Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sisterhood of the Rose Video

You might want to watch this beautiful Sisterhood of the Rose video. It has been translated into 16 languages.




























Chinese (simplified):


Chinese (traditional):





  1. Beautiful video with beautiful music :) Much love to all<3

  2. Dear Cobra, Smaly and artist Josephine Wall: This video is absolutely beautiful !! Wow!! Thank you to those of you who put this together. I am hoping it was a pleasure to produce. I found artist Josephine Wall's website and it is full of gorgeous images..........Also: This makes me want to go to Ibiza, Spain (which I can't do, but I'll be there in my mind and heart with you).

    In the spirit of the earlier post by Chetan, which was hilarious:

    Goddess Liberation Update: Brain is moving toward the heart.......Soul is coming to full consciousness...................L.O.V.E: Now In full activation....

  3. Don't get me wrong - i would have nothing against "friendly women" that want to help us here on planet earth. I'm just wondering that this "Sisterhood of the rose" wasn't mentioned earlier somewhere in our history and now suddenly appears at this critical time on the planet "out of thin air".
    Why have they not come forward decades earlier and why do they really need our prayers to manifest at this time ?
    There is no doubt, that meditations do have effects and that there are a lot of positive things we can "create" with meditations !
    But in my opinion beings shouldn't be summoned by meditations...am i wrong here ?
    I am cautious to "summon" beings to this place that we don't really know something about - do we ? You tell us something about this sisterhood in the video, but where is the real proof or facts concerning this ?
    Somehow it reminds me of the story i read/listened to some weeks or months ago here :


    where there was an appeal to give energy to some of the well known "celestial beings"
    so that they could succeed to a special date in our midst while feeding them with (thought)energy...

    As i said before, im a bit suspicious and cautious here - i need definetely more background to it before joining the effort and pray to them. I often did the Sunday meditations that you offered, because that was something global i could "reconstruct" for myself, but praying to a goddess "Isis" (as someone who has no personal connections to any religion) is something i couldn't follow at this moment.

    In completion to this post i want to thank you for a lot of good information through the time this site is online here and thank you also for your efforts making this QEG free energy device public !

    1. Hope you are contributing on Sunday meditations on next sunday aswell :) The "beings" are here to help out humanity to wake up nothing more nothing less.. We are all "gods/goddesses" cos we are all part of the Source/"god" split in souls but yeah anyhuuw I know why its so hard to be so "spiritual" and talk about "god/goddesses" in this material world.. I just had beautiful wipes by watching that video and I always go by my gut feeling (it has worked very well for me) so I am definedly doing that meditation and all Peace meditations there is as much as I can so one day I could see Peace in this world and tell everybody that I was contributing in making it so :)

    2. @Spock --> I appreciate your concern. So far I lean towards COBRA and ' 'The Galactic Historian' since their info sort of match up, but until I get my full memory back and God Gifts, my full allegiance is with the people of Earth, despite how...misguided... ignorant/arrogant....and wreckless...they all seem to be. I can't say I trust trust aliens, but right now, due to my own personal experiences and breakthroughs with meditation, I'm willing to side with these guys. However...I bow to noone and am identified as a sovereign that never submits. I'm more than willing to help and do the work from within and reaching out to people, yet proceeding forward must always be with caution with consideration of both positive and negative possibilities. That's all you're doing and there's nothing wrong with it. I also did some research on the Sisterhood of The Rose and the link below is something I've found so far that matches what COBRA has presented. I'll do some more research later cause at the moment I'm busy moving forward with my own agenda to help this planet since my brother has lost patience and has...'moved on' with his life unfortunately due to the endless delays and setbacks. And he's the one who turned me onto all this stuff. You've done well to hang in there for this long. And you're right to 'Question Everything'.


    3. "..now materializes suddenly "out of thin air"...???"
      "...am i wrong here ?.." (YES)

      "..Her role is to teach and write about the myths and legends of the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of the Rose, -->>>ancient lineages<<<-- emanating from Sirius and then from Atlantis. The Sisters and Brothers have used the rose energy over the centuries for healing in the form of Rose Reiki and Rose Seichim. The rose energy embodies their ancient secrets of esoteric knowledge. The knowledge of the rose energy is now being widely used to assist those individuals who are drawn to it, particularly in their personal healing and ascension process...."

      from: http://sisterhoodoftherose.homestead.com/




      etc. etc. all easily googled, if one has never heard of something.

      That being said, if it doesn't resonate with you, don't -worry- or have -angst- about it, maybe it's not for you at this time. Just follow what feels right to YOU. ---THERE IS NO "WRONG", although being "suspicious" and "cautious" is not exactly the same as ~discernment~, as they are fear-based. Discernment, on the other hand (and I don't claim to be that good at it) seems to be a heart-based, "gut-feeling" kind of thing, in my experience.

    4. I re read the related blog post. He is not asking us to worship or pray to any goddesses. The way I understand it is that we are invoking goddess or female energy. the goddesses and other females are anchoring that energy and sending it to humanity.

  4. Thanks cobra, the music it's very very beautiful and video too :-) I love ! :-)

  5. “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
    ― C.G. Jung

  6. Cobra. I wish you would provide more insight or links to information on these gods/goddess. It just makes me suspisious when you ask us to preform rituals to a pegan goddess on a pegan holliday.
    The romans where pegans, the catholic church is pegan. IHS (Isis, Horus, Set).
    Every time there is a ritual you ask us to do, for some reason i get tired and fall asleep. I dont know what to make of it. My head is spinning from all the conflicting info thats going around.

    1. You can ask a specific question and submit it to monthly interview update

  7. Dear Cobra,
    Thank you for your work. I have noticed that all the females depicted in these posts tend to look caucasian. Is there a reason for this? Again thank you and the RM for you work.

    1. A LOT of stuff seems to be depicted in the representation of Caucasian. Portraits, murals, spiritual philosophers, even Channels are almost pretty much Caucasian dominant. You're not the only one to notice this.

    2. It is because most of them descend from the Pleiades and the ancient Lyran civilizations...

    3. Thanks Jahjorah and Spirit,
      This article flashed up on in5d coincidentally after you guys responded to my query.
      I have always been puzzled about the distinct races here on Earth and wondered how we could achieve unity if the message of liberation is only coming from one race. The truth is the truth though, no matter who says it.
      Love Martin

  8. Even as hostages here on Earth, we have sisterhoods already in place.


    It seems to me they would be our best bet (numbers and intention) to ask for help here... Once they were sure enough to take the lead... looks like a slam-dunk... Just a matter of reaching them..? (nuns on the net).

    A web brochure that could be printed-out and downloaded..?

    Could use the pope's photo with his quotes about being willing to bring E.T.'s into the church... (a little more, "First Contact" would help a lot here)... followed by research of the sisterhood.

    I have no clue where to reach nuns here in Alaska... but might start working on the brochure (I should have software for that).

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    2. Thanks Becca, I will add your info to our list on fb as well :)

    3. In reply to your suggestion about adding the Sisterhood of the Rose to the PFC website, this is already in the works. :)

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  11. Dear Cobra,

    I suspect among the comments here are "trolls" who are trying to distort your information with strange, inapplicable questions, but I am not going to feed them energy.

    As I understand the goddess concept, and as I think you are explaining it, it is energy. It is the feminine, creative energy that each of us have. All of us have both feminine and masculine energy, but many of us are out of balance. On the whole, humanity is out of balance with too much on the masculine side, and we need to bring up our feminine creative side. Many of us are functioning with only half a mind (the masculine) because the other half (the feminine) is asleep!

    Meditation helps bring up the feminine creative side and we and world will become more balanced and harmonious because The Forces Are With Us!

    You explained very clearly that Sisterhood of the Rose has been around for a very long time and you tell us the very interesting information that they even influenced the Nazis to steer them toward fewer killings. This is fascinating.

    You have provided really good links to info on goddess energy such as this one, cybele2, which is loaded with good information. I am still reading this very interesting site.


    All of us who post here know how to search for information on the internet and we can find much more information on goddess energy and all kinds of Sisterhood groups, if we just look for it.

    In the video I see goddesses of all types: blue women, purple women, yellow women, a blue little girl, African-looking women and Asian-looking women, also some who looked like First Nation people. The artwork is absolutely beautiful by a very talented artist.

    Thank you again.

    Nota bene: Once the goddess energy kicks in even more, June 21, the trolls will be kicked to the curb....

  12. ~Lovely, inspiring. Thank you! The world is sorely in need of healing, enlightened Tantric Goddess energy, and what a wonderful world it would be if women felt safe, appreciated and supported enough to relax into such deep, flowing, transcendent bliss. Blessed Be!

    If you look at the Tarot card The Lovers,

    -you see that the woman gazes at and connects directly with her Deity, as like him, she also creates. However, the man looks to her for Divine connection through her, as she is the portal through which he connects to and accesses not only his own Divinity and transcendent bliss in union with her, but to the higher esoteric knowledge and wisdom of the Godhead.

    The Divine Feminine resurgence is necessary to bring balance and softness to the planet at this time.

    Thank you Cobra and RM for this timely reminder and key component of the larger mission at hand.

    <3 "Her law is love unto all."

    The Charge of the Goddess

    "Whenever ye have need of any thing, once in the month,
    and better it be when the moon is full, then shall ye
    assemble in some secret place and adore the spirit of
    She, who is Queen of all witches.

    There shall ye assemble, ye who are fain to learn all sorcery,
    yet have not won its deepest secrets; to these will She teach
    things that are yet unknown. And ye shall be free from slavery;
    and as a sign that ye be really free, ye shall be naked in your
    rites; and ye shall dance, sing, feast, make music and love,
    all in Her praise. For Hers is the ecstasy of the spirit, and Hers
    also is joy on earth; for Her law is love unto all beings.

    Keep pure your highest ideal; strive ever towards it; let naught
    stop you or turn you aside. For Hers is the secret door which
    opens upon the land of youth and Hers is the cup of wine of life,
    and the cauldron of Cerridwen,which is the Holy Grail of immortality.

    She is the gracious goddess, who gives the gift of joy
    unto the heart of man. Upon earth, She gave the knowledge
    of the spirit eternal; and beyond death, She gives peace
    and freedom,and reunion with those who have gone before.
    Nor does She demand sacrifice, for behold, She is the
    mother of all living, and Her love is poured out upon the earth.

    She who is the beauty of the green earth, and the white
    moon among the stars, and the mystery of the waters, and
    the desire of the heart of man, calls unto thy soul. Arise,
    and come unto Her. For She is the soul of nature, who
    gives life to the universe. From Her all things proceed,
    and unto Her all things must return; and before Her face,
    beloved of gods and men, let thine innermost divine self
    be enfolded in the rapture of the infinite.

    Let Her worship be within the heart that rejoiceth; for behold,
    all acts of love and pleasure are Her rituals. And therefore
    let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion,
    honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you.

    And thou who thinkest to seek Her, know thy seeking and
    yearning shall avail thee not unless thou knowest the mystery;
    that if that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee,
    then thou wilt never find it without thee. For behold,
    She has been with thee from the beginning; and
    She is that which is attained at the end of desire."


  13. Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    It's time to take the next step forward and Take Action !

    We are beginning to form Sisterhood of the Rose groups around the globe. The purpose is as stated here on the blog:

    "It has been requested from the Light forces that women and men with inner connection with the Goddess begin to gather in groups to reactivate the Sisterhood of the Rose. Those groups need to gather physically at least once a week and invoke Goddess energy for planetary peace in their own unique way. Those groups will become the feminine aspect of support for the planetary transition at the time of the Event, whereas the Event Support groups represent the masculine aspect.

    It has been requested from the Light forces that at the time of the Event all Sisterhood of the Rose groups meet, meditate for a peaceful transition and invoke Goddess energies of Love and harmony."

    As the Sisterhood of the Rose is the Divine Feminine complement to the Event Support groups, we will be working towards co-creating this balance of energies to support the surface population at the time of the Event. We will be anchoring more Goddess energy beforehand in order to alleviate archonic influence and better prepare humanity for the coming changes.

    There are already groups in formation in the localities of:
    Washington DC
    Pacific NW USA: Seattle, Washington, USA, and 2 groups in British Columbia, Canada
    Sedona, Arizona, USA
    Bavaria, Germany
    South of France: Southeast … Vars, and Southwest, Côte d'Azur
    Australia: Brisbane and Canberra
    Southern California

    If anyone who would like to actively participate in the process, or become involved in creating Sisterhood of the Rose meetup groups please let me know ... anya1love@hotmail.com

    Also you are warmly invited to join our facebook group which will be coordinating the activities:


    It's time to bring Peace on Earth through the Return of the Goddess. We are visualizing a beautiful mandala of Divine Feminine energy to blanket the Earth with Love, Light, Peace, Harmony and Abundance.


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    1. hey Light of the soul why did you remove the link to your website it was nice, I liked it......first I wanted to answer here, but I need a bit more time for my group to form, it has to form from inside by re-cognizing, I do not want to force it so much by gathering people and performing-acting, also I have a personal big issue to go through in the next week, but, afterwards I am connecting to my group.....we are finding us right now, but going with the flow you know.........would love to meet you, holland is not so far away actually from me <3 answer please ! :D I am also sometimes disappointed by not enough resonance ;) <3

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    1. Well that was an interesting expirience:-) I had to remove some cobwebs that I gathered ...

      But all is crisp and clean now, the Sun is shining again and it's ON...The brand new blog Dedicated to and Space for all my Brother and Sister that follow and listen to their hearts http://greatmystery888.blogspot.nl/

      Your very welcome and Share

      Much Love

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  16. http://www.throneworld.com/wiki/index.php?title=Sisters_of_the_Rose

    interesting :)

  17. Please help raise funds to make this free-energy available for all humanity asap :) http://www.gofundme.com/Phase3QEG Every dollar counts!! Peace!

  18. Sisters and Brothers of the Rose !

    It's very exciting that in the first 24 hours of the initiation of our SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSE group formation, we have more than a dozen who are already in formation ! The roses are being seeded throughout the globe and will blossom into a beautiful mandala which will blanket the Earth and fill the grid with the Goddess energy of LOVE LIGHT PEACE HARMONY & ABUNDANCE for all.

    We have created a template for the meetup page, and we encourage everyone who would like to participate to please create a community listing for all to be able to discover and link up to. This is a powerful way to be organized, effective and to get the word out about our mission.


    Thank you for your service to the Light and your dedication to the Goddess !

  19. We know there are no gods--only those who build up and those who tear down. We have even had these among our kind, yet none--NONE--to the same scale as the potential that we have witnessed in humanity. But now? Now, *from humanity's potential of destruction*, we are all but extinct, protected only by the giants of Agartha, who keep the gates of their realm sealed away from the access of common men.
    Why do they keep shut the doors? They charted the potential of humans, in the Codices that are kept among their ruins closest to the surface. They knew. They knew the depths of the wicked. They knew how many among those kind would exist, and just how many puppets the wicked would manage to hire to do the bidding they set out.
    Why do they keep shut the doors? They know. They know that the time is not yet right to open themselves back up to humans. They might let a very small selection of people witness them--as they have before--but the number of those that would do them and us no harm are fewer than those that seek the doors.
    Why do they keep shut the doors? They will know. They will know when it is safe to bring humans back into the fold of what humans presently believe is 'supernatural', when all was part of Sophia's nature to begin with. *It all begins with the salvation of Bee*. Should Man let Bee die, then Sophia will spare Man not. She will watch them wither with her surface, until there lives not one left who does not care.
    Either way, Eden will be reborn from the sealed gates, to flourish across the surface--with or without humanity. She and all other kind, from the unicorn to the dragon, pray that your people will make the right choice. She would grieve your loss as much as she would simultaneously spurn you. *Do not earn the scorn of the Goddess*. A woman's fury, as humans should already remember, burns longer and greater than any man's can.
    Turn away from your war pigs, or else you will find yourselves left in destitution within a blink of the galaxy. Forsake those LORDs that would have you turn your back on what you believe is wicked. Tread with ultimate caution when worship is centered around a "god" that wishes itself anonymous, for those are devils wearing pure clothes.
    What you know and believe in is not the whole story. We can tell you more, if you survive to see Agartha's doors opened again to the masses.
    We are Bee. Can you hear The Buzzing?

    1. Wow, that was impressive :)….thank you for the remainder

      Everyone, please tell you friends who don't yet understand GMOs... that "If bees die, you die". At the core, it's 'that simple', as all organic life will die if no one is pollenating the plants, our food.

    2. Did you know how ridiculously amazing bees are? They use their wings as honey cones' cooling/heating system to maintain the temperature of honey at a certain level..and the bumblebees are like the linebackers in Am football, they help with their muscle power in tough spots, pretty cool huh? When did we forget the benefits of pure honey? not the synthetic garbage…the REAL kind…forgotten, under valued and under appreciated, as if we didn't need bees...

    3. Bees are amazing :) And I love organic honey<3<3 And its rly healthy not to mention it tastes awesome!

    4. sounds like a children's fantasy & fairy-tale bedtime stories.. sorry, but it's hard for me to believe in it.. where's the hard-proof?

  20. Septemgemino tremere in loco ...
    Tenebris lux summa accendit.

    Magna ad iter,
    Exit et ad rosaria dulcedinem legis amor

    Est enim venuste Magna Caecilio Gaia.
    Gaia est vita nostra.

    Amoris et pacis per triumphum celebrate vive!

    -- -- --

    In the place where the seven hills tremble ...
    The Supreme Light ignites the dark.

    On his way to the Great Goddess,
    The roses bloom and exude sweetness, Love is the Law

    Gaia is the great mother.
    Gaia is our Life.

    Celebrate peace through the triumph of love and live forever!

  21. I wonder what was the relationship between the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Brotherhood of the Star (that you wrote about before)? I will send this question to Rob Potter for the next interview. And how were these groups kept hidden for so long? (As I know that Rob had heard of Brotherhood of the Star before you even posted about it.). Everyone knows about the Knights Templar, why not these other ancient groups? I will send these question to Rob.

    1. Brotherhood of the Star was headed by Krishnamurti...........

  22. Last post:"Pandora in progress"....transformation implies cleansing and cleansing implies all dirt coming out, from the personal and collective unconscious; quite a not too easy situation...

  23. http://childrenofthesun.org/ <3 Much love to these guys! :)

  24. The real secrets are not hidden from the people´s sight, it´s the people sight which rejects to see them. We have been taught to reject the simplicity of truth, our self conceit impede us to do it.

  25. Okay, thanks. I will send that question to Rob Potter for his next interview with you (Cobra). Thanks for your input.

  26. http://roseseichim.com/products/LEGEND-OF-THE-SISTERHOOD-OF-THE-ROSE.pdf


  27. Dear Cobra!

    After the ascension progress what will happen those people who don't want this ascension? So when the 2 group will be. And after when they need to go.

    Thank you your answer.

  28. Well, RaJah I suspect by now you have a status on whether the flux inhibitors did their job or not :)

    And you promised to buy drinks either way so...

    Are we done Idyling around? Is it time to party yet?

    1. Nice song :) Makes me wanna jam! Cheers! :)

    2. The last seven days have been so intense I hardly know what day of the week it is! Feels okay, though ;-)

      Beer's in the fridge, help yourself :-D


    3. ...haha RaJah225 yes me too ;) .....maybe you like to look at this table, its increasing very fast the last days:

    4. ...uuups..... this is the right one:

    5. Eliana:
      Will check it out when I find the time, thanks already.
      I'm smackdown in the middle of my next shamanistic ritual, kicking some more dipshit (wanna-be "archons") ass. Jesus H. Christ! Some of theose dipshits have got my foot sticking so far up theirr ass i have to open their mouth to tie my shoees!

      Lorts of Love and Light


    6. Alright, I checked your link, eliana. And I dig it - big time!

      Here comes The Swell, here comes The Wave :-)

      Time to wax up those surfboards and start paddling, everyone, this is The Big One :-)

      Love, Light and Peace Forever!


    7. Yes I am curious how big the wave will be, maybe it does not end.....
      here is some peace vibration, very nice:


      lots of love ;)


  29. Join in the Sisters and Brothers of the Rose https://www.facebook.com/groups/637358973017556/ :) Peace!

  30. Portuguese is not Brasilian !
    That's not Portuguese.Sorry !

  31. Hello, the vídeo is private now. How i can see them??? Write me Helo.sabina@gmail.com

  32. I went in to see the video and it is not available. Can you help me connect to it?