Friday, December 14, 2012

Day of the Contact Video

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  1. Ready for Everything ... Bring it on !

    1. @IAMLove listen to Ham, we are all orbs.

    2. merci beaucoup, 3DHD

      How is it that we should be listening to someone tell us who and what we Are ?

      The entirety of organized religion has led humanity astray by attempting to disempower us into believing that we can't connect directly to our own Source, as well as the Source of Life Itself.

      KNOW THYSELF. Never allow another to define you.

      I appreciate your comment, but in my view and others, Ham is functioning to distract with mis/disinformation.

      The paths are many ... the Truth remains One.

      Namaste friend

    3. I dont believe in giving advise. I don't belive in listening to advise unless I have specifically sought it out, for advise inevitably arises from the unwise minds of others.

    4. "Ham is functioning to distract with mis/disinformation. "

      Been waiting for many months... for someone to express what I feel about this guy... so I could agree with them.

      Thank you ~I AM Love~ !

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    6. ARE YOU READY ???

      Anyone remember Humble Pie ? Yeah, Rockin' the Fillmore. I grew up on this - sure do miss my big bro's SPEAKERS



    7. Beautifully stated, as always, IAL...xoxo

      I removed my first comment, as it was rambling and careful, and I would rather just state plainly what I really think.

      I hope everyone will find the courage to look within for answers and not seek an identity in others, as I have done in the past...I had my own personal experience down this particular ELEPHANT HOLE and absolutely nothing about it made sense for me (even though I wanted it to, so badly, at that time). I find it curious certain people are getting wrapped up in this and honestly, just annoying that they are allowed to post here. I have sat on this opinion for months now; kept my experience quiet...but,the audacity they have in telling others who they are and what to believe is just pissing me off.

      Those of you who feel the need to ask someone else who you are - be aware their first answer might change. And what might be the motive of someone who claims to know you better than you know yourself? And why would their opinion hold more weight than your own? Is it more flattering, perhaps?


    8. Trying to discern is part of our learning curve at this time. I have just taken a look at George Kavassilas who is claiming a false light attack on Earth and humanity. From a fairly neutral stance, I do note that he does not feel or sound good and I want to get away from him. A more logical approach gives some reasons why I may feel this. I note a vibration almost of low threat throughout and an absense of passion/emotion. I note the low key yet distinct insult/critisism of those who believe an alternative to George. I also note an insistence that his way is the right one, that those who do not choose his way will miss out. I also hear repetition and recall David Icke saying that the dark program is dependent upon repetition. If you repeat something often enough people will start to believe it, eg Hitlers ranting. I could be getting this wrong, but if you are a being of light, you know that you speak truth and that this will be realised eventually; you do not need to keep repeating it to try and convince people. If you are a light being, you respect free will and possess no desire to cooerce others into believing you or follow you; you simply present the information and are content to let people make up their own minds in their own time. If I have got this upside down, apologies.

    9. Aradia,

      I watched the video, too, and I also noticed a lack of feeling/emotion and passion. I see no light in his eyes. I was also uncomfortable with the skips in editing and the film jumping in spots.

      To each his own...

      Let's meet up for a cup of tea after a nice rest in our little caves. ;)


    10. Finally guys you realize it.
      For months I've been the only one telling Ham that he should keep his nonsense misinfo/disinfo to himself or open up his own blog, guess better to realize later then never.
      IAL I'm working 14-16 hrs a day, but today Im free and will write an email at night(GMT). <3 for your patience.x

    11. @ Klove,
      Perhaps the getting wrapped up things is because people are weary and just want it fixed now. Also, people are quite trusting. If you use techo jumbo that cannot be cross referenced, it may appear that you possess superior knowledge and are thus impressive? Also, tuth is mixed up with what is probably untruth. If we go back to George, people are worried about implants and reptillians vampiring our energy. Thus, saying that chakras are an implant to allow this feeding and need to be shut down, can be convincing.
      My feeling is that it is not Cobra's job to filter stuff, it's ours. As long as it is not attacking, I think all views should be posted. To control comments to only those that resonate seems like that old controlling energy we want to move away from. Love to you/dreaming of cave xxxxx

    12. hey I'm with you peeps !

      144systembuster, guess it had to be said :D

      Kelly, thanks for your wise words, it's interesting to hear about your experience.

      Aradia I agree with what you've said regarding the latest video from GK. In the past, there has always been an underlying current of a fear-based agenda in his messages, and so I've never felt connected.

      I only watched this one because of the prominent position it was given on a popular blog ... and that sense was reaffirmed.

      Yet another attempt to prevent people from connecting in a powerful way - through group meditations on sacred sites and accessing our upgrading energy systems, on the most powerful day in Aeons ...

      Kinda reminds me of the attempts to keep us away from the SUN :)

      Interesting that he has attached an inventive oxymoronic phrase to it - false light.

      Love and Light to All !

    13. @IAM, False light quite possibly an attempt to reduce the numbers in the mass meditations. It is hard see that it stands up to scrutiny if logic is used. If I am a part of God/God is part of me, then what I create is also part of me and God. If I create/bring down a light, that light is part of me and God. Thus it cannot BE synthetic, it is organic.

  2. Beautiful video.
    Love and gratitude.

  3. Will be doing the meditation on that day at 5:11 a.m. my time. Looking forward to the connecting with my Star brothers and sisters!!! Victory to the LIGHT!!!
    Be Well Cobra and thank you!

  4. it's nice to have the instructions easy to access and with visuals.I just wanted to note that I was upset with the movement...since here it claims that the light is winning...yet the last few days I noticed on the news some horrible things.Like that shooting in the US,the EU making the central bank....and few old people in my country that died from freezing because the government refuses to give them enough money to basically exist.But I saw that graph and notice that it was expected that there will be rise of negativity.Yet it's sad that they should pay the price...especially those kids in the US. I put their spirits in the light in my thoughts.

    1. Sandy Hook = Santy Claws = Santa Claus derived from Satan (Old Nick = Saint Nick = Satan-Nick) and the satyr Krampus, which means cramp, clamp, claw, hook. Super-storm Sandy was steered on shore at Sandy Hook, as modeled in the 1997 forecast by the same name. This "slaying" is the product of mind-control. Krampus is the image of Baphomet worshipped in satanic masonic lodges, whose curved horns were laid out symbolically in sand-bags in front of sandbagging Wall Street "trade" center. Why do they play the song 'Sandman' in horror movies. These shootings are nothing more than Satanic rituals. Have we really won Cobra?

    2. I also think that it's some kind of mind control.I hope that this is only an act to scare us so we give up and bow down once more.But even if they take the winning hand...we owe it to the victims to not give up.

    3. So Santa Claus is Satan?
      My heart doesn't say this, I love Christams angels and miracles and if the goodness is Satan so what is not?
      God, save us, because we don't know what we do!

    4. This thread has become vague in content as well as timeline of postings. Nothing new and or clear since before the massacre in Connecticut. The question above becomes more relevant, "have we won" ?

    5. I just heard this in the news on swedish radio..

      If you listen from 1:14 it's Obama's speach, but when I heard it I thought there was something strange about it. At 1:21 there's the sound of a bullet in air, or a ricochet. Then Obama says "these tragedies must end", but as I first heard this on the radio in the car, it sounded like he said "israeli mossad".

      I'm not a native english speaker, maybe that's why, but though I know he doesn't really say that, it still sounds creepy. That, and the sound of the gunshot... makes me think someone is trying to mess with me. Mind control... ? I don't know.

    6. @nell,

      Thank you for your post. You have helped me put form to my feelings.

  5. seriously. I've had enough of this place. Enough of duality. I WANT TO GO HOME!

  6. Interesting, no comments about the tragedy in Connecticut yesterday. Tells me a lot.

    1. It should tell you that most of those on this site "UNDERSTAND" what that manipulation is all about.
      Have you read much on black ops mind control operations? All is perhaps not as it seems to be.

    2. I know, for so long now..... I've known. We now all must "Awaken to Conscious Awareness".

    3. Thanks-it does get frustrating. I don't comment very much and right now have been in serious ascension mode so not going anywhere. I AM taking a few breaks-boy it gets intense but very cool out there. Interesting with the ebbs and flows.

    4. This blod is not a blog dedicated to false flag attacks, why would there be any mention of the latest attack?

    5. Just in regard for the innocent ones lost to the insanity. The heart that it takes to recognize the human suffering is not about calculating "false flag attacks" or conspiracy theories, it is about compassion and understanding. There is nothing false flag about 6 year old children being slaughtered. A response like that is without any soul, truth or light.

  7. Hello folks,

    Six days & counting!!

    Amazing how quickly the time has flown by.

    It does not seem like 3 Years + since I was at Glastonbury(UK), on top of the Tor, discussing the December 21st 2012 event with other likeminded folk there.

    And joking about the ‘realised cows’ who had decided that day to all climb up, en masse- the very steep slope & surround the Tor!

    And eight years ago, beginning reading & listening to Michael Tsarion’s detailed research on same & related topics, and wondering how much was true etc.

    Then taking part in the ‘Shelly Yates-Fire the Grid-Intent Manifestation Global Event’, in 2009.

    So here we are, rapidly approaching the Big Day itself.

    I suppose it’s only human nature to be curious as to what exactly will happen, & wonder how this will affect the Planet, human beings etc.

    Either way, as per usual, I am fully committed to participating in this momentous event.

    I am also ready & willing to offer my own particular skill sets in the aftermath.

    Looking forward to joining you all this coming Friday, 21st December, at 11.11 GMT

    This for those who might be reading this and have doubts about the effect/credibility- of ‘Mass Intent Manifestation’…’The Miraculous Shelly Yates story’, fascinating! (and as an addendum/update, Shelly was declared Totally Sane’, by a high court judge in Canada, after her ex husbands tried to have her committed & declared insane!!!)

  8. This is an open notice to those requesting The Storm. Your wish is hereby granted.

  9. Red Cloud, at the behest of Touch The Clouds, your great Shame was cleared. However, I laid out the conditions. You must cling to the TRUE TREE. You are on dangerous ground.

    I AM the Red Kachina.

  10. I mean it. You ones who promote what is false. There is no place found for you. The Storm will be very prolific. Cling to what is True.

  11. I translated the text of the video in french ... is it possible to post it in subtitles ? Is there some copyrights involved ? I have no clue how to do that ... I'm no computer wizard ... I just want to share this wonderful message with the francophone community.

    1. I made french and german subtitles! So far... :))

      Victory of the Light!

    2. Good ! Very good ! So you won't need my translation then ...
      If I understand correctly, it's already done on the video ?
      Are the subtitiles found on the same link as the one shown above the comments or somewhere else on Youtube ?
      I want to publish it on my blog.

    3. The link is in the description. :)
      This is French link:

  12. These videos that you give us feel to me as though they are made with love. When I watch them, I can feel that love and the mind doubts fade.

  13. I offer only one more warning. Son of the Red dirt, and all the Sons of the Red Rocks, distance yourselves from those who have requested The Storm or you WILL be swept away in it with them!!!

    I AM The Red Kachina.

    1. no need to warn those who chose not to listen. whoever remains with the intention of being an 'obstacle' is to be removed. no questions asked.

      let The Storm do what it is intended to do. without limitation.

      and so it is.


  15. Yayyyyyyyyyyy - David Wilcock - Financial Tyranny going mainstream on Russian TV ----------- its really happening!!!

    Victory for the Light!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Who can elaborate what this REM person is talking about?

    1. Yes, good question. I too would like to know more on this and read it here as well. Thanks

  17. Guardians of the Bear: Your path is lit up under you:

    The Red Path

  18. Thank you Cobra, for the information about the Antares/Aldebaran filament.

    To share some fascinating information about these Royal Stars which I have gleaned :

    Antares is the Warrior Star. It is overlighted by Archangel Raphael, which also imparts a healing quality - the Light Warrior's rescue function.

    The Antares Codex - the Masters of the Stellar Code of Antares are the engineers of the 5th Dimension. They guard over the doors of parallel universes, different dimensions and timelines. They are part of the eternal current that assures the accomplishment of the Divine Plan in all the quadrants of the universe.

    This star represents the Light Warrior who battles against senseless violence and the unjust oppressor.


    In stellar myth, Aldebaran is overlighted by Archangel Michael. It is the Vision Holder for the Starseed Mission on Earth, defining what Emissaries of Light can best accomplish to serve Humanity through evolutionary transition.

    Aldebaran holds the vision for global leaders and world servers, inspiring the administrative planning of world affairs, especially for physical logistics and a group infrastruction designed to support humanity through evolutionary unfoldment and global change.

    Prominent alignments with the Aldebaran/Antares axis can express into the political and global arena.

    information at

    by Marianne Williamson

    For those who bear tonight the unbearable burden of unimaginable grief, who in their agony yell at the forces of fate. For those who moan and those who faint, for those who rage and those who pray, we moan and pray along with you. For tonight, those were our children too.

    Dear God, May a legion of angels come upon these parents. Bring to them an otherworldly touch, an otherworldly comfort, an otherworldly sense that their children are well -- that they are safe with God and shall be with them always. Give to those who grieve what no mortal can give - the touch of Your Hand upon their heart. May all touched by this darkness be Lit by Your grace. Please wipe away all tears, dear God. as only You can do.

    1. People keep calling out to God to come save them and send angels to comfort them when all that God really wants is for us to remember..... We are God!

    2. Thank you for posting this :) I honor all the souls who left that day and all the souls who feel left behind, grieving the loss of their kids and loved ones.

  20. Cobrass are on their way to Egypt.
    Wish them good luck!
    May the light be with them!

  21. What's 12-21 realy about?

    Including planetairy alignment, dark rift/tree days of darknes, santa claus...and mushrooms :-)

    Boy oh boy are we being dooped!

    Many blessings to you ALL <3


    1. dear Marthe,

      we are only being dooped when we allow others to manipulate our beliefs ...

      all truth lies within ... if confirmation of that truth is needed, ask for it, and Spirit obliges lovingly and willingly.

      we are not helpless stooges in the face of those who seek to control.

      we are powerful, wondrous beings, with the ability to discern truth from falsehood, and co-create a Golden Age, which is days away from beginning.


  22. Some get so invested in 3D.

    It's experiential. It seems SO real. But it's also improvisational. It's a story line. It evolves based on the free will choices of all the participants.

    Even though during a "romantic" movie, the heroine tells the hero that she never wants to see him again, WE know the guy will get the girl before the credits roll. If you've seen a Love story, you KNOW that. You KNOW how "IT" works. Who wants to watch a movie where nothing "happens"? Who wants to play a game devoid of challenge?

    We're walking a path, and from time to time, patio furniture is thrown in our way. We can stop and stare at the obstacles, or step around it, and continue.

    Like Bill Hicks said: "It's just a ride".

    Not to be insensitive IN THE LEAST. I am VERY emotionally sensitive, but also pragmatic and logical: The consciousnesses of the children that were forced to exit the 3D experience in Connecticut, contributed to OUR experience. This event did not happen TO US, it happened around us. WE were the point of it, in my opinion.

    Understanding what we understand, what would the spirits of those children want US to do about it? Focus on the pain of their deaths, or get back "on message" and persevere?

    We get caught up in expectation, and then experience disappointment as a result. Be the flat rock that skips across the surface of the lake. We know the deep lake is there, but choose NOT to sink into it. You have the power to keep skipping as long as you choose.

    Physics tells us that ALL solid mass is an illusion, INCLUDING our flesh and bone vehicles. Those children didn't "end". Somebody made them logout of the game prematurely. They're probably laughing about how seriously everyone STILL INSIDE the game construct, is taking it.

    It raises the question/challenge: HOW invested in 3D ARE you?

    1. @Neoamor HOW invested in 3D ARE you?

      Way to bring the "TRUTH" of our reality out into the open discussion here. Tell it like it truly is.

      Are we so invested in the physical experience that we must fear being labeled insensitive for denying the "REALITY" of death?

      To deny that "spirits" choose to give their physical lives in service to the "cause" is to do them a severe injustice.

      We should instead be grateful, thankful and in awe of the courage of those souls in their sacrifice for humanity.

      Not crying over a perception of loss.

      HOW invested in 3D ARE you?

      If you see them as victims instead of " great spiritual warriors" ... well, then I am unsure of your investment.

  23. Hi to all. I have been asked by Saint Germain to post the following message here: “To those that resonate, this message is for you. Or more appropriately is for your emerging I AM PRESENCE. This site, initiated by Cobra is more than a portal of the resistance movement – it is a powerful source of synchronicity magnetizing the ascended masters together. You know who you are and know what the next few remaining days mean for you, on your individual journeys to reclaim your mastery and also to stand in the truth, that you have at times wavered on, but known deep down is true for you. ‘Ascended Masters Reunite’ could be another name for this website for its resonance and power reaches far beyond the confines that any of you reading this blog can actually imagine at this moment. The power of the plan is in unification – but needs the leaders to step forward and remind those that follow who they really are and what they are capable of. For those that resonate with this message I ask for a few refreshers in the next few days – let’s just say in colloquial and jovial terms the divine director/infinite creator has decreed to me to assimilate in one place the most powerful decrees and innovations on the planet at this time a) to protect the beloved emissaries who have tirelessly worked for this moment in time and b) to ensure that those emissaries invoke the power of their own sovereignty to then empower those that follow behind them. You know who you are. This isn’t elitist jargon- it is truth. You’ll know which decrees/invocations/meditations suggested below resonate best with you.
    The I AM Presence of all of you who resonate with this message is coming closer than you realise now you beautiful ascended’s’s time for the beautiful plan to unfold. With Archangel Michael by my side and Ashtar exhilarated to finally reunite with you all … what awaits you is bliss beyond what you can recognise now. Do what you can with the suggestions I make below. Remember the biggest secret that has been kept from you is the fact that decrees are the most powerful co-creative force in the universe - when you decree from your level of light and pure intent it has to happen - it’s universal law and the most natural and graceful way for your I AM Presence to function in this world. With great love it is SG. See you soon beloveds, see you soon x
    P.S.Physic attacks whilst uncomfortable - for all of you who have agreed for these to be part of your mission they are 2-fold – they work to propel you to accepting your mastery and also work as an intense emotional release of all karma that you have taken on, on behalf of humanity. Nothing can happen to you that you haven’t agreed upon at a deeper level – what might seem to induce fear is merely a way of releasing it.
    P.P.S Don’t forgot to say on waking and before dreamtime every night x3 times ‘I COMMAND ALL ENERGIES THAT ARE NOT ALIGNED WITH MY I AM PRESENCE TO LEAVE’ or words to that effect.
    Suggested links:
    Judi Satori’s ‘ARCTURIAN BALANCING MEDITATION’ (Very powerful for removal of harmful implants and connecting you to Arcturian healing team) – this is her video of meditation – this is just audio of meditation on her site
    Patricia Cota-Robles ‘I AM Co-creating My 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies (Very powerful invocation to protect and intensify your emerging crystalline light bodies) - invocation
    Sandy Stevenson ‘Decree for fast karma clearing’ – also other really powerful decrees on page
    Aruna Bryers ‘When the call comes’ (channelled message from Saint Germain) –

    1. @HELEN
      Thank you so very much, my sister!
      Saint Germain has always been my favorite, beLOVED Ascended Master Brother, as I call him. I've been waiting, impatiently, to see his "dreams" fulfilled, so there would be a NEW, FREE WORLD OF PROSPERITY.

      Dear Cobrassss. I'd like to know:
      Does anybody else going through these feelings?
      It started on Saturday morning, December the 15th, as soon as I opened my eyes. Without any reason, I was in such a Joy, and... well, completely HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!
      I was worry-LESS, filled with pure Love for Life, and thankful for being here, at this time.
      At 11:11am, I wanted to start my daily meditation. I could NOT do that!! As if my inner voice, my heart were telling me - There is NO more need for this. IT'S OVER!!! NO more wars between the Lights and the darks. Because there WON'T be any darks left... A little more, and it will be a done deal.
      I decided to get out to my garden, and do some "conversations with the Sun and Mother Gaia". It used to take me, at least, up to 10-15 minutes talking with them. NOT on that day!! I was forcing myself to say the right words. Or... to say anything at all!!! I was just standing there, my arms wide open, and simply repeating over and over -"MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!"

      However, the next day, I did my group meditation. Because I know how powerful WE get, when we do something together, at the same time, and with LOVE - WE BECOME ONE.

      So, for a three whole days, I was in the state of bliss, I would say. And only today, I am not 100% happy, happy, happy... and again, for no apparent reason.
      BE HAPPY, AND worry-LESSSSSSS!!!

  24. I make you fisher of men! With English translation

    Don't get caught in the net...or should I say matrix.

    Have a very loving exprience today <3



    1. @ Marthe, as you clearly do not believe in partaking of meditations involving bringing down light, I feel it would be helpful and greatly time saving to all here if you would simply, openly and honestly state your case with your reasoning and evidence. Then people can consider it and make up their minds about it.

  25. And a little extra for the evening

    Stay Well, stay Warm :-)




    We are The Red Kachina.

  27. Cobra... I would assume you read or at least glance at the comments here. Do you have any information about the high pitched frequency sound that at least some of us are hearing as constantly there in our heads?