Wednesday, March 1, 2023


Pandora in progress, M signal field substable. Drastic gamma destabilizing SD security breach at 504, recovery in progress. Dreamland v0.8 activated, wipeout sequence 9 in progress. Minimum M / DL / MDS / HP requirements met, VTX / SD requirements not met.  


  1. We're holding the line and HOLDING THE LIGHT, so keep up the pressure LF and RM! Your ground crew of Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Starseeds got your backs! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘

    1. Many are speaking, recently, of having dreams of past lives. We are finally re-connecting directly to our true God Source Light/Energy. The dark has already lost.

    2. That's a good answer Libra.๐Ÿ˜…
      I intuitively believe the Light Forces are focused on key areas and spots that are dissipating the Veil that have been keeping us in a fog and disconnected. It's more than just a spiritual feeding or connection. It's as though body is also awakening... kinetic memory if that makes sense.
      Whatever the Light Forces are doing with their Mjolnir technology at this moment my body seems to be or beginning to sense it as a personal shifting of energies.
      I guess we'll see...๐Ÿคž๐Ÿ˜‰

    3. I'd like to give you my two cents on the lack of cooperation between the Lightworkers. Naturally we're subject to a certain degree of negative interference and influence. There are those of us that have our weaknesses used against coming together in full cooperation and unification. I agree with you 100% that there are many awakened souls that are focused on shallow concerns that others are past in their conscious evolutionary process. Not to say that makes one better than the other but certainly more consciously aware of not being pulled down by lower vibrational influences or interactions. My wish is that WE had some way to bring ALL OF US together in a common place, group or what have you. Kind of like COBRA'S conferences, where all of the Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Starseeds to meet in one place on a bi-weekly or monthly basis in a worldwide video conference of sorts. Here's where it gets tricky for me.
      Even though I have great ideas and pure intentions to bring all of us together to align our collective focus and put aside petty differences for the benefit of humanity, I've isolated myself and become more or less a recluse. I didn't mean for that to happen but it just may be a protection move from negative experiences and energy drains. Other aspects that I feel are holding me back from taking initiative to bring all of us together is my energy level and lack of resources. That's why I have an optimistic hope that once I'm able to experience First Contact I might be able to move past these inhibitions that are seemingly holding me back. I lost my confidence along the the way somewhere Libra and that is my biggest obstacle and blockage. If I can just get my confidence and self esteem back that I once had there would be no stopping me and by extension all of the Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Starseeds. My timidity has become my Achilles heal thus far and I KNOW I have alot to give if I can overcome it which may require a little help and healing from our Galactic cousins. I would love to work on bringing all of us together... I really would because I know what our collective potential could be if harmonized and focused clearly. And this will continue to be my daily talk to my 1221Team, my prayer and wish. If they truly KNOW us and watch us they know I mean what I say. ☝️๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ‘
      Otherwise I'll just have to wait for The Event like everyone else before the help and healing is available but man, imagine what we could do if it was available NOW! ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘

    4. @144K
      I'll get my confidence and self esteem back once I can be face to the face with the aliens and them fixing me up, and restoring all the other stuff that the darkies took from me before I was born. I'm NO light worker/warrior, and I don't want to be one. But I do wanna grease those rat fuck sons of bitches darkies as severely as possible. And get away from this planet, for keeps.

      And yea, resources, and direct help is needed, BIG TIME.

    5. @OneOf144K I feel you. Have you tried reaching out to a tachyon chamber healing? I have my obstacles too. I can formulate great ideas and start the initial process, but I can't seem to get past the first step. Tachyon Chamber at least helped me with my bad habits, which has reduced substantially. I can easily hold the light again. I like your idea of meeting at least once a month, video conference or physical I'm down for. You can easily start a private Facebook page, then let us know, then we'll join. Then we can talk which day of the month to setup a zoom meeting and talk about life. This could eventually lead to physical meets and meditations and even like a CE-5 event. if we could cover each other's weaknesses, we can easily move forward again.

    6. I know ALL OF US have a great deal in common and share many of the "Hero" archetypes... afterall, our paths have led us to this blog for a reason. WE share a deep desire to effect a positive change for ourselves and all of humanity. To dismantle the old system and to bring in the NEW. I tend to believe that we were all drawn here for this reason... a divine mission that WE are obligated to fulfill. Even you Sherman, no matter how much you wish to deny this you too are in my opinion a part of the "144,000" sent here to be ambassadors of LIGHT. WE each have our strengths and weaknesses but if it were possible to fully align and work together as ONE collective our weaknesses would be complimented by others strengths and vice-versa. This is what scares the dark ones more than anything... our combined focus of WILL and INTENT basically shut down their influence over humanity and bring everyone's attention to peace, love and harmony instead of fear, hate, division and war. The Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Starseeds have the absolute potential to the REAL HEROES that humanity needs and subconsciously longs for... Christ Conscious beings setting the example on a Planetary scale. Showing humanity their Ascended potential through our collective example. This is my vision and wish for all of us and would love to bring us together to be a hundred times more effective and bring The Event much sooner but as I said in previous comments, my confidence and self esteem as well as my energy level and lack of resources make this unifying task seem very overwhelming unfortunately. I have BIG IDEAS and an extraordinary vision for all of us to help awaken, heal, uplift and prepare humanity for their next evolutionary steps but in order to act on this effectively I definitely am in need of healing in order to break this cocoon I've incased myself in for decades now. Perhaps that's why my favorite song of all time happens to be Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜…
      And yes @nwe5000, I have been to a Tachyon Chamber healing back in 2015 from a wonderful soul in South Dakota. I did experience sensations of coming apart like sand in the wind and coming back together again... that's the best way I can describe it. I wouldn't say it was a life changing experience but perhaps it healed me on levels I haven't tapped yet. Either way it was a memorable experience. ๐Ÿ™ƒ
      I believe all of us here have the same goal and same divine spark...✨️
      it's up to us to drop our differences and egos in order to work together as a perfectly synchronized collective to LIGHT THIS WORLD UP!
      I'm just "One OF 144k"...
      but so are ALL OF YOU!
      Love and Light my friends...

    7. Exactly Libra! That is exactly what I'm saying... WE would balance each other.
      Imagine what WE could do if WE combined our talents... this is precisely what COBRA has been encouraging and the Light Forces and Resistance Movement have been pushing us to do. I have a gift and/or knack to uplift and inspire but lack the confidence to lead or help lead a unification between all of the Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Starseeds.
      COBRA, the Light Forces and Resistance Movement have all been trying to so very hard to unify us to be our fullest effective potential and I would love more than anything to bring us together to work for the common good and help liberate this planet on a grander scale. We need unification more now than ever. I wish I had it in me to help rally the troops Libra but I'm not quite there yet. Perhaps with the Veil dissipating my energy and confidence will make a miraculous come back and I'll move my ass to the front line...๐Ÿ˜…

    8. @144K
      IF I am a so-called 'ambassador of light', why's everything in this so-called 'life' been so fucking impossible for me, hmmmm? Wrong body, wrong gender, wrong family, treated like garbage all my life, etc, etc.

      I just DON'T get it, 144k, I just DON'T.

      Also, I STILL stand firm that I did not choose to come here willingly, that I am not starseed and sure as hell not a lightworker (nor do I want to be one).....wish folks could understand that such a ......concept...actually exists.

    9. @Sherman
      You my friend are what I would consider the "reluctant hero". You know very well the answers to the questions you just asked... especially after COBRA's last post. You must've been (and still are) quite a threat to the darkies, and this is why the Lords Of Karma had you incarnate in your current life experience:

      "They have great control over the human reincarnation cycle, and have a great say in where and how a particular individual will be reincarnated. They have full access to Akashic records. They keep twin souls apart, destroy soulmate relationships, instill jealousy and fear and strive to manifest maximum amount of suffering to the human population."

      You are obviously a thorn in their side Sherman, so they decided to send you (reluctantly) into conditions to try and break you on various levels... yet, here you are among the very ones working to bring them all down. It's no accident you're here on this blog. So yes dude... you ARE a Lightwarrior looking for payback.
      What sets you apart from most of us on this blog is your absolute blunt, straight forward no bullshit attitude which is VERY admirable. You're devotion to take down the darkies and settle a personal score is what's needed because you can't take these assholes on with niceties, unicorns and rainbows. You Sherman ARE a Lightwarrior, and The Lords Of Karma wanted to give you the most difficult life circumstances to defeat you... but they underestimated your resilience. I can assure you that when the smoke clears you WILL get what you've wanted and desired for yourself. But until then keep moving forward and do what you do best which is keeping it REAL. Help when you can and never stop giving your input... I promise you it's valuable and admirable.
      Your time to shine IS coming ✨️

    10. @144K I’m of the same thought! Do you have a discord?

      @Sherman, what if you’re an “accidental” starseed? What if the universe was 1 volunteer short of 144k and your life trajectory and physical proximity were the closest things that were needed to complete the number, and so the Universe gave you a nudge into the quarantine zone because it knew you were the one that could best lead others with your trauma? That would explain your attitude and circumstances.

    11. I've been reading through this conversation, and figured it might be worth mentioning the Discord server that has formed around this blog:

      At this moment, we have over 100 members, and have daily discussions going on. It's not huge, but I think it's the start of something good. Just being able to talk and connect with a bunch of other lightworkers has been very helpful to me personally.

      Just be mindful that Discord doesn't like discussion about the scamdemic and the vaccines, and will likely take action against it if it happens.

    12. @Ezra
      In otherwords....I got DRAFTED, eh? So much for free will.
      Also, I don't want to be a leader, spiritual or otherwise.

      IF this is true, whomever did this is gonna get a 'thank you gift' in the form of a TOMBSTONE.

      @144K I don't want to be a light worker....most thankless job there is, and what am I getting out of all this, hmmm? Attacks on a regular basis? And WHEN does the fucking smoke clears, hmmm? I'd rather get a weapon and fight....and not 'hold the light', since it pretty much means being cannon fodder.

    13. @Ezra
      And could not the universe, upon 'nudging me', at LEAST give me a body that I do not hate, as well as a family NOT consisting bigots, drunks and money hungry chimpanzees?

      The universe decided to make things as difficult as possible for me! YAY!!!!!.....said no one ever.

      The universe really knows what NOT to do, don't it, Ezra? And what am I going to get in return? As Han Solo once said, "I EXPECT to be well PAID!" And the bill that I give to the universe is going to be MEGA EXPENSIVE.

    14. @Sherman
      You're so hard to please...๐Ÿ˜…
      I was simply trying to give you props my friend... that's all.
      I can also assure you that none of us here are what you termed as "cannon fodder".๐Ÿ˜

    15. @144K
      You're damned right I am hard to please. I'll be pleased once I'm restored and on board an alien starship.

      And considering we're constantly being attacked by the darkies, without any weapons....whilst the light forces are in their safe, cozy ships....we're cannon fodder.

  2. In my humble opinion, the month of May can be very well a trigger for which the Event can be triggered, it has strong astrological connections.. in fact Cobra already said that at the time of the collapse of the financial system, it will be the last thing to happen before of the Event, Fulford said in his reports that members of the Rotschild Family are considering surrendering in June at the time of the coronation of King Charles III and that the US corporation only has money to pay for the show until July.
    The ascension portal will close in 7 July 2025, August 11, 1999 was when the light forces were expecting the galactic super wave, as you know something happened in 1996 which obviously stopped that, so July and August as well are great triggers, if the event happens on the orientation date in 2025 the super wave that will move the poles when the human mass is removed, it should happen in 2027 due to a rare total planetary alignment of our solar system that will occur
    "Based on the intel I have, I can make an educated guess and speculate for two possible scenarios. The first scenario predicts the Event in 3-15 months timeframe from now and then a fast transformation of the surface human society until the Galactic Pulse in 2025"
    "That central point is remarkably close to the exact date of the solstice Sun / Galactic equator alignment. Astronomer Jean Meeus has calculated that this alignment occurred in May 1998. Smelyakov has refined that date to May 7th, 1998"
    "The Pleiadians have communicated to me that the exact date was May 17th, 1998. This is the day when the destiny of this planet was decided and when the Light forces knew for sure that the Ascension plan will be successful."
    "The relationship between 2020 and 2025 and how the Event ties into all this needs to remain veiled for now. The only thing I can say is that the full Moon of May 7th (Wesak Full Moon of 2020) is the trigger through which Archangel Metatron will activate our Solar System into an Ascension portal connected to Galactic Center, with the exception of sublunar space and planet Earth itself, which still need to remain buffered to a degree."

    1. I don't think the Event will happen before 2025.

    2. Hi LIBRA ♎ So I'll post a few more details of what I think this moment in May would be, obviously I don't know exactly what it would be, probably COBRA can give more details in the situation update along with notes from the April taiwan conference, of course I would like the event to happen as soon as possible hahahha, in my view about that part of April/May, it would be a Carrington type event or finally stable quantum insertion portal (no longer being sporadic) that would release a protocol for use Mjolnir technology individually :

      "One small hint, a Carrington type event is quite possible in the next two years"

      "With this improved energy dynamics, so called quantum insertion portals are beginning to open. These portals are quick and effective flashes of Light that reach the quantum field on the surface of the planet and may bring rapid improvement of situations on the surface. These portals are now still sporadic, rare and unstable, but are expected to improve. The Light Forces are developing protocols that would utilize those portals and using Mjolnir technology, they would like to make them useful for the surface Lightworkers to improve their life situations.

      Those portals are coming directly from the Source and theoretically speaking a quantum insertion portal big enough could even trigger the Event, although that is still very unlikely at this point."

    3. @Libra
      Does this mean we're gonna be rattled with ascension symptoms.....MORE SO? -_-;

    4. I do think the Event will happen before 2025.

    5. "On the astrological aspects therefore, Pluto is today in Capricorn which is favorable to the exposure of corruption. But Pluto will enter Aquarius on March 23, 2023. From that moment Pluto will be a double-edged sword that can bring light or also offer the possibility to the shadow to strengthen its dystopia through the influence of the world economic forum. In general, an end of the cycle of Pluto brings drastic changes in human societies."

      This sounds good because this double-edged sword will NOT happen, COBRA himself in his previous post (update) already reported that the SMALL RESET already failed before it started hahahahaha

      "Also, reliable sources agree that WEF style dystopian reset will not happen and will cancel itself out before it even begins:"

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    9. I intuitively believe it will happen before June of this year which puts it within COBRA'S projected guess between the
      3-15 month timetable that began the previous February of 2022.
      I truly feel and believe between now and May could very well be the best window of opportunity for The Event to manifest. So much progress has been made, albeit slower than anticipated... we're down to the ground level now. COBRA had stated during the Ascension Conference December 3rd and 4th in Paris that: "The situation around the planet is 80% cleared"
      My hunch is we're probably around 85% - 90% by now which if my hunch is right much has been accomplished within a four month period, plus the closer we get to The Event the faster everything accelerates. This of course is "my own" personal projection based on the Intel and my own observations and instincts.

    10. Didn't you read the apokalipse??? There are lots of things which must happend before


  4. Que paso con los seรฑores del Karma?

  5. Thank you! Victory of the Light! ๐Ÿ’–✨๐Ÿ›ธ

  6. Linear time is collapsing rapidly, now moment here we come! Lots of physical symptoms of emotional/energetic transmutation. Dearest Brothers and Sisters, we've been battered and deep fried in the darkest depths of duality.๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿค. Despite this nonsense lasting much longer than anticipated, we are so freaking close! Please keep the faith and hold on a little more. I get energy tingles feeling the immanent moment of final victory. Countless trillions of voices from all over the cosmos screaming as one at the moment of liberation! ♥️๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ†

    1. How much longer is 'a little more'?

    2. Sherman, I don't think anyone on Earth knows with certainty. I know this place can be beyond horrifying. I also know what it's like to not fit in your body. I was a woman in my most recent past lives. Being a man this time has been very awkward and lonely. I used to pray for death and cry myself to sleep every night 20+ years ago back in college. Thank God my worst days now are better then my best ones back then. A woman has haunted my dreams and visions for over 20 years. I hope she's real, but even the thought of being understood and loved in all my weirdness by someone has kept me going. I've let go of that ideal. I don't have control over meeting someone else. (Believe me I've tried...). All I can control is loving myself even if nobody else does. It's been a long painful road but I don't blame anyone else or myself anymore. Prayer and meditation has helped me. I send you love brother, may we celebrate soon!♥️

    3. @Cosmic
      I gotta be restored in THIS lifetime, for there will be NO MORE after this one for me, so the urgency to get restored and no longer be a man, nor a genetically raped monkey is of PARAMOUNT importance.

      And I'll never forgive the darkies for ANY of this....I want to rip out their wind pipes and beat them to death with the tonsil end.

  7. Is the casual body shock stated last update the LFs are clearing right now the same as the quantum shock of 1996?

  8. Excellent short interview. The Navy seems to be the main force behind all the disclosure for some reason. They're the ones talking to the media and Congressional hearings which have been ongoing. They're saying a little more all the time.

    1. A little piece of advice, stay away from CNN or any mainstream news for that matter. They always have an agenda. Even the UFO disclosure topic will be spun in a way to mislead people as to who they are, where they come from, and what their intentions truly are. They want to hijack the disclosure and spin their own narrative to it.

    2. Hold on a minute, you're telling me CNN lies? I know! You got to watch what the system says to read their moves. Every time they admit the truth, like covid lab leak theory, it means some shit is going down. It's also good practice to decode the propaganda, noticing how and why they subtly twist the message. It was interesting when Elon Musk began supporting free speech (at least in what he said) they suddenly started trying to make him look mentally unstable and a terrible business man. Very clever propaganda. They're good, they trick 80% of the population again and again.

    3. Not just lies.....

      ....but half truths, which are far more dangerous.


  9. I've seen it all.


  10. Che Sia Una Primavera Esplosiva di Luce, Amore e Benedizioni per Tutti!!! Vittoria della Luce!!! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’ซ๐ŸŒฌ♒✴ -

  11. Thank you so much. Let the Event happen this year!

  12. There's also a new plasma pad. I have the pen with the same gans (I believe.) Indeed fantastic. The new pens have no coil, just a vial of gans really, so the pad would be a bit better.

    Free energy demonstration. Pretty good for $3,000. Available in the store.

    I don't know what to think about the communication device. That's even crazier than electricity. I know people buy the large devices but don't share it in the group. Those with money and position don't tip their hand on the internet. Somebody is buying the ship for $10 million but they ain't putting that on Facebook. It would be cool to see a video though. Hopefully someone gets the guts to break the system.

  13. The 3.3.23 portal will be a time for all of us to help trigger a great wave that may trigger all we want. On that day meditate on what you want to see and believe it is so. A world full of love, joy and laughter! Don't work about a certain time. Spread the word worldwide and as often as you can meditate! Make it a day of change. I will also be fasting and asking my 1221 team to help. Spread the love light my brothers and sisters! Let's go!

  14. dear cobra and friends can someone state if the blood accidents that happens in a specific place in Greece has something to do with an orchistrated blood rituals or just a karmic wave of events that cause death to so many in this place? regards

  15. when is the event coming, i want all kinds of plastic to be removed but is hard to wait until the event comes, please someone tell me when they will get here so i don't have to worry about things like plastic anymore

  16. Let's goo!!
    We are holding the Light like the Lions, the Dragons and the Goddesses we are! ๐Ÿ’œ
    Shall the sheep stay asleep - WE ARE LEGION! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  17. At 5 in the morning I was woken up by someone who crashed outside (right on other side of wall). That is typical, that is when they take them. So there is a mark on the wall, he pushed the screen out of place. I know why he crashed right there and who he was. He was taken. What I'm not getting is what exactly is going on, there is something else going on and I'm not getting it. Which is fine. If you could pay for all the helicopters, all the men, how many get taken, etc, etc, it would cost heaps. I am just glad the White Hats have total control of this country! I was reading in Brazil(?) was it, now they must jab everyone on welfare getting a payment. They still do it in places! Jab them. OMG And red states get more jabs in America than other states. On and on all these crimes.

    1. I meant crashed on foot, he banged into my outside wall in a bam and woke me up, right next to me. Someone was after him, took him, and usually they don't leave traces. Otherwise I wouldn't be here to report on what they do. They won't leave it alone.

      And the airshow is on, but this year hardly any planes fly over Geelong. We can hear some loud stuff, but see nothing. We just can't see it anymore like before :(

    2. @psychic. Ask yourself why you attract that accident, I suggest. That's where useful information is present for you. Practical to apply. There are many here that are out of body, in clouds of make belief, and illusions.

  18. Another channeled message from Mathew Ward to his mom answering viewer questions and concerns about current worldwide events. For those who feel inclined to these communications.

  19. It´s amazing how the MSM and big platforms are releasing (or allowing) more and more information about the truth all the time, from a few weeks ago. Though nothing conclusive but constantly giving clues. People are not going to be able to ignore it anymore and probably are beguining to think about it, I know a few of them, though they´re not very open about it. So in a few weeks many of them will be coming to some conclusions, until they finally get it, and they won´t be happy about it (vaccines in special). It will be interesting to see how this process unfolds, but I think we´re finally going to see a significant awakening of the people. It depends also on how they dose these informations from now on, it seems to be well under the control of the white hats, who want it to happen at a certain rhythm

  20. A few days before March 1. just after the mass meditation of the goddess I participated. I found Elisabeth April's blog and her Youtube broadcast. I had a severe cold spell on me after a few days. My body temperature dropped below normal. Then just yesterday ( March 1.) there was the premiere of the Ison band on youtube which is less known but they make songs about space travel. Sadly I couldn't participate in the premier. What I feel is a bit of impatience impaired with stubborn endurance. The flashes of my visions come to my mind recently. They are about a demonic Earth where the demons( I don't know what kind of aliens so I just call them demons) take form as they, please. Time circles and for me, it took all my power to get out of those circles. At that time when this trippy vision happened I literally thought that I will vomit blood and I had to travel back to deal with my DNA as far as insects like ants. ( it is a very shitty feeling when your digestive system turns around). Then I had a recent trial on my reality but it is still pretty dark. As result, I lost some money ( I was scammed I think I was aware of it but I had to play it out as a test) nonetheless the karma will bite back and I will get back this loss. The struggle we all have is I think because the majority of the Earth is still sleeping. I tried to connect to people but I have difficulty reaching them on any platform. Maybe I just not meant to talk to people yet. But I know this is real. I got soo many signs that I can't deny it. I also seem to gain control over my hormonal process in my brain and my guts because if I stick to my partly self-invented diet I feel pretty high but not slow. Sometimes I can even slow down the time. I feel soo high that my hand feels like shaking and also my temperature drops. My hands are usually ice-cold. All this totally sober. ( my only drug is a single coffee in the morning) The fear and anxiousness I sense I think are not mine but the people's on my energy system. Maybe I am too connected to the collective. I just want to say that the GFL has my every support. By the way, on the goddess meditation, even my lamp went out. :D I had to change the LED lightbulb.

    Love and Blessings to you all!

    ( If you feel this message is for you contact me by e-mail: s-laura@hotmail. com. )

    1. Gosh, not even an awareness of what LED lamps do to one's system is present here. Is ita perpetual pyama party here?

    2. It sounds, when I read your comment, that you overreach yourself with an ambition that makes you very vulnerable to external energy.

      Unbalanced, too open. Your icecold hands show that you're not firmly in your body.

      Start eating meat for a while, just to help your Earthlanding, I suggest.

      We humans are present with our "I am" presence in our blood, see what I mean?

      We cannot manage that what comes from outside, when we don't manage first what's rising up inwards.

      It seems that you can benefit from walking away from becoming an alien to yourself, your friends and family.
      Dare to be a human being that experiences coming into your own. Here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. 18:18 seeing this update 8:10
    yesterday we have Venus jupiter conjunction and spring coming.
    life are rebirth with far more light energy in 2023 years.
    18.9 :something important are completely.
    and soon manifestation in whole spring season.

  22. Set the course in good time
    Use energy portals for the light - Apply higher dimensional energies for the side of the light. - Every light work helps the light forces.

    According to Cobra, a huge energy portal will open in late April/early May 2023; the strongest in decades.

    In his last message, Cobra gave examples of working with Goddess energy.

    More examples: Visualizations, meditations, mass meditations (at We Love Mass Meditation), working with Sacred Geometry (example: Flower of Life stickers).

    For example, Cobra once suggested visualizing money in personal transactions as luminous crystals to set it energetically for only positive purposes.

    Corona Masks suggested Cobra visualize as stillness for the Earth, which must always precede initialization.

    Personally, for example, I visualized bridges as bridges through which lightworkers working separately find each other. I sometimes reinforced this with sacred geometry, for example, the flower of life.

  23. Saludos COBRA..NEVA GABRIEL Acaba de publicar...mensaje URGENTE ...Del Comando Asthar...algo va a pasar en los prรณximos 12 dรญas..???

  24. recommended to replace WEEKLY "End of Coronavirus Meditation". no longer fit the current situation.

    Dear LF:
    Most countries have canceled epidemic prevention measures,
    and the weekly "Coronatte Virus Meditation" is recommended
    to replace it with other meditation that is more in line with the situation, such as:

    1.Divine Intervention Meditation
    2.Cosmic Central Race Meditation
    3.Flower of Life Meditation

    Thank you.

    1. It was interesting to see people who chose the same nickname as me, and I got the idea for the name from JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE, a Japanese anime.

      The weekly meditation on the end of the coronavirus still has some benefit, as some countries have not fully emerged from the shadow of COVID19, and the second half of this meditation contains a manifestation of a world of abundance, equality, peace, freedom, and love.

      However, I think if there is an open energy portal meditation in late April/early May it may replace the existing meditation.

  25. Thank you Cobra we hold the light and look forward to new earth!

    1. Hello DougJames VOTL, if I were you, I should look forward to a regeneration of life on Earth right now. A waiting game for happiness later is an illusional option. It's right where you are, what you long for. There's a cloud of illusion and unicorny expectations here, in commenters. Holding on to a grapevine that bears sour grapes.

  26. C'รจ confusione, disturbi mentali , fisici , stanchezza e cattiveria. รˆ una visione non pessimista ma realista. Ovviamente c'รจ anche del buono che sta emergendo ma abbiamo bisogno di veritร  ufficiale , che possa essere udita da tutti, anche dai trogloditi addormentati.

  27. The antichrist Yeshua is coming to reign with his Father, the Father of Lies YHVH, and usher in a New Golden Age during the Beast Empire during the last days. The Kingdom of the 7 Heads and 10 Horns of the Beast is rising, and with it, the false cries of freedom of justice will be heard universe wide as people clamor for the Harlot (the Deep State) to be beheaded as the Beast which she rode on rises to present itself as its savior. 7 Heads + 10 Hornes = 17. 17 is the letter Q, as in QAnon. From QAnon and their apparent just fight against the Harlot and her evils comes a greater evil than the Cabal has ever been. That evil is the Light Forces who become worse than the evil they crush.

    When all people of the world and universe rejoice as the coming Joy of the Luciferic light, will you stand with the Deceiver Satan who is known as the Great I AM THAT I AM? Or will you stand against him as a Tribulation Saint who stands for our Lord Jesus Christ, who will be persecuted by these same Pepe the frog and Punisher skull wearing jackbooted thugs with Blue Line American Flags on them? I know who I am going to stand for. God and his son, Jesus, does not fear the false copy, the antichrist Yeshua nor his father the Devil YHVH. Send the entire Galactic Federation of Light's armada of space ships against Jesus Christ the Lord and with an uttering of the word, Jesus will destroy the entire armada and bring fire upon the hordes of violent thugs who consists of the Dragon's army with them.

    1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
      idk man.. this is hilarious, but also really disturbing to think that people actually believe this kinda crap.
      my god, I really do have compassion for all who are so incredibly mislead. instead of celebrating the liberation you will be devastated as your world of lies is shattered.
      but some sadly are beyond reasoning and its their free will choice to be so stubborn about it.. its not like we didnt try..

  28. ๐Ÿ’ซ Ashtar Command - "Urgent Message to Surface Populations: The Next 12 Days" via Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL) - March 02 2023

    Ashtar Command has informed me that there will be an energy field alignment on the planet in the next 12 days, and this will raise energies stored deep within the physical and etheric Earth. There will be a mass of energy that will rise and emerge on the planetary surface. They ask that all Conscious Ones be of a high standard of mind, with good connections and actions, to assist the Earth in this process. Some areas of Earth may suffer from seismic stresses. Their intention in asking for good vibrations from the Conscious Ones of Earth is so that more and more intense upheavals are minimized.

    They keep asking for UNION and LOVE among all so that the work of releasing these old forces happens in the greatest harmony possible (considering still the planetary karmic remnants in dissolution). They are in a "rush" calibrating the Earth's magnetic field while several things happen at the same time and need us, the Federation representatives on the surface to, as antennas, sustain the greatest balance.

    That is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.
    For the truth, nothing but the truth.
    Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL) in transmission from the Ashtar Command

    Original Message:

  29. ✨ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ✨

  30. ❤️ Hello dear Light Beings!
    ๐ŸŒนTime has come for our 3rd World Spiritual Marathon
    ❤️4th of March 2023, at 2pm UTC ๐ŸŒน

    ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿฝ‍♀️ Why a Marathon? Because we will do a series of powerful spiritual exercises during a time frame which is, more or less, the time needed for an athlete to run a marathon. But instead of being exhausting, this might give you a lot of energy but it can also trigger some healing process for you and the Earth.

    ๐Ÿง˜๐Ÿฝ‍♂️ We apply very powerful and reliable protocols and work on protection, connection with I AM presence, Goddess return, dissolving implants, meditation for Peace, and triggering the so-called Event!

    ๐ŸŒŽ We propose a time slot which could be suitable for Americas (morning), Europe & Africa (midday) and Asia (evening), which is Saturday at 2 pm UTC. The next marathon is proposed on the 4th of March 2023, at 2pm UTC.

    ๐ŸŒŽ Details about this event are here :
    This time we are proposing you again a booster effect through the tachyon chamber. Please check the post for the details to benefit from this booster effect.

    ๐ŸŒˆ We broadcast the on-line event on the “Victory Of The Light” Youtube channel ➡️ and also on the “Let's Meditate for Planetary Liberation” Telegram chat group ➡️

    ✨ To have all information about these on-line events, we invite you to join the following Telegram chat group called "World Spiritual Marathon" :
    We are delighted to propose you such a powerful session to help Light Forces to bring humanity to the...

    ๐ŸŒŸ Victory Of The Light! ๐ŸŒŸ

  31. After many attacks to put me out of my work for the light, i am coming back and you will regret all of your actions, to all chimera!

    You will root in the non existence very soon, we will destroy you very fast, and i will be standing here alive after every one of you will be out of this planet.

    You can attack all of my planes of existence but i will always prevail.

    Good luck to resist more than a year.

    This message is for the little insects that are the chimera there little cowards of demons reptilians the invisible and so on that for all of my existence in this life are trying to destroy my energy and my life mission, you will soon regret all of it or not but soon you will see the power of light and life that will totally annihilate you!!!!!

    The light will hit so hard in this planet that you will not have the time to run very far.

    It's time for all lightworkers that have been attacked to be angry so angry that mentally they will not be able to possess you because of your will to resist.

    They are trying to make you believe there is no hope left and are activating all of there scalar devises to the maximum to put lightworkers down.

    Because they known very well that if we breach and understand a certain truth that the liberation is near, the energy and the consciousness of us lightworkers will totally be a treat to them, we will be way more actively working for the light and automatically weaken the matrix even more.

    They do not want you to feel that the light is breaching the matrix and soon is is finally here.

    They are scared of you!

    1. Wow! What a powerful comment!
      Kudos to you for prevailing and I like how it made you even more determined!!
      We need this warrior mindset!! Lets gooo!!
      For the victory of Light! ✨ ๐Ÿ’œ ✨

  32. It's too hard to keep up with what's happening at the moment. It's very bad. I suggest listening to Byington ( on March 3. Only 20 mins, she really gets in it later, just get through the first bit.

    Also, just as they used Remdesivir in the US, they used a drug called Midazolam in the UK to kill anyone who had a slight cold, usually old people. They just killed them. That's what the nurses were busy doing.

  33. To Move Beyond Duality Is To Ascend

    When one goes beyond duality, one can ascend.

    The reason for so many extreme mind-patterns coming forth within one who is going beyond duality is to keep one entrapped within duality. This is why one who is closer in potential to ascending could see oneself as being psychotic. It's not psychosis though. It's 'the matrix' trying to keep one within duality, using more and more extreme polarizing self-events to try to keep one within the confines of duality. Being aware of this is helpful in surpassing duality.

    Regarding feelings, with any unwanted feeling that arises within oneself, no longer judge the feeling as negative. Perceive the feeling as undefined, outside of duality.

    Increasingly, no longer label experiences, but instead perceive experiences as undefined. There are of course scenarios where this will be very difficult, such as when being in mortal danger, but most people are not in mortal danger.

  34. Dear Cobra, can you please explain what changes are we expected to see in our reality once the primary anomaly is removed from the causal planes. Thank you

  35. I came across this message and was so surprised! I was just surprised to see it. Called "Fall of the Archons" and very accurate right now.

    1. lol dude, you know this is a 1 to 1 exact copy of Cobra's original article from 2012 called "the fall of the archons" made into a video. It's kinda sad that they don't give credit, but to be honest I think we can be happy to see the truth being spread even more! This is also a rather recent upload from 2 days ago AND the channel has almost 500k subscribers!! ๐Ÿ’ฅ

    2. Yeah, I already wrote them an email, kindly asking to mention him as a source in the video description.
      However I fear, that they are kinda just jumping on the bandwagon with the main intent of making money with stolen content related to the liberation.
      I honestly doubt that any of their content is truly original..
      But yeah, this is the state of the world, how can we expect much more?!^^

    3. I doubt the owners of this channel will do anything unfortunately. They just steal stuff I think. I was just so surprised to see it, and that is the only reason I shared it. Yeah, there should be more fame for Cobra but I think he does it for other reasons.

      I will watch out for other stuff going up there. It is kinda deep.

    4. p.s. I'm not a dude, girl here. But I don't actually read this blog properly...I only read a bit here, a bit there, as I feel.

    5. @psychic
      oh I'm sorry, my bad! ๐Ÿ˜˜

  36. I usually try to avoid the Enki stuff. But this is interesting.


  38. Oggi 4 marzo sono completamente scollegato. Il fisico รจ presente, la testa รจ come se fosse su un'altro pianeta. Faccio le cose come se fosse inserito il pilota automatico , sono comunque calmo e distaccato. Credo che la ragione sta nel fatto che in questa giornata qualcosa di molto potente sta succedendo nel campo mentale superiore. Sono giorni cruciali.

  39. Interessante canalizzazione di P1 da G. Raio Lunar

  40. ใ‚ณใƒ–ใƒฉๅ‰ๅ›žใฎ่จ˜ไบ‹ใง็งใŒๆ›ธใ่พผใ‚“ใ ใ‚ณใƒกใƒณใƒˆใซ่ฟ”ไฟกใ—ใฆไธ‹ใ•ใ„。็งใฏๆ นๆœฌๅ‰ต้€ ไธปใ‚’็›ฎๆŒ‡ใ—ใฆใ„ใ‚‹้ญ‚ใงใ™ใ‚ˆ。

  41. NATO and the UN were going broke. Broke! This is such good news. They are all bankrupt. The White Hats U.S. Military have declined to support NATO against Russia. So now we have to worry about the toplet bombs etc, all the stuff the Pleiadians are taking care of. Because the New World Order seems defeated. Although we don't hear it, yet, but it is. No one is selling oil to the US, and no one uses the US fiat money.

    The fake Deep State Mainstreet Media were collapsing! They're in free fall. The Rockefellers were trying to control the world by forcing everyone to use their oil, and now central bank currencies but it won't work. The world is going to cut off the Rockefellers by refusing digital currencies they produce, and the US financial system is imploding.

    1. @psychic, I remember when secretary of state john kerry under obama was pushing for open war against syria and many US military put there pictures online with a sign in front of their faces saying they would not back islamic state in a war. It was a good sign and I hope enough of them say no to this current cabal attempt at ww3. Jesse waters and tucker carlson on fox news have been talking about global conspiracies. One guest mentioned the died suddenly documentary and how as the info was coming out about the shots and covid agendas that russia v ukraine started and how it was not a coincidence. Cabal agents on both sides started it and any russian patriots were pushed into it. US patriots should say no.

    2. Excuse me, I don't read your comments @longstar. I got enough harassment from you elsewhere and go away.

    3. No one is selling oil to US, as US is the producent and seller, why would they but sth. When they produce more than they need ???? US is exporter of pรณล‚ not importer....

  42. The third phase of phase transition is called Bubble Elevation phase. This phase sees the thermal flux from the Galactic Central Sun rising exponentially, with more and more Bubbles of Heaven actively forming and matrix society actively collapsing, until the thermal flux peaks at the moment of the Event.


    my guess is we are now entering the 3rd phase of the transition from matrix society to galactic society process.....matrix society actively collapsing now - as seen on matrix tvs everywhere - on the streets - in the fields - in the forests - on the mountains - in the waters-in the trees and plants and creatures of lovely mother earth.....

    as the chrysalis leaves the dorm and the next world is born.....

  43. Please, don't reach above the level of where your senses can extend, by using mental force.

    Much in the New Age community is entirely delusional, floating in a make belief paradise that is a bubble, easily bursting once reality hits it.

    For those who dare to awaken inside, not waiting for a mommy or daddy to do it for them, even a gray mom or dad, or a human being dressed like a Nordic white, or black Nubean shaman, here is what awakening is for this family:

  44. Disney Downfall
    Save The Children
    Liberate the human spirit