Friday, December 13, 2013

MIBGRID evaluation in progress


  1. MIB = Matched interface and boundary meybe???

  2. Sun – Atria Conjunction between 11 – 15 December

    Our Sun will be aligned with the star Atria again, which shines in the newly recognized constellation of the “Panthera Pardus-Phá”, which forms a heavenly black panther in the pathway of the stellar Nation of the Great Felines.

    “As we learned it is a very beautiful 7th dimensional star, which is shining at the place of the great Panther’s solar chakra.

    This is where the deep certainty originating from the law of the right of freedom irradiates from, together with the dignity of the Goddessly power, by which the Feline warriors set out to the battle with no hesitation and no doubts, if they experienced any abuses somewhere. So this is the power and determination, which are related to the solar chakra, and which the great felines can feel when they set out on a journey according to their mission codes, to become the protectors of certain soul-communities.

    This inner power helps the warriors overcome any possible fears inside of them, because they know that they can only respect the representatives of the power as long as they are governing truly as sanctified rulers, by transmitting the Divine will and by respecting the existence and the rights of the community they are entrusted with.

    If we consider, this kind of fighting force and even self-sacrificing determination can very much remind us of the stellar ray of Rastaban, within the Dragon Nation, and we can truly say that it is the common light-quality of the two warrior nations.

    The self-sacrificing enthusiasm, the way they strike at the forts of power and if necessary they sacrifice their lives even, for the sake of the revolution’s success. …”

  3. Here come the MEN IN BLACK!

    Sing it!

  4. Aquarius Program successful
    GAIA3:16 activated and working

  5. Victory of the LIGHT!
    I was just going to say:
    Some overlapping of airspace going on. Looks like the cabal is playing their trump card. Lets hope the Resistance and the LIGHT forces are good with no nukes going off.
    It makes sense now, the NAVY has large planes in this area on the West Coast, when there is no naval base anywhere near here. Fighter jets can be heard scrambling off to the west at times and I can catch a glimpse of a single red light. Things are still coming out in the night sky. I once said if you watch closely, it's like a billiard game in the clear night sky. I get that 'something is going to happen' feeling, it's hard to tell what is going to happen or if something just happened. But something always happens or just happened and I find out later.
    Victory of the LIGHT!

  6. I hope/pray that this is a sign of progress by the light forces.

    Love and thoughts of oneness to all

  7. In contact with star man. Evaluating the Andromeda constellation with Galileo & The Ancient Egyptians.

  8. Shine bright, shine light
    As a beacon of hope

    Twinkling stars, glimmering sights
    Shining like stars on a clear winter’s night

    Hot cocoa, apple cider
    Baking smells in the air
    Sharing good times with those you love…
    Family & friends who care

    We pray for the best in our restless world
    For our light to outshine the dark
    And hold onto our fondest memories
    That warm our hopeful hearts

    Christmas time casts its magical spell…
    So let us shine light, shine bright

    By Dotti

  9. Cobra, this interview is excellent, much clearer and useful to the public than some of the recent Meadors ones... Please post it on your blog?

    Lois (met you in Florence)

    1. Agree, it is a very good video with excellent info. I was trying to post it a few days ago but don't know what happened.

  10. I would like to express my deepest "thank you" for the growing unity demonstrated by so many within our Family of Light.
    The grid that has kept us hostage and disconnected from the source - and from each other - for aeons, is crumbling. Light is information and a more direct connection to this frequency, is rapidly becoming more accessible. This clearer connection makes our views on life less distorted, memories less fragmented, and assists in remembering the truth. Yet occasionally, the mind may still play tricks on you. If that happens, immediately tune in to your heart, trust what you feel to be the truth, because it is.

    This video (link below) was an integral part of my wake up! couple of years ago and as a reminder, still watch it often. In case you have not seen it yet, please enjoy.

    Pleiadian Message - Wake up call for the Family of Light, the full version.