Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Return To Innocence Activation Report

Our Return to Innocence activation was a partial success. Although the critical mass on the surface of the planet has not been reached, we have still managed to anchor a lot of energy of innocence into the planetary energy grid. This will help dissolving the Matrix in the near future.
Our core group in Glastonbury was extremely successful, fully anchoring the energy into the Glastonbury vortex and transmitting it into the etheric planetary energy grid through the leylines. Instead of heavy stormy weather which was forecast, we created this:

Just before the activation we have been guided to visit a subterranean energy vortex in Glastonbury and it was a very special experience. That spot is one of entrances into subterranean tunnels and while we gathered around the sacred pool, we were being discreetly watched and blessed by the Resistance. 
Although the window of opportunity has closed today, we have collectively managed to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet significantly with all the portals we have opened in the past. This means that the Event can now also happen anytime between windows of opportunity and the next window of opportunity in spring next year means only an increased probability for the Event, which can happen before that, then, or after. The Light forces are doing everything to prepare the surface conditions for the Event so that it can happen as soon as possible. 
More details about the planetary situation and the Event are coming in my next update.
Victory of the Light is near!


  1. Thank you Cobra and The Resistance for all that you are doing for our planet!!

  2. Thanks for all your work, Cobra. Your information has changed the way I see the world from top to bottom. You have helped to expand my consciousness and my understanding of what is really going on behind the scenes, and this has given me hope and a tremendous enthusiasm for what is to come.

  3. Thank you Cobra, this is what we needed to hear, we 're going the right direction!

  4. Cobra: what is the plain for UN's Agenda 21? Will the UN also be dismantled?

    1. The UN will be transformed and all of the people working there will work for Humanity and the Planet

  5. Thank you Cobra, Merry Christmas to All ♥

  6. Before and up to the Innocence activation There was a lot of energy Momentum going into it. During the activation I felt a wall which to me was very difficult to work through during most of the activation until the end when I sense an easing and much Love and happiness for a few hours. Ever since then there has been a blast of intense and very harsh and negativity around me....... Almost like the Archons and or Bad guys were waiting...............

    1. Gosh, I can relate! Trying to do the Return to Innocence activation was really really difficult! I felt very disconnected and disoriented/dizzy. And that feeling has been increasing...trying to fill my head with doubts about this whole thing. But I just keep trying to focus on the breath to get centered and then go back to the heart. The heart is always connected to The Source (the Tao) and the reptilian minions can't ever change that. When things get rough, don't listen to your head, listen to your heart!

    2. Soullvx, that is exactly how I feel. Almost as if they know how to hit me where it hurts the most. I do wonder if this negative energy is being directed by them because it usually comes from those I least expect it to, out of character for them. Maybe they are attacking all of us meditating as one to release them. Almost like a demon during an exorcism.

  7. Is there an actual time limit on this situation, will we still potentially be struggling along in duality after the close of the 2nd window of opportunity?

    Please Cobra, I need to know, is this just going to drag on indefinitely?

  8. I feel like the same will be for the petition. Not many people can sign it because of the site and some just dont know about it. Is the petition that valuable or will we be able to make a decision without it?

  9. I had a feeling that this one was not going to be *as* successful as the previous one, since it's Christmas and all, but I do want to say that it's hard not to be excited about where we are right now.

    I can really feel the near future being very bright. I had a dream about getting some healing done, like going to see a doctor but 100x better.

    I believe that no matter how enlightened those of us who have been keeping up with this stuff are, once it all happens it's gonna hit us just as hard as everyone else. I don't get mad about the delays anymore, because we're so thoroughly conditioned to be paranoid and unhealthy that rushing it would be so chaotic.

    I try to meditate, believe the best in people, and listen to Equisync as much as I can, but I cannot shake that influence I know all of you have dealt with. The whole splinter in your mind thing.

    All of us are wounded, tired, and are so used to being in pain that it's almost like nothing else can be possible. A great kiss turns into a breakup, a great hero story just feels like make believe, and a great song just distracts you from the bills, the talking heads, and 24/7 advertising meant to rob you blind.

    That isn't just going to go away just because the TV starts talking about ancient Italian families, heads of state, and bankers' crimes, the banks close for a little while, and the good guys win.

    We have to cry it out, face our life's traumas, deal with the memories of who we've been in the past lives, and put the medicine on the wound. I think that's the part that everyone's really afraid of deep down.

    With the bad guys you have someone to blame. Point the finger "It's his fault!" Are you ready to possibly realize that you were one of those people in the past?

    What if I was Vlad the Impaler or one of the Catholics that helped enslave Central America? What if I was a Nazi torturer or an assassin who killed dozens of good people for money and the favor of psychopaths?

    The real work hasn't even started yet. I know when I start that process without my attention being interrupted by these programs and Archons that I will finally be free, but facing the entire truth is gonna be hard.

    I know I'm going to be satisfied knowing I was right all along about the "conspiracies" and "urban myths" but it's not going to be as satisfying to find out how I helped those entities in the past bring us to this point, willingly or not.

    Anyway, the day the Event happens is going to be the best news in human history and the start of a new journey that I really hope I'm ready for.

    1. Equisync- Contains Subliminals

    2. I feel much the same way. I was hopeful, but deep down conversations I've had with many people make it clear that we're not quite there yet. Even those trying to wake are still stuck in polarity and wanting to think about this in an "us vs. them" paradigm. It's not helpful to us to stay in that mindset, because it will not help us solve our global problems. Even many of the "bad guys" may have a chance to be healed once the whole matrix of separateness is dissolved. Some will refuse, obviously, and others are going to have a whole lot of explaining to do - but many will join the efforts to heal the planet.

      I've read many different perspectives that all speak of a massive event that will mark the shift of a new age - so many that I stay firm to my belief that it is inevitable. But I also know this a process - hard work and preparation must lead up to it, and even after it there will be even more hard work regarding fixing of problems, healing the planet, and healing the life on the surface as well.

      I'm more well-suited to join the post-EVENT work than the pre-EVENT work, so instead of being upset I'm going to continue meditating and learning how to be a more positive and loving person. My dying friend (see comments to previous post on 12/18) - we'll see what happens. Prior treatments may have done too much damage already, but I can at least try to help.

    3. I have to say that it's quite rare to see a logical, cohesive, and very clear comment-post (no "woo-woo" jargons) like yours. thanks a lot, it really helps to put things back into perspective again (at least for the 'skeptic' people like me)..

    4. @NewAge:

      Ya the post-Event work is gonna be easier since, according to Cobra, our every thought and feeling are manipulated artificially, in addition to our spirits being severed from our bodies. If all that is dismantled, then at least we're taking all that on without the extra unwanted company.

      I imagine our spirits as being locked up in a sound-proofed padded cells in a straight jacket when stuck in an Earth human body. The inspiring thing is that they don't go insane, they're just waiting in happy anticipation for us to set them free and won't be mad. I know mine is gonna make a joke about taking so long, but I've always been a smartass haha.


      I see that too, like everything is gonna be okay and we're all gonna be sunshine and rainbows forever. I don't think they actually believe that it's going to just go poof and then all is perfect, but rather they'd rather not think about the grittiness of it all.

      I bet we're some of the longer-term veterans of the quarantine. I'm only in my 20s and became jaded with all this shit even before I turned 20. I just roll my eyes at every advertisement, magazine, dressed up Cosmo girls who think their getup is going to make them beautiful... I think the whole gradual dismantling of the control grid has at least subconsciously started opening the vault of our memories.

      I'd wager that most of the more skeptical people are spirits who've been there from the beginning and seen so much pain, heartbreak, and suffering that the only way they'll be sure of what's to come is when they can finally interact fully while on Earth. I mean 20k years of THIS?! Who is gonna get suckered after all that and being stuck in a body that has no idea what's going on every time they're re-incarnated with "The Golden Age is coming" and "The New Renaissance is about to be here!"

  10. Light spread across the surface and through the planet. Bless planet liberation come across fully ahead !

  11. "only an increased probability" ? ... hmm...

    Allow me to ask this as honestly & kindly as possible (hopefully, this time there won't be any more of you here who *still* mis-understand and/or mis-interpret me & my question as something 'negative' -again-..) : If, let's say, "The Event" do not happen, then what will all & each of you do next?

    - from Indonesia -

    1. Hi Niki,
      Your question makes sense. Comparing the partial success of this activation with the grand success of the previous one shows that true strength comes in numbers.

      Join the resistance?

      If everyone would stop paying bills (tax, rent, etc.) for 1 or 2 months, it would take down the system. Legally this should not be a problem, you just get some reminders. And then the banks can be nationalized and the politicians fired, like they did in Iceland.

      Appeal to ET for intervention? Let's do it now:
      "ET Matrix take down please. Beautiful Xmas present this is. One we all are."

      Anyway life moves on. As they say in the East, "This will also pass."
      - from Europe

    2. Niki, the Event will happen no matter what. Let's say that Cobra is crazy (which I know deep in my heart that he isn't), but let's just say he is. The dollar is going to collapse any day now; the BRICS nations have formed an alternative world bank without the petro-dollar; and the approval rating of Congress and President Obama is in single digits. Even if aliens don't help at all, the Cabal is toast. The only thing they could do is stage a HUGE false flag (nuclear) or start WW3 to get out of this mess. They haven't done that yet...and probably can't. No matter how you slice it, the Cabal is toast.

    3. The Event is a Metaphor for the Shift. It takes a Critical Mass of People who make the Shift, before the Masses are experiencing this Shift spontaneously. In Science it is also known as the 100 monkey theory.

    4. Beloved, the word event is a metaphor for what we call the shift of the ages. This shift starts with individuals who change their vibration. When a critical mass of people did this shift, we come to a point where the whole Universe makes this shift, which is also called Quantum Leap or also known in Science as the 100 monkey theory.

  12. Thor, Tyr, Odin and Baldr have blown the horn of death. When the gods go to war off in a different realm or dimension. It's never long before those on earth feel the after affects of the battle.

  13. Thanks Cobra ! Victory for the Light ! Event please come very soon. =]

  14. Thanks to Cobra, and the RM.

    I pray that the Event will come soon.

    Victory of the the Light !

  15. Thank you Cobra! The Return to Innocence has created a beautiful awareness.

  16. Victory of the LIGHT!
    Cobra, once again, there needs to be credible observation, photograph, video of something not of this world as we know it. No one is going to 'awaken' unless this kind of 'event' happens. Think of a 'sighting' as a pre-event. Credible evidence that will make it to the main stream media and to 'Joe Beer Can' who watches nothing but football games. This is one of those 'Think About It' cases.
    Think About It. What would happen IF there were to be credible evidence of a craft, vehicle, being, light source, sound source not from anything Earth bound? That is a question to you Cobra. I for one would like to have an answer, as I see my request as normal inquiry when trying to 'sell' something to the world public.
    THINK: I have a 'product' I am trying to sell that many people and a good number of people are willing to buy into. Once people start buying into the product, and no product is produced, or speculation of production is assured in some way, how long can I hold off the buyers with no verifiable proof that any product ever existed?
    Cobra, again, this is a question to you. Critical rational thinking rules this topic.
    I want an 'awakening' and there is only one way to achieve such a goal: SHOW THE WORLD what is out there.
    I can tell you that I have witnessed 'stuff' in the sky that I could not recognize. I watched something lit up in the daylight sky very far away. I seen something in the sky that looked like long large brown paper bag. I seen what I though was an aluminum trash can lid soaring high in the clouds the morning after a tornado.
    I know there is more out there, I am convinced. But does Joe Beer Can know anything?
    Cobra, these are questions. If you indeed have communication with off world beings as the 'Resistance' underground, heed my requests and reply with reasonable answers. If you can not, or do not think to reply with something, then maybe something else is going on that should be clue.
    If you really want to keep this hope alive and really reach the masses, honor my requests, please.
    Victory of the LIGHT!

    1. You will have a hard time finding a credible UFO photo or video on internet. NSA has censored them. There is someone a la Snowden that will leak them when it is at least to some degree safe.

    2. Victory of the LIGHT!
      Thank you Cobra for your reply,
      That's a good answer! However, many of us UFO hunters as such are 'camera ready', and what I was referring to was a communication TO the off world LIGHT forces via your communication with the Resistance. Think of a 'sighting' as a request from us humble beings to the beings off this planet. When the opportunity is there, such as a 'live' news or sporting event with media electronic news gathering devices such as a live video camera and open microphone, obviously if a 'craft' was to upstage the subject of the electronic news gathering, then that would be one way to reach Joe Beer Can. Getting Joe Beer Can's attention is the focus. In other words, I am making a request through you to your contacts to the off world beings. Please say Eddie says Hello if you would. Again, thank you for your reply!
      Victory of the LIGHT!

    3. a very clear, straight-forward honest, sharp & concise comment-post that basically also everything that I need to say too. thank you very much!

      - from Indonesia-

    4. Cobra, you're thinking too small if you're stuck on photographic or video proof via the internet. What's needed can be one or two feasible possibilities that I can currently think of.

      One possibility is a limited time mass public landings by positive ETs, preferably Pleiadians since they already look very human and wouldn't generate much fear. They would could have short interactions and let masses of people take pictures and videos of them. This would be a very short visit but long enough for photographs, videos of them and their ships to be taken as well as very short conversations to be held. This would keep the media from being able to censor out this event from the news and would put pressure on all governmental and illuminati/cabal/nwo/archonic authorities to start telling the truth as they would finally be cornered and trapped.

      The other possibility would be a massive temporary hijacking of all communication satellites for the positive ETs to at least introduce themselves to the general populace in way that would be hard once again to deny by anyone.

      In general the average person on this planet needs some sort of undeniable evidence in order to awaken but if either of the two options are able to be accomplished, the MAIN EVENT may be able to happen that much quicker.

      On a side note, I did have personal success with my own Return to Innocence Activation all by my lonesome.

      Victory of the Light!

    5. Cobra, how can the NSA censor UFO videos? do they use some algorithm to track them down? You can find millions of new videos every day on the internet so I wonder how can they get them all.

  17. I see good things taking place. I hear of BIG NAME arrests having taken place in Washington. However, I see many stall tactics involved with this Event. I knew we would not get critical mass with the Return to Innocence activation nor the petition to start the event (which has topped out at close to 20,000). I think Cobra and others knew we wouldn't hit those numbers as well. There seems to be stalling with this event and the numbers of interested and hopeful people are dwindling as they now realize they have to turn back to a 3D mundane existence and focus on coping in this world. Faith hasn't been lost but people are now resolved to the fact that this Event may not happen in their lifetime, if at all. But look around, really good things are happening so please keep your vibrations high and feel all this beautiful energy coming in from source. Love and light is here!!

  18. The event.. "Revulution of the minds", this is what I will
    call it because.. The most important thing for the event
    to happen is that as many peoples as possible wakes up.
    This is said again and again, in forms of information of
    self. Info on banksters, corporations and mass meditations,
    petitions and so on. But being blind to what stands
    infront of us is not something new nor will it help any of
    us. The event begins with an awakeening, therefore "you
    must wake up!". Not only to the banksters, the goverments
    etc. You have to wake up to "yourself". And that will
    anchor new energies of understanding in to "you". Not to
    everybody, but into you. You will not tap in to the
    energies if you can't tap into yourself. Because you are
    energy. Now the question is.. Have you woken up yet? Or
    are you just half awake waiting for somebody else to help
    you the rest of the way "of your life, and your
    responsibilities to your self, to your happiness and to
    your true loves of life". To who you are? If so then
    hear this and be I AM. If u want something you will also
    have to give something.. Like effort. Victory to each
    individual will come. When it comes to you is up to you
    even if the event already has happend. As the goverments
    may change, will u?

    Here we come..

  19. Exhausting. Is all I can say about last night. Were godamn strong. Now I rest and heal. The light gathered so far is intense. We need more, we need to overload this motherfucker.

  20. Like I have said in the previous posts, we definitely (& urgently!) cannot depend on the 90%-95% majority of "sleeping" people/humans on this planet, because of one simple fact that they simply still don't see any real, solid, tangible PROOFS of other alternatives / existences, other than their currently "material/physical everyday" lives/existence!

    That is why I kept urgently repeating & repeating that: Cobra and the Resistance et all (including all of us here) need to really focus on the LIGHTWORKERS community, especially NOT to dwindle & crushed their hopes and works, that MANY of them started to feel soo much disbelief & lost their faith, due to their everyday's very *REAL* 3D's "mundane earthly material/physical" existence such as: survival, paying increasing bills, making money (can't be other way in this very 'LIMITED' reality/real-world right now!), taking care the daily chores, routines, even interacting with the 90%-95% majority of "simpletons & skeptics, pragmatic" type of people/humans EVERY SINGLE DAY!

    Therefore, the BEST way I can think of is, really, only one: for The Event to quickly happen/manifest as soon as possible without prolonging/delaying it much longer/further, which I'm afraid would turn down even more lightworkers everywhere, and hence, the dwindling-down of even the petition signers!!

    I will truly leave with this remarkable quote, one of my favorite quote actually, from the movie Batman Begins:

    "People (often) need DRAMATIC (or Tragic) examples (or events) to shake them out of apathy."

    - a truthseeker from Indonesia-

    1. I could NOT agree MORE, Hugs to you Niki ~!

      What you said is what I think all the time. Let me just say in the enlightened/awaken community here ,China that many people are having the same opinions with yours, not only me. The lightworkers in China are not easy either, sincerely. They have their daily normal lives, they are also struggling for survival, paying bills, feeding children, making money etc. AT THE SAME TIME, they have to deal with the people who have been programmed and skeptical and AT THE SAME TIME they have to keep the faith !! Can you(Cobra & RM & Positive ET in the sky) imagine how HARD are they ?! Sorry, I am not blaming to you, I just want to make you know the situations.

      For example, let's say not joinning the cabal's games , how many people can actually do that ?! How many people can keep the faith and belief in Cabal's matrix and under the peer pressure, elder pressure, social pressure, family pressure, especially in China there are the centuried tradition and culture that "Respect and listen to the elders, following others and not individualism/personalization".

      How hard we are in such background ! WE ,the lightworkers are normal humans, we could exhaust the patience, we could be lost in the matrix, we could lose fthe faith , we are sufferring from stress ,all the pressure, I REALLY don't know where is the end , I REALLY don't know how long I can stand my ground. Please ,RM and positive ET, listen to our voices and take the actions, we will always be with you. Let's liberate this planet !

    2. You speak for many of us. Thank you.

  21. Regardless, amidst honestly some of my 'healthy skepticism', I will also nevertheless try to join in the weekly meditation & every other important "liberation/portal" meditation. Because, even though I'm perhaps still 'newbie/beginner' in all these truthseeking things, somehow, yet I can feel deep in my HEART that I NEED to do this important task as well... at least that's what I could explain in words, for what I've been feeling..

    It is sincerely (and urgently) my hope that this is all going to be for real, and not just some placebo effect or my imagination only..

    - from Indonesia-

    1. "Sincerely and urgently" also my hope that this is all for real.

  22. Once a normal work day is 4 hours (instant 2X jobs), taxes are fair (nothing to do with wages any more), and advanced transportation systems along with no reason for wars do away with borders... should something like a facebook/youtube be put in place for world employment..? Need a job..? just send an email, and go to work in the hour.

    More important... why isn't it that easy yet..?

    1. All taxes are arbitrary property theft, and therefore, a violation of Natural Law. They can never be "fair".

  23. Hi Niki & everyone!

    First of all the Event will happen, & since everything exists right now, in a sense has already happened! The only reason that we haven't experienced it yet is because of fears / doubts that people have. These fears are natural as our true selves are rising these things to the surface so we can heal them. Our true selves aren't doing these things to punish us, but to make us free - Once we get to the point where we KNOW everything is going to be perfect & don't worry whether things go a certain way, are we truly free to allow magical events to happen!

    To answer your beautiful question - what will I do if the event doesn't happen - it doesn't change anything for me - once you know unconditional love it doesn't matter what's happening around you, since that's what you're choosing at every moment - practicing love from within, regardless of what's going on outside you. This is our true nature & allows others to do & feel the same (in their own unique way) that much easier.

    In conclusion, the best way you can support Yourself, Cobra & all the beautiful Lightworkers is to realise that these fears, doubts are okay, & once you know that to let them go. Again, YOUR success is assured, since everything exists now, but it INCLUDES your participation, transforming fears with unconditional love & true freedom! Much Love to you Niki & to everyone!!! Merry XMas!!!! <3 xXx

    ( PS - how's this for synchronicity - The Power of Love just came on the TV just as I'm finishing this msg! <3 )

  24. Another window of opportunity that closes and no resolution, so now what? are we going to be doing this for all eternity?? we were waiting for this window for over a year and it's gone now, how many more years are we going to have to wait?? What can we possible do to make this happen? where is the proof that something indeed happened?

  25. Cobra
    i live on a island of the west coast of Scotland and we are used to bad weather,however recently for a month we have had 100mph winds every couple of days! I don't believe this is natural weather. Is the weather being influenced else where or is this gia releasing negative energy's? A simple answer would be great thanks James..

  26. according to Cobra last interview .said comet ISON disintegrate,but I just read on goldenageofgaia wed that is coming close to the planet ,so still going,? wonder ?make your own conclusion .

  27. First of all, I am very grateful that you are making the effort to help us save ourselves. But most of us are so jaded. The number of times that we have been fooled by corporations, governments, telemarketers, insurance salesman, etc is astounding. I think that the "implants," (is this another way of saying conditioning), must be removed as soon as possible. That is the only way that we can collectively grasp the significance of what is happening.

  28. So.. Let us all enjoy that brief moment of relief which self-pity allows... and then get back to work.
    We are all big juicy powerful spirits, and Learning to Love under very difficult circumstances is why we came here. If it was easy, most of us would not have bothered, but would likely have volunteered for something else, somewhere else.
    Remember the Quest:
    To dream … the impossible dream …
    To fight … the unbeatable foe …
    To bear … with unbearable sorrow …
    To run … where the brave dare not go …
    To right … the unrightable wrong …
    To love … pure and chaste from afar …
    To try … when your arms are too weary …
    To reach … the unreachable star …
    This is my quest, to follow that star …
    No matter how hopeless, no matter how far …
    To fight for the right, without question or pause …
    To be willing to march into Hell, for a Heavenly cause …

  29. People can be pro "Event now" and also be pro "protect privacy". This is no contradiction, instead, this are both values and qualities of the Light. Currently, the petition requires one to fill out personal data. If I leave that areas blank, I will get an error, and I will not get forwarded to the "signature completed". It doesn't really help that "sign anonymously" means that the personal data will not be displayed on the front page, it will be in the databases.

    Many lightworkers, as the more conscious ones on this planet, will also be very conscious about their personal data and its usage and distribution on the internet. I therefore suggest that the petition is re-thought of, that an alternative is offered which allows a more anonymous signing process. Does the GFL really need my phone number? Can't we settle this after the Event?

    In one of the interviews Cobra said to concentrate on one's connection to the Self and one's intuition and one's own critical thinking. At the moment, the petition seems to me like a phishing attempt for personal data.

    So maybe one can upload the petition to a different site with more privacy protection, maybe or some other site where it is easier to sign things off.

    I also would like to make a comment about the general support from the lightworker community on this planet. We already had at least three portal activiations with "above critical mass", meaning around 200.000 people or so. There has been the Avaaz campain "put bankers behind bars" with 700.000 or more signers worldwide. This in principle is a boiled down version of Cobra's petition, understandable by the human masses. There also has been some "disclosure now" petition, I think by Stephen Beckow one or two years back, I think they also had around 20000 signers in the US alone. There has been the "Citizen's hearing for Disclosure" event with many backers.

    I'm recounting these to made it clear to the light forces off-world that there really IS support from the light forces on the surface.

    I also want to address the off-world light forces directly. Assume that in one hour, the "critical mass" of 144.000 signatures is being reached. Then the GFL says:"Yay!", and jumps into action. This implies that regardless of whether enough signatures are being reached or not, the GFL has the ability for action. It is more a sort of choice they make that they think they need 144.000 signatures to be "officially" invited. Why not 10.000? Or 1.000.000? Or just 1? You see, there is a certain arbitrariness in this number. In the very same situation, the same individual or group of beings can make a different choice and say:"Okay, the 19.000 already signed are enough for us to take action." It really is a conscious choice of the GFL.

    So to repeat:

    - Put up the petition on some other site where it is easier to sign with less personal data being involved.

    - There is "above critical mass" support on this planet, we already have proofen it three times.

    - It is a conscious choice of the GFL to "require" 144.000 signatures, it could also be less.

    1. I don't think there is any reason to worry about the petition. I think it is just a formality; so the ETs can say they at least asked the general population to assist. There is no way they would have spent decades, and perhaps even hundreds or thousands, of years to get ready for this moment and then say, "Well, we didn't the required number of signatures. Let's just pack up and leave Earth to the dark ones." That would be really heartless! I think that if we all do our best to get signatures, that should be enough.

      Personally, I made a YouTube video; sent a general invitation to my mailing list, sent a personal plea to the most spiritual people in my mailing list; and posted the link in David Icke Discussion groups. I don't know what else to do. (The low number at this point bothers me, but I think the Cabal has something to do with that. I mean, this blog has over 8 million views in two years! Surely we could get a better response than a slowing creeping up 20, 423 signatures!)

  30. i'm sorry, but i just dont get it! Maybe someone can explain me about 4D. So at the first of january our planet is going in to 4D, that means we all are going in 4D? How about those who didnt make it? How we will feel the difirence? Or we are waiting for the event and after the event we will feel something? Im confused about all this.

  31. For all the ones who want some prove that things are changeing. This is the video of a mainstream programme here in the Netherlands. This is part one of an special about the banking system...And low and behold they are talking about the things in the banking industry that many many of us are knowing for years now :-) :-) :-) Sorry there is no translation available...But I Am sure that someone of you have the time energy and talents to make that possible :-)

    I also want to share an other "Picture of Now" with you All.

    I wish you a very lovely and Loving day where ever you are and who ever you are.


  32. Allow all of the One to merge back into the fullness of unconditional love. Bathe this realm in the divine grace of the eternal Lord. Baptize us into the most holy depths of the inner sanctum. Let the One dance in the Void of Truth. I AM this. I AM freedom itself. Where is other here now? What can even be uttered when in this holiest of unions beyond unions? Merge me into you. Let no thing remain.

  33. Here is the problem again very clearly outlines in the Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) interview with Alex Jones of Infowars titled "Massive awakening is occurring" at (also available via In5D news reports at )

  34. Excerpt from White Cloud: On Seeking the Savior Within, channeled by Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara), December 25, 2013 at

    "Among some of the Light workers, there are those who seek to be saved by their star kin. There is resentment and anger among these individuals due to the fact that the galactics have not landed upon our shores and begun the work that has been promised through some channeled messages.

    Do you not realize that you are the Ones that you have waited and longed for, beloved? Until you do, your star kin will be unable to meet you halfway up the staircase to Heaven.

    You question our words and our veracity; such is the wont of those who will not accept responsibility for thought and action. Constantly these project their own self-loathing and judgment out upon others, including the galactics, the ascended masters, the cabal… whoever is supposed to save them or to refrain from destroying this world.

    You are your own saviors. Yes, you have star kin who monitor and patrol the skies above your world, but these are, for the most, beings that exist at a much higher frequency range than the human collective. They are doing what they can to assist, by keeping your skies free of invading fleets. The dark ones who are still upon your planet’s surface are those who chose to play a dark role in this lifetime, as catalysts for your growth and awakening. Wouldn’t you agree that they have played their roles exceedingly well?

    Yes, the time has come for change. Yes, there are still many who suffer in the world, yet still you judge others outside of yourself for failing to come forward to save the many. We ask you something that may shock you, why should they be saved?

    Why should they be saved by another if they have the capacity within to save themselves?

    All humans and we do mean all have the capacity to reconnect with the higher self. Each of you has the capacity to ignite the sacred seed within your heart center that is the seed of your divinity, but you alone have the authority and right to do so.

    Each individual is a sovereign being and until that individual recognizes their responsibility or ability to respond to the divinity within, no amount of saving will break through the barrier of belief and self-hatred to reach the little one who clings to the persistent desire to be coddled by their mother or father.

    We are your kin, but we cannot save your world without your help. The shift that has occurred upon your planet and indeed throughout the Universe has been designed to awaken the master within. To be a master is to exercise sovereignty and power.

    It is up to each one of us to accept that we are responsible for doing our own clearing and integration of the darkness within. Those of us who have mastered the frequencies of the third dimension and have risen up into the clouds seek not to command you to do this or that. The ones who have long commanded and controlled humanity have done that, effectively cutting you off from your power and sovereignty. If we were to step in and solve all the problems and social ills that exist on planet earth, where would that leave the collective? In a state of need and still controlled by an outside although benevolent force.

    So we work from the outside by projecting cosmic rays to the surface of your planet. Those masters of the elements can do these things and much more, beyond the current capacity of your minds to understand. However, know this dear ones, you have the capacity to work with the elementals and to command the most tremendous powers within your own beings, but until you can master your individual thoughts and emotions, you cannot be granted those powers if only for your own sakes.

  35. The Game goes on ... but the bills must be paid otherwise no electricity, no transport, no food, etc. Yet they knew and they want us to solve all the problems by ourselves - isn't this silly? If we can solve all the problems by ourselves, then what is the point of us (starseeds) being here and the light beings surrounding the planet here for what? To see us continue to suffer in pain and agonies every single day? Then, they said "Oh, suffering is good for your soul, your soul will learn and growth" - wondering why they are not here to suffer together with us. Hahaha!

    Because they said "ONLY the bravest of the brave are here" - so what left up there - the sissy one? Hahaha!

    May the LOVE be with you always.
    Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer - sometime crazy at times. (Are you sissy to view my Nebula and Star Realms video and give a comment? Or you want me to call you a PUSSY?).

  36. lightworker77:
    "People can be pro "Event now" and also be pro "protect privacy""

    The reason why many do not participate is fear.

    Fear attracts fear.

    What makes a man in a circus tiger domesticate? Because they succumb to the illusion of powerlessness.

    Fear of people nourishes the Cabal. In reality, we are stronger than them. But by the fear we act according to the illusion that they have built.

    Illuminati Illusion construct.

  37. When I read of people's discouragement I want to share that Soul, that Divine spark of Consciousness that each of us IS, as ARE our cats, dogs, etc., Soul is naturally a happy being. IT doesn't need a new day in the morning to be happy, though IT's happy to work toward making the new day possible. If holding on to sanity seems dicey, there's a wonderful spiritual exercise that may help at It's important to know that Divine Love is infinite, personal, and not within our human power to stop, so learning to accept and appreciate Divine Love at any and all moments is a great start, not only to personal happiness, but, imo, accelerating the promised new day/age/shift/ascension/events (of the good kind)/etc.!

  38. Been thinking about the difficulty with communication, between right-brain dominant, and left-brain dominant people, and how that connects with our low petition numbers. When a right-brain person looks at a rainbow over a portal site after an activation, he rightly see it as evidence of effectiveness. A left-brain person just puts this in the same category as pixie dust and elves. They need pre and post intervention data, hard numbers collected over an extended period. This data can then be used to defend his position to others. Are the methods from David Hawkin's "Power vs. Force" adaptable for this purpose? According to him, the average normal evolution measured during a lifetime is very small. What does a portal activation do to this number? In a similar vein, what effect does it have on pollution particulates? An orientation towards data may change some otherwise unmovable minds.

  39. I apologize in advance for the length of this comment but I hope it will shed light on what many I suspect are feeling. Personally I was raised in a cult and told since infancy that the 'new system' of a paradise earth with no death, no sin, blah blah blah was immanent at any time. Doubting it meant you were weak and sinful even though no proof was provided at any time, I heard I'd never make it to middle school before the 'new system was here', never make to high school..well you get the idea. As an adult I 'woke up' to the fallacy I had been taught was truth my entire life and then proceeded to wake up to the reality that the entire world is just as much a fallacy as I was brainwashed into believing just on a much larger scale.

    My point is, I don't want to replace waiting for Armageddon and the promise of a new system with the promise of liberation. Talk is cheap, action speaks volumes. Being awake and aware, I've seen many starships now, woken up to some remembering of life before 'here', it's more and more difficult to function in a world I see myself completely disconnected from, knowing that pretty words and grandiose claims do not feed my children or keep a roof over their heads. I'm tired of being the fall guy for 'doubting' or expressing my concern when nothing massive seems to change. I can see change slowly happening and am sure there is much more I do not see.

    That being said, I think I speak for many lightworkers when I say, we are f'ing exhausted and we do not need to be told it's our fault it hasn't happened yet. It's like tying a dog to a chain fence and then blaming it for peeing on the daisies beside the fence as if it's the dog's fault.

    This is not an easy ride for any of us, I'd rather be told straight up if it isn't gonna happen anytime in the foreseeable future or ever than to be fed hopium endlessly till the energy is so sucked out of me, I give up. Ever heard the expression fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. That's about where I'm at right now. I want to be proven wrong, I'll welcome it with open arms. Till then, I just see more empty promises and shifting of guilt onto the innocent and hopeful.

    1. Very well said Goldwing.

      (Likewise if change is far-off I would rather be told the truth. I am in a state of anguish, not knowing if positive change is close at hand.

      I follow this blog because at some level the information resonates with me, but my limited mind is kind of sounding alarm bells of perhaps myself being a fool for believing in this stuff.

      I want to help to do all I can to make a better reality, but at the same time I am enslaved by the matrix, trying to make a living within the current weak economy. So I am constantly in a state of fear, worrying about a bleak future.)

      I wish and I pray for victory of the light.