Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Alert downgrade to red


  1. Hmm hmmm....The Vegas shooting side an Obelisk, a pyramid and the shooter in the 32nd floor (33 in reality in the scrpit for the occultist because ... if you include the basement level he was on the 33rd floor.Basement + 32 floors = 33 the magic number). Another, you can see a shooter on the 4th floor....100% ritual no? And what the meaning of 01 October? Saturn, isn't it Cobra? Astrology is important for the occultist....

    Jordan Sather -

    Crisis actor for read the script to the sheeples - Actor Bryan Claypool, CNN puppet

    Then, You can read this intel in the link below:

    "The earliest Obelisks were known as ‘benben’ stones.
    They were rough hewn and truncated, but they were tipped off by the pyramid ion
    shape which distinguishes obelisks from other monumental columns.

    The spirit of the sun god was supposed to enter the stones at certain periods, and on these occasions human sacrifices were offered to it. The victims were probably prisoners of war who had been captured alive, and foreigners, and when these failed the priests must have drawn upon the native population. (...)"

    Police audio confirms multiples Gunmens

    And the zionist Sheldon Adelson he's the boss of the hotel...

    Finally, The goal of the shooting? The answer in this tweet of Killary:

    YouTube has started deleting videos exposing the staged shooting

    These false flag events are nothing more than mind fucks for the sheeple masses!

  2. Victory of light! They Loose Power every day!
    I'm feel good!

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  4. Well, it's getting to that time of year again! Time to take all that Red and add some Green...

    There's a reason so many people feel that "something special, almost trans-dimensional" kind of sensation when we start to near the end of the year. The same reason the pressure of commercialism jumps into full swing, pushing everyone to focus on not having enough money/resources to "buy enough" or "give enough (material junk)" to prove their love/worth to friends/family/society -- to keep us from feeling that wavelength of connection through the thinner veil. To keep us extra stressed/sad/angry/pressured, rather than peaceful/joyful/loving/forgiving.

    We're in a transitional time, a critical time to keep ourselves grounded in a Truer perspective. It's time to hold our space, to allow our own internal harvest to bring forth the fruits of our labors. When we can, we must rest and enjoy all that we have to be grateful for, keeping our vibrations high.

    Be well, my beloved friends. We are winning this. We are One. We are Love!

    1. You are most blessedly welcome, Well Well! I love you so much!!

  5. when was the last time we weren't in either red or black alert at 504?

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