Sunday, January 2, 2022


Pandora in progress. Mplan override command sequence L0 complete. M signal field substable, wipeout sequence 8 in progress. GR+, PGR+. MASTERPIECE v3.4 upgraded into DREAMLAND v0.1. Minimum M / DL / HP / MDS / SD requirements met, VTX requirements not met.


  1. This is Awesome News. Victory to the Light.

  2. I Feel The Light,
    It Grows Stronger Daily,
    I Feel The Light,
    Closer to The Event, Baby!

  3. Thank you My Friend, see you soon!

  4. If the event doesn't happen this year forget the original plan. A plan b must be already devised for a very fast process, which includes a much faster and early first contact and a swift evacuation process skipping the 3 waves of ascention as there won't be time for that if the end of the deadline still is mid 2025.

  5. Let us maintain our focus through to the Victory of the Light!

  6. Replies
    1. Vortex. But it isn't supposed to be understood by us.
      Those seem to be coms for alliance folks.

  7. Ottima notizia. Grazie. In questo periodo ho delle sensazioni che sono molto vere, le vivo come se fossero reali e sono bellissime, dove la parola che le descrive meglio è:"armonia'.

  8. Anything I could do to help with VTX requirements ? any meditation ?

  9. An excellent presentation by Dr. Stefan Lanka, a molecular biologist and virus researcher. About how they fool us with viruses, vaccines. Lanka won a case in 2017 at the German Supreme Court, in which the claim that the measles virus does not exist, the defendant was scientifically unable to rebuke it.
    Lanka believes that the entire virus hysteria is nothing but a global population control and artificial customer production for the drug mafia.
    Unfortunately, these are the virologists who are simply not allowed to speak today, because people would know the truth immediately. The ones they show us as professionals are the last villains who sold their souls for money and media careers.