Monday, April 1, 2019


Pandora / GCOM in progress, P501 grid ratio failure, recovery in progress. ANNABELLA fully operational, rootkit removed, internal YXR flow recovery in progress. Project 310 minimum requirements met, Project 061 activated. VSF FINAL active, drastic SD grid reboot with GBN disruption. Minimum M / HP requirements met, SD requirements not met. 


  1. Past intel from cobra:

    "Mjolnir technology is a fifth-dimensional Clifford torus, projected into fourth and third dimensions. Liberation of the surface of the planet will follow the Goldilocks principle."

    As for Goldilocks....

    In astrobiology, the Goldilocks zone refers to the habitable zone around a star: As Stephen Hawking put it, “like Goldilocks, the development of intelligent life requires that planetary temperatures be ‘just right’”.


    As for Mjolnir...

    This was the (in stories) hammer of Thor. But Thor is really Tor, or the Torus. It is more an Action, than a Thing.

    A Clifford torus is essentially a doughnut, it is not complex to understand it is something you see all over the place, a car tire, a helicoptor... An essential concept to our industry. To wield this hammer,in the 5th dimension so to speak, is to be using a certain blueprint of the mind portal.

    I allude to it in my new vid comparing the bodies aura to the design of ancient dome architecture, this will give you an idea of a fifth dimensional concept in 3d.

    Mental Architecture:

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    1. Eu to todo perdido também haha

    2. eu entendi... acho

      may this have something to do with the little ice age we will have (maybe not)...

      Salusa said the temperature of the planet will decrease

  3. Thank you my beloved brother 💗
    Much love to you like always 😘

  4. We Stand As 1! Unity Consciousness. The old matrix is no more, the remnants are holding out much like the Nazis did in Berlin surrounded by the Red Army. Victory is assured, go Galactics!

  5. Being the 1 of April I was hoping for an "The event is here" post from Cobra.

    1. Again, article: SerialBrain2 new article (link only) and an And We Know premiere at 0400 HST (1400 UTC) 3-24-19… “BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS within the 21 next days. It’s really beautiful to see!”

      ... but I think asking and complaining doesn't work:)

  6. It is important to put up protection before doing the Buddhic Columns meditation on members of Black Nobility families. You can use a protection technique described here if you wish:

    Goddess energy on this planet has been heavily suppressed for more than several thousand years.

    One of the key factions of the dark forces that are actively suppressing the Goddess energy is the Black Nobility families.

    As mentioned by Cobra, the Black Nobility families that are associated with the Jesuits are allergic to the Goddess energy. They would like to wipe it out from the surface of the planet and have tried to do so many times. Members of these families such as Pallavicini, Orsini, Massimo, Borghese, Aldobrandini, Colonna, Pacelli, Odescalchi, Ortolani and Luzzatti are receiving their orders directly from the Archons and are at the core of conspiracy against the Goddess.

    They are waging an occult war against the White Nobility families that are trying to spread the Light and support feminine qualities such as compassion, receptivity, creativity, love…

    To neutralize the actions of Black Nobility families against the Goddess energy, we suggest creating Buddhic Columns on members of these families. This meditation is supported by Cobra.

    This is a time-sensitive meditation as we will create a Buddhic Column for one member of these families every day at 3:45 PM UTC, starting from Monday, April 1st and finish on Saturday, June 8th.

    After the aforementioned period, you can still maintain the Buddhic Columns on any of these members if you feel guided.

    You can find the details of these Black Nobility members with their photos here:

    Here are the instructions for this Buddhic Columns meditation:

    1. Use your own technique to bring yourself to a state of relaxation. Take a deep breath of brilliant white light. Breathe out all that no longer serves you. Repeat this breathing for a few more times. Then say this mantra, or a similar one, silently or out loud if you feel guided:

    "I Am the Soul
    I Am Divine Light
    I Am Divine Will
    I Am Divine Love
    I Am fixed design by me, the Soul"

    2. Visualize your soul star chakra light up with brilliant white light. Visualize this light in the form of a vortex spiraling down clearing your energy field.

    3. Visualize a 5-pointed star being placed high in the sky about 9 miles above the chosen member of the Black Nobility families. See this star glistening high above the chosen member of the Black Nobility families, shining brilliant white light.

    4. Now visualize the White Fire of AN emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through all points of light within our solar system and through the 5-pointed star, through the chosen member of the Black Nobility family and deep into the center of the earth. Keep visualizing this pillar for a few minutes.

    5. Visualize the tip of a brilliant vortex of white light spiraling down clockwise from the 5-pointed star, removing and transmuting all low vibrations, dark entities and dark energies and carrying them up to the 5-pointed star for transmutation. Visualize this vortex of spinning white light for a few minutes.

    6. Visualize this Buddhic Column fully linked to all Buddhic Columns on the planet, to the planetary network of Light below, above and on the surface of the planet, and any point of Light as guided by the Ascended Beings, all connected together with this Buddic Column at the 5 pointed star in the network of brilliant white light.

    7. Now, in the name of Source, in the name of I AM Presence of eternal light. We declare and command that the Buddhic Column on (the chosen member of the Black Nobility families) is now complete on all planes as guided by Source.

    Suggested time of this meditation is 15 minutes

    Here is the link to the guided audio of this meditation, which is available in 14 languages:

    1. 'White Nobility Families' are the 'good' rich guys. Hard to believe but they do exist, like Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Vicount of Benchley exposing the scam of human caused global warming as a means to further rob the masses through carbon taxes.

      Its the Black Nobility Families that give the working class a negative perception of those with money.

    2. I LOVE Lord Monckton, lucid and eloquent he is, with a good and brave heart. For example:

  7. Victory of the Light!

    We can do anything like making the island of the Light!

  8. I will post the date on this blog when the official green light is given. B Cobra / April 29, 10:52PM


  9. 💜🕊️🙏С Любовью,Храни всех Отец Наш Небесный 🌟

  10. Please give me the link to guided meditation

    1. Audio:


      Enjoy :)

    2. A here:


    For those who are taking every measure possible.

  12. Article from brother Indian:
    New Linda Moulton Howe Something HUGE Has Been Discovered in Antarctica

    I agree with Linda that whatever is discovered in Antarctica will greatly alter the destiny of our species and planet. Linda is a gifted storyteller, truther, speaker… it is a real treat to listen to her.

    Imagine ancient technology that still functions!


    Then there are also the pyramids.
    Whatever is discovered there is for all of humanity to benefit from… not just for a select few, to create harmful weapons.
    Poo on that!
    Our hearts connect to the ancient hearts, and the hearts of all ages to come… choose wisely dear hearts.

    Love, Indian


  13. I can read this now, using a languate which is defined in Christianlity as Toungues. That is when you know the Alphemet from Alpha standpoint, which is gods and their respective name atributes. So G is creator as in G__s construction. Even some religions wipe out God and say G_d because they dont want to help Enlil motivation and spiritual direction of O. It is stating that "G the archetype, Oroborus construction paricipation in prayer, Directional placement"

    So, they are xpanding ATEN, which is not the best thing to do, but, SET has agreed under the rule that ENLIL does not have participation rights.

    I am crushed by the rejection of my family and friends finding my Minds blog. My parents are getting family concern, even as far as recearchers are posting on Pintrest and ect.

    Cobra, i dont know what to do, i will not be using Minds anymore, just like every blog, it will likely be unused or closed. I am severly wounded spiritually, it seems like i have the strength to move on, but, i am shattered. Very very sad and depressed.


    It doesnt bother me, the mission far outways a the pride of having views and subscribers. I dont care about the "could it be" or "special effects" of presenting information. I want participents in this world change to directly document all spiritual and physical history so that it is found immediately. I dont know how to do that, im reviving history...

    ASHERA is really explaining my past for me.

    Some names do not make sense anymore, for example my first God name was just "A".

    Essences mixes differently when Houses started being formed from ABBA and BAAB called the Alphabet or "people".

    It was how it was drawn which matters. Sekhmet and Fates, when they were "mated" their names were /|\ and /_\ but no keyboard controls for it thanks to the Latin alphabit.

    My God Names:
    /|\ = @LL |N ON€
    E = € = €urrently €verything
    ₩ = ₩ind ₩arp 《reincarnation move A to W on the Latin Alphabit
    A₩A = All ₩/\RP ₩A¥
    ₩€P|W/\T = €hop €ut ₩ay

    Pronounce Phenetically.

    What I learned just now and really blown my mind was Bast was my Lykin sire, and, Anubis was my father in the last life. When I became /\₩/\ aka "AWA"

    Cobra, can we sync up by email. I know that God title has been moved to "GO" in "Alpha". Great work so far, trying my best. AN is the source of ANNA WRING, which means Logos power. Good.

    M is an upside down W, is it my requirement to connect to such powers, and, now not only the AMDUAT DUAT with House ABBA Amenit and ANU. I sent information often.

    Toungues is a very usefull languate. It explains that really, in actuality, letters are more important that Latin Spelling.

    The life timer may hit in 30days to my 30th birthay... so can you do some research and email me.


    1. Currently a very ancient city sits upon the threshold of manifestation. I couldn't tell you how old exactly it is, I only have a few words given to me, one being 'Sumafi.' Another being 'Vold'. But this city is unique in that it is adorned with a special type of tiles. And these tiles can convey a concept that can be experienced in a telepathic way. These concepts vary from on one hand,certain emotional qualities, to let's say, blueprints for aspects of reality. So that if you were to touch them, the tiles meaning would be known.

      This city is a most ancient remnant, of a type of vibration that it can transcend time and be super-imposed over the timeline so to appear, and then reappear again. And as it is in a state unmanifest, it collects codexes from a timeframes collective and this augments the city, by having tiles and structures and knowledge added to it. This city, during transitional epochs will insert into the timeframe. It doesn't appear exactly the same each time but the tiles there are not erased and still accessible by other times. This will happen in the not so distant future as we continue to shift. All you have to do to enter something into this city is to choose to do so with imaged intent, the experience that a tile will bring others will be your energy, and your experience will be imparted to them. It can also be visited in projection and experienced subjectively.

    2. Wow i didnt know, that is really something spectacular!

      Su usually means SHU which is the god to clouds and moisture.

      Ma usually means MA'AT in Egyptian, which stands for the feather of purity and truth.

      Fi is a base word with means you/us/him/her/them

      So something like, the Sky will tell the Truth to Humanity.

      Vo i think is the preface of Volume
      Ld i think is a Mold, like a completed timeline

      So something like, the Mold will be like Volume after the Completed Timeline. Which relates to Volume Planck Time and Distance, our new dreamreality 5d we are moving into; as apposed to length width depth time space of the Pleroma of Platos Cave.

      Awesome experience you had! I want to visit this place!
      Victory of the Light!

    3. Here is a picture of The Duat

  14. Also, i went to Sedona and Show Low (XOLO). Recharged under a spirit walk from 9pm to 2am around the mountains at night alone. Not particually alone, first AN met me but was frustrated that i would touch the ground and run like a Lykoi which i am. Or, jump like Lykin do. When i couldnt climb a dirt wall, Sekhmet/ASHERA told me to go around, which i did. Spend the night talking to her and tracing the stars in Sedona. Learned some Majick with Fire and Century Plants for Torch, casting Ember and Flashlight Tube, after Sekhmet/Ashera desided to take my phone battery from 32% to a 0%. I know she can do that, she did in 2009.

    Then i went to Show Low to talk to the XOLO dogs (Anubis Decendents). Constructive time.

    Equilivalent Exchange ~

    After speaking on XOLO land, I left a gift, it is for their gain.

    I left at the spot some stones and took some.

    - Tigers Eye
    - Red Scry Stone
    - Metalic Stone
    - Smokey Quartz

    LOOK: Local stones

    So, connection is good.

    Also got an organite gold and tigers eye pyrimid. Alreay introduced myself, it is a good friend off the bat.

    Your a great comrade Cobra, i will keep doing Mixer to communicate;

    Keep in contact, Ben is fine i think, im not certain. You should look at Neils, new Blogpost.

    Thanks Cobra, i will peariodically post here. I misspell because Latin is Enlil/NIN languate, It is ok, Duat is at peace with us, all is good, the calm has come.

    I want to use Mir-Khat (miorror body) spells, it is dangerous but i know how.

    This is the way :


    1. Fulford stated couple of times that he could not establish contact with Kennan and concluded he was dead and his site hacked. I do not know, just passing the info. Do you know him, is he alive and well?

    2. Haha Neils fine, same old Neil Keenan, we have bee friends since The Red Dragon Ambassador days in 2014 and he hasn't changed a bit =)

      Latest video here:

      Good friend and comrade, Ben is too but he is in a state of psychosis over disbelief what Neil and Cobra are doing, and my history.

      At Least that's what Neil told me, Ben is currently unstable, his writing is forced by The Priory of Sion. That's not a good thing, i included all of us (Cobra/Neil/Ambassador/Wilcock) to talk some sense into Ben and get him away from his Marivengian cabal contacts, to the side of the "good guys". I think he has but hes afraid, my opinion.

      Alls Well, the Golden Era has begun (well it began in 2012 but barrier there), the quarantine of AN (Anu/Anubis) will be dropped soon, or weakened, such that the pleroma matches the barbelo.

      The thing is we need a Gold Atmosphere here instead of jetstream toxins. The Gold allows for Dragon Portals because Gold+Darkness=Gates as i told Neil. Theres soo much Gold in Amenti and Duat that its insane, but, not a lot of gold in this dimension.

      I said to Neil that hes the best man we got; because, he has the Gold and knows it recipients who need it for electronics/atmospheric amplitude/charging.

      I've been blogging, seems like people are noticing Fates De Whynot, with my 1.4mil hits. That's a good thing, i have a long confusing history i want people to understand.

      My God Names:
      /|\ = @LL |N ON€
      E = € = €urrently €verything
      ₩ = ₩ind ₩arp 《reincarnation move A to W on the Latin Alphabit
      A₩A = All ₩/\RP ₩A¥
      ₩€P|W/\T = €hop €ut ₩ay
      EA = Earth ALL protector
      Ragnarok = Dragon in outer space
      Zillah = Wife of Caine
      Morgana = The Lykoi Lykin
      Morgan = The human

      Pronounce Phonetically.

      So its (A)(Eee)(Whaa)(AhaWhaAha)(WepiWhat)(EeeAaa)(RagNarRock)(ZillHa)(MorGhaNa)(MorGan)

      Hopefully that helps you find my Lineage.

      You can see the Elder Dragon Ragnarok above, including the Servant Hat Balls, because, my great uncle was a Blue Dragon Scholar Ambassador to China and we have hundreds of relics/artifacts in my family.

      We are doing great, keep it up!
      Victory of the Light!

    3. Neil Keenan is fine, he's been putting out new videos. Ben couldn't establish contact with Neil because Neil doesn't like Ben because he's always saying he's dead, haha.

  15. A good portion of us would by now know about the mainstream media. I would also add the alt-media is just as guilty of inducing dread and fear porn with video thumbnails of giant mushroom clouds and 'WW3 coming?' Banners. And then there's the endless politicking and divede and conquer, more of the same left right. Probably a mix of Bubbles of Heaven and just being sane enough to recognise the unhealthy result of endless negative news.

  16. This is only a mission report, it is not an update for the surface population.

    1. A mission report is published at the start of each month, the update for the surface population is still to come, but as Cobra said if it all goes according to the plan.

  17. Stop with these acronyms that one does'nt understand! We want news about the real world, facts and consequences, events and reports about the situation around the globe.
    For months now, nothing has been read in commentary on the political, economic and social events of the world. What has changed? Seems to me to have worsened everything.

    1. Collect yourself Claudio. This is for RM, update for surface populus coming soon.
      Generally, the situation is how we co-created it.

    2. These acronyms are for the Resistance to understand. It isn't supposed to be addressed to the surface population. Right now it is business as usually geopolitically, but this will change.

    3. Messages like these are the primary purpose of this hlog. We're lucky to get anything we can understand at all.

    4. Do not worry, it is not meant for you, sir.

    5. Which is why I checked out of all that a long time ago. Cobra said as much to quit smoking that intel dope.

      While its good to be aware to avoid the pitfalls like fluoridated water and killer 'vaccines' the negative vibes of reporting can cause people to lose hope unnecessarily. Remember most of your understanding of what's going on in the world comes from 3rd party sources with inherent biases of their own. Nothing is as what it seems.

      Go read Bubbles of Heaven update again.

      Also these messages are cryptic on purpose so only the initiated of the Resistance know what's going on while putting on a mass broadcasting system like the internet. We, the 'Surface Population' are not expected therefore to understand these messages.

    6. Intel dope😂😂😂 that's a good one.


  18. Tout ca concerne ton site?😓

  19. We are here really like little children slammed and squeezed behind a door. Kept in poverty while the rich parasites are sitting on the money they stole from the masses. We all deserve abundance and there is enough for everyone. But they really want to bleed us dry and kill us one by one. Trigger the event no matter what ,by all means. Whatever it takes..... Or evacuate the light beings who want evacuation. Safely. Tired of this drama

    1. Yeah I'm rather frustrated with the current situation. For example organic food is priced way out of the reach of most working class to be eaten on a daily basis thanks to price gouging tactics by organic suppliers, and the long soul and energy sucking hours for minimum wage means with a couple waking hours to ourselves outside of work we are forced to subsist on low grade preservative laden instant foods or TV dinners that are slow-kill weapons.

      And they say money isn't everything. In this matrix system money is the alpha & omega, the determinant of a person's ability to have a quality of life above surviving.

      Being forced to subsist on poor quality cheap food is by design to kill the working class before they can enjoy their retirement money.

      The solution I found is to find a less demanding job with shorter working hours and low pay. Stay out of marriage. In other words minimise potential stressors to avoid an early grave. Plan your life according to what your actual financial situation is and not what you or your social group wants you to have but you can't afford it.

      It takes a thick skin to reject social pressure but in the end its your life and your priorities.

      Also research on ways to diversify streams of income outside whatever one is subsisting on, including unorthodox methods. The majority opinion may not always be the smarter one.

    2. @Sam Raven

      All the more reason to have alien contact,

      this planet, and the stupid monkeys on it, won't last another century or so if this money base mentality stays. Enough of this 'income' crap.

      It's not rocket science or brain surgery, folks.

    3. @a lightworker


      I am more than ready and willing to LEAVE this useless, miserable lump of rock known as PLANET ALCATRAZ.
      Since I was 11, I been NEEDED to go with the aliens.

      Why SHOULD those of us who ARE ready for contact, and a better, REAL life, have to be stuck here on this prison planet, and live like SLAVES?

      I really don't get it.


  20. Translation: Still stuck in this bullshit.

  21. Is the Portal Report, the same as the Event Handbook ?

  22. Longing for Energy from Higher Dimensions
    Although the most common interpretation of "Mr. Tambourine Man" associates it with the use of drugs to make his customers forget today until tomorrow and take them on trips on magical ships,

    this song expresses that something is going terribly wrong here, on which someone desperately wants to turn to higher dimensions. What remains hidden to him is that the dark ones also live here, who take the opportunity to turn the whole thing to the worse - drug addiction.

    The reason something goes wrong here is that the lowest plane of creation cannot do without energy from higher dimensions. The Dark Ones have increased scarcity even further by drying up portals of higher energy through negative events, such as goddess vortices. As Cobra has pointed out many times, we can help to liberate goddess vortices through meditation.

    1. Glad you brought up this subject. I am sure the whole Ayahuasca thing was used to harvest the souls of the modern day hippies taken in by these new age 'truth' gurus who are probably deeply infected by really dark entities.

      Addictive substances are usually bad news. Its no coincidence that hypnotists always choose their volunteers with highly addictive personalities (like a chain smoker in their audience) as they are the most easily hypnotized.

      Negative entities look for these types and those susceptible to cult programming (can be of low intelligence who take part in online wildfire smear campaigns and doxxing as well as those with post-doctorate academia brainwashing) and infects them.

      Passive aggressive behavior is a certain sign of possession by negative entities.

  23. For those that feel guided - short description regarding mighty Violet Flame

  24. I-Am to be set against the same

    I Am is the lightning
    before thunder

    Imagine Dragons ― Who do you think you are? Dreaming 'bout being a big star.
    Being switched to the same is directed against the I Am Presence. Through visualizations we can access our Higher Self.

    Imagine Dragons ― I was uptight, wanna let loose. I was dreaming of bigger things and wanna leave my own life behind. Not a yes sir, not a follower, it the box, fit the mold, have a seat in the foyer, take a number. I was lightning before the thunder.

    Imagine Dragons ― Thunder, thunder, feel the thunder.
    Feel the impact of the connection to the I Am Presence.

    Imagine Dragons ― Lightning and the thunder.
    The I Am Presence and its mightiness like thunder.

    The programming of the matrix calls for unification and is directed against individuality. It wants to prevent or restrict a connection to the I Am Presence or to program the I Am Presence.

  25. Hope is connected to the astral plane, not to the realms of unity.

  26. The New World Order
    They try again and again.
    -for thousands of years.


  27. History is like a River.

    You cannot stop its Destiny.
    You may redirect it or build a dam.
    You may be able to slow it down, but you cannot stop it.
    Sooner or later the River always finds a way around the dam.
    Or it just breaks the dam.
    No matter what, the River ALWAYS finds the way to the SEA.

    You cannot stop Human History.
    We ALWAYS find our way to our OCEAN.
    The Universe.

    I AM DK

  28. There is another layer to the messages , a subjective one. If the perception can be turned slightly sideways it can be picked up on, and contemplated. Some of the info can be understood just by looking around this site with a keen eye, or sense of energy dynamics. The very nature of our existence is always woven into the tapestry of our immediate surroundings.

  29. It would also help with the credibility if the ETs would show up rather than only to those who are better at meditating.

    Some showed how out of touch with reality when they showed reactions of shock to Cabal members being hung for their crimes in that Truth Earth YT channel video. We are talking about members of the Cabal who tortured kids in dark occult rituals and 'vaccinated' children with killer chemicals with full knowledge. This is how broken and mind controlled some members of the population are, that we consider the Natural Law Right to take corrective action to right a wrong is 'lowering our frequency'.

  30. For those of us previously using Google+ function to comment, the service is being withdrawn and may affect your commenting and how your avatar appears.

    I also recommend Cobra use a different platform outside of google that allows a more fluid discussion. Discord chat platform serves that purpose although its limited by 2000 characters so posts may have to be broken up into several sections. The advantage is its much faster than Google Blogspot and the server can be geographically based outside of Cabal run territories.


  31. And it's a New Day



  32. ISLANDS OF LIGHT - Infrastructure Development

    Some new details on our page:

    A new ellipsoidal 'break' (no tailed) closed (lampshade/lensed) lantern is on the way...

    Its case is half of a prolated spheroide of 528x326mm (phi ratio).


    1. Ellipse, ellipsoids, are considered the shape of sound OM...

      "Ellipses organize our universe on a macro-level, and the fact that the sound “Om” shares this shape may not come as a surprise to the millions of people around the world who hold this sound sacred."


    2. The break lantern seems more 'ellipsoidal' than the tailed one, due to the lack of the tail, but it has a smaller inner space, at the same size of the lantern.


    3. Ellipsoidal closed lanterns with gear box (ballast, condenser, ignitor) are also on the way,... but due to this fact, there will look more away from the ellipsoidal shape to a certain degree...


    4. So, there might be a lot of 'ellipsoids' (as a natural shape in the universe) lighting in our upcoming Areas of Light.
      Let's imagine and enjoy...


    5. Notice!
      Lens and lens' frame are the same for both the ellipsoidal closed lanterns (of 528mm), the tailed, and the break one.

    6. Give here a look too:


    7. The mile high is 'planned' much longer after the Event...

      And Cobra told us that Islands of light might be untouched. Remember the post!...


  33. This comment section made me change my name, weird.


  34. We need PHYSICAL CONTACT with our soul families , with terrestrial and extraterrestrial light beings. HUGS

  35. This is exactly what Emery Smith's device looks like, the big wheel with silver magnets around it.

  36. Hope we get some decent information

  37. @Sam Raven
    Exactly, Sam.

    We need ET contact NOW.

  38. Barack Obama esta hoy en Sevilla porque no es detenido?

  39. MUST BE LISTEN (subtitled in ENGLISH)


  40. To Gaiaportal from 3 April 2019 7:7 am

    Sparing contingencies are assembled and reviewed.

    Fine tuning requires good powers of observation. Cooperation with the beings of the Universal Central Sun should make this possible.

    Participants are lifted from old paradigm perches.
    This should refer to the highest sub-planes of the 4th dimension in the mental plane. "The Sound Of Silence": Silence: What the Light Warrior calls cancer is considered a high good by the prisoners of the Matrix. - Fundamental old ways of thinking can lead to the blockade of the liberation process. The beings of the Universal Central Sun help.

    Fronds of Heaven grace the Higher Pathways.
    The mind of the lifted ones connects with the 5th dimension.

    Unification of the Higher Process completes.
    Even in the dimensions of unity, the primary anomaly can still be disturbed by a lack of Intel. Here, too, the beings of the Universal Central Sun could help.

  41. Where are some of the old timers here ? like hye angel etc . Did they left or are just silent. Hope that everyone is well and safe

  42. One of my online friends and fellow Keshe follower is my new hero. She met Dick Cheney randomly at an airport and gave him a piece of her mind. This is great, this is exactly what needs to happen, that the Cabal can no longer feel safe in public. Way to go B! This is totally gangster:

    "Yesterday while flying out of Salt Lake to Jackson Hole low and behold there was Dick Cheney Standing in front of me. Now I'm not too good at stuff like this but I had long fantasied about confronting HRC in an airplane and had planned what I might say to her. Took me about 5 seconds to go up to him and say hello. I reached out to him and said hello Mr. Cheney and we started to shake hands is when I called him a mass murdering POS. 😠 He held my fingers real tight, not letting go and told me to watch out young lady. I pulled my hand away and told him again that he was a fucking mass murdering POS and traitor.... well I'm not too good at this stuff. I could feel my heart starting to thumb in my chest and my face turning red with furry. Then he said that I didn't know what I was talking about and I said Oh yes I do you POS. .... my husband who is always trying to rescue me from myself came up and was cordial to the prick... trying to diffuse it all. .... which even pissed me off more. I went and sat down. He got on the plane and was sitting in an isle seat and when I passed him he received another curse right in his ear. Spent the whole flight thinking of more important things I could have and should have said and was now fully prepared to sock it to him again after we got off the plane. Unfortunately I was way in the back of the plane and he was up front (in coach class). By the time I got off he could not be seen... BTW, Cheney lives in Jackson Hole, and Karl Rove not to far from there.... Oh well... a fantastic conclusion to my vacation in Costa Rica 😁"



  44. Light Warriors and Light Workers Prevent New World Order (Ship)
    The video contains light codes to show the machinations of the cabal. They have switched off and restricted communication possibilities between people (musical instruments).

    This is supposed to disturb the connection to "I Am" and to "together". A light warrior and a light worker wake up after a long time and take possession of their instruments again. The Light Warrior connects with his feelings and thus establishes a connection to his High Self. His I Am Presence manifests that the thing is getting to the bottom and that others awaken and stand together.

    After they go down the rabbit hole, he painfully recognizes the gigantic extent of bondage.

    Silence: What the Light Warrior calls cancer is considered a High Good by the Matrix prisoners. - How did this happen?

    Above the 3rd dimension are 12 subplanes with the plasma plane, which belong to the 4th dimension and thus to the Matrix. So there are many possibilities for the dark ones to pretend high things. The High Being behind it is called the Neon God by the Light Warrior. It's a non-physical archon that people worship, so to speak. People's preference for Archons begins with the physical Archons, who are often kings and princes (black nobility). Therefore the connection to the High Self, which can see through all this, is important.

    The video shows the principle of divide and rule that was practiced to the extreme. The separation goes so far that a mediator is necessary, who naturally wants to be the cabal.

    After the Light Warrior has so impressively used his throat chakra, the I Am Presence manifests a connection against separation (ship).

  45. Is it possible that we have achieved it, is the state of critical heat flux?

  46. God Makes Stunning Announcement, “The Fifth Era Has Come To An End”!!
    I hereby finalize this era, the fifth era comes to its end, a new Earth and a new heaven are born for all my beloved children. This call is very important because it is today and it is for you my beloved. -Father God
    Father God via Sion, March 3, 2019

    Full article:

    1. We gonna see the alien ship finally appear and land?

  47. Article from Brother Indian:
    Check out this magic drum…

  48. And did you know...
    Researchers Reveal Hair Dyes Have a Direct Connection to Breast Cancer

  49. Cancer: Researchers Discover Natural Compound that Kills Cancer

  50. I want to go. I really would like to go. It was enough from Earth.

    1. SAME.

      I want to physcially LEAVE this useless lump of rock.
      As Kang from Star Trek said, "only a fool fights in a burning house".


  51. You can keep my things,
    I've come to take You HOME

    Let'S Go
    Let's GO
    Let's GO HOME


    I AM DC


  53. Notice the contrast in the energy of these two versions of "Sounds of Silence in the link above. Simon & Garfunkle wrote and performed this piece. Its so funny there are young people on Youtube listening to beautiful music for the first time after decades of Discordant angry and superficial "music" and crying at the music's energy/revelation.


  54. Ichiban!

    I AM DC

  55. Anchor the goddess

  56. And then the good birds, when will they disappear? Approximately? The second half of April?

  57. And then the good birds, when will they disappear? Approximately? The second half of April? ---Stardust 2?

  58. Love and Light. Please let the positive Event come now.