Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ordo Bucintoro Video


  1. Dear Cobra,

    Thanks for the recent historical update on Ordo Bucintoro and yours and the Galactic continuing pursuits for a major breakthrough Event for the New Age of positive manifestation on earth.

    I would like to suggest if possible to have at least once a week an update on current progress related to the Event itself.

    It is the Divine/Source which alone knows when the Event breakthrough will occur. However, your updates of Galactic Intelligence are valuable inspiration and knowledge which keep us going. I feel that if everyone could look forward to some update within each 7 day period (that of course does not compromise security), it would be helpful, unifying. Thanks for considering.

    1. ... and live telecast of the toplet bomb being defused.

    2. I don't think there will be another planet situation update before the Event unless it's a bad news. Because now there's only one obstacle left, an update will mean the Event is ready which can't be told to the Cabal.

  2. Another intel on Ordo because there is a battle between the RM and Chimera

  3. @Cobra
    Just a heads up. You probably noticed but someone is messing with the videos. Not showing on my phone or ipad.

    1. Keep trying ... other browsers, devices, menu options ... A regular PC or Mac is the last option.

  4. People like videos...good idea!

    Check out these New World Order, Freemason, Jesuit organizational charts, etc.

    Posted on October 21, 2014 by Jean Haines

    Source: ATruthSolidier
    MARCH 20, 2013
    Thanks to V.
    Click on any image then click on it again for full sized, right click on image to download HI-RES copy
    NWO Documents Library..multi language.

  5. The Elohim: The Light Warriors Are Doing a Magnificent Cleansing Job in Preparation for the Shift Portal on October 23, 2014

  6. KRYON Budapest - audio

  7. Dear Friends Desiring Well Being,

    As the dark gets darker (destructive agenda and action),
    the Light gets stronger (constructive, most intelligent, all-creative harmony).

    The Light, being ONE, ever present, non-changing amidst all changing experiences,
    can have no "opposing force", because nothing can be found outside of itself! It alone has created a condition that allows for opposites, including both positivity and negativity.

    The ONE is not absent anywhere.

    So when we see darkness, destruction, negativity, pain, suffering/torture,
    we can know that it IS part of the Divine purpose, of the ONE, if we can see something more in its totality. That can seem impossible if we're the one going through pain.

    We of course have a certain amount of "free will" to do our part to effect positive change and remove injustices, but ultimately everything is the Divine Will of what's ONE and complete intelligence, more than anyone's free will intelligence.

    In facing adversity and challenges we gain strength and mastery of our self. On the "other side", after a given life, we gain so much by what we have already lived out while on earth. If we were to come back again to learn further life lessons, it may be our greatest desire to endure what could be called a painful plight, in order to realize even more.

    Therefore, we don't know why necessarily an individual or many are undergoing the challenges and pain they may be going through. Unless we are the ONE who is all intelligent, we may not have complete access to that knowledge and evaluation.

    Being the Creator of all its own Creation, the ONE, has designed life in an evolutionary direction of Supreme Harmony. It cares for itself in its own Creation.

    Like in a great, well produced movie, there is tremendous conflict and unexpected
    plot points all along the way. In the end, though, there is resolution. Similarly,
    the ONE has created conflict and countless twists and changes (plot points) in
    all of life's drama. It is a "Divine Play". The ONE knows full well that all is continually resolved according to perfect harmony and well being. It is the one in control for the
    best outcome for all. (The whole concept of best and worst was created by its unlimited Intelligence and Ingenuity.)

    With that understanding, I can Trust in the ONE whose scope is beyond the opposites that tend to obscure the total vision of a human being, you and I. And at the same time, the ONE is contained in every changing detail of the ups and downs of life, the opposing forces, "opposites", that allow for the Divine Play and positive outcome of life.

    The above is my understanding and experience since being a seeker before I was a teenager this life. I have been someone open to Truth whatever that may be. If your experience and understanding is different, I welcome that as perfect for you.

    Victory of the Light and Harmony for all.

    Peace and Abundance.

  8. Private Island: Why Britian Now Belongs to Someone Else by James Meek

    Overview: In a little over a generation the bones and sinews of the British economy - rail, energy, water, postal services, municipal housing - have been sold to remote, unaccountable private owners, often from overseas. In a series of brilliant portraits the award-winning novelist and journalist James Meek shows how Britain's common wealth became private, and the impact it has had on us all: from the growing shortage of housing to spiralling energy bills. Meek explores the human stories behind the incremental privatization of the nation over the last three decades. He shows how, as our national assets are sold, ordinary citizens are handed over to private tax-gatherers, and the greatest burden of taxes shifts to the poorest. In the end, it is not only public enterprises that have become private.

    Genre: Non-Fiction: Economics, Political Analysis

  9. I am wondering about all these large storms, hurricanes, stalled rainstorms. Boston had 3" of rain (thankfully not snow or it would be 3') --but we needed it, we had a mild drought. Bad for business though. People stay home or rush home after work. California, after an extended drought, needs gentle, frequent rain, not mudslides. Japan and other areas had hurricanes/tsunamis and large storms. As with Ebola, death toll has been far less than expected.

    Cobra, is this weather modification, such as last ditch, thrashing efforts by the cabal to inflict chaos? Or is it just nature balancing things out with earth changes? I know this may become much more extreme/intense. I also know people's consciousness/intent can shift the weather.

    (Native Americans knew this. Who does not enjoy a sunny day? Thus the need to, on occasion, pray for rain.)

    Yah, call me crazy but I watch the skies.

  10. Stankov seems very arrogant, surely one man is not saving humanity and providing the only ascension platform? is he for real?

  11. I always love to get a new Cobra update, even if it is a sort of repeat of a previous update. These types of videos can be very helpful for the visually impaired- so I support them all the way!! And the voice on this video is much improved from previous videos. It sounds less like a robot and more like a person. Personally, even though I have read this update several times, I like to listen to it being said to me. It is very soothing....:-))

  12. Elite is hiding with their families! 3 - When These People Go Into Hiding

  13. ...RAFAPAL.COM...EL EVENTO TIENE FECHA......Entrevista con “El Embajador” de la Sociedad del Dragón Blanco: “Queremos proclamar el jubileo (condonación de las deudas) alrededor del nuevo año chino” 19.02.2015...??????.....SERA CIERTO...COBRA.?????

  14. Cobra, is the death of the 3rd dimension body necessary or normal in the ascencion process? I see a lot of spiritual personnalities die (like dolores cannon on the same day of the eclipse), can you comment on that?

    1. Not anymore. They know how to crystalline the body adding more DNA strands so you take your body with you. You come out on the otherside as a younger you, no imperfections. So want me some 5d. Read golden age of well ascend in ageless bodies with new spiritual capacities.

    2. One of our young California friends passed over earlier this year after battling cancer for about 6 years. Sarah was full of Light and Life, and well-loved by so many! The whole rave/house/dance community celebrated her life, and about a month later, one of our psychic friends was able to contact her. She was about 30 when she passed, but chose to be about age 12 on the other side, because it was a carefree time in her life. She said she was playing and having a lot of fun.

  15. October interview and transcript with Cobra and host Rob Potter now up!

  16. 2014 October 20 – Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter | The Promise Revealed
    Soundcloud Audio & Transcripts of the Interview:

    2014 October 20 – Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter

    Audio only:
    Soundcloud: 2014 October 20 – Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter

  17. Divine on earth:

    I do not share your vision of God.
    it is the same " new age" archontic programming. All this shit is not a plan of wasnt supposed to happen. It was an anomaly, like they was not supposed to happen. I cannot Love a God like that.
    we do not need to pass all this Hell. This is not a stupid school " to grow and become better" like those f'n assholes called themselves " archons" made us believe. It is a f`n quarantine and a f'n prison! Like it or not. This is why Buddha for example gave us tecniques to escape this prison which he called samsara
    i apologize for my harsh language but i am fed up when i hear those phoney statements like " lessons", " karma" , " divine plan behind this", " free will", etc, that i want to throw up and punch all those archontic programmed parrots.
    and as a parrot i will say unto you:

    Wake up ! The Matrix has you.

    1. I feel exactly as you feel Ger Sey. I have been saying that a long time ago, F--- the karma, F--- the original sin, F... the "lessons". I need no F... lessons. I apologize for the F... woman I am for using such foul F.... g language ! Ha ha ha ! Pardon my French !
      Also with the karma, I noticed that if something good happens to them they say "Wow, I am lucky" and if something bad happens they say "Boohoohoohhh! Must be my karma!".
      Logically then, if you see an abused child, don't go help him, guys, because it is his karma, hey ? May be he was Hitler in a former life. :-)))))))))

    2. Hey Ger and Michele, cheer up, everything you need is already inside you, there you will find the real treasure! We volunteered to come to this nasty place, only heroes were allowed ;-)

    3. Very good analyzed ger sey!

      All "god" constructions are dark invented tools for enslavement. And very much of the "awoken lightworkers" are sitting deep in the trap...

      But ger, they will never even start to question it. It's much easier to give the own responsibility to some "gods", than to take it for yourself...

      They will follow their "gods" blind, until you unrevealed the real bastards behind as those evil beings, who they really are...

      The problem is for example the higher cognitions of "awoken lightworkers". Most of them are what we call "OIC incarnated" (OIC => astral disneyland). Their cognitions are so tricky manipulated, that they don't realize the trap they are sitting in (look my "Incanation..." link above).

      They follow a few kinds of "false light". These energies make very nice and harmonic feelings. But they again don't realize, that there are many hidden attacks in the same energies, which do huge harm to them later. A "perfect" enslavement environment and tool.

    4. Dear Ger Sey,

      I think most everyone associated with Cobra and this site, including comments on this blog, all wish for an outcome of harmony in the world. So with that being a common goal, I think we owe it to ourselves
      to write comments respectfully honoring one another. Do you agree? If you re-read what you wrote, I believe it comes across as "blasting" me, sounding off, without having any real consideration for what I wrote.

      If you have a specific question or would like to address anything I wrote one line at a time, then I can reply to you.

      It's one thing to be realistic and it's fine if you are fed up, as you say, but it's another thing how you convey that respectfully, kindly.

      It seems only a "troll" would write comments to intentionally cause conflict and arguments on a site. And if that kind of comment containing disrespect towards other members is found, I personally feel the Moderator of this blog should omit it. Maybe there can be a disclosure statement about treating each others' comments cordially on the website.

      Regarding your comments, my post mention did mention at the end that others may have different experiences and understanding. And that those different perspectives are welcome. That's something to consider before you write what you did. I wrote my experience and understanding. Because you may not understand it or have a different view, doesn't discount what I wrote.

      The key in my message is the following paragraph contained within it:

      "The Light, being ONE, ever present, non-changing amidst all changing experiences, can have no "opposing force", because nothing can be found outside of itself! It alone has created a condition that allows for opposites, including both positivity and negativity."


    5. WE are the Creator "Gods". WE created all of this, the beauty and the beast of it. Now we are awakening and we see our mis-creations. So what are we going to do about it? How helpful is the anger, condemnation, personal attack and "fuck you" attitude? Do you thing because we profess love and light that we never feel or express the dark side? Do you really think Unicorns fly out of our butts? They freaking don't! And that's coming from a Love and Light New Ager! My trigger is public transit. I get so frustrated at being stranded. I get into a black, angry mood. When I can ride my bike, I am a much nicer person, lighthearted and in my bliss. Unless people walk on the bike path instead of the sidewalk 10 feet away. And don't move. Then I am bitch on wheels!

      Sure, we are dealing with ~unconscionable~ darkness on the planet and in some souls, but many of us proudly choose to usher in the New Age precisely because we have seen and faced the dark! And guess what?
      The enemy is within. It's never really someone or something out there. That's illusion.

      Yes, sometimes WE were the dark ones! We New Agers have been to the depths, but we no longer choose (free will being what it is) to DWELL there. Sure, we get sucked back into it sometimes, but only for a visit.
      You want to dwell there? Have at it! How's that working out for you? You all sound depressed and defeated. Been there, tried that. It sucked. THAT's Archonic influence. Cobra even said in the latest interview, "It’s more of a quite intensified Archon attacks lately. People need to understand that those depressions are artificially created."

      Depression interferes with co-creation, our individual and collective ability to manifest. Do you feel like you not yourself? Do you feel overwhelmed, distracted, anxious, tired, angry? Have crying jags? Beat up on yourself for the "mistakes" you've made? Go for days without leaving the house? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. That's not me, I am really fun-loving, spontaneous and adventurous. I am confident that I have something of value to contribute to the world. I'm kind to animals, and they are affectionate towards me. In fact, there are many cats and dogs I've met who I like better than most people.

      Nobody's perfect. Some of us were very dark and evil in past lives, we did horrible things. Some of that urge may have carried over into this life..dark thoughts that have to be chased away...but for the most part, we now make different choices. If we once embraced the same negative outlook you do, why not now? Soul evolution.

      The beauty of Free Will is that we can choose..and choose again. Call it what you will, karma, free will choice, nobody cares if you are "so sick of it" you "want to throw up". Boo fucking hoo! Do you think that by whining, you can shame a person into abandoning what they have learned, the hard way, over many lifetimes?

      What has been seen cannot be unseen. The purpose of delving into the dark is to bring it to light. When new information comes to light, we adjust what we "know". Currently, there is a lot of OLD information coming to light, and not only do we need to adjust what we "know", but many will be pissed off that it was hidden from us in the first place!

      I am spiritual, NOT religious. I pray and I believe in a Supreme Being. I think we are aspects of that Being, or "sparks of the Divine". You are free to believe whatever you like, but don't condemn others for their perspective. After all, the enemy is within. There is no enemy. Life is a paradox. Red pill? Blue pill? The Matrix is disintegrating. We shall "Make it so." (Shout out to Captain Picard). Anything unreal will fall away, leaving us standing fully in the Light. Since there is no "death", we have much to look forward to.

    6. @ ger sey. somebody finally making some sense. lets put a saucepan on the stove and make more of it.

  18. Bunch of Pleaidian hottie's runnin around in 5D. What's not to like.


  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oh, thank you, Just Be! You said that so well! I heartily second what I can't seem to express so well myself.

    2. JustBe, you mistake a lot of truth for feelings in ger sey. and there is right and wrong, but its not understood in words, and the rules have been re-written. words are what messes everything up.



    "Sweeps of Light engage all surface dwellers.

    Gaia connections now require all to access Inner depths of BEing.

    Surface activities decrease as all awaken to the Higher Inner as Gaia collective awakens to the Higher collective Inner.

    Transformatives engage hu-manity with full magnitude of awakening Light.

    Brilliance embraced.

    This time moment is marked."

    So there .

  22. Hi All, here is an AMAZING interview with Cobra!! Rob sounds like he just rolled out of bed and decided to interview Cobra with no preparation to his questions whatsoever (IMO, rude and disrespectful). But Cobra rolls with the punches and delivers an amazing interview nonetheless. It is worth a listen:

    1. Victory of the Light!

    2. reading audience questions off a sheet a paper is hardly an interview. Rob should read a book that addresses how to ask follow up questions and how to conduct himself like a journalist when he presents himself as one.

      And by the way in case you missed it this morning when you awoke we are still NOT free, the evil dark cabals free will choices to remain in power and reign terror still supersede the awakened populations free will choice to have a full experience.

      The forces of light have told us that the conditions on this planet have fallen below their standards yet they remain playing checkers while the mortal human dark cabal and their prior scumbag overlords have been playing chess for millenia. It must be nice enjoying the realities of the higher vibrations of reality while your children needlessly suffer. Take your time!!! No Rush!!!

    3. Smaly Hungarian language translation could burn it?

    4. Why don't some of you critics step up if you can do such a better job? If you follow Rob you will note that as stated, he HAS been extremely busy, and yes, he sounded tired. Do we even know the circumstance? Was this date and time planned 6 mo. in advance? (doubtful) Was Cobra suddenly available on short notice? (more likely) I doubt that we can truly appreciate the time and effort that goes on behind the scenes, in orchestrating such an interview. Cobra's succinct answers may have less to do with Rob "not drawing him out" or "asking the right followup questions" as so many have complained as it may have to do with Cobra's frustration that people are asking some of the same questions that have already been answered or alluded to, or maybe they are asking dumb questions. Maybe I am wrong but I am pretty fed up with the unrelenting criticism of Rob, Cobra and anyone else who dares to comment in this supposed "community" thread and, God forbid, offers a positive perspective. POOF! BE GONE! YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE! (zzzsnorezzz)

      Please get off the computer and go walk in nature. Your Mother is calling...

    5. @Phoenix Boulay, the point is that I didn't volunteer to interview Cobra, Rob did. Since he took on that responsibility he should take it seriously. You know, Cobra is the MOST IMPORTANT person in the world right now to interview! He is more important than Obama, Putin, or anyone else (including Fulford). He has the REAL intel. Don't you think an interview of that magnitude should have a bit more preparation? These interviews are historic.

      Alexandra Meadors prepared for days for her interviews with Cobra. It was a tough job so she passed the torch to someone else. I think Rob should take this responsibility more seriously. If he is too tired and/or busy, he should postpone the interview until he is able to do it properly. This is just my opinion and if you don't agree that is fine.

    6. Well, thanks for enlightening us, I hadn't actually heard that the reason Alexandra passed the torch was because it was a tough job. "It was a tough job so she passed the torch to someone else." I doubt that was the real reason.

      The change seemed rather abrupt, and I had the impression it had to do with her involvement with clearing psychic parasites and information related to that that contradicted things Cobra had said on the subject - but that was completely my own personal impression or hunch, not based on anything I read anywhere or anything factually confirmed. I, too enjoyed her interviews, and I also enjoy Rob's and Untwine's.

      And yes the point IS that you "didn't volunteer to interview Cobra, Rob did." Yet you feel free to pass judgment and condemnation at him for his imperfections. Your statement that "he should take it seriously." implies the wrong assumption that he isn't taking it seriously, because he had an off day. I am not saying his or Alexandra's or Untwine's process is perfect or better, I am saying cut the guy a break, because he IS VERY SERIOUS and DEDICATED to being of service at this time. If he decides he's got too much on his plate, or he's fed up with being attacked, or whatever reason may cause him to discontinue the interviews, I hope it is not before someone else steps up. But these things are better left to him and Cobra to decide, IMHO. I am happy to hear anything Cobra has to say to anyone.

      While I do agree Cobra is perhaps one of, if not THE most important person on the planet to be interviewed at this time, I simply seek to remind everyone that we are all doing the best we can in any given moment. I am not necessarily singling you out, Mitchell, and I do appreciate much of your contribution in the threads. I do tend to be rather outspoken, or else I bite my tongue until my temper flares.

      Oh, my original comment was a much longer, flaring rant, most of which Cobra wisely edited out. Although I saved a copy of the whole thing and have been debating whether or not to put it on one of my own blogs. Probably not.

      The part cut out was me trying to set the record straight that we New Agers are not perfect, in fact, many of us have been through, as victims or perpetrators, a lot of darkness, but someone along the lines CHOSE (Free Will) to align with the Light. Except that my expression of that was much more angry, graphic and dark, because I was really frustrated and fed up with all the whining, negative comments, and bashing of anyone perceived to be "New Age" (since when is that a dirty word? We ARE moving into a New Age!). Being supportive and offering CONSTRUCTIVE criticism tends to have a more positive impact than the devisive comments, outright attacks, and condemnation of Rob, Cobra, "God" "New Age" Free Will" and other Ascension buzzwords. Devisive feedback divides by putting people on the defensive and creating a lynch mob mentality. We need to come together, not necessarily agreeing on everything, but at least giving people a bit of breathing room and the space to be who they are, whether that is Niki or Rob or anyone. MOST of the time I just ignore what does not resonate with me, but I come here for inspiration, to share information and ideas, to find and offer support. I am not looking for more conflict and distress, there is enough of that out there in the world.

      Peace (and thank you for letting me state my peace, with a lot more grace than I did with the words Cobra wisely omitted. TY Cobra).

    7. Haha, joke's on me, Cobra did not edit my original response, it is above. I think sometimes things jump around and comments seem to end up out of thread.

    8. ...don't worry the november interview will be amazing ;)

    9. @Phoenix Boulay, I would not say that about Alexandra Meadors unless I knew it to be fact. Alexandra and I have had several correspondence e-mails back and forth (but I have never gotten an e-mail from Cobra...I would faint! ;-)). Before she stopped interviewing Cobra she asked my opinion about if she should stop or not. She told me that she had to prepare for days before the interview and that "her stomach would just be in knots" from the stress. I gave her my opinion that she should stop and let someone else do it. She had done it long enough and there was no reason to keep putting herself through that stress. You can write to her personally and ask her if you want. BTW, my name is James Mitchell, not Mitchell Tr. James (Google mistake).

      I have also written to Rob personally to offer advice and I won't tell you what he wrote back. It wasn't very nice. Oh well.

  23. The cabal would not last one day without the MSM covering their asses. As i read this article (link below), i found alot of simularities to the J.P. morgan breach in july. I got the same gut feeling that i got, with the morgan breach being part of an RM opperation wich was later confirmed by Cobra.

    1. Yes, I saw that, very strange! and it can only originate in the White House though they blame some technical glitch from an affiliate? seems to be a test of things to come...

      As for the Morgan breach, my immediate instinct when I heard of it also was that it was part of an RM operation, and it makes sense...but I had missed Cobra confirming that. Cool. I do see things in the news that give me an impression there is more to what appears to be, and that it could just as easily be some of this "things happening behind the scenes" activity I hear about elsewhere.

    2. Re: J.P. Morgan. If you read Cobra's September 8th blog entry, it infers that it was an RM operation. I took it as a confermation.

    3. I read everything including the links, which is why days can pass before I respond to a post. I went back and re-read that post and the Forbes and Bloomberg articles. I still didn't get that inference, but it being subjective, one would expect interpretation to vary.

      However, now that my memory is refreshed, what I was thinking was that RM perhaps was responsible for the breach in order to have proof of things JP Morgan Stanley (the stock trading division of JP Morgan) has been doing, in particular, as relates to High Frequency Trading. However, more recently, they were being investigated by the FBI for that very reason, securities fraud due to High Frequency Trading, as described in the book FLASHBOYS by Michael Lewis.

      Another reason I felt suspicious is the huge volume of banking/finance deaths in general, but at JP Morgan many of the deaths, and especially the "suicides" do not make sense, except for the fact many of these people worked in I.T. and may have been privvy to trading secrets, or could testify as to WHO instructed them to rig the system for high frequency trades.

  24. October is always a tough month. Two eclipses and a mercury retrograde I personally would have put off any kind of deal making till November. Any deal in this period has no sticking power and will be up for revision. Susan Miller astrology zone is the best . I do believe that if they are intended to be eliminated the eclipse energy will facilitate the process. If not the April set will. I can remember back when they predicted the Saturn Pluto opposition on 911 we all knew about something was going to happen way in advance. I went to work that day expecting surprises at work only to realize the surprise was HUGE. Nobody could work that day.
    I cant wait till the holiday's all the saints come out and the Jesus vibe is in the air. Joy to the world etc. I believe the dark siders have a tough time with the energies. This year they will have people on their ass too. Good luck spending all that money you miserable bunch of losers. Low vibers. Misery loves company thus prison planet. Were a captive audience but not forever.

    Thank you Cobra for another update cause....

    SHARING IS CARING..... God bless Cobra and the RM. Victory to the Light....

  25. Purported Ashtar Command interception of warheads on NASA mini-shuttle

    1. A lot of information in this video! the warheads interception..and so much more! changes to government, Federal Reserve, the investigation into the IRS, etc. alluding to a "Surprise" THIS year, sooner than expected.

  26. What's at 1:30?

    X Flare, UFOs During Eclipse | S0 News October 25, 2014

  27. Dear Cobra and Rob:

    Thanks very much for the informative interview ! Thanks for answering one of
    the questions I submitted.

    It's helpful to hear that the depression I feel sometimes could be artificially induced by 'the bad guys.' I am happy to hear "maybe it's not really mine."
    You'd think these entities would have better things to do than to hurl invisible
    depression missiles at people.

    It is also helpful to hear that something big happened in the financial system around Oct 17 -- the date around the time the Chinese were evidently moving on the monetary system. So whatever the Chinese and Dragon people are doing, they are doing it pretty smoothly, I have to say. They are changing the monetary system (at least at the moment) with a lot of grace. I mean, they have been getting the short end of the stick for centuries. It feels like they are helping "the Western powers" save face (and retain our fake dignity) in this whole thing. And: They don't seem to sending bombs or weird uncontrollable viruses our way.

    Let's (during our meditations) mentally send some more love and light to that plasma region up about 8.6 miles above earth.... Sounds like the good guys could use some love to help them clear the rest of the nasty junk there...

    Love and light and thanks all...

    1. Listen to the video posted just before you by Sandor Nagy, it pertains to your comments.

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