Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A New Cobra Interview by Dr. Dream and Laura Eisenhower

You can listen to this new Cobra interview. It starts at 34:45 minute mark:

Or watch the video here:

A link to the transcript will be posted here when it is available.

Victory of the Light!


  1. They added some new and different questions which was great............Instead of the same old questions................

  2. Nice interview. A bit more revealing. I wonder: is this blog going to be shut down immediately after the Event? If so, I hope that we are told where to find information regarding planetary ascension which has been classified up to this point. I would also like to know where to find the "true" ascended teachings which will be released. After the Event, this blog will probably be crashed for days from the number of hits it will get worldwide.

    1. I do recall him saying at one point that the Blog will likely hang around after The Event as a medium for the Resistance to provide further information and guidance for humanity...around ascension too. But I don't want to put words in Cobra's mouth.

    2. @riseabove thanks for your reply. I think I remember him saying something once along those lines also, but more of a 'maybe' than definitely. But I have heard him say several times, for sure, that after the Event his role will change and he won't be on this planet any longer. I just hope he gives us a heads up before he is whisked away in a UFO. :-)

    3. Me too! I hope it's handed off should he move on to other things in this universe.

  3. Great interview, appreciated the hosts and the questions they asked and of course Cobra too. I also liked how in their wrap up conversation they seemed blown away by the vibe they got from him and the truth coming through. Good stuff.

  4. Please, around 65 min they ask when the Event will happen and Cobra answers but I can not understand what he says?

    1. he clearly says that he cannot give any time frame

    2. yeah, isn't that the same thing with avoiding the question?

    3. Regarding the time frame for the event, at 17:16 mark on the video, Cobra states: "I do not want to speak about time frames for various reasons; number one, the time frames can always change because of the freewill of everybody involved; and the second reason--I would not wish to give the dark cabal the information about this. Of course they're listening (the cabal) and they're making their plans, and it is not the time of information that I would like to reach right now."


    Cobra scores a high five! The new Egyptian Constitution does reflect a positive military view especially of women's rights

  6. Cobra is awesome. Every interview is better and better. I am fired up and want to know how I can help the resistance movement.

  7. A nice change hearing questions come from two different trains of thought at the same time...

    Is the Event a shift to 5D... or is 5D some point after the Event..?

    And is 5D folding space to get around..?

    Being way less dependent on, "things" (money) is a big change you talk about all the time... Can you say more about energy we will be using..? Will cars be up-graded/replaced... Transportation, energy, resources, and man hours (with corporate greed and advertising removed) would seem to be the new standard for price setting of things we will still need.

    Be the Portal.

  8. Hi Cobra,
    I would say that nobody has the full picture of what will happen soon since this has never happened before. I understand from different contacts that you have good intentions with your messages and your work.

    One thing that almost nobody addresses is the suffering of millions of animal life that is treated like the jews in the concentration camps on a daily basis.

    When it comes to demiurg/archons they know that their time is up and they don't dare to stand in way for free will cause that will make Prime Source to act.


    1. Thank you so much McCroft for your much needed comment and input regarding the animal life holocaust. I have also addressed this subject in a 3 PARTS comment which will be hopefully posted here below, soon. So very few "awaken" ones touch on this subject, including reputable and well known alternative media source who are still IN the matrix simply because they still recomend animals foods when we now have endless cruelty free, environmental friendly options already and tens of millions have awaken in this area. Love and Gratitude

  9. Cobra thank you for this interview... I have a question cobra, are you familiar with the work of alaje? He has at least 21 videos on YouTube and honestly cobra his messages have helped me a lot with my awakening, thank you.

    1. +Julius Rivera
      Alaje is a great teacher with simple message. "Love is the solution to everything". Any one wanting more info check out
      for all his videos.
      Love, Light, Victory Now!! Liberation Now!!

  10. Regarding the 777Alaje videos on Youtube, they are GREAT. One of our friends thinks Alaje and Cobra are the same person... we don't think so... but the Alaje videos have helped us a lot too...

  11. Most people unfortunately prefer wishful thinking & false lies/hope more than a bleak truth / reality, as evident in all the comments here.

    I'm just being very honest here. no offense.

    1. @Niki, you are right that most people prefer wishful thinking and false lies, but those people are not commenting on this blog. If you want to wake up, you should start with researching the facts for yourself (as Cobra says in this interview). I recommend starting with 9/11 Truth. It is physically impossible for buildings to fall that way due to fire alone. So, that means there is a vast conspiracy at work on this planet. But then you have to question motivation: why? For a conspiracy to last hundreds, if not thousands, of years, it cannot be motivated by human motivations. If it was just humans, there would be no continuation as the motivation would die off. Niki, when you connect the dots the bigger picture will come into view....and it is very shocking to say the least!! But that doesn't mean it isn't true.

  12. O My Go(l)d! There's no more gold!

  13. Cobra's answer has consistently been "I cannot give exact dates", very different from avoiding answering - the main reason I respect him and what sets him apart from the "new age channelers", most of whom seem to have no idea what is really going on but, who will give you dates, over and over again. NO ONE KNOWS THE EXACT TIME. It is up to the frequency vibration of the collective consciousness, Cobra is no god. Believe in yourself and align with the Universal force that WILL put an end to the madness of what is going on on this planet!
    No one is coming to save us, per se, but help and support us with functions that are beyond humans' control and capability, big difference. Change starts from within, search for information and share. Even the darkest of subjects, which won't go away by pretending it isn't so or that it never happened. Don't consider it fear mongering but, recognition of our true history, so we learn from it and never bring it on again. ALL knowledge will give you tremendous personal power. ALL of it will come out in the open anyways in the course of the Event, for which proper emotional help and support will be provided for .

    It is a scientific fact today, that we are bombarded with a higher frequency from the Galactic center, carried by invisible cosmic rays, which aid in repairing and activating our DNA - our remembrance and consciousness. If you want proof, read recently published scientific articles that deal with technology and cosmos and mirror them to what is taking place on Earth.
    Co-operation requires taking personal responsibility, the driving force behind the resistance movement of the active, awakened population. Everyone has an important role, from respecting nature and rejecting the status quo to meditations to positive "propaganda" to covert activities etc. No one said it was gonna be easy but, worth every tear and hardship at the end. While I deal with the daily garbage, I stay focused on a bright future of a 'perfect balance between nature and technology', along the lines in this video:

    "Visit the Galactic Federation of the Stellar Nations"

    There are people who have already been taking huge baby steps in creating an inspirational blueprint for this very future

    I'm sorry, I try and make it short, just doesn't work that way most of the time


  14. PART 1

    Thank you Cobra, RM, brothers and sisters from within and outside of our planet and beyond.

    Can you please address the subject within this message at length in your new interview?

    Thank you McCroft for being one of the very few who has directly brought up the elephant in the room in your above comment re. the ongoing of the largest spiritual and planetary holocaust and genocide this world has ever seen...against Creator's OTHER children in temporary animal bodies...EVERY MINUTE, hundreds of thousands are tormented and killed in unimaginable ways so humans can satisfy their meat, dairy addictions and lifestyles...

    we've objectified sentient life to such a degree that we've lost reverence at its most basic level for ANY kind of life and we've lost compassion for human life along the way. Human's narcissistic relationship with itself needs to be transmuted through cultivating of and awakening to sentience of LIFE in all other forms, not only of humanus. SPECIsm is at the bottom of pyramid and has started it all, followed by RACism, SEXism, NATIONALism, SUPREMACism, ELIism...

    one ISM after another, we've engulphed ourselves into a self extinction food addiction which wipes off 200,000 acres of forest/rainforest EVERY 24 HRS, so we can continue on with our burgers, dogs, steaks and pizzas, icecreams and leather shoes, completely oblivious to the misery and suffering source to our illusory physical pleasures...

    the galactic and planetary holocaust and genocide at spiritual and physical levels are so astounding, one must either desensitize oneself in order to remain reasonable sane in this world or get mighty busy awakening and shaking every still sleepy food addict living in not so blissful ignorance anymore.

    Astoundingly enough, 9 out of 10 in most well known to all of us alternative media, holistic nutrition, alternative healing, environmental activists, freedom lovers are recommending ANIMAL FOODS for “health” and beauty” are still traditionally, perceptionally and physically addicted to flesh, dairy, eggs and fish which come with huge price and tormented energies, imbuing every molecule of our bodies. Everyone demands freedom and liberation to themselves while denying it to others.

    We have become the ILL-uminati to other sentient earthlings cohabitants, just as we have become to the cabal. WE ARE THE CHATTEL AND CATTLE of the ill-uminati, as much as the cows, chicken, pigs, turkeys, goats and chickens have become for us. We are all numbered right from birth in different ways. While the negatives r feeding off us, we feed off OTHERS. And so the merry go rounds continue on.

    We have thousands of hellspots known and slaughterhouse in this world. I hope this time, angels instead of demons are hovering above them to whisk away the worn out souls from the torn out bodies of innocent, magnificent, sentient beings. Was it worth it? My plan in Creation, here in this world and beyond is to co create with our space families, PREVENTIVE plans of how we will never ever repeat the cosmic error of allowing the crack in the dam become a nightmare of this proportion.

  15. PART 2

    If this was an experiment or a mistake and no one has noticed for many millions of years until it got so out of hand and hard to take control over, at least in 3D realms, its only value stands in being used as a blueprint for future worlds in learning how NOT to do things anymore. Remaining vigilant and aware at all times without allowing so many millions of years to go by until we start waking up. In the US alone, MILLIONS of hunters kill MILLIONS of sentient beings also. I truly look forward after the event to NO HUNTING legislations all around the world and to the ANIMALS POLICE taskforce.

    To open the cages of all animal farms, gradually returning them to natural habitat as they used to be once upon a time before being kidnapped and forced into domestication (just like we've been), all zoos, marine parks, animal labs, circuses, rodeos, corridas, stampedes, horse carriages, working animals, breeders, pet stores, fur farms and stores, wool farms and practically open world’s cages, free and heal with ET technology all animals who suffered at humans hands, with most of us non deliberately or directly involved.

    The EXTENT of animal holocaust is still unknown for a large part of this population because they never question and for those who begin to awaken, they struggle with the deepest addiction, worse than drugs and gambling, alcohol and tobacco: FOOD

    we will need REHAB centers for humanity to purge the steaks and pizzas addictions WHILE we introduce them to the already existing TENS and HUNDREDS of MEAT AND DAIRY, cruelty free versions

    massive education and work in this direction is needed

    we need every bit of support from our galactic friends and families

    we need technology (such as star dusting) who can help us control the killing appetite of the HUNDREDS of millions who have no other pleasure and hobby except HUNTING...STALKING other beings, not for food only but for the THRILL of it

    THIS YEAR, ICELAND is killing 770 FIN WHALES, with NO REASON
    even with so much activism and media/Hollywood exposure, THIS YEAR in TAIJI, Japan, HUNDREDS of dolphins are being captured for food and exploitation
    EVERY YEAR in DENMARK, HUNDREDS of dolphins are captured and killed for a BARBARIC, RETARDED tradition of proving the MANHOOD of those who can KILL WITH BARE HANDS the MOST# of dolphins
    Whales and Dolphins are our EARTH KEEPERS, they need to be here so they can anchor in through their bodies higher dimensional frequencies
    they have a hugely important planetary responsibility, I’m wondering why our galactic families don’t stop their assailants?
    EVERY YEAR, Africa still allows SAFARI TRAVEL where presidents of different countries (most recently, king of Spain) and regular people are allowed to pay big$$ to KILL ELEPHANTS, GIRAFFES and other beings? JUST FOR SHOW OFF? taking PROUD PICTURES near their shot and killed sentient being?

    why aren’t these mad humans (or soulless beings maybe) stardusted and/removed from here already?

    the bloodied waters of our beloved Mother Earth from the insane mass killing, her blood soaked soil from 60 BILLION of land animals tortured and killed for food alone EVERY YEAR in our world, are screaming to put an end to the spiritual and planetary insanity

    to those like us who are awakened, THIS is most urgent situation to be resolved after the event
    as it is, veganism is sweeping the world exponentially simply because this is our only way out of this holocaust

  16. PART 3

    we need more and more political parties all around the world in this area and we already have some in our world (Party for animals)
    we need an ABOLITIONIST approach, not and ANIMAL WELFARE approach to uproot this evil once and for all
    there is NO HAPPY KILLING and EXPLOITATION, no matter how “humanely” a being is raised

    I wish souls would stop coming here in animal bodies for a while, so humans can have a chance to co exist only among ourselves with no other beings in sight to use and kill and eat...
    what will it be next? cannibalism?

    we also need our galactic families to spread some STAR DUST type of energies all around this planet which will make animal foods non palatable anymore...

    so we can introduce REAL FOOD that grows THROUGH the soil and trees, just like our INNER EARTH Agarthan family and galactic families consume

    we need food replicators to replicate steaks, dairy and fish and eggs foods until we purge the evil appetite for another beings’ body and secretions

    we need new tough laws, technologies and control methods to deal with the ones who will still choose to disobey and kill other beings, simply because this is how they grew up with
    TO KEEP TRACK OF THE THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS of anyone who still craves killing in this world and have antigravitational transportation to fastly apprehend any human broadcasting a KILLING INTENT before he/she actually carries it forward

    I’m most positive that our galactic families have already dealt with worlds such as ours, in transition and have such methods and much more efficient ones to deal with in a world which is transforming

    this would be the DREAM JOB of MANY MILLIONS like us who are exhausted from living in such plagued, horror filled world
    Animal task force officers or any other similar job description and title may be

    did you know that the HIGHEST rated TV show on A&E (Arts and Entertainment) TV channel is The Duck Dynasty, a reality show about an American family who has become very rich by inventing a whistle called DUCK COMMANDER which can fool the ducks by sound, attracting them in an area so they can be killed and millions of those whistles have been sold and this TV show has TENS OF MILLIONS of Americans audience and some of this family members go around preaching the gospel of Jesus, God, etc?

    and Nesarablog website was promoting them, asking for people to sign a petition for A&E who has banned the patriarch of that family for his public comments who have offended a certain population group in the US?

    and after the TV show has been bombarded with revolted fans of this show, they were forced to reinstate this guy so they won’t loose the audience?

    SUCH freakshow has become of the US
    from DALLAS and DYNASTY in the 80’s to DUCK DYNASTY, just before Ascension

    blood appetite and cultural, traditional indoctrination in the US alone is staggering

    much work awaits humanity, transmuting so many wrongs

    the SPECIEsm as the root cause of all that’s terribly wrong in Creation, in our world needs to be addressed with most priority at all levels after the event

    I know my space family has heard my desperate pleas and thoughts for a long while and we are looking forward to cooperate and be helped with these requests as soon as possible after the event

    We need the GALACTIC CODEX implemented very fast, as a PLANET CODEX of conduct right after the EVENT
    ALL beings are SENTIENT, HU MANS included

    we need to address the ELEPHANT in the ROOM in this world
    too many alternative news media are still tip toing around and avoiding this vital subject

    In deep gratitude, THANK YOU!
    We LOVE YOU!

    1. First of all, I assume that before you started telling the Galactics what to do, you did all that YOU could do on these subjects? Signed all the petitions on and Aavaz, wrote letters to (for example) the governing bodies of the Faroe islands and the whale hunting authority (this refer to the "Denmark" thing), yes?
      Second: you talk about the whales/dolphins as advanced, intelligent, highly spiritual...and then assume they're too stupid to stay away from the killing shores? Those who can communicate over many kilometers with sound, perhaps much more in telepathy? The Watchers and Galactics wouldn't have warned them? They don't KNOW? Before you ask the Galactics to step in, ask yourself if Jesus christ would have had a greater impact if the Galactics had saved HIM? Perhaps the sacrifice of such large beings, who COULD easily kill humans and do not, looking into the eyes of those covered in blood, has more loving purpose than you yet understand... and if you prefer a more 3D version, whales who beach are usually already sick, and ready to die and studies have shown their meat is contaminated with PCBs, DDT and mercury: instant karma!
      As for cow's milk: what do you know of how a mother feels to have her milk pumped with a machine and/or given to someone not her child? And if that joy and pride in giving pales, and she won't or cannot say "no"...then a cancer of the "breast" is often the result...but much more so in humans than cows... I don't usually eat red meat, but after I was given Cyclophosphamide, which screwed up my blood, I CRAVED it, and ate it 1-2x per day for weeks, every mouthful taken with pure gratitude and joyful appreciation as I felt it slowly giving me back strength and health. I don't follow a "food religion", I follow inner guidence.
      And if you think plants are ANY less alive and sentient than animals, I urge you to read the first few chapters of David Wilcox's "The Source Field Investigations". Once you learn that plants connected to a polygraph give the electrical equivalent of curdling SCREAMS if you just THINK of hurting them, what do you think happens when you dump them in the blender for your smoothie? (and a plant who has never seen a lawn OR a lawnmower always screams when someone who cuts lawns for a living enters the room...think amout that for a while). Nope, when the event happens and we can ALL hear our food, we'll have to realize it's not what you eat but how. I try to have a conversation with my food, do the Hawaiian thing I can't spell ("I'm sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you"), and invite them to be part of me for a new experience. When I don't lose frequency, get 3-D distracted, that is.
      Bottom Line: things aren't always the way they seem, the way you see them in the moment. Truth is, ALL IS WELL and ALL is as it SHOULD be in every moment of now. Even the dark stuff. That doesn't mean "do nothing". Get informed, follow your inner voice, and don't waste your breath telling others what to do, unless they ask your advice.

    2. I agree with you, people are concerned about Women's rights, Gay rights, Human rights & what not, Animal rights is a really really distant thing sadly. To the first person 'Hahnemaniac' 'who replied to you, nice hypocritical answer, loaded with self righteous attitude & judgement. How do you know he is not following his inner guidance? How do you know he is not informed? To me he is very well informed. He is not telling 'You' or anyone what to do or eat. Its a general topic that concerns the whole of humanity. And there are so many fake hypocrites in the so called light-worker community when it comes to the issue of animal rights. Just because they can't control their own craving for meat, when there are so many alternatives available to them. Just as humans have more awareness & consciousness than animals, Animals have way more awareness & consciousness than fruits & vegetables. Don't even compare Dolphins & Whales to ordinary cattle. Carnivorous animals don't have a choice so they kill other animals. No need to use an over-used phrase 'All is well'. Everyone knows ALL IS WELL at the end of the day. I'm pretty sure if you see humans being slaughtered in front of your eyes, you wouldn't be saying ALL IS WELL. P.S. If you see cannibals/Reptilians slaughtering & eating humans, I'm also sure you won't be saying 'every mouthful was taken with pure gratitude and joyful appreciation'...


  18. I seriously hope that all those things are true...

  19. Great interview....So informative...I learn more each time Cobra does an interview....Thanks so much! And wonderful questions from Dr. Dream & Laura Eisenhower!

    Yes, we're all apart of the whole to make the victory of the light happen and what we say, think, do & act affects the final outcome.

  20. Fascinating interview Cobra! I was thrilled to learn more details about how the RM first worked to liberate their own planet (planet x) from the cabal and dark forces, before volunteering to come here and work underground to help free Earth. How selfless and noble of them to do this and how comforting to know that they have been through very similar circumstances. Please let them know they have our deepest gratitude! I for one, plan to do my part in helping Earth’s inhabitants (human and animal) heal our bodies with the new technologies and redesign and rebuild our cities using sacred geometry after The Event.

    I have noticed that recently, more and more galactic history is coming forth and a great deal of it seems to be congruent and complementary. I personally have a deep longing to see the big picture of our Galactic Story and know the truth, so I can make sense of what really happened to us and other planets and galaxies that were affected by the dark forces. It seems as if many planets were thrown out of orbit, damaged or blown up and many actual souls lost (forever) in these intense galactic wars.

    I have gleaned a great deal from Wes Penre’s papers and would be interested to know how accurate you feel his account is. Here is a link to his recent work based on many years of in-depth research. Pay special attention to Paper #5 onward (entitled Lucifer’s Rebellion):

    In the Dr. Dream interview, you confirmed that Lucifer is no longer on Earth. Are you able to tell us whether he is still in our galaxy and if he is indeed the son of the Queen Mother of Orion? What do you feel the chances are that he will be brought to justice or taken out of commission so he can no longer enslave planets like ours or orchestrate any future rebellions, especially if he truly is an immortal being? Any light you can (safely) shed on this at this time would be greatly appreciated!

  21. Ways of showing the way..

    To not be afraid of who I am and don't expect everybody to like and or agree with all that I am..

    There are most likely as many ways to do something as there are people in this world because we are all diffrent as individuals. I will put my intentions to find my way and walk that walk if not even run it just for the fun of it.

    About the animals..

    I belive that one of the many effects of the event or an mass awakeening will be the freedom of the animal kingdoms.

    I ask my self, can I set something free when I am not. And if I can, isn´t it me..

  22. The film summarises and correlates amazing information received DIRECTLY from representatives of the Sirian civilisation (Sirius A system), about several subjects of great interest for humanity at this time.
    It is the first detailed account of what comet ISON actually is and the first "technical" description of the EVENT that will take place on Earth, connected to the action of the comet. These aspects are complemented with some information about the extra-terrestrial civilisations that are contributing to the gigantic divine plan of the ascension of planet Earth and humanity into a superior dimension of manifestation.
    At the end of the documentary some very important elements are presented about what will happen in the years following the EVENT.

    Esoteric GS replies to the comment of Tolec

    Any change you can eloborate on what is going on Cobra??

    Better send The Event Pulse now! Its getting messy out there with them Masons meeting the pope in february, the purging in the USA, the chipping has begun!

  23. Beloved Cobra & RM

    What are your thoughts about SwissIndo? Good guys or bad guys?

    Love, Light, Victory Now!! Liberation Now!!

  24. PART 1

    Beloved Cobra, thank you so much for posting the sequence of material below
    this should keep lots of people here busy until the EVENT
    and it would make a very needed topic for a future broadcast interview

    THIS truth needs to be spoken too, ever more

    hahnemaniac, you’ve got it right, I did all that signing and more and so should you
    you know your way around internet, why don’t you google
    “Iceland killing 770 whales
    Denmark dolphin slaughter
    Taiji dolphin slaughter

    then ask yourself why nothing is being done yet from within this planet surface and beyond
    THERE MUST BE A MYSTERY REASON why highly advanced cetaceans who can teleport, are being drawn year after year in the same spots for this massive genocide and have become unable to defend themselves

    it seems that some unknown methods are being used, just as we, illuminated beings are being enslaved, one generation after another and have become unable,to use our psychic abilities to spot or recognize the multitude of traps to which we’ve been subjected to
    hence, the GALACTIC intervention urgency to help not only humankind but the other entrapped beings

    and your mind tricked you into accepting that red meat helped you “cure”
    if you’ve craved it and felt good eating it, it was because your internal energies were compatible with the energies of the flesh from a killed being

    any disease can be greatly helped with a micronutrient dense rich bio available foods through plant based foods
    if one doesn’t feel good when giving up meat, dairy and eggs, even after a gradual and slow change, it’s not because of the lack of nutrients

    we don’t posses the physiology nor the psychology of a predator
    we are frugivores by design

    Human omnivorism debunked

    animals do not GIVE their lives for us, we STEAL it from them

    killing and saying thank you for allowing us to abruptly interrupt your 25 years life span so I can eat your body is nonsensical
    once you awaken and realize it

    their lives matter to them as much as yours matters to you

  25. PART 2

    don’t settle for OTHERS’ description of reality, CREATE YOUR OWN so you can truly learn through first hand direct experience
    absolutely plants are intelligent consciousness, just like everything else in the MULTIverse
    but help yourself to walk further down that rabbit hole
    why don’t YOU walk the fruit orchards, vegetables gardens start to pick some, observe their reactions
    then move on to a backyard butcher if the hellhouse (slaughterhouse) staff won’t allow you in and observe the action, trying to PARTAKE in it
    then, COMPARE your experiences
    and if going to a place where animal killing is involved, take a virtual tour by
    google-ing EARTHLINGS (documentary)

    then, comeback here and continue on with PLANT or ANIMAL based foods being natural for humans

    you’ve gotta give more credit to the Creator
    I don’t believe S/He has invested so much creativity, genius, love in creating YEARS LONG life span beings only so we can kill and eat them

    SEASONAL fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains, herbs are the actual FOOD for us
    if we don’t pick them, they dry and become organic compost
    their scattered seeds make way for MORE life next season, on and on and on

    how many PHONE# combinations can we come up all around the world by only using 10 digits/symbols (0-9)?

    there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of various different kinds of grains, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts, herbs and fruits
    by simply combining them, you get an unlimited food variety
    and our planet and other billion beings do not have to die in the process of humans feeding itself
    while destroying our home world

    your awakening just begun

    there must be a more intelligent, life sustaining way for ALL earthlings

    would you be thankful to someone who’d walk right up to you and brutally remove you from your family or take your kid or mother or brother from you so you can be brutally killed so other beings can enjoy your body food?

    ever been in a slaughterhouse? or killed with your bare hands another being?

    SPECIEsm is the root cause of all that’s wrong in this world

    why humans place themselves on top of the pyramid, above all other beings?
    isn’t it the very same as what the cabal has been doing to us for millenia?

    time to WAKE up has arrived
    Why the VEGANISM urgency and pressure

    an awakened person is painfully aware of all the horrors taking place behind every mouthful of “healthy” red meat
    the food we kill will kill us back, both physically and spiritually

    meat dependency is directly proportional to inner frequencies and physical addiction to it
    the foods one craves at any given moment represents one’s inner state of consciousness, awareness and yes, spiritual evolution state

    Chocolate, Cheese, Meat, and Sugar -- Physically Addictive

  26. PART 3

    our outdated barbaric traditions, food perceptions and addictions cost the very life of the planet we share and call home

    what’s good for one or 10 or 100 should be as good for ALL, 7 going 8 billion and growing

    we can no longer afford to remain in the age old crystalized outdated form of belief KILLING for LIVING is natural
    google GALACTIC CODEX (this will become PLANETARY Codex as we will partner up with the other planets as new members of our galaxy)

    google SENTIENCE

    and make the connection

    everything OLD will come to LIGHT and transmuted

    there won’t be any more slaughterhouses, “humanely” raised and killed sentient beings, hunting guns and any form of exploitation and violence in our world after the event

    sit on this for as long as you need and get used to it because this will be it for us

    anyone who’s not done with 3D dramas will move on to other parts in creation where they could linger on until they decide they are ready to evolve

    don’t listen to your body: a drug addict, a smoker, an alcoholic and a sex addict body always demands MORE and more and more of that which eventually will destroy

    for anyone who defends animal everything eating and their killing, it is solely because they are addicted to it in a physical, mental and dogmatic traditions...anyone who continues to defend this way of sustenance is obvious still IN the matrix and will forever remain unplugged if they choose ignorance vs. awakening...the very chi atoms we breath in are conscious, intelligent energy, yet we still need to breath...

    PLANT or ANIMAL based foods AGN VEG

    The NATURAL foods for humankind TEST



    so you can learn to distinguish between the difference in picking a vegetable from the ground, a fruit from a tree or killing another being

    eating a bug or an orange or a human or a turkey or a mango or a cow are very different things in HOW they are produced, life expectancy and much more

    since compassion cannot be forced upon people but for obvious environmental urgent concerns (which those addicted to meat and dairy bluntly refuse to acknowledge) this is a most urgent issue to be openly talked about and changed

    WHAT you eat is your business but WHO you eat affects the ONE whose life was violently cut short and affects the COMMON HOME WORLD which is hosting us at this time so therefore it is becoming EVERYone’s business when it comes to the foods we eat

    everything we need to thrive is in REAL food, growing not in a WOMB but directly from the ground and trees

  27. Curious as to what is happening with the battle against the Archons that was discussed a couple of weeks ago here?

  28. PART 4

    we need every bit of help from OUTside of this planet to put an end to the madness going on in this world because of the food choices
    Foods that KILL or foods that HEAL our planet

    if someone else’s “food choices” are killing our world, it becomes our duty to awaken and help others to it
    and anyone who feels S/He is more worthy of freedom and happiness than ANOTHER being, will never be free and happy

    World Peace Diet

    which is the most important and powerful planetary and spiritual healing movement
    and most important book ever written in recorded, known history of this planet yet

    CHANGE is the only CONSTANT in the MULTIvers
    EVOLution is a natural and inevitable aspect of Creation and for all living beings

    and this is beyond solid, tangible proof that our world starts to awaken in this direction, WAAY before the EVENT, let alone AFTER

    Gaia goes VEGAN

    the sentient BEings we call “animals” have been here MILLIONS of years before we’ve arrived
    they are here with spiritual purpose and for their own evolution

    right now and always, they’re helping our planet far more than us, humans are
    through their bodies in direct contact with Mother Earth and through their 5D pure consciousness they GROUND higher dimensional energies and transmute the colossal stagnating, static, deadly energies from myriad sources, healing this world beyond imagination
    their role and purpose here is far grander than becoming a steak on our bbqs


    Thank you Cobra, from the bottom of our hearts for mentioning that after the EVENT we will stop eating meat and recognize animals for who they truly are
    it was this statement alone that helped me to recognize your absolute genuity and authenticity as a truest ambassador of higher realms
    your presence here is infinitely appreciated

    we LOVE YOU
    THANK YOU Source for helping us transform our world and many others

    1. Me three, for animal rights!

      When I heard the bubble head, Sarah Palin, explain how she enjoys thrill killing wolves, I wanted to throw up. I so wished I could have turned the tables on her (without real bullets but, not tell her in advance), and then ask her how she liked struggling through snow and being scared for her life. Juan Carlos of Spain is a completely different animal and doesn't even deserve to be on this planet. Besides hunting innocent beings for fun, as a Farnese/Bourbon, he is the next in line for power beneath the jesuits, as "the co-inheritor of the title of holy roman emperor", "the roman monarch of the world", "the king of jerusalem" and "smom military navigator" and God knows what other exceptionally delusional titles he may have. So I am happy to see his daughter get heat for tax fraud, good riddance.
      I pray, that I never come face to face with an animal abuser because that's when my adrenaline would go through the roof. I couldn't care what size this monster was, I would first beat him/her to pulp out of anger and disgust and then ask "how does it feel"?. But, what good would that do, except land me in jail. So I pray, that these monsters stay out of my way, til the fast approaching judgement time. (And please don't get horrified, I am not inherently a violent person but, animal abuse is a different ball game.)

      Back in the day I used to fantasize what I would do if I won the lottery. My dream was to buy up the whole Yellowstone National Park, and turn it into a mini-paradise for abused and neglected animals. The way many humans regard animals as non-sentient, non-feeling beings, brings me the most pain because I feel helpless in fixing this worldwide catastrophe.
      Therefore, I do what I can for now. I am kind to every animal that crosses my path. Every morning, I tell my 13 year old cat how much I love him, how grateful I am for him for being there for me during difficult times and for forgiving me when I periodically had to leave him behind with "surrogate parents". He is my healer and I try to elevate my consciousness to his level, so that I could better understand what he's trying to tell me. I tell him about animal sanctuaries where all animals will get to live in harmony, play with one another and eat yummy foods, without any fear of abuse or neglect. How I would never desert him, but would always come back to get him, and take him along on space explorations, when he wasn't busy playing with his new pals. He seems to like this plan and is getting very impatient :)

  29. Cobra, I read that the worst drought in California history is caused by chemtrails and HAARP that an unusually stable ridge was geoengineered preventing rain from reaching the state. Can you verify this and is there plans to undo this?

  30. Thank you UNplugging Wayshower for all this great information and links. I am also very bothered with how animals and other beings are treated on this planet and what does that do to our planet. I too am so looking forward to the moment when we will all recognize the animals for who they are and treat them as they deserve to be treated..

    1. You are most welcome Spirit Bear. Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless. Much Love and Gratitude. May all beings be FREE and HAPPY! Victory NOW, liberation NOW for ALL BEings.

  31. Thank you, Unplugging Wayshower, for all that information, and for speaking your mind. I look forward to reading all of your links. I can no longer find the post of whoever called me a "hypocrite", but I admit that they were right and I apologize: I just got finished saying one shouldn't give advice unasked, and then went and did just that! I'm a work in progress, NOT a finished piece, that's for sure. And thank you, Cobra for allowing us this forum...
    It's not that I disagree with you, UW: I certainly don't think killing whales or people is OK. Not at all! I do indeed sign all the petitions, whether for people or whales or bees, and in my daily life (other than food), I don't swat flies, but let them out by the window, I rescue earthworms when it rains and refuse all my daughter's requests for a "pet". I change my stride while out for a walk to avoid stepping on caterpillars and ants, and have saved the life of a bird that flew into a window. So, that makes me a hypocrite? It's true that eating meat lowers the vibrations. When I was a child, I ate meat 3x a day, every day and snacks too...and spent a large portion of my time "out to lunch", in a dream-state, "otherwhere". My parents being medical people, made sure it wasn't an illness, brushed it off as my being a dreamer, and punished me for not doing as asked when I couldn't hear them. By the time I was in College, I didn't need the snacks, and was "here", MOST of the time, but if a meal was late, I would start to "lose focus", lose all energy, lose memory, be unable to function. And yes, it WAS the meat that I needed: I would eat it alone. Within 15 mins, I'd be once again fully IN my body, able to think and function normally. Over time, I have been able to slowly reduce the amount of animal proteins of all kinds, and since 2012, I can now skip it completely for almost a whole day and a half without losing touch with 3D, and only need a 100-200g per day to keep myself "here"! I don't need a Galactic channeling to tell me how well we're doing with raising our vibrations: I have an exact measure, in my own body. There is so much more to everyone than others can possibly know from the outside...judgements make no sense, because you cannot know what mission, soul group, contracts, karma, etc another has come to work out. I give thanks to those whose sacrifice has made it possible for me to stay here and be WITH the Earth as it can anyone know what agreements I made with them before I came? There is always a reason for everything, and everything is where it should be, and at the right time. ( I firmly believe that it's more from our finding our own balance and our sending loving (not judging) thoughts to others, no matter what they are doing or being, that helps most to raise us all and bring us to change, than anything else.

  32. I return to the fact that plants also "scream" when threatened, let alone hurt. I am of the opinion that any "line" that one draws, such that THESE creatures are "too sentient to be eaten" but THESE are not, is completely arbitrary. Recall that once certain portions of the human race thought that black-skinned humans were not sufficiently sentient to be considered humans, but were treated as "dumb animals". And they had plenty of "scientific studies", books upon books of them to "prove" the truth of it! Now, this has long been seen to be false and many of the "dumb animals" are seen to be fully sentient, intelligent and are being communicated with directly by animal-whisperers. But why should whales be more worthy of love and brotherhood than snails? And why should we NOT eat animals who scream, but eat plants that scream without problems? Humans are slowly perceiving this "demarcation line" shifting, and I predict that it will not stop at animal/vegetable. Vegetarianism is fine, but is only a short-term solution. Perhaps at Ascension we shall all be Breatharians!! I would like that.
    You questioned me as to whether I had ever witnessed a slaughterhouse, and knew where my food comes from. Yes, I have seen slaughterhouses, and grew up where chickens were grown, witnessed at first hand their killing, helped to pluck them right afterwards, still warm. But you also asked if I had ever, by my own hand, killed a human being...and the answer to that is: YES. The life I took was my own. I didn't leave a note; no one found or saved me. I regained consciousness more than 24 hours later, completely healed, having experienced no tunnels or lights, no saintly figures or relatives...I had only an unshakeable knowing that 1) death is not to be feared and 2) that there IS a powerful, loving Presence, who sent me back, (a bit like loving parents return a child to boarding school after they run away, knowing it's best for them), as I had more to learn yet (and thank goodness! I won't miss Ascension!!). My reasons were not suddenly gone, but I knew that this was certainly a closed door, and I had to find another way home. I spent the next few decades "doing my inner work" as they say. But within a few days, I realized something extremely important, and please bear with me and don't react too soon, as this is so hard to express clearly: It became clear to me that IF I were indeed capable of cold-bloodedly planning and executing a murder (my own)...then there was ESSENTIALLY nothing different between me and, say, Adolf Hitler, or any Cabal mass-murderer. One hears this said, that to kill the first time is hard, and after that, it gets easier. My personal understanding is that this is because you break past the barrier that you are "better than that"....and there are a number of ways of reacting to being on the other side. You can choose to believe that you must therefore be totally unredeemable, and choose actions in keeping with that: more murders, or worse. You might even think that crossing barriers makes you superior, and find all the horrors you can imagine so as to be sure you've crossed them all! You can choose to believe that it was a one-off, and you weren't in your right mind, and try to forget it. Or you can hate yourself so much for being on the other side of the barrier that you drown yourself in alcohol or even kill yourself, in order not to have to live with it.

  33. But thanks to the Presence of Love I felt, and the psychiatric help I found, I came to a completely different conclusion.... I no longer see things in terms of good/bad, black/white. If Adolph Hitler is just like me, then anyone can be that, do those things. We are ALL of us, ANY of us, capable of great evil. Those people who kill whales...that could be me. I'm not better than that. I know that they probably just have filters that see differently, as I did when I took my own life, that make that seem good or reasonable to them in this moment of now, and I'm sorry for the filters, and try to love them away. I know how long and hard one has to work to remove those filters, and my being angry at them isn't going to do any good. We are all where we are for very good reasons. Those who seem so "behind", came a different route, perhaps had alot longer to go. We can't know. All we can do is love them. Can you see this, at all? Because when the Cabal is arrested, and everyone finds out, perhaps most will hate them...but I'll understand them, and hug them and forgive them. Even if they don't have remorse. I want them stopped, so pure free will is returned, but I don't hate them at all. It could easily have been me that played that role this time around.
    Here's the $60,000 question: how do we create unity consciousness with billions of unique individuals who have different cultures, beliefs, religions, views, needs, past lives, karmic debt, soul contracts, etc. etc.? There's only one way I can see: stop all labelling. Realize that that COULD BE YOU. Perhaps it was, in another life. We've all played the bad guy in this illusion-play. It is good to go home, but EVERY PATH leads there eventually: let others tread theirs, and you tread yours. The only person you have control over is YOU. No one else. Doing YOUR inner work DOES change the vibes, and then others can change and let go too. Give only love, not hate or judgement. Namaste, all.

  34. would love transcript cobra as I couldnt make out the words
    with the voice disguise.....get cracking asap ;)