Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Mplan L4/L3 override command sequence complete, Mplan L2 override sequence in progress


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    1. 👍 Yup we are all done .☺️

    2. If you're talking about what I think you are, please reconsider! You are loved, you're not alone and thing will get better. Sometimes it feels exhausting and you just want a break, yet we have all come so far and we are so close!

    3. Almost there. Hang on a little longer.

  2. I want to repost something here again:

    Sure, "black alert" is still classified information, but what Sebastian aka TheUnveiling33 writes there, makes totally sense for me.

    It's time for stealth mode!

  3. Guys, have you watched David Wilcock's newest YouTube video? He still is preaching the belief that karma is the natural law of the Universe and your life here on Earh is supposed to suck.

    1. Nope, stipped watching David about a year ago.

    2. If I was leadership (on the dark side) that's exactly what I would want you to believe. That way you do nothing to stop me. You'd think it "the plan".

    3. Yah some of what he said about yeshua I didn't agree with either but overall I liked his positive outcome

    4. He is still very misinformed about that.

    5. He may be controlled opposition after all

    6. The Law of Karma IS the primary law of the Physical Universe (but also don't forget the Law of Love which transcends it). Life on Earth is a tough gig; vibrations are REALLY dense here. But, no, it is not "supposed to suck" as your own attitude is your own choice.

    7. This guy is such a loser. He used to present interesting and useful information a decade ago; but, somehow, ever since he got kicked out of Gaia he lost himself and probably was bought off by the Cabal. Lately he is just talking bullshit and spreading disinfo and fearporn. He seems to go against the narrative and intel of all other truthers that are legit and reliable, rather preaching his doom and gloom exoteric mumbo jumbo. The guy seems to be so wrapped up around his inflated ego that he doesn't realize his jokes are no longer funny, he spends 3+ hours just wasting our time with stupid jokes that only he thinks are funny, disinfo, exoteric bullshit, talking about himself and all that ego trip showing off his wife and the fancy house he lives in. And the very fact that Youtube hasn't banned him/deleted his account like many other truthers that do present real info and truth, it's evidence that he might be serving the dark agenda. Aside from the fact that he seems to be really well off living at different fancy locations, money doesn't seem to be a problem for him (even if he claims that he doesn't make money from selling books, one can only guess where the money to keep such a luxurious lifestyle comes from) while many other truthers are struggling to get by and are being defunded/shadowbanned by Nazi Big Tech. It's time to retire buddy! The lights are on and there's only a clown standing in an empty room.

    8. That´s why I don´t watch his videos anymore. :) He also thinks we agreed to all the bullshit that the cabal has done to us.

    9. He is more of a researcher than a channeler. I don't think he's misinforming people on purpose. But many people in the New Age community believe in karma, and other explanations for why life on Earth sucks. I don't think that anyone besides Cobra and his readers talks about the primary anomaly, and that "suffering is pointless".

      Most people want to believe that there's a reason to their suffering. That they chose to incarnate on Earth specifically to "experience duality" and suffer. That it makes their soul grow. That the law of attraction attracts negative experiences to them due to their thoughts. Or that they have karma from their current life or previous incarnations to pay off.

      This seems reasonable, makes the suffering easier to bear, and it's also what Archons want us to believe, so it's probably part of their deception and programming. So no wonder this belief is so popular in the New Age community. And David Wilcock probably just preaches whatever he researched a lot, and was confirmed by his many (often compromised) sources.

    10. Doesn't suck for him. He's rich and has a beautiful hot wife.

    11. How do you know he is rich? Someone else mentioned he has a wonderful home. How do you know? It doesn't look so wonderful in the videos. It looks outdated to me.

    12. Law of one is BALONEY. Earth is NOT a school, and there is NO prime directive. His predictions went pear shaped, especially with Epstein. Also, note how he has not been on Ancient Aliens for some time....probably kicked out.

      He's almost like Cosmic Agency.

    13. @ R.T.
      Bingo! (as Sherman would say.)

    14. Mi van ha neki van igaza?mi van ha cobrának?találgattok még mindig.Még egyszer leirom:AMIT NEM TUDSZ ARROL NE ALKOSS VÉLEMÉNYT!!!

    15. With Wilcock, along with everyone else, I focus on what I resonate with. Some of what Wilcock says I resonate with and find useful, and some of what Wilcock says I don't. I don't condemn him and others like him anymore though, because doing so, at least to me, is a bit... 'one-dimensional.'

      I do disagree with Wilcock when he implies that abuse is acceptable for evolutionary purposes, but I also find that Wilcock has many positive, encouraging messages.

    16. When Cobra was promoting a mass meditation, David Wilcock promoted another different mass meditation at the same date, even though he acted as if he was going along Cobra. This speaks for itself.

    17. Yeah, like I said, he is service to Self or rather, service to the dark agenda. Nowadays he is nothing but a paid shill, disinfo agent of the Cabal, clownish troll. The Cabal might have threaten to kill his beautiful wife and wreck his reputation if he didn't go along with their narrative. The old "silver or lead" strategy.

    18. Sky Ruder, there is NO karma, that, too, like the prime directive (non interference policy) is ARCHON PROPAGANDA.

  4. Thank you Cobra🙏💜
    Hopefully it is all part of the plan.
    Victory of The Light

  5. Hi there, so do you think the Cabal has crossed the "red line" yet ?

    Seems like they're getting away with a lot !

    1. I don't think so. Crossing the line would be something like pushing a war that could kill dozens of millions. The vaccines will not kill millions, at least in the short time.

    2. Many red lines by now.. look at australia.. hospitals intentionally killing patients with ventilators and remsdevir sic

    3. Wait a few years, Brim.....folks will start dropping like flies. Bet Bill Gates and Kissinger got boners for that.

      Also, WHEN is fucking Kissinger going to die?!

  6. The Meditation for Taiwan playlist will soon have the guided audio translated into additional languages:

    "Meditation to protect all members of the Dragon families and to stabilize the relationship between China and Taiwan:"

  7. Lagrange points for example of the Earth-Moon system:

    1. Thanks for updating Cobra. How about our own space laboratory? Love and Light!♥♥♥

    2. Thanks for updating Cobra. How about our own space laboratory?

  8. The Meditation for Taiwan playlist is where the guided audio for this meditation will soon be translated into additional languages:

    "Meditation to protect all members of the Dragon families and to stabilize the relationship between China and Taiwan:

  9. we finally need physical changes after years and years

    1. BINGO!
      We needed physical results since 1996.

  10. Vorrei che tutti coloro che seguono questo sito facessero oltre alle meditazioni già citate, anche delle micro meditazioni della fiamma viola durante il giorno. Ognuno come può. Io l'ho fatto, oggi ho trovato il momento giusto per dare il massimo e ho capito come fare per avere la massima energia disponibile in breve tempo. Credo di avere avuto molto potenziale.lavorate con disciplina ma soprattutto tanto amore. Abbiate fiducia nel vostro potenziale e non cedete!! Siate forti!! La Luce vince sempre!!

  11. Anche se siete sotto attacco oscuro non date peso, continuate per la vostra strada, anche se è dura. I veri lavoratori della Luce non si arrendono mai!! Alex.

  12. no entiendo que tipo de noticia es. buena o mala ?

  13. L2= Level 2?
    L1 = Ground level? (Surface?) (The Event?)

  14. At GITMO, Bill Gates Denied Retrial

    by Michael Baxter -September 15, 2021

    Bill Gates, whom the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps has convicted and sentenced to capitol punishment, had been stirring a ruckus at GITMO’s Camp Delta Detention block, where he is being held while awaiting his sentence to be carried out. Sources at the nation’s most infamous internment camp told Real Raw News that Gates has spent every waking moment decrying his persecution and demanding a retrial on the grounds that his attorney, the ineffable David Baluarte, had inadequately represented Gates.

    A military tribunal convicted Gates on September 8 following 5 days of explosive testimony. If anything, Baluarte fought more rigorously than had lawyers who represented other convicted Deep State figureheads, but Bill Gates said Baluarte was a disappointment.

    A day after his conviction, Gates was granted an audience with the Guantanamo Bay military review board, an independent group of U.S. Navy and Marine officers tasked with deciding whether an accused person received proper representation or was mistreated during a tribunal.

    Gates argued that Baluarte was incompetent, that he didn’t challenge key pieces of evidence or witnesses who stood to profit from his conviction. Specifically, Gates said his ex-wife, Melinda Ann French, was an unreliable witness because she had been coerced into testifying against him under threat of being named an accomplice or being deprived of a hefty divorce settlement.

    Under oath, Melinda admitted she struck an immunity from prosecution deal with JAG. In exchange for her open and honest testimony, which she swore was correct, the military would not charge her as an accomplice to Gates’ criminal deeds. But her testimony played only a marginal role; her statements were supported by other eyewitness testimony and by documents and files obtained from Gates’ computers and electronic devices.

    The review board spent five days reviewing Gates’ petition and concluded he had no grounds for a retrial.

    “David Baluarte was given more slack and latitude than other defendants’ lawyers to appear before the Office of Military Commissions. He defended his client to the best of his ability. The tribunal’s decision stands,” a GITMO representative said.

    Gates is scheduled to hang by the neck until dead on October 5, 2021.

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  15. .. absolutely stunning...


    9/11 Launched the First of the Unaccountable Bailouts by the Fed to Wall Street

    Pam/Russ Martens: September 13, 2021 ~

    New York Stock Exchange Floor

    Most Americans believe that the unprecedented Fed bailouts of Wall Street didn’t begin until December of 2007, on the cusp of Wall Street’s financial collapse in 2008. That’s wrong. The Fed’s first massive bailout of Wall Street started on 9/11.

    By the closing bell on September 10, 2001, the day before the attacks, the Nasdaq stock market was already in the midst of a full-scale implosion, having lost 66 percent of its market value and wiping out $4 trillion of wealth.

    The Wall Street mega banks were in the cross-hairs at the time of then New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer for bringing to market Initial Public Offerings of companies that the banks’ own research analysts were internally calling “crap” and “dogs” while the same banks issued buy recommendations on the “dogs” to the unknowing public. One internal email from Jack Grubman, an analyst at Salomon Smith Barney, captured the brazenness of the deception: “Most of our banking clients are going to zero and you know I wanted to downgrade them months ago but got huge pushback from banking.”

    The Congressional Research Service indicates that the Fed funneled “$100 billion per day” over a three-day period beginning on 9/11 to Wall Street firms. The consolidated annual reports of the Federal Reserve Banks show that the Fed’s balance sheet grew from $609.9 billion at the end of 2000 to $654.9 billion at the end of 2001 to $730.9 billion at the end of 2002 and $771.5 billion as of December 31, 2003.

    According to a report by the St. Louis Fed, these are the numerous ways that the Fed rescued Wall Street following 9/11:

    “The Fed held $61 billion of securities acquired under repurchase agreements on Sept. 12, vs. an average of $27 billion on the previous 10 Wednesdays and about $12 billion a year earlier.

    “The Fed directly lent funds to banks through the discount window. The $45 billion in discount loans outstanding on Sept. 12 dwarfed the $59 million average of the previous 10 Wednesdays.

    “As a regulator, the Federal Reserve—along with the Comptroller of the Currency—urged banks to restructure loans for borrowers with temporary liquidity problems. To assist such restructuring, the Fed made additional funds available.

    “The Fed passively extended credit to the economy through its role in clearing checks. When the Fed clears checks, it credits the receiving bank before debiting the bank making the payment. Float describes the amount of money that has been credited to check depositors but has not yet been debited from the check writers. The float totaled almost $23 billion on Sept. 12, for example, some 30 times the average float over each of the 10 previous Wednesdays.”

    The Chicago Fed reported that an additional “$90 billion in liquidity” was added by the Fed setting up 30-day dollar swap agreements with the European Central Bank, the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England.

    Outside of a gush of bailout money from the Fed, Wall Street loves interest rate cuts because they are a boon to their trillions of dollars in derivative contracts. On September 17, just before the stock market reopened for the first time since the 9/11 attack, the Fed announced it was cutting both the Fed Funds Rate and the Discount Rate by 50 basis points (half of one percent). Two weeks later, on October 2, the Fed slashed both the Fed Funds and Discount Rates by another 50 basis points. Stunningly, on November 6, one month later, it again cut both rates by 50 basis points, bringing the Fed Funds Rate to 2 percent and the Discount Rate to 1-1/2 percent. On December 11, both rates were cut again, but this time by just 25 basis points. The Fed Funds Rate, at 1.75 percent, was now trading at the lowest level in 40 years.

  16. What are the chances the Event by December? Like 50%? 70%? 90%? I would like to know

    1. @aquarius, there is no telling but I like to plan for the worst so I would at least be prepared to finish up this dark period between august and october, which CoBra appears to of been right about. Afterwards there is no telling what could happen. If they dont get their way with mandatory shots they may push for war again. one possible place is afghanistan and pakistan which could easily pull in india, china, US, etc, although I think this will fail. I only bring it up because it was in the news recently. the afghans fighting taliban were called 'the resistance' and the media really emphasized that the resistance was defeated and were being airstriked by pakistan.

    2. The event can only happen after the non-physical dark forces are eliminated. But the latest update from cobra tells that by the end of October there will be a complete purification of the Orion forces. I still don't know exactly what it means (will the dark ones turn to light or be wiped out?).

      If, by the end of October, the purification means the end of the non-physicals, then the event could happen anytime.

  17. 2/2

    According to the 2001 Annual Report of the Chicago Fed, one unnamed bank was so grateful for the largess flowing from the Fed that it sent “a thousand packages of LifeSavers candy to each of the 45 Fed offices.”

    A report prepared by Stacy Panigay Coleman for the Federal Reserve’s Division of Reserve Bank Operations and Payment Systems found that a handful of the largest Wall Street banks were dramatically overdrafting their accounts at the Fed, resulting in daylight overdrafts peaking at “$150 billion on September 14, their highest level ever and more than 60 percent higher than usual….” According to other annual reports at regional Fed banks, fees were waived by the Fed for these enormous overdrafts.

    Gail Makinen, Coordinator Specialist in the Economic Policy for the Government and Finance Division of the Congressional Research Service delivered a 60-page report on other money flows. Makinen found that New York City received the following in Federal aid as of the date of her report in September 2002:

    “$11.2 billion appropriated in September 2001 for debris removal and direct aid to affected individuals and businesses [the businesses go unnamed]; just over $5 billion in economic development incentives was approved in March 2002; and another $5.5 billion for a variety of infrastructure projects for New York City was approved in August 2002.”

    The Chicago Fed’s 2001 Annual Report contains further information on the enormous amount of money flowing from the Fed immediately after 9/11, detailing it as follows:

    “The Fed begins to flood the financial system with record levels of liquidity by executing repurchase agreements [Repo loans]. These overnight loans collateralized with government securities are used routinely in open market operations, but seldom top a few billion dollars each day. On Wednesday [September 12], the Fed injects $38 billion, more than double the previous record. Thursday [September 13], the Fed shatters that mark with $70 billion. The next day, the Fed injects even more — $81 billion.”

    Which banks on Wall Street needed this enormous infusion of money? The public, to this day, has no idea, just as it has no idea which banks had borrowed $495.7 billion in repo loans on one day last year.

    For how another horrific tragedy for America became the golden goose for Wall Street, see our reporting on the Fed’s bailouts to Wall Street that began on September 17, 2019, four months before the first case of COVID-19 appeared in the U.S., and grew exponentially during the pandemic.

  18. I just want to hear a kick ass good update

  19. - The Portal / The Masterplan / October 12, 2012:

    "The first part of the Masterplan pertains to the *breakthrough* of Light on the non-physical planes. The Light forces use advanced vortex technology for clearing the non-physical planes. All those vortexes create a network of Light that gets stronger-and-stronger day-by-day. At a certain point a critical mass of Light will be reached and it will result in a massive arrival of the Light forces on the mental, astral and etheric non-physical planes inside the thin layer that surrounds the surface of planet Earth and now still contains a few Archons and their many reptilian minions with their negative technologies. That breakthrough will remove all remaining darkness from non-physical planes. This is a crucial step and must happen before the Event."

    - The Portal / Hold the Light / August 24, 2021:

    "Between now and the end of October (2021) a Kuiper Belt object named Altjira is in exact conjunction (meaning Altjira will appear to be close in the sky) with Rigel, (which is) the star of the Orion dark forces. This is the time of great purification of (the) Rigelian forces (of archons) that invaded planet Earth in 1996, and after this purification is over by mid / late October, it will be expectedly much easier to *manifest* the *dreams* of the Age of Aquarius on the surface of this planet. Toplet bombs inside implants have not been cleared yet, and they are still the main factor preventing the Event."

  20. From International Golden Age Group:

    Alexandra: This one I’m going to read out this whole question. Has this reality or planet been wrongfully hijacked by the Archons to the extent that this is not what we bargained for at a soul level when we incarnated in this lifetime? Are we innocent, naive souls being manipulated by more advanced beings? Is this reality a total disfunctionality or what? It’s hard to understand why a loving creator would allow this extreme level of destruction.

    COBRA: This experiment has gone too far. It was never intended to go this far. Yes, we are innocent. Yes, we did not expect this to go this far. The Archon thing is an anomaly that has to stop. The creator never intended this to happen. >>>The Archons were a reaction of the cosmic anomaly of chaos which has gone too far.<<<

    Alexandra: Interesting. Did we also incarnate knowing full well that we would be subjected to this nonsense but agreed to do it to pay back karma?

    COBRA: We have incarnated not to pay back karma but to *transform* that darkness and bring that planet into light. We did not have complete understanding of what this experience would be like because we didn’t have it before. We did not know consciously what we were getting into.

  21. Positive update! 1 step closer to liberation day!

  22. Destroy them(DF)!Start the Event ,now!

  23. Yes you are starting to see they are all full of crap. Listen to your inner guidance. The people that are still allowed to speak is appearing to be plan b, c, and d of the controllers dark agenda. To get us to sit on our hands. Currently the agenda is to drive every one from the crazy Dems to the CON-niving republicans back and forth back and forth with no remedy. Theys shut down real doctors warnings but allow the "For hire" Spiritual "influencers" to speak and sell their classes. To this dayt none of them have answered including COBRA why there are no resources available to Light Workers. A Diamond or gold nugget left on our kitchen table by off worlders. Why no effort was made early on to return the press back to the people. MSM is obviously a monopoly and that violates actual laws already on the books. Seems a bit of effort to take the press out of the hands of the controllers would have been priority. Also still no hi-def video or pics, no real evidence that what any of them says is true after all These years. And pay close attention to who is censoring FREE SPEECH violating Cosmic law, the only sin in the universe.

    1. Excellent commentary Greg.
      It’s all so suspicious.




    This was a channeled gift, (a short version), from my Spirit Guides in the times when I had lost my HOPE.

  25. Thank you Cosmic Beings, and The Great Angelic Host!

  26. . could anyone here get me to trump administration ?

  27. click on the adds and help John out after reading his new post

    An interesting take on metaphysics and other things from Ani Brito

    1. truth earth youtube disclosure in media

      if you are into researching cv19, professor michel chussudovsky

  28. For only who might be still interested...
    A review concerning the light communities infrastructure development, on the subject of electricity, is here:

    If there are some questions, ask please on our latest post comment section:
    Kind regards

  29. No vaccines. Ivermectin, Vitamin Zinc 25 mg, D3 4000, Vitamin C 1ooomg, if needed Doxycycline.

    1. @janina, do the best you can with what you have. my grandfather is obese and 82 years old and in great health considering. he got the shot and not long after he got very sick. he pulled through by genetics alone. my aunt, unvaxed, in her sixties had open heart surgery and a couple months later got sick and she is now doing better. she pulled through. my father in his sixties, unvaxed, after a plane crash and car accidents got sick and pulled through. my older step brother and his wife got the shot and she is pregnant and also breastfeeding a baby. the baby started getting fevers. my uncle is bragging about getting the shot and saying they shouldnt let people into the hospital that refused it. for those of you who reluctantly had to get the shot but did not want to at least you are not like my uncle and others who are proud and disgrace themselves when saying unvaxed deserve to die. you tried to resist evil. Im sorry about what is going on. I have done my best to keep it from getting this far with attempted contact and meditations.


    Je remue le ciel, le jour, la nuit
    Je danse avec le vent, la pluie
    Un peu d'amour, un brin de miel
    Et je danse, danse, danse, danse, danse, danse, danse
    Et dans le bruit, je cours et j'ai peur
    Est-ce mon tour? Vient la douleur
    Dans tout Paris, je m'abandonne
    Et je m'envole, vole, vole, vole, vole, vole, vole

    I stir the sky, the day, the night
    I dance with the wind, the rain
    A bit of love, a drop of honey
    And I dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance
    And in the noise, I run and I'm afraid
    Is this my turn?
    Here comes the pain
    In all of Paris, I abandon myself
    And away I fly, fly, fly, fly

  31. Really big pressure those days… but something new with life seed growing in my life......
    big challenge have a life on earth.
    encourage everyone do what they love.
    love all.
    words can not explain what the feelings how much deepest.
    feelings are Miracle !
    do love things calling your Miracle Connecting with soul. with source.
    DO It!

  32. 144k rainbow warriors from Hopi prophecy
    Archangel Micheal gathering/wakening his brothers and sisters

    Victory of the Light!

  33. The piercing of the veil is progressing
    For the first time 4 tourists alone in space.
    The piercing of the veil is progressing.
    They are to stay in Earth orbit for three days at about 575 kilometers.

  34. Sananda's message.

  35. \\\Power///
    All my Love and Light

  36. Cooobra, Cooobra, Cooobra, cooobra!!! Avanti così Cobra, siamo tutti con te!!

  37. Floating clouds ~ lofi hip hop

    Cafe Music BGM - Coffee Nature: Cozy Autumn Coffee Shop Ambience

  38. Before enlightenment, chop wood carry water,
    After enlightenment, chop wood carry water.


  40. >Porque solo salen los comentarios,,, donde esta la publicacion ?

  41. <Hi,, where is the publication? I got only this seccion of comment, I want to see the whole publication,, where it is??????? thank you

  42. Kerry Cassidy interviewed Kim Goguen. Very eye opening. Would have been better to let Kim speak freely without Kerry's interruptions but still very good. Must see vid.

    1. @catpoose, tread carefully with her, she does it on purpose. watch camelots old videos. her and bill ryan would do the same thing. she would ask bad questions and interrupt and ryan would take a long time and politely ask something and not interrupt. its basically good cop bad cop. they had some good material early on and them and david wilcock interviewed pete peterson and kept trying to push him into dangerous territory. his wife was murdered for it afterwards. lots of controlled opposition in the alt media.

  43. Hi May somebody post the link of this article???? I got only the comments, but where is the article?
    Thank you

  44. Cobra thank you! The negative ones are in your face now! It will be all soon over... We choose the highest timeline!

    Victory Of The Light !


  46. A RM.

    Come Together.

    We will make this.
    Through the hard times.

    As ONE.



  47. @planetx
    Do you think so? I suspect some of you already know, or have been very very close, sometimes it is enough to take a little height to go and observe the Blackbird's nest or to follow the plan" but I am capable of much more subtlety!
    It's like Alice I wonder if she's still running after her White Rabbit 🐇 , sometimes I seem to hear her calling him .
    It's like some who invite themselves into my meditations , they must like to play with fire 🔥.

  48. For those who feel guided:

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