Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Project 501 Update

All protocols clear and operational, 501/MASTERPIECE integration set at ST point. 

INT YXR flow recovery almost complete, except for recent VTXC disruption which modifies YXR protocols (VTX.1 downgrade).

Project 310 aborted and project 061 downgraded due to unfavorable grid ratio.

Reactivate PT intersection protocols after ST point. 

End of coding for 501.


  1. just a reference, the first project 501 code on this blog that can be found was Saturday, June 22, 2013

  2. I don't know what it means but my health is getting worse and I'm not the only one ....

    1. None of us are getting any younger... well perhaps at least the younger generations will have health and joy and an advanced civilization to live in after the Event were it to actually happen in the next 10 yrs. I don't quite understand why we can't have major progress and major global cleanup prior to some massive event of Ascension or whatever that event will be, but it seems that is not in the plans. Maybe that's impossible because of how deep the rabbit hole goes, so we're looking at All-or-Nothing for an Event of great positive cchange. Meanwhile suffering continues unabated, we can't even get basic shelter water and food to disenfranchised poor Americans let alone in undeveloped areas, or clean air, economic opportunity etc. None of these less dramatic improvements are being accomplished either, apparently because it is still the case that the most powerful people in the world are not even people but are monsters who despise humanity. A lot of us would rather see some real progress than empty promises of vast change coming soon.

    2. The same by me boris feel hug brother and hope its coming a little help ❤

    3. @BB

      LIKE WHAT?!

      EVERYONE who tried to change/save the world were horribly murdered.

  3. why didnt you post my comments. there was positive energy there. im not going to comment further sorry

  4. Feels so intense.
    And it intensifies each second.

    We are so close we can even see it.

  5. Anyone knowing/joining the mass world meditation for the truth in 4 days?

  6. Keeping moving forward the journey is almost complete and we are anxiously awaiting destination 5D earth.


    The Flower of Life meditation was introduced at the beginning of August to help stabilize the situation of planetary liberation and to ensure that the process can be as smooth as possible. This meditation is reported as being effective.

  8. It is very sad to see that many of the followers of this blog, who supposedly should be Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, are still in victim mode. Use the white light pillar, use the violet flame, use flower of life sphere around you, use this protection protocol from Unknown Ligtwarrior to protect yourself - or this protection protocol - Don't you still get it? This is not about some external force, the Superman coming to save us. This is about starting to recognize the power in us, about taking a responsibility for our past decisions that we have made as a human collective and about to manifest a liberation and ascension for our selves with our thoughts and intentions but this is not compatible with a victim mentality that is still so popular among even partial awakened part of people. I mean, no offense, but really, guys, stop to wait, start to create. Meditation and visualization is our tools. Use them in positive state of consciousness. Many will think - easy to say, hard to do, but nobody said this path will be fast and easy, but those who said are deceivers that many love to listen to. Rome wasn't built in a day to. Love and Light to you all my fellow humans!

  9. The Flower of Life meditation was introduced at the beginning of August to help stabilize the situation of planetary liberation and to ensure that the process can be as smooth as possible. This meditation is reported as being effective.
    Currently, a daily Flower of Life mass meditation is held at 12 PM UTC (noon).

    As we are getting closer to the transition, Cobra relays that the Light Forces are still asking everybody to meditate as often as they can and as often as they feel guided, until the moment of the Compression Breakthrough, to assist in stabilizing the energy grid around the planet utilizing Flower of Life meditation:

    Therefore, we are organizing a Flower of Life mass meditation every 4 hours, in addition to the current meditation at 12 PM UTC (noon). We also encourage everyone to do it as frequently as possible at any time throughout the day, until the Event.
    And the link to the guided audio for the Flower of Life meditation in many languages:

    Instructions (please note that there are a few changes to the instructions)

    1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness

    2. Visualize your soul star chakra shining with brilliant white light. Visualize this light in the form of a vortex spiraling down throughout your energy field.

    3. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to stabilize the transition on Earth and manifest the most positive Ascension timeline for all living beings.

    4. Visualize the golden Flower of Life sphere around the Earth, expanding below the surface and also expanding all the way up to the Moon orbit. Visualize the Flower of Life sphere assisting the planetary liberation process, clearing all darkness from the surface of the planet. Then visualize the Flower of Life sphere purifying the leylines and vortices within the planetary Light grid.

    5. Visualize the Flower of Life sphere creating harmony, protection and peace for humanity and all other living beings, and especially those who are holding the Light for the planet.
    6. Now, visualize the golden Flower of Life sphere encompassing the Earth and elevating the vibration of the entire planet. Visualize the Flower of Life sphere manifesting harmony and the most positive Ascension timeline for all living beings.

    You may also say the following mantra silently or out loud at the end of the meditation if you feel guided:

    "In the name of the honorable and powerful presence of I AM, I decree and command the process of planetary liberation continues in a positive, harmonious and peaceful way for the planet, humanity and especially for those who are holding Light for the planet.

    Meanwhile, the Key to Freedom Meditation every 4 hours is still ongoing, and you can also participate in this meditation at any interval as you wish.

  10. Children committing suicide everyday and yall pleiadians still cant step in to help? Im so tired of the excuses.

  11. Feel like we're getting closer

    Victory of the light

  12. Wow, thanks for the new entry regarding the shift. Thank you Cobra, resistance movement and light forces!

  13. Start the event,..RIGHT NOW!!!


  14. how many remember initiation? how prior to smiling one received training. these schools do nothing, then end with graduation; and somehow that is enough for most who came to begin smiling and taking opportunities. discipline was our way, the quiet reserved today to train in hope one day training yields to properly trained. most are small-headed personalities controlling big-bodies without concern for spirit the quiet the silent and instead follow cacophony to join in early and get their satisfaction. not one school has rendered an adult yet after 18 graduating yields all the results; most fall for it immediately prior to or inevitably before successfully initiating body. body has greater capability than any personality grasps and if you emerge from society believing to have been rendered an adult Always Ends Far Away. this is the beginning of the final transition. crying shames exclaim for saving while i assure you The End Is Approaching. give the light time; time was given to you.


  15. Q. Q. Q. Q. Sempre Q.

  16. Veja isto. Pode ser de seu interesse.

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  19. sungaze
    meditation sungaze
    twice daily horizon sungaze

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  21. I've been reading your blog a lot recently. How do I trust that veracity of everything that's being disseminated? There's a lot of contradicting things being said on these topics.