Monday, October 29, 2018

Project 501 Update

Irreversible GHVBN failure has led to full enforcement of all hyperphasic / VTXC protocols.

LSIP is not yet supported due to unfavorable grid ratio.

All surviving alpha and beta timeline fragments are in process of integration into gamma timeline. L3 sequence will be completed at T11 point with LSIP activation. L0 sequence will be completed at ECL2 point with possible PHOENIX KEYHOLE.

Minimum YXR requirements are set at PHI 2.5-3.5, P>0.8, THETA >0.8, VTXPOS >1.8.

Minimum GHVBN requirements are set at PHI 2.5-3.5, P>0.8, THETA>0.9, VTXPOS>2.0.

All other sequences are defined in MASTERPIECE v2.1 and remain confidential.


  1. It's now or never! The world is collapsing!

  2. Just a Reminder, You Are All AMAZING (Uplifting Post For You)

    1. Beautiful heart and soul you are, Jonathan😌💖...Thank you so so much for this.

  3. Godspeed, Cobra. I hope I can hold on long enough. But I won't feel bad if I don't. Feeling down in the dumps again about my health. Ughhh.

  4. Dear COBRA.

    I thought you would enjoy watching this.

    "Latinos," understand the rise of Gaia, and assimilate."PVM

    Victory of Light.

  5. Hold on to your hats guys!!!! It's do or die!! I'm ready for both!💘

  6. Lets do this meditation guys

  7. Timeline has changed in my area. I can see them merging.

  8. Lets let the solar sneeze sort this out. The old system is ready to fall. The good hearted people are probably unknowingly keeping it propped up. I find myself surrounded by good people this debt slavery system is holding back the light. People will catch on:: Drop the hammer its past due

  9. If this video is real, it is one of the clearest UFO sightings on tape I have ever seen ... recorded on instagram live yesterday above mexico ...

    1. I dont know if the video is real. I do know that a few weeks ago I saw a very bright light quickly appear, shoot across the sky, then disappear. I didnt get a good look at it but about three days later in the same spot in the night sky I got a better look as it appeared again. It looked very much like the objects in the beginning of the video. It was identical, in the same spot, did the same thing, it could even be the same guys both times. I did the only thing I could think of which was to share it on this blog.

    2. The video is real, but unfortunaly these are probably just high mast lamps at a shopping mall

  10. We meditate day and night for the Event to happen and the Earth to be free. Let's do it together, hoping that we hug each other at Celebrations of Light so very very soon… cannot wait to meet you all :))
    _____ (xxx) _____

    na punyam na pâpam na saukhyam na dukkham na manthro na tîrtham na vedâ na yajnam
    aham bhojanam na bhojanam naiva bhojam na kartau sadânanda rûpam advaitam sathyam sivam sundaram

    Neither sin nor merit; neither pleasures nor pain
    Neither sacred formulae nor sacred places
    Neither Vedas nor yajnas
    I am neither the eaten nor the eater nor the act of eating
    I am the ever blissful One, One without a second
    Truth, Goodness and Beauty

    Satyam Shivam Sundaram

  11. oh boy. It must be a horrible devastating battle going on, mostly not visible..

    Rodrigo Romo: "Mars base conquered by light forces in battle causing plume from crater; bases in Brazil, Alaska & on Jupiter moons conquered also; some Quark bombs retrieved"

    The change is that since the war began, the Stellar Command and the Supra-federation were not involved. They were only making sure that the planet was not harmed by any other species outside Earth. The problem is that the Draco/Reptilian side of the Cabal, as soon as they perceived that they were losing the war, they adopted a posture of "if I can't have it, no one will" and put the fate of the planet on stake.

    The Cabal sill has some Quark bombs - they create a mini black hole, destroying everything on its path - inside some of their bases on Earth and other places in the Solar System, and the risk of them using it was rising. That's why the Stellar Command made its first move to help the Alliance in this war, targeting the bases where the bombs were held.

    The Stellar Command's first strike

    The commander Torank was the chosen one to lead the Stellar Command's fleet to help the Alliance. He is well known by the Cabal as he has won many wars against the Draco/Reptilian throughout the Universe before.

    The first strike together with the Alliance was done in a base on Mars and it was broadcasted by the media as a volcano eruption, despite the fact that there are no active volcanoes on Mars for millions of years.

    This Mars' base was conquered together with two more bases on Earth, one located in Brazil and the other one in Alaska, USA. A couple of Quark bombs were retrieved as well. After this one, some more bases were conquered on Earth and also on some Jupiter moons. More is happening as we speak.

    The Resistance support and the convocation

    In the meantime on Earth, the resistance lead by the Pleiadians continue to work on attacking the Cabal members, and some bombs were found heading to the home of some important dark figures such as the Clintons, The Obamas and George Soros; it was also reported some threats to the CNN building.

    For the first time ever, Romo made a convocation for all his students, readers and friends to help the Resistance, the Alliance and the Stellar Command to defeat the Cabal as the war was open and inevitable. This battle is not just fought on our dimension, but mainly in the Astral plane when we are needed the most and when we go by the time we sleep.

    A lot of people are reporting that they are waking up more tired than before, with the body souring or even with some mysterious bruises. This is the outcome of the astral battle while our body sleeps. It is important to ask for help from our friends from above and to use protection merkaba. We can also ask for the Stellar Command interference on Earth giving them our permission to act.

    More help is coming

    Romo also tells us that thousands of mother-ships are arriving on Earth to help on the cause. The reason why they cannot be open with all of this is that we need to raise our vibrations before this "final act".

    That is the main reason why observatories are being closed, the Hubble is on quarantine and we cannot buy infrared telescopes anymore. Our Sun is a portal and lots of ships are coming out of it and orbiting our planet and our system in various dimensions.

    Some important events are being anticipated

    The Stellar Command was hoping to have more time to wait for more people to raise their consciousnesses before all of this come to an end, but there's no time anymore.

    There are about 32 Earth's parallel realities at the moment, and they were expected to begin to converge between 2026 until 2038 more or less according to the collective consciousness. Some Stellar Command ships were working on draining the Sun's energy to postpone the so called "solar flash event" that would completely transform life as we know it.

    Due to the recent facts, this realities-convergence has ...

    Read More:

    1. You mean Mars' base was LIBERATED

    2. we need to raise our vibrations?
      they're ALL engaged in acts of war and WE need to raise our fuckin vibrations?

    3. between 2026 until 2038 more or less ???
      thats not a good news
      one day on earth now feel like 100 years, and you want us to wait 10 years
      its better to stop talking about,
      this news is not helping us to feel good

    4. Dear Lee, thank you for this post... it somehow triggered something in me and it is as if in my dreamtime, or am I astral travelling and active?, I am busy working things out or helping out in this battle to save the children from satanic abuse and horrible rituals...

    5. Yah good pt a war is raging and we need to raise our vibration? Why cant our vibration just be higher we can will it higher we have been implanted and kept down remove the plasma implant and bio chip cobra mentioned and we will soar

    6. @Lee Binder "Some Stellar Command ships were working on draining the Sun’s energy to postpone the so called 'solar flash event' that would completely transform life as we know it."

      This part really really makes me angry. This, to me, suggests the ships went rogue and are now working for the Dark Fleet.

  12. Thank you and much Love to you, Cobra..

  13. 加油!希望地球快快解放!

    1. google translate:

      Come on! I hope that the earth will be liberated quickly!

  14. Thank you,Cobra.💖🌟🌟🌟💖

  15. Torank, entered the operation with the Starship-Command fleet. From Torank is terrified of the cabal but even the reptiles.


  16. And I Quote:

    "Calling all boys, calling all girls
    Calling all people on streets
    Around the world
    Take this message a message for you
    This message is old, yeah
    This message is true, this message is
    This message is, this message is, this message is

    Love take a message of love
    Far and near
    Take a message of Love For All to hear
    For all to hear"

    GaiaPortal ToDay:

    "Forthright appearances are valued by the hu-being.

    Blindness is healed.

    Inner realms are viewed by many, for the first time.

    Standards of living are raised for all.

    The Light is pleased."

    BORN to run FREE



  17. Esta semana voltei de uma projeção do qual ficou na fuga onde um bom número de soldados escravos japoneses entre outros, nos perseguiam e tivemos que ficar entrando em túneis buracos por debaixo da terra nos escondendo deles,pois não tínhamos armas,mas eles sim,arma a laser paralisante.minhas pernas estavam em frangalhos o dia todo aqui na 3D.Vitoria da luz estamos +perto que nunca,a Deusa quer a Gaia livre, e assim será,livre de toda a escravidão para sempre.Paz profunda em todas as nossas células 🌻