Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Project 501 Report

Alpha timeline with HVBN until intersection has an increasing probability of p=0.6. The alternative beta timeline with sporadic YXRs, converging into possible next HVBN before intersection has a decreasing probability of p=0.4 due to increased grid ratio.
Beta strategies have not yet been modulated and will come in a separate report. 
There are three major intersection probability peaks.
The first one comes within the first half of the RR2-3 intermediate period, p=0.3. Alpha timeline is classified P501 with gradual M increase but without any hyperphasic intersections. Hyperphasic intersections come in cascading convergence only as we limit towards the omega convergence point. Beta timeline comes with declassified P501 with RM intersections as soon as possible. 
There is a minor peak towards the end of RR2-3 period which coincides with L2 penetration point. 
The second major intersection probability peak comes shortly after the beginning of the RR3-4 intermediate period, p=0.3. Alpha timeline is partially classified P501 with gradual to fast M increase and with probability of some form of EL contact. This leads to complex interference with existing HVBN on the surface. Some time before the omega convergence point this timeline bifurcates into fast hyperphasic intersections. Beta timeline again comes with declassified P501 with RM intersections as soon as possible.
The third major intersection probability peak comes close to omega convergence point with an antarionid RM intersection which includes P501 and all hyperphasic intersections in the optimal sequence order, p=0.4. Alpha and beta timelines converge into one as we limit towards the omega convergence point.


  1. WOW! this is huge, i almost understand all of this. GL Light warriors!

  2. Um, I think I will just do the Goddess Spiral Meditation so that whatever it is that is going to happen works out for the Highest Good. Sorry I don't understand, but I am sure on some level my heart center does and I will send support, love and Light to the miraculous non-physical freedom fighters and fantastic amazing Ground Crew!

  3. This is the longest coded message I've ever seen Cobra post. I hope it means big things are coming!

  4. Sounds like battle plan for the final offensive!! :D

  5. This post is referencing timelines and the probability of these timelines becoming a reality. IMHO, Alpha = timeline A and Beta = timeline B. P=0.3 is a 30% probability that this timeline will manifest. P=0.6 is a 60% chance and so on....Assuming P501 stands for Project 501, also thinking RM means resistance movement. The key to determining the timing of all this and the million dollar question for us on this side of things is when exactly is the RR2-3 and RR3-4 time frame? Two days, 3 months, 4 years??? Figuring that out will tell us approximately when waiting for the general pop to catch up is over.

    Thinking the Omega convergence point is the "Event" I'm Assuming all references to intersect points and probabilities of intersect points are when both timelines A and B may converge. Thinking the third intersection point appears to be the most desirable and most likely to occur.

    Still trying to figure out what HVBN stands for. Going back through prior posts and this current post my best guess at this moment is HVBN is a reference to a quantifiable measurement as it relates to general human population with the H standing for human and EL contact maybe meaning Extraterrestrial Life contact.

    This all my opinion and i could be totally wrong. I would be open to hearing others interpretation so we all can get further clarity.

    1. Thank you for that. Your opinion matters and is very helpful.

  6. Hurricanes over the half of the world, protests over the other half.
    UFOs everywhere.
    No more crop circles.
    Long coded message.
    ... it's time...:D

  7. Yes, we can do this together! It's time for a new amazing world! We give back our world!


  8. Yes! Here we go now. Victory of Light!

  9. Cobra, be generous...

  10. Oh Papa, is there anything finer than Antarian Silver?
    The Highest Love is the Narrowest Path.
    Thank YOU.