Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Event Horizon

Every window of opportunity, every portal is a quantum leap bringing us closer to the Event horizon. With each portal opened, more energy is generated and at a certain point, enough energy will trigger the breakthrough.

That will be the moment of the compression breakthrough and this is what David Wilcock saw in his dream of a storm with many lightning bolts. Each of those lightning bolts represents a compression wormhole, which is a hyperdimensional doorway of Light, connecting the surface of the planet with the Light above and below the surface at the moment of the compression breakthrough.
The Event will send strong ripples of Light throughout the spacetime, forwards and even backwards in time. This is why some of you have already received dreams, impressions and visions of the Event. 
The opening of the Portal on May 25th is NOT yet the time of the Event despite of rumours and hints that you might hear from Drake, Fulford and other people. Those rumours just reflect a certain operation of the Light forces on the surface of the planet which is a necessary substep towards the Event, but not yet the Event itself. 

Before the Event can happen, the non-physical negative forces must be removed. Otherwise they could simply trigger more than 2 million people on the surface that were heavily mind programmed through severe trauma by the Cabal under their projects codenamed MK-Ultra and Monarch. Those traumatized individuals could be easily triggered by the Archons from the etheric and astral planes as part of their endgame to start behaving violently towards themselves and others.
The non-physical negative forces are now gathered very close to the surface of the planet, concentrated around humans, attempting to prevent the Light from entering. They do this to maintain entropy and chaos because this is the only way they can survive a little bit longer. 
There is a certain form of entities that was not mentioned yet. They are called Invisibles because they have the tendency to melt with their environment to the point they become energetically invisible. They inhabit the lower mental plane. Their purpose is to shut down the capacities of human mind and to induce stupidity into the human population in order to keep it enslaved. They are mainly responsible for many distorted belief systems inside organized religions and lately in the new age movement, which has deteriorated from pure beginnings in the 1980s into just another mind programmed cult after the Congo invasion in 1996. One of the main mental tricks of the Invisibles is that »all is well«, suggesting people to deny things that are not well and thus stripping people of their inherent power to change things that are not well. 
The Archons are still using their etheric and astral HAARP scalar electromagnetic field technology to keep maintaining the so-called primary anomaly. Primary anomaly is a random wave function, a distortion of Calabi-Yau manifolds, a field of micro black holes, a convoluted field of quantum fluctuations, a semi-conscious field of anti-life which always tries to suppress Light by default. This was brought into existence out of pure potentiality at the creation of the Universe and is the antithesis of the One. It is the primary error in Creation and the primary cause of all suffering. All the remaining primary anomaly of the Universe is now being gathered around the surface profile of this planet, waiting to be finally transformed to allow the final liberation of our planet, which will then become the last point of Light to join the galactic union.
The non-physical Archons still use wormholes made of this distorted anomalous field to freely travel from one implant hemisphere to another. 
After the Light forces remove the non-physical electromagnetic HAARP field, the black hole singularities will be stripped naked, the micro black holes will evaporate, the Calabi-Yau manifolds will straighten themselves out and the primary anomaly will disappear forever from our Universe. This will be beginning of the end of all suffering and beginning of true healing for humanity.
This time is coming very soon. The final victory of the Light is near!


  1. This is more good news tempered with great intel. on the mechanics of the enslavement plan that has beeen in operation for many thousands of years.
    I will suggest all will hold strong to the light with the faiith of a million suns. Your patience and streadfast adherence to truth and the mighty living light of god within yourself will yeild results soon enough.
    We will not surrender this ship we will invoke the light again and again until final victory is achieved. Continue with all of your heart and all of your being to call forth the divine from the center of all that is, From the center of yourself to the center of creation until you actualize and self realize the absolute unity of all.

    Thank you cobra for this update.

    cobra and I are looking forward to all of you who are coming to the irvine new society conference at the Temple of light in irvine california.
    There are still plenty of room so feel free to come and you may register at the door. You may even come for one day only be sure to click on the link on cobras conference page for the liveyourradiance site which is the address and directions to the site. also contains this information. you may call me or email me by going to and usong the contact page if you are confused on how to get there it is off the lake forest exit in irvine california. peace in the light and the victoy of our radiant one

    I will have a great slide show from egypt trips for all to share at the conference and for those who miss the conference it will be on my site soon enough.

    i will be at in las vegas june 7th-9th

    1. Thank you Rob, and thank you Cobra. We'll be with you in spirit during the weekend in Irvine, and of course, when doing the meditations.

  2. "...induce stupidity into the human population in order to keep it enslaved."

    So this explains at lot. However, more and more people are waking up. The more they do and people start seeing something isn't right, is actually working against them because it's waking people up--the opposite of what they intended.

  3. In January 2011, I began having these crazy dreams of a big earthquake & a huge wave coming over the land, sweeping everything away. As private as I am, I was guided to make YouTube videos sharing my thoughts, dreams & experiences, which are all time & date stamped. I then sat I horror as I watched on March 9th, 2011 as the 1st wave swept over the land in Japan. Although I've always been a very spiritual girl, This was the beginning of the very intense spiritual journey I've been of ever since.

    (During that time, I also began having dreams of being with other Americans in a concentration camp, being held by American & Chinese 'authority' figures. They treated us badly & made us work for them. It is very important to note that I knew NOTHING at all of the Cabal, NWO, FEMA camps, etc.) Not one thought, rumor or fact.

    After having little to no dreams for most of the time in between, I had a dream a few days ago. It was also accompanied with the sense of importance I got with the tsunami & concentration camp dreams.

    I had a dream that a HUGE mother ship suddenly appeared on our skies leaving people freaked out & in awe. What was almost even more fascinating was the information all of humanity was somehow instantly given. We were all given facts regarding the pure corruption of our governments, the lies, deceit & all of the crimes against humanity that had been committed by the 'authority' figures in our lives. They we're all revealed in an instant. Just following the unveiling of the negative, a sense of calm, understanding & love swept over everyone on the planet.. Letting us know that everything would be okay.

    I have no idea what The Event will turn out to be... Just thought I'd share my thoughts :)

    Cobra & Rob.... Huge Thanks for all you do!! You've changed my life forever.

    1. That's a hell of a dream....thank you.....

    2. Thanks for sharing your dream! Very encouraging!

    3. Thanks beloved Dreamandthegirl,

      I had the same experience when I recalled my Ascension on another planet. I was a farmer working on the field and suddenly lots of mothership appearred on the skies. And I woke up. Whenever I tell people about this experience, they always face off with excuses that I was making up this. And some even said I am aligned with the devil, the falling angels (Aliens). I hope the human will get this experience soon. Namaste.

    4. Awesome dream, thanks for sharing it, hope it is prophesy. Last Saturday I awoke to the usual sounds of the neighboring sheep, donkeys, peacocks & chickens etc., but then it was all accompanied by a beautiful angelic choir of male and female voices. They sang the same few notes over and over again and it was soooooo soothing, I just lay there listening and drifting in and out of sleep, it seemed to last for about 30 minutes before fading. Anyone know anything about this phenomenon?

  4. concerning the 'all is well' program... i wonder if this is the same thing as some people (like deepak chopra) saying, "everything is as it should be". and another seer i enjoying reading recently said being opposed to something merely gives it more power. like, if i wanted to attend a march against monsanto, it would just give monsanto more energy. it gets confusing!

    i studied wave functions a bit in quantum chemistry as an undergrad. but that was probably not even scratching the surface of the true science. thanks, cobra!!!

  5. Thankyou for the intel... you always tell it as it is!
    It will happen and hopefully soon.

  6. Any speculation or likelihoods about a general date-ish for the event? Or a marker of where we are now, like 60% or something - and a way to quantify/scale this?

    Great news, Cobra. Thanks for keeping this site up and running... I never really was ok with the "all is well" business, but then again from the Highest perspective, isn't all really well? I just don't know how to bring together the two perspectives - that all isn't well here, but may be well from a higher / the High perspective.

    May the May 25th meditation be an empowering, resounding success. Victory of the Light :)

    1. Yes, from the highest perspective even the darkness (dance of maya) belongs to the game. The hero is even better, if she/he has a strong couterpart. All is well, including to march against Monsanto and to overcome one's sleepiness.

    2. Nothing ever goes away, until it has taught us, what we need to know.


  8. 2 million brainwashed followers!?! that many, really!? that's like a private army equivalent to a country's national defense know its a miracle they didn't just decide that since all is lost lets just activate all of them before we lose that chance to do so.

    So apart from archon this "invisibles" is another "new" undetected enemy. Just like the archon at the time you revealed why just reveal it now with the invisible? what is so dangerous in releasing info about this hidden enemy earlier?

    There is also something I had observe in many channelings of lately, they usually refer our universe as "this universe" implying that there are many universes and each one must have their own creator gods.

    There was this website I remember saying that as vast is our universe that are beyond human comprehension this universe is a mere speck as there are billions of universes contain in a SUPERUNIVERSE just like billions of galaxies in a universe and so on so forth. There are six superuniverse as of current: UVERSA, SALVINGTON, EDENTIA, JERUSEM and MONMATIA ( we are in the newest created superuniverse that I failed to recall which one) and in the middle of these superuniverse is HAVONA the central universe.

    source: www.abundanthope

    two weeks ago I dreamt I was in my condo in the evening looking up in the dark skies as platoon of very bright ships descending from the skies one after the other. it was a spectacular and it felt good but was short. Im in asia so if this is any indication of the event ever happens. it happens to us in the evening and morning over America.

  9. Made me cry.....thank you.....and I've been hearing the "all is well" folks lately.....they keep saying ....."don't worry"......"don't worry" like a chant, even though my life has many issues that are unattended and I've been stuck for awhile.....
    I haven't been able to figure out who's been talking to me, because it's been very busy astrally where I live..... They come with energy that feels like awareness yet never identify when I ask...they tell me their a friend but nothing more...
    Thank you for mentioning the invisibles because now I've gained discerning perceptive

  10. I entered another realm with my friend while on lsd. don't know how its done cause my friend forgot didn't see him for ages and when I asked him he said he couldn't remember (bugger) what I remember is he got me to look in his eyes then we entered another realm. when we were there and I just remember seeing bright lights in corridors that opened to other corridors. was there for about 5 mins. then when we returned no time had past our bodies froze in time while we were there. if this had gone from us to others I sure it would have changed a lot but it didn't happen. now I think about it all the time what could have came from this or why it was only supposed for me to know. Do you know what Im talking about cobra? it would be great if you know what Im talking about

  11. i really hope "very soon" does not mean 3-5 yrs from now!!

    i might have met someone who was under mind ex bf i had fallen in love with (probably not a coincidence). he would have violent outbursts but then not remember when i tried to tell him how extreme he was acting. sooo sad b/c normally he's a very nice, awesome person. he said in the 80's he was in the army in the secret war in central america. he's had very synchronistic meetings happen in his life and got filled in on illuminati stuff by others he met while in jail.


  13. " One of the main mental tricks of the Invisibles is that »all is well«, suggesting people to deny things that are not well and thus stripping people of their inherent power to change things that are not well. "
    I, personally, resonate much with statement, believing that all is well and we do live in la la la land,it prevents Humanity from progressing faster, and in my opinion, channeled messages, Nesara promises with it's false expectations do the rest.
    The mission is not over yet, let's unite on the 25th, let's do the portal activiation as requested, with the strongest of the focus, it's not like a walk in a park, i feel a strong focus is requested to envison a 30m diameter emisphere filled with pure golden bright light.
    United WE Stand - Victory of the Light is near! :)

  14. I am throwing caution onto David Wilcock. If everyone Googles "David Wilcock-fraud", watch what comes up and many of you may realise he is not who he is cracked out to be. He has been found out along with people like Drake and Fulford. If any of you would like to do some digging, go onto Youtube and type in "Lord James of Blackheath" and "Foundation X" which is an anon corporation Blackheath speaks of. Foundation X remains undercover for purposes being they are disliked by the cabals for their tireless work.

  15. Well that where a few very interesting days...Thank you for the Expirience <3

    Thank you also for the info Cobra and speaking about the New-Age Religion...

    Don't be afraid for the Child of Chaos...its through him we learn to become That what we Ones where...The Ancient Ones...and they are waiting!!! :-)

    In Loving Service,



  16. Hi Cobra

    Can you provide any further explaination (or a website about it) of this:
    "They are mainly responsible for many distorted belief systems inside organized religions and lately in the new age movement, which has deteriorated from pure beginnings in the 1980s into just another mind programmed cult after the Congo invasion in 1996. "
    Thanks in advance!! :)

    Amaranth Red:

    There is a fairly good argument to be made that there ARE multiple universes, but the idea has been around for a long time.

  17. Cobra you might wanna listen to this song :D

    If you do it right
    Let it go all night
    Shadows on you break
    Out into the light

    If you lose your way tonight
    That's how you know the magic's right

    Doing it right
    Everybody will be dancing and will
    Feeling it right
    Everybody will be dancing and be
    Doing it right
    Everybody will be dancing and we'll be
    Feeling all right
    Everybody will be dancing tonight

  18. It's obvious to most awakened people that the cabal is playing its last card... activating their mind controlled radicals all over the world to incite global widespread chaos and division. Don't be drawn into their emotionally unsettling acts being beamed to us in every corner by the blind and manipulated mass media, remain calm and centered... and most importantly let's get it done with this portal on Friday!

  19. Thanks to the hard work of the light paladins,there are a good number of people awaken to an irreversible state of consciousness.

    2 million agent is indeed high number.But what is expected?They didnt just sat on their butts until now.

    I bet the high int people of light already has all the answers to these problems,and they will execute all their mission in right time.

    I believe everybody has to continue the hard work,even if it means to holding out a step longer.As can be seen,progress has been made for good.

    I also believe the negative forces know how far they can push us.And they will not try to be stupid.

    Thanks to the light! Thanks to the darkness for making me able to thanks to the light!

    Nothing lasts forever,not even everything.

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  21. Cobra, what is your opinion of the brutal killing of the English soldier by the Muslim fellow in London?

    Is it an engineered event by the Cabal, the work of the Invisibles that you mentioned or a genuine misguided and extreme occurrence?

  22. Cobra, your mention of dreams really resonates with me, and Dreamandthegirl I feel what you mean! Two nights ago I had an extra vivid dream about changes within me and others after first contact - I cannot remember it all but the dream was one of the most vivid I've ever had, and it happened again during the day while I was awake. I remember the feeling of a stronger and cleaner body, telekinesis and telepathy, and huge advancements in technology and spiritual understanding. Here's to dreams becoming reality!

  23. She is Here :-) The Hidden Treasure en the Return of the Goddes

    In Loving Service,



    P.s. I wish you all a wonderfull day tomorrow :-)


    Dear Mr. Benjamin


    Muzzle Loaded Telephone Poles and welded sewer pipes To the illbutt-flunkies (illuminati)

    How to fight the illuminati - scaring them shitless 101.001

    Let's Blow up the illuminati's Bohemia Grove during the satanic Cremation of Care Ceremony!

  25. How soon is "very soon" - like months or years? All I know is the more detached & above it all I become the less I care about my incarnating purpose at all. I honestly think I'm through with Earth. Clean or not - Sacred or Not. This planet just reminds me of too much past life enslavement, failure, and broken dreams.

    While I applaud the Resistance & all the light workers (and Light entitidies not associated w/ Earth) I dare say my spirit will probably have a spiritual version of PTSD and I don't think I will want "anything" after this. Really what is left?

    The prime creator allowed this "enslavement" to happen for how long? I just feel empty. Regardless of how much "light I will be able to carry" or the stories I'll be able to tell & lessons I've learned - I honestly don't think ALL this Enslavement & Evolutionary Path-Karma (whatever) was "worth it"...Granted this is only my current Soul talking (not the Higher Self). I just want all of this subjugation 'non-sense' over. I honestly don't think my Trials on earth were 'worth it'. Maybe that's just between me & my guide - I don't know.

    Keep it Up Higher Beings...some one has to I suppose.

  26. LOL- those 2 Million 'Idiots' (Illusion sleeper agents?) are no doubt probably the ones IN or mostly influenced by Hollywood & glamour I'd suspect

    I'm curious how the "resistance supporters" are supposed to treat this 2 Million. Are they like Suicide Bombers? Are they victims? if so, was it against their will? or did they openly "Choose" to be a tool of the Kabal (out of "Fear"? thinking it was the winning side?). Who am I to judge? but on the other hand are not these people openly on the side of the enemy?

    My first question to Cobra, the Pleadians, or the new "powers that be" is how am I supposed to treat these people once the 'Jig is up'? really? I want people exposed, deposed, & remembered as Traitors of Humanity- But who am I to judge? Part of me wants "justice" & the other half just wants to forget all this crap ever happened.

    It's going to be very hard for some of us (with Past Life memory) to forget some of the anger & betrayal we've seen on Earth while 'others' had it "Easy" cause they sold out Humanity. I know this is not the way of "love

  27. I would appreciate to know a better understanding of the primary anomaly and how it could come into being