Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Compression grid maximum physical saturation point reached


  1. Great News...Compression breakthrough next?? Maybe the Event will happen soon...No World War III today.

  2. Okkkeyy,

    sooo, does it mean I should better stay at home tomorrow? :)


  3. this sound as a very good news ! Thank you, V

  4. Compression Breakthrough

    What is Cobra?

    COBRA is a codename for compression breakthrough. The surface of planet Earth is compressed in a sandwich. Light forces of the Galactic Confederation are advancing from the sky downwards toward the surface of the planet. Light forces of the Resistance Movement are advancing from the underground up towards the surface of the planet.

    The surface is thus subjected to the pressure of Light and dark forces of the Cabal have nowhere to hide. They can not escape via wormholes, stargates or teleportation chambers into space. They can not use space vehicles of any official or secret space program. They can not dig holes and bunkers deep underground and hide there. They can not even hide on lower astral plane anymore.

    The ongoing process of compression means that Light will expose everything that is hidden, collectively and individually. When Light from above and Light from below meet right on the surface of the planet, this is the moment of compression breakthrough. That occurrence is called the Event. The Event includes, but is not limited to mass arrests of the Cabal. Rather it is a multidimensional trigger event that starts the process of entering into the long-awaited Golden Age. With darkness removed, humanity will be able to co-create its own future...


    1. Victory, thank you for this review.

    2. Thanks, that explains alot of inner stuff for me - fitting pieces together. (^_^)

  5. This is my third time trying to comment here. The software seems to be trying to block me.

    Last night on radio Gordon Duff was proclaiming an alien invasion happening NOW with American and Chinese armies involved in "defending" Earth. Reminds me of Wernher von Braun's warning that a fake alien invasion was planned to help instill a one world dictatorship (aka One World Order). I would love to hear your comments on this topic, Cobra!

    I wish I could attend your conference in Austin, Texas next month but unfortunately I am far from being able to afford it. I hope you have a great experience here!

  6. When the fear of losing hope causes you to not question...you have been manipulated. I pray and pray for all of you everyday. I pray and help those around me everyday. Stay strong to all, and at the bottom of all of this...we are all wrong, every single one of us, this has been allowed to happen because of hope and because of an unwillingness to question and give away your own power. No one can stop what is coming, and no one can change what is coming. You cannot change divine, you cannot change truth, you can only witness it. Take care of yourselves, use your visualizations to help those around you, not the Cabal. May you all find the true light and true freedom where there is no need to look for a message or a messenger, everything just is, there is no truth until the very end. There are only forks in the road and the people ahead of you on this path try and tell you which way is better...the only one that is true is the path you choose. No heroes, no idols, no messengers...just you and a path.

    This is your soul and your energy...do with it what you please, it is free will, but it is not an excuse to be reckless. You may find yourself soon, saying MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE! Time isn't after us...same as it ever was.

    I am from the Sun, I am here to witness...may the light bless you during these morning hours of your awakening. Please when an event happens, do not be mesmerized, make sure you question to make sure they are of light...remember this is what everyone wanted...be strong, be patient, be love, be light, just be yourselves.

  7. Love love love.
    No escape.
    They drown with love.

    Light up

    Love all

  8. Mama Earth has been wrapped in Spanx, compression can be a good thing. :)

  9. *chills*

    Thank you RM, we are ready to do our part !

  10. http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/space-weather-update-big-sun-diving-comet-discovered

    this resonated. could this possibly be the second sun or the red kachina on its way?

  11. I may be skeptical about the spirit side of things, but I can feel change in the air, change will be good.

  12. Thank YOU Cobra!!
    I knew it. During the last group meditation, I was bombarded with tremendous energy waves.... so I found myself hovering above the Earth with a group of beings. We were making " rainbow light fountains" and sending them to Earth, and all over the SOLE system....

    I wish everybody to be embraced by THESE LIGHTS!!!!

  13. Was just wondering if the RM will be giving a 'green light' for the Event. Maybe Cobra will address this in his post on the topic after the 7th October.

    1. Yeah, mid-October seems like prime time Astrologically for shifts. Saturn in Scorpio is coming, and it's a powerful energy.


    2. IAL,I'm getting this exiting feeling...
      You know I've been saying it often...I keep seeing 44,144
      now I see it in the weirdest places and labels, I hope to know soon what it all means.Yay!October is just around the corner :)

    3. thanks for the vid nectar cycle - he does a great job of making it understandable 'for everyone':) I'm all down for October !

      @Prosperity - that's an awesome feeling & messages then ! Go green baby ! For myself, I haven't gotten that 'IT' feeling yet. Numbers have always been important to me too, but my guess is that Mama Gaia will speak to me through her animal creatures. They've been quite profound in their messages lately.

  14. This had huge relevance/resonance for me. So I'm sharing it with you:


    1. I usually don't have the patience to sit through and listen to a 24 minute video, but I took the time with this one, not "understanding" it all but "osmsosing" what resonated with me. The part that struck me most was that it takes "only one" human to get this started.

  15. iam sick of waiting on things to happen.......if the aliens did care they would crash the stock market and let us be free.....ive been following this stuff for a while now and nothing ever seems to happen all i hear is ww3 and threats from one county to another when is this all gonna end..... im sick of living in this prison with false promises

    1. I can understand that feeling,
      but I suggest, you do not blame it on "the" aliens,
      unless you had personal contact to an alien
      and he/she let you down and it was clearly his/her "fault".

      In the later case, I'd understand,
      why you would blame that one said alien.

      I for one I'm not certain, if it would be the best approach,
      to start by "crashing the stock market" in order to liberate
      or if such would bring avoidable atrocities.
      Other preparations may be required.

      Most of us could not be certain about any current alien presence,
      and about what kind of things are going on outside our limited sphere of perception...

      Maybe, we are not yet ready/have not yet created the required conditions...

      How hard ever it may be,
      it is probably better to go about making things better ourselves
      as good as we can,
      rather than to wait and blame others.

    2. @Adam Va,

      Nothing world-changing ever happens instantly. Adding your intention/mental energy to this effort in a constructive way, with positivity. Transform your doubt by meditating on what you want, instead of what you don't have.

  16. i m not trying to blame others.....i just want out of this hell.........this is not life.... i have little to no motivation anymore...i wish these aliens would just come down and show us there here or even show me that there here in the skys when i look up......anything to show me proof.....i go around and spread the good message that things are coming to an end and they all look at me if im crazy even my own gf does not believe me or even my family they think im on drugs... im starting to question myself if im crazy i want to love and create positive feelings....i have no friends that believe in this NOONE i feel alone and trapped.....it sucks....sometimes i think itll be easier to kill myself but im stronger then that all i want is a roof over my head and food in my belly and that is starting to fall........i never thought i would be depressed like this ive read on acension symptoms and i got them all nothing happens around me so i feel im stuck ....i dont know what to beleive anymore :(

    1. If it helps, there are thousands of us who are in the same position. Knowing in our hearts that a huge change is imminent, yet we don't know when it will happen.

      I completely understand why you feel that you are "crazy" when you try to talk about this with your loved ones. I have found that the best strategy is to remain informed, but not to push the info onto my friends + family, and to keep my everyday life in relative order.

      You should still KNOW that The Event will occur, and remind yourself of it every day. Do the Weekly Meditations as described by Cobra and empower yourself. Don't give in to negativity and defeatism. You're way stronger than that.

    2. I get it.

      Lets look at it from a worst case scenario.
      As far as I'm prepared to such at the moment.

      Assuming, we could not survive, that would kill us anyways
      - no need to do that ourselves and take away the guilt
      from those who would like to see us dead...

      Killing oneself is kind of becoming a tool of those
      who want us dead, but still want to claim to be innocent...

      But things can sooner or later take other kinds of turns
      as well and it can be useful to be alive then,
      be it to interfere, to learn or to experience the new times...

      You can die later on, if you still want to,
      but it may be harder and more time consuming
      to come back to living ... once you're dead.

      You wrote, "i dont know what to beleive anymore".
      Why do you need to believe anything?
      Why not simply admit, that you do not know,
      when that is the case?

      You may get to estimate some things as more probable than others ..., perhaps.
      And you may get to change your estimation,
      possibly several times.
      So what?

      I suggest to be as truthful, as you possibly can,
      especially to yourself.
      I don't think, that would involve any kind of condemnation
      - just look at the things as they are ...
      I don't mean the scenario a TV screen would want to make you believe,
      but the real things surrounding you.
      Such could of course also include a TV screen
      - maybe an unplugged one, ;-)

      The truth shall set us free.
      Don't shy away from the truth,
      but keep on looking, looking, looking, ...
      till you find out ...

    3. Adam,

      Get a hold of yourself bro - YOU have the power to shift yourself into Joy right this second if you make the choice to do so.

      Use some easy to access tools to raise your vibration --- maybe choose some energy frequency videos from youtube that will help you -

      It's all about your frequency dude - when it drops we have depressing thoughts...When it is raised, our thoughts and emotions are optimistic and filled with love.

      MAKE A COMMITTMENT to set aside time every day to first raise your vibration, and then to maintain it.

      Here's a website to check out - see what catches your attention: http://howtoraiseyourvibration.blogspot.com/2012/08/mantra-to-strengthen-your-energy-fields.html

      I guarantee you that within a short period of time, you will have a built a strong foundation.

      Spend time in Nature. Listen, ask questions.

      Pray. Talk to an angel. Smell some roses.

      Love yourself.

    4. Adam, I was feeling this way the other day (actually the Sept 25 and 26)and thought that there wasn't anybody out that felt as I do. As if I was alone in all this and no is really seeing the truth of the matter. I do believe that I am personally from somewhere else in the cosmos due to a UFO sighting when I was about 4 and a memory of before I was born. Now my whole thing is that I feel as if I need to do something and quick but all the replies I get when I mention this is to relax and take as it comes, well I don't completely buy that, because anything that I have ever accomplished in my life as been with determination and will. Nothing has ever come easy for me and I doubt this is going to be any easier. So for me to sit back and take it easy is not really an option at this point, I will continue to question and keep in pursuit of what it is I'm suppose to be doing. Listen if you would like to get a hold of me join http://starseedhotline.ning.com/ and look me up Tony Quin. I would really like to hear more of how you feel, I believe me and you are one in the same.

  17. Very interesting dream this morning: I was with a group of people (I believe it included my two children, my husband, my mother, and at least one or two of my siblings, but exactly whom is a bit hazy), at night on the farm where I grew up. We were standing outside the house and were aware of some ETs, though that is also hazy as to how many crafts and what size. What I WAS aware of was a small craft that "parked" by our old walnut tree and someone - looked like any other human - got out of it. The others in the group were afraid but I told them that I felt no harm would come to us though we should demonstrate that we were friendly and carried no weapons by showing our open palms. When I extended my hands in front of me and opened my palms outward suddenly I began to emit very bright beams of light from them, beams that extended very far and lit the way for our "visitor" to make his way to us. There was no spoken communication but there was a telepathic exchange where I knew that this was a benevolent visit and that they were very happy to be there and find us. This being (he was male) was smiling as he approached our group.

    Unfortunately that is all I remember but the part that I was most taken aback by was my emitting the rays of light from my hands. So....... I will take the liberty of taking this dream as another good omen!

    1. Oh ya, this gave me waves of truth chills, Angelsea! And it aligns with a dream I had 2 days ago. I heard myself emit an amazing pure tone spontaneously when I saw a group of angelic ET's. I did this to show them that I was 'pure', that's the word that came telepathically. They recognized me by this sound! It was a very happy dream....
      Diane Lightbearer

  18. log(10) eh Cobra? We reached 100% after all! Looks like I knew somehow ;) Much love to you!

    I have one question about the event... funny that I already knew this weeks ago actually...

    How does one cross an asymptote approaching infinite?

  19. Maybe check this video out, it kinda lets you know that they are here and that they want us to know they are here.


    1. I did like that video,
      yet, it is still more the knowledge
      of the speakers and narrators, who claim to have had
      even direct contact with ETs...

      Maybe, they did,
      but I still have no conscious first hand experience with them.

  20. I have seen a saucer very close up, but it is the footage of the craft that so blatantly expose themselves in populated areas leaving more than enough time to be filmed that intrigues me.

  21. Event calls for cultural shift in news media

    A landmark meeting of citizens, journalists and advocates of positive news took place at the British Museum on Wednesday, reflecting an increasing demand for a more realistic balance of good and bad news.

    The Good News for the Media event, on 19 September 2012, drew more than 100 guests and included a panel of speakers featuring former BBC news presenter Martyn Lewis, Positive News editor Seán Dagan Wood, and founder of the Transformational Media Summit, Jeremy Wickremer.

    The event was hosted by Jodie Jackson, founder of What A Good Week – a website dedicated to collecting and sharing inspiring news stories. Opening the event she said: “I hear of so many people switching off from the news altogether because it’s so negative. I almost became one of them myself but decided instead to search for the positive things that are going on in the world, to get more of a balance.”

    Martyn Lewis spoke of how the ongoing Leveson Inquiry presented opportunities for examining and reshaping the culture, practices and ethics of our media. He suggested that in many stories, reporters could feasibly include a few lines about the work being done to tackle the issues they are writing about.


  22. I had lunch with one of Cobra's Internet friends today. If I had any doubts about Cobra (I didn't) I sure don't now! Wow!

    Wasn't sure who I'd be meeting, but its the first time I've met a stranger who felt like he was from my family! Kind of looks like my family too!

    1. OWK,

      Lucky you! I'm jealous...I must wait for a conference to come to Canada.I hope to meet you all! :)

    2. Wonderful, Obi-Wan - do we all have that "V" branded on us I wonder? Just curious.

  23. @Obi Wan Kabuki

    Methinks Cobra's the real deal!