Saturday, February 3, 2018

Project 501 Update

Alpha timeline with HVBN until intersection has collapsed due to fatal security breach that erased 741.
We are left with alternative beta timeline with sporadic HV YXRs with LEVSF pivoting to next possible HVBN before intersection.
Minimum hyperphasic requirements are set at PHI 1.35-4.00, P>0.8, THETA >0.8, VTXPOS > 1.8.

PHX clearance is approved for 180205.0600Z, PHX VTX clearance is approved for tZ=0. 
COBRA velocity is set to maximum speed that does not produce L0 shockwaves. 
The rest of this report remains confidential. 


  1. Olaf: Let's get back to the "next possible HVBN before intersection." What is this "next possible HVBN before intersection?"

  2. Doesn't sound good...who is interfering other than the plasmatic insects?

  3. Well that is about a clear as mud...

  4. I’m not sure how to take this? Is this a setback?

    1. No this is not a setback. There were always two possible timelines.

    2. Foxy Fiske: What has happened? The Lightworkers I know are practically screeching out in pain, confusion, Depression is at an all time HIGH and the agonizing symptoms in the past few days -? I’m ok. But does this mean the Optimal timeline was everyone going through the ascension together and now we are separating? Because that is how I feel. Like I’m separating.


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  6. “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” Julian of Norwich

    So mote it be...
    Gratitude abounds dear COBRA, RM, GF, all Light BEINGS everywhere.

  7. I don't understand much of this , but If there is anything that we can do to make it better , even to minute details ,we should be given instructions to do so.

  8. Sounds like we have failed to achieve the optimum timeline that should take us to our goal of being released from darkness. The pathway we were following is blocked or has vanished and we shall transit an alternative timeline that possibly implies more time and lower achievements. It looks very bad news for our liberation. Hope I am wrong...

    1. Shit yes! This is exactly what I was thinking first when reading that whole mess. I will stopp now following that blog here, as I am starting to get angry about the whole story. Unfortunately, I am also starting to think that this whole stuff is just entertainment for some.

    2. We are in a temporary time frame where everyone who has been holding the light is now occupying the same continuum as the sleepers (i think) which could ultimately be very purifying to the whole process but every single lightworker/warrior is going g to have to draw on their strengths and be extremely gentle with their weaknesses. Everything your made of will be challenged. Many with arrogance will stumble and even perish but those who remain trusting in the light will endure and even thrive.

    3. That's how I interpret it as well...doesn't sound good, at all. Hope there's a way we can get back on the alpha timeline...what is HVBN?

    4. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life .. or is that light?

    5. yep doesn't sound good at all. soft balling doesn't cut the cake. smells like underestimating the situation


    6. Cobra needs responsible participants with responsive behavior...

    7. Could this be causing me to have bad headache and bloody nose and vomiting or am i dealing with the flu do you have advise ?Meditating for the ascension to come soon and safely i have faith .

    8. I have been vomiting and bad headache and bloody nose i know the flu is going around but it doesn't feel like the flu could this be symptoms ?Or most likely flu ?Never had a bloody nose with the flu before ?

  9. it seems to me that project mjolnir is working out OK. COBRA VELOCITY SET TO MAXIMUM - 8th march mjolnir hits the surface. buckle up people.

  10. Love, Strength, Victorious Success to your intent, efforts, actions.

  11. Can we just put L0 shockwaves on M?
    Raising M should deal with that.

  12. I'm not even going to pretend I know what any of that means. Seems sketchy though.

    1. Let’s remember all these codes are not intended for our understanding, at least for now. They are messages to RM. Let’s keep our job - meditating as much as possible (and if we feel guided so), having positive thoughts and attitudes, etc, despite current situation. It’s a war, with ups and downs. But Light will be Victorious. Imho.

  13. In order to energetically assist the light forces in the current purification (until the beginning of March), which extends to 3 earth radii from the center of the earth, we can visualize a rainbow vortex (from welovemassmeditation) in this area.

    Such visualizations create multidimensional bridges for the light forces.

  14. Need the laymen update. All I could do is gut says we are very close to the EVENT just because I feel humanity needs to flip the script....sick of chasing our own tails.

  15. The battle continues.. let's hope a month from now we are in good shape

  16. People want change, include me.
    But goddess doesn’t like this way, but it’s happen.

    The goddess force of piece, in your heart, memory, music and experience, keep hold the power don't forget that. Maybe we can change the way to experience the peaceful time line.

    Here is my mind and feeling message.

    Please watch the video, if you are not sure about Ascension.

    Spirit Science ~ The Insights of Ascension!

    Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

    Memo: when you link with goddess, the dark will try to hurt us, prepare that.


  17. Sunday, May 4, 2014

    Project 501 Update

    Alpha timeline with HVBN until intersection has an increasing probability of p=0.9. Alternative beta timeline with sporadic YXRs, converging into possible LEVSF pivoting to next HVBN before intersection, has a decreasing probability of p=0.1 due to increased grid ratio.

    Beta strategies have been modulated.

    Intersection probability peak comes close to omega convergence point with an antarionid RM intersection which includes P501 and all hyperphasic intersections in the optimal sequence order. Alpha and beta timelines converge into one as we limit towards the omega convergence point.


    Saturday, June 6, 2015

    Project 501 Urgent Status Update

    Due to current HVBN instability and proximity of omega convergence point, an update is required.

    Beta protocol: maintain LEVSF pivot, JEJ/LJVTX/P501, SWA CZC MND PIE PRM SRD BOS URF.

    Request urgent modulation of S2EXT protocol.

  18. Saturday, October 5, 2013

    Project 501 Update

    Alpha timeline with HVBN until intersection has a probability of p=0.8. The alternative beta timeline with multiple MVBNs, converging into possible next HVBN before intersection has a probability of p=0.2.

    Beta strategies have been modulated and need to remain strictly classified.

    There are two major intersection probability peaks remaining.

    The previous intersection probability peak within RR2-3 intermediate period has collapsed due to incomplete intel about L1 and L0 anomaly.

    The first major intersection probability peak comes shortly after the beginning of the RR3-4 intermediate period, p=0.3. Alpha timeline is partially classified P501 with gradual to fast M increase and with probability of some form of EL contact. This leads to complex interference with existing HVBN on the surface, multiple MVBNs being one triangulation alternative and time compression into the convergence point being another one. Shortly before the omega convergence point this timeline anyway converges into an antarionid RM intersection. Beta timeline comes with declassified P501 with multiple MVBNs and then with RM intersections as soon as possible.

    The second major intersection probability peak comes close to omega convergence point with an antarionid RM intersection, p=0.7. Alpha and beta timelines converge into one as we limit towards the omega convergence point.


    Wednesday, June 26, 2013

    Project 501 Report

    Alpha timeline with HVBN until intersection has an increasing probability of p=0.6. The alternative beta timeline with sporadic YXRs, converging into possible next HVBN before intersection has a decreasing probability of p=0.4 due to increased grid ratio.

    Beta strategies have not yet been modulated and will come in a separate report.

    There are three major intersection probability peaks.

    The first one comes within the first half of the RR2-3 intermediate period, p=0.3. Alpha timeline is classified P501 with gradual M increase but without any hyperphasic intersections. Hyperphasic intersections come in cascading convergence only as we limit towards the omega convergence point. Beta timeline comes with declassified P501 with RM intersections as soon as possible.

    There is a minor peak towards the end of RR2-3 period which coincides with L2 penetration point.

    The second major intersection probability peak comes shortly after the beginning of the RR3-4 intermediate period, p=0.3. Alpha timeline is partially classified P501 with gradual to fast M increase and with probability of some form of EL contact. This leads to complex interference with existing HVBN on the surface. Some time before the omega convergence point this timeline bifurcates into fast hyperphasic intersections. Beta timeline again comes with declassified P501 with RM intersections as soon as possible.

    The third major intersection probability peak comes close to omega convergence point with an antarionid RM intersection which includes P501 and all hyperphasic intersections in the optimal sequence order, p=0.4. Alpha and beta timelines converge into one as we limit towards the omega convergence point.

  19. Break Through at Maximum velocity without shocking us. L0= surface. Victory of the Light!!

  20. The coded messages to the resistane aside, the upshot for us is:
    Break through at max velocity possible without shock to us on the surface; L0
    Thank you star family. Victory of the Light!

  21. "COBRA velocity is set to maximum speed that does not produce L0 shock waves" L0 is Earths surface. No messing around now, full speed ahead, it's all out to Victory of the Light. Thank you to Cobra and our fellow Light beings who are about to break down the walls of this prison. Fantastic Times Guys. Stay centered in the Heart and project the most positive outcome you can. The Light is Victorious!

  22. I like the vortex "moving image," provided by 3k14, above. I'll do that with each of my daily meditations.

    Sending love, peace, support to the RM and the light forces. And to ourselves.

    We can all do that.

    All the time.

  23. The most confusing part of this is why a report that's already in code needs to stay confidential?

  24. oh i wish so much i could understand something. this beta timeline will delay the event even more or speed it? we need ir now! come on...

  25. As always, thank you, Cobra, Galactic Confederation, Resistance Movement and us here on the ground. Although this report seems to indicate a setback, which can be of no surprise really, it also reports alternatives that are being acted upon. And we can do our part by participating however we can by bringing in and holding as much Divine Light as possible. Victory of the Light!

  26. forward forward forward divine love divine light all possible.
    victory of the light

  27. Namaste, Cobra infinite hugs!
    RM, the Plenadians and all the wonderful ambassadors of light!

    ~ * Mjolnir is the thunder used by Thor to assert Will Will. Esoterically, this thunder is not just the thunder in heaven, it is a universal energy, the cosmic electric light, which is the embodiment of the divine will that can be accessed anywhere. It is essentially metaelectricity, the superior spiritual aspect that is the Source of Physical Electricity. Our inner will is transmitted to our physical body by electrical impulses in the nerves, and the Divine Will is transmitted into the Universe by cosmic electric light.


    Thursday, January 1, 2015
    Opening of the Box

    I have been contacted by a certain benefactor who is willing to donate considerable funds to sponsor projects that support the Lightworkers and Light Forces as we are approaching the planetary liberation. This charitable account is an ongoing fund to provide humanitarian aid and financial support where the need is greatest.

    Funds may be given ONLY to 501 (c) (3) organizations, registered in the US, preferably to a specific charitable or scientific project.

    These funds are NOT part of the Reset process, and may or may not be connected with Dragon sources.

    If you own a 501 (c) (3) organization and have projects that need funding, you can send an email with a clear and concise description of your project (1000 words maximum) to All email requests for donations from non-501 (c) (3) sources will be deleted without being read. From all the proposals received, some projects will be selected for funding according to the Resistance Movement protocols and guidelines to achieve the maximum positive effect on humanity.

    Hugs !

  28. I think we should have this all wrapped up by the summer, VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!!!

  29. forward forward forward divine will divine light divine love
    victory of the light

  30. Cheers to the Warriors sustaining real energies.

    Let’s fight to death. We may win

  31. **Pheonix Sequence Initialized ! ***

    This is what we are looking for to be posted on this blog.


    Sigint loop operational
    L2 attempt successful
    Stardust 3 initialized
    PPN Black Alert (At 504)
    Quarantine Reinforced (black systems alert at 504)
    Galactic Reinforcements .

    Hopefully we see a few of these this month!


    Full force removal
    Black night Disabled (Pandora Complete)

  32. Maybe it´s because we lost Isis Astara from the surface..

    "Alpha timeline with HVBN until intersection has collapsed due to fatal security breach that erased 741."

    Our timeline has collapsed? So waiting time for the event has grown I think..
    Can you imagine, what this means to us here on the surface?
    After ALL we have done, MANY MANY mass meditations... we were told our timeline is stable. Now we only get to hear: timeline has collapsed..
    This really makes me doubt this meditations, intentions..
    It even makes me doubt in the victory of the light..
    I feel like, if there is ONE more delay, my hope is gone forever :-((( Can´t take it anymore..

    Seems we are stuck here in prison forever..

    At the moment I could just cry and cry and cry..
    The fact that I can´t is because I nearly have no more tears..

    1. you repesent me although my tears have been frozen too.
      love for you <3

    2. Hi,
      Timeliness are artificial. There is only here and now.
      Be your own person. Plus people who cry don't die of heart desease! Cheers.

    3. Please brother get a hold of yourself💖 That is exactly they want us to doubt, to cry, and lower our vibration so we are less successful attracting and staying the course. Now is the time to hit back hard. Blessings and namaste bro!

    4. Hey noris, no tears are gonna do the job we came here to do. You know why things collapse? Because they can't stand the weight/pressure,are not strong enough. I believe all is exactly how it should be because we are living it and as i know humans, we won't be satisfied with half results. Friends lets not wafer now(lets not go into doubt and fear) If it happened then it happened, we all play a role in it to just look forward , just think how much we achieved, just believe in yourselfs. We are all in it. Dont wafer;)

    5. if we are honest none of us really understand what is in this update. i have stopped jumping to negative conclusions because we just do not know how to interpret the words. cheer up, be happy and be the light. while all this is going on i have been watching STARGATE SG1 from the beginning and the experience has been quite amazing. so much truth in that show. find something that keeps your spirits high.

    6. we must stay in unity ... be strong.

  33. This sounds bad. If we lost the optimal timeline due to dark security breach that can't be good. Sounds like there is an alternate path back to it, but will not be easy.

    Cobra, I hope you can provide us with some type of summary about all the events that transpired, and why, when you have a chance. We are very sorry for your loss.

  34. Looking forward to Cobra's next update for the general awakened public. Need some clarity as to what's happening up there.

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  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. 'Getting everything told what to do' does not come from the source

    A fairly high proportion of lightworkers have the idea that they have to be told everything they need to do. Such a property of the lightworkers does not want the light forces, but the dark forces.

    And these are likely to be the masterminds for making it happen.

    Such an attitude is likely to materialize "ambassadors" who tell them all sorts of things.

    1. Precisely... I will take everything with a grain of salt.. Including this website. (Which does not mean i don't try to understand as much as possible of what is presented here and in other places). This site holds a lot of hope. Is some event to come or not? I think that the more important question is: why depend on external intervention? If we are capable of so much hope as i see in these comments on this blog... We can change the world ourselves!!! Step by step.. Inch by Inch. Let's do this shit. Let's start with ourselves, with our homes, with our cities, wit our countries and with our planet.

  38. Cobra, thank you for keeping with us and please let us know if we can help LFs anyhow.

  39. hold the light ,onward to victory of the light.

  40. Hey guys, get your dancing shoes! As I feel it March 8th timeline has been sped up. Protocol and parameters are being set for the earliest solar sneeze. The stock market dropped 666 , did a memo has cabal turned on each other,pedo arrest, lady gaga cancelled word tour. The dark is finished. No sense waiting for more false flags. Stay grounded and breathe deep. I myself have had enough 3d. Let the frequency of reports be the sign of the advance ascension timeline. M is for MOSS. Lets anchor this love tsunami. Victory of our light!!

  41. A velocidade de COBRA é definida como a velocidade máxima que não produz ondas de choque L0.

    COBRA é um codinome para Compression Breakthrough (Rompimento por Compressão). A superfície do planeta Terra esta sendo comprensada em um sanduíche. Os Membros da Confederação Galáctica estão avançando dos céus, de cima para baixo em direção à superfície do planeta. E os Membros da Resistência se movendo e avançando do subterrâneo em direção à superfície do planeta.

    A superfície está subjacente à pressão da luz, e as forças da escuridão da cabala escura não tem mais nenhum lugar para se esconder. Eles não podem escapar via buracos de minhoca, portões estelares ou câmaras de teleportação para o espaço. Eles não podem usar veículos espaciais de qualquer oficialidade ou programas espaciais secretos. Eles não podem cavar buracos ou bunkers nas profundezas do subterrâneo e se esconderem lá. Eles nem mesmo podem se esconder nos planos astrais inferiores.

    O processo de compressão que esta em andamento quer dizer que a Luz vai expor tudo que esta escondido, coletivamente e individualmente. Assim que a luz de cima se encontrar com a luz de baixo exatamente na superfície do planeta, este será o momento da Compressão. Esse acontecimento é chamado de O Evento. O evento inclui, porém não se restringe apenas a prisão em massa da cabala. Preferencialmente, é um gatilho/evento multidimensional que dará início ao processo de entrada da tão aguardada Era Dourada. Com a escuridão removida, a humanidade terá a chance de cocriar o seu próprio futuro.

  42. With are with you COBRA, anything we can do please call on us... we want VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!!

  43. I politely ask for a "layman" update, perhaps it is wise not to develop energetic attachments to a certain timeline or date-number. In Love from the Infinite Creator (what else do you need :)).

  44. Ohh look the latest, cryptic excuse as to why a big shit pile of nothing burgers called "The Event"

    The LF, ALLOWED the timeline collapse by STILL letting these assholes do what they want, all under the guise of
    "Free Will Choice".All to conceal the fact that...nothing is fucking all.

    More no/low level pedophiles in the ranks of obscurity being arrested no one of social caliber or high ranking (fucking insulting joke on all of us) cosmic justice,still rampant poverty in vast scales. one held accountable for acts of genocide or even chem trails diminished IN ANY WAY.


    Just watch the LF diddle their dinks long enough to lose all the
    healing "time lines" out of fucking respect for their free will !

    This is the biggest "mind fuck" on all loving humanity, we are just being "teased" with a new earth and this only substantiates their powerlessness over ANYTHING.

    "THEY" have the cosmic right to harm us repeatedly, and we have the right to meditate as the "ONLY" means of stopping them . Thats so FUCKING IMBALANCED and EVIL it hurts and damages my hope even further.

    Chemtrails you fucking morons !

    1. Do not forget about your own co-creative powers dear Sir :)

    2. Stay the course, brother. It's good to vent though. I'm pissed too. Things are rough for us because we know the world we should be living in. The MSM are a huge problem to us. I can't tell you how much it bothers me. VOTL! Come on!

    3. Fellow traveler - did you forget the "toplet bomb" aspect of the story? The dark has no trouble with "collateral damage". The light intends no such damage. It is helpful to focus on the light

  45. Perhaps we should all put every spark of positive energy we can muster into seeing this liberation process through to completion. Not sure agonizing over the efforts of the dark side will provide much assistance to the light. Please attune to the the higher vibrations in support of our progress to the EVENT!

  46. Isis & Cobra - The Goddess Spiral Meditations (Full Album)
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  47. I hope we get some house cleaning done pronto. The more we try to negotiate the more people we lose it seems to those who do not want the light, love, and a better life for all beings on our great mother earth.

    I have been doing pretty good more tired lately than I have been. I figure it is because I am as busy as a cat in in a liter box on things I do not recall. haha It is winter and I should feel less busy and have more time for other things, but I still feel really busy for some reason.

    I am glad Isis got safely to her guides and such and is doing well. I knew she would be fine. Our souls are much more savvy and stronger than we realize. I have felt and known mine to do some major butt kicking when it was needed. I think she is a very strong force and is involved in more than I would imagine or for that matter I like as a person here on Earth. I feel there are reasons for that too.
    Hang in there everyone. Eat fresh healthy whole foods and even organic if one can find it. Utilize Mother earth's herbal gifts. I know they work well when I have faith in them and others when they finally decide to not be so closed minded. :)

    Love and Light

  48. The time is coming ! Everybody be safe! And do everything from the heart love love an more love! V of the light🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

  49. Join us here for a fully automated hosting of the ***Alert Meditation every 4 hours*** and all other PFC meditations. Let's come together with kindred souls in a loving space to ground the energy of positive and lasting change through the power of emotions in our synchronized guided meditations fully automated: MEDITATIONS-ON-THE-GO Platform: