Monday, March 18, 2013

L1UPLSIP in progress


  1. Hey y'all,

    Just wanted to give you a little briefing about some of the work that has been done recently to liberate the grid …

    I was involved with a mission in the Crater Lake region of the Pacific Northwest, under the direction of Kunde Ra and his wife. They had received information from the Et team that they work in conjunction with, that there was an etheric plug that needed to be extracted in the lake. It was a 2 day, multi-step process, and I'm happy to report that the result was MISSION ACCOMPLISHED !

    The first day involved clearing the route leading to the lake. As preparation for this, I received a personal cleaning, from Kunde Ra - he uses his wings to filter and remove any densities from the subtle bodies - and his wife facilitated the removal of any etheric devices. As we travelled along the route, we all experienced very heavy attack energies, as we were greeted by the etheric archons, who were not exactly pleased to see us. Kunde Ra used his etheric wings to 'zap' the archons, while his wife and I acted in support, transmitting energy from the Ets and keeping his wings 'pumped up' with Light. The energies at one point were very oppressive – I personally felt as if my head was lost somewhere inside a compression chamber, as well as other physical symptoms – and we needed to stop and regroup before proceeding. When we got to the lake, we surveyed the energies, and we remarked that it seemed as if there was a noticeable lack of vitality in the energetic flow, although the lake & it's surroundings were pristinely beautiful.

    On the second day, with the way now cleared, the plan was that the archon's 'security system' surrounding the lake needed to be disengaged before the work on the etheric plug was attempted. This was accomplished by a member of the Et team, as we were proceeding along the route which lead to the lake. As this was occuring, there was another onslaught of archons & attacks coming our way, and Kunde Ra, and his wife were able to facilitate their removal, as I maintained connection to the Et transmission.

    When we arrived at the lake, I was asked to determine the specific site where the extraction would take place. There was a beautiful spot, where I felt a vortex of energy emanating from where a tree stood, which you can see in the photo. As we proceeded to the spot, we were accompanied each step along the way by a raven. We arrived at the location, and in the cold, and with the wind guiding and helping us, Kunde Ra and his wife located the plug and proceeded with it's extraction. I was able to help them by transmitting energies from the Et team, as well as keeping Kunde Ra's wings pumped up with Light, during each intermittent phase of the extraction.

    At a certain point, it was sensed as if we were finished, and Kunde Ra asked us how we were feeling. At that exact moment, before we had a chance to answer, an avalanche of snow crashed down from the roof of the boarded up building which was behind us. We all looked at each other, smiled jubilantly, with high fives all around, knowing that this was Gaia's answer to us. She had now been liberated, and her energies started flowing upward like a geyser, from Her ancient portal, which has now been reclaimed for the LIGHT !

    The raven once again came to wish us a farewell, and we were on our way, feeling both exhilarated and exhausted.


  2. (con't)

    Another synchronicity that occurred, was that night, while checking on the computer, we noticed that BING had as it's cover photo, an image which was almost the same likeness as Crater Lake and Wizard Island …. with a geyser of magma flowing upwards.

    Here is the link:


    If you would like to read more about Kunde Ra and his previous missions, or to learn about his Cleaning Services, please check out his website : There is a great interview there as well.

  3. Join this group meditation Spring Equinox, March 20th, 2013:

  4. Yo...Last week from like the last Sunday to Thursday (10th- 14th) there was like a Massive "Anxiety Bubble" I could feel hanging & messing with people - then it just "popped" late Thursday evening & you could feel the "rush" (or flush?) of gone. I felt it During the Summer of 2009 (VERY despairing & Heavy) & for a few days in late early June 2012. It made some people 'extra' Negative or very 'Depressed' - then like a balloon it "popped". This was on the East coast.

    Now there's all these conspiracy videos (like the Olympic false flag ones) on YouTube all the sudden - I can't help but think Project " L1UPLSIP " - whatever it is, will counter-act or prevent whatever "Was Planned"- dam, it must be hysterical to see the rats running around a sinking ship knowing their "Game" is up...the narcissism alone is probably hurting them even more than the "light workers"

    I like the "Goddess Spiral" stuff. You guys should post some more "stuff" on visualizations to destroy, weaken, or smash the "Grid"...I can't help but wonder if the History channel's showing of "The Bible" is a last ditch effort to Re-Enforce the 'Old Tales' (or Version of events) so they can keep as many people "plugged in" as possible....Not Happening.

  5. Hello Cobra and Everyone. I have made a small contribution to the cause. I have written a short novel. Its about a mail lady in Washington DC who steals a letter addressed to the president from the evil Agloominati. The letter hints of a planned false flag event. The Galactic Guardians want to avert disaster but their hands are tied because Earth is a free will planet. Its called The Stolen Letter. Here is the link: Sincerely, Marie Wasilik

  6. Hew folks, I dont know about you fellow cobrass, but my life is in meltdown....looks like the end of my marriage....not quite what I counted on... Could use some prayers and blessing sent this way....especially for my twin boys.... Where's the love and light in this??

  7. @KODI

    My DEAR friend:
    Look for the LIght and LOVE inside of YOU - by remembering that YOU WERE, YOU ARE, AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE AN ETERNAL GOD/Goddess-without beginning, nor end.

    Sometimes, while in these 3D bodies, we don't know what is the best for US? And we start blaming God/Creator for NOT taking a better care for us.

    This could possibly BE the case, that YOU-YOURSELF, have written this experience of going through a divorce in your Life book, so you would LEARN and GROW from it.
    Another reason of this could be getting rid, paying off a Karma from another life.
    THINK ABOUT IT. Please.

    And who knows, MAY BE, there is a better, a DEVOTED, a TRUE Life Friend is waiting for YOU?
    I ask you to: 'SEE THE GOOD IN EVERY BAD".

    I want YOU to stop thinking as being a victim, and start acting as a POWERFUL BEing of LIght who can handle every difficult situations, and end up as BEING the VICTORIOUS ONE!


    I'm sending you powerful LOVE and HOPE.