Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cease and desist PPN until 140425.10Z else GLOBAL L51


  1. Gracias so much resistance movement for your dedication to put humanity free. I am always going to keep myself positive waiting for the event to happened even knowing that is hard to be positive living in such world where poverty, money,misery,diseases and taxes are the 1st things we see when wake up in the morning. But again thanks so much RM and alaje777 for give me the knowledge that I have now. "Love is the solution for everything" the meaning of life is to have love in your heart.

  2. Cobra, what is this black circle that appeared in the sky of England?

  3. Seems my comments are selectively NOT being chosen.

    I will say it again to be very clear this time. I do NOT consent to anyone representing me as an emissary to either terrestrial or extraterrestrial civilizations. I am my own sovereign person!

    I refuse that anyone or anything can negotiate on my behalf, and I do NOT consent as such. If there are one BILLION ships around this planet the math is simple, they can ASK me for my input. I will not let my fate be decided by those that claim to be of the light or of the dark.

    All past implied consents are hereby revoked.

    1. You are only one. The critical mass needed already accepted the help of the positive ETS. So, humanity has already made it's choice.

    2. So in other words they can force me to do anything I don't want to do,as long as enough people agree to go along with it?Gee I can't possibly imagine how that might turn out badly.

    3. Thats it buddy. The world will change when everyone chooses to change it. 144,000 will not decide the fate of all mankind. Theres nothing to be concerned about, except for the problems in this world that need fixing.

    4. @martinjunior I may be only one but I am my own sovereign person and with my OWN ability to negotiate and speak for myself. I am sorry, but when you use intimidation as a tactic to go along with the flock you are not better than the dark cabal.

      @cooter Free will universe (at least what we are told) means we each have choice. If you choose to relinquish your sovereignty to anyone that TELLS you they are appointed to be your emissary is your choice not mine. I am tired of following false leads and false hopes. I take matters into my own hands and let no man, being, or any other thing make decisions for me any longer.

      @Levi Dunn Thank you.

    5. @Roland Adams

      You can negotiate your own situation. You can choose not to be helped if you want. You are also 100% free to leave earth and go to other primitive worlds, where you will receive no help at all. As I said before, humanity has ALREADY choosen to be assisted by the positive extraterrestrials, and no matter what you say, you are only one.

    6. @martinjunior

      144,000 out of 7.5 billion is humanity as a whole, choosing one false illusion for another?

      Once again people like the cabal (in this case you martinjunior) figure a few have the right to speak for the many.

      Cobra says there are billions of ships surrounding the earth. Then fine I have the RIGHT to negotiate on my behalf and decide what really constitutes help. And since there are so many of them it should not be that hard for one of them to speak to me now should it? Sorry I have spent way TOO MUCH time here on planet earth caught in the matrix and have forgotten who I am, where I come from, and deceived by a veil of illusion only to be sucked into yet another lie?

      I am humanity, and I am human. I speak for no one but myself. And you nor Cobra have the right to speak for me in secret and in dark corners deciding my fate. I have rescinded that right and other people are doing it also. Therefor it is your responsibility to openly negotiate with ALL of humanity because each one is capable of making decisions for themselves.

      I resent when a few consider themselves chosen and righteous enough to speak for everyone. Time to step down of your high horse good sir. It is your duty to only do for others as they have EXPRESSLY given you permission to do!

    7. @Roland: I never heard that anyone will be forced to go on a ship or to take part in the change. And I myself never believed even before I heard the stuff from Cobra. I understood that after the event some can go on a ship if they love that and afterwards they can tell others about it. So the ones who have fear maybe loose their fear because the experiences will be so unimaginable good-feeling. I think in any way the highest aim of everybody is to have a joyful live, doesn't it........ Nobody will force you......

    8. @Roland Adams

      144.000 represents the needed DNA of the critical mass of humanity. It's not about numbers, but about DNA (energy). Whenever 144.000 humans make a conscious choice, it WILL represent humanity.


    9. Attention martinjunior, eliana and all: the Event was suspended indefinitely. The help of extraterrestrial beings too. Keep calm. If successful, it is expected to occur in 2 million years. It will not be for the human race.

  4. Yeah! Do it! I am sick of the wait.

    1. Sorry, I don't mean to come on too strong. But I really am sick of the wait....

  5. Hey Cobra I just wanna thank you for all you do. You have a lot of responsibilities on your hands, not even counting how you gotta take care of yourself and your family too.

    You always being the person taking the blame for things that are out of everyone's control, and I don't even wanna think about all the bad stuff that gets filtered out.

    I think that the main problem is that you know a lot more than you let out, so you probably have a clearer vision of what's going on and where are we headed.

    Most people have no idea what's going on, they just hope for the best everyday so when they see a "not so good" update it can be disappointing sometimes.

    We can't be bothered with things like that though, the light is making a steady progress and when the time for the event comes it'll probably be at a time that we would never expect.

    Some people think that the event will just be some amazing burst of things going on finally culminating into the event, but it might be that one day we'll go to bed, wake up and the event would be happening just like that.

    1. I concur with your assessment. Cobra offers many clues within his posts, and it is apparent he knows quite a bit more than he can communicate. Sometimes it is frustrating because there are many questions I wish to ask that I KNOW he knows the answer to, but I also realize that he must be very, very careful.

      I try to balance that frustration by focusing on those things that I can do to help bring the Event about on my own "micro" level. It is not always easy - I'm as "patient" as a child on Xmas Eve these days, and concentration can be fleeting at times.

      We all have a job to do in this. It's just a matter of accurately assessing one's own skills and personal circumstances...along with sheer determination when things are tough.

  6. Patience my friends. One of the secret why the cabal is successful here on the planet is "patience". They wait for the right timing for their plans and they were successful. That is what the RM and the light beings are doing to assure the liberation of the planet. So please, keep holding the light. We also cant wait for the event but remember 'Patience is a virtue"

    Love and light to us all !!

    Victory of the light is on the horizon !!

    1. It is easy for the cabal to hold on to patience when they are the ones in control and they are the cause of MOST suffering on this planet. I for one can not stand idly by and play little chess games while another single person suffers at their hand. If you were suffering at their hands and I was aware, I would do everything in my power to lift you up and out.

    2. @Roland: Imagine a mother whos children are kidnapped. If she takes action in the false moment they would be killed. I know many people are dying. But I think the child in that case would be humanity as a whole. I know for shure that our star brothers are deeply concerned about every soul who is in pain, whatever form of that pain is, even it is someone who got criminal and desperate. I like the description in the book "Angels in Starships" , there they tell God can be the same time full of bliss and infinite compassion. I recomment the book very much, also the "Thioaoouba-prophecy", maybe you all know this also...... I read this few years ago and it made me fell " A-Haa" ;)...

  7. Short version: There's plenty of evidence to support "doom and gloom", but even more to support "love and light".

    I can certainly sympathize with the people who are becoming disillusioned and impatient waiting for "The Event". To me, it seems almost undeniable that the cabal/archons, etc, have manipulated and exploited humanity (to put it lightly) for millennia. At least 2/3 of the time I am more inclined to believe the bad news and discredit the good.

    Sometimes I wonder if all of the messages concerning love, light, resistance and human liberation, are really just masterfully crafted dis-information to keep us "awakened" folk placated. It is distressing to think the golden reality that has been described to us by a number of sources is all a lie (which the delays in change seem to indicate).

    While there is plenty of evidence to support the above claim, I think there is just as much evidence (even if it 's mostly circumstantial, not certain) to support the opposite claim: that surface humans on Earth are supported and surrounded by an almost incomprehensibly vast sea of Highly Evolved Beings who are helping to liberate/empower humanity and show us our divine nature. Kind of like a playground monitor stepping in to stop a bully from attacking others, and helping the victim to their feet (although in ultimate reality there are no victims, only creators).

    I can't help but think that without intervention, at this point in time humanity on Earth would be living in drastically worse, hellish conditions as powerless slaves and cattle to the cabal. If only a fraction of conspiracy theories are right (underground bases, space wars, alien abduction, plasma weaponry, strangelet bombs, etc), then the positive/resistance forces have the unenviable task of carefully disarming the cocked gun held to the head of Earth and the humans who live on her.

    My experience of people is that while most of us are weighed down by the trials of life, the overwhelming majority of humanity has love in their hearts, even if they might think and act to the contrary. This is our true divine nature, not the twisted, pained, demonic entities who are the top of the cabal hierarchy, and that is why we are being helped.

    According to the book Power vs Force, the overall consciousness level of humanity finally moved from the fear side of the spectrum to love in the 20th century and continues to rise, albeit it is at the lowest end of love (pride). Power vs Force also claims that one thought of unconditional love (granted there are few humans at that level of Christ consciousness) can cancel out thousands of negative, fear-based thoughts. So even though the number of people who are truly aware of the issues on this planet are small, our psychic "votes" for love, light, empowerment and sovereignty count for way more than votes of fear, pain, anger, doubt.

    I think this sums it up nicely:

    "Be realistic:
    Plan for a miracle."
    -Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh aka Osho

    1. Thank you, dear firefox! I have shared much of your perspective, but you so eloquently express it.

      I do believe that no matter how much we think our specific situation (that we co-created) is causing us to suffer, many of us have not known in this life, the deep and true suffering that much of the world's population has endured and is currently enduring. Relatively speaking, our life is a bowl of cherries, even if it feels like the pits, so patience, perspective, perseverance, faith and trust in the process, and in those who know better, can help.

      Likewise, due to the complexity of the actual reality (not the unreality that is sold to us and passes for concensus reality) and a misunderstanding of linear time as a factor specific to Earth, it is difficult for us to begin to comprehend what Cobra and the RM are up against and experiencing behind the scenes. I pray for their safety and victory. It is a huge responsibility! (Thank you RM, much love and appreciation! <3 )

      I also believe that most people have love in their hearts, and it is not always obvious. Any of us, when under stress, are not at our best, and our hearts can close. Many of us struggle with that very issue. All have the potential to be healed by love and forgiveness, although free will is also required on Earth, as even healing is a co-creative process. I think these things are what tips the scales in our favor. People need not ever have heard of any of this, they merely have to hold love in their hearts most of the time to contribute to the critical masses needed. Everyone matters and no one is to be left behind, though some will choose to be removed when given the other option to join the Light. Amazing times we live in.

      I like your Osho quote, firefox. I had a Sunyasin roommate for 3 years when I loved in Marin County, CA. She taught me a lot, simply by being who she was. (She has since passed <3 )

      I had mentioned elsewhere in this thread that I just received a harassing email, and specifically this person, in addition to bashing me 3 times for my "ego off the charts" threw part of an Osho quote back in my face that I had mentioned in these threads, on other sites and had as part of my gmail signature a few months ago. This person seemed to misunderstand my intent, telling me that it is me who needs to get out of my head and into my heart, which is true, and is why I shared that phrase so much. I resonate with that challenge. Here is the full quote:

      "Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more.” ~Osho

      Yes, that sounds like a grand plan! <3

  8. Hi Cobra ...cease and desist ...sounds good just at the end of the cardinal grand cross. I am back to my positive self today , sorry for the rant yesterday but I read the comments and I am not alone in my fustration.
    I am beyond grateful for all ET help they know that I commune with them all the time!
    I am beyond grateful to You and all RM who put their lives on the line daily, while I get the cushy number of just reminding myself to ground, hold the light and bless everyone I pass.
    You have always said that if necessary the EVENT can be triggered!
    Cobra have my vote do not hesitate ...the masses will never be ready.
    Push the Button....
    love and gratitude , stay safe .;)).

    1. sounds as if someone had a button..

      no light nor dark forces but the force itself is triggering all events.
      it's all multidimensional, in the eternal moment
      no need to hurry.
      no need to worry.
      everything's under control ;)

      i remember the event that is to come, inside of each of us.

  9. Exellent; thanks, bro!
    Alright, let's go Global for a few seconds, please indulge me.

    I live directly on the Heartline of the European continent, let's take a quick trip round the world with places where this 3D body and My energies have been in the last 42 years. It's the extremely short version, don't worry;-)

    Berlin. Italy. Poland. Tunesia. Russia. JESRUSALEM & BETHLEHEM, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia ( OZ ). New Zealand. Oahu, HAWAII. Mexico. Los Angeles (City Of Angels). Utah (of all places) ZION Ntl. Park. F'N New York City. Canary Islands. Dublin. MF'N London. Maastricht, Netherlands. HOME.

    Quick trip around the latest gimmick: DK's Ring Of Fire.
    Thank you for your patience.
    It's all about The TIMING.
    BROTHER !!!

    Welcome To The Show! :-)

    DK 999

    1. Thank you for this Commander. I so love Rings and Pearls. As You know.

    2. ;-)
      No worries.

      There's a Black Pearl waiting at The End Of The World.
      And it's shining brighter than a Diamond.

      The Final War is being fought with Metal, as was always The Plan.
      The Dark got 2 (two) borrowed coins of silver and gold at their disposal.
      Oh dear, oh dear, We are shaking in our boots.

      How can we *possibly" overcome such insurmountable odds with only 3 swords (420 and 12-times-folded steel), 5 world championship belts, 846 grams of Gold and 15 kilograms of Silver on our side?
      We are screwed. Yeah RIGHT!

      That's the picture right now.Figuratively speaking, of course;-)
      And quite literally as well, believe it or not.
      As He likes to say: It is what it is.
      And This Is THE BOTTOM LINE cause a certain someONE Says So!

      Auf geht's!!!!

      DK 225

    3. Ach, da war ja noch was.
      Sorry, forgot something. There's just SO MUCH happening, it's sometimes hard to keep track.

      Anyway. Now here's a guy who's been to over 160 countries, that dude knows what he's talking about. And I could not possibly agree more with what he has to say.


      With Anxiety, Dini.

      Banf Bang!

    4. Gun Ports offen Kommandant.
      Feuer frei

    5. Alles klar ;-)
      *swig of beer for The Victory Of The Light*

      Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of All Ages!
      Alle Mann auf Gefechtsstation!
      Please :-)

      Here come The Hercules, Here come The Submarines!

      And a whole bunch of other bright light stuff LOL

      Fire at will.

    6. DINI 225420619316999

      Es ist Zeit.

    7. Calling in for duty Commander :-) :-) :-)

    8. Shooting ... strait from the heart.

      Bang bang



    10. YES we are :-)

    11. Wow this is FUN! :-)

      * BANG BANG*

      Never thought it would be :-)

    12. Welcome to The Show :-)
      Very glad to have you on board of The Operation.

      Seems like you're kickin' em quite hard, so do not let me deter you ;-)

    13. Well that was in interesting expirience. I thank you both for that.

      May the One True God, who is Love, work with and thru you both.

  10. Do not expect the Event. The Event will be a sudden action.

  11. Endure. In enduring, grow strong. <3

  12. Se os nossos guias estão confortaveis no seu lugar,a nossa realidade é bem diferente.anjos e arcanjos .... têm compaixão mas eu acho que não preciso de compaixão mas sim de trilhar caminho para encontrar o paraíso ca dentro pois é isso que cá vem fazer.os restantes têm as suas lutas mas se o evento é algo que irá ser de manifestação externa,ainda não sinto a preparação necessária. se querem libertar o planeta a acção a tomar é, a RM contactar aqueles que queiram e tenhamm condições para fazerem o trabalho necessário,caso contrário as profecias de armaggedon irão acontecer.

  13. Cobra, I'm with most everyone here who is tired of waiting, tired of promises that never happen. You said the event can be triggered at any time, but the timing has to be right to avoid as many casualties as possible. Well we are one false flag away from mass casualties- it almost happened in Bunkerville, NV and still might (the Bundy Ranch). So how much longer do we have to wait before another false flag or mass casualty occurs because we wanted to wait longer to trigger the Event? My intuition tells me that more people are awakening, but they need that "something" to really make them believe in their hearts. We need something to happen. NOTHING has happened. Fed still taxes us, corporations still rule the world, the mass media still lies and disinforms. If this window of opportunity comes and goes with no surface changes, people will lose a lot of hope. We are trying to wake up people that don't want to be awakened - comfortable in the illusion. Trigger the Event. Now. We are ready and exhausted from 3d matrix life.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. A reply to the disillusioned: Oh ye of little faith! Its certainly safe to say that most, if not all of us are feeling the stress and challenge of these times.

    However, some of you, IMHO, are acting like spoiled children, having a tantrum and threatening to throw in the towel altogether, every time we hit a rough patch; letting your ego and your monkey mind close your heart and intuitive capacity; attacking Cobra and RM and trolling these threads, casting aspersions on their good intentions and hard work behind the scenes; or ranting and raving because planetary change is not adhering to your personal timetable. (Really, the audacity!) If I didn't find this devisive behavior so irritating, it would be hilarious! Hopefully, someday soon we will be so full of joy that we can look back at ourselves and laugh at our shaken faith.
    As my meditation teacher used to say, "if people want to be pissy and make a stink over a situation, let them sit in their own 'pew'!".

    There are plenty of places you can read inspiring information to uplift yourself and keep the faith, build community with other believers. While its perfectly fine to be real, it may be more constructive to support each other (as some here do) in keeping perspective. I am not sure most of us can even begin to comprehend the enormity of the task at hand for Cobra and RM, and other Lightworkers and Celestial Assistants. The very nature of belief is that it impacts outcome, as one can glean by listening to people like Gregg Braden, for example. And as Cobra advises, discernment is key. There is so much positive and uplifting information available to us, whether ancient knowledge or new discoveries, surely there is something that each of us can resonate with and utilize to cope with this "hurry-up-and-wait" period we seem to be in. Why jump on the doom and gloom bandwagon? Don't feed the trolls. Negative events already call our attention, without any effort on our part. The Archons are quite good at that. So we don't need to also call attention to them. But we DO need to actively seek to align with the positive and the true. So stop looking outside yourselves for answers to every little question. Stop resenting the wait and the very beings whose tireless efforts work towards liberating humanity and securing our collective highest potential fate. Start taking personal responsibility for your life and your choices.

    I'm one to talk, in many ways one could look at my life on the surface level and say, "Oh, what a mess you've made!." Yes, perhaps, but as long as we ARE still on this Free Will planet, we can choose, and choose again. That's the beauty of it! Freedom is not out there, freedom is within. No one is coming to rescue us, we must save ourselves and each other. Do not let FEAR immobilize you. You can take steps to improve yourself, your life, your situation and ultimately, your community, but in order to change the world, we must first change something within ourselves.We have to be willing to go outside our comfort zones, willing to risk. Dare to open your heart. Dare to love and forgive. Only then will be be able to transcend our limitations on an individual and collective level. Make it a game if that's easier, think of it as play. Try to play well with others. We are all in this together.

    When the Event is triggered, it will be GAME ON, no turning back. So enjoy this lull in the action, spend time in nature as much as possible, and just BE in the beauty of life. Tune into THAT, and it will become easier for us to co-create a positive future.

    Thank you Cobra and RM from the bottom of my heart. Thank you positive co-creators and thank you naysayers for reflecting to me the fears I am willing to release, because I do feel them, too. But that's exactly when I decide to choose LOVE. Join us. Choose Love. <3 Victory of the Light!

    1. Well as a spoiled child I am screaming at my parents, "Are we there yet?!"
      And they said soon, almost, NOW.

      Instead of lying to me they could say- oh fuck we're not even close so sit down, shut up and calm your tits.

      I would enjoy the scenery then, knowing I had to wait.

      Don't lie to us and tell us it will happen soon.

      I don't think, IF the Event is real, it will happen any time soon.

      Maybe a generation until it does happen.

      BUT to straight up lie and say "Soon" soon is like no more than 3 months and I have heard "soon" for 3 years now.

  16. After years of reading these kinds of postings, I've made the decision that I don't want to be part of such a sick society of beings. I don't see any difference between the cabal and all of us. In fact the cabal ARE US. They just decided to be the "bad guys" this time round in this fucked up game here in 3rd density. 3rd density should never have been allowed to be created in the first place, PERIOD!! But some of us got the bright idea of trying to experience life in physical form, and look where that got us. Million year wars being fought all over the God damn place and ending here on earth, and for what, an experience? Oooo, we don't know what it's like to be separate from God, can we create a place where we can be apart from you oh Prime Creator, because we don't know what it's like? Well you all got what you wanted and so now we're here to pull your asses out of the fire? Well all of you, including the cabal can go get bent!! The first thing I'll demand when I'm off this rock is my immediate execution because the last thing I want to do is spend an eternity with the likes of all of you. Get the picture? I'd rather be nothing then to be part of this bullshit with all of you.

  17. As an Empath, I'm screaming at my co-creative goddess self,
    "How soon is NOW? because Groove in in the Heart!"

    The beauty of a Free Will planet is that we can choose...and choose again!

    1. Where is that strangelet bomb when you need one? Only in the hands of those who wish to continue the 3rd density game. Rot on top of rot.

  18. If anyone believes we had a choice to be here in 3rd density, please present your proof. Or is "being here by choice", something you've simply been told over and over again so now you believe it, without question?

  19. spewspewspewspewspewspewspewspew, phew~!

    "..ranting and raving because planetary change is not adhering to your personal timetable..."

    WAH! WAH! BOO-freakin'-HOO! I'm a-gonna SUE!
    Apparently the cosmic joke's on YOU!

    I do believe that the only hell that exists is the one WE create HERE ON EARTH. But we can do SO much better!

    LOL let's not lose our sense of humor.
    'cuz I'm HAPPY! :D
    (thanks to whoever posted this on an earlier thread last matter how many times I hear it, I do not get sick of hearing it. Happiness IS contagious, if you let yourself catch it!)

    "There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.
    The other is as though everything is a miracle."
    ~Albert Einstein


    1. No proof? not surprised. Ranting? wow, pot calling the kettle black is the favorite pastime of the naïve. You yourself stated these Cobra posting are cryptic and yet look at your response as though you have any idea what they're about. Constantly shooting yourself in the foot seems to be the order of the day, week, month, year? Please, enlighten us some more of how you have your thumb on the pin to which angels dance upon. One either plays the game or they don't. All of you have elected to play, don't boo,hoo when you don't like it's terms. When you decide not to play the game, that's when you'll start to wake up. Archons truly love every last one of you, you play into their hands like putty.

  20. Please know that I'm not laughing at your's just my quirky sense of humor and undaunted it's more like I am laughing in the face of my OWN pain. I have much of my own (same old) challenges surfacing, in almost every area of my life right now. I may not be able to lift you up -as this is a co-creative process- so that's up to YOU. But I am determined that you will not bring me down.

    I AM in alignment with my highest and best possible future, which I draw to me now, and with our collective future, that we who love and appreciate life are co-creating. My needs are met abundantly for me now. I surrender that which no longer serves me and welcome into my life all that supports my mission. I embrace and accept into my life peace, friendship, joy, love, health, healing, abundance and opportunity, and anything else I forgot, that is for my highest good. And so, It IS. Blessed Be!

    Be Blessed!