Thursday, January 1, 2015


RR3 and RR4 complete, IS:IS 1 and 2 partially activated, Cobra in progress, Pandora in progress, TOP EGG complete, STRANGE EGG in progress. L2 penetration success, PHX SIGINT loop operational. Drastic Isidic security breaches, last one in deflection, HVBN unstable to stable, VSF operational, HF testing in progress. Drastic PPN security breach deflected, PB security breach in deflection. Midas in progress with M from 2 to 24, Midas package.


  1. I got excited reading Cobra and Pandora in progress. Cobra=Compression Breakthrough which means the event will be triggered opening Pandora's box?

    1. Pandora is in progress all the time. Read the previous state of mission reports (monthly)

  2. I am looking up day & night at an illusion,it is all around me...when I focus inward all possibilities are probable .we are source ,I saw fireworks clearly & beautifully not in new years ,when I am in tuned .we are creators .

  3. Indeed great achievement for the mass. For awakened humanity part, we should do more to speed it. It's in process

  4. What will life be like after the event? What kind of things are you guys visualizing?

    1. I've been holding the same open Gnostic intention right from the start,

      "May Divine Will Be Done Through Me, In The Highest Good for All Life Everywhere :) <3"

      that and "Yay Days :P"

      it's an open ended intention that allows maximum manifestation

  5. Hello all,
    I am reading this blog since a while but never felt the urge to write a comment.
    However, there was the coincidence that in the ISIS report was given the same request that I announced the 15th on the evening to my meditation group: focus the intentions and thoughts on the positive you want to see.

    Thats why I also want to answer here as my impression is that there is too much focusing on the negative (among all the people not specifically the comments here).
    Of course general media are not helping as they are relying only the negative things that happen. This created an atmosphere of fear and hate. And we should do all we can to keep free from that.

    How do we imagine the world after the event? In my opinion people should first think of whether they imagine and want a world where they replace the existing power by another one, as much light there may be, or if they want people to live in freedom and full responsibility and sovereignty?
    I have the impression waiting for ETs to come to solve our problems will not be a solution. We have to accept and live our responsability and especially our creative potential.
    Every negative thought is nourishing what we hate. Hate and anger will increase the potential of creation for this reality.
    Focusing on a world filled with love, joy, freedom and abundance will help do create this reality. And as it is our reality we have to put this effort. Its not someone else who can do this!
    More and more the energies are coming and portals are opening, more we all become also co-creator of reality.

    Just decide whether you want to continue in a world setup where are victims, persecutors and saviors, or in a free world. Its us to put our creative forces in the game.