey guys i just got back from the Womad festival. i drove to london through mad olympic traffic and picked up untwine. he is one heck of a mad guitarist and his band is playing some excellent world beat rythms from sengal it centers around the Koura a unique string instument. I was near wiltshire where all of the crop circles were popping off this last week one of them i call through the portal!! I had to change my name from pottsman but will try that name too to see if i am able to post under that name also?

    1. yay potts! you were missed!

    2. "...and picked up untwine. he is one heck of a mad guitarist and his band is playing some excellent world beat rythms from sengal it centers around the Koura a unique string instument."

      Hi Rob, please tell untwine (in case he doesn't read this) - your comment sparked some reaction about untwine in my head. I have to tell him that he has a piece of music in him that he has not yet shared, but it's the most important piece, so can we all have it now, please?

      I hope he will understand that message.


    3. thanks guys untwine will see the message he always checks it out but does not always post1 did get my pottsman handle back as today the posting ban has been lifted by the good guys. it was not Cobra and I dd no think so but i was wondering if it was an administrative glitch. who knows maybe the cabal has my posts in their sights>..??? .... nah not likely . Untwine is a young and very humbke ans sensitive guy and very wake and aware with a good sense of humour he and imet here and are friends for life. He also showed me something special and I will share a link here soon.

    4. Hey :)

      Yes guys i can confirm Potts is not a bot :D I cloned him though as you can see there's 2 of him now haha (just joking)

      I highly recommend him, good for health, magic hands, lots of knowledge, very funny and kind :)

      Thanks for the message OSW.. There are several things coming, it will all be shared in time :)

      Ahh we should do a Cobra festival after the event.. celebrate altogether, music, good food, arts, meditations, ceremonies and rituals.. Everything free :)

      And thanks Cobra for the update and the space

      Much love

    5. Family reunion! Can't wait...I love to cook! Actually I've had this dream already, very clear and detailed with everyone outdoors and meeting in parks and full of joy after waves of light and energy swept across the Earth. No one went to work and there were huge plasma screens outside with continuous music and info playing which was explaining how to use our new knowledge and gifts. I kept seeing that each person I looked at in the eyes, I KNEW! And the laughter, oh God, SO much laughter! This dream came to me about 2 years ago and each time I think of it, I am THERE again. It's real, folks, and waiting for us...see you there!

    6. Oh guys, sounds like such an awe-SUM time :)

      Untwine your world beat / Senegalese music sounds very cool, and not surprising if it's coming from a cool dude like you :)

      And Potts - the crop circles - hey ?! No such thingy as a coincidence.

      Well, not many things better than good music, good friends and celebrations. Not many at all :)

      There'll be LOTS to be celebrating before too long, so here's to holding the vision of a rockin' low key, high vibe COBRA FESTIVAL in 2012 ;)

      Yay-Ho !

    7. Yes Diane that's what i'm talking about :)

    8. And IAMLove

      Love you people !!

    9. Rob & Untwine

      It's great that you guys met in person, hope we all meet one day! :)

    10. Posting "ban"? Uh oh, that's not good. I did notice your absence and was momentarily confused by the different names. Hehe, never hurts to have a couple of extra identities on hand, does it?

      Glad you're back!

    11. thanks for the love guys I think we can all connect with each other through music and gatherings in Nature. I have been going to Rainbow Gatherings in the USa since 1978 and if you hear of one (they are world wide i recommend you go! Feelin the love peace and many blessings to u all

  30. Thanks Cobra for the update. Love the in-depth info. It'll be interesting to see what transpires in the coming days and weeks.

    One thing for sure, did anyone else see Queen Elizabeth picking at her nails during the whole Olympic Opening Ceremony? Not one smile or indulgent gaze. Somethings up, this is her moment to shine in London and she seems to squander the opportunity. Time will tell.


    1. ...maybe it's something to do with all this 'hanging on by one's fingernails' that's causing some slight problems with one's manicure?

    2. osw - LOL.

      Poor Lizzy. God save her soul.

    3. She has more chance of saving her own Soul. ;)

  31. I believe that we are currently gridlocked by a status-quo machine that is comprised of the richest humans in the world. They enjoy having relatively more than others and lack human compassion and knowledge to change their behavior. They are unfortunately the largest reason why human progression (which can be measured in universal quality of life) is nearly stagnant. The machine primarily is one of control. Control of all resources in the world. Water, food, energy, housing, healthcare, education and transportation are all artificially scarce because of this machine. I recognize the potential for us to all increase our quality of life, be more free, have greater access to these aforementioned resources. There are those who have gone to great lengths to ensure that they retain control. This is in the form of managing public percpetion via corporate media productions, propaganda, misinformation, distractions, entertainment and deliberate deception. Recognizing these issues an important step towards growing as a race and us all living a better life. Since plants cannot grow healthily in the wrong environment, we humans also face the same issues. What environment would humans require to all be better off? We have infinite potential to explore space, consciousness and create more cultural artifacts to share and benefit each other. The internet is the mechanism much of this cultural exchange occurs through. The more we exchange culturally, the more difficult it is to see other groups of humans different from ourselves. Many of us recognize there is something systematically wrong with the way things are. This causes many to experience anger, sadness, depression and hopelessness. Those in charge, wanting to retain their power realize that people must have an outlet for these emotions and they would rather turn people against each other than face these angry people headon. This is called divide and conquer. One of the biggest reason for wars. They actually entrench their control from their ill-gotten gains and the cycle continues. Now that we have the internet though, it's getting more and more difficult to keep secrets and avoid accountability for their crimes agaisnt humanity. This has given birth to a new kind of war, war against truth. The soldiers of this war are paid mercenaries that create "Fear, uncertainty and doubt" They are not so much interested in logically defeating truths but distracting, gimping and minimizing the damage of said truth. Misinformation and distraction entertainment is the biggest weapon in deception currently being perpetrated against the masses.

    1. Eventually, once the pressure is put on the right right people in the right way, you might see these greedy individuals change their behaviors. Unfortunately, most of the individuals are yet to be widely recognized. As people continue to suffer they too will look for the root cause. It is an inevitability. The most fucked up part is that those who are most capable with the most resources at any point could help humanity yet they choose not to. This is a robbing humanity of its potential. We face a new kind of dark-age, one where truth and significant contributions to humanity drown into obscurity in a sea of LOLCATS and American Idol. Knowing is half the battle, in which case we are on our way to paradise. Eventually, a framework for not only understanding the issues of the world, but what each everyone one of us can do about it will be drafted and we can start organizing to the point where we can collectively make a change. I suggest the first goal of such a framework be a database of corruption, something much more specific for the purposes of accountability. Think of it as a list of the worlds most influential assholes, and what they did - filled with their personal information so they cannot hide. Wiki style website would work fine for this. Simultaneously, a wiki-government that could allow anyone and everyone to create initiatives for their community and draft policy to be enacted. I look at modern day governments as ineffectual as the now obsolete AOL web-browser.

    2. I like your thinking, and you express yourself very well, Durp!

      I think you have just given yourself a new job? Wiki!


  32. So Cobra,

    Ascension will not occur on December 21. Okay, then what will?

    Are you somehow going to alter the course of earth so that she doesn't align with the center of the galaxy?

    When this alignment takes place, something WILL happen.

    So what is it, Cobra?

    Are you saying that the Maya, who had enormous guidance and help from ETs, don't know how to make a calendar?

    Are you saying that the Maya were duped?

    I have an angelic source, Cobra, and this source says that everything better be ready to go by December 12 or there's gonna be hell to pay.

    Do the nine days of wrath ring a bell?

    Do the 150 ET races remember that their fate is tied to ours?

    When did you and the "Resistance Movement" achieve authority over a divine spiritual event?

    Last time I checked, Divinity is in charge of this, not you.

    Angels have been watching this whole show and I've told you once already, they aren't happy with the ETs. That includes the good ETs.

    Those whales better be getting the royal treatment right now and it would be very smart to shut down those colliders.

    How is it possible that you can forget that mother earth herself has powers that can make ETs look like piss ants?

    Do you think mother earth doesn't know what is going on?

    Remember this, Cobra: there are locks and there are keys. The keys don't need you or any "Resistance Movement" to do their jobs.

    When the keys are activated, I hope you're ready...


    1. To my dear friend Garbanzo,

      Just thought I'd let you know !

      We're running a 2 for 1 special on LOVE today ...

      It's Free AND Unconditional ... !

      Any interest ?


    2. Cobra said that 21st is the beginning of the process, not that it will not occur. Do angels use language like 'hell to pay?'

    3. hi5 garbanzo lead my feelings. I think Cobra little stressful and under pressure. Do angels use language like 'hell to pay? Aradia asking you. Shes right.

    4. Hello Garbanzo, that's a valiant post you're writing there...

      Although it seems that a blog is about the writer, it's value, truth and love is determined by the readers.
      There are no conflicting posts, just conflicting thoughts. Remember, a post/message is not a thought until you make it one. Until YOU make it one...

      Disclosure is first an internal process, so is 'The Event', 'the uplifting' and 'the ascension'. The external follows the internal. And so you only really experience the past.

      This blog IMO is inviting internal disclosure (for some). The poster community is inviting internal uplifting (for some). But like with all invitations, you don't need to attend the's just an invitation.

      Reality is determined, made and experienced by YOU and by nobody else, not Cobra, Valiant, or any of the other relay posts. And by reality, I don't mean your thoughts and ideas. I mean that which you know in this moment, not what you understand or believe.

      If you feel the posts by Valiant are conflicting with Cobra's, you are still invited for the internal uplifting by us, the posting community. You have been and could be a great contributer to this. I appreciate your presence here.

      Kind regards, Erik

    5. This is fantastic, Erik. You have nailed it!
      Thank you for sharing,

    6. @Barış
      You would not believe what the angels use for expressions!

      "Do the nine days of wrath ring a bell?"

      I think, you got a part of the dark plans mixed in.

      "I have an angelic source, Cobra, and this source says that everything better be ready to go by December 12 or there's gonna be hell to pay."

      Maybe you ask your source again? We are working faster, than expected. The date is now 21th on november. But as i said before. All dates resonate to our actions. So this date may stay, may move foreward, may move backward.

      The process is planned as follows:
      1. Uplifting (this is running sonce 18th of june)
      2. Healing
      3. Ascension of mankind

      "Are you saying that the Maya, who had enormous guidance and help from ETs, don't know how to make a calendar?"

      The Maya did the calendar with the use of the timelines. But the timeline we are in, was not visible to them.

      "Last time I checked, Divinity is in charge of this, not you."

      Cobra posted it more than one times, that he/she is only a messenger, and that it is not his/her decisions.

      "Angels have been watching this whole show and I've told you once already, they aren't happy with the ETs. That includes the good ETs."

      I wrote many details about this in the comments of the last posts. Thanks for confirmation GB.

      Feel invited to contact me on email GB. Telepathic is still not working.

  33. iv getting a lot of dreams past few days of being on a star trek like ship the feeling is very much like the 60s type of star trek in the dream im wearing a blue overall and part a team on that ship testing it not sure wat it means but i think it relates to UFO actively and the star-ppl

  34. I subscribe to comments, so I see them all.
    It's a commitment - to get all that email! But worth it :)

  35. Well... well... well....


    What is the PURPOSE of making US to get hopeless, and discouraged?!

    I firmly believe, that the MAIN GOAL of each and any LIghtworker is - to give us wings to fly, so WE can send more Loving, joyous light to the World.

    Yet day by day, you are doing the complete opposite to ALL your followers...

    Those who want to live in "THE NOW', and stick into this turmoil, I wish them good luck.




    I will not follow you anymore....

    1. You do not represent me so you can't talk about "all" the followers of Cobra. I don't join in with what you say, and it seems to me i'm not the only one. Cobra's posts pretty much always encourage me and make me feel light-er.

      Have you noted the absolute faith and knowing that the 'event' will happen this year that is in every single post by Cobra ? How about that for a cheerer ?

      I agree that people do influence each other but also you have an unconditional choice.. Even if Cobra's posts were disinfo, which i don't think they are, they shouldn't discourage you.. just like the queen's speeches, the msm, the wars, etc, shouldn't either.

      I agree, let's live our dreams and show that nothing can stop us from creating our reality because that's our unconditional divine right.

    2. I get the strong impression from the comment above that it does not even 'feel' or 'sound' like HyeAngel.


  36. First time poster, long time reader...

    Yes, it's imperative that everyone remain in the NOW for it's all we really have.

    I humbly suggest to those bagging on Cobra to look to your inner voice for confirmation. To rely on any outside authority is to give up your own Divine Power. You don't need channels or anything else - rely on what you know. Just as you'll always have what you need when you need it, you'll know what you need to when the time is right.

    Let Light radiate from within you and serve as an example, or a beacon, to those struggling with the process of awakening. Shake them if necessary, but don't become their outside authority.

    It's easy when you've been experiencing it for your entire life, or crawled in already awake. It's not so easy for those awakening, yet not understanding what's happening to them or around them.

    Y'all are awesome. Much Love and Light to everyone here.

    Wake up. The time is NOW.

  37. Maybe this post is a test to see how lightworkers will react and who is ready for the next steps of their ascension and who is truly acting from their heart. Namaste all :)

  38. Rob,(pottsman)

    Do you know of any spaceships morphing?

    Here is an interesting sighting,wish I was there..

    "There were many little sparkly red and blue lights. It had a changing shape, morphing from something that looked triangular to something that looked like a trapezoid. It was not a stable shape," Ziegler told CBC News.

    'You had this visceral sense looking at it that this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing.'—Cleve Ziegler, Montreal doctor


    CBC News is mainstream..

    1. @prosperity The ships all have fields that absolutely give the appearances of morphing. They literally pulse with the living word or sound current of the cosmos. Dr Bell learned the secrets to the interstellar conversion process, which allows faster than light speed travel! He said that an artificial time warp zone is created using sophisticated technology.

      I will name some of the composites here. Counter rotating magnetic fields, liquid light crystals, and an absolutely awesome sound system. As the ship is standing still the mass inside the self-generated field is accelerated to the speed of light. This will make the ship get smaller until it literally vanishes from sight on the physical plane.

      It then grows in size and mass on the astral plane and then beams itself to it next location. At slower speeds of say 10 thousand miles an hour in can be seen to jump or hopscotch across the sky as it momentarily becomes visible at its next beam location spot and keeps going. It sort of beams and jumps along a self created scalar wave.

      The top and the bottom of the craft have cameras that go into a computer and it takes a snap shot of where the ship is at the present and then projects the picture of what the would be astronomy of where it wants to go into the computer. This program is then converted to the sound drive and viola the ship leaps to that locality. I am not a physicist but I did learn a lot about these things.

      There are many different shapes of space ships from triangular ball configurations with tubes connecting the balls, to cigar shapes and even octahedrons and the bell shape triangle and lets not forget the saucer shapes, which are so common. There are many different types of drones and ball orbs which monitor and do surveillance.

      These shops also create their own gravity so the ship can make a right angle turn at 40 thousand miles an hour and the occupants feel no g forces. Semjase said the ships are "sound powered and light separated" whatever that means. The Pleiadean named Jim that I met in Canada wrote a poem for Fred before he left and I will try to get a copy of it from his daughter if they can find it.

      It is a beautiful description of the tachyon energy that runs these ships. Some more interesting facts are that the Mayan calendar itself is a blueprint for a sun wheel or space ship! The center is magnetic breath! Each of the animals in the glyph represents certain values and processes that are needed for inner/inter galactic travel. For instance the snake represents the serpentine movement of magnetic energy that weaves it way through the counter rotating magnetic fields. The Bee represents the touching on all points of the central spine or caduceus Tesla coils that are also counter wrapped around the central column this acts as a Jacobs ladder tesla coil type energy which creates a null zone and keeps the crews auras intact in transit.

      This is a layman's description so excuse me if it is not exact but you get the idea I hope? I also will share how the Pleiadeans make the hulls of their ships. I am a mycologist of sorts as I grow the magic mushrooms on occasion! The Rishis or seers of ancient India took the mushroom or Soma of The Rig, Rajur and Sama Vedas. According to Semjase the Rishis were in fact Pleiadeans!

      The mushroom being an antennae or parabolic lens is facing downward into the earth and the mushroom stores the knowledge of Gaia kind of like a Crystal but with a shorter life span. According to the Vedas all crews carried the Soma in their space ships. This was to help them acclimatize to the time space continuum of earth. Anyway I digress sorry.

  39. apropos disclosure, did the Galatics, angelics really mentioned the olympics(4th of august)??? Oh la la! Its a game full of dualism or so right?It is the play of the dark, it is cabal.
    Oh yes!The dark know their slaves well. They wanted the real Angels, You here, and all the children of Mama Gaia and Father Sun, especially You the entlighten Ones(or Lightbeings as You call it) here to watch, I do not know why, may be your Attention, which is pure energy. So they send their channels SWAT(commando) out after you.
    All cabal games are characterized with: frustration, fear, anger, hate, pain, greed... The Olympic is no big difference, just more colors (war withaout arms);a planetary sacrificial act for the Demons. We HU-man in our sleep state call it "cultural Event"(remember that thing: the gladiator game, the same sh..). But the "angelics and the galactics" also, seem to be appreciating that as something beautifull? that's not possible, because, all our planetary games are dualistic e.i. 3D. Another food for our brain now is to ask the question of: how many of the athletes or game players are mentaly manipulated? Mind-controled? Tell me.
    Watcht out my dear Sisters and Brothers. Forgive me if I said something wrong about your wanderfull cultur, but still, these galactics and angelics people are strange.
    Gurdjieff Said: "Remember Yourself". It is that "Self", the big "I" that they(cabal and co.) are after. Remember Sons and Daughters of MAMA Gaia, You are not your bodies, You are in your Bodies, and together with Mother, everything will be Ok.
    blessing from Africa

    1. The cabal use satanic symbolism in the Olympics and I am sure nefarious plans have been foiled. If we ignore the Olympics or focus loving energy at it, I am sure it will be

    2. Hi there.. (I've lived most of my life in South Africa). I'm with you on this one. You wrote among other things: "The Olympic is no big difference, just more colors (war withaout arms);a planetary sacrificial act for the Demons." I couldn't agree more with you on this one. Mr Zach Rogue mentioned the Sydney Olympics, the Beijing Olympics but..."forgot" to mention the Athens Olympics in between (2004). He also said that he's glad the Olympics "returned to their home", meaning England... I've never heard such a blatant disrespect towards the TRUE cradle of the Olympics, which is Greece. Also, they (very reluctantly I guess) played the music of the Olympic anthem, but no chorus... no lyrics... A historical first since the revival of the Olympics... This is a , dark worshiping event, and definitely not the real Olympics. As far as I'm concerned, they can have their fake Olympics... If we (Greeks) had true Greek leadership and not slaves to the cabalists governing right now, we would have demanded that they not use the name "Olympics" for this farse of an event!

  40. Thanks, Cobra, I've been doing 1, 2, and 3, the meditations, distributing info, and spreading the beauty of my soul! Be patient, my brothers and sisters, time moves quickly!

    And if anybody sees Drake, tell him I still have 2 more 4-packs of toilet paper, from the big 20-pack I bought back in April. wink wink, you know I love you, and Wilcock and Fulford, and "Woods" too! And all the other quiet ones risking their lives to bring in the Light!

    I've been reading up on NESARA which will be ever so cool, abundance for all...........until we no longer need money at all!

    Peace and Love and Enjoy the Wait! xoxoxSuzie

  41. Why is, according to Cobra, "New financial system will be very short lived since after the First Contact money will become obsolete.? Can somebody help to explain?

    1. I'm pretty sure he means that First contact with positive ET will bring large abundance, to the degree that money will not be needed (finally) and everything can be given freely. This is possible through 'spiritual/scientifical/etc' understanding, along with advanced technology that can provide energy food shelter transport, etc, for everyone easily.

  42. To the Pleidians and others of the team:



  43. Hey Guys,
    Just started listening to this - the critique starts at around 28:00.

    A Critique: 07.29.12 A critique, discussion & review by Tolec, and Chris & Sheree of Truth Frequency Radio, regarding a July 27, 2012 breaking news story & 'transcript' of the "...PLEIADIAN HIGH COUNCIL" "...WITH FOUR OTHER GALACTIC COUNCILS", including the Galactic Federation of Light (GFOL), and their plans to, "... MAKE FULL CONTACT WITH EARTH BEINGS IN EIGHT DAYS FROM THIS TRANSMISSION ON AUGUST 4, 2012 AT THE WORLD OLYMPIC GAMES IN LONDON ENGLAND FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE!"

    We ask the questions - what is this really all about, do these statements & more from this news story, and 'transcript', make sense, are they plausible, do they come from a good loving place, what is their true intent & they empower people? I believe these are all fair, reasonable & valid questions to ask.

    Click here: for the commercial free YouTube link, Andromeda Council video, for this discussion. I also review details of, and after, the "Cosmic event", and the visitation plans of the 'good will' team & the people from the four (4) Andromeda Council planets.

    1. the discussion picks up this topic again at about 1:06 again ...

  44. New update from Benjamin Fulford_30.07.2012

  45. I was beginning to become worried not hearing from Ben for over a week now as his post is always up on Tuesday morning (here, good to see he is ok.

    1. Yes, Co9. I also had some deep concerns yesterday. So, I too, am very glad to see there has been a post today. :)

    2. I had heard somewhere a mention that he was "on vacation."

  46. Hi, I represent an Italian group of so-called "awakened". I read your post and translated it in my language and hasn't convinced the guys. In particular they would like to know why you'd need funds despite major power groups of which you're messenger. Thank you.

    1. The ones above ground need some money.I believe they have been cut off from their own funds.

    2. Indeed, a Resistance Movement with 20 million members cannot sustain the livelyhood of their Official Communication outlet Representative? Doesnt resonate with me, even though I agree with much of the material presented in this blog. Something is amiss...

    3. @Aradia

      This is exactly what has happened.

    4. Rising do you need funds to buty things and pay for services? unfortunately the space family has not and does not provide funds for earthy missions. believe me i know this one all too well.

    5. Yes, so PLEASE will you put a donate button on this site. I have great compassion with your ethics but I would like to give small amounts.
      Thank you.

    6. Nope, I disagree. Cobra clearly stated his needs and position. I for one dont want to see this blog turned into into ad filled, paypal outlet...

    7. @ Lozion,

      I'm curious please - why you don't want to 'see this blog tuned into ad filled paypal outlet' ?

      What makes Portal 2012 different ?

      Thank you.


    8. OK folks, I did a little research.

      Regarding funds and donations :

      I just accessed 10 of the top - most frequented "truth-seeker" websites.

      9 out of the 10, have or do, one-or more- of the following :

      -Donation buttons
      -Sell services
      -Sell tickets for events
      -Sell books

      To my awareness, there has NEVER been a debate, let alone any disparaging remarks about the presence of these items on ANY of these websites.

      Why ? Because we all realize that - ummm - things cost money and we can't live on thin air.

      If anyone has already escaped that reality, PLEASE share your methods with us all.

      Since Cobra does none of this, why is there a continued misunderstanding about requests for funds >>>

      If you don't see the value in that, I seriously question why.

      If you don't believe that that's is the work that is going on here, then WHY ARE YOU HERE ?

      Unless you've done nothing but sit and meditate & gain wisdom from your own Source ---


      How many books have you read ?

      How many workshops have you gone to, CDs have you listened to, readings have you been to, healing sessions have you had ?

      Has any of it been free ?

      Is the internet FREE ?

      To repeat, Cobra has asked wealthy donors to contribute.

      If you fall into that category, and can donate, then do so.

      If you don't want to donate don't.

      But who are we to judge what Cobra's financial situation and needs are ?

      And then to make public pronouncements about how we think Cobra should handle these needs.

      Please, give it a break already !

    9. I AM Love (I just like typing that!)~
      The reason is....lower chakras, hello! Some people will not hear you because they have not done the work yet. There is confusion because on one hand they want to believe in something/someone so they hand over their power. (3rd chakra) But then when issues of money arise, they are crushed because they see that we are ALL the same and they had put others higher than themselves and now have lost trust (1st chakra) So they lash out and get emotional (2nd chakra).

      Sometimes I give, sometimes I cannot. In my heart I know what equal energy exchange is. Sharing love and insight here is energy exchange. No need for these lovely beings to feel guilty about not contributing money, so they need not push away this opportunity for others to give if they can. If they don't value the info and sharing here, they will soon leave. The vibrations here are getting too high for some to resonate, it's natural law. xo Have a most wonderful day!

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. @IAL, haven't you read my post? Discernement please, what separates this blog from the rest is imho a genuine will to distribute valuable info. No need to sell or advertise anything plus no need to use Cabal type money schemes a la Paypal. Keep it clean.
      If YOU feel like you can send a 1000$ to Cobra, by all means do it, I'm sure he/she will show you the proper way to do it but that will be between you and him/her, I don't need to know about it...

    12. Hi Diane,

      Thank you for the energetic analysis !

      Each of us has our own path and I do hold everyone here in high regard.

      We all have imbalances and here's hoping that those you described, as well as the myriad other distortions we came to transmute, be healed.

      No need at all for guilt for not donating - hopefully that was not implied by my post or that Cobra would intend that either !

      Wonderful love-filled sun-shiny day to you too !

    13. Hi Lozion,

      Thank you for stating your respect for the work going on here.

      My (obvious) frustration are the implications of a lack of integrity on Cobra's part.

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course.

      But, I would venture a guess to say that most people disagree with that assessment.

      Enough said. :)

      Love and Blessings to you

    14. and to you :)

    15. Hi Diane,

      I read your post too fast and missed the second part of this:

      "No need for these lovely beings to feel guilty about not contributing money, so they need not push away this opportunity for others to give if they can."

      It is perfectly expressed.

      Thank you.

      Much love xo

    16. @I AM LOVE....Great post, strong and sure. We all know that the cabal are powerful. We all know that they control all the money everywhere. Why on earth would they allow the Resistance continued access to funds if they could stop it? They are hardly going to give the Resistance a bursary to take them down, are they? This is just logic ...for goodness sake!!!!

    17. Please note, don't want anyone to misunderstand my words. I said that some guys here in Italy aren't convinced by the fact that he needs funds; we live, unfortunately, in the home nation of gangsters and charlatans, and it's easier for us to think bad. I thought that at this point Neil Keenan, having blocked the BIS, there had also secured you in financially matter. That's what I don't understand.

  47. This vid - around 35min, (I didn't watch after that) made it abudantly clear. Their mistake being the obama-worship, calling him a light worker... As I commented in the vid itself : Οbama a light worker? with obamacare he cares, with NDAA he really blinds the US with light, with the butchering in Libya and sending troops to where they dont belong, he's really into love... Please give the man another peace Nobel prize!
    This obama worship convinces me that they're either brain dead or its a psyop... I opt for the second- so once again, (as far as I'm concerned), Cobra is right.

    1. Obama is a Mk-Ultra manchurian canidate that seems pretty obvious to me but time will tell. He is a victim and only says and does what he is programmed to do in my opinion. He sure sounded good when he rocketed to public notariety and fame t o become the "dark horse" front runner out of nowhere. My friends were over joyed and thrilled. I was hope full but doubtfull and did predict he would not keep a single promise either because he wa threatened or Mk- ultra. I think because they would not even allow anyone who talked like him to get near a microphone unlees it was to firther destroy peoples faith and hope that it is mty opinion he is Mind controlled. i pray for his deliverence.

    2. Yes Rob and Friends,
      Its difficult for an african to say something about Obama with full impartiality or bias. But still, we all remember the hour, min, He was declare President of USA,that was a planetary joy right Boys? I am sure the cabalists were not expecting that "Moment". Obama is or may be only therefore, "just" that moment Rob, and that day was all and everything. And for that,my gratitude and plenty room for forgivness.
      Me too, I am still suffering because of Lybia (Lybia = Liebe).


  49. Sorry Cobra but I believe a breakthrough is going to heppen long before October and you and your RM are out of the loop when it comes to the kingdom of heaven and their Divine Plan. But thanks for trying anyhow...


  51. This question still goes unanswered by Cobra so I will ask again. Did you not state in an earlier post that all non physical archons had already been removed from astral and etheric realms and that only a few physical ones remained on the surface? Or was it the other way around and all physical ones are gone and only a few non physical ones still remain?

  52. I remember reading (not sure where, nor if it was a channeled message or not) that some Galactics would be competing in the Olympics, and that they would smash existing records..

    This is TOTAL speculation, however, you never know..

    "London Olympics 2012 Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen breaks world record"

    Don't bash if you disagree; this is just speculation.

  53. @ prosperity i am having a problem posting in the above reply i hope this works here continued.....

    The Pleiadeans Grow Giant mushrooms in outer space on mother ships and at a certain point in the process they inject a liquid Crystal metal. This amazing technology allows the ship to become an actual living entity of sorts. The chordal chambers of the mushroom act as resonators to the magnetic fields of space and allow the ship to travel more synchronously throughout space. Another interesting tidbit which I personally resonated with (tee hee) was that the ships have a crystal brain connected with the universal Christ energy that flows throughout the etheric regions of creation so the ship can never be used against the greater good or universal laws. (other techs obviously do not use this method) This crystal Brain is programmed to the commanders auric signature so no body can steal a space ship because only the captain can pilot the ship.

    The captain may allow others to use the ship I presume but only on the captains command. Also the ships sound or whirring noise is also a reflection of the captains Aura Fred Told me when he landed on ERRA they had a large space port which was built like like Carnegie hall and had conch shell Fibonacci series type walls which reflected the sounds of the ships on arrival and departure! The resonant cavities allowed the Captains to "show off" so to speak and they could alter their emotions and feelings to play "the music of the spheres on landing and take off! Such are the amazing wonders of which await us as we grow in understanding of love and light.
    Warm regards and love to all

  54. oh, come on - here we go again. you know what GFL your performance is not good enough and you need to improve it. lots of BS and the meantime the cabals have all the rights in the world, live in palaces, nice vacations, etc. and people suffer (see below an example) - so cut the BS and PERFORM for God's sake

    people are suffering - see below just an example - and you come only with BS:

    Prayers for Maryla, Lighthouse Keepers. Test your mettle. And for me, since I too am being tossed out, for no good reason, just in someone else's way. We are angels in disguise. Love, Nancy A.
    From dechen to EVE., Adlitammm, freia, Contract2012, Cptn_TheWomanizerand 26 more
    Sent 5 hours ago
    My dear friends,
    I want to thank you for keeping my spirits up for so long! I am very grateful I survived up till now in such unfriendly invironment.But today they cut my electricity off and I dont know for how long my battery will be on.My friends are on one-month vacations and I asked many people to let me charge my netbook and phone but they refused - "it would be too expensive..."
    Believe me ,I very actively fought for life- I was doing all small works anybody wanted/however I am well educated/ and now even for cleaning I am too old/57/.
    So I couldnt pay my bills.I payed them,but not full sums and here ,any negotiations,when you haven job,are possible.Charity isnt for "normal"people.I dont drink,dont smoke and - any pathology.
    I dont have any idea what to do.Only days left they will throw me onto the street.Only,now I care of my very old pets.I asked for help my guides but maybe they are very busy somewhere...
    Love and light to you all,

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. :( Soo many people in the same situation around my country..
      The false theory of general scarcity needs to be eliminitad ASAP, there is more then enough for everyone to eat,drink have a shelter and to wear clothes.

      Providing these MUST be a bornright and be made ABSOLUTE PRIORITY together with the cleansing of MAMA Gaia( Thanks McMoff), all other chatty about Ascension,First Contact,et al are SECONDARY until everyone who was brave enough to incarnate on this planet meet their basic needs.
      Food,drink,clothes,shelter. Not too much.

      Everything else comes after these have been solved and I personally eagerly wait the moment to get released from the chains of the system/Matrix and will be the very first to volunteer to help build up infrastructure,transport food,make deserts green, anything required to give people their birthrights.

      I state again: every single day wasted costs us the death of tens of thousands of unique,irreplacable, wondeful fellow human brothers/sisters .

      This is intolerable, unnecessary and MUST be solved right now!

    3. Dechen, may it soon improve. Anyone homeless in the UK please contact me to see if I could do anything useful. May I suggest applying to the lightworker fund on www.the2012scenario, I am sure they will try to help.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hang in there, Eleiny, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I understand TruthFreedom's anger, I feel it too at times, just as I feel your predicament but this cannot go on for much longer. Something's gotta give. And it will. I wish there was some way I could help you practically. I'm not much better off than you, but I'm not homeless (yet)... If you're in Greece, (because here, being left without work and on the street is the "norm" right now) you can contact me at

      Love and Light to all

    2. @Eleiny. So sorry to hear about your misfortunes. Hang in there as a breakthrough is imminent. Positive thoughts carry positive intentions. I am sending loads in your direction and I ask that others do the same. Nobody is truly alone in the kingdom of the heart. Lots of love to you ♥

    3. @Eleiny, If you can meditate and send out love when you are homeless then you are amazing and humbling. Please apply to the lightworker fund on

  56. thank you Cobra, send our love to you.

  57. this is simply to test our oneness and patience(virtue)

    just express LOVE in every aspects of our life~


    1. fierce music that fits every cobra's message! :)

  59. My two cents :

    1. The Cabal is largely overcome. Read between the lines of news items not necessarily making the headlines and watch the body language of important people appearing in MSM.

    2. If you are reading this blog, the Disclosure has already happened for you. A more spectacular Disclosure will perhaps prepare a larger population for the Event.

    3. A slight delay of the Event is welcome as it gives a little more time to 'dress up' by way enhanced spiritual practice.

    4. This ( perhaps refers to the Event, which was confirmed recently (


  60. why is it so difficult to understand that ascension is a process and not a miracle happening at a definite time. All is a process revealing itself as we are capable to handle. We did not get where we are in a single day so why do we expect that we can ascend in a single day or a certain time window. I believe every change takes time. It could be a generation or two which is still so much faster than millenia it took in the past. Each one of us is a chain in a link of awareness. Work on your own light on your own ascension and it will benefit the whole. It is a journey. Lets not loose focus.

    Love and light

  61. Thanks, Cobra - once again, you do not pander to people's expectations or raise false hopes or unrealistic expectations. Once again, you give practical suggestions as to actions we can take (meditate, pray, spread the truth, share the beauty of your soul, and donate to your RM project only if you are wealthy). Once again, you have to endure the gibes of the impatient and the immature, and once again you demonstrate your maturity by your disinclination to either engage such messages or to let them stop you from your work.

    Regarding a message above on Queen Elizabeth II, and the Tudor dynasty. My information indicates that the Tudor dynasty is not quite dead, but I would be surprised to learn that QE2 has any Tudor blood. Princes William and Henry, however, are another story. Ben Fulford reported that the royals were being pressed to have the queen step down in favor of Harry. Harry, the younger, not William the next in line. Why should this be? Because William is tainted with Windsor/Cabal blood and Harry is not(if you go for the whole notion of "tainted" or "pure" blood in either case, which I do not, but it's everything to the bloodline families).

    Harry is widely believed to be the son of Princess Diana's lover James Hewitt. Harry wants to prove he is Charles' son with a DNA test, but the royals won't permit it. Unknown to the general public, however, is the fact that Harry has a viable claim to the throne in any case - THROUGH DIANA. Diana herself is directly descended from Queen Elizabeth the First through Henry Wriothesley, the 3rd Earl of Southampton (known to history as "Shakespeare's patron"), who was the son of Elizabeth's lover, Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford (popularly known as "Oxford," and was the subject of the recent film "Anonymous" which made fairly compelling use of the mountain of evidence indicating that Oxford wrote the plays and poems known to us as Shakespeare's).

    The Windsors knew, of course, of the truth of Diana's bloodline, which is likely the reason Charles was instructed to marry into that family, so as to tie up the genetic loose end (he first dated Diana's older sister, but she wouldn't have him, so Diana ended up marrying the cad instead).

    The identity of Shakespeare is thoroughly tied up with the bloodline succession issue. The truth was both buried and preserved by the Templars/Freemasons. Those who champion Francis Bacon have part of the truth but are on the wrong track. The cabal have thoroughly covered their tracks with massive disinformation regarding the authorship, but the salient facts have emerged, and some 1200 degreed academics are now on record as demanding that the authorship question be given the respect it deserves (see

    There is said to be a "Templar Fund" similar to the St. Germaine Fund, preserved down the centuries to aid humanity when the cabal would fall. I suspect that the higher mystery teachings of the Templars - before they were infiltrated by the cabal in the 18th century - are deeply woven into the Shakespeare canon, and that the mathematically overwhelming crytographical evidence that has recently come to light is the result of a careful plan by the brotherhood to preserve the truth within their ranks. There are thousands of books on Shakespeare codes, but only one that I know of has grasped the whole picture, complete with a historical document that validates the approach beyond doubt.

    The cat's out of the bag. The bloodlines are done. If the English still want a king, they could do worse than Harry, who is the true son of their darling Diana, with no taint of reptilian blood, but descended from the true Shakespeare and the Virgin Queen (...NOT....:)


    1. The Windsor name is a ruse, it simply does not exist in the bloodline of the Royals. And Harry is indeed James Hewitt's and he is fortunate enough to still be breathing. They slotted his mother for being pregnant with Dodi Fayeds child, and to stop her becoming as true whistle blower. There will be no successor to the crown of England. The monarchy is in it's death throes.

      When William and Harry know the truth of full disclosure they will revolt against the dynasty of the dark sun monarchy.

      If you don't believe in the Tudors then you clearly don't understand how closely guarded the lineage is protected.

      It's the same bloodline but just given different names to appear to be of different origins. Kings never kill Kings they just get their subject to kill each other and they profit from it. It's the oldest business in our current version of history. The Vatican has stepped in on occasion and removed problematic members of the monarchy due to the fact that their overlords of dark sun worship call the shots from off world.

      That's why the psychopathic gene is so closely guarded and sometimes it slips. Charles is a prime example of this and he will never be king for this reason. Charles is a huge disappointment to Elizabeth but he marks the weakening of the bloodline from the earlier dynastic era's of kings who would eat flesh and drink blood in the open to truly keep the populace in FEAR. Elizabeth is a descendant of Vlad the Impaler, and that's Bram Stokers supposed influence for Dracula. But he is just referring to the Draconian bloodline of psychopathy and the psychic vampirism that is still in place today

      Look up John Dee, the consort to Elizabeth I. He use to sign his coded correspondence with "007" That's the satanic symbolism seen with Daniel Craig and Elizabeth at the opening ceremony. The true black arts go back a long way, and they blatantly parade this in front of us in masonic dark sun rituals like the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

      All you have to do is have an EYE for it. The pineal gland when it opens up from aeons of pollution is the all seeing eye. It's why they symbolise it so much and why they call themselves the illuminati..

      The age of dark secrets is fast coming to a close and the event horizon of the age of truth is here..

      The Queen is nearly dead and there will be no replacement for her reign of tyranny. The frequency we are shifting to does not allow for this form of mass control and false idology.

      Elizabeth is very very aware of this FACT.

  62. I am attempting to locate folks in Alaska regarding Disclosure & Ascension. If anyone knows any like minded Alaskans please send them to:
    Thank you & Namaste

  63. What "exactly" is The Event? What is going to happen, specifically?

    1. The lightwave is the event, the rapid expansion of global conciousness and the undoing of old psychopathic mind and EGO thinking and the transition to HEART centred resonance between all species who inhabit Gaia. Balance, abundance and true spiritual emancipation from slavery which is the dynasty of dark sun cult worship. The Cabal and their dark age of tyranny is closing and the new Golden age is emerging.

      What other event could possibly top that one? ET turning up and giving us a few new items of tech to toy with and look at the ET's as GODS? We've been there and done that in the dimension we currently call our past.. Expansion and awareness of the omniverse and the dimensions other than the very very limited one of visible light that we all currently only really see..

    2. Drake calls his mass arrests an "Event". I just wanted to know what this website refers its Event to be.
      Thank you.

    3. To call that the "event" is to seriously underestimate it. Mass arrests will come due to the global shift in consciousness. It's a side effect or bi-product of the lightwave but It's certainly not the "Event"

      The energies speak to our DNA of disclosure, acceptance and healing.

      To understand the energies in anything other than a love haze or hysterical confusion that is the norm on the internet right now, then you must have a clean endocrine system and in particular the pineal gland. This is wireless access to the noosphere. We can access the Akashic records once you make the breakthrough via a clean unpolluted endocrine system.

      Otherwise the lightwave manifests itself in the gut and the gut reactions are currently rife on the internet with all kinds of scenarios. All hysteria and FEAR based because FEAR is a gut based reaction. People do not realise how polluted their energy chakra's are. If they did then they would go through a thorough detox and maybe chill out a bit as they can see the event horizon more clearly, and it's not the prophecy of doom that negative energy has usurped us to believe on youtube and other forums full of automatons who are victims of mind control.

      Healing begins with self, and this means cleaning yourself up to be a receiver of true knowledge that is the omniverse, we all have wireless access to this but still many many people rely on the words of others. It's helpful but it's only the first step to true self realisation..

      And many many others are not even aware what the pineal and endocrine system is. Glands suffer from atrophy and if they are not used then they remain docile and this is the perfect mind controlled sate of the cabal over the masses.

      EGO might ague this FACT with us but then that's what EGO does and when you become aware of EGO then it falls in line and answers to HEART and not the other way around..

      The lightwave is here and the intensity is ramping up.

      Manifest the energies in only pure intent of unconditional love and see the results appear right in front of you.

      Thoughts are a dimension that most are blind to, intent is the process of making thought manifest. Dogs know this dimension and they are mans best friend for a reason.

      Dogs are here to remind us of unconditional love and telepathy. The power of intent is much more powerful than words can ever be. So why do we limit ourselves on a daily basis. MIND CONTROL is the only limit and we are lifting out of this system of mid control right on time.

      Synchroncity is perfectly normal in the higher realms, it's nothing more than everything happening just as it is meant to and is the true resonance of heart. Mind will try and convince you it's a "coincidence" But mind is weak and open to manipulation. Stay heart centred and you're out of the mind matrix and truly free.

      The "Event" will unfold much quicker in the eyes of the free. But the two eyes infront are very limited on their own.

      Go inside and connect and you'll understand what Christ consciousness really is. It has NOTHING to do with religion.

    4. Claydog, I love you man, there I had to say it :)

    5. My name is Paul. And my HEART sends you unconditonal love to the very centre of your own HEART. We can actually exchange energies without the internet. And this will be perfectly normal in our soon to be future. We have turned military based tech around on itself to connect due to our DNA and endocrine system still in a state of pollution. But soon we will all be able to connect in much more profound ways.

      I have no doubt that we will meet in the noosphere, because we all have wireless access to it. I go there all the time and in particular the early hours as the Earth energies are most fertile then. That's why the birds celebrate this with the dawn chorus.

    6. Paul, you are light, generously, unconditionally, lovingly, and charismatically spreading it to all around you... i thank you humbly for that. The day i 'll be able to really connect, (without the use of technology), you are one of the light beings i'll seek to connect with. Till then, it will be a joy for me to "see" and "hear" you through pathways such as this.

      with love from the depths of my heart,


    7. Come find me when you're ready then, trust that it'll happen right on time as synchronicity is simply that.

      It has to for we are all ONE. And that is where we are heading. Lots of unconditional love to you also with thanks and pure intent ♥

  64. Dear Cobra,
    I appreciate the update, but I would like to share a word of caution. To claim that ascension will not take place on December 21st while so many people look forward to it does not feel right, especially if you are in a position of responsibility. To generalize and to define when and how the ascension is going to take place or not means to limit it. We don't want just a bigger cage, we want no cage at all.

    The universe offers unlimited choices and I am sure many people will choose to ascend on December 21st, some even earlier. Ascension is a spiritual process, so our thoughts will create our reality. As far as I'm concerned, ascension is happening RIGHT NOW! It's exactly like the picture of lord Buddha with the Aum sign you posted on this page: Awakening is taking place, simply allow it.

    Please keep up the hard work, I really do appreciate.

  65. the Olympic UFO vs Goodyear blimp debate & photos on Huff Po:



  66. Dear Cobra! What do you think that the London Olympics in the background by the power of the previously developed high-tech Blue Beam Project is intended for the public official "show"? Earlier I read this information on multiple pages. This starts the process by which the NWO. creation, and the coming of the Antichrist will lead? Galactic Federation of Light not disclose the exact date the appearance of their ships ... Greg Giles and channeled by a specific date are out there.

    1. Blue Beam is very real technology and is holographic. The likes of Greg Giles are being manipulated in to revealing false information in order to manifest in the mind of the sleeping.

      The Galactic Federation Of Light is malignant mind control. Note the "Federtion" there are other races of ET's that are communicating telepathically and more important if you allow it telempathically. They are your true ancestors and family, connect wit them in the portal of the pineal gland.

      But too many people are evengelising the likes of Greg Giles and this is the express intentions of the source he is channelling. Giles is a victim of mind control just like the guy who recently shot loads of people in Anahiem.

      There are many Manchurian candidates of the tech cult of dark sun worship.

      Beware of false prophets and go with what resonates in heart, if it's gut based then it's a clear signal for discernment.

      There is a struggle for the mind as we shift from mind to HEART. Don't get caught up in the Gordian knot of entanglement.

      Untangle the knot inside of you and remain heart centred and in the realms of unconditional love. BE-LOVE.

      They want you all looking outwards to glamour channellers for answers when YOU have all the answers within.

      Go inside and experience true spiritual freedom.

      It's the birthright of every sovereign individual. And this is OUR time. Not the time of those who wish to manipulate us back in to another repeated time loop of control of the psychopathic gene. It's reptilian and cold blooded, we recognise this now in the structures of control.

      Recognition is part of disclosure, expect more synchronocity and stay HEART centred as it all unfolds.

      Manifest the best outcome and watch it appear and then celebrate the dawn of the new Golden Age.

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    László, Magyarországról.

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