Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Pandora in progress, ongoing gamma grid ratio disruption, PBHL TOP anomaly detected. L2LSIP unstable, Project 502 on hold. Minimum M / DL / HP requirements met, VTX and SD requirements not met. Significant M insertion.


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    1. overwatch DJ?cheer up, the victory of light

  2. David Wilcock says that the mass arrests will be done before 10 th of April. Mr Cobra, does your Intel coincide with this information ?

    1. Cobra: "Therefore you might take the story about sealed indictments with a grain of salt. The Plan will NOT be popularized on internet. Everybody will be taken by surprise."

    2. Its obvious any truth of the actual plans get leaked the Cabal will get around it.

      At this point if people are still asking for dates they are not thinking.

    3. Cobra does not give dates.... And is better that way.. in fact is better if the bad guys do not know a date... if what is going on assists to usher the event .. great...

      My understanding.. the event... is where all is to be disclosed.. including star being presense.. our true history.. full financia... physical and mental freedom etc... and leading to first contact .. basically where u will be free from any darkness... and that won't happen until all hostage threats are neutalized... what we seeing imho is just an aspect of the threat being neutralize but we are not out of the woodworks.. we shall see when the smoke clear what is the road ahead of us.

      Will be great if all gets meshed n happendd simultaneously.. I reckon efforts are being made from all areas.. above n below.. so all is possible.

    4. cobra states in the joint fulford interview that it is not likely. my assessment is if the alliance plans to take down the jesuits, it wont happen. they have power in the negotiation process and power to stop any effort for them to be publicly targeted. the fact that that intel is public is a strong sign that it wont happen. the delta option itself is really the only way arrests can start unless theres a LOT more public support. IMO the intel release is an effort to plant the seed into society to potentially create that greater support.

    5. Didn’t Wilcock talk about mass arrests before and got people killed?

    6. I watched David's new live broadcast today. He has changed his tune to "I don't know exactly when it will happen and I don't have intel other than this dream I had about a woman" vs. his previous live broadcast where he claimed he had hard intel that said it would happen before April 10th. Disappointing flim flam on his part.

    7. >Yssop Yot
      I remember that particular interview where he said that. He was rather dismissive about it, even appearing to sound like he found it humorous which means he either made it all up or he doesn't care his actions screwed things up in a big way for the rest of the planet.

      At this point D.Wilcock would best make himself useful by working with Cobra enlisting his audience to help out with spreading the word. Whatever he has and his involvement with Corey Goode has seriously discredited himself outside the hopelessly deluded. The 'blue chicken cult' is a joke that's passed around in most internet circles when people are in need of a laugh.

    8. @Spec Ops — thanks, very informative.

    9. @Spec Ops - Didn't COBRA kind of confirm the existence of a "Blue Avian" Extra Dimensional race though? In all honesty it has been a while and I don't remember... Either way, it's a shame that David doesn't redirect his energy away from trying to sell a confirmed timeline of events to his audience and into promoting meditations and working with other insiders.

    10. >Yssop Yot
      Yeah I am just lucky to have a good long term memory for some things.


  4. Cobra, agora entendo porque o Movimento da Resistência demorou ou falharam em alguns momentos, eles não conhecem bem o ser humano e não sabem como lidar com eles certo? Com essa quarentena devido pandemia, em vários lugares do mundo as pessoas se reúnem para cantar e rezar, pelo mundo e pelo próximo, a humanidade já está madura suficiente para receber mudanças positivas e entrar na Era de Ouro. O que você acha? Cobra manda mais atualizações, sentimos sua falta ❤️

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    1. If that's what you expect, that is what you will receive. Project a positive outcome my friend and all will be well. May Love & Light be with you at this time <3

    2. Only if you will it so.
      Cobra has emphasized this over and over. You must work on yourself, you must LET GO OF FEAR.

      Stop believing that bad times might come. Your thoughts create your own experiences.

    3. Learn to use memes and spread the truth about the Coronavirus in a funny way so you are not put in a bargaining position with the NPCs.

    4. To lead us all to greater ones.
      Let's do it together.

      With light and love.

    5. @Nikon99 bad days have been here already the Idea is to transcend the bad days.

    6. Whatz the truth about corona virus I just found this portal place why do I get a sense that all the answers I've been looking for are here? I wanna join and heal too tell me how to be free

  6. Ty Cobra & Light Forces, Great Work Guys. Meanwhile back on Earth We hold Our fate in our hands, don't drop it Folks. Meditate on the 4th/5th of April and save the World! The Light is Victorious! <3

  7. Victory of the Light!🤍💙🌟🌌

  8. We still have a way to go.

    Stay grounded everybody!

  9. SURFACOM Forces, Relentless to the End:

  10. Let's keep up with the meditations friends !

  11. Originally this was an acoustic track played on guitar and harmonica.
    27 years or so later out of nowhere came this version.

    The lyrics here have got nothing to with what this is all about.
    It's all about the background singers.
    And the crowd.
    And how, if you watch this till the end, you are being invited to join it all.

    This is Johnny 99

    I hear a Train Coming.
    Wooo Wooooo.

    Love and Light full steam ahead.



  12. Here's some 4-1-1:

    This Train Is Bound For Glory

    All Aboard.
    The Flyer is leaving the station.


  13. Thank you Cobra for the update and thank you Galactics and Alliance for all your love and support as we move closer and closer to liberation!
    Victory of the Light!

  14. Energies are coming through. I agree that this cannot be stopped.

    1. It will be great when April 4th/5th will have enough critical mass to achieve more than the stated objectives including crossing over to Phase IV.

  15. I hope to see you in 2 days in gold age!

  16. Seems to me like this whole Q thing is a big psyop. DW and others don't want to see this. So they don't support you. Hope porn it is. Yes, possibly we'll get some new stuff by their mercy but it won't be the big things. Just drip drip disclosure.. And delays after delays. So we have to keep cool and keep going with OUR plan.😎

    Victory of the Light!

    1. Reminder: Donald Trump is our "Daddy" and a superhero of sorts.

    use this meditation for freedoma and victory of light!

    Se as empresas tem que ficar fechada e estou em casa por isso, porque os funcionários da Globo não estão em quarentena?
    Porque esta aglomeração?
    Porque repórteres nas ruas?
    Deixe a comida acabar.
    Deixe os mercados seres saqueados, e depois a sua casa será saqueada pelo povo desesperado.
    Você é insano?

  19. Всем добра и света!
    Присоединяюсь к медитации, Санкт-Петеррбург, Россия, Святослав.
    Где можно найти инструкцию? О медитации 04/05.04 узнал по ватсапу,в чате у друзей, которые путешествуют по Индии.

  20. Всем Добра и Света!
    Присоединяюсь 04/05.04 к общей медитации. Санкт-Петербург, Россия.
    Где можно глянуть инструкцию? Чтобы ознакомиться и сохранить.
    Узнал из ватсапа, о ней, инструкции не видел, только текст приглашения и описания.

  21. «Pandora in progress, ongoing gamma grid ratio disruption, PBHL TOP anomaly detected. L2LSIP unstable, Project 502 on hold. Minimum M/DL/ HP requirements met, VTX and SD requirements not met. Significant M insertion.»

    Repeat the previous transcript with the addition of information from other sources.

    «Pandora in progress»: Sub-mission Pandora against negative entities continues. In February, as reported by Cobra, the Councils of Light stationed in Solar system on special meeting on its Moon base decided to accelerate Earth liberation from Dark Forces and to move the planet forward on the 5D gamma timeline on one more notch. For this dimensional adjustment a powerful 40-hertz beams of gamma light are periodically fired from Pleiadian crafts docked in Solar system, towards the surface to completely transform the magnetic field around the Earth.
    In the frame of sub-missions Pandora, Masterpiece, Storm, that are parts of Freedom Earth 501 Operation, and in accordance with Galactic Codex and Universal Law of One, the Councils of Light issued a Green-Light-Go Directive to all planetary Light Forces to commence the largest dark energy cleanup operation targeted to remove all harmful entities from position of power and influence.

    «Ongoing gamma grid ratio disruption»: the degree of damage (ratio disruption) of Earth's energy grid within the gamma timeline (Light forces intervention). To strengthen the new 5D Earth’s state which is also called the new VTXC light greed, new crystalline structure is retrofitted and overlaid on top of existing 3D matrix for upgrading the physical Earth matrix to 5D. The processes is going on despite attempts to disrupt, to destroy the 5D light greed that will serve as the etheric framework for new 5D Earth.

    «PBHL TOP anomaly detected»: PBHL - proposed bottom hole location of the negative entities. TOP - total obscuring power or tactical offensive position of Dark Forces for counter-attacks from underground. (To be continued)

  22. «L2 LSIP unstable»: «L2» is a second-level channel for transmitting information collected in specific regions and structures, which is then accumulated and analyzed in the main data center. «LSIP» is a Land Surface Imaging Portal - a system for monitoring the Earth from Space in every important areas. Currently – military preparations, financial crises plans, coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, disasters, and some others.It seems that system has suffered some delays as a result of full-scale war going on on all levels.

    «Project 502 on hold»: It means that «Project 502» as one of mechanisms for embedding into cosmic flows, managing them and condensing them to the strength of a laser beams to destroy negative entities on the plasma, etheric, earth and underground levels, temporally suspended due to Jupiter and Pluto conjunction on 4/5 April. As Cobra pointed out, it is the most powerful aspect in this time period. The energy of this aspect is a potential big breakthrough that can bring about sensational results of the coming mass meditation.

    «Minimum M/DL/HP requirements met»: «M» is multi (channel or area).«DL»- downlink – sending data from Space to ground stations; transmitting information from a spacecrafts or satellites to Earth.«HP» - high-power, i.e. designed to operate at a high energy level; capable to withstand high energies. THE GALACTICS ARE MONITORING EVERYTHING THAT MOVES ON THE SURFACE DURING THIS SENSITIVE TIME AND DELTA SECURITY FORCES ARE ON HIGH ALERT.

    «VTX and SD requirements not met»: «VTX» is a vertex – a common point of curves of energy flows created by population, and other vortex areas. «SD» - systems displays – electron beam indicators for monitoring energy flows and energy fields. It means that positive energy has not yet reached necessary vibrational level for 5D leap for total disintegration all remaining dark energy from Earth.

    «Significant M insertion»: M (Latin: Ununpentium, Uup) or Eka-bismuth is an artificially synthesized radioactive element. The name is given by the ordinal number - 115, formed from Latin numerals: un-un-pentium or "one-one-fifth". The US Space Command which is under Chimera control, uses M in the spaceships construction as a source of energy for gravitational hyperspace engines.

    1. Thank YOU -> Lev~
      Discerning your illustrious (w/my Inner meter) interpretation/communication (above)
      I resonated with it's truth at various levels of the VLS.
      The remainder of this day and until the 5th I shall evoke the Higher Freq., that I know to be powerful, helpful, and transformative in my my contribution and participation in Liberty for the planet, its sentient population, and those other Dimensionals assisting us.

      Infinite and Eternal VICTORY
      of Light and the ThreeFold Flame ~

      God Bless
      jlcr STORM

    2. Dear Sojounerbe,
      Thank you.

  23. Join the upcoming critical Ascension Timeline Meditation online with us or our friends!
    - Meditations On-The-Go:
    - Web portal:

    Our Meditations On-The-Go platform is running all of the active meditations from the We Love Mass Meditation initiative:

    If you can, come together physically to amplify the meditation exponentially.
    The cabal are doing everything in their power to prevent this!

    * Ascension Timeline Meditation, April 5th, 02:45am UTC.

  24. While putting your intention into the meditation:
    suggest that the ACTUAL cause for this questionable virus be exposed once and for all.
    It isn't what you think it is and the 'sky event' may be related. Think B Gates and E. Musk according to the author.
    Think satellites.
    First 40 min is all that is necessary but I imagine it gets better after that.
    David Icke and Covid-19
    I was skeptical at first but kept an open mind and glad I did-

  25. I need some help, but I don't who to ask, or even How to ask. I don't understand my mission. I know what has been requested of me, but I don't understand why I was chosen for this Mission. Why do I have to make this sacrifice? Why can't someone else lead?

  26. Cobra Denmark needs assistance with meditation. They are loosing their freedoms and are being forced into mandatory vaccinations. Some light workers have call for assistance. We should have a meditation on their behalf.

  27. I have received the calling to start "The Chintamani Group" last week. It has taken some time to plan and understand how to proceed from the idea stage to the manifestation stage but the instagram page was started today. The goal is to gather light workers for regular group meditations during astrological times of heightening energy. We will be following the same instructions COBRA posted on the April 4th mass global meditation to help anchor in the light and bring about the compression breakthrough (the event). If you have a Chintamani Stone, Vogel Crystal, or any special crystals/tools bring them out in full force for this work. If not that is totally okay your presence and the great soul that you are will help us move mountains. The first meditation will be tomorrow, April 29, at 8:21 pm when Pallas enters Aquarius.

    Please feel free to add your own special touch (ritual,ceremony,shamanic drumming, violet flame decrees, white magic, dance, toning, light language, kriya yoga etc) to the group meditation to boost the energy as high as possible, but during that cultivation/meditation time remember we have one intention, one focus, one goal and thats planetary liberation.

    If you so choose with the spoken word in a direct way you can create/visualize this pillar of light descended down from the absolute unified principe of existence down through highest dimension of light through Archangel Metatron's sacred cube. As it travels down Archangel Michael and El Morya transform and energizes this light into the purified force of Gods Will. It travels further down through the great domain of cosmic master Sanat Kumara as he fractalizes and distributes the Light of Gods Will into the full Rainbow Spectrum. Carrying immeasurable power and intensity the Light travels further down through the great temples and Chintamani stones of Sirius and then through our own Sun as it floods over the Earth in a great super wave transforming all in the Light right now and forever!

    " I AM connected fully and completely to the great Sanat Kumara! Blaze your healing rays through the great masters of the Blue Lodge of Sirius down to the central Chintamani stone of Earth! I command these energy to radiate out stabilizing and energizing the New Atlantis grid with full cosmic power! I AM, I AM, I AM The full power of Freedom's Love! Raising all earth to heaven above! Violet Fire now blazing bright! In living beauty is God's own Light! Which right now and forever
    Sets the world, myself, and all life Eternally free in Ascended Master Perfection.
    Almighty I AM! Almighty I AM! Almighty I AM!

    *Visualize from space every particle of Earth glowing with purple transformative fire, increase the intensity of this violet flame until it is blinding, and then, booom! A great explosive force of pure Light is all that can be perceived. Stay in this space as long as you wish as the light subsides, only gradually, you see a new planet earth radiating light far out into space, with a joy so palpable it touches your very core. Amen. *

    Instagram: TheChintamaniGroup

    This group has the full support of the Light Forces. Its intention, and motivations and of pure unconditional love. To bring about ascension of this universe and all beings form a fallen state of consciousness into Gods loving embrace. My goal is to transfer myself from Chicago to Sedona to make that the headquarters of the Chintamani Group for more ceremony, celebration, and anchoring of the light. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!