Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Pandora in progress. Isidic security breach, deflected. HVBN stable. PP APR approved. M=5.


  1. Please tell me we are moving forward in a positive way!

  2. I think that means that the good guys have the green light

  3. in process.. till the final victory!

  4. At the same time – as we all know – there have been very serious global political and
    military decision making situations in the foreground which might not seem to affect us directly; nonetheless they have generated a very serious energy in the collective consciousness, which burdens the inhabitants of the Earth invisibly. This critical decision situation – which will probably be complete in the month of Libra on the scene of foreign policy – is reflected by the constellation of the stars with probably the heaviest energies – Azha, Rho Eridani 1,2,3 and also Hamal – coming into conjunction with the Southern Moon Node which will last till 31 October.

    The Stellar Nations

  5. Yeesh, I loath October ever since David Icke mentioned that the 'Kaaball' do all kinds of dark rituals & sacrifice kids on Halloween for power. For those in America - does it creep you out that there is this Mad Dash to Erase "Thanksgiving"...like hours after Halloween ends Xmas carols start and you're so bombarded with "Commericalism" that you're sick of Xmas before the end of Nov?....don't even get me started on "Black Friday".

    I only mention these as I was sincerely looking forward to a Fall & Winter where this "Cycle"of Marking & Media control was greatly disrupted....now it just seems like Business as usual and the "Herd" are just getting "crazier" & more entrenched in their 3-D routines.

    God- I beg that the Financial reset happens before Black Friday - tooo funny!!

  6. Well, I have no idea what an HVBN or an APR is, but this message feels very positive and that the energy is moving in a forward fashion into completion.
    A Heartfelt Thank You to you Cobra for all that you and Isis have done, and continue doing. I am So Very Grateful for your presence.
    Much Love, Belinda

  7. ET intervene Resistance?

    "We have been instructed by the local spiritual hierarchy to intervene heavily when the divine signal is finally given. Until then we are to help as much as possible and prepare for what we believe will be a massive intervention by our personnel."

  8. Hello Cobra,

    i think when you read all the comments, you read disinformation and information.
    what about 2 buttons on every comment that allows you to choose if the comment is disinformation or real information, which can only be seen by you. this could help people if they are right or wrong. when you hit the button, then it should be visible for the public

    just like Dislike/Like button on youtube.

  9. Is the shutting down of US federal government just a lame ploy to show, assets possibly being used to back bogus bonds, loose millions of fake dollars when taken out of play..?

  10. Victory of the LIGHT!
    It was an interesting September 2013. We saw false flags all over the place with Syria trying to start another war. Then, the NYSE shuttered down, more than once. Take in the US Congress and their Kabuki dance. And now, into October 2013, we have this: Italian prosecutors seek JPMorgan indictment for Paschi-Antonveneta deal: report
    Monte dei Paschi di Siena
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena S.p.A. (Italian pronunciation: [ˈmonte dei ˈpaski di ˈsjɛːna]) (MPS) is the oldest surviving bank in the world and Italy's third largest bank. Founded in 1472 by the magistrate of the city state of Siena, Italy, as a "mount of piety", it has been operating ever since. Today it has approximately 3,000[2] branches, 33,000[2] employees and 4.5 million customers in Italy, as well as branches and businesses abroad. A subsidiary, MPS Finance, handles investment banking.[3] The bank's main shareholder is the Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena.

    So, just follow the money and see what happens. I bet there is much more to come. Just remember the 'October Surprise' is coming upon us. I used to follow SaLuSA until I found out about 'channeling' being interfered with by dark entities leading to misinformation, BUT one SaLuSa saying I trust: "Expect the unexpected."
    Expect the unexpected...hmm...yes.

    Victory of the LIGHT!

  11. This is planned for December.

    Europe's largest mining investment and capital raising forum is taking place December 1-5 Manager's Choice (Linkedin)

    Ross Jenkinson
    Online Marketing Specialist
    Whether you're looking to raise funds for a mining project, discover the next big mining investment opportunity or network with a global audience of mining investors and developers, the Mines and Money London conference and exhibition will deliver you fresh ideas and opportunities for 2014.

    This is a glimpse of what is discussed as future trends - skills in Australia.


    Is the above part of the post economic reset scenario?

  12. Cobra, thank you. Can you please comment on the US gov't shutdown? In your interview with Alexandra Meadors you said you felt some money would appear and a solution would be found. But now on Oct. 3, it has gone through. Please comment. Thank you.

    1. Most likely a solution will be found by October 17th

  13. Dear Cobra! I have a question. When you write about october-december window? Thanks!

  14. Solution by October 17th, I agree.

    To Pandora:
    Pandora Project

    The Pandora project is one of the CIA Mind control programs. In 1962, the CIA discovered that the US embassy in Moscow was "bombarded" with EMR (electro magnetic radiation). The signal was composed of several frequencies.
    The Pandora Project was intended to investigate and gather data on this Russian experiment. The embassy personnel was not informed of the existence of the beam, or of the pandora project.
    According to later testimonies of Russian scientists, the signal was intended to produce blurred vision and loss of mental concentration. Investigation on the effects on the embassy personnel, however, showed that they developed blood composition anomalies and unusual chromosome counts. Some people even developed a leukemia-like blood disease.

    The name 'Pandora' comes from Greek mythology: Prometheus stole the fire from the Gods. As a revenge the Gods sent a beautiful woman with the name of Pandora (which means 'All gifts') to visit his brother. Pandora had a box with her, that, so she said, was filled with gifts for Prometheus. When the box was opened, it became clear that in reality, it contained diseases, that spread rapidly over the Earth.

    Ref: http://www.exopaedia.org/Pandora+Project

    1. This "Pandora" ancient mythology sound like if there is any higher being will to bring a gift to the human kind or assist the human kind will bring great disaster to the human. Bringing fire to the human race bring diseases to the race - sound like this GOD or GODS is rather judgemental and fury. I don't think our GOD is this tempermental, this is a silly story. YES, STORY TO ME and NOT FACT!!!

      But for the mind control part - I believe that was true and hope the higher forces are able to neutralise this like they neutalised the nuclear weapons. Thanks for sharing.