Sunday, September 28, 2014

Isidic security breach deflected, PB standoff


  1. @Cobra

    Your description of the creation of prime anomaly sounds like it is some kind of "industrial" waste product. Even if Source did not foresee it's implications until the galactic wars started, why didn't it send the appropriate technology back in time to contain this anomaly or at least tip off the angels who were about to fall ? The dark forces are not omnipresent and a simple time travelling expedition could have foiled all their plans. Any contracts with the Dark could simply have been nullified. One does not make a pact with rascals.

    1. Hi time missionary. This precious link was shared in an older update from Cobra, it explains very well this part of history - " the fall " with all its inherent problems. If you haven't red it already, i'm sure you'll find all the answers you seek :

    2. @Arbre Solaire

      It's so difficult to get used to the idea of a less-than-powerful Source.


      If the technology to overcome the Chimera is only in the development stage, why can't the fully developed version be brought back from the past ? The Chimera may have been able to defy Source for so long, but they don't hold all the aces.

    3. Correction : ... why can't the fully developed version be brought back from the FUTURE ? The Chimera may have been able to defy Source for so long, but they don't hold all the aces.

    4. My guess is this is what causes what Andrew Bartzis has been calling "Paradoxes" created thru Time-Line Genocide. Even Andrew Basiago made comments in interviews that when he was sent back to Lincolns Assassination little details kept changing (Number of Guards, people in the lobby, response times, outfits) Thus Earth is actually a Multiverse with variations of the same Earth co-existing.

      Everytime you drastically change something you create Alternate Timelines - The "Dark Forces" have been leap-frogging thru History to control knowledge & Manipulate cultural events. When ever they had a serious loss they'd create a Paradox & start the game all over like an angry child playing a video game - Gamers call it a "Rage Quit" (pulling the plug- disconnecting the power, flipping the board in the air). The Game is STILL happening in another Time-Line only now there is another where "They" win & fix past errors (more Time Travel & eliminate the Paradoxes)

      I think I heard (Thru Cobra? or Bartzis) this Tech has been neutralized and that they are only able to make it to "THIS" point - ALL of the Manipulation of the last 2,000 yrs (or so) has been FOR NOW...because they know This is when They ALWAYS lose. Cobra keeps saying it's a Mathmatical Certainty (I'm paraphrasing) that "The Event" Will happen - The "Darkies" have been trying to control just much it's going to suck for them - Manipulate their way out or create a "Temporal Life raft" but the higher vibrations take NO Prisoners.

      Imagine playing a game for 26,000 years only to know that You will lose on Level 2014-15 - You rig the game, play multiple versions, flood the game w/ too many players, You've maxed out all your power-ups & found all the weapons & chests- but the game will only let you "Cheat" until level 2013- then the Game slowly takes: ALL your points, power-ups, weapons, treasures, & bonus rounds away....Yet, you keep playing and it was ALL for NOTHING. All the planning - all the weapons, bases, enemies made & promises broken. All the kings, belief systems, & human sacrifices & Lies....and YOU LOSE EVERYTHING (in every dimension & timeline)- Sucks to be Them I suppose.

      But hey- when youre as Delusional as they are does Logic or "love" ever enter the Game? Remember - it's an 8 year old about to throw a "Rage Quit" and get sent to the Galactic Central Sun for a PERMANENT "Time Out"

    5. @Arbre Solaire I sincerely hope there are many mistakes on that article, since the idea of evil existing up to the 11th dimension and the existence of entire universes created by darkness scares the living xxxx out of me!

  2. conflict in long island?

  3. Great...

    Always Great to hear that these breaches have been deflected....and now the standoff!

    We are is now...and so it is.

    Victory to the Light.

  4. We are sovereign. Blessing to truth. Blessing and thankfulness to the helpers of true love, and light.

    134. People who bear within themselves the element of brotherly cooperation can be observed from early childhood. Usually they are sharply distinguished from all surrounding them. Their power of observation is high and their impressionability strong. They are not satisfied with mediocrity and they stand apart, eschewing commonly accepted enjoyments. It can be observed that they seem to bear within themselves some sort of inner task. They can see much and make note of it in their consciousness. They are usually compassionate, as if they remember the value of this quality. They are indignant at grossness of conduct, as if realizing all the baseness of such quality. They are concentrated upon their favorite subjects, and they are surrounded by envy and malevolence, since they are not understood and remain alien among people. It is not easy to live one's life with an uplifted consciousness, as it cannot be content amidst the general denial of everything that leads toward Light.
    Such chosen ones are not often encountered. Often they are unrecognized. Theirs is a dream which comes from afar, and which for other people will sometimes seem to border upon madness. From antiquity there has come the term "sacred madness." Wisdom is frequently spoken of as madness. Likewise do people refer to an uplifted consciousness. Let us not regard these as axioms generally known, for actually they remain neglected for entire ages.
    Thus, the concept of Brotherhood enters the consciousness with difficulty.
    -Brotherhood, Agni Yoga

    63. The creation and its creator represent one and the same great spatial force and are mutually attracted through the creative impulse. That spirit which enriches the space with his creations prepares companions for himself, and they mark that boundary of life beyond which he can begin a new step. Activity is our eternal and most faithful companion, and we cannot hide from it because of the preordainment of our karma. The creator and his creations are manifested as perpetual achievements in the Cosmos.
    It is regrettable if the spirit who has lived through his cycle of life arrives at the same point from which he started. It is regrettable if the spirit prescribes for himself a repeat term; for his issue, the faithful companion, will await him at the threshold. A straight line ties man to his companion. But the creator who sets his pace by the cosmic current is its conscious companion, and he strives not to the threshold of a dwelling but to the far-off worlds.
    Break the chains and reject the karma of being just an offspring. Choose the manifest path of response to the call of Infinity.
    -Infinity, Agni Yoga

    1. @JOKO311: Your words, poetry that runs deep to the soul of he or she who recognizes them. Might I respond with questions--may they mingle in the same spirit of your words:
      How can we walk side by side with the Gods in the gardens of infinity? How do we harness the longing with for far-off worlds...the longing that makes a life different from the ordinary, that makes for Being in Love each moment--and yet we too are chained to the ground--in Love, waiting for the nod that invites us into Divine embrace and to the Dance Floor...indeed, how to harness the Love and the longing to break the chains and reject the karma? What are we not doing to choose the *manifest path of response to the call of Infinity*? I am already In Love, can't you see...where do I go from here?

    2. Endless is the road that is infinite, and in infinity is their endless labor. Labor that is yearned for, labor for love and light. As if all are one, all can be the cutest, most innocent being, can they not? It is the acceptance of the infinite labor of carrying the frequency or visible light that is contained, and as so long that it is, "they" will never win. But, unfortunate for ego, but fortunate for the infinite, immortal light that is "we," we will never know at the moment in time if one of us is holding light, or all of us are holding light, until all of us are united in the same breath and mission as we once were.

      But the beauty of this long, slow infinite ever moving cycle we call life is never ending, but what is great and comforting to me, is I remember, and now I see that "we" are all coming back together, through old ways of communication and of new, to let eachother know that we are trying our best and "we" are holding light.


      Sometimes I just feel, like I am at a concert watching the sound checks happen....soon the star performers will show their faces and sing their songs;) This is the only answer that brings me an excited comfort.


    1. tranqui, maria, la impaciência no lleva a nada

  6. Turn it Up! We are ready! Let's GO!

    Victory of the Light!

  7. Standoff?



    1. Oh dear Gods, We#re really posting this? Okay then :-)

      And of course there is This Guy!
      And there is That Song. I just LOVE this One, ever since I was a kid :-)

      "You can see a mountain
      Here comes Bulldozer
      Where's he coming from?
      No-one knows, and nobody will ask such a thing"

      For Me down here, He comes straight from My Childhood. Be prepared for a figurative cloud of Fists and Dust, dark dipshits!
      *wacky Guitar sounds*

  8. Cobra, the Galactic Central Sun is really a sun?

    1. that question is answered in the last interview ...............................

    2. According to the Law of The Octave, the higher vibrations, the higher density of them, the higher frequencies and, consequently, the most dense "information" is to be found there. From that center it develops as a inverse Fibonacci Series. We are, as you know, at the periphery...
      There, at the center, is Our "Most Holy Sun Absolute"

  9. Hmmm....I guess the weekly meditation triggered something. Glad to know it is having some effect.

  10. Thank you once again Cobra for the recent updates. It appears that Chimera's last stronghold is falling by the wayside and they are growing more impotent with each day passing, especially since they have been removed from Untersberg.

    In just recent days news breaking events are evident of the decimating of their numbers and impending downfall.

    The following articles attest to this;

    Benjamin Fulford - September 22, 2014: Facing their mathematical certainty of defeat, the cabal is negotiating a surrender

    European Police join ITCCS take down of Ndrangheta, Vatican, Cargill and other child killers

    Russia Disseminates,
    Snowden Validates,
    NSA Evidence Corroborates
    New 9/11 Data Dump

    “This 9/11 data dump is so radioactive the US Government will likely collapse. The world will never be the same when nations everywhere see this report!”
    – Veteran 9/11 Investigator

    1. Only the true can bring us to the light. Many things will happen, many secrets will revealed at the light of true.

      Athenea is doing her job.

    2. Thank you, this brings new light to helping Americans understand what their up against, just tweeted all this..the matrix is starting weaken...I can't wait for this to fully happen...I've been catching glimpses of how truly magnificent and infinite we really are...Hong Kong you are in my thoughts and meditations, you are so brave.

    3. Chuck Spencer, I was about to state the same things, this is Babylon system going down, the patriarchal system of control, it is evil because it takes your freedom away, manipulating egos and spreading fear! Let's keep meditating and spreading truth, and wait for the news this week, can't wait!

    4. have you watched this video? Kevin Annett: Euro Police join ITCCS take down of Satanic networks in Vatican, Monarchies, Cargill


  12. Folks, are we getting any closer?

    I (like many others I suppose) am extremely weary. I took part in yesterday's meditation but I do not have much focus any more.

    I listened to Cobra's interview but I don't know if we are getting any closer or not.

    I know that all is within, and we must all do what we can, but it can be hard to go on as conditions seem to deteriorate day by day.

    Much love and as much light as I can muster to all of you

    1. @d250

      Are we ever! We are moving more and more quickly toward ultimate victory all the time.

      Recent announcements of many arrests in relation to child trafficking at Linked to corporations, governments, the Vatican. RM just announcing we have reclaimed a major long term contested portal in Europe. Chimera group has been backed into one last standing where they were all over before.

      Progress is being steadily made toward new gold and commodity markets with China Russia and BRICS nations. Silver and other commodity price fixing is under investigation from multiple angles. The petro dollar is being worked around by China, Russia, and now members of the middle east.

      Multiple attempts to create chaos and war have failed, despite what the mainstream media will tell you... Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Ebola, Missing Planes, child immigration scares, and on and on...

      The signs of the cabal weakening are everywhere! Keep reading and keep meditating. As Cobra suggests, if you're meditating regularly learn a method of defense and use it regularly when you are feeling off and aren't sure why. Thank you so much for continuing to participate in the weekly mediations, I'm sure many others in our community would also mirror this feeling. Every person added makes us stronger.

      Much love and light to you! And everyone! Stay vigilant. The powers that were never rest in their quest to keep us down, and so we need to be as persistent. We are powerful together and our victory is inevitable.

    2. d250 as you can read in the above much good is happening...the light (which you're a very important part of) is shining into the dark corners and revealing so much these days....Drink herbal tea, eat some chocolate or do whatever you have to do to pick up your spirits....We need your "beam of light" to help us all get to where the Event can happen...and that will only be the beginning of all the good changes for our lives....We love you!!

    3. Sunshinepop7773, here's a crazy idea, regarding a "beam of light" , you know when you want to summon "Batman" how you beam a light into the sky?
      Well we could beam a spiritual inner blue light towards the Galactic Center.
      ;<). Just being creative

    4. Edie, Love your "beam of light" visualization...very creative!

  13. Wow! Thank you for such an informative interview....a lot to digest!

    And as we march together toward the Victory of the Light!

  14. entrevista a cobra el 23-09....buena,,,muy buena....gracias cobra ...por informar la verdad

  15. 's update from 9-29-2014

    "Elementals of Light precess to Higher Vibrational levels as completion of Ascension protocols for Gaia collective takes place.

    Masters of Illusion cannot exist in the current energetic structure of Gaia. That term is meaningless.

    Freedom of perception now is experienced in all hu-mans and leads to engrandizing of individual energetics.

    Precession completes as Gaia Light grids solidify.

    Portals of BEingness open rapidly for all."


    1. Excellent Job, Everyone :-)

      I Love You Too, Sweetie.


  16. By Lady Portia and St. Germain:

       This message answers many 'whys' coming to our mind.

      "Your planned meditations are especially effective, like when you send out your energy at 11 minutes past the hour. We love it when you join your energy with ours to create a golden wave of uplifting and joyful vibrations. It speeds the changes we all want to bring into effect, and we cannot do it without you. It is part of the contract we have had with you from the beginning: We cannot send more energy to effect change than you do. This creates a fair balance, and it means that we can never bring about any change that you have not begun to create yourselves. This way, you are always leading the way, designing and manifesting the world you envision. Then we can throw our energies behind helping you.

       You see, we must always allow you to have at least the 51% share of the influence upon the conditions on your planet. It is part of the Universal Laws that we cannot intervene in the local affairs of a planet's day to day activities. 

    It has been increasingly effective as we join forces with you on the ground who are sending such Love and compassion to your brothers and sisters. We observe the flow of loving energy in the environment the way you would see a drop of food coloring in a glass of water. The swirling waves of color and light move through the atmosphere like ribbons of Light. We see the energy being sent especially to the Middle East, to the areas of conflict, and to the leaders of the banking and finance, many who have been aligned with the cabal in the past. Your vibrational messages of Love are literally bowling them over. Keep up the good work!"

       For more realistic info:

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  18. Wow, Cobra ! Your pageviews are inching upto 13 million ! The rate of new pageviews has speeded upto a million a month ?!?!

    1. Its global ranking was 104 when I checked out today!

    2. The page view numbers ARE to be celebrated!! ( but I must confess that probably 200 of them, are just me, i view here a lot)

  19. Classified Woman-The Sibel Edmonds Story: A Memoir by Sibel D Edmonds

    Overview: In this startling new memoir, Sibel Edmonds—the most classified woman in U.S. history—takes us on a surreal journey that begins with the secretive FBI and down the dark halls of a feckless Congress to a stonewalling judiciary and finally, to the national security whistleblowers movement she spearheaded.

    Having lived under Middle East dictatorships, Edmonds knows firsthand what can happen when government is allowed to operate in secret. Hers is a sobering perspective that combines painful experience with a rallying cry for the public’s right to know and to hold the lawbreakers accountable. With U.S. citizens increasingly stripped of their rights in a calibrated media blackout, Edmonds’ story is a wake-up call for all Americans who, willingly or unwillingly, traded liberty for security in the wake of 9/11.

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  20. Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned
    The Coming Exposure, Containment and Deconstruction of the Illuminati
    by Preston James, Ph.D | Veteran's Today
    Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 | Posted by Preston James, Ph.D

    We are Divinely protected, in all time and all space, and so, IT IS.

    Many Blessings to Cobra, RM, Galactic Family, Lightworkers and Humanity ...stay courageous!
    Victory of the Light!

    1. This was an intense article. I have never seen anyone as no-nonsense laying it on the line as these guys, Preston James and Gordon Duff and the VT writers. They KNOW the MULTIDIMENSIONAL game that goes on..

  21. Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned

    The Coming Exposure, Containment and Deconstruction of the Illuminati

    "This article is written for retired military and Intel with advanced knowledge of Secret Space War matters. Its purpose is to provide information about a certain group of notably evil Alien ET visitors who formed a long-term association with Super-elite criminally-insane Psychopaths who hijacked America in 1913. These super-elite Deviants were given incredible power and authority in exchange for enacting the evil Agenda of this Alien ET group best described as Cosmic Parasites. This group of super-elite Deviants is best referred to as the Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) AKA the “Illuminati”".

    1. Excellent Article...........I think the people that Run Veterans Today seem to be the Military White Hats......Very detailed info.....

    2. Wooah O.o LOL
      A quick shout out to Veterans Today! Based on the number of their readers/listeners who obviously want to know, Veterans Today could be considered as one of Major News Sources of the alternative media. For a news source to publish articles that have anything to do with UFOs, Aliens and ETs, is seen by some as an attempt at self-sabotage, with a label of a moon bat with a tin hat - unless of course you can back it up with proof….the shills will try and make noise over irrelevant parts in an attempt to deviate everyone from the core of the story, that which really matters (the people vs "them"), and attack your credibility with non-sense - except that Veterans Today is not a corporate-sponsored media-whore playing with sensational headlines in order to attract more audience and adverti$ement revenue. I don't know but one of the reasons why the Russians trusted VT, may be for their track-record and character as investigative journalists. Accordingly VT are publicizing information about our history, not forgetting 9-11, that should have never been a secret, that they have the evidence for - and walk the walk .

      The link below is kind of a file document of various interesting reports regarding (some keywords) :
      MJ-12, MAJI, SDI, Star Wars, Area 51, TR-3B, Vatican Intelligence Service, Jesuits, "Free Energy", antigravity, NASA, Star Visitors, Element 115,...

    3. Excellent article. I have emailed it to many friends. I encourage you all to do so also. People will believe this source more than they will you or me, or Cobra. It may help awaken people.

    4. Great minds think alike! I posted it too, above. (When you can't see new comments that's easily happens.) Yes, White Hats I think.

  22. Hi, Cora and all those who read this!! I am having a little questions about the event, when the first wave of people will go 4D, will ascend at the moment of the event, will our physical 3D body will die? Or dissapear? Or go in "body of light" like it happen in tibet? What exactly will happen? Will every body on earth do the transition at the same time or only those who are ready will ascend at the beginning? And how many time will it takes between the trigger of the event and when will go in the crystals chambers i think, underneath the earth, where are the agarthans, thise that Sheldan Niddle talks!! Thank you, for everything we all do, VICTORY OF THE LIGHT IS NEAR!!!!

  23. Dear Warriors of LIGHT and TRUTH:

    I've seen people asking - "How should we do our Sunday group meditations?"

    It's been a while I wanted to post and tell you all about the way I'm doing my meditations.
    Yet, the thought that I'd be misunderstood AGAIN, and coined to be a show off, kept me away from doing it.

    Today, I don'd think about ME-self, cause I always want to be in service to all. May be there are some who would like to do something similar? Therefore, I care of those who need help, and I hope that these people would find this to be very HELP-FULL.

    Those of you who have been reading my earlier comments, probably do remember me saying that I NEVER do my meditations alone.

    So. I asked my Heavenly Team for their help and guidance. And on Sunday, September 7, Super Full Moon's day, this is what I was guided to do, (and every Sunday, I keep doing almost the same).

    PHASE 1- I started by singing "Imagine" which is written on 528HZ -the "Love Heartz". While singing I started creating a huge group to join me. First, I asked to be joined with my Twin Flame and my HigherSELF. Then I asked the army of the ORIGINAL 144, 000 volunteers and their Twins to join us. We asked the Aghartans to join us. Next were the Ascended Masters of the Earth. Then the Host of all Goddesses and the Sisters of Rose. The last ones to join us were the army of Light Arch Angels. Thus, the INTER-DEMENTIONAL GROUP was completed!

    PHASE 2- We created a few dozens of huge circles and flew 11.77 miles high over the Earth, and started spinning over HER in Right (Recieving) and Left (Giving) Spirals..
    With the help of the whole Cosmic Family, we were being given Heavenly Light Bags filled with the Light Gold Dust which was directly from THE SOURCE and then we were spraying, blowing a rain of sparkling, breathing crystalline GOLD DUST spirals down to the Earth.

    It covered the whole Earth! Not a millimeter of the ground, nor the water, was left uncovered with the gold blanket.
    Every single living soul on Earth was showered, “wrapped up” within the healing, cleansing GOLD rain. As soon as the DUST touched people, they were cleansed, healed, and had their third eye and the heart chakras RE-activated.
    But the MOST important thing was this: WE were asking that every single person, solider, or a criminal who was touched by THE LIGHT, would have a complete awakening and would drop down the weapon from his hand!!
    In the mean time, WE asked the Dust/God Particles to de-activate ALL the destructive technologies and weapons as soon as it would touch them!!!

    PHASE 3- Then – through a few tremendous funnels located on each continent's center part – the gold Powder went down in-to Earth, and it turned into LIGHT THREADS, (like gigantic spider web), coming from all the sides/corners of the surface. The Light Treads started spinning and going inside the Earth's Central Sun, where they started making a RAINBOW LIGHT BALL right inside of it!!

    Now the whole UNDERGROUND was purified with GOD’s DUST, and every underground technology and the computers feeding the death bomb, was stopped and dismantled!!

    PHASE 4- Through the same huge funnels, gushing from beneath, the light threads/rays went back to the surface, and they became golden spirals of huge, miles high RAINBOW LIGHT FOUNTAINS! Some Gold Dust was coming down on Earth as a Light Rain, and some fountain streams went all the way to the Center of our Solar System and through it to every corner of the Milky Way Galaxy and to the Galactic Central Sun!

    WE were singing and celebrating!

    The job was done!

  24. If there are *masters of illusion*, how far does the Hologram reach? How many levels of illusion? Be-A-ware.Discernment is going through the *I* of the needle. Moving past ego. I speak to all and myself: if hoping for *salvation* (ie. The Event) is a distraction from being in the body, centered, awake, aware, discerning, feeling, listening, then it too has the *danger* of becoming part of *the machine of illusion*, keeping us in a state of waiting. No, please, let us stop waiting and be sovereign, sove-reigning over our Divine Sight--Consciousness--. Let True sight pierce any and all veils of illusion. Ego is weak, vulnerable to temptation, to illusion, to sleep. Wait not, Awaken! Use your inner powers of discernment, all-ways!
    There comes a time when confusion dawns: that is a time to be still. A time to listen. To watch, from with-in the *I* of the storm, the I AM.
    Trust not the ego. The small, still voice that whispers in the heart...there is God. Be not satisfied with sweet words, but direct your gaze to seek Truth. Be not satisfied with anything but Truth. There are many and there will be many who speak words we want to hear, words that are pleasing, comforting, but seek not even that. Seek only Truth. Allow your gaze for Truth to pierce All veils of illusion. We may or may not know how many and the character of the veils of illusion. God indeed wants companions, not followers. If we harness our love for Truth, we will find ourselves walking accross the abyss of illusion...and confusion. Architects of illusion weave magnificently woven webs, but these webs are sticky. Even *Ascencion* can be sticky if we are not careful. Be-A-ware, Beloveds. Beware. This is not to frighten but to call us all to attention. Thank you. In Love.

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  26. People in ancient cultures choose lenght of their lives and kept same look for their long journey here. The way it should still be.

    How are things now? We "die" due to all physical and mental toxins (=money-based belief systems). We literally rot away. Alternative thinkers say that you can always decide your way. Whatever. I don't agree with them. The sad fact is that careless zombies are taking health-conscious people with them too.. down to ravine.

    However, everyone has had the POSSIBILITY to follow the small voice whispering inside. So I don't feel pity for careless zombies. They have decided to be nuisance for others (or are so genetically transformed by Archons). And if they even don't want to change, I suggest putting all them to some quarantine cities/areas all around the world. There they can bewitch each other freely. They are not part of my reality. My reality consists of conscious, wise, beautiful, creatitive, loving, caring and happy people OR people, who want to be like that. Who are willing to change.

    Someone might wonder where I get my inspiration for these. Well, having lived in grayest & dreary & frozen zombie-concrete city here in country what I call Evil's Ass (Finland) for my whole lifetime.. has just ripen me up. I'm writing a book "A crushing plant for Soul" to depict life from my perspective.

    As long as satanic forces don't express their sorry for vacuuming our time, harvesting all of our energy, worsening our happy moments, taking our health, free will, dreams etc.. as long we should not forgive. We should not let them go easily. Let em suffer all the same but million times worse. Then they might realize something. Let's impose this curse upon them. Maybe they are afraid of it, and have created some "spiritual wisdom" to keep themselves untouched. At least, they can't escape me. And when the payback time comes.. HA ! That's pure joy to see. Or hey, maybe I just imagine a pink ball of light, wish all good for them and just forgive and focus on good... I'm wondering if these are giving us our lives back.. our missing beauty (it's super important to express soul, nothing superficial here), full mental and physical capacity, clean nature, complete freedom to self-expression, freedom to choose everything..

    .. maybe the Sun of Alcyone, positive ET intervention, people of Untersberg, our "dead" loved ones, all great loving forces, races, Gaia, pole shift etc will help us. I put my hope to them. I'm, with many others, waiting for you and no, not responsible of our own lives as "spiritual wisdom" tells us - not at this moment, but hopefully, very soon.

  27. along with the Preston James VT article, this came out on the same day, a very interesting video:
    The last desperate actions of the Elite: Wars, terrorism, crisis...