Sunday, March 10, 2013

Implant Hemispheres and Galactic Central Sun Activity
There has been a lot of progress of the Light forces lately on the non-physical planes. The Light forces are accelerating the clearing of non-physical negative entities and they are driving them out of all areas around the surface of the planet except from the so called implant hemispheres.
Implant hemispheres are areas of distorted spacetime continuum around the etheric implants. Each incarnated human being has received etheric implants by the Archons just before incarnating – the so called veil of forgetfulness. Those etheric implants are actually multidimensional black holes which contain anomalous matter and distorted quantum fluctuation. Each human being has three of those implants and they create a quite stable interference pattern which keeps the consciousness of the human being within the Matrix. This interference pattern creates an energy field of anomalous distorted spacetime structure around the implants with a radius of about 100 feet with the three implants in its center. This energy field was spheric until very recently. Last month the Light forces have managed to push the lower half of that spheric field of every human being towards the surface of the planet so now only the hemisphere above the surface remains. When many people are located close to each other, implant hemispheres tend to merge and create a unified distortion field. This is the main reason why the energies in large cities are not very good usually.
Those implant hemispheres look like this:


In the last week, many non-physical negative entities were driven out by the Light forces from all other areas into the implant hemispheres. These implant hemispheres are the only place where they are relatively safe from being cleared by the Light forces for now. The increased presence of Light is compressing the remaining darkenss. You were most likely able to feel this compression as extreme tiredness of the physical body which is undergoing intense tranformation. Many people also experienced energy attacks from the incoming negative entities and headaches because of increased implant activity. All this will be somewhat less intense from today onwards.
The most secure place for the negative non-physical entites to hide is in the sector of our implant hemisphere which corresponds to our traumatic experiences. When we experience a trauma, we tend to go out of the body and in that very moment usually negative non-physical entities attach to our energy field. Because the trauma is usually suppressed, we are not aware of those entities and they can carry out their plans undisturbed. This is the main reason the Archons have designed trauma-based mind programming. 
Until now, the existence of implant (hemi)spheres was one of the main secrets of Archons and the reason of their confidence in the last 25,000 years. This intel is released now because the increased activity of the Galactic Central Sun will begin to dissolve the implant hemispheres. When they are disintegrated, this will be one of the biggest victories of the Light forces in the last 25,000 years.
The Galactic Central Sun is slowly beginning to increase its activity during this month of March. Comet Panstarrs is a cosmic trigger which will connect the consciousness of the surface population with this increased activity of the Cental Sun. This comet will make a spectacular show in our evening skies in the next few days:
The activity of the Galactic Central Sun will increase drastically after the activation of the portal on May 25th and will be extremly high during June, July and August. This is the time period within which the Light forces will be making great progress with deconstruction of the implant hemispheres. It is not possible to predict the progress of clearing of the implant hemispheres in detail because the exact structure of the anomaly within the implants is not understood well enough yet.

Increased activity of the Galactic Center is a direct consequence of a passage of an interstellar clound named G2 close to Galactic Center in the summer of this year:
The passage of G2 close to Galactic Center will not trigger a Galactic Tsunami nor a global coastal event as some people are afraid. There is no »hot Jupiter« star within that cloud so no Galactic Superwave event will be triggered. Anyway, the Galactic Confederation has shielding technology which can protect the ecosystem on the surface of this planet and also to stabilize the tectonic plates. So there will be no drastic cataclysm happening. But definitely strong energies will be present which will mercilessly continue to wipe out all darkness until the last Reptilian is gone.


  1. Thanks and keep up the good work everyone ♥ I feel the beginning is near.

  2. I thought that forgetfulness veil was intended by God? I read somewhere that the veil was part of the human experience. Was it part of the divine design?

    1. As I understand it the divine plan included archons and their creations so indirectly the veil is intended by all of us (god) from our allmighty and all-knowing state of being.

      Sometimes one thing can have several explanations depending on from what perspective you view it, and all explanations could be true from different viewpoints.

    2. patagod, that is how i would explain it too. it was someone's (ours) bright idea to experience separation from source, haha. but i also think they have REALLY overstayed their welcome. if they didn't put up such a strong fight maybe they could have been out a while ago. deb ariel pietsch talks about 9/11 putting us on this timeline where lack and separation continued.

    3. Biblical God (Yahweh) might be a reptilian "god"

    4. Yahweh or more correctly YHVH is the name of the Logos of humanity and is part of a series of names of "God" in the qabbalah that when properly utilized can unite the user with certain higher states of consciousness. A logos is kind of a group mind. God is the name of a Germanic deity. To say the Creator of humanity is reptilian is true in some respects, but this is not to be taken literally on the vulgar plane. (Research Hu ) To avoid confusion, when talking about the penultimate being, I like the Hermetic term the All. Very specific and can't be misconstrued.

  3. Will the event only happen once the implants are removed?
    Love nd Light

  4. Me alegro muchisimo Cobra!..y gracias por toda la info.

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  6. I live in a large city and feel these energies, especially on public transport. I have been shielding myself but I am wondering is there more that I can do? Any suggestions are very much welcomed and this way I will pass them around to others. Thank you for this wonderful information and your work. In Light and Love.

    1. It used to bother me too. From the many techniques I tried, mantra meditation works best for me as a good archon repellent, even in the crowd. I also focus my attention on my body, observing my breath and heart beat. Some interference is unavoidable, so when I come home I clean myself with pranayama, meditation, aura visualization, etc. A nice shower can also work miracles.

  7. This explains a lot! I cannot wait till those barriers are dropped. I take it we will remember our past lives and the victories and mistakes we made? I do hope we will have access to the language knowledge from those lives. It would be great to reacquaint ourselves with the countries we once lived in. It would be so cool to get to go on a visit to Japan and be able to speak the language from my memories. But first things first.

  8. Very high density information, thank you Cobra <3

  9. This is really good news. Thank you Cobra and everyone.
    I would be grateful if you could give a bit more clarification to help from a healing perspective.
    My understanding is that most traumas are registered on the subtle emotional and mental bodies. When you say we go out of body during a trauma, are you referring a more severe trauma and loss of a soul part here? Thus the patient needs soul retrieval?
    When you say that the etheric forgetfulness implants are connected to a black hole, do you mean this hole is outside of the human but in connection with the implant and thus would not be removable by radionic methods, which can remove or de activate other types of implants?

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    3. Hi Morgaine. I had a healing/clearing but it did not have much effect. I was fascinated by the technique of radionic healing, however. I started to practice, find/clear/heal myself this way .People used to use a machine but I use a pendulum, also called dowsing. It is simple, everything has a vibration.The quartz creates a connection to the highest self, guides and angels. All dis-ease is due to abberant vibration. By asking questions, I find where that is and request its healing.The correct vibration is then sent to the patient, exactly where it is needed. This way, we can heal auras, implants, miasms, karmic contracts, curses, traumatic cellular memories, soul loss...the list is infinite. It is simple to de activate implants this way but you have to ask the right questions as there are many differing implants .Also, they are dodging healers somehow. I thought I had got all mine but found 2 more last week, so you have to keep checking. I don't think there is any scientific evidence about radionics and implants, although it is an established but not well known method of healing. I would think it is not spreading fast because those in charge of the planet do not want us to be able to remove their apparatus. I consider it cutting edge healing and I think it will take off eventually. The higher dimensional beings actually do the healings, so it is quite esoteric and most would not believe as yet.

  10. Can you update us on the high levels of toxicity from Fukushima and the ocean waters? It is reported that most food coming from California and US is highly toxic, and the toxic levels in the Pacific Oceans are dangerous. What is/has been done about the toxic levels in food?

  11. hey cobra do you know who alaje the pleiadian is he is a real lightworker and has a youtube account called 777alaje and he makes spiritual videos about lightwork cosmic love karma and reincarnation. You should check him out if you dont know about him.

  12. I live in Hawaii and we are concerned with the levels out here, there are very few reports nowadays on this topic, but apparently much of the Pacific has very high levels of radiation, affecting Hawaii and all of mainland USA, especially the western states.

  13. Thank You for this post.

    It's a gem! This feels to be asking me to look at fear and to find a way to transcend above. For months i have been reasoning with the idea behind rituals such as protection. Protection from each other, the archons and their button pushing snot posse?

    What are we fearing that we need to protect ourselves from? drain our energy, make us muck up, do things we thought we'd never do? We're already doing all of that. Just now we know why. We're already in the matrix.

    To me if we have to protect ourselves then we are fearing and energetically feeding back into this trap of the matrix food fodder, and so the cycle goes on.

    If i change my perspective, fear of never getting out of this merry go round. The fear of every thing else starts to drop away. Seriously i don't have the time to fit in all these rituals before i do this or do that. I'm already struggling to do what needs doing in my day. So if i can master my intent it's a darn good short cut.

    When we live in fear we limit ourselves all this we can change within ourselves and in turn change the world and faster if each one of us starts to live without fear and live from the heart. Trust in that whatever happens you will be alright!

    So to transcend above would be to vibrate so highly that none of this will matter such as the toxic food, dead drinking water, cess pit air we produce and not forgetting the energy vampires, would just not have an effect on us or just be gone...i don't know? but i sure get a boost visualizing a world without it.

    Highering our vibrations could shatter these implants, cling-ons that are taking a ride on the physical. Sounds simple huh...

    Since I've been living with this new way of be'ing and i am very new to shedding the fear. I sure can see the up sides manifesting in to my life. Bit stumped on the needing more sleep and a few more hours in the day, but saved myself quite a few minutes by cutting down on all the rituals. LOL

    Just trying to get my head round it all. This fear is the biggy, crack that and it's a whole new world. <3

  14. Victory of the LIGHT!

    Yes, the comets, 'they' have been hitting us hard with the CHEMTRAILS. It goes from a perfectly clear sky to muck, and they get a good early start before sunrise and go late into the evening. I'm outside when it is not raining. Yes, Sunday was clear for meditation, clear enough to see a glinting object above me very high, as I was laying on my back in the warm sun, then it darted off to the south very quickly. Flocks of orbs, or white objects very high as well. Large birds very-very high circling overhead, gulls, red tail hawks, a bald eagle flew directly over our house and I have a glimpse of it captured on video. Something in the night sky like a satellite moving across will suddenly light up very bright for a moment or for an extended period of time then go dim but remain somewhat visible. I am the poster person for the power of self healing as I have been under attack since 2007. "Today I am willing to release all the clutter within me that created this condition." I have endured more pain than any one could imagine and it's not completely over, but the good news is, it is going away, just very very slowly, almost like a 'transition' of sorts and I'm coming out the 'ass-hole' of something, pardon that if you will, and I am healing. Doctors are hoaxes as I have spent $1000's on insurance and 'treatments' and not one can even tell me what this condition is or anything but take the money and show me the door. I an doing what so-called good doctors couldn't do and figure out what to do to heal myself.
    I will say it again: vinegar. Drink vinegar, clean your body with vinegar INSIDE and out. Something let go inside of me and it was not normal. Almost translucent amoeba like kind of gooey, and the more that 'stuff' left my insides, the better I felt and feel now. The skin condition does not seem to be 'driven' and I feel less anxious about being with this condition and I can attend music school and get somewhat good grades and not worry or feel bothered about this condition. Yes vinegar, white, with fruit.

    Victory of the LIGHT!

  15. My husband is unconcious by choice. He is spiraling and now it makes since. He had a terribly traumatic childhood and he has been getting sadder, more anxious, angrier since the first of the year. I send him healing thoughts but I think he needs others too. Please send him your healing thoughts.

    WOW! Lots of infos to remember.

    It is soooo good to know that things are getting BETTER! Slowly - but steadily.
    Just a few more months.....
    We can do it!!

    Hold on to YOUR WHITE hats!!!!


  17. "For a decade now astronomers have been tracking the progress of a dense gas cloud called G2 which now is rapidly approaching the Galactic center on a very eccentric elliptical orbit (eccentricity ~ 0.95) and is estimated to reach pericenter (the point of closest approach) around the beginning of July 2013...

    "But what about a quiescent core such as that currently seen in our own Galaxy? In this case the outward energy flux is very low and insufficient to adequately expel gas and dust. That is why we have to worry about stars and close orbit passages to the Galactic center because a massive star passing close enough could produce an energy surge large enough to kick the core into its active state. For example, a 50 jupiter mass brown dwarf coming in as close as 1 AU to the Galactic center, could impart an energy jolt of 1.5 X 1053 ergs, equivalent to 150 of the most powerful type II supernovae. If injected in the course of one day, this could send the core’s energy output soaring to 1048 ergs/s, or 100,000 times its current output! This would be enough to kick the core’s genic energy output into a semi permanent active state such as that seen in the cores of Seyfert galaxies. It goes without mentioning, that this would launch a superwave that upon arrival at our solar system would have serious [awesome/wonderful] consequences, such as those that impacted us at the end of the last ice age."

    Paul LaViolette - October 20, 2012

  18. As of today the Archons are still here not as strong as before but stubbornly remain.