Sunday, August 19, 2018

Potentially fatal HVBN flow disruption, Y4 protocol ready, backup parameters RP+, THETA potential estimate 0.85, unfortunately maximum PHI value exceeded. Request urgent protocol modulation, evaluate GBN vector safety parameters and grid ratio.


  1. Love and Light to All💙🌎💚

  2. OMG! Guys and Gals, the Light is always with you!

    1. AGREED...
      indeed we are all God, even the contrast energy are gods one with Source, doing their part with the contrast. Mercy is a high virtue as is patience.Love is a quantum state of Being.
      As for meditation notification-
      I awoke in the wee hours, lit my candle as compelled by Inner guidance. Who needs a computer? Follow your instincts rather than your head.
      Our vibrations must elevate to match the Ultra conscious and dimensional efforts. Its happening1
      We must conquer ourselves first or be doomed to repeat this in endless incarnations.

      Thank you RM and Cobra all Light command in ultra terrestrial fight for liberation.
      I Appreciate you .
      To Victory.

  3. Espero que essa mensagem signifique que a cabala e tudo o que ela representa esteja desmoronando. Essa última semana meditamos muito e enviamos energias positivas ao planeta.... estamos realmente nos esforçando. Aguardo boas notícias. Eu escolho. Eu acredito. Gratidão a todos!!! Vitória da Luz!🕊🌎💖

  4. 😥Will we ever break free? So much hard work and is seems we are always falling short. So tired.😫 Please intervene Pleaidians!! We need you!❤

    1. Damn straight.

      ~clears throat~


      WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?! Every time it seems we're about to win, SOMETHING keeps going wrong.

      Are you guys THAT incompetent? Are you THAT cowardly?
      I thought you were an advanced, powerful species.
      Where's all this amazing technology I keep hearing you have?

      WE, down here on this PRISON PLANET are miserable, suffering and worn out. We're getting tired of this "we ALMOST made it!"

      "ALMOST" only counts with horse shoes and hand grenades.

      Toplet bombs....fine...I say instead of constantly being cautious....tight up your boot laces and DO SOMETHING.

      DESTROY the bombs.....NOW. Even if they go off...guess what, we'll at least be happily DEAD and FREE. I'd rather get blown up NOW, than live an entire lifetime on planet Alcatraz as slave.

      Either pick us up who are ready for contact, or give us a mercy killing....either SOMETHING other than walk on egg shells.

      You, Pleaidians, have long lives, amazing powers....

      WE, DON'T we have SHORT lives and NO POWERS.

      And many of us are getting tired of waiting, tired of being 'careful'. Earth is a S*it hole, and the universe knows this.

      Either DESTROY the bombs, or come here and DESTROY the bad guys...or give US the weapons we NEED to DESTROY the elites and their boot lickers. Without weapons, we can't do anything...and I wanna do something then sit on my butt, going "ommmmmmm.....ommmmmm" over and over, hoping that it will, SOMEHOW, come out right in the end.

      Anyone else, besides me, that feel like this?

    2. Yeah.. i know what you mean :s

    3. Actually no, I'm the opposite. I'm getting tired of the increasing prevalence of this sentiment.

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    5. Well, James....lemme try to put this into perspective:

      1: We're trapped on planet Alcatraz. The ET's have the freedom to travel about the cosmos at their leisure.
      2: We have SHORT, limited lifespans. The Et's can live for centuries, millennia, eons, some I hear can be immortal. And it was said, in ancient texts, humans lived FAR longer than we do now in the ancient past....what gives?!
      3: We COULD have had a world with technology and science where we would not need oil, disease be cured...but no, that would not be profitable to the elite few.
      4: The elite few are killing us....either by trying to poison the food, sending hitmen to murder those trying to do the right thing (and it being labeled 'suicide' by the media), or using energy weapons...Cobra's late wife being one such victim of these weapons.
      5: The fact this 'liberation' is taking so darned long, and the longer it takes...the more people die and thus be DENIED the good stuff....and being forced to reincarnate once again.

      So, James...WHERE am I wrong in my sentiment? Where am I being unreasonable. You'll forgive me if I am not going to skip around, singing 'rainbows and lollipops!'. See, I am not going to be all happy and cheerful simply because I have died yet.

      To merely exist is not enough, to merely survive is not enough.

      Some of us starseeds and infidgos have HAD it with this 'mission'....we have no weapons, no equipment, no intel, not even a rough outline....and THAT is tactically dangerous, especially considering that we ARE in a WAR...and many of us want to LEAVE earth, PHYSICALLY...ESPECIALLY considering the masses won't wake the hell up....'s like getting cocaine addicts to quit, oh you can tell them what's going to happen and why they need to stop right away, but unless they choose to, they are going to keep on sniffing that white stuff. It's like talking to a brick wall and expecting results.

      You wanna go on singing tiptoe through the tulips, while the elites and their bootlickers try to kill you, or the masses wanting to see you be DESTROYED by the elites and their bootlickers (I'v had many of the sheeple tell me that they want to see 'tinfoil hats' like me get killed by the authorities and that they want my destruction to be as painful as possible), go right ahead, be my guest....but some of us want a REAL life, and to reach for the stars while we are both ALIVE and YOUNG enough to enjoy it.

      I threw away my rose colored lenses over 5 years ago, Jim.

    6. I agree James Taylor. I) I don't see the Pleidians as Cowardly or Incompetent. II) Triggering Toplet bombs is to be avoided at all costs. III)Not only will the human population be dead but all creatures who also live on the planet and the planet itself will be destroyed. Yes we are all tired but we MUST see this through.

    7. I understand you all.. But i feel thats not the way around of displaying your discontent.. By the way i have done it in a raw careless way as well.... I have however come to another perspective. One where it still accepts that many are doing their parts in their own way even if at times i feel coordination lacks for one reason or another.... Or for other rrasond that is easier for me to judge from this limited perspective..

      Anyways I come to understand that for us, the little people.. we need to set the example that lacked for eons.. Yes we may have fallen n probablly not gotten up yet.. But there is one thing that differs from the before n after this knowledge of our earthly predicament... That we know we are playing someone elses game...

      With such knowledge even at this early or late stage of our fragile avatar existance you can still become if you so determine to be so that wrench that was in need by a ton through the ages ...

      Enough time the bad guys have roam used n abused n dance infront of everyone noses....

      Now u know their twisted dance... now you walk with eyes wide opened.

      Hopefully thru ur path u will receive the support you need along the way... Even if not... give them a fight not as cowardly slaves would but as brave slaves... Like beings that know that freedom is their own damn given right... Not for one person but for all.

      You know yourself... If u so feel guided meditating then do so.... If u feel is by bringing justice in a intentional boobietrap landscape then set ur pace ... Make ur mark.. Thats most we can do...

      Yes would be nice if we were all at full conscious level but we are not.... So lets work with what we got .. No point in arguing for what we dont or for whatever reason is not being allowed to be part of our tools...

      You know the playing field... At least part of it More than u ever did years ago.

      Play accordingly... If u can.. Or as much as u can.. U a parent.. Start disclosing the game to the children so they dont become foot soldiers as we did for the dark . nor a victim of fools nor a tool for their gain.. But also give them the speech of caution... The one where they need to understand that not everyone is awake n result of reaction and consequences....

      If we were lousy players then build the players that we should have been... We spent years guessing about our existence n purpose.. Nurture your children to find theirs. Imho... (At least those children that are receptive... No point in building more animosity for your beliefs)

      But if u are able to rebuild urself to become who u were supposed to be... Regardless how late in tge game you feel you are at...

      May seem a bit too late.. But u have something many would lack.. The expertise in swimming thru high or rough waters.. Some of u have the position.. Start to plant tge new seeds..
      If u are a musician make music in 432hrtz... An entrepeneur, photographer etc..There are many of u in many areas .. Add your touch in your work... Even showing compassion in situations the rest shows none... U are adding a wrench in the situation.

      Be wise.. Play smart...

      As for those that feel trap in situations... Continue to seek ur way out... For some it may just take a new perspective n facing some fears. Others of course the obstacles may be more physical in nature....

      Make every decision count..

      That imho is how we may contribute... Yes even meditating when call for.. What u got to lose?
      Work with what you got even if we feel it aint enough...

      Those that can become a Neo do so cause this world definitely needs role models.. Those that can create changes faster when possible do so.. Cause people need envigorating hope.. Tangible changes. Miracles celestial and otherwise.

      Otherwise as in those created by the efforts n decision here by you or the many.

    8. Sherman, I don't need to throw away my rose tinted glasses for I never had them.

      I shall tell you exactly what I was referring to, so there's no confusion. That is, the notion that it doesn't matter if bombs are detonated and the world is destroyed.
      This sentiment is one born of selfishness and contempt for anything over than yourself. Yeah there are terrible occurrences the world over, I'm very familiar with that, as I'm sure we all are. But the world is also a beautiful place brimming with life. So you're tired from your 'mission', you're fed up with life. Do I really need to tell you that there are people out there who are not? They love life, there are people and creatures they love, they have dreams and work to realise them. You would take all that away from them, because you yourself are unhappy. Life could be better for all, that doesn't make life not worth living.

      You want to succeed against the powers that are dragging you down? I suggest that you leave all this behind you. You are only a slave to your own idea that you are. Fight back by finding joy, meaning and purpose in your life. Be productive, offer a helping hand to those who need it anyway you can, you just might find the real life you're looking for.

      If you live your life in the current state your in, we'll, then the dark powers of the world already have you beat. Enjoy life, that is your defiance. If you are not prepared to find this in life, spend each day waiting for something that may never come, believing in something that, if we're all being honest with ourselves, we don't know if it's absolutely true.. this is a psychologically unstable behaviour.

      I wish you all the best.

    9. So in other words:

      Sit down, shut up and hope things, SOMEHOW, come out right in the end?

    10. @Shermen Potter I'm with you on this 1,000% man. You're telling it like it is. The more I come down with health issues and obstacles against my moving out of a toxic environment, the more anger I feel that this all could have been prevented if only the Light Forces had helped us years earlier like they promised they would.

      I didn't incarnate into this planet to spend most of my life living in an abusive toxic environment with multiple health issues. I wanted to make my friends and girlfriend happy, and start a band. Now that I have heart problems following taking a medication for arm pain, my anger could not be greater.

      Don't allow anyone else here to silence your voice, Shermen. I'm glad to see that at least someone here is willing to speak up and say the truth.

      What will everyone be saying in a few years, what will the comments section be like, I wonder, when The Event still hasn't happened yet?

      The people telling us here that we, humans, should be the ones doing more. Look, I have multiple chronic health conditions, and now that includes my heart. I am essentially crippled. I wanted to become an entrepeneur and help the world, but I also struggle with neurological and learning issues, and with all the targetting I've been dealing with, too much simply got in the way.

      If I die, the burden isn't on me. I've done the best I can with what has been given to me under these circumstances.

      Let's hold the 'Light' Forces accountable! Quit blaming us! We're being targetted! The ones who have the money have selfishness programming, and the ones who don't have that programming are broke and struggling with health issues. This is the paradigm we live under, and we humans alone cannot break it.

      I just want to be happy and healthy again. Is that so much to ask? :(

    11. Sherman, I did not say do nothing, I suggested striving to find joy and purpose, use your free will, you are not powerless.I suggested that by doing so, that could be your way of 'fighting back'.Surely that will be more productive than writing messages of dissatisfication to aliens on a public blog.

    12. @Sherman Potter extremely narrow minded and ignorant view. I hope you let go of the hate so that light can come into you. I really hope you drop your ego in time.

    13. Wrong, CaeJo2. It's called wanting something BETTER. YOU go to any really bad neighborhood...I'll even name one for you, my old homecity of Detroit, Michigan.

      Crime, gang wars, crooked cops, corrupted city politics...go to places like that, you will not see happy, cheerful'll see people who are miserable...struggle with keeping a roof over their heads, as well wondering who's gonna shoot them first....the gangbangers or the police themselves? Hell, several years ago, when I went back to Detroit with a relative for the fireworks, there was a shooting on the other side of the building we parked at.

      I am simply wanting OUT/OFF of planet Alcatraz and getting that Star Trek like we SHOULD have had since at LEAST 70 odd years ago. I want...NEED off this planet, and to get my body made into its PROPER gender, and be given a life span akin to the aliens.

      What have we got instead, Cae? Prison planet quarantine, forced reincarnations, repressed technology and science, and a bunch of power mad mother f*ckers who want to both enslave and destroy us. Sorry, but if a shark comes at me, trying to make me into its next breakfast, you think I am gonna LET it eat me? HELL NO! I'm going to either do all I can to get rid of the shark...either kill or send it running back to where it came from...or if it DOES manage to eat me, I'll make sure it gets one tremendous medical bill.

      And as for James, all that matters to me is getting off this prison planet, or DYING in the escape attempt. As sovereign beings, we have a god damned RIGHT to be out there among the stars, and we COULD have many years ago, but NOOOOOOO....the elite, inbred rulers of this planet, and their politician BOOT-LICKERS have time and again preventing it from happening.

      Another of my own stomping-grounds. The Romanian revolution of 1989. Nicolae Ceausescu was a TYRANT, and was he taken down by giving him and his wicked witch of a wife a big hug? NO! It took a REVOLUTION to take this evil guy down. If there was none, he'd probably still be in power. It's not pretty, but unless we have ET contact, and liberation, and's going to take a revolution. So, I said it once, I said it again...hurry up aliens, and DESTROY those god damned bombs! We can't be patient like saints for the rest of our lives. So, forgive me for being logical.

    14. Sherman, your messages here are hardly the product of logical thinking. Let me ask you, as this may explain a lot, do you accept everything written on this blog to be absolute truth?

      You seem to have a strong belief system regarding certain things, prison planet, forced reincarnation etc. So, logically speaking, how do you know these concepts are true? How do you know you are forced into some trap of reincarnation? You don't. Are these things impossible? No,it could possibly be true. But you don't know it, it's something you've chosen to believe in. Hardly logical now is it..

      The overbearing theme of all that you write is all about yourself, that was my initial contention with you, although that seems to have been forgotten entirely. Oh how wonderful it would be for all of mankind's problems, troubles and woes to be gently lifted from us. Then you wouldn't have to lift a finger and do something about your own personal problems in life!

      Here's my belief, I don't think that way of thinking is really going to workout, not for you, not for anyone. Ever considered that you have to achieve the 'right to be amongst the stars you long for? Otherwise we would have a lot of self interested life forms all over the galaxy.

      This is not me saying to do nothing, nor wishful thinking. I'm all for real world action, but that must come from each individual. As a side note, if you believe all Cobra says to be true, then a few people have broken the veil and ascended in fairly recent history. Why not follow in their steps. Of course I don't know who said individuals are, but I think I can safely assume they were not self absorbed and put their personal evolution in the hands of others. You want to get out off prison Alacatraz then follow their example.

    15. There will be no good aliens trying to save us. Only us we are the only ones who can actually escape. Why you think the archonians dont show their true faces? Because they know that if all of us would know the truth, they wouldn’t have Any chance in front if us to continue enslaving us. The only way we can escape is through a revolution,but for this revolution to happen there should be much more awakened people. Now try to tell to a random person that this planet is being enslaved by some aliens since thousants of years ago,and that their gods they strongly belive in are only using us for their own benefits. They will say you are crazy.

  5. Visualizing love to the light forces... <3

  6. I send only love and strength to the light forces.

  7. Yup, we’re feeling it. But the Light will continue to grow. Victory of the Light!

  8. I wish there was an instant notification to all of us for immediate meditation at times like this.

  9. I just participated new weekly meditation last night.

  10. Cobra I just wanted to let you know your tolerant and accepting views on transgender people are a breath of fresh air. Just saw an article on prepareforchange that demonized helping transgender children, something I desperately needed in my childhood. Of course my comment wasn't approved challenging the article, which makes me want to leave this planet as soon as possible. There's no future for me here as a transgender person if even "spiritually enlightened" people don't care about what transgender people have to say about themselves. I want to live amongst a different people or species who are intellectually bright enough to comprehend that neurological and hormonal intersex conditions exist. If the people of Earth cannot even accept that transgender people exist and treat them respectfully and with compassion, how are they going to be mature enough to handle other extraterrestrial species with their nuances? I'm probably better off going somewhere else once the quarantine is lifted.

    1. I don't even visit PFC anymore because of the negative vibes I got from some of their articles. Do not let them fool you into thinking they are "spiritually enlightened" when they are judging others. There are plenty of people out in the world that accept transgender people. If you ever feel alone, just remember that we are all here for one another. We are all here for you. Much love~

    2. @ foxy fiske - i feel for you. it is hard to imagine the confusion that transgenders go through let alone the rejection they also feel from some humans. i hope your journey of discovery gets easier as the negativity and judgment are removed and we all learn to get along regardless of differences.
      be strong, be love and be yourself.

    3. Yep. And we NEED ET contact, for they can HELP us get the PROPER gender body.

      If they could offer to regrow a man's amputated arm, or remove the sludge from a chain smoker's lungs, or make it possible for a barren women to bear children, then I am sure the ET's can help US. Also, the Pleiadiens seem to be an androgynous people leaning to the feminine the elves as depicted in Lord of the Rings.

      I might have been BORN male, but INSIDE, their is a woman (who looks oriental with dark red hair) SCREAMING and PLEADING to come out....and conventional hormones and operations can't help me.

      And since this is my FINAL reincarnation (The past 39 years living as both a man, and a human have been so miserable, that it has put me off EVER reincarnating ever again, for I shall NOT risk yet ANOTHER miserable life as a male and a human ever again...I'd rather be a wandering, disembodied soul than be enslaved into the reincarnation trap. I hear stories of haunted places, with spirits inhabiting a location, rather than to 'move on'. I bet those spirits learned what's awaiting a human soul upon death, and are NOT 'going into the light', since they figured out it's a trap, and staying put until something is done about it), I BETTER have ET contact, a bodily transformation to make me the woman that's trapped in this wrong body, to get a life span like the ET's and travel the stars. Otherwise, this lifetime has been a WASTE of time and material.

    4. It's all good, that Prepare for Change article is addressing a real thing, the Cabal hijacking of the issue, and not legitimate cases like yourself. The problem with mainstream liberal responses to transgender is to expose them to incredibly harmful drugs, hormones, and surgeries... MORE Cabal stuff! They try to push this stuff on young children barely able to talk. That's not spiritual or scientific. There's a middle ground of letting the person develop as they are. Look what our society has done, jump immediately to dealing with infants before they can even talk, come on that's obviously Cabal meddling. If we had advanced technology to give those people a proper body, I'd be all for it, but telling them to go to the Cabal medical system to get butchered and drugged is NOT fixing their gender. That's not supporting them, that's destroying their health permanently. They experience extreme depression and health problems from having their body damaged in these "treatments". Look up statistics of all the problems they have. There's a huge movement of transgender people saying "don't do it!" Like anyone who has major surgery or takes powerful medications, it's a death sentence, they're never the same again. This is what most people who are "against transgender" think, they just can't explain it well. They're not really against it, they want a genuinely healthy approach.

    5. maybe these are true word of some. but personally i dont see that people dont care about the existence of transgender people.
      this topic is what will become important and even a closed case later. dont affraid.your quarantine when goes off, then you can go freely as well

    6. The problem is that kids without a trangender issue, which should be the wast majority are being massively confused by the grown up HBTQ people. It is like making 99.9% of the kids "sick" in order to save 0.1%.
      The same type of argument is used every time by the media to promote the mass invasion of foreign people. They take an individual story and then apply the conclusions to everyone and making the total much worse than before.

    7. Trans people will do ANYTHING to become who they need to be. I'd try it myself if I could afford it, better to DIE under the knife, TRYING to live as one needs to be, rather than live a lie.

      Adult film star, Bailey Jay, is a prime exmaple of how things can go RIGHT. She's happy, cheerful, absolutely GORGEOUS (Why could not I be like her?! ;_;) and has helped transfolks get a little bit more accepted, since she's been on many talk shows and so on.

      Problem with mainstream conservative responses to trans people is like a witch hunt, and insisting on 'curing' them, like they tried to 'cure' the gays in the past. "YOU'LL LIVE AS A MAN, YOU'll GOD DAMN LIKE IT!"

      And, let me tell you, Pat....IF I don't live to see alien contact and get the chance I NEED.....and IF there is a god....god BETTER hope I live a long time, because if I die, not getting what I Stalone said to his commanding officer in First Blood: Part 2

      I'm coming for YOU........

      Because no loving, caring 'god' would do such a thing to people like myself and others.

      Just like no loving, caring god would allow us to live as slaves on a prison planet.

      And people ask why so many atheists and agnostics (such as myself) exist.

    8. I think would be A good idea you post the link to that article. Just so we could get a much clear view of it.
      As a a movement that is suppose to be in sync with a new utopia mentality n role model i think would be beneficial that they get reminded of such in those cases they might divert themselves from it... individually or as a group...

      So really if whoever's view on that article does not reflect what should reflect.... i think us should bring it up to their attention...

      Another thing.. make sure that is not ones' fear anger or discontent that is doing the analysis of what we read.

      Also be aware that people who may want to bash other individual or groups do so without providing ways for others to review claims. Not that that may be the situation here..

      In short always provide a link to anything you make claims as it will avoid questions n confusions.... n actually may help bring ideas ir solutions

    9. Is it this article Foxy is referring to above?

      Maybe it is - I don't know.

      I have observed that posts a big range of stuff that is alternative and most of the articles come from other places.

      I suspect all of them don't always agree with everything they post there.

      And we shouldn't either. Who cares? Just delete it or don't read it if you don't like it. Isn't that what all of us have to do?

      I think several people above have captured this situation well -- Cabal medicine tries to interject all kinds of unhealthy stuff on everybody and scares everybody out of their minds if they don't "take the vaccine" or "do the chemo" or "undergo the hormonal treatment and surgeries" for transgender stuff, for example.

      We all need to just be healthy and love ourselves, no matter what we are. We need to always use discernment.

      This is the biggest challenge in our current situation!

      Foxy, be yourself and don't worry. Kind, loving people just want you to be happy.

      And don't hang out with people who aren't kind and loving.


  11. Joel
    August 17, 2018 at 11:11 PM

    Key to Freedom Meditation every 4 hours.

  12. fuerzas de la Luz hagan su aparición con toda la fuerza y justicia




  14. KEY TO FREEDOM MEDITATION A ... GUIDED version [432Hz].mp3


  15. indigo heretic
    August 18, 2018 at 5:09 PM

    I'm starting a Sisterhood of the Rose group in Austin, TX. Please email me if you are interested in attending a meeting. Thanks!

  16. Personally, I say it's time the good guys need to tear a page from the bad guys strategy book and use their own methods and weapons against them.

    The bad guys are NOT going to either come out with their hands up, nor will they 'see the light' and change. Best example: David Rockefeller. THAT gargoyle lived 101 years....during all that time, did he changed his ways? Did he make up for his evil? Did he do ANYTHING, apart from profit over misery?


    Did he face justice? Did he die either in a jail cell or by a hangman's rope?

    No. He died of a combination of old age and bad health. And zero prosecutions...he literally got away scott free.

    YET look all around...look at the follow people who TRIED to change the world for the better in the past 100 years:

    Nikola Tesla
    Mahatma Gandhi
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy
    Malcolm X
    Martin Luther King
    John Lennon
    As well as all those who tried to get either the truth of alien life out, or free energy.

    You know what happened to them all?

    BANG TO THE HEAD! And one of them was a US president!
    We NEVER see BAD GUYS get assassinated, EVER, except when other bad guys want in on the other's turf.

    Personally, I feel that the ONLY way to win this war....and yes, this is a WAR, is to be willing to spill some blood. For THEY are more than ready, and willing to spill ours. That will be the ONLY way IF we don't have direct ET contact and intervention. And I'd rather DIE with a blade or blaster in my hand, on my feet, FIGHTING, and taking as many of those mother f*ckers with me, rather than live my life as a slave on my knees. Absolute love is all well and good, BUT say if you are walking down a sidewalk with your child, and some screwball jumps out of the bushes, planning to kill or rape your child....are you going to break his head open, or 'love him' and do nothing? Sorry folks, but I am NOT going to let a shark eat me, some of you probably would, but not me.

    We need DIRECT ET contact, and we need it YESTERDAY.
    Either DESTROY the toplet bombs, NOW....or dive in and fight the bad guys, and hand us some blasters to help out.

    1. Shermen Potter, no ET can go beyond the veil without triggering toplet bombs. That would mean blowing the whole solar system and the planet up with every being on it. I don't think the Light Forces are sendin 'love' to the bad guys. I hear and share your frustration. We all need to get behind them to resolve this dangerous hostage situation as safely as possible.

    2. We need it yesterday! That's my phrase too. I think you're right that the only way to win is a shooting war. We haven't won because we can't shoot because of the etheric control grid. I think it's a similar thing as the "grid ratios" we see in the updates. There are some old Cobra articles where he explains how the Archon grids work. If Bush Sr. gets a bullet, the planet blows up. I think they should risk it, but of course they're not going to do it, and if it was my operation I probably wouldn't either. But just sitting here doing nothing... I wish they'd take their chances. Anyways, here's an article from 2013. Back then the toplet bombs weren't revealed, but they're connected to the grid. I think the Black Box has been taken care of since then.

    3. @Patrick Kehoe, interestingly your comment went through at exactly 11:11 AM.

    4. I have been saying exactly what you are saying for a few years now the longer you know what you know the harder every day life becomes

    5. The longer they go on being cautious, there won't BE anyone left alive to liberate.

      HOW does one save a world if one is not able to destroy the bad guys?! Sorry, but the bad guys WON'T simply surrender, nor will they stop being evil.

      If the light forces keep this up, the bad guys will be going,

      "With enemies like them who needs friends!"

      IF I die before liberation, before contact, and without being able to be tombstone will say, "Dear Light Forces....thanks for NOTHING!"

      And this is my final reincarnation....we shall see if I end up getting happiness at last...or die with hate on my lips for BOTH sides of this backwards war.

    6. @purplehaze1960 That's not true. Explain cases of contact and abduction.

    7. Sherman the predicament we r on makes your idea the least advisable.. due to the reasons patrick n purple explained

    8. Dragon....either the light forces fight, or we fight....either way, we must FIGHT. And soon. Otherwise, if the light force keep on being careful...and waiting....and waiting....and waiting....what victory are the light forces going to show the remainder of humanity when the light force FINALLY do SOMETHING? What are the light forces going to say after many of us have been destroyed?

      As I said....won't do ME any good if I am either DEAD...or withering away in some old age home, sitting in my feces, coughing up blood....and sorry, but I want know...GOOD to happen in my life for ONCE.....the past 39 years I have lived, I do not recall ever being genuinely happy. My life, from day one, has felt like a punishment to me....what the hell did I do in a past life that was so evil, that all I am like a hardcore Charlie Brown....was I Jack the Ripper or something?

      And, so, all we can do is sit on our butts and hope, huh?

      Just like those poor suckers who got dragged to the 'showers' in the nazi prison camps.......

    9. Shermen I"m with you too..I guess i know the reason why triggering Toplet bombs is to be avoided at all costs. Its all about Earth.Сonsciousness of that planet will not allow it(probably fot traumatic experience for last 10-15 thousands years).Its not about Pleadianes

    10. @Shermen Potter I hope you learn to let go of the hate and understand that is what is preventing the light forces from doing anything. you hold onto hate with any of your bodies, you are not letting light manifest.

  17. We hope that once again the forces of the Light will emerge victorious! Thanks to the resistance movement, thank you Cobra for helping us open the prison doors. The new meditation was still very powerful yesterday and at that moment, when we did it, we felt a reconnection with the Source. It's really a wonderful feeling! (M-H and V)

  18. Every day Am2:00,6:00,10:00 & pm2:00,6:00,10:00 countuing Freedom meditation!

  19. Every day Am2:00,6:00,10:00 & pm2:00,6:00,10:00 countuing Freedom meditation!

  20. Key to Freedom Meditation every 4 hours

    Public · Event · by We Love Mass Meditation and Zeeva International


    UTC Period Name Facebook event link Guided audio

    4 hours interval
    3 7 11am
    3 7 11pm
    Every 4 hours - Key to Freedom Meditation:

  21. Can someone coment on this after all mass meditations and clearings???

  22. My heart goes out to all beings who work so hard for our freedom!!!

  23. Que venha luz!!! Que haja luz!!!


    COBRA Portal 2012 Operação Stardust 2

    A Operação Stardust foi realizada pela Frota Pleiadiana a partir da órbita do planeta Terra. Stardust é o código para uma especial nanotecnologia avançada. Trata-se de um pó feito de nano-partículas que foram pulverizadas no interior dos corpos físicos dos membros da cabala e dos seus lacaios (pensem "chemtrails cósmicos").

    Este nano pó não pode ser removido por qualquer tecnologia conhecida na Terra. A sua ativação tem duas fases. A primeira fase bloqueia imediatamente o sistema nervoso central e a pessoa não consegue mover-se. A segunda fase mata a pessoa. Serão ativados na altura do Evento para bloquear qualquer mal que a cabala tente fazer. Na grande maioria dos casos a ativação da Fase 1 será suficiente.

    O propósito da Operação Stardust é para anular os efeitos negativos do Doom33 que a cabala talvez queira usar nessa altura. Em combinação com com a ação dos Militares Positivos, será um cheque-mate ao poder da cabala.

    Esta tecnologia NÃO será ativada antes do Evento. Durante o Evento, os Militares Positivos e as autoridades civis ainda precisam de fazer a sua parte. O propósito desta operação é facilitar o seu trabalho.

    Se altas patentes da cabala precisam de provas de que a Operação Stardust é real, essa prova pode ser arranjada.

    Eu sugiro-lhes ainda que se rendam antes de acontecer o Evento ou até durante o próprio Evento. Aqueles que se renderem e cooperarem com as forças da Luz serão tratados com muito mais atenção.

    Eu gostaria ainda de sugerir-lhes que a maior parte dos familiares da cabala não são culpados e precisam de ser curados, não condenados.

    Como pode ver neste corajoso relatório:

    Eu encorajaria outros seres em posição similar avançarem com as suas confissões. Eu darei espaço no meu blog para se expressarem. Esta será a cura para muitos.

    Como já disse muitas vezes, eu não sei quando o Evento irá acontecer. Nenhum ser humano o sabe, apenas a nossa Origem sabe.

  25. Yes sometime is hard to understand why a stronger and wiser specie like the Pleaidians cant be more powerful and fix this situation faster.. I think is because they don't have the full approval from the Galactic Federation. This situation on the Earth, is discussed no only with the Pleaidians, if not with many other species, and they don't come to a conclusion which is the best way to "US"...The Galactic Federation could give an opinion, but it doesn't mean the other species have to follow that, and this delays the cleaning process, but what they don't understand is: WE are tired, sick, to be continue manipulated, submitted to a few "BAD GUYS". It is impossible to elevate the critical mass, why? because they have technology to turn off any person who wants to shine, because they have the power to manipulated the laws against us.... they have all the tools and we don't have any; so is obvious, this IS NOT A FAIR BATTLE. If all those species above can read all these comments, PLEASE be together and do what you have to do quick, we give you our free will to take action to save and be a better mankind.

    1. If you are not already doing so, "PLEASE be together and do what you have to do quick, we give you our free will to take action to save and be a better mankind."

  26. 'If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.'_Meister Eckhart

  27. la bataille finale , les archontes usent leurs dernières forces.
    beaucoup d' amour aux guerriers de lumières en cette heure nous arrivons au dénouement .
    beaucoup d'amour a tous