Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Compression Breakthrough Videos


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    1. Why dont we have a mass meditation to prevent hitlery from winning and let trump win in order to prevent WW3? Even if he is a puppet (Which he is not) he is willing to negotiate peace not war.

  2. Hi. The top video does not play.

    1. try it on PFC website.
      It is since a longer time there...

      I become enough by playing it...

    2. Just start to play then click on the words YouTube in lower right corner to pop it out into a new tab.

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  4. Thanks for sharing dear Cobra ♥ A great motivator to participate seriously to this medit-a(c)tion :


    " Earth's return to The Galactic Federation to enjoy the Love of High Dimensional Star " ~ Okay this really made my day haha ☼ Gratitude to the video makers !

    Oops looks like google translation suggested me something funny haha - first comment inappropriate sir !

    1. It is a kind of art for artists, and as case for those who like 'beautifulness'...

  5. Oh. Did the event happen? I did not feel anything.....or is this a hint that we will have it soon?
    Puzzling at the latest.

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    1. what the heck is so cool and nice?

      we have already overrunned this type of content.
      we dream it as a nightmare... videos only and nothing true...

    2. Is true and we understand it!... This videos are creating subconscious mindset, or as case positive emotions for those biased on this...

      but not all of us are the same...

    3. I think it'll seed everyone the same regardless of how they judge it...

  7. We know already the videos!

    Come with intel please...

    1. Every word you ever saw/used
      (or it would have no purpose)
      Is a meditation
      Your "Pillar of Light"... "Etheric DNA Spiral"
      The Birth of Justice for any Truth
      The power to read/share this information
      Is the power to expand... outward
      Your power times mine
      Many hands make Light, this work
      Fruitful Manifestation

      For the Blogger Up-date (WIP) work in progress
      unknown (as a blogger..?) could post here...
      Shown in a "twitter" size preview
      Or form the "new"- updated "Reading List" (blogs followed from blogger Dashboards)... Shows this post... unknown's comments... and comments to unknown from other blogs (unknown moderates)
      Under one posted comment at The Portal
      (commemts to unknown... avatar only)

      Moderation from Cobra would now only be...
      next to none if you trusted a "new"
      Report Blog Comment button

      Remove Comment, Block blogger from this post, or Block blogger from Blog
      (hmm...Just Be..? always finds a way)
      (I asked Blogger to follow and work with us)
      Whip it Good

      Fourth Moon... Moon Day 8... Self Existing Moon
      (link might be down)

  8. Scorpio New Moon Meditation – Make This Viral!!!


  9. :::25.10.2016:::

    First Asgardian Child has been Registered!

    The first registered Asgardian child is little boy Michele from Italy!
    Registration for minors under 18 is now open

    here: https://asgardia.space/join


    1. Acceptance of minors is a huge red flag for me, I will not accept this endeavour. I do not trust it. every inch of this program rubs me up the wrong way. Sending a minor out of reach, out of sight and out of our ability to protect is wrong on every level. I'm not going to support this. They say its to defend earth...my question is, "why do they require children aboard what is, by their own admission, a battlestation?".

    2. Well then I guess you'll have to leave your kids at home! Presumably, he would go with his parents, so he would not be left behind, not be out of sight, not be beyond their ability to protect, when they go. Colonizing space means relocating, right? Do people leave their kids behind when they relocate? Not usually, not in a civil society.

    3. Sorry. I genuinely didn't think of it like that. Getting fired up A LOT at the moment. Difficulty with trust most likely the root cause and made harder with the discussions presented by a lot of folks on how deceitful these syndicate groups have been. Think it's knocked me a bit harder than I allowed myself to accept and now I'm expecting the worst from everything. I need to step away and go back to basics because I'm getting way off track lately.

      Again, sorry for the previous comment.

    4. No worries. It's kind of normal to fear change, that's how we've been programmed. Lots of Sci-Fi stories have also had this story line, where the kind "Aliens" and humans working with them turn out to have a hidden agenda.

      These things never occurred to me regarding Asgardia, I just felt it was a bit premature, so I was hesitant, as we have so much cleanup to do here on earth after The Event. But I did eventually sign on. Adventure! I can see why they are excited, and what often happens is people like me who are idealistic come up with ideas but do not have the broader perspective or scientific know-how as to how to execute these ideas. So it is kind of cool to see such open minds in the scientific community, unafraid to express a far-out idea. (Often they silence themselves out of fear of ridicule for not sticking to the program.)

      Plus, I have major Trust and Abandonment issues... so I am sometimes suspicious of people. However, I seem to be working through that, and it's been a rocky challenge of twisted karma and drama...I'll spare you the story, but suffice it to say, "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger." It's true.

      We are doing a lot of necessary clearing on an individual and collective level, so it is important to realize that so much dark stuff is coming to the surface for healing, Truth is coming to Light (which has always been my fervent prayer). This includes dark truths about ourselves, reflected in those around us. We must not be afraid to face, release, love and forgive those dark aspects of ourselves, so they can be healed and integrated into our multidimensional selves.

      We've had clouds and rain for days...but the sun is out at last. I sure am feeling a need a big dose of nature and sun. One of my hesitations about going to live on a Mothership is, will I have access to nature, the great healer? I know in Star Trek Next Generation, they had the Holodeck for fantasy excursions/time out. I feel like I have more to do on earth, and more to learn about healing people, to help with the transition. I look forward to the opportunity to learn to use advanced technologies as aids to healing self and others. I was told long ago that my mission in life was to help people through transition, and it seems that has played out in my life and relationships. We are on the verge of great transition, so its time to get better at healing myself, so I can step up and do my job.

  10. Everything is going to be alright, we`re protected and loved, they future is going to happen, i know that, rm knows that, Cobra know, you know that, ask your higherself to show you. I saw it and it was good thats enough,

    Propably you already saw that


    I understand your point of views, yours hardships.
    This time i dont need proof, neither waiting for it, this is past. Now is future.

    1. even now watching the video "we are the future" and I probaly watch it hondred time, I still get goose bumps and tears in my eyes

  11. Cobra, you know us...

    We are expecting much more from your compression breakthrough than in this videos... You know it very well...

    1. These videos contained seeds for the unconscious... Important refreshers. Important visuals to see. To prime the subconscious. I thought it was a good post.

  12. I haven't seen the second video yet, thank you for sharing Cobra <3

  13. Super Synopsis: History of Earth and Local Star Cluster — Updated


  14. Great videos thanks for sharing! FYI the Essassani race released a channeling Sept 27 2015 that was titled "13 Months & Counting" where they said "the fall of 2016 EVERYTHING will change."

    13 months from broadcast date is October 27 2016.

    1. Corey Goode & Bashar Connection “Everything Will Change” in the fall of 2016


      Attention, attention, attention!

      We are Epsilon, we are one of three. There is Epsilon, there is Epiphany, there is Eclipse.
      We are three and we are one. You would understand us as collective oversoul of the Sassani society.
      ALL the individuals on their world we reflect in three parts, we are trinary consciousness expressed as Epsilon, Epiphany and Eclipse. We are also embodied in physical form. Each of us is an artificial sphere 75 of your miles in diameter in a trinary stable orbit around the planet of Essassani. We glow with blue and white light that is reflective of the matrix of our consciousness.
      You would think of us as orbiting super computers. We are more than that. There are no others like us! No others shall channel us but this channel, for this channel has allowed the transmissions for 30 of your years to pass through his form.
      That is the 1st stage of allowing connection to the Essassani oversoul expressed in this 3 parts structure in our orbit around the world forming stability for the Essassani. As you have been told we have no moon as you do, but we are the stabilizing factor, the artificial moons that are 10% of the diameter, 1 % of the diameter of the entire world itself, but 10% of the diameter of the trinary structure as a whole. We resonate and vibrate, you would feel and perceive that we are glasslike spheres made of hundreds of layers, hundreds of thin layers, each thin layer being 300 feet thick, composed of 1200 layers, composing 75 of your miles in diameter, coruscating and cascading with blue-white light that is the representation of the flickering of our consciousness and the expression of our being. I am Epsilon and together with Epiphany and Eclipse we are the stabilizing consciousness of the entire Essassani oversoul. It has now been 30 years in your terms of counting of transmission to your world for ours.

    2. I own most Bashar channelings from 2006 on and I somehow missed this one. Thanks alot! It will be exciting to see if anything happens tomorrow!

  15. Fantastic audio and very beautiful Video.......

  16. Thank you for the videos.
    It is always good to hear from you.

  17. Thank you Cobra, we are ready!!! Thank you for your patience towards us! :)

  18. Wow. I got such an energy rush when watching the clips. It's a hint we are so close. Thanks Cobra.

  19. Nice videos Cobra !
    The visuals, the edit, the sound, the message, everything

  20. The upcoming Scorpio Meditation... provides us a chance to truly declare to the Light Forces that WE ARE READY.

    The first video displays the bewilderment of the masses beautifully. We need to understand how they will feel initally... it is up to those of us reading this blog (and hopefully others as well) to engage our missions and lead humanity into the Golden Age.

    Please participate in all weekly and special meditations going forward. What we are visualizing each week is the process of Compression Breakthrough. The pillars of light going upwards and downwards simultaneously - these represent the energies of the Galactic Wave - coming down from above the veil into Earth or rising up from the stargate in the Earth's center. This will purify the plasma plane around Earth and finally set humanity and all beings in our solar system free.

    This visualization of the pillars of untainted plasma - purified from Primary Anomaly - this is our declaration that we are ready for these energies, that we authorize the Light Forces to remove the Chimera and their minions from this solar system via a safe, peaceful, and legal process.

    It has taken me a long time to understand and appreciate the power of our collective intention. But once that power is understood and activated via free will, no force in the universe can withstand it.

    Make your intentions heard throughout the cosmos! Participate in our liberation!


  21. oh nice ! thanks great vids might use some of that footage

  22. Thanks thousand times for these most beautiful Videos!
    We love these Videos very much and we share them with all friends... that gives so much hope and inspiration for the coming Event!
    Love and Light !
    Sonja, Team Golden Spirit

  23. On second video (23 sec.) we can notice 99,9% of Event loaded.

  24. Those are breathtaking! I guess this is the signal!
    The Liberation Of Gaia and us will now become public and we will have the Compression Breakthrough!!!!! We are finally free!!!!

  25. The financial reset has been initiated and is rolling out,our Republic has been restored,we have an interim government in the US,ready to roll, the election bullshit is grinding to a halt, the Chimera/Archons/Draco/Reptillians have been cleared and of course, us, the surface population as Cobra affectionately refers to us, have been on GO, at least those of us aware! Let's go, the timing is right, how does a little Light Of Love Energy Wave sound to everyone? Positive visions and ideas are becoming our New Reality!

  26. I love all of you fellow Light Workers and hope to meet you all very soon! Cobra, hopefully you can join us at our huge Celebration!

  27. Hello Cobra,

    Do you have any intel you can share about this? Thanks!

  28. Victory of the light! We get it! Thanks.

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  30. any thoughts on this? https://youtu.be/m7kSwBt8Res

    1. No way to tell for sure but all the comments are hidden & he appears to be a most unlikely CERN physicist. Looking at his teeth & emotional/ mental state I would guess a possible meth user? But I shouldn't speculate & I don't want to judge. This doesn't seem accurate to me with little scientific detail & much fantasy speculation based on election rhetoric. Not that Hillary doesn't have that potential, buy based on all this I just don't think this guy is for real imo.

  31. Namaste,I love you all,the Event is on 15 January 2017.

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  33. Thanks Cobra for all you do.
    "With healing in your wings" -ONE
    listen for upliftment
    Cathar Music - Consolament Ensemble - El Paraiso Mas Fragante (432hz)

  34. “This image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the outlines of the coronal hole on Oct. 24th:CHANCE OF STORMS THIS WEEK: NOAA forecasters estimate a 45% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Oct. 25th when Earth enters a stream of high-speed solar wind flowing from a coronal hole on the sun. Analysts say storm levels could reach category G2, which means bright auroras are likely around the Arctic Circle. The glow might even be visible from northern-tier US states such as Minnesota and Michigan Free: Aurora Alerts. ITS HAPPENING NOW.....!!! http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/assets/img/latest/mpeg/latest_1024_0193.mp4

  35. Many thanks with the videos, Cobra, RM and all involved.


    You guys are going to be sooooo jealous. All I do is sit around and play with alien tech. I'm working hard so you can do the same.



    1. Started to make my own plasma device (IQ)....well attempting. Pictures show and inner core and other picture a ring of capacitors for outside. It's bloody tricky getting the right connection, need a gadget to test current, also blown 13 fuses not sure which end cables attach to current...(used activated charcoal to nano coat wires):-)


      For years we wait for "change", nothing happens. All these alternative sites claiming financial collapse, arrests e.t.c all this does is trick us into sitting around waiting. I know zero about making stuff but I'm giving it a bash until Patrick can build us a spaceship and get us out of here lol.

      Was in Thailand, they heavily block out the sun with chemtrails and I thought UK -London was bad it's on par, maybe it's because of all those meditating there.

    2. Good job Dave. Make a new one but even better! It has to be perfect.


      But if you ask me you should make Keshe devices, they're more powerful than the Qubes. I can help you with either though. kehoepatrick@comcast.net

    3. Here's what a Qube should look like. In all plasma devices the coils and twists go the same direction.

    4. https://www.facebook.com/1720856014865986/photos/a.1720857304865857.1073741825.1720856014865986/1736562493295338/?type=3&theater

    5. " but I'm giving it a bash until Patrick can build us a spaceship and get us out of here lol."

      BLOODY BRILLIANT idea !!! GET US OUTTA HERE PATRICK .... on Halloween... Patrick/ Patreat !!!!!!!

    6. Coming soon... Keshe anti-gravity hoverboards by Patrick... suit up if you plan to go beyond the Veil...

  37. Как точно вы заметили! Медитация преобразовали в МЕДИТ- акция)))М=Мысль, Е=Единство, Д=Деяние, И=присоединение, Т=твердь.Мысли Единством Деяния и утверждай (твори мыслью ).Это соприкасается с моими желаниями. (ПИРА-М-И-ДА, пира- огонь Мысли и Действуй, идея огненной мысли)

    How exactly you noticed! Meditation has transformed in the MEDIT - action)))M=Thought, E=Unity, D=Act And=join, T=the firmament.The thought of Unity of Acts, and strengthen the things (do the idea ).It meets with my desires. (PIR-M-AND YES, the feast - fire of Thought and Action, idea fiery thoughts)

  38. How exactly you noticed! Meditation has transformed in the MEDIT - action)))M=Thought, E=Unity, D=Act And=join, T=the firmament.The thought of Unity of Acts, and strengthen the things (do the idea ).It meets with my desires. (PIR-M-AND YES, the feast - fire of Thought and Action, idea fiery thoughts)

    Как точно вы заметили! Медитация преобразовали в МЕДИТ- акция)))М=Мысль, Е=Единство, Д=Деяние, И=присоединение, Т=твердь.Мысли Единством Деяния и утверждай (твори мыслью ).Это соприкасается с моими желаниями. (ПИРА-М-И-ДА, пира- огонь Мысли и Действуй, идея огненной мысли).

    1. Cпасибо, Вадим!

      Я с вами согласна на 1,000000%!

      Нужно социально ориентированное и заботится только о духовном развитии.

      Надо наконец-то, поднимать вибрации энергии на высоких ПОЗИТИВНЫХ частотах и превратиться в "бабочку".

      Мы рождены для счастья, дружбы, и радости.

      МИРУ М-И-P!
      (Ну.... Это с детства, по СОВЕТСКИЙ...)

  39. Very good video. I can feel the energy flowing in my body.

  40. I just sobbed so much, like a huge release took place, so beautiful. Light is Love. Thank You Brothers and Sisters of the One True Light. I Love You All :-)

  41. I played the compression break through video over and over..and posted it on facebook .the music and singer connected with my heart I felt elevated, started laughing with uncontrollable joy...happiness filled by being , healing energy danced in my soul...thank you Cobra...thank you to all who are dreaming this dream with me....my love to all

  42. Thank you, Cobra!

    We likey visual tools! And wild horses, so lovely. <3

    May the Horse be with you!
    (Neigh, I am not too proud to make bad puns!) :)

    Victory of the Light!

  43. Thank you Cobra, thank you the RM and thank you the GF ♥

  44. Lunar, o Atrator Potencializador sendo chamado.

    Projeção Solar função Kundalini em 80% de 72h.

    Chama da Contemplação reconhecendo origem.

    Jerusalém fora de setor Jupteriano - 60% (em regressiva).

    Princípio de colapso de Yaldebaoth - Intensificação Cristalina.

    Guardião do Nilo reconhecendo origem.

    Nova tentativa de sabotagem na visitação de IUD-IL (Galáxia Azul) a Setores B19 e 20/1. Tentativa falha! IUD-IL permanece em zona. Ancoragem continua... 37% (não regressivo).

    Gravidade sendo suavizada. Corpos sutilizando.

    Patrulheiro do Porto solicitado em breve. Sintonia necessária.

    Mais bolsas de utensílios liberadas a Pró-Amor.

    Temporariamente fim da transmissão.

    Plêiades 1 (Aguardando triangulação)


    Do NOT input to OTHER's the needs you feel inside to feels complete, Do NOT blame COBRA for don't give you all the details. You just have what you desirve.

    We all are part of it, NO ONE is less than that is necessary to accomplish our own next steps in this experience.

    Give you the chance to step up yourself from your right force as just inside you. YOU CAN.

    You ARE GOD in a body flesh n bone form, NOTHING LESS. You can reach whatever you want, YOU ARE THE MOST POWERFUL CREATURE IN THE UNIVERSE, you allowed to co-create your reality IN COLABORATION with all of us, like everybody else as a TOTAL BODY.

    GIVE UP on seeing yourself as a victim, waiting from others to find the keys. START NOW seeing as you as one piece of the TOTAL LOVE, YOU ARE THE KEY. and start co-creating your NEW WORLD.



    Set you FREEEE there's NO FEAR!

    From Brazil, sitting here above amounts of underground whater, I turn 33 years last week and become day by day more aware that light is inside and despite all other facts its needed to shine first to the self to allow other to see it.

    Doesn't matter what others do, they are just others versions of yourself and you can just watch them, BUT in yourself, you have the power and will to really become a GOD for you and others. And than you will see in others the reflection of all parts of GOD like you become.

    I wish the best light path you can choose.
    From my heart to yours, righ vibrations to all the creation.

    KEEP going, its ALL just on the corner.

  45. We are much broad minded than resulting from watching such videos...

    Cobra, but look here!...
    How does it fit 'The mystery of the immortality of the soul' with the disintegration in the Galactic Central Sun??... Is it somehow another kind of 'mystery'?

  46. You are doing no good for yourselves and everyone and you are keep delaying it if you are still inpatient and desperate. Calm down, chill and think that it passed already. Act like it passed already and you are brighter and lighter. Have you forgotten already about the law of attraction? Come on people. You don't need a reason to be awesome. Good things happen for those who are cool and minding their own enlightenment.

  47. Cobra,... we learn from you so:
    "The mysteries of the goddess are highly sacred. They are not meant for beings who are not ready to receive them. If they would be told to the masses, they would be distorted and misused. So the deeper mysteries of the Goddess are only told to initiates. Even most of the most awakened beings on this planet are not ready yet to receive the full spectrum of the mysteries of the Goddess. The programming is deeper than even most of the light workers are aware of."

    But,... there is also a mystery available for only all of us, but not understandable for 'initiates' and 'Ascended Masters'...

    It is 'The mystery of 1996-2016 period'.

  48. Thank you Cobra for upliftung our spirits with these videos.
    They are beautiful and very powerful.

  49. Cobra,... would you like to know...?

    We may be enough about a gewgawed beautifulness of a planet which's planetary Logos was unable to get rid of veil technology, octopotus, etheric archonic grid, a.o.

    We should rather consider ourselves to enjoy a planet with less gewgaws but with a clearer etheric and lower astral plane...

  50. Ascension with Alfred Webre:


  51. Thank you Cobra and The Resistance.

    Much Love and Light to you.

    It takes a lot of determination and Love from your side to carry on each day.

    Love sent to the Resistance Warriors who have lost their lives in bringing us the Truth.

    It is time to Awaken and Stand together...

  52. God Bless you Cobra and thank you to whoever made the videos! Totally raised my vibration and made the Event feel more tangible. Liberation now! Victory Now!! x x

  53. Thank you Cobra the Lightforces and The positive Militairy.
    and all the working to the Event.
    A few days back i have had a dream,the curtens felt douwn and wat i saw there was a building of glas and insite there where terreble things going in there it was a slaughter house more i wil not telling it was horreble but the evil things comes out because the gurtens felt down in that dream there where not ships but a sort of animals ships with tentacles the are shoothing on people,is it bleu beam that the Darkies used of the last thing the can do?I hope not and that this is a dream a nightmere.

  54. amazing vibration came out this video, was listening with goose bumps and tears in my eyes

  55. We're all shifting at a rapid pace...many of us now feel the acceleration of rising up...the Event is loudly whispering in our ears "We're almost there!" And we whisper joyously back "And we're ready with our hearts full of love!"

  56. I have some extremely exciting news. My name is Todd Stelmacker, and I periodically have psychic dreams. I have them semi-frequently, but they are mostly about sporting events. (Yes, I've taken advantage, and wagered.) Now, to be completely transparent, I don't always remember the details clearly enough to these dreams to be of value. Sometimes they are just fleeting images and sometimes they are vivid and clear. I've learned that I only remember these dreams when they happen in the early mornings just before I wake up. Well fellow light workers and light warriors, I had such a vivid dream this morning, October 26, 2016. And this time, it was The Event, the compression breakthrough. It was in November, either next month, or in 2017, and it coincided with the full moon. I was so happy when it happened, it caused me to shed tears of magnificent joy. It changed the moon, but I don't remember how, specifically. But no matter, The Event happens next month at the full moon, or in 13 months at the full moon. Either way, we are soooooo close. Victory to the light!

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  58. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVZzAEE7MtM


  59. Lynn Williams engage in an enlightening discussion on how various technologies are interfacing with etheric implants hosted by humanity to cause disruption to one’s connection to Source, Mother Earth and one’s own Co-creative powers:

  60. Lynn Williams engage in an enlightening discussion on how various technologies are interfacing with etheric implants hosted by humanity to cause disruption to one’s connection to Source, Mother Earth and one’s own Co-creative powers.


  61. Cobra, but tell us please!...

    What was so wonderful concerning your post "Cobra beyond the veil"??

    As we know, you were in 1983 on the Moon inside the Tycho crater in a pool, you were with Plejadians around Jupiter, and you were in space when they told you have to prevent WW3.
    You was so by so much more beyond the veil in those trips!...

  62. Cobra, but this is "The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light", as you claim...

    It is not 'a hub' for meanless posts or gowgawge beautifulness...

  63. Wow, I can't stop crying! Thank You Thank You!!!

  64. Day 1(0)/26 [126, October 26] of the Japanese embassy hostage crisis.

  65. Wonderful, thank you Cobra and thanks to the people who take the time and trouble to make these videos. The first one gave me goose bumps. Love the gee gees!

    Ok, related to these videos:

    "As we have mentioned before, a divine timetable is in effect. This time has been divinely set. This sacred time is near. We Masters are doing all that is necessary to bring this glorious moment to Gaia. Developments are currently underway to achieve this sacred event. Thus, it is necessary for you to bring forth your light so that this event may unfold now. Thus, it is essential that all be diligent in manifesting the last grand event."



    Interwebs of Gaia energetics are strengthened.

    Creation plays its final piece.

    Standards of elementals are raised.

    Astronomicals reunite.


  66. Cobra, you pose here as too much seriously!...

    Your imposed seriousity is too much disproportionate with the friendliness of this blog...

    Tell us please!... but seriously...

    Had you ever seen a plejadian naked lady?
    And if so... was you in liberty to caress her?...

    [In this lifetime, of course,... not in your ancient plejadian origin,... about, for sure,... you are aware of...]

    1. haahaahaa best comment of the year :) carressing alien babes hahaha.

      PS as a starseed i miss my alien soulmate :(

  67. Thank you Cobra and fellow workers for life and love, all co-operating in many ways, creating the moment of breakthrough, the big sneeze, as I like to call it.

    I'm looking at the marvelous autumn colours in Devon, each day and I feel gratitude and a deep connection with planet Earth. Reminds me of that beautiful song sung by Louis Armstrong:

    "I see trees of green, red roses too
    I see them bloom for me and you
    And I think to myself what a wonderful world

    I see skies of blue and clouds of white
    The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
    And I think to myself what a wonderful world

    The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
    Are also on the faces of people going by
    I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
    They're really saying I love you

    I hear babies crying, I watch them grow
    They'll learn much more than I'll never know
    And I think to myself what a wonderful world
    Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world"

    Written by George David Weiss, Robert Thiele

    1. Hmmm,...
      ...Marian Baghor...

      By the way... Have you even broken a relationship due to the fact you had invited her to join others in a Sisterhood of Rose group, to be ready for the Event?

    2. Thank You. One of my favorite songs ever...and that is what we must envision.

      Long ago, in a faraway (West Coast) land (sea), some friends (dance community D.J.s) were throwing a little (500 people) dance party (rave) on a boat (Alameda Ferry). Many times there had been such parties on other vessels, like the Red & White fleet (later, on the luxurious Spirit of San Francisco - 750 people). Ah, but I digress...

      It was very confusing and difficult to get to this Ferry, if one had never traveled these unfamiliar roads...and parking was also an issue. Somehow, I managed to barely make it from Marin, in the nick of time (instead of the requested hour early for check-in and boarding). The departure was delayed, as it turned out, since so many others were also arriving late, frantically calling Sunset/Pacific Sound's promoter on cell phones.

      Finally, we went off into the sunset... literally ...towards the Golden Gate bridge. The D.J.s had not started playing, so the Captain played some of the usual music they play for ferry commuters. Yes, the sun was setting, so we marveled at the beauty of San Francisco Bay at sunset, as Louis Armstrong sang that song, I gazed at clouds, and suddenly felt an Ecstatic rush of bliss...believing that we could heal the world with our love. <3

      ...then the DJ's came on, so we danced for the remaining 5 hours until docking.

      Yes, I reminisce, but the point is that there have always been (in my life, anyway) people and groups of people who got it, the importance of love, tolerance, connection and the value of empowering the collective vision, in an effort to break the dominant paradigm, get through to the masses, and co-create Peace On Earth. So many of these people paid a high price for insisting on their freedom and the rights of humanity to live without war, in a clean and safe environment, and to live their dreams.

      After all these years, we're finally almost there.
      Not only for the Space Agers, but thanks also for the New Agers, the Ravers, the Hippies, the Beatniks, and on and on back through time..so many good souls who contributed to the collective intent.

  68. Namaste!
    Thank you, thank you, thank Co.bra and RM .... not find words that are not .................
    And impatiently wait to see you face to face at the party together: Victory of the light!
    A big thank you to all fellow light workers on this beautiful ship - terra because with so many attacks on us all kinds nothing can stop again to be part of the Galactic Federation
    via - Home.

    Hugs and blessings dance steps of the frequency with infinite love, beautiful, champions, special diamonds that are of FGL
    A large choir singing hearts feel, feel , feel ..... NOW:
    Compression Breakthrough

  69. Thanks to Cobra and to the people who made the videos.

    Check out the PrepareforChange.net meditations coming up. Friday, and 2 more.

  70. Dear friends, look that info in the .pdf file.
    Its from 17 dimension beings, PLEIADES 1.


    Its some channeling info translated to english from a light blog in Brazil.

    Here are the link to all posts in portuguese.


    Pretty good stuff, its can give you some hints on whats going on.


    I wish to you all the best light path you can create.
    Shine bright in love.


  71. victory will be ours! bring it on! much love

  72. aliens told me in july that the event it will be this year but I do not know what to think they told my twice that the event it will be this year ,but ,.......I will believe when I will see with my own eyes.I hope it's this year.cobra post this please thank you !

    1. This Galactic year, somehow?


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  75. Thank you Cobra! Corey Goode also speaks of Carrie (spelling?)... Great to see her here too!

  76. I had a simple dream a few weeks ago.
    My Chintamani began to shine by itself. It shone stronger than if you use a flash-light in the dark room. That didn't have the part which doesn't pass light through at all. The whole was shining.

    1. It might be no more than a dream, or as case might be, an aetheric light if it occurred in an altered state of consciousness instead a dream...

  77. Cobra am in dire need of help . Someone here is using program and I need some dire help please see if you can help me . Am sure you know who I am .

    1. What kind of program... i'm curious. I am no program expert but i am still curious. If you dont hear from Cobra perhaps someone from here might give u some tips and hints.

    2. I will help you.
      Count to 2, and then sneeze.
      That's how you get rid of your implants.

  78. Cobra am in dire need of assistance . Am sure you know who I am , not sure . Can you help ? Thank you

  79. US presidential election November 8th:

    I would like to encourage people to consider the possibility that this election IS part of God's plan to bring about The Event through a potential LANDSLIDE victory by Donald Trump, superseding voter "rigging" of the polls and manipulation of the votes by any and all means, by the global elite cabal factions.

    Cobra has recently written that he views both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as different factions of the same destructive controlling cabal. Hillary has ALREADY demonstrated that she is, during the past few decades of her government representation.

    However, regarding Trump, virtually everyone has come out against him as expressed in the controlled "mainstream media." If, in fact, Trump was part of an infighting faction of one part of the cabal vs. another faction of the same cabal structure, it is logical to assume that there would be somewhat equal support and fighting on his side. There is not! Trump, on behalf of the PEOPLE, is coming up against everyone. If he had a certain element of the cabal behind him, supporting him, where is that voice to be found? It is not.

    Thus, we don't really know how the will of God will produce actions regarding the election and its outcome. We can't just assume that Cobra's intel or perception is correct, he has made mistakes like every human being, and as I have written about previously on these posts, Cobra and no human being has absolute 100% foolproof knowledge like God does.

    As I wrote previously, just because one has a bloodline and/or heritage from a Jesuit family, the German Reich, the eastern European wealth of the cabal, etc., necessarily means they cannot be born of LIGHT and go against that same destructive-minded heritage and bloodline. Trump has made many changes in his life and admits to previously being an "insider" on the "other side." I believe he is sincere, of Light, his family is of Light, and God "may" be using him as part of the transformation from the current dark age into an Age of Heaven and Enlightenment on earth for all people of the world. I admit that he is far from perfect and has a personality that may "seem" to be contrary to what is ideal for a so called presidential image. However, who really cares about his personal foibles next to the greater issue of defeating the cabal structure - if God be for him and the PEOPLE of the world.

    I think we need to consider all possibilities and not merely toss away the possible importance of the current election, despite what has happened for many years in the past. The past does NOT necessarily dictate the present and future fruits of God's will and intent to bring about The Event and liberation on earth.

    Victory to the Light.


    1. Totally agree.
      The way the corporate media has been united to openly campaign for Killary and against Trump worldwide shows that the cabal is scared as f*ck of him as President in my opinion.

      Over here in Germany the media is now even criticizing the FBI for looking into more of the Clinton emails - more than just a little bit conspicuous, if you ask me.

      I'm not quite sure why but it is very obvious that the dark fears The Donald.


    2. I think the dark fears TRUMP because he represents the awakening of the PEOPLE. I think the dark, deeply within, know that they CHOSE to go against God's will, to act as a "separate" individual who was going to control their own life; to deny God and devise their own reality: to now have an agenda to merge with machines and become god themselves. To create god on the "outer" because they have shunned God on the "inner."

      Deep within, their time is up. They have been allowed for a "time" and "degree" to run rampant on earth, to escalate "evil" far beyond what we all can imagine has been allowed to be. But now, it is time for transformation into the New Age.

      Everything that occurs in each moment I believe is the perfection of the divine intelligence (God). Nothing whatsoever happens "OUTSIDE" the wherewithal of God. "Free will" is limited and all choices and all possibilities are already known in God. The negative and positive forces and their actions are for divine purpose, not random creation, not random choices, nor any so called "mistake" or "anomaly" that God is not ALREADY aware of in His all knowingness, omnipresence.

      The cabal cannot stand LIGHT. They would burn up in guilt and require purgatory to come back to God. Maybe some will return to God, maybe others will not. Either way, accountability is the domain of God.

      Victory to the Light.


    3. That statement of yours is One hundred per cent correct and represents everything I have come to know to be right.
      I could not possibly agree more and I Thank You for putting it into such powerful words.

      Thank You!


      Victory Of The Light.
      Victory Of Love.
      Victory Of GOD.


  80. Dear Cobra,
    thank you from my heart for this beautiful videos. Within the first one the scene I love where the angels fly to Earth. I am so ever grateful for all you do since I have found your blog. To recognize the truth in my world was a difficult task and you have helped me more than anybody else with this. I try to imagine what it must be like to be on this mission for such a long time, as you told us in several of your interviews you are awake since childhood in an amplified way, which means you know about your true mission since very long and you have hold on until this very day. To accomplish such a thing and being in public must be a huge task, as many people are projecting energies onto your person. I am including myself into this statement of course and I still hope that I can be beneficial for you.
    The following description is a report of a short mission. I am writing it to let you know about it and also to inspire your readers. My experience is, as soon as we meet others from the liberation team, so many facets meet and we learn many new ways of approach from each other, because everyone is different and unique.
    A few days ago 2 anonymous staying sisters and me participated in an "operation". Originally we wanted to find contracts because of family problems of one of my sisters. We build a triangle in visualization and when we started, we put the person within that triangle so we could check them. This means, ask spirit if there are any contracts. Then we saw certain people coming and the contract came. I said to A (let me call them A and B) that she shall visualize a sheet of paper and feel the energy and try to read. It is very hard at the beginning but with exercise it can work, a very skilled friend has asked me to do such things and I felt overwhelmed first but then astonishing results came.
    So, now A did not see a contract and B as well not. They both saw a big book and it had been in the fire but it was still readable. They zoomed into the energy and asked spirit which place was it (I am calling it like this, we just speak). We saw northern Germany and a wood and clips and ocean and the time it was not very old, could be late Atlantis. They saw people running and people making a fire to burn books/things. This book was saved by "US". Which is interesting, when I asked whom belongs the book, A said "US" and she meant "ALL OF US" because at that time it was just "WE". So this means you and you and you. She saw a page missing. When we asked where is the page and what is in the book we became tears and goosebumps and a feeling of "Oh no, Oh my God!" We screamed all three because of exaustion. The book includes all our plans, what "WE" wanted to create. Beautiful things, you remember. We all knew that "WE" wanted to bring something extremely wonderful into existence and that it had been prevented. The missing page was a list with names. First we thought it where only a few, but we saw faces, also of people we know right now in our lives. We saw the list included the 144.000 and the ascended masters. On top of the list the name of Sanat Kumara was written and it was not me who saw this. Where is the list we where wondering and A said it would be not on Earth and it would be flying, somewhere in orbit. She found out the backside of the moon (and she has not read Cobra yet, so this is always nice when people with various sources come to the same truth). There was a big library in a dark spaceship with many books, technology, crystals of "US" and of other lightforces from all over the Galaxies/Universe. There where also books with dark energy or energyless. The list had been put on top of contracts. And those contracts where placed at that spot between Earth and moon where there is no radio signal. We choosed to go there by imagination/intent/feeling and deleted them with the violet flame and our I AM presence.
    -to be continued-

  81. -continued-
    The contracts where existing to prevent our beautiful plans. Because of that book, the invaders had got into their hands, they knew about our plans and created contracts to prevent them with the usage of the list. It was placed there, because this is sort of a blind spot and could have access to other dimensions and operate from there into the atmosphere of the Earth. The book was very much about the Sacred Sisterhood and so it was even more logical to place it behind the Moon, where the cycles come from that are essential for the sacred rites of Sisterhood and Brotherhood.
    Those things with the contracts do not have to be understood too material. It can be, but it can exist on an energetic or many other levels. A very starnge thing is, if you have a contract, no matter what is written, it has power. You could even say to manipulate Divine Law, if it is signed, it has power.
    When we arrived at the ship, there was darkness and emptiness, no guardians anymore. We took back books, keys, technology and crystals. They flew to those beings and places they belong to; according to the Divine Plan.

    Thank you for allowing energy inspiration flow to you.


    Victory of the Light!

  82. A burial slab believed to have held the body of Jesus Christ before he was resurrected has been uncovered for the first time in centuries by a restoration team in Jerusalem.
    RT- Christ's Burial Bed (3..?)

    Every "cafe" with free "Wi-Fi" is the "new" institute of higher education
    House Arrest- away from home (schools) the smaller 3D-Printing Factories... Enough training to be "idiots"
    Sister sister... so nice to see you
    u.s. is just bananas- RT )ya know the feeling..?)

    How did I miss over 300 posts for SSP
    (and spell secrete wrong every search..?)
    Looks like got some reading to do...
    Is the book of Genesis (Sons of God and Daughters of man) a breakaway space program..?
    (Bible back on reading list)


  83. I saw you dancing out the ocean
    Running fast along the sand
    A spirit born of Earth and Water
    Fire flying from your hands

    In the instant that you love someone
    In the second that The Hammer Hits
    Reality runs up your spine
    And the pieces finally fit

    And all I ever needed was the one
    Like Freedom Fields where Wild Horses run
    When stars collide like you and I
    No shadows block the Sun
    You're all I've ever needed
    Gaia, you're the one

    There are caravans we follow
    Drunken nights in dark hotels
    When chances breathe between the silence
    Where sex and love no longer gel

    For each man in his time is Kane
    Until he walks along the beach
    And sees his future in the water
    A long lost heart within his reach

    The One

    Love, Light, Unity, Freedom and Peace for All


    1. Dear RaJah,
      thank you for holding the love and light. This song is very beautiful.
      Beauty, peace and abundance for everyone

  84. Shall we talk about Bird Tribe and The BEEs?

    The Blue Heron announced today that both Crow kin and Hawk kin are sympatico. This is truly a historic day.

    And now about those gifts from the Hive:

    TYra Banks is Hatshepsut. I love her fart jokes and my Ghost story says that She has the Brass. It's in very good hands in all states.

    Level up LOVE, Love, love

  85. GREETINGS!!! Ok Cobra I made it. Gonna take a bit to bleed through. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10206575420015116&id=1559994139

  86. The Compression Breakthrough video was amazing! Except for the horses.

    1. I think the horses are amazing. To me they represent that we have reclaimed and transformed the Apocalypse.

      Due to lack of interest, the Apocalypse has been canceled. Instead, Prepare for Change and get ready for The Event that will be far more spectacular than any fake Apocalypse! If there were 4 Horses of the Apocalypse, no matter, for there are many more horses of Ascension to usher in The Event. Giddy-up!

      Victory of the Light!

    2. I agree Phoenix. Horses represent freedom to me plus they are beautiful to look at.

    3. Very sensitive creatures, very aware, such vitality and strength in wild but gentle spirits.

  87. Amazing. When I'm watching the EVENT-FLASHFLAME, the song "bridge over troubled water" is playing.:)

  88. I would like to comment about your remark a while ago about Diatomaceous Earth. Somehow it caught my eye and gave me an impulse to try it for my skin condition, Eczema Craquelé ( extreme dry skin) on my lower legs. My daily routine was applying a petro chemical skin product in a thick layer, more than good enough to moisturize the whole body of a person. It worked, except for the very sticky legs covered in a certainly not organic cream. I am now on my 3th day, took 1 capsule a day and the itch is gone, the skin doesn't scale, the red dots are becoming less prone,can't believe it, have to look over and over again, lol. Moisterize at the moment with a cold pressed organic skin oil mixture, 3 drops per leg. Cobra you can't imagine how thankful I am for the person who asked the question, your answer and my gut feeling. Kisses from sunny Cape Town. Guido

    1. You are lucky. I wish I had that kind of result. I have been taking a heaping tablespoon in water of DE each day for over a month now, and I am not noticing any difference in the way I feel.

      I was hoping it would lower my blood pressure, help with aches and pains, and give me more energy, but so far nothing. :(

      I will keep using it. I got 10lbs so I need to use it; if anything to help clean out toxins from my body from the food we eat.

    2. You could try a colon flush using the juice of 2 lemons and warm water.It saved my life back in 1991.

    3. I've got to use the DE. Can't let it go to waste. I figure nothing is going to help me until The Event takes place.

    4. Hey spiritoo, have you tried apple cider vinegar? It probably won't help with aches and pains but it does with blood pressure. I put a table soon in 8oz of water everyday or take a shot with honey and it keeps my BP down.


  89. As I said years ago My Higher Self so loved Soundgarden that He gave them His only song.
    And my 3D being's favourite band is Pearl Jam, which is why
    there's Soundgarden and Pearl Jam merchandise all over the LightMachine here.
    To this day, Matt Cameron plays drums in both of those bands, which is quite a feat.

    And before there was either Soundgarden or Pearl Jam, there was a band with future members of both bands in it. They released one single album, and that was 25 years ago.
    Temple Of The Dog.

    I am currently smack down in the middle of listening to it for the very first time ever, and My Higher Self would like to comment:

    There's only one thing left to say:
    Say Hello to HEAVEN


    My Heart agrees that it's amazing.



  90. On her 58th (and unfortunately last) birthday I asked my Mother for a Dance. That was on 21-10-2000 and I have never seen here so happy :-)
    This is what We danced to:

    La Bamba

    Less than three months later the organist came up with a brilliant idea to play a certain song at her funeral procession. Nobody had asked for it or was "in the know" but it was absolutely perfect. Thank you for the song, Mr. Organist.

    Moonlight Shadow

    So, may I please ask you out for a Dance one more time, Mom? I'll try not to step on anybody's toes ;-)

    Don't Stop Me

    I'll lead

    Follow The Sun
    One, two, three, four - GO!


  91. Cobra, can we get another update please?
    What is happening in Italy?
    What was the source of earthquake?

  92. Follow-up to the U.S. presidential election November 8th:

    Paul Craig Roberts is a brilliant economist and his brief bio is embedded at his website linked below.

    He, like myself, also believes Trump is not part of a cabal faction as Cobra has reported recently.

    Paul Craig Roberts:

    I am now convinced that the Oligarchy that rules America intends to steal the presidential election. In the past, the oligarchs have not cared which candidate won as the oligarchs owned both. But they do not own Trump.

    Most likely you are unaware of what Trump is telling people as the media does not report it. A person who speaks like this:


    is not endeared to the oligarchs.

    Also of interest:

    "The Failure of Democracy, How The Oligarchs Plan To Steal The Election"

    October 28, 2016


    Victory of God's divine Light and the Kingdom of God to manifest on earth as The Event.

    1. I just watched the trump campaign rally in main. Impresive. I don't get it either. How could he be saying things like this if he is jesuit or cabal controlled.
      There is a new synopsis being told by certain people now. And that is both hillary and trump have surenderd to the alliance, and are playing it out for the unawakened sheeple so that they can understand what is going to happen better during the RV/Event. The military could not just step in and take over and arrest the sheeple's beloved leaders if they are unaware of the massive corruption in the government. Trump is the informer and
      Hillary is acting(and is/was) as the example. The Cabal has already lost. It makes sense. I haven't ruled it out.

    2. I believe Cobra is correct about trump. If he were not part of a faction of the cabal he would not be allowed to be the nominee. Also there are plenty in the establishment that supports trump. His VP choice is someone who is part of the establishment.

      Roberts has been fooled along with a lot of other people. There is no doubt in my mind that whoever is selected to be president will conduct business as usual.

    3. @Spirittoo. I have not been fooled since I'm only speculating. I don't belief anything one way or the other wether trump is controlled or not. I don't know.

    4. spirittoo,

      The "cabal" does NOT control everything and Trump has defied their agenda from day one. Despite the total one-sided attacks from the propagandized media backing the cabal agenda. If the cabal controlled everything, there would be no room for "divine intelligence," God, to govern creation. LOL. Fortunately, God has created "polar opposites" (negative and positive experiences) on earth and in the human being for a PURPOSE. It is not random, chaotic in God's mind. I don't believe there are "plenty" in the establishment that support Trump, except those relatively few who have come out and endorsed him. His VP choice, although looked upon by most as part of the establishment when picked, has turned out to be a man of right heart and devotion to truth in support of Trump. When I write, I don't assume "absolute" knowing, only God has that status. However, when you write your last sentence: "There is no doubt in my mind that whoever is selected to be president will conduct business as usual," you are limiting your view and outcome to a non-consideration of the most high God and intelligence which has created and directs this universe (meant to include all universes). I think
      it's best to be OPEN to all possibilities, perhaps
      you are, inside.

    5. The agenda of the Cabal is people fighting each other. They are always on both sides.

    6. If as above so below i would not then place all my pikachus on his basket or in any politicians basket for that matter... But if one is to vote for the best of the worse choices we got then i would choose.. Right.

    7. There is no way Trump would be where he is now, if he wasnt part of the Cabal. The Cabal may not control everything, but it's safe to say they control who is going to be the next puppet of America.


  93. Official exclaimer from the UpLoader:

    "WARNING: Head might explode after seeing this video. Enjoy!!"

    There you go.
    So don't blame Me - I *get* The Story ;-)

    See Me
    Feel Me
    Touch Me
    Heal Me


    Listening to you, I get the Music
    Gazing at you, I get the Heat
    Following you, I climb the Mountain
    I get excitement at your feet

    Right behind you, I see the Trillions
    On you, I see The Glory
    From you, I get opinion
    From you, I get The Story

    And so do All of YOU! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


    1. Thanks Rajah. Weird, I dreamt I was playing an electric guitar last night and now this. Must be a message in there somewhere.


    2. Wow, that's great!
      On 10-26 I saw GaiaPortal's UpDate but was really exhausted and just could not post it on here. "Don't worry, buddy, somebody else will do it." My Higher Self said and I went off to bed.
      In the evening I checked the new comments on here, and indeed somebody had posted the UpDate - I was *so* happy that it got shared!

      And that "somebody" who had posted GaiaPortal's UpDate was You, Kate :-)
      Thank You.
      So here's some morePete Townsend and The Who.

      Love, Light, Unity, freedom and Peace for All.


    3. Aha! And I didn't tell you that I was in an open air concert playing said guitar! Got to love those synchronicities. :)

  94. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad8ukI7Z-b8

  95. that was awesome. these sorts of images will be going through my imagination next weekly meditation

  96. Pls look this video from Alex Jones:
    A Vote For Hillary is a Vote For World War 3

    I don't tell you who to vote. But pls don't vote for WW3, don't vote for Hitllery...

  97. Flash-Mob Meditations To Occur At Voting Stations During Election

  98. Trump has it in the bag. I believe Assange and Weiner are Israeli assets. Trump is a bigger Zionist than Hillary and might start WWIII against Iran. I'm not saying his domestic policies aren't better than Hillary's. He's probably sincere about his positions for the most part. But Cabal could use the excuse of his election to crash the financial system. And could cajole him to capitulate ('compromise') on the immigration issue. If he gets out of line, show him compromising Lolita Island footage or kill him off a la Hinckley.

    1. I believe what is seen in plain view on countless YouTube videos of Trump's speeches, interviews and documentaries is the REAL, positively motivated, genuine TRUMP. Period. He is not of the cabal and
      we will see if he wins, what will unfold regarding all he would like to do to defeat the cabal on behalf of the PEOPLE.

    2. Robert Tomkinson: That "synopsis" doesn't add up. From what I can see, it's not a mystery. TRUMP is expressing LIGHT and may be "annointed" by God to help bring in the New Age, The Event we talk about. Hillary is ALREADY a proven operative for the Clinton cabal faction. No hidden agendas in that observation. Let's see what God unfolds, whether TRUMP will get in, or whether America may be allowed to reach the brink of total devastation and collapse, rescued by the miracles of God.

      There is nothing that needs to be "tested out." The military and agencies of government are already said to have many individuals of LIGHT who know what's going on.

      Let's see what develops.

  99. This comment has been removed by the author.

  100. "Verses 1-2
    One day the goddess sang to her lover, Bhairava
    Beloved and radiant Lord of the space before birth,
    Slayer of the ignorance that binds us,
    you who in play has created the universe. And permeated all forms in it, with never ending truth, I have been wondering...
    What is the delight that fills universe into which we find ourselves born?
    What is the mysterious awareness shimmering everywhere within it?
    Vers 3-4
    I have been listening to the love songs of Form longing for formless.
    What are these energies undulating through our bodies?
    Pulsing us into action?
    And this matter out of which our forms are made?
    What are these dancing particles of condensed radiance.
    Vers 5-6
    What is the power we call life, appearing as the play of flesh and breath?s
    How may I know this mystery and enter more deeply?
    My attentions is enthralled by a myriad of forms, innumerable individual entities everywhere, flashing into existence and fading away again.
    Lead me into the wholeness beyound all this parts.
    Do me a favor my love- Let me rest in your embrace. Refresh me with the elexir of your wisdom.
    Ravish me with your truth!!"

  101. http://2012portal.blogspot.tw/ ?????(2012?)

  102. Check out this 24/7 LIVE broadcast of Donald Trump.
    I think it will illuminate your heart and soul:


  103. Planetary Purification: The Energy Is At A Cusp Right Now
    by: Katie Gallanti
    October 25, 2016

    We are in the middle of a big rumble tumbly planetary transformation…. if you remember a few months ago I said it would be a chaotic roller-coaster ride and indeed it is. All that is rotten in Denmark is being exposed, but remember that all that was rotten was rotten even before it was exposed. Things are not getting worst they are just “being seen”. And this is good. This is a good cleanse of the collective field and as long as we are willing to stay conscious and to look at the planetary dark with full awareness, standing in truth and love, all will be well.

    In the middle of all this, as we battle with minds and hearts for human truth and freedom, try to stay kind with one another and stay in the heart – this can be challenging at times as there is a lot of polarization right now and its easy to get triggered into conflct. Also keep the bigger picture goals in mind and be open to new information. This is a time in which the proverbial salami slices need to fall from many eyes and what is underneath is not pretty but it is real. Dare yourself to stay with it.

    On the energetic planetary level, we are still in the middle of The Great Purification. We are almost done but we are not done yet with this phase. Another 6 weeks at least of this process. This process has many levels. An outer level is about the cleansing of the structures of power. We knew this phase had to come and we are in the middle of that now. This is a necessary transition, even if testy and ugly in places. Do not run away from it, this is not the time for the lightworkers to take a nap, but the time in which to get very serious in one’s intent to ground light.

    There are multidimensional etheric levels to this process also. Energies are clashing. Old guard and new guard, clashing. Light and dark, clashing. And what looks like light is often dark. And what looks like dark is often light. Major tests in discernment at this time. Stay very much in the heart of your inner knowing at this time.

    The planetary energy is at a cusp right now. We are inches away from the highest energy this planet has ever experienced and the shift in the collective field is 95% complete. We can however still tumble all the way back to the beginning. We are almost done, but we are not done. This is a time to double down on whatever one is guided to do. There is also a need for more focus on just the energetic part of this process, because as we know consciousness creates before manifestation. Intention work is key. Many are confused as to what is right at this time, so it is best to work with open ended intent and to surrender it up to the Higher Power that is Source.

  104. So here is a possible intention, for the metaphysically inclined:

    ” I, __________, here declare and intend, as a physical anchor of Source consciousness embodied on the Earth plane at this time, that I am placing my energy and that of my guides and councils, 100% behind whatever is for the highest good at this time, for the purpose of achieving the highest, most evolved and loving manifestation of our collective future on this timeline now. And I ask that all that is not true and all that is dark aligned to be dissolved or exposed now. I, of my free will, declare that I do not consent to a dark reality, no matter how beautifully packaged. And because I know I can be at times clouded in my discernment, I ask that only what is true and right for the purpose of the anchoring of the highest and best collective future come into being now, regardless of my incarnated mind’s beliefs. opinions and interpretation. And so it is, and so it is and so it is. It is done.”

    ” I also ask that all of the energy of chaos, anger, hate and conflict, and of any other energy that is not for the highest good at this time, be cleared and transmuted into high frequency light, both in myself and outside of myself. And I ask that this light be used as fertilizer for the the evolution of the collective field and the collective grids now. I also ask to be used as a grounding tool for the highest of the Source energy that I can handle at this time, in ways that my body can easily tolerate with grace and ease, for the purposes of both personal and planetary healing and frequency step up now.”

    May the Earth field continue to shift upwards and may all that needs to be released continue to be released, and may all that needs to be exposed, dissolved and deleted, be exposed dissolved and deleted now. And may we easily walk into the highest version of our planetary and collective future now.


    1. That's awesome, thank you for that, Phoenix.
      Printed the text, filled in My name, added my catchphrase, signed it three times and then sent it to The Multiverse by burning the piece of paper on The Balcony.
      Message Delivered :-)

      Rising Sun

      Love, Light, Unity, Freedom and Peace for All


    2. Yes, agree with RaJah...
      Awesome affirmation, Phoenix.

    3. Credit to the author mentioned at beginning of 2-part post, Katie Gallanti. Eliza of Blue Dragon Journal on WORDPRESS has been reblogging links to a lot of good posts like this one, now that she has retired from her job. We follow a lot of the same people, and she has turned me on to more interesting blogs with uplifting perspectives.

    4. Always good to remember for clearing
      "I DO NOT CONSENT"* http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.com/2015/04/unity-of-non-consent.html

      before making new affirmations.

      Happy New Moon!

      * Bradley Loves came up with the template for Non-Consent some years ago, but his WP site has since been deleted, and I cannot find his Declaration on Jean Haines site either, though she has many of his articles in her archives.

  105. Humanity is ready for change! | John Smallman
    October 30, 2016

    Audio: https://johnsmallman2.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/2016-10-30-jesus-audio-blog-for-sunday-october-30th.mp3

  106. Regarding the U.S. presidential election November 8th, 2016 Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) has received some interesting intel and has provocative commentary as follows. We shall all witness the unfolding of events leading up to THE EVENT and transformation from "darkness" to LIGHT on earth.

    Paul Craig Roberts, Economist and former Asst Sec of Treasury under President Reagan:

    "Word has reached me from Washington that the FBI has reopened the Hillary case of her violation of US National Security protocols, NOT because of the content of the new email releases, but because voter support for Trump seems to be overwhelming, while Hillary has cancelled appearances due to inability to muster a crowd. The popular vote leaves the FBI far out on the limb for its corrupt clearance of Hillary. The agency now has to redeem itself."

    The entire (but brief) article can be read below. Please click onto the link - October 29, 2016:


    Scroll down the PCR web page to article titled:

    The Director of the FBI Reopens the Hillary Case — Paul Craig Roberts

    Victory to the Light.

    1. Divine:
      Glad you posted this link to Paul Craig Roberts.
      I hadn't seen this one. Thank you.


  107. The latest on GaiaPortal just in :-)

    "Serrated torches cleave the undesired.

    Partialities are massed and deleted.

    Fires of Higher Energetics precede the armies of Joy.

    Gaia is reborn."

    ♥ ♥ ♥


  108. It seems like Benjamin Fulford is right.....

    Dunford has a lot to do these days to keep the troops from mutiny!
    I wonder why that event is till held back.

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. <3 Join us Friday (4pm GMT), Sunday (4pm GMT) and Tuesday (3pm GMT) for the IMPORTANT special GUIDED Scorpio New Moon Meditation Meditation!

    It is time for us to come together and tell the universe “We Are Ready!!!” - The upcoming period offers a wonderful chance for us to assert our free will and hasten the transformation of our world!


  111. Finally Mainstream Media tells the truth about Native Americans
    Published on Aug 31, 2016

    Please take a few minutes to share this.
    Here's a petition written by a 13 year old member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.


    #NativeAmerican #indigenousPeople #StopthePipeline #Dakota

  112. This makes me feel less disappointed and more inspired. I think he is correct. Bernie's impact has been felt.

    Bernie Sanders’ Revolution of Love

  113. Beatiful and that we be ready when it happens!

  114. Phoenix Boulay; Sorry, I respect your motivation for heart and love expressed in the article you link to, but in my view Bernie was the opposite. He represented socialism, really many say that he was an inside plant for Hillary. And indeed, after the primary process was stolen from him by the superdelegate rigging by the the "Democrats," he caved and actually came out supporting the very one, Hillary, he spoke strongly against. He would rather vote for a criminal than Donald Trump who is most altruistic and genuine, as evidenced by countless YouTube talks, interviews, and documentaries, a completely different portrayal than the global elite "cabal" corrupt media has portrayed Trump. Socialism does not have a history of success. The idea of taking from the rich and giving to the poor is a limited concept which does not include GOD and the ingenius, creative, resourcefulness of the individual, when connected with God (divine intelligence). Bernie still believed "climate change" (global warming) was an important issue, when it was started by the new world order agenda many years ago as a hoax to gain control over the people, to initiate a carbon tax, to tear down rising nations, etc. So Bernie may have spoke nice things in speeches at times, but I wouldn't hold him as an expression of love and taking care of the people in actuality. Otherwise, he would have vibrated in resonance with Trump's kindest intents, and Trump's beautiful family. It's one thing to have ideals and it's still another to know how to implement the highest ideals in tune with divine will and for the benefit of all people.
    Perhaps Bernie was paid off and/or threatened, I don't know. I believe Bernie's impact fooled countless, mostly younger people, who I observe (for whatever reason) are incapable of thinking for themselves about issues. They were the ones trashing Donald Trump and calling him a racist, etc.


  115. Thank you, Cobra and resistance.

    These are pictures of the sky of which I took. Thank you.