Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CHL1ZOO detected, clearing in progress. HVBN on, VTXC postponed



    In doing everyday stuff does not even suspect that the day to which a particular role in our lives. There is not a day on the calendar, which would not be linked to a historical event. And if you look to the future, there will be a day that is not tied to any family, social, religious, political, and other meteorological event. But in addition, there are days that are specifically suited for some activities. For example close to 10 million days.

    The close to 10 million days of Buddhist Tibetans big celebration days. The most important stations of his life Shakyamuni Buddha commemorate these days. And why they are important for Europe? Because, in addition to a beautiful remembrance, the whole world is affected. On these days, a beam of energy coming to Earth from another dimension, which is approx. It encompasses completely around 17 hours. This energy beam consolidate the ideas emerging at a faster rate so that they can be implemented quickly. Every thought, emotion, intention, will or made - whether it is positive or negative - will multiply to 10 millionfold increase.
    It is no coincidence that the Tibetans emphasize that we are very conscious these days, so avoid that negative thoughts can be consolidated.

    So what do we do if we want to live these days possibility?
    Prepare it deliberately!
    First, we must get rid of the negative emotions that we swap them positive.
    Think about what are the feelings, thoughts, self-limiting beliefs that hold us prisoners. Fear, anger, revenge, desire, and so on defeating those negative thoughts which we live together. Let them! The great burdens on our shoulders, remove and place it down!
    As a next step, direct our thoughts to those things that we want to create. It is very important that only constructive, positive thoughts focus on, such as love, harmony, peace, joy, kindness, gratitude, healing, success.
    We strive to attend these feelings all day over and spread them out to members of our family, our friends, to humanity, to all living creatures and the Earth as well. Imagine the Earth to be healthy, beautiful plants, seas, lakes, rivers waters clean and the people are at peace, of love. Let's see if there is peace throughout the world and in our souls! Let's celebrate the World Peace!
    10 million strong loving day!

    Close to 10 million days in 2015:
    Thursday 5 March 2015 - Day of Miracles (Chotrul Duch)
    Birth, Enlightenment and leave day (Saka Dawa Duch) - Tuesday 2 June 2015
    Monday, 20 July 2015 - Tankers day (Chokhor Duch)
    Return date (Lhabab Duch) - Tuesday 3 November 2015


  2. Grull Antal - Atlan (Az emberiség eredete)


  3. Maybe VTXC is stands for Veil Termination eXecution Codes (or Command)?