Saturday, October 13, 2012

Compression grid to LOGN11.4


  1. ln (11.4) = 2.443
    log (11.4) = 1.056

    Up up and away!!!

    I Am the Mighty Victory of the Light.

  2. Rapid Appreciation of Higher D Incoming Energies…

    Gaia Energy Message #2 for 14 Oct 2012

    We speak to Gaia Hue-manity today from a more personal individualized perspective, rather than a Gaia generalization.

    We see occurring shortly, a period of rapid appreciation (increase in valuation), by humanity general, of incoming Higher Dimensional Light Energies. This will result in rapid transformation of all social, cultural, and inner personal “standardized and accepted as reality” structures.

    We do not offer a “time domain” for this.

    Gaia recommends intimate attuning and responding to her Inner Voices, which will be sufficient to carry the planetary collective energies through this important transformation period.

    Alignment of personal with planetary Higher Grids is essential.


    Fine Tuning of Higher D Grids to Newly Activated Portals Continues

    Gaia Energy Message #1 for 14 Oct 2012

    New portals activations is complete. Higher Light Energies enter dark spaces as permissions have been received and acknowledged.

    Shadow workers are fully aware of these permissions and have agreed to them. Resistance to current Higher Light Energies entering via newly activated portals enables acceleration of shadows elimination.

    Fine tuning of Higher D grids to newly activated portals

  3. The links are pics I JUST took of a large aircraft RIGHT OVER my house. This is becoming a normal thing. The returning trails are usually over the Acropolis while other trails are over the mountains of Pendelis (natrually radioactive) and Ymittos (hollowed out and houses Dymokritos the Greek Nuclear reactor, arsenal & most radar and radio towers for from the Athens region and out to sea). They've been at it most of the day so far. This makes it 4 days straight.
    Here's the plane laying it out...

    And here's the start of the trail. Go ahead, tell me that's a contrail.. current air temp in Athens is a very beach friendly 82F(28C).

    I feel sorry for them. They need to understand no matter what they do, it's of no effect. I'll dumb it down enough so maybe 'they' can understand this once and for all, consider current reality (encompassing EVERYTHING) to be a bus everyone is on. You have that image? good. Guess who's driving this bus... ;)

    Stop with the trails, you're not going to accomplish anything. If you were meant to accomplish anything, you would have a long time ago. So stop now and try and save what's left. The other option is a meeting none of you (dark ones) are ready to have. You've been separated from source for far too long. The choice is yours.

    1. This article appears to be a first time disclosure in the category of chemtrails:
      "Swedish official admits toxic ‘chemtrails’ are real, not a wild conspiracy theory"
      When the chemtrails are present, repeat, "You can do no harm to any living creature."
      The chemtrails occasionally vanish.

  4. Tick tock tic toc ti to t t


  5. Good morning all. It is really refreshing to sense genuine honesty. In my own personal experiences I have made decisions to bring me closer to the light and in those moments the challenge was always to know it will be fine since the choice is different to the usual behaviour pattern I would express. Those negative distraction that Cobra mentioned are true to my experience. They come at you to test your sincerity about your choice, but I always remind myself that in order to evolve you have to change and realise that evil depends on me to hold on to pain and supply it with nourishment. According to some authors we are in a very unique position to go higher in our vibrations and I know collectively we want this. Let us for once truly understand that we posses the gifts to do our correction as well, we know how to love, to be peaceful, to stand for a your family's honor, to forgive, to heal..... I love you all and let us keep moving forward. Peace

    1. I've been bombarded, BOMBARDED with the worst kind of emotional whatever. After three days of absolute torture, Lisa Renee posted a newsletter under Energetic Synthesis that had a healing method for emotional attack.
      The HGS Clearing Process is located at the end of the recent newsletter. Using this process brought the emotional onslaught to a sudden, very sudden stop:
      "It is good to feel the emotion of the experience, however if the feelings are descending into extremely negative and painful states that are increasing, rather than abating, then one may have a positive affirmation that a script is loaded and influencing your body. Sustained states of hopelessness, despair and depression are not good to maintain, we must learn to shift that feeling off of us, and clear its impact from continuing to interfere with our highest purposes.
      If this is resonating with you, please consider the following support offered from our Guardian Teams:
      1. CALIBRATE with the 12 D Shield and recite the Unity Vow (the standard ES practices)
      2. Ask the Question of God self – Do I have Mind Control Scripts loaded that need to be Cleared from my body? IF YES, CONTINUE.
      3. Beloved God, Guardian Families of Aurora, Please Identify, Locate, Remove and Repair the following:
      4. Terminate Mind Control Programs and their Loaded Scripts
      a. Terminate Posthypnotic Commands
      b. Terminate Posthypnotic Suggestions
      c. Terminate REM Deprivation Programs from my required SLEEP PATTERNS to function optimally
      d. Terminate Script Identifier
      e. Terminate Script Locator
      f. Terminate Script Trigger
      g. Terminate Script Content
      h. Terminate Script Time Code or Duration Code
      5. Please Repair All Systems and reboot my 12 Tree Grid to the Ascension and Aurora Guardian Code Sequences. Correct my Spine and strengthen my Coccyx through my Spinal Cord and leading into my Brain. I am God. I am Sovereign. I am Free.
      6. Please generate Master Number Code if needed to lock down Repair Sequences.
      7. Please clear all related Memories and their Influences from my Central Nervous System, Brain through the Inner Levels, In Between Levels, and Outer Space levels. (The goal is to remove these memory imprints and their residue from your nervous system, where they started.)
      8. End your Session and thank the teams as appropriate."

    2. @wounded owl
      Thank you for this important info!
      I know for sure, that recently, I've been bombarded OVER AND OVER AGAIN (even in my dream state). Yes, we all should take a better care of protecting our physical bodies (awake, or asleep). And YES, we should spend more time and effort on following the "experts'' and doing the techniques/exercises accordingly... BUT PLEASE, DO IT WITH-OUT FEAR.
      BE STRONG!

    3. "I've been bombarded, BOMBARDED with the worst kind of emotional whatever. After three days of absolute torture, Lisa Renee posted a newsletter under Energetic Synthesis that had a healing method for emotional attack."

      I think, one good technique with regards to emotional torture/attack is EFT. This EFT is very easy-to-do and really had amazing benefits.

  6. To All ...

    I am witnessing something in the blogosphere which is becoming of increasing concern to me.

    The cabal seems to be infiltrating the lightworkers' blogs now, and has succeeded to convince those who might be the most susceptible that Cobra is not of the light.

    This is the last of a list of comments on Jean Haines' site, which has prompted me to write this post:

    And the biggest problem of all, as ever…is that there are plenty of gullible “followers” who make this con art possible. I have tried to post on Cobra several times to warn people that there is darkness there and not light, and was hammered. So glad some better known bloggers are starting to clue to the truth of the matter. Someone should alert American Kabuki ….and finally everyone should stop re-blogging his fraud.

    Jean Haines has previously published that Cobra is 'likely cabal', without much of an explanation why, other than pointing several times to the article about the blog registration under Ishtar's name.

    It seems now that Kauilapele, who once was posting Cobra's articles freely, is now posting with the admonition of using 'higher discernment', and comments have begun on the Galactic Free Press as well to label him as disinformation.

    In the interest of precipitating 'the Event', we need to act in solidarity as a group to prevent the spread of the cabal's untruths.

    Please consider this, and if you feel prompted, take an appropriate action.

    In Love and Light, we will be God-Victorious.


    1. Hey Sistah,

      I posted this in support of Cobra on the comments section at Jean's. It's awaiting moderation...

      "It's a shame so many lightworkers feel the need to jump on the "bash Cobra bandwagon". Does anyone even remember this all started with the biggest disinfo guy out there - FWH? People who attack Cobra's credibility and intentions are simply following the sinister propaganda spewed forth by FWH.

      The lightworkers and lightwarriors gathered at 2012Portal are some of the most intelligent, knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, LOVING people I have ever come across. I may not have proof of Cobra's identity, but I know plenty about the group gathered there and I have a deep knowing that within the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. It can be no other way.

      I stand beside Cobra. I stand beside Jean. I stand beside American Kabuki. I stand beside Kauilapele. I stand beside all my brothers and sisters working for the Light and working for Freedom. It's time we UNITE in TRUTH. The only TRUTH is LOVE.

      Peace! :)"

    2. Klove, Good response to Jhaines blog. Cobra is under attack for no reason, other than if he shows too much light, he'll get slammed back down.
      Here's a nice blog on the matter, try the fifth paragraph.

    3. Thanks, fellow Owl!

      I would encourage friends of cobra to speak up and support 2012portal and unity amongst lightworkers on other sites!

      Excellent link, btw...major chills on the fifth paragraph! I'm not a "boomer", but I DO relate.

      Victory of the Light! Love and Peace to All....

    4. IAL,

      "Someone should alert American Kabuki ….and finally everyone should stop re-blogging his fraud."

      American Kabuki made a post recently, "WOW" about Cobra in a very positive way...I'll stick to that

      When someone keeps dissin they should question the disser


      Last night while asleep not sure what happened..major battles. Was I in astral plane? I had some evil entities pressing on my arms, while happening I thought it's the archons.I faced them,(standing up to them) told them "get out" so many times,get off the planet,and asked for protection from God, and slowly I saw a light appearing and then it all stopped.If felt great knowing I had the power...
      and no fear..FU archons!!!

      I've never experienced anything like that in my lifetime...
      The power is in archon is above you, face them and tell them to lose themselves...

      The Power of love and light!

    5. IAL,

      I've learned to listen to my first gut instinct,it's always proven right in the long run with every human in my path..

      Cobra is good people

      I hope my this and post above makes all sense...I had a few drinks I hope I crack a smile in you.

      Love n light!

    6. hey there Prosperity,

      hehee... yes you did - or yes I did - crack a smile - when you told those critters exactly who's boss ! You go woman ! So now the astral planes are just a little bit brighter because of it too :)

      Love+Light+the Divine Plan...unstoppable :)

  7. Yes, that compression grid is squeezing the darkness to a fine line isn't it? Not to worry @IAMLOVE. The final line is LOVE and we will hold it.

  8. POOF for OCT 14: Another #&%#@ newsletter!

    Freedom Train James Carr

    Greetings and Salutations;

    “More than anything, I want the return of my freedom, that’s only because I Know what freedom is. Not some political statement based on jingoisms, but the kind you know in your gut. Waking in the morning and proceeding thru the day with no, ‘have tos’ or ‘got’s tos’. Total silence, with no niggling worries about anything. What happens when freedom comes each day, you make decisions based on what you choose with no threat of somebody in a uniform ringing your doorbell with papers to serve for you to be in some court. Personally, I don’t think many are ready to live without arbitrary rules, hey need them as a guardrail, living without them is too scary.

    That freedom, and not just for people of color is arriving for All people, white, black, green, or indifferent. It’s bad, when you’re a slave and don’t know it. When the cell door opens, you’re afraid to venture out. Got so used to the 4 walls, you thought that Was the world. You peer out and see no guards, warden, or anything else to detain you. I learned a long time ago, you don’t need a preacher or priest, to tell you what’s right or wrong…you already know. It’s a gut thing. If you cross your own knowing, you reap the consequences and You know it. I also found that wisdom was not necessarily in the hands of the grey haired ones. The young one’s are reacting to something that is pushing the envelope on accepted norms. They know, that everybody has been a slave to the plutocrats and they refuse to settle for the status quo. Yep, the 60’s are back..with a vengeance. They won’t even accept the ‘house’ religion, it doesn’t sit in their gut very well. Lolololol and these are the future leaders. If you don’t like change, better pack up now and say ‘Lord take me home’.

    What you want to know is, ‘how much’ and when. The answer is easy; Now and more than you can imagine. This is humanity’s money and the future belongs to you. Not some fat old bureaucrats or skinny one’s for that matter and that’s what is frightening them right now. All that I’ve said is not news to them, they know their moment is upon them and they can’t stop it, no more than they can stop the passage of time. ‘And time is no more’. You’re about to ’see’ what that means. Time to make like a tree and leave this crap behind. Let them argue for their limitations and walk away as they talk to themselves. Many of you ‘volunteered’ to assist this process and you’ve been doing bivouac, times up, now say so. Enough, and mean it.

    Catch me while you can if you want a final consult, when my door bell rings, I shut up.”

    Love and kisses, Poofness

    1. from KP's site :

      From Suzy Star: “Dear Ones, Sounds like POOF is getting tried [tired] of waiting as are we!!!!!! My understanding is the trigger to release all these funds is the posting of the Dinar. Rumor has it that the revaluation (RV) has already happened and once Iraq stops all the infighting the posting will happen and we will be flowing with Abundance. Strict non=disclosure is happening and the dam can be released at any moment, hopefully within the next few hours. Remember I am just the messenger and until you get that knock on the door it is all just rumor. I have left his address in the event you want to email him direct for a consultation. I think you still need to send him a donation via PayPal. Blessings, Suzy Star”

  9. Here's what we can all do to help prevent a likely (at this point) upcoming bank holiday:

    The body of this text lists a link for a 'video' regarding this topic, but I think it's supposed to say 'article', and it's extremely short and to the point!

  10. What happened to original page views?

    1,702 now?

  11. We can change this world with our concsious decisions
    Global maditation is a powerful tool that can affect the flow of energy in our planet
    When we come together we become very strong

    Love and blessings to Cobra and all

  12. I'm singing beautiful songs. Lal la la laal la

    1. Monday, October 15, 2012

      New Moon Phase - Moon in Libra

      As the New Moon in Libra opens, the Sabian symbol tells us what the month's energy will bring: 23 Libra - a chanticleer's voice heralds the rising Sun with exuberant tones. The New Moon at 23 Libra directly opposes Eris at 23 Aries. Geocentrically speaking, the Earth herself is located at 23 Aries - with Eris. That's some serious feminine energy.

      I want to emphasize something about this month's energy. Because the New Moon opposes Eris, there will be two energies at play throughout the month. Anything involving Eris always means two things will be going on simultaneously. "The rising Sun" symbolizes new beginnings and new opportunities. On the personal level, this is a wonderful thing. Our hard-won, new energetic bodies (courtesty of the energy of the Turning Point in mid-July through yesterday) will now begin operating in the way the upgrade intended - through resonance, putting us with people, places, and things that are now like us. If you think of it in radio terms, and we should because the planet communicates through radio waves and is doing so even with Jupiter right now (, we will begin coming into signal resonance with things that are most like us. The operating principle of the Universe is "like attracts like." The energy that made corrections within our personal fields and in turn in the events of our lives is now over. We are a new "tone" now and essentially we sound like something different than we did. Our voice is aligned to the voice of the planet. In collaboration with the planet, we are participating in communications between the Earth and the Sun, Jupiter, and the Galactic Center. This is crazy stuff I know. But as each of joins the planet on her journey, we are privy to her communications. This is complicated and too much to go in to today, but I will talk more about it another time. Just understand that you are broadcasting on a wider band now. You are stronger and your "voice" is heard at greater distances, meaning you have far more power to affect things.

      That said, let's look at the degree of Jupiter, since the Earth has chosen to invite that energy into her navigation through space and time. Remember that Jupiter went retrograde the day Saturn went into Scorpio. Jupiter remains at the degree known as "a woman activist in an emotional speech, dramatizing her cause."

      Additionally, the Sun sent a G-1 class geomagnetic storm that lasted 15-hours and produced exuberant tones of colors of auroras this weekend. Most likely, a solar flare will be released today as the Sun imprints its element to the month's energy. This bombardment of solar energy contributed to the strong emotions and out of control feelings people experienced over the weekend (especially Scorpios or those with an abundance of Scorpio energy and Pisces - especially those born between February 19 and 23- or those with an abundance of Pisces energy). Remember, we must look out for these brothers and sisters right now. This energy is bombarding them (us).

      So this month is going to bring rich new experiences, especially if your highest goal is to work with the planet. This is where the real action (and the real fun and joy) is. This is what we are going to focus on because as I stated above, there are two things happening this month.

    2. The second thing that is happening is that the new world order (who are oh so fond of "new dawns," Saturn entering Scorpio, and anything involving the Eris energy - which is represented by eagles, owls, and lions and why I chose the Eagle today with a little help from a message from a wise owl in Arkansas) is going to move their agenda forward at breakneck speed. War in the Middle East will continue to escalate as more chaos (and fear) is pumped into the collective so that a new "order" can be established. We will need to create our own order out of the chaos and we will do so day by day, as each day dawns. There is nothing to be concerned about here. I am not fear mongering. Wise owls see what is happening and are not taken in so easily. You are reading this because you are part of the sanity.

      To figure out what two things are going on for you personally will require honest self-reflection and we will take that one day at a time also so don't become overwhelmed with the New Moon energy. Salute the Sun and honor the Earth today as we begin anew. Take time outs and engage the beauty that is all around you - just like we always do.

  13. **


    Beloved Glorious I AM Presence, Light of my soul, may the Light of Cosmic Ascension and Divine Love be poured within my soul and into the Earth like the Light of a thousand Suns to permeate the Earth and to saturate her people and Her many kingdoms.

    May all negativity, illusion and karma be transmuted by this cosmic Ascension Light of God that never fails! May the Great Golden Age of enlightenment, love, peace, brotherhood and prosperity for all be established now upon our dear planet by the action of this Great Ascension Light! By the authority of my Beloved I AM Presence, the Light of the Father/Mother God, and by the authority of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood I affirm:

    As a Son of God, I now declare that I AM an authority on Earth. I AM calling for the action of the Light of a thousand suns to be released now on this beloved planet for the immediate transformation of Earth into the "Shining Star" that is Her destiny and for the raising up of humanity into their Eternal Freedom in the Realms of Light and Divine Perfection. I request that the Light that is needed to manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth, as it is in Heaven, be released now without limit until all is ascended in the Light and Free. And so it is, beloved I AM!

    (Repeat three times or as many times as you feel guided to. You are building a greater momentum of Light each time you repeat this and all prayers.)

    from :

    1. ~I AM Love~

      Wow, that's awesome

    2. I might suggest for those who feel inclined, for it also to be included in the DAY OF DECISION meditation, unless Cobra otherwise objects.

      A unified field of this energy will be very powerful indeed. :)

      Much Love to all

  14. I did not write for weeks here, and that's for very good reasons.

    This is now a message for the darks and other m...effers:

    Why you keep on doing these sneaky attacks on others?

    Attack me, if you have any balls left! I will find you anyway!!!

    Or you take the last ticket! Turn into the light if you want to survive! This is the last offer!

    You know your days are counted. And the number on the counter is small....

    If you don't know how to find me, this comment will have a marker to find me.

    Official signed by Frank/Gabriel
    The first Guardian

    1. Soo nice to see you here again, Ham...:-)
      Greetings to Gabriel too (^_^)

    2. Ok, this was a nice battle.

      But i am still here and healthy!

      Is this all you got? And we were afraid of you in the past?


      I make you an additional offer: You get a clean shot from me instead of months suffering.

    3. Eeeeehhh,
      clean shot then...;-) won..again:-)

    4. about 8.4 millions seriously took this option.....
      about 31.4 millions took the ticket.....

    5. Good job Frank. Let us know if & how we can help.

    6. Hamourapi what entities are these you are talking about? And how many left?
      Thanks though!

    7. Ham, what exactly goes on with the battles?

    8. No attacks the last 12 hours.

      They are hiding. We are hunting them now...

    WOW! This is great! Rob is back. Joko is back. And today Ham is back. And HE'S stronger than ever before! CONGRTATS MY BROTHER, FOR being the VICTORIOUS ONE!! BLESS YOU!
    I am so glad to see this family "gathering".


    1. Gandalf the Grey becomes Gandalf the White - lol

    2. I am not realy back. I only came here to do a bit cleaning.

      When i left here, i left as a healer who has been forced into battels once in a while by the darks.

      Now after hundreds of battles in the last weeks i am a warrior.
      I am a guardian.

      Many things have changed, me too.

      I'm not realy able to handle this kind of talking as it is here any more.

      By kind i mean the perspectives and the misinformations. To make it clear, the most misinformations are given with good intends. But we have on earth a system of brainwashing, brainfucking and misinformation that was prepared for thousands of years.

      The most informations in the spiritual world are wrong. Sorry that's the sad truth.

      Earth is ascending now for months. And when we got over a specific level Gaia and me got very heavy and brutal attacked for weeks. What do you think, why this happened?

      There is a very easy answer: The most things you "know" about ETs are lies! The facts are a bit different.

      You got told again and again that earth is the last dark planet, and all of creation is in light. And earth is in quarantine. I told you from the beginning, earth is not in quarantine, it is a trap for prime angels.

      The unbelievable fact is, that earth was the last planet in creation with strong light. The light of the trapped primes....

      There are many light beeings and races in creation. But ALL of them dominated and forced down by the darks and their followers! There has not been any freedom or peace in creation. All light beeings, who were free were also hiding...

      I can not talk nor think about this 3D earth things. The battles in the last weeks have been in whole creation. The size of the losses are not imaginable for us humans.

      Planets have been destroyed.
      Star systems have been destroyed.
      Galaxies have been destroyed.
      And not only a few.

      The prize for the freedom of light has been very high. And i am not talking about "material". This can be replaced. I'm talking about lost souls. Forever lost souls. Crashed souls.

      Imagine a sandbox with children playing in it. Take one grain of sand on your finger. That's earth and the mankind. The sandbox is what we have lost....

      So what can we talk together here?

      I am very sad about all this. But i have to do my job, and i will do it.

      LV: The numbers are all about earth incarnated.

    3. 4 minutes ago earth arrived in base of PL11. This means ascension of earth is finsihed now.

    4. yes, the BS is flying high, isn't it Ham :)

      not to worry, we've turned into spiritual warriors here too...

      Love and Light brother.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. ALERT : Consummate your Relationship with Gaia

    GaiaPortal Energy Message for 15 Oct 2012

    Consummation of each Hue-man relationship with Gaia is called for at this moment.

    Encouragement from Gaia is to allow chattering energies to pass, and embrace the deep harmonics of Gaia Nueva, The New Gaia, The Emerging Gaia.

    All other on-planet vibrations are secondary. And not helpful to Hue-manity General.

    We repeat: one moment at a time, in this “now” moment,

    “Consummate your Relationship with Gaia”

  17. New Cobra interview @ Galactic Free Press ..

    Thanks to all !

    Victory is near

    1. Thanks for posting IAL!As always, great interiew by Cobra!

      Love n light

    Thank you so much for the conversation last evening. I am enclosing my
    International Affidavit and links we spoke about last evening regarding
    radio interviews on our international stand.

    1) This interview was done on Sunday October 14th, 2012 on wolf spirit
    radio with Thomass Hughes

    please download and listen to this interview, in this interview I am
    refereed to as Sunson7:

    2) I have another interview this Thursday October 18th, 2012 on blog talk
    radio with Cathie Bradshaw at 6pm MDT, in this interview they are
    referring to me as SUNKE aka Maryjane

    3) Some amazing sisters and I have another interview on October 21st 2012,
    this Sunday with Wolf Spirit Radio on 'All That & A Bag Of Chips Too -
    with Thomas Hughes', the show runs from 9am to 11am pacific time you can
    link up to listen to it through this link

    Enjoy sharing with you all and look forward to much more.

    Walk in Peace with many Blessings
    IsIs Maryjane Blackshear

    Is this Maitreya ? Listen carefully to her message to the world and cruise her site, oh my Goddess, listen to her creation story, herstory, from memory !! ; )


  19. Return of the this gonna be your decision day?

    In Love and Service,