Sunday, September 16, 2012

R13/8 complete. L0 radius: 1.4m.


  1. Namaste! Divine Love, Light, and Gratitude!

  2. POOF for SEPT 16: Revals in Offing and other stuff

    Posted By: hobie Date: Sunday, 16-Sep-2012 16:24:50

    Greetings and Salutations;

    Not much to say, that already hasn’t been said. The messengers on the internet have been banging away, shouting the blues of a changing world, where no one can figure out who the good guys and bad guys are, just ‘opinions’. So I’m going to post some links so you make some inform decisions as your pockets get filled and you pass thru the door way into the future;

    Now here’s the blow to the fed system and fiat money;

    Bernanke can’t print anymore because the owners of the fed had the plates melted down in china a couple years ago. Look at the dollar you have in your pocket, I defy you to find anything with date beyond 2010. The military knows this because they helped have all those printing presses taken apart around the world. and the machines melted down.

    Didn’t MK tell many of you, there’d be blood on the streets when this finally happened? Well don’t get your hair on fire now, as you see it happen. This is when you need calm resolve and a clear mind. Go to the sea or up in the mountains and let it all come together in clarity, the path you choose to walk as the new world manifests all around you. Even folks that know exactly what’s up in this world are tripping on themselves. What to do when the old world is disappearing and it can’t be recreated? Do a false flag like what just happen in the middle east and try and get the war mongering neocons back in office and try to get another war started. As eisenhower said as he left office all those years ago..’beware of the military industrial complex’. You’re watching them work ya right now, screaming..Patriotism!

    The stuff is flying in the atmosphere and no one is escaping the angst. Everyone has been warned but many try to make it different than what it is, the speeding up of the vibration of the earth.This earth is going somewhere and it’s being masked by energetic veils that are like holograms, soon it’s part and all humanity will see. You’ll look up and see two suns in the sky and we’ll no longer be on the edge of the milky way.

    That’s enough of that, stick a fork in me and plate me, I’m done.
    Have fun, see you later, out there in the new system of things.

    Love and Kisses, Poofness

    For those who missed the first actual confirmed photo of Cobra i have posted another color action photo here check it out.

    hurry before he delets this post :-)

  4. Here is a nice video about acoustic levitation:

    If anyone was wondering, this has said to be one of the methods used to assemble the Pyramids. Each stone in the pyramid is so close together, not even a human hair is able to fit in between them. Could it be that by using two equal opposing frequencies, that it makes the material (stone, water, etc) malleable because it is compromising its molecular structure?

  5. If I Loved You...

    I would sit and talk to you
    with my eyes.

    I would be the mirror, that allows you,
    to see yourself, moreover.

    I would reflect back to you, the energies
    that you emanate outward

    I would encourage you, to challenge me,
    to look ever deeper into myself.

    I would expand your horizons
    and engage the limitations
    of your beliefs.

    I would express honestly the fullness of my emotions,
    that you might, fell safe,
    to express your own.

    I would take full responsibility
    for my own state of mind,

    knowing, that I alone, am responsible for it
    and thus my own reality.

    If I could truly love you!

    Nothing else would remain.

  6. Wow!
    @this little light of mine - BRAVO!
    How would you like this, darling? that powerful light of yours!!!! Like it?
    I DO! Because I got electrocuted by YOUR wisdom and.... AAAHHHHH.... You're so romantic...

    By assuming that these are the words coming from A Goddess, (yes, women ARE more romantic ),
    I want to tell YOU - Thank YOU, my sister. Because of these words, tonight, I'll have sweet dreams...

    I wish YOU the same, and much more!!!!

    1. The Way

      There is only...

      The focus
      on the path.

      The path hidden
      in darkness!

      There is only...
      the guidance

      from within...

  7. Actually...I am a blend of the male and female energies. I feel them both, I understand both equally. Though I am sure some will say that I do not. Most on this site know that they are neither male nor female. They know themselves to be... "a being of light"... here to assist in the birth of a new consciousness... a new vibration ...the "ONE LOVE" that ~IAMLOVE~ speaks of so often. Many of us on this site have come here as System Busters... and it is time... the time has come... that we begin to recognize each other for who we are... and for what our purpose is. Thank you for your kind words.

  8. Release Points are at Hand…

    Gaia Energy Message for 17 Sept 2012

    Gaia has called upon all Earth-Ground Hue-mans to initiate release of all old-paradigm planetary grid points. This call has been heard and is to be initiated and manifested within the period of 9-16 to 9-22. The 9-22 Equinox balance fulcrum point is a critical date for speeding the release of all former paradigm structures.

    The tipping over into a full release mode occurs on the 9-22.

    Rapid release of these points requires concomitant raising of Hue-man consciousness, to rise above 3D-4D results of this release.

    “Sky is falling” scenarios may be attempted by some groups after the 9-22, however, general human consciousness has raised sufficiently to expose and defuse all such attempts.

    Gaia is now a Planetary Stargate, and will remain so until her final birth as a Galactic Star Citizen.

    1. Thanks 4 that info Victory.

      Can you (or anyone else?)explain what this refers to, so that I/we can take appropriate action?

      "Gaia has called upon all Earth-Ground Hue-mans to initiate release of all old-paradigm planetary grid points."


    2. Berkut

      I am guessing but here is my list of old-paradigm grid points to release:
      -thinking the government can solve our problems
      -trusting so called Hue-man authority (medical, news, financial, religious or etc...)
      -thinking we just need to try harder rather than open to the truth that is within each of us...

      We Are One with Source of All that Is...We Are the Mighty Victory of the Light!!!

    3. Personally I feel it means absolutely nothing!!

      This planet is already 4th density activated and nothing anyone will do is going to change that.

      Does anyone else feel like they are stuck in a reality TV show when they read this stuff???
      Maybe the news (we all know about that) sounds great but has no substance.

  9. Thanks for your updates and truth Cobra. The Archons information was very helpful in filling in a few gaps in a picture I had already otherwise painted. I'd recommend "Presence of other worlds", a book about Emanuel Sweedenborg, who charted the realms of demons, and the author of the book covering his writings puts it into perspective with his own work with psychotic patients and interacting with demons through them. A worthwhile read.
    Anywho, thanks again!
    KlaY ~

    1. -He also gave a wide vision of heaven and his interactions with Angels too mind you ;)

    2. archon [ˈɑːkɒn -kən]
      (Historical Terms) (Law) (in ancient Athens) one of the nine chief magistrates
      [from Greek arkhōn ruler, from arkhein to rule]

  10. UFO TV presents : The Archons - Alien Invaders from Space

    Due to Cobra's recent release of postings describing the Archons, I thought I would compile some additional information on these demented entities who access our world through our minds.

  11. The World's largest peace meditation is rolling around the planet on Friday. I thought you'd be interested.


  13. Hello, Cobrassss!!!!!

    Finally, I got time to see how everybody is doing?
    What's going on while I am away?
    And by accident ( here we go again ), I am opening the "wrong" page from Sept. 14th (?), and I then understood why I was led there? I had missed some very important comments about me.... and I missed the opportunity to thank THEM:
    IAML - The words "Thank YOU" is soooo childish compared to the energy YOU GAVE to me... Yet, I had to use them, until WE will learn to communicate telepathically - BY HEART... Do I have to tell YOU, that whatever I said came from MY HEART? naaaahhh... I know that YOU know...

    @ thislittlelightofmine - Hello, sweety!
    I heard that The Arcturians, ( all of them), ARE like that- no gender. May be YOU are ONE of them!
    Just kidding.... though, that could BE the case.
    Take care of your "mysterious" self. ( I'm sure you know I'm joking...)


  14. @HeyAngel

    Arcturian I may be... but many on the blog know me as having a definite gender.

    I enjoyed your perception rather deliciously.

    You are not the first on this blog to "feel" my Feminine side as dominate.

    Actually I think I am in Love with you, over your comment... if that does not disturb you... or wrinkle any of those beautiful Angel feathers.

    Will you tell me the energy behind your name choice,if there is a story to tell?

  15. @thislittlelightofmine, hello!
    It seems that I have to ask you to forgive me... please.
    When I said, "You could be ONE of them"... I ment -AN Arcturian. I would never allow myself to make jokes about somebody's gender, or sexual orientations. What I care DEEPLY is-what kind of heart the person has?!
    Now, regarding of my name choice. Here is the "Story".
    "HYE ANGEL" is the name of our business (still in progress to start).
    "HYE" pronounces like Hi, or High. And that's how WE- Armenians call ourselves.

    And the last thing, darling. Sorry, but I have to disappoint you... I'm 58, my SON! So, you did NOT disturb me at all. YOU made me proud, and happy. Thank YOU!
    With the purest Love-SUZAN.

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  17. Greetings Cobrassss!!!!!

    I just signed up for an exciting free event that you’ll want to know about: Birth 2012 Activation Week, which begins September 22.

    It’s got an amazing roster of some of my favorite leaders like Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, don Miguel Ruiz, Jack Canfield, Gregg Braden, Lynne McTaggart and 25 others.

    They have all come together in a shared vision to make the end of 2012 a breakthrough time of positive change, culminating with a global Birth Day celebration on December 22!

    It’s an wonderful vision of 100 million people joining together globally, in thousands of hubs with millions of acts of generosity, celebrations, rituals, broadcasts, festivals, global songs, and more.

    Activation Week is to get us all inspired to be co-creators. You can get the details here (along with an inspiring video!):

    Together We can do this!!!

    Warm regards, Victory

  18. The writer of HOPEGIRL2012 has placed a "CALL" for us, Beings of Light, in her most recent article, "THIS IS HOW WE FIX THE WORLD" to submit our ideas/intuitions/knowledge on fundamental ways that we, as a society, will implement change as the abundance programs are released. This is a public request and 9/24 is her deadline date for responses.

    Furthermore, she claims that she has been requested to do this task and the results will be implemented by those who have the abilities to do so.

    "Please know the information you submit will be taken very seriously. The most I can say now is that, through Divine intervention and your input, your response to these questions will be presented to entities in charge of implementing these changes. Your help is needed and your response to these questions has been asked for. In addition your input will be posted here on this blog for people to see."

    Thank you for your consideration.

  19. Did anyone experience a time slip last night around 12:15 am (PST) - US West Coast? After midnight, so September 18. I'm curious to see if others had the experience or if it was just me. I got the feeling that it might have been timeline related. I don't think I experienced any missing time. For a fraction of a second everything went black and all of a sudden I had the feeling that I zoomed back into my body (similar feeling to astral projection) and found myself repeating the task I had just accomplished before this happened. I almost missed this, but then thought, “Wait a second… I just did this!” and I was repeating the same task from the beginning. It was highly unusual.

    I posted this in a Facebook group I belong to and so far I heard from two others on the East cost. One woke up at the same time, and another had a deja vu.

    1. I experienced a similar incident in the past...and it jars one into a new belief about reality. This time I was asleep. Wish it had happened to me again

    2. We live in an illusion so reality is only a state of mind.

    3. Is there anything that is not a state of mind?

  20. A Faded Piece of Papyrus Refers to Jesus’ Wife

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A historian of early Christianity at Harvard Divinity School has identified a scrap of papyrus that she says was written in Coptic in the fourth century and contains a phrase never seen in any piece of Scripture: “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife …'”

    Professor Karen L. King, in her office at The Harvard Divinity School, held a fragment of papyrus that she says was written in Coptic in the fourth century and contains a reference to Jesus' wife.

    The faded papyrus fragment is smaller than a business card, with eight lines on one side, in black ink legible under a magnifying glass. Just below the line about Jesus having a wife, the papyrus includes a second provocative clause that purportedly says, “she will be able to be my disciple.”

    The finding was made public in Rome on Tuesday at an international meeting of Coptic scholars by the historian Karen L. King, who has published several books about new Gospel discoveries and is the first woman to hold the nation’s oldest endowed chair, the Hollis professor of divinity.

    1. An interesting week for the Vatican … along with the legal suit presented by Kevin Annett & the International Common Law Court of Justice.

      From my perspective, the significance of this papyrus is that it goes beyond a previous reference to Mary by the resurrected Jesus, when he emerges from the cave. He finds Mary weeping and asks : "Woman why are you crying" - with the word used capable of being interpreted as both wife and woman.

      This document seems to indicate that the language used is indisputable in it's translation to mean 'wife'.

      I thought that this could have significance as possibly being a step towards the Vatican's “Disclosure” of the true role of the Magdalene, but looking a bit further, it is seeming less likely.

      The choice of entrusting Karen L King with this precious fragment was an interesting one, especially when seen in the light of John Lash's review of her book, The Gospel of Mary of Magdala, excerpted here :

      King's book is an outstanding piece of scholarly exegesis on her chosen text, but an extremely narrow and misdirecting treatment of Magdalene. If the Gnostic Jesus is a messenger of enlightenment, not a messiah whose suffering redeems the world, the suffering attributed to the figure of the penitent whore may hold a different meaning. Regardless of what scholars think, Mary of Magdala carries a mystique that surpasses textual and historical discussion. This woman is numinous. In King's work what might be called the mythic dimension of Magdalene's personality (in Jungian terms, her archetypal power) has been demolished, along with the Gnostic and Pagan background against which she can best be measured.

      From what I have gleaned from the review, King is promoting a view that Mary's importance stems from being 'the first woman apostle', rather than giving significant consideration to any relationship beyond that disciple and teacher, having existed between Mary and Jesus.

    2. It really is nice to see something surface regarding Mary M and the true role of woman and spirituality.

    3. Jesus Cites Wife in 4th Century Papyrus, says US Scholar

      Thanks to Phillip and Alice C

      Stephen: Jesus talked about his wife Mary Magdalene – and their daughter and son – on An Hour With an Angel on January 16, 2012;

      At the time, he told Steve Beckow: “Yes. My wife and (daughter) Sarah, (son) James, my brother Joseph, and a retinue of disciples who would attend to the family went to France. Andrew as well. The life was very simple, and very quiet. The Magdalena in many ways retreated. But Sarah did not, for she moved amongst the people, and she embraced them. And they embraced her as well. And she is the one who carried the lineage”.

      So you ‘heard it here first’ folks, to use the old saying… and now it’s on London’s The Guardian newspaper… and a Harvard Divinity School video. And another truth simply ‘pops’ into the Light!

  21. I love all of you BTW! I'm still here! ONE LOVE!

    1. Thanks Joko, back atcha, lol! I've been quiet too! Amazing what extra sleep and time spent outside with the horses can do for one's energy fields! But I do love catching up on everyone's posts. Who's going to the Laguna Conference?? Rob tells me there are plenty confirmed...who are you all?

  22. Hey Diane

    I will be there... but, I will have to leave this body behind.
    Wish it were not so. 2000 miles is still an issue for me... sadly.

    Sure hope it sells out... its going to be awesome.

  23. Yesterday I got on your site and found this AD:
    "Why I changed my vote"
    it was a 4:51min. video of people who voted for Obama in 2008 and who now say that they will not vote for him in 2012; there are unemployment statistics given; i could not bring myself to finish watching the video, so i do not know whether or not all the people stated that they will be voting for ROMNEY or whether they will not vote or what. I strongly feel that the statistics given are probably wrong, and that someone needs to investigate the reason and source for this video. I am shocked that it appeared on COBRA's site. I even suspect that someone may have hacked into his/her site and installed it. 1 minute ago i again went to COBRA's site and the video is NOT THERE!!! Instead there is some kind of solar AD by "verengo." These are evidently ADs but that one about not voting for OBAMA has GOT TO GO! .....Love to you, Beverly

    1. Once you open your page for ads, you can't decide what is gonna appear. Let's not make a mountain out of a molehill...

    2. Beverly,
      Try and center, these ads are based off of nothing in particular. It may be based off of key words, similar how google picks up words from your email, and finds like ads to run non stop in front of your face. Dig deep and get passed all of the distractions in front, and see the stars behind the clouds that are always there. We must all know deep within us, the loving way, the right way. A way without fear, a way with total trust in your light and power, you may stray but never forget, and never fall without getting back up. We must get lost to find our way. All the love in the world is for you, be your light! ONE LOVE

  24. Hi everyone,
    Eiya and I have been keeping a low profile for the last month. But we have been following some of the threads on here referring to DNA activations, which has inspired us to write and share a blog on the subject of DNA Activation, Regeneration and Longevity.

    We would love to hear any feedback as this is a work in progress and we are here to share what knowledge we have with you. This work has been very profound for us and we would not be able to move forward without the internet and all of you that have provided the information and links that have helped us. Many of you may not realize what role your posts play in others lives and I would like to give you some recognition.



  25. More info on archons here, gnostic texts from Nag Hamadi texts (dead sea scrolls)

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    2. Gnostic texts make a reference to a certain "error" or anomaly to explain the origin of the Archons (Draconians?, Annunakis?, Orion Empire?). I wonder what that was and why it was permitted. A theory says they refused to go back to the light, are stuck in Astral planes of planets they visit and feed-off of negative energy. But why was this allowed? Cosmic free will or as a Catalyst for us to learn to chose between postive and negative polarities? What do you think?

    3. check this out Lozion, it's interesting reading :)

    4. No mistakes in my opinion, just experiments with growth scenarios. Maybe earth is a kindergarden planet and some overseers want a tighter regime, others a more relaxt regime for the todler souls. What's best? Who knows? Eventually all learn to play with the building blocks of love, knowledge and power and move on to a high school planet and act as if kindergarden never existed.

    5. Archons exposed~

      btw still expressing love <3 even though there's a lot of problem inside and outside of me..


    6. @ lozion....... I think you are correct free will to choose is part of this process. There are some explanations that might resonate for you? First I would say the universe is a mighty mystery and is not all run by anthropomorphic beings. So our perspective is based on our identification with our earthly shells and physical vehicles and not the light expansion growth of spirit inside the form. We are attached to how we grow and our view based on our material understanding.

      We have been having a very difficult time here and suffering greatly due to several complex political situations (genetic manipulation, Maldek, etc etc) in our solar systems history and the fedrarations handling of our growth process. With this dispassionate view of long-term soul growth in mind the fedraration of planets still must respect the freewill of the people of other worlds who seek to enslave us as well as the people of earth. Even though we have been manipulated and fooled into helping create our own prison.

      Free will is allowed for those of what the mystery schools call the left hand path. The law of one calls this service to self as opposed to service to others. In the teachings of Eckankar from The Venusians. this lower or limited force can reach enlightenment or ascension and does provide a purpose in creation. This purpose can be seen as stimulation to growth. This group is called the Kal force and is part of the duality of the material plane and is even part of the lower Astral plane.. Obi wan Kanowbi calls it the dark side.

      These forces or archons have been allowed influence here by higher dimensional beings that regulate this access. Though at this time we are still under quarantine and all access to earth cannot be completely controlled for various reasons. The federation is now imposing a galactic codex to restore our freewill.

      The only way these archons or can have influence is to clandestinely with very clever subtle sophistication get us to choose to GIVE UP OUR FREEWILL BY FOLLOWING AN AGENDA OF SERVICE TO SELF. THE KEY TO OUR FREEDOM IS INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY CHOSSING SERVICE TO OTHERS AND CHOOSING LOVE OVER FEAR!. This will deprive these forces of any influence.

      However the manipulation by the Orions has been done and installed into our reality matrix with Draconian precision. For these beings this is enslave other worlds and "get rich" so to speak. In fact the manipulation has been judged by the federation to go BEYOND FREEWILL ALLOWANCES and has been declared a hostile act for thousands of years.

      The collective 'Calling" of humanity is in pain and suffering and is seeking other avenues of growth than the one being imposed on us, by the hostile service to self forces we know as archons or beings from Orion. The federation is responding and will help humanity during this ending period or conclusion of many different cycles., which we are calling the 2012 portal.

      The timing and dates as we all know are not specific or exact but generally speaking now is the time of change and various souls will be moved to other planets or dimensions or planes at some point in our not too distant future.

    7. Not all planets have had to deal with negative entities, it is only in recent times(recent in universal time)that things have changed, most have known when they were born, who they were and had a very good understanding of universal law and the creator.

      This reduced the ways the creator had to know itself as things were very predictable, this is why the veil of forgetting was introduced. Beings were born with no knowledge of the creator or information about seeking the creator this gave them limited means in which to survive, at this same time they were also given opposable thumbs. Opposable thumbs gave them the means by which to make tools, this led to weapons that in turn paved the way to negativity.

      Before all this, beings were born with access to the source and able to manipulate the natural influxes of the indigo or pineal ray from divine or infinite energy, this gave them the means to create everything they needed by thought, no need for tools, no need to fight for resources, no need for war and therefore no negativity.

      This is the reason for the very rich lessons we learn on this planet but know that everything is as it should be, there are no mistakes in the eyes of the creator. Our Brothers and Sisters of sorrow will not infringe upon our free will because from their point of view this is all an illusion and merely a place to learn lessons in love/wisdom/compassion, they are more concerned with our spiritual progress and our physical vehicle is of little consequence as when we shed this physical body we only retain the memories and not the personality of who we were.

    8. @CO9
      Nice,very nice. Great info.. not shared often enough.
      Thank you.

    9. Not all Draco are Orion. And not all Orion are Draco.

    10. @I AM LOVE, txs for the link. Its the 1st time after much research into Gnostic Texts that I read a modern, concise "big picture" version of creation, the Demiurge, rise of Archons and Sophia mutation into Gaia. Very inspiring and well written.

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  27. Recent video of violence in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, which have shocked many people:

    Should not be so surprising considering this is one of the places where the "great pentagram of evil" crosses over.

    As posted earlier on this blog:

  28. Hey everyone!
    Am I the only one who is concerned about 4 day silence from cobra?

    1. I can bet he will post something today or tomorrow.

    2. Was just coming to say its odd that Cobra hasnt posted anything lately.... Everything seems to be very quiet now. And I noticed that all the sites are just reposting things from all the other sites I follow, nothing original.

  29. Gaia conduits are being cleared and clarified in preparation for the rapid release of 3D-4D lower aligned energies

    Gaia Energy Message for 20 Sept 2012

    Gaia has called. Hue-manity answers.

    Release points designated for the 2012 period remaining have been identified and energetic healing teams contacted.

    Messages were received by all Gaia Ground level operatives on these teams.

    Gaia conduits are being cleared and clarified in preparation for the rapid release of 3D-4D lower aligned energies to occur after 9-22-12. Stargate Gaia transmits all such lower energies to Galactic Sol.

    New Gaia energetic grids appear as connected golden pyramids that channel and intensify 5D-7D Cosmic Sol energies and reflect back only those to Gaia Inner. All lower energies are released via this grid, through Gaia Stargate, to Galactic Sol.