Wednesday, January 24, 2018

L4 clear, wipeout L3


  1. Hammer seems to be working :)
    Thank you, COBRA
    Thank you, Light Forces
    Thank You, Light Family
    Victory of the Light!

  2. OP:SeaBring

    Feont to Beowulf

    -Space Ghost-

  3. ...and L5 to follow.....
    Go, go, go!!! :)

  4. Bonjour
    Je ne sais pas ce que ça signifie, mais bravooo !
    Merci Cobra

  5. Super !!! What remains is L1, L2 and L5

  6. Woooohhaaa! There on a role our Galactic Brothers and Sisters....COME ON! Gratitude to All involved. Sending You Our Love <3

    1. i second that ! thank you
      Galactic Brothers and Sisters :)

    2. OMG what a ride this has been...I'm sooo exhausted...but we are getting there!!! Just a while more sisters and brothers ��

  7. Nice, Wipeout L4 was only 5 days ago. Lets see how long L3 takes!

  8. Wipe Out, The Ventures

    Couldn't resist reposting this ... :D Hee, hee, hee wipeout!

  9. Where is this asteroid going to hit on Superbowl Sunday?

  10. Super
    L3 clear, wipe out L2
    L2 clear, wipe out L1
    L1 clear, START THE EVENT ��

    1. Not the even,we need to take out the yaldabaoth before

  11. Nice, another clear!
    Victory of the Light

  12. This looks promising. It just occurred to me that the Ls May be levels ie L4 -> L3 -> L2 -> L1-> surface

  13. i hope it is what i think and what i wish it is, if it is its great news we came this far, wipe them out, let it be love and light, let it be peace and prosperity to all beings on this planet and beyond, wipe them out let us enjoy life without fear, wipe them out let us end this darkness i always think there is enough for every being on this planet wipe them out let us greed now.
    Thank you Cobra and everyone involved without your hard work we would not come this far.
    Victory Of The Light




    A word in the benefit of Light Communities development, Contact Zones, and other initiatives, of what we understand nowadays, of Light.


    This is another case of 'question everything' or 'raising consciousness'... no matter it refers to technical or scientifical domain, or anything else...

    - discussions and questions about items we may be entitled to consider that were prevented by the 'mainstream science', corporate interest and standardization, or copyright, or 'security reasons'... and which may be in the interest of what we call 'for the light'...

    - discussion about how to welcome, with our lights for particular use described in this section, our space friends coming with their ones, in our contact zones, tachyon chamber yards, and else were...
    as a way we consider to prepare this contact, each one as he considers at best,...

    - discussion about an 'open standardization' development which may be rid of the disgusting rules and interest of organized standardization establishment.

    - other technical subjects in our particular area of interest what the 'mainstream science' even don't like to hear about...


    1. QUESTION EVERYTHING, Raising Consciousness...

      Area of interest: Science and technology, physics, electricity and electrical domain.
      Is it true what we learn in school at physics?... Question it!...


    2. How is it possible for a certain particular electrical circuit to work properly in a part of the world and be considered unpropper in another, or in a different domains? At least in the way we learn it from 'school' or 'mainstream science'...?...


    3. Is the Three-phase electric power distribution exactly how we learn it? Or is it anything else hidden?
      Do you need a distribution with neutral wire for monophasic consumers, or goes it better with 2 phases from a 'pure three phase' distribution?

      Is the 3rd harmonics even so present and even so dangerous, or is its presence put into discussion for only to hide something else, at least in some certain particular situation?

      At what extent is (for the average intuitive 'trained practitioner') valuable the 'inner guidance' which tell us: NO, there is not what you learnt, no matter what high school claims it so!... there is anything hidden...


    4. Does not seem or sound like ludicrous to have world wide different sizes of lampholders (i.e. E26 and E27, or E39/MOG or E40/EGS) for lamps discharge lamps which are interchangeable?...

      Luckly there are not too much differences, so they can be knocked together (lamp with different lampholder) as the case may be...

      In this case is it justified our proposal of the E33 screw cap and lampholder for medium power HID and other lamps, which are most widely to be used in our 'Light Communities'?...

      P.S. And don't forget:... the most of HID lamps work properly at almost the same parameters, no matter of voltage supply, due to ballast configuration...
      i.e. the 400W mercury lamp works at 3.25amps and 130...140 arc voltage, world wide, in both 120V, 220/230V, 240V so on...


    5. Yes! ...The furibund expectance and awaiting,... and not anything more...

      Sadly, there are already 'voices' who would like to hear, listen, and discuss... here or on similar web places,... only subjects and comments from which a single answer might arise:... It's of course the well known "when the Event will happen"...

      Or sometimes... When the First Contact, or the first Light Community?

      But when the answer might be 'tomorrow' or 'next week' or next month,... (and it will be at a certain time 'in the foreseeable future')... these are those who will further await something to 'drop from sky' in the 'under development light community' they are asking about, but about which being lacked of interest how may it be designed and look like...

      This is why, it's us who try to come together, here, as long as it in no where another 'safe place' where all of this might be put into discussion...

      Let's come together either on this way as possible or as interest may be about...


    6. Nobody likes to discuss or to ask... what will come out from a 'free energy' device in the up coming light communities:... what voltage, phases, frequency,... how long the wiring from the generator to the latest consumer?...

      Everybody wants to know... 'when', and nothing else more...

      Or would you be pleased to have the same, let's say the 3 phase with a neutral for monophase consumer, and nothing else...

      or would you be better pleased to leave the quarrel among the 'mainstream science specialists'
      and you only to await to drop something from the sky...


    7. An example of a hybrid incandescent/discharge lamp:

      Question: Why do not have it now??...


    8. We have to know what to require, and what to 'banish' just immediately the Light Forces take control over the electrical industry, of course after taking control over the financial system...

      It's we who are here, but not instead the 'indoctrinated professors' and 'scientists' from within the 'mainstream science' establishment who will hear about the Event and hidden patents or technologies only on television.

  15. We're so close now!! Victory of the Light!

  16. Yeah! Watch out L2! You're cleared next (week)!

    Victory is near!

  17. Victory of the light

    have you guys watched this new music video clip:
    Justin Timberlake - Supplies

    what they want to say ?
    hidden messages inside ?

    1. Well that was highly weird. The torching of illuminati symbolism? Are JT and the kid at the end telling a negative extraterrestrial illuminati to get the hell off our planet? That did not end like I expected it to.

  18. Well that was fast. Guess that solves what Wipeout means.

    Have some leads for the positive NSA. A potential person of interest they should talk to regarding the Pedowood investigation is Lorraine Gary. She's not a suspect but may prove to be a useful witness. She's the one refered to in 4th paragraph as quiting out of disgust. Also, something big got found. Hawaii might be an important hot spot for further NSA investigation.

    In regards to the sowing of Muslim tensions plot I've been looking into, I have a hunch that patriot US groups should keep an eye out for Mossad movements. This sounds like the sort of operation they would pull.

  19. We are waiting for L3 is clear now!

  20. sounds great!! I leave you all with the Peanuts - Wipeout!!!

  21. Some scientific info on Lagrange points..assuming this is what these code words mean..

    :) <3

  22. And the Dark Ones at L2 and L1 getting a bit nervous lately...

  23. Meditation for Iran

    1/23/2018 09:12:00 pm

    As described by Cobra in the Situation update on January 7th, the Jesuits/Rothschild backed faction in Saudi Arabia, Israel and USA is trying to engineer a war with Iran, with the Knights of Malta.
    They are trying to exploit the energy signature of the Roman-Persian wars that are the underlying basis of the Shia-Sunni conflict:

  24. This looks like conformation that Wipeout is in fact a positive thing. :)

  25. With all the love in my heart... Go get them Light Forces!!!



    Thanks for your help with 'Command PB Stardust'!

    We need from you a kind of Command PB Stardust like procedure that aligns our 'etheric blueprint' so that the physical body will follow sooner or later with the scope of 're-grow teeth' as described by the medical procedure that claims that repairs teeth by ‘supercharging’ the remineralization of tooth is a natural process
    where minerals present in saliva and some foods enter the tooth to make it stronger and more dense, to reintroduce natural minerals back into the clean lesion.

    We consider that your help might come from the alignment of this process in the patient's etheric blueprint, and so, after a time the patient's tooth will repair naturally due to the described process...

    With Kindest Regards!


    1. August 25, 2015 / 7:10 PM / 2 years ago

      Dental device promises pain-free tooth repair

      Matthew Stock

      "(...) technology can painlessly repair teeth by ‘supercharging’ the remineralization of tooth enamel".

      "Remineralization is a natural process where minerals present in saliva and some foods enter the tooth enamel to make it stronger and more dense."

      "(...) technology ‘supercharges’ the natural process of remineralization".

      "Driving healthy calcium and phosphate minerals into your enamel, and through a natural process it will bind on and add to the enamel that’s there".

      "A patient’s tooth is first conditioned and cleansed to separate any decayed tissue or organic material that has built up in the lesion. Once clean, the tooth enamel is ready for the treatment"

      "(...)to introduce natural minerals back into the clean lesion. The electrical field pushes the mineral ions into the cavity, triggering remineralization from the deepest part of the lesion."

    2. Thank you Pleiadian star family for the Command PB Stardust healing protocol. I just want to add my observations. This works well with most of pain and even with my animals - I feel. The only time it is not able to work is during pain caused by energy weapons.
      Namaste and Victory of the Light

  27. September 5th 2017 -Situation update

    Last video posted in blog was this link

    At 2:57

    “ L2 Attempt Successful “

    Piercing the veil!

  28. Great! How beautiful!! I'm hurrying up with TB.


  29. Cobra, Thank You for sharing this Progress!


    Ignites beautiful, Light, powerful filling, holding and anchoring of Light here and a swift Unity flows brightly through the community of Light!

    We all love you.

    We ALL Rise Up in Protection of You instantaneously a conscious Light Shield around you.

    In Love and Light of the One Infinite Creator

    ~ P.W.

    Victory of the LIGHT!

  30. Love and Light for evbery being. Thx Cobra, LF, LWarriors / LWorkers, RM, ASC and the Alliance.

    Someone got a clue, if a wipeout is bad for the bad guys or the good guys?

    All the best and victory of the light! Love!

    1. Good, first one I see that actually ponder if certain resistance messages are "good" or "bad". Mostly people are just cheering for something they dont have a clue about.

  31. Great news,5 days to wipe out L4. I believe after wiping out L2 or L1 the veil will disintegrate. We should see more comets and craft. Victory of the light!!

    1. But how many L? Something's are there ?

    2. Lagrange points are stable orbital points in space near the earth/moon system where gravitational pull from, say, the sun and the earth/moon system equal one another. These are great places to put a space station or probe because you don't have to spend energy/fuel keeping the station there. Gravity equalized from multiple sources combines and just automatically holds the object in that spot.

      L4 and L5 are the most stable. They actually have asteroid fields accumulated at them. They are along Earth's orbit, 60 degrees ahead and behind. L1, L2 and L3 are slightly less stable (objects can slip out of place without some minor course corrections), but are still efficient places to park spacecraft/stations. L1 is almost a million miles from Earth, directly between us and the sun. L2 is about the same distance out, but the opposite direction, towards interstellar space.

      L3? L3 is BEHIND the sun, opposite Earth. L3 is the one place in the solar system that one can NEVER see from Earth, because the Sun is in the way.

  32. I am loving these wipeouts, VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!!!

  33. The Light will be triumphant, from now until forever. Love and light to all my brothers and sisters

  34. Excellent news! Thank you ALL! Liberation is at hand!
    Victory of the Light!

    Tuesday, June 2, 2015 Free the Colonies! Report and Short Planetary Situation Update.
    The main negative plasma meridian in our Solar System (the Saturn-Earth tunnel of Set) has been disintegrated. Recent removal of Chimera implant stations at L4 and L5 Lagrange points of the Earth / Moon systems is a big victory. Proposal to build a space colony at the Lagrange points is decades old:
    This proposal was rejected by the vast majority of secret space program factions as these colonies would be too big and thus easily detectable from Earth. Chimera, on the other hand, had small but powerful implant stations positioned at various Lagrange points for the last 26,000 years.
    Intel about L1 and L3 implant stations is still classified.


  36. Retired Marine - BREAKING! William Binney Former NSA Drops Bombshell on Alex Jones - 01/23/2018
    Steve Motley

  37. We are wait for solution in Astral..tks

  38. Bravo highly esteemed RM ALLIES!
    Planetary liberation NOW!
    With deep gratitude
    So it is!


  39. 0010110 Decree [English]

    17 dec. 2017

    Decree to speed up THE EVENT

    from WLMM


  40. The GoldFish Report No. 186 -Coffee Break w/ Louisa & Steve: Q ANON, AI, Cern and MK Ultra
    The GoldFish Report

    24th Jan. 2018

    On the GoldFish Report No 186, Host and co-host Louisa and Steve stop for a 30 minute casual coffee break to discuss the possible connection between Cern, Artificial Intelligence and MK Ultra mind control and the impact it is having on us and our children.

  41. One of most Powerful Quakes recorded in u.s. history
    And 0 damage (so far)
    At the same time...
    I only get like 4 TV channels- I've been following
    "church TV" 6AM (if I wake- like 111)
    Bible collage/Andrew Wommack... U would think I could at least get a link to a Gen. 1, 2, and 3 Bible study
    No reply... none
    Forcing me to "flood" his twitter study account
    (only 1 other commenter, comment) then I delete
    (can't post a link)
    Even posted all the FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT (Q) posts
    (appearing around the same time, TY)
    This was funny-
    6 Things You Might Not Know About Buggy Accidents
    (Posted 1/17, 2018 in Amish Controversies)

    and then- Buggy Drivers Say... steering wheels & pedals are a thing of the past

    Guess what this synchronized with... Amish (further into the show) Amish SWAT team

    Jan 23 2018 17:30:34
    ID: 58e607
    How’s Russia?
    Almost time.

    1. Wowsh those r alot of channels...

      U got skills...
      I change channel 1 to 4 or 5.. better reception

      Err as if i knew :)

  42. Victory of the Light!
    Victory of the Light!
    Victory of the Light!

  43. I can express my joy approximately with this bhajan

  44. Who will ascend at the event? I’ve heard things that others have said that not everyone will ascend and that some will shift to a different timeline and remain in 3d. It doesn’t sound to me that cobra is saying that though. Am I right? As I understand cobra, everyone ascends and only the most evil will be sent to the galactic central sun. Correct?


      From interviews:

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Shoot i think i press publish too early...

      my understanding... everyone will receive a boost... or a vibrational lift... the mere awareness of the real truth will shake everyone's cores is my thinking... Endless possibilities will open up to them...

      everyone will continue the journey in a platform free of the control mechanisms unlike we experiencing right now.. thus at their pace.. growth will be much faster compare to the present one(hostage mode=limited or minimum growth imo).

      Choices will open up to all at their chosen pace once freedom is attained.

      Ascension is not an instant process... but definitely some upliftment will occurr. So i think it depends what everyone expectation of ascension is.

      i think some people that are 'highly enlightened' may get their first short bus ride to higher grounds... and they May get offered the ascension chambers in order to go to next phase of their journey whatever that may be... it may mean returning in a light body or reincarnating... or swapping to a newer avatar... or going somewheee else

      Everyone will be assisted.

      And yes is my understanding as well.. only the most evil uncorrectable ones would b sent to galactic sun... supposedly there r only a few of those... my hope is that their twin soul does not have same fate.

    4. ALEXANDRA: People are ragging on the word ascension, because they are talking about it being an inside job. What is your feeling about ascension per se? Are we going to wake up one day in the 5th dimension and go “Wow, We’re in a different place, a different body”. What is your opinion of that?

      COBRA: It is a gradual process that will culminate in the final transformation. Before we get there there are so many things that need to happen and will happen. We’re not yet at the point of the actual ascension. We are preparing for this to start. It starts at the event. The galactic energies will increase and lead us to the transformation at a a gradual process that will culminate in ascension at a certain point in the future.
      ---ref am0613
      Alexandra: So are you agreeing that every single person on the planet has not only a) a shot for ascending but b) has the opportunity to ascend? I heard that 1/3 that will stay with the planet, 1/3 that will go into another dimensional level, and a 1/3 that just kind of stays here because they are not ready.

      C: OK I am not able to disclose the whole ascension plan right now because of course the Cabal is listening and also the non-physical Archons are listening. So the real ascension plan is highly classified at this moment. No channel on this planet will receive any information about the timelines and about exactly how it is going to happen because it has been classified. What I can only say is only some beings will be able to ascend. But everybody will be deprogrammed from the Cabal and everybody will be able to be free and be able to make their own choices.
      ---ref am0712

    5. Also read this section... under redemption

      Hope this helps

    6. Everyone ascends except for Hillary.

    7. THE EVENT is not ascension per se. there will be some who will ascend but the rest of us will embark on the process of ascension post event without interference from the dark cabal. it is my opinion that ascension will be made much easier because scalar and electro magnetic weapons will be dismantled (perhaps mjolnir will take them down by 8 march. anyway life will be better and focus on our spiritual development will be possible for those of us who have not evolved at the same pace as others. nothing to worry about though life will be good.

  45. Let's goo! <3 light in full force

  46. L4 and L5 were already supposed to be cleared. L5 might still be but maybe L4 was the recent shortfall. now its cleared again and for the first time L3 which is actually sublunar is being targeted as we speak. L2 is beyond lunar orbit and may not be relevant. L1-3 were and are still classified.

    1. the prev operationn performed on l4 n l5 N possibly L1-3 On 2015 had to do with the clearing of the implant stations n removal of colonists.. it may not have entailed taking control of the area as the clearing had not reached sublunar space yet... is my guess...

      But apparently now they are sweeping them clean now.

    2. That was what I thought too.

  47. what is the sound of Thor's hammer crushing? similar for something? who hears... what he's hearing ?


    1. Put it this way:... it might be the diminishing or the lack of 'the Hum', the anomalous sound around the world... (from the tech of the veil).

  48. Thank all for your service.”, we are truly nearing the end.

  49. The Change (Ascension) 432Hz


  51. I feel guided to write this from a dream communication I had earlier today.

    TH Landia 1


    Victory of the Light!!

    As Always, Much Love & Much Light - Peace Be With You

    May You Shine in the Love & Light that is the One Infinite Creator.

    ~ The Light Sharer


  52. Hmm.. rumor is Mega Anon is no where to be found... and supposedly spoke with david wilcock notifying she is being monitored...

    Honestly people... if for a minute that was true ... is really disconcerting that these people that attempt to embark in playing in the big league... play the game as if it was the minor league..

    Where is her backup plan.. where r her security measures...
    U r going to tell me she is this naive and thought no one was after trying to track her down... and the pseudo online security measures are enough to stay anonymous... specially time after time she kept giving more personal info about self.. likes n dislikes... etc.

    Really people?

    Making 'normal' calls to David Wilcock who himself is probably being monitored...?

    Did anyone warned her?...

    Good Lord! People... this just makes me toss me cookies.

    man, are we there yet? Has the last tbombed been removed cause i cant stand watching these games...

    1. And a near successful assassination attempt against Corey Goode. I'm working with a team in Israel to build an anti-gravity device they claim will work, I'm sure it will. We have detailed blueprints. They're just having trouble getting materials I can easily get here. Only a matter of time before it works. He was talking with Corey, (showed me the texts), also about my Keshe devices. He was interested, then... yeah... had to back off. Fucking Cabal.

    2. Hello DH, I know I'm late to this comment, but there is a website that you named in this blog that is, that page no longer exists, do you know if it moved to another place or if you can find these articles elsewhere, thanks friend I would appreciate information, greetings

  53. LOVE and LIGHT to All❤️
    Thank you Light Forces for Everything!!!

  54. Kanakadhara stotram is a powerful Hymn ... Recitation of this Hymn will invite money and luck to us...

  55. Kanakadhara stotram

  56. Does anyone know if the galactics have healing for those with schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders? It would be wonderful to be healed and live a normal life. All I do is stay home in a tiny apartment with no in person social interaction. No one will give me a job or volunteer work since I can be incapacitated at anytime due to this disorder.

    1. Sorry to hear that kid.

      This is all i am aware of pertaining to healing...

    2. King Solaris:

      Sorry to hear about this.

      I will write some things that might help you, off the top of my head.

      It is a difficult situation. We all get down and depressed at times -- our energy drops. Many of us are very sensitive (borderline schizophrenic) and have to just be aware of it and 'fix ourselves' with some tools.

      Be sure you meditate (20 - 25 mins daily) and close down at the end of your meditation.

      To "close down," put each of your hands in a gentle fist and visualize a big bubble of white and/or pink light all around you -- above, beneath, on all sides, maybe a city block in each direction.

      You want to keep a protective bubble around you and "reinforce it" every 24 hours.

      Others here have recommended that the bubble could be a "mirror" so it reflects anything away from it that comes toward you.

      When you close down you can also give yourself some healthy affirmations: "I AM HEALING EACH DAY. I AM ACQUIRING MORE KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM EACH DAY. I AM GETTING HEALTHIER AND HEALTHIER EACH DAY."

      Many meditation traditions and techniques don't teach the "closing down at the end," but it is important for self protection.

      You don't want to be in the world with no protection for your energy self.

      Sometimes I think schizophrenics are simply "too wide open." You feel everything, you hear everything and it drives you crazy.

      Obviously, I am just guessing here, but the daily meditation will get you on a good path.

      And, Cobra always recommends to get out into nature (trees, a park, the beach) as much as possible, because the energy there is restorative. Get away from the city as much as you can, in other words.

      Also -- stay away from bars and where people are drinking. Bad entities hang out there, and can enter the bodies of alcoholics.

      Try to stay off pot and other hallucinogens. These substances, I'm afraid, aren't good for people who are ALREADY too wide open (such as schizophrenics).

      Eat healthy food and drink clear clear filtered pure water as much as you can.

      Maybe there is something useful in what I just now wrote. Good luck.

    3. Auto-immune paleo diet is the only thing that works for anything. Green vegetables, meat, fat, fruit. You have to be 100% strict for results, no additive ingredients.

      I've only worked about half my life, bankrupt my parents the rest. Sure some days I'm brilliant and strong, but I'm randomly worthless like 3 days a week. No employeer will put up with that. I know because mine is trying to fire me. I can't even work part time at a grocery store. I usually work for a year or less, every 4 years. We need the financial reset.

  57. The Cancer Revolution: A Helpful Program to Reverse and Prevent Cancer

    January 19, 2018 by Edward Morgan

  58. Hey guys, I know I've been out of the loop for a while regarding the comments section, but I'm still here.

    My ears haven't healed yet, the Biocharger thing fell through, so I am trying something else. A Rife machine called Spooky2 with low level laser therapy attachment. I brought this up the last time I posted here. I have had the device for a couple weeks now, but just couldn't motivate myself to begin treatment due to depression and doubt, and have been managing my time rather poorly. The energies lately have not been easy to deal with, to say the least. I will get on it really shortly, though.

    There is a specific frequency set for hyperacusis, as well as for tinnitus, and the low level laser therapy attachment are essentially ear plugs you can plug in your ears, directly sending Rife healing frequencies and laser light to the ears.

    Also, I have made a good amount of money working for a friend of my dad's, helping him with computer stuff.

    And within a week, I am moving out to an intentional community in Atlanta, the same city where my best friend lives. They only ask for $275 for rent, and even then, I don't have to pay it, it's a suggested offering. I can do a trade deal where I can work for room and board. I talked to someone who successfully did this in Hawaii for 2 or 3 years, having arrived with just $70 in his pocket.

    If anyone is interested, check out the directory on this website: This is where I found the place I'm moving to. There are many places like this all around the world. Some have certain restrictions financially, some are more open-ended.

    I can't say I'm particularly excited at the moment. There'll be 10 people there, and despite the peace and love vibe, opportunities for healing, warmer weather, and open-endedness in terms of work and all, I do have my reservations. I just don't how well I'll get along with everyone, as I do have my own tastes and differences from most people. And I haven't heard back from my best friend yet, and don't know his address, so it will take a while to connect with him. Until then, I'm still a loner.

    But yes, I am taking steps to turn my life around, regardless of whether or not The Event happens. I also intend to invest in cryptocurrency, having seen one of Cobra's recent posts where he talked about this. Someone recommended me a YouTube channel to check out, although I have yet to get around to it. Definitely one of my priorities.

    I did get a couple good tarot readings regarding the direction my life is heading, but ehh, who knows? I'm not going to get my hopes up, but I am still going to do my best to survive and get my life moving.

    Thank you once again to everyone who extended their help and support to me. You have no idea what an immense blessing you've been to my life. I am beyond grateful, and it is because of you I still hold an open mind that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I am seriously near my breaking point with my PTSD, and I simply don't have the strength to endure another year living within my current circumstances. It's because of you that I may not have to.

    Peace and love everyone. :)

    1. please go to this protocol is simple and profoundly healing, there is a huge amount of background information and I believe a book is already available, everyone should know about this protocol, because it works the founder who is bringing back knowledge and making it her own has been trolled and set up and god knows what because this works and selfish people are worried about losing profit over its cheap its simple and it works!!

    2. I wish you all good. Light is with you.

    3. Sooooo wonderful to hear such good news👏👏👏
      All the best! Triumpf of the light❤️❤️❤️!

    4. Hey, good luck. You could make some great friends in a living situation like this. You'll learn a lot, in any case.

      Take care of yourself. Keep us posted.

    5. @AJSTAN I am taking something right now called Pure Synergy powder, which you can check out here:

      I also eat vegan. Believe me, no amount of healthy eating and juicing will cure hyperacusis. Yes, it helps me in other aspects of my health, but not hyperacusis.

      Hyperacusis is an ear disorder involving cochlear damage, and damage to the tensor tympani muscle and stapedius muscle in the ears. If it was that simple to heal, I would have known about it. I didn't spend two years of research and trying various things for nothing.

      That being said, I do appreciate the thought. And thank you so much to everyone for the well-wishes.

      @WestCoastUSMegan I'm not really interested in making new friends, just becoming more independent so that I can have the means to meet my online music friends in person and eventually live with them, as they're the only people on the planet who will ever understand me when it comes to having the same taste in music and movies. And since I am the oldest and the guy with the vision, they pretty much expect me to lead the way.

      I fortunately found out today the people in Atlanta acquired new land, and I'd be able to have some privacy, so that made me pretty happy. Now the issue is just having a desk or space for my computer. The computer itself is tiny, it's actually the monitor that's the largest. I may be living in an RV or a teepee or something. There will be electricity, but they are still sorting the kinks out. I definitely need my computer occasionally for work, as well as for running the Spooky2 Rife machine for healing purposes.

      Well, that's all for now, folks. Just felt I owed you these updates after the generosity you showed me with the GoFundMe and all, and the aggravation I put you through with all my past venting.

      Peace and love, everyone!

  59. It is time for the shenanigans to END NOW. It is time for the lightworkers and starseeds to DEMAND from the Elders and the Higher Councils to flip the switch to ON and move forward at full speed. Enough is enough.
    The Cabal should be imprisoned for the ones that are caught, or neutralize(Cabal term) them in an instant and send them to the Great Central Sun. No other ultimatum should be offered to them, period.
    the Cabal has not had a change of heart for twelve thousand years, and it will NOT happen now. Recently Archangels and Ascended Masters manifested themselves in front of the Cabal, the Cabal still turned the other way and didn’t give a damn.

    1. yes... they've all had ample time to move to the Light. The Hawaii event clearly shows they don't want the Light.. they want their agenda to manifest.
      Repurpose their souls and let's move humanity and Gaia to the next level

  60. Urgent!! Please Light Forces, Resistance Movement consider to arrange “Unity Meditation” within January 2018

    Dear Light Forces, Resistance Movement,

    I am writing to urge many awakened community, such as the awakened community led by Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Veronica Keen, Justin Deschamps, Kauilapele, The Mind Unleashed, Steve Beckow, Prepare For Change…. to organize “Unity Meditation” like “UNITY MEDITATION AT THE ECLIPSE 2017-8-21” to join New Toplet and Plasma Parasite Meditation with daily meditation at 2pm GMT.

    I wish It can be held within January 2018.

    We can notice it is the huge success to reach critical mass in “UNITY MEDITATION AT THE ECLIPSE 2017-8-21”

    If many awakened community can hold next “Unity Meditation” like “UNITY MEDITATION AT THE ECLIPSE 2017-8-21”, to join New Toplet and Plasma Parasite Meditation with daily meditation at 2pm GMT within January 2018, it can accelerate “The Event” and maybe activate “The Event” within January 2018.

    I wish Light Forces, Resistance Movement can tell many awakened community for this urge to organize “Unity Meditation” like “UNITY MEDITATION AT THE ECLIPSE 2017-8-21” to join New Toplet and Plasma Parasite Meditation with daily meditation at 2pm GMT and urge It can be held within January 2018.

    Urgent!! Please Light Forces, Resistance Movement consider to arrange “Unity Meditation” within January 2018

    1. The man who calls himself "The Unknown Lightwarrior" is organizing a mass meditation on January 31st during the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse, if you sign up for the 144k Activation campaign at You'll get an email with the details.(when he has it ready) This doesn't cost anything and is essentially just a mailing list at the moment but it's also a commitment to assist in the important lightwork needed to free the planet.

      You can also listen to his shows at to get a better feel for who he is and what he's doing. He's had Cobra on the show before and the way he talks about some things makes me believe that he's part of the Resistance Movement.

  61. Does anyone know if the 'Getty problem' (LA) has been resolved yet?

  62. Regarding clearances, does anyone know if the LA Getty 'problem' has been cleared?

  63. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? lol!

  64. Gratitude to All involved as service to the Cosmic Law.
    The Time of great change is coming and will not stop to the final LIBERATION.


  65. These are new readouts, never have seen before, with all that appears to be going on I would say this must mean huge forward progress for the light!! well done and thank you because humanity is struggling more than ever.

  66. I work in the street as a tourism promoter, in a big city full of people all the time passing beside me. At 19:00 it becomes unbeareable, all these auras and energies touching your own aura, their agitation and negativity are really really disgusting, but is my job anyway.Even though i practice meditation and i am in peace normally, at home and in my neighbourhood, whent the time comes i have to be there sourrounded by the energy of people , and i say lots of people because its summer high season here, i really lose my balance and its too much to handle, is like all this energy-shit really puts me crazy, and also the sun. I inmediately turn from a Buddha into a demon, ready to kick everyone's asses. Its a mixture of agoraphobia and panic attacks. Its too much shit, gathered all together, but at the moment i have to handle it as best as possible, and control myself not to curse everyone and treat all the customers well. People (not all of them) are soooo stupid, no awareness at all they just walk like zombies, and when you try to communicate their attention are in the clouds. It really overwhelms me.
    however, two days ago i started to use a big piece of black turmaline in my pocket, and it really really made a difference, the people's energies (and all the scalar garbage as well) seem to avoid me at a certain point, yesterday and the day before i was more in peace and grounded, definitevely it is NOT a placebo. Turmaline works very well, but it has to be a big piece! For me it is working.
    Anyway, the best for me is to be alone and with few, selected kameraden...otherwise it is hell. I dont stand idiots

    1. Gersey: I can relate very well.. especially with the part about „stupid people“ .. they really are stupid (most of them)

    2. It's their cell phones! When many are together it's so much worse. Try this, gather as many phones as you can at your house and have them all make calls at the same time, I bet you'll feel like running out of the room.


    3. Try a Command PB Stardust and imagine a similar protocol with what we need and post it here.

      You have already an example above...

      Act it now!

    4. Astral Traveler i know this feeling- i worked as a sales person at the shop and i had panick attacks too- still have- after meditation or reiki practice i have fear attacks mixed with panicks attacks witch started when i mooved from the countryside to the city- then there wasnt options. About year 2011- 2012 dont remeber wich year exactly but that time. I have the same issue when i am at home or alone i feel pretty much good- but when i got in crowds (which i do rarely) or even simpliest thing go to shop to by some food its like a nightmare. Latley its start at home to. I dont use depresants or any medicine for calming down- but i havnt yet find any solution to this problem. I have to go to work anyway becouse i have to pay my rent..havnt any degree or something like that becouse its a system.. hope that one they it will solve out by itself. And people dont think they are stupid- i guess like even me - they arent aware of whats is hapening right know on the Earth +their mindset.. but in dayly life i forget this, becouse in the daily basis i have to deal with them- and their belief systems and problems realy drain me off. Pluss i am some kind of introvert- and always like speecless..

    5. Awesome story Ger Sey, although it sucks about the people...they can be like those really drunk friends who don't consider their behavior until they sober up (wake up). Until then - patience, compassion and a healthy anger outlet is key! Hang in there friend :)

    6. Patrick you could be right. I am also using whatsapp for my job. And it really makes me crazy. I reached the point where even the sound of people's voices makes me irritated, people here shout instead of talking, also all that shitty modern music playing around, well i will not go into many details in the case you call me a cruel racist or whatever, so i stop here. Nowadays you cannot talk about certain things, you know what i mean, you have to swallow it and force yourself to live in this insane and chaotic zoo. What a hell. I was born here in southamerica the son of german and italian inmigrants, and believe me the most racism comes from the majority people which are non white. You have to stand that, and their disgusting behavior as well, otherwise you will end up in a cage with all those beasts. Its a terrible situation and you cannot loose balance at all, you are forced to swallow your anger and pretend to be a good tolerant guy. It sucks! I am planning to make some more money and get the hell out of here, who knows where.

    7. I use Tourmaline. I carry it in a small velvet pouch with other stones. Good stuff. Stones, nature and the right type of music helps me a lot.

    8. Black tourmaline is wonderful! I even have black tourmaline stones to set in a grid around my property/home. Also, check out orgonite. I recommend this book very highly!! Practical Psychic Self-Defense for Home & Office by Master Choa Kok Sui.

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Good comment.. if only we could see something tangible from our fake media that would "shock" the masses to literally wake up. How can adults be so naïve and in denial is my question? I thought the energies coming in were supposed to really accelerate a mass awakening but I've not seen it on FB or from my own asleep siblings or my wife! It's all too much for her to comprehend.. and when I try to explain how almost all we've been told is a lie this upsets her and she shuts down. It has to come from another source.. or how I await true news, real history, our true origin. 1000s of seal indictments we were told, what is happening with them?

  68. MK Ultra/Alice in Wonderland/Illuminati Abuse Music Video

    1. HAMALAYUS = Master Masters of Fairy Tales. They keep the stories safe in Sacred Crystal Chests. They inspired writers to bring the tales to tax, not only on the ground plane, but also in several other realms / plans. And to some people, who reach a level of high purified heart magic, they deliver packages that evidence the reality of the tales. For many cold-hearted Terrans, steeped in uncertainty and lack of faith, this may seem pure utopia and even mental imbalance. For these, they do not evidence this reality, but leave it only in the world of imagination. However, for those who have attained a state of purity and sweetness, they deliver the Enchanted High Magic. Believe dear Terrans, Fairy Tales are real and most of the characters from the tales brought to the earthly reality through books and movies, theater and other art forms are incarnated and do not even know they were part of these enchanted stories. Most of these stories came from other realms / plans such as: Alice in Wonderland, which is a true story from the Central Sun of the Milky Way. And some of those who lived there these real characters are incarnated on the Terran surface. FAIRY TALES ARE REAL! Terrans testify, testify, and testify.

  69. This seems like a personal experience for me.
    Are we participating in making a difference and what level of awakening for ourselves and how we assist others.
    Is it personal for you too?
    Command PB Stardust worked sublimely. I met these most wonderful Pleidians half way in the healing.
    I can now climb stairs without pain- what pain? Its but a distant memory now.

  70. This is amazing, and the picture made me laugh. >3 ^_^

    Remember when Cobra said that there would be a short and spectacular confrontation between the dark ones and the light forces right before the planetary liberation? Well, this is it! Let Mjölnir swing!! Let the hammer fall!!

    Victory of the Light!!!!


    As always, Much Love & Much Light - Peace Be With You

    May you always walk and bask in the warmth that is the Love & Light of the One Infinite Creator.

    ~ The Light Sharer



  71. Thank you Cobra, Resistance Movement, Light Forces!

  72. From one of the articles Cobra mentioned before:

    On Jan 2nd, 2018, Urania/Uranus stations direct and we begin a new episode of the celestial event called All Planets in Direct Motion, (APDM). The event continues for 65 days until March 8th, when one of the planets stations retrograde and completes the event.

    "This is, by the way, the longest APDM event since discovery in 2008 and if you are interested to know which planet will complete the APDM event, you can get this information and much more by registering for the Study Course.

    APDM is like an ALL SYSTEMS GO command.

    This means everything is lined up and ready for the action to take place.

    A wave has started out at sea and it steadfastly follows the force of motion to greet the shore."

  73. Tomorrow it is going to be a week this was aired. And being too busy, I forgot posting the link.

    Coast To Coast AM - January 19, 2018 || Secret Space Disclosure & ET Federation w Corey Goode

  74. sounds good, guessing. ty Cobra.

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.



  77. the parasite has been eliminated, and now?

  78. "Although we are not there yet, there is a massive investigation against the Cabal taking place and it will ultimately lead to the mass arrests when the Chimera faction within the Air Force will not be able to cover the Cabal's back with their toplet bombs anymore."

    Nov 17,2017

    IN Cobra's latest interview he mentions that there are coded messages in the mjolnir video he posted last update. Cobra obviously linked the video for a reason, hes done this many times in the past as a status update format from a more entertainment styled perspective of current events w/ light forces etc!



    **Video depicts the Veil being dismantled & plasma entities melting in the light after the destruction of underground bases which is the last stand of the dark forces.

    Lets include intel pertaining Corey Goode"s Update regarding the blue sphere's(buffering ascension energies) phasing out of our reality (since the signal was sent after august meditation that the surface population is ready for the event)so soon in fact that the blue avians have left are density, now replaced by the 2 new guardians here to assist us with this transition.

    **ALL positive races involved has been instructed to put all hands on deck to assist humanity no longer maintaining us but assisting in our ascension more directly.

    Liberation in near!


  79. Today I managed to acquire what (at least for the moment) feels like the last puzzle piece for The LightMachine. Got the gimmick from a second-hand store organized by our local animal shelter which gets all of the money, and it feels like it makes the setup complete now.
    "How much would you like to pay for it?" they asked. So I checked my pockets... "I would pay everything I've got with me, that's 23,65 Euros." - "Let's make it 20 Euros then."

    I'm so happy that I got it! It really fits in perfectly here, and it just feels *right* to have it. Like it's filling a void that I didn't know was there until yesterday evening.
    Simply Perfect!

    "Doesn't matter what's tripping you out, there's ways to go
    This is where we get carried away enough to start again"

    Empire Of The Sun - Way To Go

    "Say what you mean
    Do what you will
    Brother, you'll reach inside yourself tonight

    Ohh this is where we begin
    On our way Home"

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom, Healing and Abundance for All


  80. If these stations like L4 and now L3 are implant stations and they are being taken out, wouldn't the Chimera group or dark SSP respond forcing a final decisive battle? They can't be sitting by allowing this without any response right? Trying to understand what is happening here any replies would be great. I recall Cobra mentioning there would be 1 dramatic and decisive battle between the Galactic forces and the SSP/Chimera forces and the Galactics would wipe them out quickly.. and then the Event would be triggered. I've also heard we are entering part of the solar wave now and soon the main part will envelope earth totally. It all feels are reads positive, but how long can this go on.. if the Galactics are taking out implant stations.. and veil is almost or is gone then defeat is inevitable it would seem. Thanks Cobra, Galactics, RM, LWs, LFs.. everyone who is remaining positive and looking forward to the new earth! Victory of the Light!

  81. "Song of the man of Yue"
    今夕何夕兮, Oh! What night is toight,
    搴舟中流。 we are rowing on the river.
    今日何日兮, Oh! What day is today,
    得與王子同舟。 I get to share a boat with a prince.
    蒙羞被好兮, The prince's kindness makes me shy,
    不訾詬恥。 I take no notice of the people's mocking cries.
    心幾頑而不絕兮, Ignorant, but not uncared for,
    得知王子。 I make acquaintance with a prince.
    山有木兮木有枝, There are trees in the mountains and there are branches on the trees,
    心說君兮君不知。 I adore you, oh! You do not know.

    "And the Archons became attracted to Eve, the primal woman. They said to one another, 'Come, let us sow our seed in her,' and they pursued her. And she laughed at them for their witlessness, and their blindness; and within reach of their clutches, she turned into a tree, and left before them a shadowy reflection of herself."

    She is in her pure form
    A "queen" standing alone
    malka מלכה

    She is HERE and NOW with ALL her POWER

    cable boys may you give the joy of wisdom and if nothing else, a good hearty laugh for the health of ALL as flattery holds nothing of interest nor gets any of her attention!


    as she does she IS.
    The energy of love having no lover is being seen in our language as the possessed nouns are all de-gassed" and every unfelt desire is healed in the love of our homecoming... May we remember the song of Yue as a form of objective sweetness for having ridden on the river of love to take the cure.

  82. My friend ger sey. I know what you mean, heavy energies which do not match, sometimes when i cannot avoid going to a party or an event gathering with many people drinking and talking loud etc it takes me sometimes like 2 days to fully recover. And yes the heat and the strong sun this time of the year makes things even heavier. My suggestion: Try to think of yourself as a tourist, a foreigner; When we travel to other places, other countries, we still interact with other people and experience situations but we are not so attached to other people and situations.

  83. What does this mean? Please someone respond.