Saturday, November 22, 2014

TOP EGG L1 infection cleared, Imperator in progress


  1. Hurray. Thank you cobra, LRM & ground crew. Let us rock during planetary liberation meditation. We will send all forces who are stopping THE EVENT towards light :)

  2. I do not know the meaning but, it FEELS GREAT !
    Thank you Cobra and resistance !
    It is getting faster and faster now.
    I am elated !

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  4. I can feel things are changing quickly now. Thanks for your service to humanity!

  5. Imperator in progress........ Now that's a new term...........Its in Progress...So looks good!

  6. Can you confirm Cobra, that a topegg is the toplet bomb? And what is an Imperator?

    Does anyone know what time is today's meditation? GMT time.

    Love and light to all :)

  7. Heartfelt gratitude for each step of success. Oh I do wish to meet all of the R.M. and Cobra and Isis et al someday. Much love

  8. Those of you under 50 may not be aware of this powerful song. It moves me every time. I think is is appropriate in these times look it up on You Tube "What the World Needs Now is Love" sung by Jackie De Shannon

    1. Beautiful song: "What the world needs now is love":

      Germans standing up and overcoming their apathy now, one of Germany's most popular artists recently speeking the truth:

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    1. @JustBe... Love n' Light to you... First and foremost, I agree that subtleties of influence possibly occur. However… The following is of my-Self’s realizations and its intent is provocative-less nor cause or instigate bickering.

      I do ask how? HOW?? does/would/could anyone... Anyone!... Or as it were, ["They" put you in a state of Love, find out what you care about,..."]

      Be it anyone (seen/unseen) with or w/out an unconditional Loving presence about them be able to truly... TRuLY!?? “get in” and perceive honestly and correctly in the purest 'sense' what another "intimately, fully, and completely" Feels/Intuits via emotionality in another being (this self grasps that ALL ARE ONE; hence no separation of anyone or anything).

      I do say that the ONE of ALL that IS, most certainly by default does. (any other conclusion would render the whole motivation of Creator to Love its-self in-order-to reflect/re-member the One-Self via a physical interactive/sensory/experience as meaningless) Umm… Creator; Creates!

      Nevertheless, each facet/uniqueness of the any-being or aspect of consciousness is the beauty of their exact experiential aspects that formulate/comprise these emotional attachments/feelings. I would suggest it is the very purpose of their physicality and reason they Be in the now; present moment. That said, this Self Feels/intuits and concludes as my reality that the ONE and original Source of ALL THAT IS; inherently integrated such a “checks/balances”, if you will… as by design. Additionally, this principle design characteristic moreover corroborates and supports that ALL beings are fun-da-MENTALLY ‘Sovereign’ in the purest sense and definition. Hence, BEing truly of their own unabated and un-molested cognitive capacity to take full responsibility for actions. This aspect of Self will conclude that any attempts to “interpret/perceive” an-other beings, BEing is being misled (filter on top of filter on top of filter)… certainly, completely, and fully WHEN ‘exotic technologies’ that needed be man-u-factured were believed to have such capabilities [vs. an unconditionally LOVING Consciousness Manifesting]. We all know where that belief in vs. direct experience this leads! I Thank You and Love You ALL………………………. Namaste

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    3. Beloved, thing only get manisfested when many come together and play a part (meditation, ritual, etc). The dark cabal know this and they do it together many times. The problem is with the lightworkers - doing their own and believe in their own - never come together but thing is changing now with the internet.

      PS : If personal manifestation is so powerful and able to influence the whole, it will be very chaotic cause everyone will want to do it their way and this is not allowed.

      May the LOVE be with you always.

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  10. Ciao Cobra...una domanda.
    Perchè non ricordiamo le nostre vite passate?
    Chi o cosa ce lo impedisce?

    1. se non ricordo male aveva detto che le vite passate non le ricordi a causa del velo (the veil)/quarantena del pianeta terra ... e' la "matrix" creata dagli archons che non te le fa ricordare ...

    2. Grazie di aver risposto....mi hai rinfrescato la memoria

  11. Love and Light to all of you and thank you. Greetings from Slovakia

  12. Cobra <3
    October 1, STRANGE EGG tau in final completion / TOP EGG in progress,
    November 2 STRANGE EGG tau complete , TOP EGG in progress
    November 10, TOP EGG L4 infection cleared
    November 17, TOP EGG L3 infection cleared
    November 20, TOP EGG L2 infection cleared
    November 22, TOP EGG L1 infection cleared
    ???????????, (TOP EGG L0 infection cleared)

    New Victory of Light !!!! :)

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  14. Very best energy for this year's birthday ! Namaste all lightworkers

  15. All I can say is YEAH!!! The essence of light is shining through brighter everyday....the clearing is taking place....I can feel it with every fiber of my being. Even one of my dogs was looking up at the sky barking today as she senses a lot is happening. Peace, Safety, Love & Light to all!

  16. Boy, that escalated quickly!!

    Thanks Cobra

  17. I have followed & felt the good vibration from Cobra since
    first day I discovered his blogg back in early 2012,
    just after he started this blogg. I did presented him
    through my videoblogs I have done since 2008 here
    in Norway regarding this energetic shift of
    Consciousness and to this present of
    what is about to manifest :-)

    Here is my words to share with you
    and a galactic song as I also
    produce music for free, with
    the same messages of love.

    I produced it in November 2012

    Indigo - Stargates Of Ashtar
    (return of light and true freedom) ( Indigo's 2012 trancegate )

    Regards to THE CRYPTIC MESSAGE OF 22th of November

    If you google the word IMPERATOR & IMPERIAL( ISM ),
    you'll get to see it's been connected to the history
    but also to the system of political,
    financial & military totalitarian

    "For the ship, see SS Imperator."
    "Imperator Augustus" redirects here.
    For the first Roman emperor, see Augustus.
    The Latin word imperator was originally a title
    roughly equivalent to commander under
    the Roman Republic.

    The Explanation of TOP EGG in the comments section
    wtitten by: Remember The SpiralNovember 22, 2014 at 1:34 PM

    Hi Kelvin Klein Prince
    The meaning of "TOP EGG" is the top quark condensate which would go off if significant UFO activity would be detected near the surface of the planet (LEVEL 2) through the scalar plasma UFO detection grid.

    chrisNovember 21, 2014 at 8:30 AM

    October 1, STRANGE EGG tau in final completion / TOP EGG in progress,
    November 2 STRANGE EGG tau complete , TOP EGG in progress
    November 10, TOP EGG L4 infection cleared
    November 17, TOP EGG L3 infection cleared
    November 20, TOP EGG L2 infection cleared
    ????????????, TOP EGG L1 infection cleared
    ???????????, TOP EGG L0 infection cleared


    TOP EGG 1 cleared out 22th of november
    TOP EGG 0 Cleared out 22th of November

    "Presentations in current moments portend flag-less precipitations."

    Feral beings commune with Higher Energetics as lower hu-beings die out.

    Stabilizing of upgrades is in progress, and culminates in short order.
    Pedantics are ignored as Hue-Beings commute sentences.

    Dances of Flash Energies becomes visible to all of Gaia.

    I resonate with both COBRA &

    Victory Of THE LIGHT - WE ARE ALL ET's

  18. Wielkie Dzięki Tobie Cobra. Teraz ruszymy dalej.
    Najlepszy dałeś prezent dla wszystkich Lightworkers.
    Miłość, Światło i Jedność są z nami.

  19. Thanks Cobra for your most recent updates.

    This is very encouraging for all of us who are holding the light. It's not clear how much is still left to do to complete the MISSION, but every day we are getting closer to the inevitable.

    I firmly believe that the time still left is only a small fraction of the time we have spent so far on this journey.