Saturday, October 5, 2013

Project 501 Update

Alpha timeline with HVBN until intersection has a probability of p=0.8. The alternative beta timeline with multiple MVBNs, converging into possible next HVBN before intersection has a probability of p=0.2.
Beta strategies have been modulated and need to remain strictly classified.
There are two major intersection probability peaks remaining.

The previous intersection probability peak within RR2-3 intermediate period has collapsed due to incomplete intel about L1 and L0 anomaly.
The first major intersection probability peak comes shortly after the beginning of the RR3-4 intermediate period, p=0.3. Alpha timeline is partially classified P501 with gradual to fast M increase and with probability of some form of EL contact. This leads to complex interference with existing HVBN on the surface, multiple MVBNs being one triangulation alternative and time compression into the convergence point being another one. Shortly before the omega convergence point this timeline anyway converges into an antarionid RM intersection. Beta timeline comes with declassified P501 with multiple MVBNs and then with RM intersections as soon as possible.
The second major intersection probability peak comes close to omega convergence point with an antarionid RM intersection, p=0.7. Alpha and beta timelines converge into one as we limit towards the omega convergence point.


  1. We will put in extra effort, this needs to unfold in a timely fashion. We are "past due" on several issues. Trust in strenght. Much blessings. L&L

  2. Victory of the LIGHT!

    After reading this, I thought of time travel. Time compression. What is or what was it about 'time compression' or even time travel that everyone is interested in, then I remembered something about 'BST' or Blank Slate Technology. So I went back to the ORIGINAL Wingmakers website for research on time travel. So here is a portion of what you can read from this link to the ORIGINAL Wingmakers interview transcript of 'Annie' and 'Dr. Anderson':

    "Why was he so interested in time travel?"
    Dr. Anderson:
    "No one is absolutely sure. And his reasons may have changed over time. The accepted purpose was to develop Blank Slate Technology or BST. BST is a form of time travel that enables the re-write of history at what are called intervention points. Intervention points are the causal energy centers that create a major event like the break-up of the Soviet Union or the NASA space program.
    "BST is the most advanced technology and clearly anyone who is in possession of BST, can defend themselves against any aggressor. It is, as Fifteen was fond of saying, the freedom key. Remember that the ACIO was the primary interface with extraterrestrial technologies and how to adapt them into mainstream society as well as military applications. We were exposed to ETs and knew of their agenda. Some of these ETs scared the hell out of the ACIO."
    Dr. Anderson:
    "There were agreements between our government -- specifically the NSA -- to cooperate with an ET species commonly called the Greys in exchange for their cooperation to stay hidden and conduct their biological experiments under the cloak of secrecy. There was also a bungled technology transfer program, but that's another story . . . However, not all the Greys were operating within a unified agenda. There were certain groups of Greys that looked upon humans in much the same way as we look upon laboratory animals.
    "They're abducting humans and animals, and have been for the past 48 years . . . they're essentially conducting biological experiments to determine how their genetics can be made to be compatible with human and animal genetic structure. Their interests are not entirely understood, but if you accept their stated agenda, it's to perpetuate their species. Their species is nearing extinction and they're fearful that their biological system lacks the emotional development to harness their technological prowess in a responsible manner."

    From reading this, time is vertical and horizontal and not just linear. It appears that many factors must be in alignment for actual time travel to occur. I bet Tesla had a plan for this as well.

    Victory of the LIGHT!

    1. WingMakers thank you for the link. I do recall this exploration in New Mexico but have not run across it in my ordinary searches. Not a commonly discussed subject. I also compared the revised version and see what you were talking about. You have made my day! Most stuff I research is a rehash of other stuff but this is unique. For me. Thanks again and Victory of the LIGHT

    2. very good insight. We should analysis with an open mind

  3. Any chance any one in layman terms please be so kind to explain
    Ive tried to do research myself but cant seem to get anywhere.Any help would be great thank you!

    1. Hi Kasey,
      Here is a link:
      where most of the codes Cobra uses are "explained".
      But it remains complex and quantic-oriented...
      But mahor intels anyway.

    2. Understanding COBRA and GAIAPORTAl posts:


    3. Thank you for all your hard work in decrypting Cobra's Resistance Movement codes.

  4. BST is running.
    I had a 5 minute jump shortly, leading to a different history.

  5. Anyone curious about Time Travel should check out "Andrew Basiago" and his interviews about being part of a DARPA space-time Time Travel experiments in the early 70's his website is .

    He too claims that there are multiple time lines (some good & some bad) and that there is a multiverse of sorts & that Tesla tech is the key. It creates electro magnetic worm holes that can teleport you anywhere or even back or foward in time. ALL very interesting and it sounds "Plausible" if you buy into the Philadelphia Experiment & such

  6. In Time Traveler's Handbook there is the story of a time traveling experiment in which a govt scientist volunteers to go back in time but never returned. His colleagues searched archived copies of journals and newspapers and finally found a photo of his dead body !

  7. Compared with the Project 501 update on 26 June, the probabilities have improved ~ from 0.6 to 0.8 for alpha timeline for HVBN, and from 0.4 to 0.7 for the second major intersection. However, the probability for the first major intersection remains at 0.3 from June until now.

    I don't really know for sure what this all means, but what I DO know is that we still have much work to do (after all, isn't this our "mission"?) ~ continue to do the Light work, our own inner work and learn to become a Higher Consciousness Being, all of which will only serve to increase Light on Earth. THAT must become our unwavering focus.

  8. These updates that no one understands, am guessing they must be codes for the people who are working very hard to free us from the Cabal, but why post if we cannot understand? There is not even a suggestion of what they mean, People are pretty tired of waiting, and losing hope way too many mixed messages now, so I just more or less don't bother, although Gaia Portal seems genuine, however a lot of it makes no sense to me.....

  9. so many timelines.

    Peaceful revolutions are hard man.

    especially when free will is involved.

  10. This may help in offering a possible interpretation:

  11. I recall Cobra saying recently that if the Event were to begin prematurely, many human lives would be affected, and it could also have a disastrous outcome. We are all in this Together, why not Be Love in every moment, stay present, and bring Peace to this planet by just being the Loving people we already innately are? We can and are doing this right Now anyway, why not do this consciously? We are Powerful together, and uniting in Love Will bring Victory for us All.

  12. There are two very interesting theories about time or time-space, as they are intrinsically related: One from Eric Julien, who have some ET help to create his theory, and it is about quantum time/space, and the other is Prof. Jean Pierre Garner Malet, who created the Doubling Theory, which can be applied to time, space and humans! This one you will see that some of their mathematic graphics are the same of some crop circle. This theory speak about that any particle (may be an electron, a human, a planet, a galaxy, whatever), to come from point "A" to "B" in its horizon of existence, can go through a line or make a semi-circle around, or a fractal way of this last with infinite loops. Meanwhile the particle goes on a selected path, many others are becoming improbable, so the ways to arrive to the end begin to be fewer and fewer ... He has made a mathematical demonstration about it and if any one want to study I can give you some links to look for them both theories.