Thursday, May 1, 2014


Pandora in progress, partial IS:IS failure, L2 sample return, grid ratio reevaluated. HVBN stabilized, several medium Isidic security breaches deflected, major systems security breach deflected, PPN in final removal. M=12.


  1. It's actually, "Isian" (eye-see-un), not Isidic. Not that it matters.

  2. [April 16, 2014 update: The estimate previously given here of there being a two month delay from the date of cloud splitting until possible core impact was in error. The best current estimate without doing actual simulations is 4.5 months.]

  3. I know this message is for the ones who are actually doing the hard work, I jusr wanted to stop by and say I'm grateful for what you're doing.

    I really use my power of imagination and creation to shift to a reality that we are a great team on this world and we work to make it as perfect as we deserve it :)

    "The victory of light is ......................."

    1. Slogan. Slogans don't actually DO anything. Meditation DOES. Try that instead.

    2. IMMINENT!
      ...but the Universe knows Right Timing better than we do.

      ...and of course, OUR intent can help.

      Mike Quinsey is one I have followed for a long time, even when he used to channel many ETs and Ascended Masters, not just SaLuSa. These messages have resonated with me for a long time.

      They never insist the changes will be easy:

      "..We would not pretend that there are easy times ahead, when in fact the cleansing that is taking place means that it will get worse before it gets better. Some of it is the clearing of ages old karma as the New Age must have a clean sheet, without the responsibilities of mistakes that have been made in the past. The new way of thinking is gathering pace and cannot be ignored indefinitely. In the present situation on Earth much needs to be done to bring hostilities to an end, and we can intervene to establish peace if we are called upon to do so..."

      They only insist that the outcome will be grand and worth the challenge:

      "...Great times lie ahead, and you have much to catch up upon so that you can eventually take your place alongside of us. The changes that lie ahead are going to take you way beyond your dreams, so that you may eventually become Cosmic Beings. Life for you has just about begun, and the seeds for change are well advanced. Only those of you that have earnt a place in the higher dimensions can go forward, and we commend you for having risen above the challenges that have been placed before you. Each of you have had the same opportunity to evolve through this period, but some have become mired in the lower vibrations and unable to rise up sufficiently to move on. However, it is no disgrace to take longer to find your way, and it is not held against you in any way. Indeed, you will receive more help to enable you to progress until you too will be ready to ascend.

      To use one of your expressions, “keep your head above water” at all times knowing that these times are a prelude to the end of the cycle. Every soul learns so much by experiencing the end times, and indeed by living lives in an environment that contains so much hostility. However, as we have often informed you, the challenges that you have encountered in the lower dimension have speeded up your evolution. It has been what you might call a “fast track” to the completion of your experiences. Also bear in mind that a long, long time ago you willingly volunteered to experience a journey into the darkness, knowing that we would always be with you. Very soon you will meet us in happy circumstances, as by then you will be on your path to full consciousness..."

      Keep the faith. Work for essence, not for form. We don't need to figure out each detail. Always focus on the essence of the best possible outcome. The Universe will give us what form it takes.

      Never give up. <3

      Thank you front line RM, Cobra and Lightworker communities

  5. 7 week old chickens are out in the world!! Sunlight. Grass. Bugs ! May Day 2014 !! Who would have thought we got here ? Chickens are happy!


  6. Victory of Light!
    new video... :D

  7. sending copious amounts of Love and Light to Healing our Planet.

  8. want to go for a ride in my Zen Machine? :) Thanks to all who hold the vision of a better experience for all of creation. It means the world to me.

    1. Would love to! That's my kind of ride. Just imagine when our entire planet is a giant Zen Machine……..coming to soon… Ascending Earth!

      (in the meantime, I am reloading "Zen Mastery" Program on Holodeck 5 of The Enterprise for extra practice)

    2. I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS!!! Thanks for all that laughter :D

  9. This Salusa reading always resonates with me:

    1. Yea, but in the last message he said that the peace we will be achieving will last for 1000 years (only).

    2. I'm not sure where the Ascended people go....perhaps back to their home planets, to join the Galactic Federation on their ships or in another dimension here on Earth....The 1,000 years of peace might be in 3D only...When I ask with my psychic ability, what my future will look like, all I'm given for an answer is a white wall. But I feel lots of love and lots of hope for this journey wherever it takes me.

      As SaLuSa from Sirius said: "As a Cosmic Being it will be your choice as to which path to travel and there will be so many opportunities given to you."

    3. Don't forget when Salusa through Mike Quinsey kept telling everyone they would ascend on december 21 2012 and there would be no more Cabal after December 21, 2012. He said some may disappear and bla bla bla. Just saying...The Archon are crafty when it comes to sending message through channels. I don't trust it.

    4. Merry go round channelling messages, all lost their creditbility after 21th Decemeber 2012. And they keep telling us it is going to happen soon, imminent, very close, almost there, etc, etc. BUT none happened.

    5. Since we're all a part of the ONE and part of this Evolution, sometimes dates and deadlines move up/adjust according to our Evolution. After being enslaved for 13,000 years, it's disappointing but not shocking to have a timeline alter a bit as we as Earthlings do whatever we do to make it happen more quickly or not. I'm sure that every Lightworker on this blog has had signs & symbols throughout their lives (sometimes mysteriously) showing each of us that "something special" is going on.....and like I said I'm on this special journey until the end. Please don't feel it's not worth it believing as we chose to be alive now and to be beacons of light to help in this transformation.

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  10. I am always sending love and light! Let's keep creating!

  11. I hope that when PPN will be finally removed, Cobra will tell us what is this think!

  12. Victory of Love Light Truth Freedom Joy for our planet, galaxy and beyond! THANK YOU bravest souls everywhere for your selfless service to the entire Creation. We R truly ONE OVERsoul big family...ALL sentient beings...MAY ALL BEings be FREE AND HAPPY NOW and eternally! With INfinite love support, admiration and gratitude, we bow in humble apprectation and cannot wait for our grand REunion and a biggest cosmic embrace.

      Thank you everyone .....:)))

  13. Is true that with financial reset money like vietnamite dong will be exchange like follow:
    1000 vietnam dong ->> 1000 €

    1. No, Cobra has mentioned that is disinformation. It will be much, much less.

  14. Folks, look at the proton/electron flux!


    1. omg Da-Da your the man! I just checked out your blogsite and I was literally LMAOROFL!!!
      YOu're genius and clearly running on some upgraded operating system :))))

      ps. Thank you! and keep us updated about the solar wind :)

  15. Dear Cobra and all you wonderful people, I like all the positive comments. Thanks for being there! Thanks for doing all you do with compassion and love. Love is the strongest force in the universe, as you are showing us. Namaste.

    1. "Some people seem to mistake objectivity for negativity and wishful thinking for positivity."

      - from Indonesia-

    2. Some people seem to mistake holding the light as wishful thinking and objectivity as reality.

      We are CO-CREATING. We each must ask ourselves, "What is your contribution?"

      Love and Light is The Way, IMHO

  16. There is no turning back.....

    Karen is one of those whose messages reflect reality.

  17. It seems to me that the state of the mission is to now hold things together a bit longer until covert actions can be taken. Well, I don't think the light forces are going to be able to hold things together much longer. America is a powder keg about to explode with violent revolution, and the Bundy Ranch was just the first sign of that happening. The Ukraine is also about to explode with violent revolution and civil war- possibly leading to world war. I don't know what covert actions are being taken, but I think they need to be hurried up!! This whole planet will explode into war very soon and that won't be nice for anyone.

  18. Dear Cobra,
    Recently you posted that the Resistance were removing the Cabal's world wide Plasma systems and it sounded like it would be done quickly. Many of out here are continually under this form of attack and being pinned down in all aspects of life as well. Is this still going on and if so what time frame are we looking at? Also can the Resistance help with what will be left after losing that capability because they still have more traditional covert opp actions that are still blocking most things.
    Thank you for responding on this if possible.
    Larry Pearce
    1981 Dunloe circle
    Dunedin, FL 34698
    727 480 6238

  19. What does the proton flux mean referred to in earlier comment?

  20. Thank you for the hard work that all of you guys do. Cobra, RM, and everyone else who is taking part in making this world a better place. Your existence and "small" action is VERY powerful and it matters so keep doing what you guys are doing. In these toughest times, we have to be strong, even if it means that we have to cry our last tears and put up a fight. Each of you guys are capable to come through this difficult and trying times and still shine your light and grow internally. No matter what, we are in this together. You guys aren't strangers but like brothers and sisters and so together we are unstoppable.


  22. We are part of the grand creator and we can create anyway in our own right.

    Let us co-create an ideal environment for the event to happen and heal our planet.

    Michael Jackson - Heal The World


    Guys, watch these... seriously :/

  24. Misunderstanding timelines, which reflect multiple potential outcomes, not set-in-stone dates, can add to our angst. This is why psychics may seem "wrong". They read the most probable timeline in that moment, but outcome is always influenced by our free will choices in any given moment. So what was once "true" is actually malleable.

    Understanding that linear time (sequential perception of events) is a factor only in 3D, and that it differs from 5-D multi-dimensional awareness "simultaneous NOW" can help us avoid feeling pain and disappointment when an expected event date "changes" or is seemingly delayed.

    Marion Weinstein, in her book "Earth Magic" has a chapter on Aspects of Self, where she talks about this, even if it is from a Wiccan perspective. I'm sure there is a lot of other material out there on the subject.

    I can't claim to understand these concepts in depth, as I am better at experiential learning, but I did have a few "Aha" moments that eased my angst about the future, once I understood a little bit of it.

    1. Yes, agreed! There is a real Space Time Continuum and we are constantly affecting it by what we Think, Do and Believe. I recently watched the Back to The Future movies again and was amazed that almost 30 years ago Hollywood was showing us exactly how this works!! (turns out Doc and Marty McFly knew alot more than just how to entertain the masses)

      Cobra said that with the IS:IS Portal Opening and the opening of the Pleiadian portal opening on May 17th that we would actually be collapsing various negative timelines and that with just the partial IS:IS activation, there has already been a "further unification of all future positive timelines"!

      So Important that we keep participating in the Meditations and Portal Openings right now. This cannot be emphasized enough.

    2. A lot of science fiction stuff in movies is true according to David Adair (whiz kid teenage rocket builder they took to Area 51, where he realized an alien craft he was examining relied on symbiotic technology to operate..but he didn't tell the military that! Just then, he overheard that they also wanted to use his rocket for First Strike Nuclear Warhead capability, so he "accidentally" destroyed the engine of the rocket so they could not duplicate it. He was punished by being made to join the Navy instead of going off to college, and later became a consultant for NASA).

      May 17th is my Dad's birthday, he'll be 83. He just got married! (Wife No. 3) and I've never seen him happier. We only have this moment in time.

  25. What is the effect of a strangelet bomb detonation?

    1. The detonation of a strangelet bomb is the wiping out of the entire physical universe, 3rd density itself. But that's the joke or ruse buddy because those who posses these devices will never use them to destroy that which they covet, 3rd density. If they set one off, the war between light and dark is over, only peace and quite will ensue. Whether the souls within the destruction are retrievable is anyone's interpretation. Personally I think it would be a good thing because it would put an end to the suffering of those caught in the middle of their wars, namely, us. We're not worth much more than cannon fodder to both sides of light and dark. An endless supply of souls to be fought over again and again and again. As long as the Archons can continue to force our souls to go back here to earth with no chance of escaping to higher density, they will keep a constant supply of soldiers to take sides to fight their eternal wars, one side being the cabal with the Archons backing them and the Federation with the light backing them. We are the pawns caught in the middle to act out their agendas. It is we who are being used as the minions to fight out their wars. Many claim there is and end in sight but history shows there is no end. Only another game to be played out with different parameters and goals. Our disease IS our IMMORTALITY.

    2. Be careful what you ask for! Knowledge is power. I would imagine annhilation, so who needs the gory details? Who needs PTSD? Who needs more negative images to foster negative co-creation?

      No, Let's envision a MORE POWERFUL and MORE BEAUTIFUL outcome. And so, IT IS.

    3. Dear, your words are true, but you don’t have idea of what the non physical warriors of light go through to liberate our planet in the extra-physical planes. The last dark layer will probably be the hardest to clear, because they won’t be fighting the lizard reptilians, but the draconian reptilians. They probably are in the subcrustal region of earth now, close to the core, where only the dark reptilian bosses remain. Think about something like dragons and dinosaurs, but in humanoid stage and extremely though. Seas of fire, black rocks, pools of blood, human bones and etc. Hell itself. We have to thank our light brothers eternally for their courage and devotion to help us. The angels are very brave.
      The evil draconians may be the enemies of humanity, but we have to admit that their power is superior. Most of those ancient legends about fire breathing dragons (dinosaurs), venom spitting flying serpents, scary draconic sea-serpents and etc. are true, the reptilians are powerful beings, and those in the lower etheric plane are the humanoid ones, evolved. Something like omega shenron from dragon ball gt.


  27. what does the LEF octopus need to do

  28. @ PHOENIX BOULAY - Thank you for posting such Powerful information about Quantum Physics in the "Stand Up" Thread!

    THE BEST WAY TO GET UPDATES TO THESE POSTS IS TO PUT A CHECKMARK IN THE "NOTIFY ME" BOX AT THE BOTTOM OF THE COMMENT BOX WHEN YOU POST A COMMENT. Then as people reply, you'll get the updates in real time. I have mine set up to come on my smartphone. :-) Also, when a thread gets really long (like the "Stand Up" post did), you have to click on LOAD MORE below the comment box to see all of the comments.

    What you said Phoenix about the Power of our Thoughts and Beliefs is one of the most IMPORTANT things a person can learn. The creators of the Dark Matrix we have lived in for so long know this and that is why they have done everything they can to keep us in a Fear Based Mentality. When you live in fear, you are operating on one of the LOWEST FREQUENCIES THERE IS and they can more easily control you. See this Emotional Frequency Chart here:


    Quantum Physics is a very real science that explains that everything at the quantum level is a VIBRATING PACKET OF ENERGY and creates a sound or frequency. When we have a thought it becomes a little packet of vibrating energy that we send out into the Field of Energy all around us and affects it.

    The book that was a game changer for me was "THE FIELD" BY LYNNE MCTAGGERT. She interviewed top scientists in Quantum Physics and compiled over 50 years worth of their research and findings. One of the most important things discovered was that certain scientists could not understand why a particular (now famous) experiment kept getting different results even though they followed the same exact protocol. What they eventually realized (and were able to prove) is that the mere act of their OBSERVING the experiment is what CHANGED the results! Their thoughts and intentions in that moment AFFECTED the outcome!!!

    When people fully realize that EVERY THOUGHT, EVERY INTENTION, EVERY ACTION affects the entire world around them, they will choose to think and act differently. They will then become part of the Solution, not the Problem.

    THE #1 LIE THAT THE CREATORS OF THIS MATRIX PROMOTE IS THAT ONE PERSON, ONE INDIVIDUAL, HAS ZERO POWER TO CHANGE ANYTHING and therefore why even try. That is the Biggest Lie that has ever been told!

    WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALLY POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE - AND COLLECTIVELY WE ARE A QUANTUM POWERHOUSE! This is why our Group Meditations are so important. When we join our minds together with a common focus and intent, we ARE changing our world in that very moment! It was proven years ago that 7,000 people meditating in New York City drastically reduced the amount of violent crime in that area while they were meditating on peace.

    I also understand that it is not easy to switch from being in a Fear Based Mentality to one of being FEARLESS. I was highly conditioned from childhood to live in intense fear. It took me years of research, inner reflection and sheer determination to break free from it. Hopefully with all of the tools, information and support now available, it won't took others nearly as long as it took me.

    Breaking free from Fear does require EFFORT. No one can do the work for you. It is an inner journey and I wish all of those here the best on that journey of FREEING THEMSELVES FROM THE MATRIX and RECLAIMING THEIR INNER POWER! Once more of us do that, we will become the Avatar Race as featured in the movie "Avatar" and fully reclaim our Multi-Dimensional abilities. We will get to a point where NO ONE will ever be able to enslave us again!

    1. You are welcome, but it was Gregg Braden's lecture material, I just transcribed some of what I heard from the video. I keep watching parts of it, so I was synchronistically able to relate to the thread comments.

      I have copied that comment here for everyone's convenience:


      Phoenix BoulayMay 3, 2014 at 11:23 PM

      kinda pissed..I took time to compose a thoughtful REPLY, only to see my draft disappear because the original comment was removed by the author, due to much flak at its negativity.

      Therefore, my replies may be mixed in with regular thread comments so no one can remove my "reply" by removing their comment.

      PEOPLE PLEASE GO BACK AND SCAN THE THREAD FOR UPDATES. It seems nobody reads the replies or updates, or they wouldn't still be whining...

      @Nikki @Mitchell TR etc. Have you ever listened to New Age mover and shaker Gregg Braden talk about Quantum Physics and how OUR BELIEFS AFFECT OUTCOME.

      An amazingly insightful and informative video of an actual Seminar lecture:

      Secret Ancient Knowledge Gregg Braden The Divine Matrix (3:48:00)

      He explains the quantum physics of it..using many examples how our beliefs are quantum possibilities of your life that exist as possibility, and how our beliefs are creating what is happening on this earth right now..because "beliefs change matter...beliefs are waves of expansion and contraction.."

      "It is the act of us observing the Universe, that makes the Universe as it is.."
      "It is a participatory Universe" (co-creative)
      ~Professor John Wheeler, Princeton University Physicist (colleague of Albert Einstein)

      On Quantum particles: they are always connected and always communicate with each other.

      "They can change the particle now, and it changes what it had to be in the past, to get to now. They can change the particle in the present, and it changes how it exists in the past, even though the past already happened." ~Gregg Braden

      "Consciousness is what holds these particles (of matter) together."

      "We live our lives based on what we believe about our world.."

      "Our power of belief is an infinite power against which no earthly force is of the slightest significance." ~Neville, The Power of Awareness (book)

      "The stuff of our world does not exist the way we think it exists.." and

      "Belief is the code that translates possibilities into the reality of this world." and

      "This mind is the Matrix of all matter..."

      ...................~Maxx Plank, Father of Quantum theory

    2. All of what you have mentioned is arbitrary. Gregg Braden, Maxx Plank, Nicola Tesla, Lynne McTaggart, Nassim Haramein, I can go on and on with all kinds of names I've studied the work of too, as has many of us here done. But none of that concerns me of how and at what degree we may be changing the positive output of ourselves either individually or collectively. What concerns me is how easily people defend the light forces and believe they can not make mistakes or could possible do no wrong or harm. Case in point; we know for a fact the federation/light forces have destroyed many nuclear weapons in past decades by their own admission and evidence by our militaries to back that fact up. But they will not talk about all the repercussions we've (down here on planet earth) have had to endure at the rath of the cabal when they saw what the light forces were doing to their precious nuclear arsenal. Did people really think there would be no blowback towards us from the cabal when the light forces decided to interfere with those nukes? Did our time lines change because of such an attack and interference on the cabals plans? More than likely they did. But my problem is that the light forces refused to interfere with the assassination of JFK, one single man, who could have brought in world wide abundance through the collateral accounts 50 years ago, which was SUPPOSED to happen. Instead, they chose to sit by and watch a further 50 plus years of pain and suffering rain down upon our heads and in the same breath, claim that would be interfering? I call 1 trillion percent bullshit on that call or claim by the light forces that they consider the continued life of one man, "interference" but the continued destruction of nuclear weapons for decades, not interference? Lets be perfectly clear here; we know that when a nuclear device is detonated here on mother earth it doesn't just disrupt our realm, it disrupts higher realms as well, hence why the light forces have a vested interest (which I call bias), in interfering in one aspect, but no in another. So I seriously question the interest of the light forces as pure and innocent as they'd like us to believe when history and evidence shows otherwise. Can the light forces and the company of heaven make mistakes, yes they can, but they'll never admit such a thing, in fact they continue to call their "mistakes", (choices). How convenient it must be to be able to call your mistakes, a choice. It would appear they have not gotten rid of all their hubris or pride as we'd call it here, in 3rd density. It's clear to me the federation and the company of heaven have their own interests in mind and have chosen how they wish to interfere here in 3rd density and then ignore other positive ways they could have interfered to spread a whole new era of positiveness and prosperity upon us all by allowing the continuation of the life of a single man. People can claim all they want that we would not know the outcome of such a decision or timeline but we sure as hell cannot deny what kind of outcome their "chosen" non interference, has done to us here. We have paid for it and then some from the very moment the federation and light forces started destroying the nuclear weapons. We have been at the mercy of the cabal ever since and when JFK was assassinated, they stepped up their program to truly shove us all through a harrowing meat grinder and that's where we are at now. How do you all like your "non interference" coming from the federation and the company of heaven?

    3. Well considering that the alternative to NOT stopping a nuclear explosion has far more dire consequences, I'll take the help.

  29. @ JOE RENAUD - Wow! What Gloom and Doom you dispel. So based on another comment you made in this thread, if it were up to you, you would just push the red button and blow up the entire known universe with a strangelet bomb so YOU and the other 7 Billion Souls who inhabit this planet could be “put out of their misery.” And NO, if that bomb went off there would be no possible way to retrieve those souls because the Soul Avatar would be destroyed so you are talking about Total Obliteration of all life.

    You know what I think is a real tragedy? That you spent most likely years by your own admission “studying” and taking in higher knowledge but rather than actually allowing the roots of ancient wisdom to take hold within your own soul and guide you through your own personal liberation and spiritual transformation, you now cynically dismiss this wisdom and classify it as simply arbitrary (which the dictionary defines as a superficial “whim”) and you choose instead to revel in the idea of the mass extinction of all life in our known universe - beautiful life forms that were created by Source Creator/Mother Goddess - and were placed on this planet as a Living Library for all galactic races to learn from.

    Unfortunately, some who “Awaken” and see how dark the Matrix really is, get lost in the depths of that darkness and cannot see their way out of it. My own brother did this. Once he escaped the cult we were born into, he got so disillusioned by spending hundreds of hours researching all the dark aspects of our world, that he gave up hope and at the tender age of 25, took his own life. I will say again what I have said before - what you focus on expands. We are all playing a role in either continuing the Matrix or exiting it altogether. Regardless of how DARK this Matrix has been and how LONG it has gone on, nothing lasts forever, and this Matrix WILL END. We are on the FINAL false karmic wheel and there is only ONE etheric layer left to clear! That’s how close we are to victory.

    Joe, you are also assuming and have made repeated statements that most people are totally naive and blindly support the light forces. How do you know what leads people to reach certain conclusions? Some have done extreme amounts of research and inner work before ever expressing a viewpoint. I fall into that category. I personally have read (and re-read) every word on Cobra’s blog for the last 2 years since he first put it up. I did have some doubts initially about who he was and who the light forces were that he was aligned with until he started doing radio interviews and live conferences where his real identity was confirmed. But I kept an open mind and feel that I now know enough to openly offer support. Personally, I believe that Cobra and the RM are one of the most reliable and trustworthy groups working to liberate our planet. I also believe that when the time is right, Cobra and RM will reveal more verifiable information about our True Galactic History - it is simply not the most important task at the moment.

    I do agree with you Joe that everyone (including the light forces) make mistakes. But I also think it is unfair to lump all “light forces” into one singular group with a perceived negative agenda. There are many groups within a group and not all agree with everything that is done. Same with the Cabal - there are many who “seem” to support them but this is only because they or their family will be killed if they don’t comply.

  30. @ JOE RENAUD (continued)
    Also, what you deem as a foolish “mistake” by groups of ET’s might be viewed differently if you were actually on the galactic frontlines fighting the battles and trying to preserve life as much as possible in the process. Imagine if you had the weight and fate of worlds, galaxies and universes on your shoulders! You would have to weigh endless potential maneuvers, counter-maneuvers, the galactic codex, and take into account both free will and the constantly changing quantum potentials in any given moment. Even if you had the best of intentions, your efforts could be hampered on many levels.

    There is so much we don’t know about each scenario that has played out on Earth and in our galaxy - that I feel it is rather presumptuous on our part to judge so harshly, regardless of the level of suffering that has persisted here. What you think is an easy maneuver may be extremely complex and even undesirable or impossible to execute at that time.

    You are not the only person here who has experienced the depths of the Matrix of Suffering and wants the suffering to end! It is precisely for this reason that I am very cautious about what I allow to shape my viewpoints and beliefs. I spend copious hours of my time researching, cross-referencing, reviewing information and checking in with my own inner guidance before forming a viewpoint on anything. Nothing that I currently believe is set in stone - I am very fluid and flexible in my thinking and adjust my viewpoint as new information comes to light and as I have “inner revelations” of my own.

    I will also agree that alot of the channeled information is heavily “tainted” with the negative ET Agenda (which primarily stems from Lucifer and his minions). I have read works by people such as Wes Penre who have done years of research on this subject and speak of the potential negative timelines such as the “Machine Kingdom” or “Borg Scenario” and the highly promoted “Harvest” scenario from the Law of One.

    But that is precisely the point - these are simply POTENTIALS. One of the main reasons this Dark Matrix has gone on so long is we didn’t start waking up until a few short years ago and didn’t realize that we had the power to ALTER THE OUTCOME and EXIT THE MATRIX (just like in the movie “The Truman Show). Our ultimate freedom is not just based on ET intervention. We play a HUGE ROLE in our own liberation! So I completely disagree with you that understanding and working with Energy at the Quantum Level is useless. This is exactly the kind of erroneous belief that will keep you STUCK in the Matrix or even in an alternate negative timeline.

    If you really want to End the Suffering and Escape this Matrix, you need to redirect your focus and mindset and begin to Co-Create the POSITIVE TIMELINE where we are all FREE and SOVEREIGN BEINGS once again.