Sunday, April 29, 2012

World Liberation Day - New Update

Video for World Liberation Day:

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Drake's explanation about World Liberation Day. Listen to the interview from 35 to 37 minute mark:

It still needs to go viral!


  1. Cobra, here is the audio clip of the question and answer in which Drake discusses World Liberation Day.

    Drake Audio Clip: World Liberation Day 5/5/2012

  2. Hi there, Cobra!

    Perhaps this comment should be posted elsewhere, but i chose the latest post in order to get your attention. I have a few questions that i need you to answer so that I can be 100% sure of your intentions and spread the word on 5/5/12 day :) So here it goes:

    1)Fulford has been talking about this new economic system for over 4 years now, Wilcock for about 6 months. Both of them have stated several times that it will be based on "basket of equities", not fiat currency. Why such a change of plans? Why is it now backed by "Yamashita gold"?

    2)If financial system is based on gold, value of money and its purchasing power relies on value of gold. If tremendous amount of gold is suddenly introduced to the world, value of it falls dramatically. So does the purchasing power of individual. How will this be prevented?

    3)Investigation by David Wilcock "Financial Tyranny" concludes that US dollar is already backed by gold, but on a very secretive basis. How will the new system be any different?

    4)If money supply is tied to a fixed resource (Yamashita gold), there is no possibility to increase money supply with increase of economy. This leads to inflation being built into the financial system. How will this be prevented?

    5)Can you name a single case in the history of economics when a gold -backed financial system has actually benefited the mid-level society and below? I do agree that "money with built-in debt" system is insane, but "gold backed currency" has always resulted in pretty much the same.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. This will all be explained once the arrests happen...spread the word regardless...namaste :)

    2. 1) The new financial systme will be backed by Yamashita gold only initially. Then other commodities wil be added to back up the new system

      2)Yamashita gold will not be traded in open markets. They will not be flooded with new gold and the price will not fall.

      3) The new system will be transparent, the current one is not.

      4) See my answer no. 1

      5) No previous financial system was fully transparent, this one will be and will NOT benefit upper class only.

    3. Einars,

      Cobra is exactly, dead-on, bulls-eye correct in his number 5 answer.

      Financial systems of any kind on our planet have ALWAYS been corrupt. ALWAYS.

      The new system won't fail simply because corruption will not be allowed to exist.


  3. Got this one from Sophia Love:

    What do you think? Trying to get her some better quality photos but I really like the message!

    1. Yes, great message. There's a unique appeal to all of the videos. It's great to see this meditation take off all around the net. People are inspired and ready to take our power back.

      I had a beautiful encounter with a coyote in the last couple of days. His message was that of Death and Rebirth. A hummingbird followed up shortly afterwards with her joyful song of unlimited possibilities.

      I sense that from now on, things will never again be the same ... in a very very good way.

      We are blessed.

    2. ~I AM Love~ Interesting hummingbird animal totem information...

  4. In our Visualization of arrests
    starting at the top of the pyramid..

    World Monarch

    Crown Council of 13
    (world's richest, most powerful families)


    Committee of 300
    (world's richest,most powerful sub-families)

    Think Tanks

    (Trilateral Commission,UN,CFR,Bilderberg Group,Club of Rome
    Royal Institute of International Affairs)


    World Financial Control

    (Central Banks,Tax Revenue,Interest Revenue)

    3 levels below is where we are

    I will not visualize arrests on anyone that was forced into this

  5. Extreme Super Moon on May 6th

    ..."What makes this event stand out is not the distance that it gets, rather the timing.

    At 3:34 UTC, the Moon will be at full moon syzygy. Then only TWO minutes later, at 3:36 UTC, the Moon will be at its closest point, a perigee at roughly 356,900 km. I looked back at other Super Moon data and cannot find any closer than that timing-wise, remarkable!..."

  6. Dear Cobra,

    is the article about how to wake up fellow humans still at plan?

  7. Cobra,

    The earth liberation countdown timer is pure awesome. Earth Liberation Day wohooo! Gonna be funny when the time comes when the cabal gets those funny little smirks wiped off their faces haha... namaste all :)