Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sirius starfield alignment in progress, BlueShield 4 ready


  1. We hold the Light in readiness at all times.

    Let's go home team!

    1. Absolutely:-)

      Victory to the Light....

    2. We are at home dear friends! Let's remember!

  2. Sounds good alignment in progress... I will keep doing my benevelent outcome prayers for Cobra and all light workers who do for highest good.

  3. M I S S I O N I G N I T I O N ~~ CHECK !!

  4. Blueshield is the name of the mission related to removing all Archons from the planet, if this next phase of it is ready that's great news!

  5. Finally some positive sounding news.............

  6. Selamat Jalwar :-)))

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Happiness Forever :-)


    1. RaJah, you have been offered the Captain's Chair of Finaliter Ship Celesta on EL7 with the blessing of Admiral FleetHawk777.

      Dieux et mon droit

      Semper Eadem

    2. Woot Raj! *High Fives*

      Love, light, respect, and support to the whole team. And everybody reading.

      Be Well

    3. @3DHD:

      I understand and greatly appreciate your offer. It would be so much Fun to get "more directly" involved. Thank you, my friend.
      However, MY Job is to be supervisor of The operation and to stay grounded so I can perform certain shamanistic and very important rituals. Which I do multiple times every day. They're always different and they're always important.
      My job is on the surface of Gaia, and it's not complete just quite yet, and until My Job is completed succcessfully to at least 100 per cent of The Source's expectations I am no going anywhere.

      I highly appreciate The Offer , and I bow to You in thanks.
      Domo Arigato.
      But I have to Decline. My Mission is not fulfilled yet.

      On a lighter note:
      My name is Lars B., RaJah225 and DK - and I will catch your ass . . . Down The Road ;-)

      Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Harmony, Happiness and GAIA Forever


    4. In addition, the only spaceship I fly apart of Gaia is a wonderful being called MINERVA. I miss Her, and neither of the two of us were happy about how She was used at The Battle Of The China Gates.
      I'll make it up to you somewhere down the road, I promise.

      Right now, we're all gonna need some more MINERVA action however, sweetie ;-)


      Your friend,

    5. Aha! Wiser words have never been spoken RaJah.. and with such good spelling too!

      I am honored by your Service and eternally grateful for it.


    6. By the way:
      MINERVA eats "strangelet bombs" and somesuch for breakfast - without even burping!!!

      As does My other friend whom I really miss.
      Do your Best, LEVIATHAN - please, mate.
      Roll With It :-)))


    7. Thank you for Your Words, 3DHD,
      if I don't do this stuff, nobody else would. There's Work that needs to be done and someone's gotta do it.
      It is what it is.

      I try My Best to keep the spelling Interdimensionally and Interuniversally, it's all written by my Higher Self and We try to keep this as multidimensional as possible withouit givin' too much sh!t away

      The things I do and the things I post are *not for everybody*.
      Some people understand *some* things correctly, other people get *other* things right.
      It is all Code, though, and only a select few entities in the Multiverse get the FULL MESSAGE. And my little 3D brain down here is certainly not one of them :-)))

      Lars B. is just a TOOL - and frickin' HAPPY about it!! Best Job EVER!!!

      But even Lars B. understands that We're now sending in the A+ Players and takin' care of this Clusterfuck ;-)
      The STARS are aligned, WE are ready to shoot this BABY HOME NOW.

      Fire At Will


    8. Done.
      Implemented a few Gold-covered cake-forks into the Light Machine.
      Didn't hurt nearly as much as the last time I used one of those for a Performance ;-)

    9. Quick explanation for the 225:

      "Both you and I - we never asked for any of this"
      is where I got that from. The human drummer going 225 bpm for five minutes is also a thing of beauty.

      Anyway. I want to be honest. Claiming that I "never asked for any of this" is hypocritical on My part. I know who I am :-)

      I AM responsible for this clusterfuck.
      It Is What It Is
      *shrugs* :-)
      So I try to be leadin' The Charge to clean up Here before We All go to The Next Level. Gotta clean up your sh!t before you leave :-)



    10. Hey RaJah, you said this so beautifully…: "I understand and greatly appreciate your offer. It would be so much Fun to get "more directly" involved. Thank you, my friend.
However, MY Job is to be supervisor of The operation and to stay grounded so I can perform certain shamanistic and very important rituals."


      As for me, I intend to leave with the first ticket offered, in full consciousness. My dream is that I would still love to come and visit, travel freely after being like a caged bird and not even realizing it for so many years it is mind-blowing to think back. I would like to witness the transformation and healing, completion of star Gaia, and share my newly learned knowledge with stand-up service-to-others, Star brothers and sisters, like you, who will pass on advanced technologies and ancient wisdom to benefit everyone, not highjacking them for service-to-self and using them for control and power as has happened before when beings with lower vibration and soul evolution were given this gift. And to know we already have the gift, right here, now…free energy, light and sound therapy and other totally sci-fi material, given to you, me, everyone, as long as the threshold for advanced technologies is matched (or balanced) with spiritual evolution for Peace, and realizing this individually as well as collectively.

      Safe travels guys! If you love numbersand their symbology as much as I do, the code was 111 XD hahahaha!!!

    11. Hey RahJah,
      Just wanted to share with you. The one thing I was told when I woke up and was downloaded with new ethics, morals and drive was that I would not leave with everyone else, that I was here to focus on surface population and bringing the grid of mental, emotional and physical love down. Also to fall back in love with GAIA.

      So just wanted to let you know RahJah! With all heart and souls intent I AM your brother standing by, waving goodbye to all those moving on;)

      ONE LOVE,
      JOKO from Colorado
      I awoke at 11:11 on 28 October 2011

    12. Hey JOKO,
      WTF were you thinkin' when you volunteered for This Part of The Operation?! Are you NUTS?!
      Only kidding of course, mate. Very happy to have such great support as part of our Ground Crew :-)

      I Love the Timing and Numerology of your Awakening, Numbers mean a LOT to Me / Us.
      Looks like Your Number is One - I dig it! :-)

      Today is 8-22-2014
      8 + 2 + 2 + 2 +0 + 1 + 4 = 19
      1 + 9 = 10
      1 + 0 = 1

      1 as in ONE - very fitting, love yourr current flow with the Wave, aka Synchronicity.
      Something NEW starts today

      Today Is A Good Day - VERY Good:-)))

      I'm very sure We All will be the Moving together, my friend. We have already built the Bridge to the New Gaia in another Dimension, which was pretty much unheard of in the Multiverse before We pulled off that little trick.
      My Heart jsut tells Me We will ALL walk that Bridge Together.
      You'll Never Walk Alone :-)

      Lots Of Love from the Heartline of Europe, JOKO.
      Keep on Energizing those beautiful Rocky Mountains, man.

      And of course Lots Of Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom, Harmony and Happiness for Everyone in the Multiverse.




    For Sirius becomes the second sun of the Planet Earth. Those with active Galactic Lightbodies receive white/gold sunlight from the Solar system sun, and blue/white "sunlight" from Sirius.

    The Blue sunlight from Sirius creates a 9th Dimensional field of Electric Blue light that maintains the Galactic Consciousness of the Planet through the Angelic Families.

    This "truth" was known to the ancient Egyptians who received their teachings from Sirius. At the time of the Lion's Gate Stargate in late July and early August, they celebrated the heliacal rising of Sirius in the morning sky and the rising of the Nile to bring prosperity to Egypt . But the initiates knew that in Egypt , also known as the land of "Khem" or alchemy, the rule was "as above, so below", and that this event was symbolic of something on a greater level. This "something" was the alignment of Earth's two "suns" in the heavens. At this time, the blue-white energy of Sirius is "magnified" through the sun as by a lens, and waves of creative light representing waves of abundance, love and prosperity "rain" down on Earth as Cosmic Fire. The white-gold and the blue-white combine to create Magic and bring change, renewal and growth.

    The Ancient Egyptians identified the Solar System sun with Ra-Herukuti-Osiris. It carried a Masculine energy. The Sirian "sun" was identified with isis-Maat and was a Feminine energy. Together, their Sacred Union created Abundance and Peace on Earth.

  8. Aloha and thank you Cobra for the Sirius Starfield and BlueShield updates, whatever they are.....
    .....So.........Meditate daily. You'll see your health improve, you'll see all 5 senses improve and you'll bring in your 6th sense, or intuition. You will develop the discernment that Cobra talks about........The 6th sense is your intuition, your right brain, your creative-intuitive self and it is, in fact, the goddess part of you that perhaps has been slumbering...........we all have the goddess in us, men and women alike........Sometimes I've thought that we are each a little bit afraid of our own goddess energy, because if we really tapped into it, we would find our limitless power and creativity........many doors would open for us but we each would change....our lives would change........ it would all be positive but change is scarey for many............But...what is there to fear, really?..............We all have limitless power and creativity, love, and feeling and we each need to bring it to the world............I have been meditating lately to Marco Missinato's Unfolding Secrets compositions (you can find it on line) and it is beautiful............Alexandra Meadors interviewed Cobra and Marco Missinato on Dec. 10, 2013 and introduced Marco as part of the new Renaissance that will come into being.......So, I found the music CD.........These types of beautiful, creative compositions are part of the goddess unfoldment.......So.........Let's see what we can all create.....our creativity is there for us, waiting......Aloha........

    1. Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom.

      One of my favorite quotes is by Marianne Williamson.

      “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God."

    2. "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure..." - Marianne Williamson

    3. Hi Chuck Spencer and Tranquil mind: Nice!... thank you.

  9. First a little "alignment" then we are "ready". Sounds really good to me!
    Thank you.

  10. I was wondering why Cobra uses internet to send messages to the light forces when so many higher technologies are available to him.

    1. You forget that there are humans working on this operation as well.

    2. Cetane, the light forces are also in us while we read the message.

    3. That makes a perfect sense then. :-)

    4. Chetan, and the second go many of us while they sleep to the light forces. Then they can report here.

  11. This post , to me, feels like relief, support, What this causes me to want to do, in support, in my little world,( population one) to state and intend my own personal alignment with Sirus starfield and to state that my own personal blue shield is present and ready and all be so , in the pesence of love

  12. Thank you for your work and for being here at this time. I love you.

  13. Though I can't claim to be as impatient as some, it has occurred to me that the LESS intel we receive, the BETTER, because it means the RM is making progress, the details of which are on a need-to-know basis. I sense some barefooted-dancing-in-the-grass type celebrations in our near future...hopefully in a few months after I move and get settled. (Is there ever an exact right time to shift the paradigm?) Thanks to Cobra dn

    Today there is a Global Meditation at noon EDT:

    A Peace Meditation Invitation for Friday August 15th 2014. ~ by John Smallman

    "I shall spend 30 minutes in meditation this Friday from 12.00 noon, East Coast or New York time, holding this intent, and I invite you to join with me. Each one taking part increases the power of Love that we embrace and share . . . exponentially! So let’s do it. AND, as time is of the illusion, if you are unable to meditate at that illusory time, know that just by making the intent to be a part of this group meditation your period of meditation, at any time that works for you, will effectively occur in the now moment when we all meditate."

    1. I have done Cobras Meditation and Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish......Adonai Tsebayoth along with the Violet Flame for 33 Minutes daily since March 21.....

    2. 21-day meditation challenge currently happening. To register, visit This seems to dovetail with the goals of this group.

    3. Love and Thanks to Cobra and RM and all you shiny, happy people! <3


      R.E.M. - Shiny Happy People (Video)

      Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

      R.E.M. - It's The End Of The World As We Know It (AND I FEEL FINE!)

  14. Yipeeee...

    That sounds Awesome.

    Victory to the Light.

  15. TR-3B

  16. Keep up the ggod work, Lightworkers team! Thank you, Cobra. Thank you, the RM.
    We support you.

  17. Enunciation and speech acts on Israel's Nazi crime an Irish Senator amazing power of truth

  18. Espectacular nave nodriza captada en Martigues, Francia / Captured mothership in Martigues, France


  20. Sirius starfield alignment? I wonder if that has anything to do with the blue and azure energies from the galactic central sun?? Thank you Cobra for all of your hard work on our behalf!! Without this blog, I would have little hope for the future. Now, I think there is hope for us all!

    1. Some call Sirius a Blue Diamond (type of a star) and many call Gaia the Blue Planet (type of a star)….why not! Sounds good to me :D

      I agree, Mitchell, Cobra and this blogsite gave me HOPE…because without hope there's nothing. So never give up til' the miracle happens, it always does, always.

  21. I've been having heart puncture daily!

    1. I think you mean you are having heart palpitations, not heat punctures. For heart palpitations you should make sure to take plenty of CoQ10 and high quality fish oil. Don't take cheap, mainstream fish oil, take only high quality. Keep taking the supplements until you feel relief from heart palpitations.

    2. Thank you Mitchell for that suggestion, going to look for this. I've been having A Fib several times a day for over a week straight now. Used to only happen occasionally now its all the time. It doesn't hurt but does catch my breath at times. Again thank you, will give this a try.

    3. Please describe the feeling you are having because I have been having a puncture or sharp pain feeling in my heart as well.

    4. @Miranda

      If you had died violently in one of your past lives ( arrow through the heart ), it's astral version will still be embedded in your astral heart and cause physical sensations in this life. If there is no organic cause, check out the list of psychic healers recommended by Cobra.

    5. The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases by Madison Cavanaugh

      Overview: The One-Minute Cure reveals a remarkable, scientifically proven natural therapy that creates an environment within the body where disease cannot thrive, thus enabilng the body to cure itself of disease. Over 6,100 articles in European scientific literature have attested to the effectiveness of this safe, inexpensive and powerful healing modality, and has been administered by an estimated 15,000 European doctors, naturopaths and homeopaths to more than 10 million patients in the past 70 years to successfully treat practically every known disease -- including but not limited to cancer, AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease. hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, herpes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and
      Genre: Non-Fiction > Medical


  23. Ce soir du 15 août, le tribunal , Kevin Annett et les shérifs passent à l action !

    1. Pouvez-vous s'il vous plaît envoyer un lien sur cette information? Merci.

    2. @RIma - Cést ici (en anglais seulement):


      Bonjours et bienvenu!

    4. August 16, Child Sacrificial Cult Disrupted, Arrests made in Montreal ! more here -->

  24. Slowly but surely we walk our way toward the Victory of the Light! Thanks Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Cobra, Rob, RM & All the Galactics...We love you!!

    Here's a few of my poems from "Your Own Ship"--

    "A Pot of Gold is an Aura of Love"

    "Grow & See" & "Wisdom Grows:

  25. Impresionante señal de paz aparece en Crimea, Ucrania / Awesome peace sign appears Crimea, Ukraine

  26. Why do the "Free Will" choices of the far superior and more adept dark cabal to stay in power supersede our/my free will choices to have a full experience. Its apparent that the free will choices of the cabal hold more weight, are respected and are fully honored by heaven, the RM and light forces. This whole notion of FREE WILL and how it relates to universal law is BS and filled with double standards.

    Shame on the RM, the light forces and even heaven for allowing the needless suffering of the divine beings that have lived and needlessly suffered on the surface of this planet for millenia. The forces of light on the other side of the veil should hang their heads in eternal shame and embarrassment for they are just as responsible for co-creating this reality with the dark cabal. The forces of light were present and watched on as the atrocities over the past 13,000 years were being committed against humanity.

    This whole time the RM and light forces were playing checkers while the far superior much smarter and more resolute mortal dark cabal was playing chess.

    All that glitters is not GOLD! The RM and light forces abandoned the surface population 13,000 years ago. The light forces gave up on humanity and watched on as the enslavement of this planets surface population was established and thrived.

    The forces of light left humanity once before. Why should we believe for 1 second that the RM and Light Forces will not be outmatched and outplayed again. The forces of light willingly retreated and consciously gave up on us. The forces of light and the RM let evil and terror reign supreme. Complacency is tacit approval!

    To all the forces of light and the RM that are reading and or viewing this communication. Shame on all of you!!!!

    1. I agree Matthew.....................I think though that at this point we need a bunch of the Hawks......The cabal is freely murdering us as we throw flowers and hope if we throw enough on the cabal they will smother.....There is something else going on here and im not sure what it is. This is our planet....we made a free will choice for the event.......Somehow now we have no word on how things will be handled and if you question why....You are ignored and told its to protect the RM....... I want them safe to. But while they are being safe...we are being murdered............

    2. I understand your frustration, I've felt it a lot myself. However I firmly believe that the RM/light forces are doing everything they can to trigger the event ASAP. The most difficult hurdle now is that the remaining pieces of the matrix/veil are tied directly into a network of Strangelet Bombs. These devices make nukes look like firecrackers. Disabling them is a large part of what's making The Event take so long. I've been envisioning a couple methods that they might be using to disarm them. (I have no idea if this is actually how they do it but it feels right to me.) Either they blast them with a frequency of light that slowly causes them to become inert, or they have a way to create a force field around them which limits their destructive potential to a few feet or inches around the device, then they force it to detonate. If they're doing something like the second option I imagine it might have negative consequences in the astral and etheric planes. Again this is all just a theory in my head, but whatever they're doing I can feel the dark network slowly unraveling.

    3. @Matthew, the light forces have nothing to be ashamed about. You make it sound like the whole universe has just been having a great big party while we here on Earth suffered. The Galactic Wars were happening all over the place, not just on Earth. They couldn't come and liberate Earth because they were fighting dark forces at several different locations. They just recently liberated Planet X from the dark forces. Earth was not the only place with dark forces! And they first had to abandon Earth because you have to do that sometimes in war- you have to retreat and get reinforcements. Now, Earth is the last planet to be liberated because it is heavily fortified. I don't think the light forces have anything to be ashamed about.

    4. I don't think that anyone here said they had to be ashamed...........Just stating observations on how things are being handled without the actual people of the planet being allowed any say. Just like you do many times when you see something that upsets you Mitchell...............Depending on your mood.............which changed once Cobra answered one of your questions......Now you seem to think that you are allowed to talk down to the rest of us. I am going to speak my mind ....right or wrong. This is not the cabal of light and we can not speak or be afraid to speak our minds. Relax!

    5. It took them 3 weeks to liberate planet X. That doesnt help your arguement.

    6. @soullvx, Matthew's final sentence to the light forces was "Shame on all of you!!!!" And I don't think the light forces have anything to be ashamed about. Also, Cobra has NEVER answered one of my questions! LOL! I think you must have me confused with someone else. And I call a spade a spade. On occasion I have criticized Cobra; sometimes other members; and lately Rob Potter. I have also criticized the light forces for not having a central authority to get things done faster. i am not "looking down" on anyone. Like you, right or wrong, I am just expressing my opinion. @Robert, it was easier to liberate planet X. I guess they didn't have strangelet bombs.

  27. I'm now having a bit of imagination (feelings) that the "hawks" faction of ETs are preparing for action, to demonstrate the force and abilities. I'm sure our earthly military won't like it for many reasons. But I'm more waiting for the "doves" faction of ETs which plant new knowledge, new ways of life and, of course, technologies - obtained from a bit more "divine" sources than a mere experience.

    On another note, not so long ago I was deeply thinking about doing some paintings, the thing I wasn't doing for years. On the same night a girlfriend in her dream saw me as painting a picture. This was quite strange as I wasn't discussing my painting ideas with her. I guess the thoughts are quite material, or becoming increasingly material now. Maybe just for some people.

    What if my other thoughts - including thoughts about ETs, free energy devices are also translated to people around me? The last time I had a remarkable idea synchronicity is when I asked an imaginary Putin to release Khodorkovsky, and after some time he was released prematurely from jail, unexpectedly. That was just a flow of ideas, it's interesting to see when the reality lines with them.

    I'm not doing any special meditations as I think the way I think is in itself a kind of meditation.

    1. I don´t like the meditation way promoted on this blog but nevertheless found long ago a way to communicate with my higher self which in essence is the same.

    2. @discoveryet, what is this method of connecting to the higher self. if I might ask? I've learned that listening to the heart, physical feelings, and intuition/gut instincts is a good way of relaying the high self.

    3. @discoveryet, Whats your method of communicating with your higher self, if you don't mind me asking? Listening to your heart, gut feelings/instincts, intuition, and dreams are a few ways I know of.

    4. It´s mainly based on numerology and thereas how i "work". I know how i can get into a very relaxed mode and then sometimes i start thinking about different things or they just pop into my mind without asking for them. Sometimes i ask myself what i conclude from situations. Was it good, bad? Is it what i want? And sometimes solutions jump into my mind without asking for them. And there is some kind of communication between an entity that feels like the physical mind and another one which feels like a guidance entity which gives choices to the physical one. Choices like "you can do this, it´s up to you". Or says something like "patience..."

      And sometime when i´m not in a relaxed mode and things are getting really dangerous a warning "voice" (it´s more a thought) comes into my mind and tries to calm me down or gives very clear warnings.

      In the meantime i suspect the higher selfes of different people communicate with each other so bad or good things are communicated this way too between physical entities. But for all of this you have to be sensitive enough to hear them and take those voices seriously. They never order you to do something!

    5. You might try this... first to prep, just to know what is meant by, "float"... stand in a door-jam with your hands at your side and use all your strength to press out and up using the door-jam to keep your arms from lifting for about 1 or 2 minutes... then relax... you should feel your arms try to float upwards.

      For the meditation, sit as still as you can, work to stop the voice in your head (most call thinking), and see if you can float your hand up to the center of your head with eyes closed... there should be a short distance where you think your hand will touch... keep going like your hand is moving into your head.

      "Can you put your hand in your head, oh no"... from a song called Dreamer by Supertramp.

      Testify in a US court of law... hand on the Bible, and raise your right hand.

      I never could do the, "Pink Egg" thing... seemed like I would always over think it... millions of pink eggs zipping back and forth on freeways, up and down skyscrapers, through the air in jetliners... I end up looking at the planet from space.

      Then there is all the stuff in the news... the sniper showing off to the world his goals for this life on a face book page... a man lifting his son off the road by his arms, and the back of the boys head is missing... pink eggs in foxholes and prisons..? Just couldn't do it.

  28. The history of the Zionist state of Israel

  29. 21-day meditation in effect. Dovetails with the goals of this group.



    There is this man in New York who spreads Love in the streets. Basically it is the idea of free hugs except much more powerful. He invites everybody to join in sharing Love, in expressing themselves and break the matrix. I have felt the power and importance of his work and this is now confirmed by some threats to him given by the cabal.
    Their letter says :
    "Mr Silver,
    As you know we have been tracking you for some time now in order to put an end to this whole business you are bringing into the park.
    I think we have all had enough fun for now and we believe that it would in our mutual best interest to call this whole thing off
    And we mean the whole thing
    The dancing, the yelling, the lack of modesty. It is time for you to retreat from our public parks and shopping centers and go back to what ever hole you came from.
    In addition to all of this, we would humbly ask you to cancel all plans for August the 31st. They are dumb and it is interfering with our plans.
    In conclusion, if you comply with what we have stated above then we will immediatly leave you to your own accord.
    If you do not cease this absurdity then we will have to continue to do everything we can to ruin your plans
    Kind regards
    The absent"

    This letter shows the huge importance of his work. His event on August 31st is huge and has the potential to create big change towards the liberation.
    I believe the Resistance and all Light forces should protect humans that are developping projects that have this power.
    Please send protection and if you are in New York go and see his performances they are very uplifting. And Join his event on Aug31st.
    This is his page
    You will also find many on his performances searching his name on youtube.
    Thank you

  32. An interesting account of conflict of a light worker with dark forces:

  33. Yes, thanks Daniel..I've been trying to do this one..(a few days behind, so I need to catch up) I like the journal aspect of it..meditation, contemplation, reflection...

  34. I think we are close. I hope so.

  35. I was just about to post that, Chetan! The title is
    Blue Dragon Journal: Eliza: Team Dark Attacks

    untwine, sorry to hear of such a blatant and disturbing threat to this man who is spreading light and love in innovative ways.

    We need to stay connected to our light teams both humans and in the unseen realms. This article is very helpful. At times, I'm almost afraid to comment on some threads, or post, as it seems after I share something exposing dark deeds, or tooting my horn about something positive or post something uplifting, I get slammed again.

    I have struggled up and down for weeks, yet got myself into a really great, grounded and optimistic go-for-it space of feeling anything is possible...then was immediately slammed by psychic attack this week, including something I won't get into that threw me off and and planted seeds of doubt. Because I let doubt creep in, I got knocked off balance, wasted time and energy trying to figure out who was involved, became distrustful, didn't go to bed 3 nights this week until morning, didn't sleep in much, resulting in a low-level of light and manifestation ability. I also isolated myself, which is not what we should be doing, as you say, it is exactly what they want.

    Eliza's self-empowered courage and refusal to be held hostage to these attacks serves to remind all of us just how strong we are, and that we must be proactive and vigilant in managing our own energy and energetic boundaries. This is a time to have complete faith in the larger process at work, and connect to our heart energy, and send that out into the world. Also a great time to re-connect with forgiveness and gratitude, which are keys that open the door to heart-connection and abundance. Also, we need to remember to ASK for assistance from the unseen realms of Light, whether that is the Elementals, your Higher Self, Ancestors, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, our Galactic families, Source, so they can come in. While "team dark" entities trespass, those of the Light must be invited in.

    Blessings and Protections to all who are open to receive it. Thank you, Eliza <3

  36. I want to share something with you that is only indirectly related to this post, I hope it is okay.....:)
    When I looked at the picture of the souvereign of Hawai'i ( ) I felt that it activated something in me. I saw his dignity, greatness and honor. And I imagined, if I would meet him, I would not have the same pride in me related to my anchestors as he has. This made me feel ashamed and sorry at the same time.
    So I connected myself with the central sun of the galaxy ( sometimes I am talking with the central sun ;) ) and the sun inside of earth through a beam of light. I imagined my male ancestral lineage in front of me all the way back through all time. I felt so much pain and sorrow of the whole lineage. I asked the central sun to direct its beam also on that lineage and solve all darkness, pain, violence, abuse, lack of love and negativity and I could observe, how all that was dissolved by the ray of light and transformed inside of the central sun. Then suddenly I saw the whole lineage changing its shape, this "energy" formed itself around my whole being in a shape of a flower-of-life-grid like a sphere of golden light. I started to feel that flower-of-life-grid around me and the first time in my life I felt that there was something, that I have always missed, I felt so protected and supported by that grid. I started to walk on it, to touch it with my hands and to feel, what it has to tell me. I felt so much longing of my anchestors to balance all they have experienced in their lives in the matrix. And they have a deep wish to help and support me, because I am at the end of that lineage and that is the way, they can send their love and support. It also does bring them further, because I have set them free through love and forgiveness -- not because they are perpetrators, but just through setting free all the pain being conscious of it. Now all issues especially those that are related to father, stepfather, ex-husbands, husbands, sons they are very exited to help. I touch the grid from time to time and send my love into it and feel the love and support. Now I know what the indians mean, if they connect to their anchestors.

    So much for this time, the female lineage exercise maybe follows soon :). <3

    1. Sounds like a very nice experience!

    2. .......also all the pain which women have done to men through abuse and absense of love ( for example when they where young) wants to be healed...... as grandmothers, mothers, wifes, daughters, sisters and on and on.........

    3. What an empowering technique, I am intrigued and will have to give it a try, even though I have never, until a recent dream, felt much connection with my ancestors. I looked up the photo, I had never heard of him until Neil Keenan started to mention him. I am moving to Oahu in three weeks, so I will be there when Event happens ( unless of course it is before then). Thank you for sharing this.

    4. ..."when they where young" I meant: Men being boys...and the treatment of them by their mothers.....only example......its endless......and all healed section interferes with another one that is related to others..... if I imagine my anchestorline, so maybe the grandgrandfather has had 10 children.....and so it also reaches all their lineages as is like a big net.....and if only a few heal their anchestor lineages it has an effect on all...and many have done that already before.... :) my next step will be that I imagine the ones of all my other lifes...... ;) I can't "see" my past lifes, the intent is enough.....happy that you like it <3

    5. Now I am realizing that you go to Hawaii, have a nice travel and greetings to the island!....yes I also only heard of him because it was posted on Kauilapeles blog..... yes, true, Neil Keenan said something that he might have an important role in the whole process, thats what I feel in this point I agree with Neil Keenan; even I really did not listen often, maybe it is the way he talks.... I am not a native english speaker and have problems to listen to him......I could understand it, but I have no patience to listen.....I more enjoy someone who is straight and clear and does not talk so much... ( but Cobra I would like to talk more haha :D )....I dont know....just.....this quabbeling kind of thing...scuse me if I do unjust to him...maybe his work is very important I really dont know........

      Anyway, I am guessing, Hawaii might have a powerful energy related to the female aspect....and now it is breaking free.......and you happy one are going to visit..... ;)

    6. Edie,
      I give you this on your way to your new home.......
      I would love to hear how its going in Hawaii when you are there......!!! Keep us updated please!
      Its very funny to watch someone doing something which I am saying since years now if I make I said if nothing happens I go to Hawaii there I need no clothes and shelter and can pluck me a few bananas.........



    7. (Cobra I am pleased the way you talk, others have to give you that space, thats what I meant here already)

  37. The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living by Mark Boyle

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    Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies/Memoirs

  38. Inner Peace 4 World Peace Teleconference this Wednesday at 8 pm eastern. All are welcome to attend.

  39. Protection seems to be a bigger topic for many people.
    We made a public "dropbox" where most people can drop their problems. It's free, and our people (and friends) take care fast about it.

    Link to the details

    It will work for about 95% of all people. The other 5% are "bad" guys, which we don't support...

  40. Hi my Brothers,

    let's move on with freedom?

    In this blog of which I am author I talk about the liberation of the soul contracts of demiurgic system.

    Let's follow these happy days without complaining, because the enemies are getting lost and running in this light that we did shine.

    UFO sighting & video reported by local news station in Houston, TX 3 days ago. People all over Houston almost 20 miles apart got photos and saw the same object.

  42. Important Timely Updates on Moment(s) of Event Alignment Unfolding In the Ever-Present Now - '


  43. I know who I AM....I AM Love and have since been. Whomever you may think I am, you should explain instead of acting so "3D" about it;) No need to erase your entire blog because I am on the same wavelength and can feel! I am on your side please realize this! Come back Rose!!!!

    1. I was wondering where her blog went. I was enjoying the reading. :D

      Come back Rose x2


    3. Joko this got nothing to do with you. My blog and pc where hacked and I got to delete it for safety precautions.

      But as you can see I Am back :-)

    4. YAY!! Thank you for letting me know. Don't know why but I felt so heavy when it went away! Bless you sister.

  44. We should take great care of our souls, doing this work. after wasting hundreds on healers with incorrect psychic info, I came across Tyhson Bannigan, ca energy detectives. The archons ruptured my solar plexus, damaging my kundilini and intestine to make a portal to stop the progression of my soul and hinder the evolution of the planet..I have agonizing facial pain due to being attached to a dead maternal chord that she is holding open, washing me with toxic energy as that ancestral line was persecuted as witches and tormented. I assume i agreed to end this but my mother is holding the cord open and i cant severe it. I am almost destitute, cannot eat and am faced with trying to not re incarnate when i die, as no cure seems available. I hope this gives those also badly damaged the courage to speak out.I have also been evicted from etheric liberation page as not always there due to illness when my computer crashed and i was locked out of FB. Love ARADIA , CAROL FERNANDEZ

  45. Vasárnap esténkénti Békemeditációk – Sunday evening Peace Meditations

  46. For your eyes only…in other words, the text below wasn't compiled by me and I honestly can't remember where I copied and pasted it from, or when, otherwise I would give credit when credit is due, but it happened to pop-up just now and figured I'll share it for the sake of giving a very "tangible" and "real" perspective of the Octopus, I mean that it makes me breathless to even read through this endless list of shit, never mind the deep gratitude towards so many good people for their bravery and skills, who have been battling against this formidable machine while "nothing ever seemed to happen in order to have the most peaceful transition as possible from human perspective" and now, all we have to do is wake up and understand it's them who want to destruct energy, against us who want to create life.

    After posting this within the MH370 thread, I felt this needed a thread of its own. It is information that needs to be spread far and wide. Most of you have heard of the "Octopus", well here it is exposed for you. The largest and most embedded company that you have never heard of. They are tied in with both Malaysian flights and oh, BTW, 911.

    SERCO is part of running OBAMACARE. So, they have their fingers in everything from military technology, healthcare, airline industry, US military training, systems on US Navy ships, air traffic control, prison system, railways, mortuary services, and on and on. Another very strange oddity is that they run the US Patent office. And how about giving them the contract to install the command and control systems on USS Ronald Reagan.

    Here is a quote from their website that is somewhat strange: "Skilled resources and a global presence to execute any CONUS or OCONUS task "

    Serco is dedicated to providing military support in ways that matter most to our clients' missions. The vast majority of our employees are embedded in military bases, working side-by-side with servicemen and women to deliver military support—real mission-critical and mission-support solutions. Our customers include:

    Air Force

    Air Combat Command
    Air Force Director of Personnel
    Air Force District of Washington
    Air Force Electronics Systems Center
    Air Force Education and Training Command
    Air Force Information Warfare Center
    Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning
    Air Force Materiel Command
    Air Force Research Lab
    Air Force Space Command
    Space and Missile System Center
    Tinker Air Force Base


    Army Communications Electronics Command
    Army Defense Ammunition Center
    Army Enterprise Information Systems
    Army Human Resources Command
    Army IMCEM
    Army Materiel Command/Aberdeen Proving Ground
    Army Medical Department
    Army Research Labs
    Army Research, Development & Engineering Center
    Army Space and Missile Defense Command
    Army Training & Doctrine Command
    National Ground Intelligence Center
    Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command
    Army Medical Command
    Army Installation Management Command
    Army Recruiting Command

    Department of Defense

    Defense Acquisition University
    Defense Ammunition Center
    Defense Information Systems Agency
    Defense Logistics Agency
    Defense Threat Reduction Agency
    Missile Defense Agency
    National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
    National Security Agency
    National Security Personnel System Program Executive Office
    Office of Intelligence & Analysis
    Office of the Secretary of Defense
    United States Air Force
    Washington Headquarters Service

  47. Joint Central Command

    J6, Joint Staff
    Joint Advanced Distributed Learning Co-Laboratory
    Joint Forces Warfighting Center
    North American Aerospace Defense Command
    Northern Command
    Southern Command
    Strategic Command (Space Command)


    Center for Surface Combat Systems - Dahlgren
    Commander Navy Installations Command
    Financial Management and Comptroller
    Naval Air Systems Command
    Naval Education and Training Command
    Naval Inventory Control Point
    Naval Sea Systems Command
    Naval Supply Systems Command
    Naval Surface Warfare Center
    Navy Office of the Chief of Human Resources
    Navy Public Works Center
    Navy Recruiting Command
    Office of Naval Intelligence
    Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
    Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
    Naval Reserves

    Marine Corps

    Marine Corps Reserve
    Marine Corps Systems Command

    Department of Agriculture

    Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
    Forest Service
    Risk Management Agency

    Department of Commerce

    National Weather Service
    Patent & Trademark Office
    United States Census Bureau

    Department of Energy

    National Nuclear Security Administration

    Department of Health & Human Services

    Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services
    National Institutes of Health
    Indian Health Service

    Department of Homeland Security

    Customs & Border Protection
    Directorate of Preparedness
    Federal Emergency Management Agency
    Federal Protective Service
    Immigration & Customs Enforcement
    Transportation Security Administration
    United States Citizenship & Immigration Services
    US-VISIT Office of Policy
    U.S. Coast Guard

  48. Department of Housing and Urban Development

    Department of Housing and Urban Development
    Public and Indian Housing

    Department of Interior

    National Park Service
    Office of Inspector General

    Department of Justice

    Antitrust Division
    Bureau of Prisons
    Civil Rights
    Criminal Division
    Drug Enforcement Administration
    Executive Office for the U.S. Attorneys
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Justice Management Division
    Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force
    United States Marshals Service

    Department of Labor

    Occupational Safety & Health Administration
    Office of the Chief Information Officer

    Department of State

    Bureau of Consular Affairs
    Foreign Service Institute
    Population, Refugees, and Migration

    Department of Transportation

    Federal Aviation Administration
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    VOLPE Transportation System Center

    Department of Treasury

    Comptroller of the Currency
    Internal Revenue Service
    United States Secret Service

    Department of Veterans Affairs

    Board of Veterans Appeals
    Veterans Benefit Administration
    Veterans Health Administration

    General Services Administration

    Federal Supply Service
    Federal Technology Service

    Independent Agencies

    Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
    Central Intelligence Agency
    Congressional Commission on China
    Congressional Research Service
    Director of National Intelligence
    Federal Communications Commission
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
    Federal Trade Commission
    Government Accountability Office
    Government Printing Office
    International Trade Commission
    Library of Congress
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
    Smithsonian Institution
    U.S. Postal Service
    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

    Social Security Administration

    Social Security Administration

  49. Serco supports the armed forces of countries around the world including Australia, the United Kingdom, and United States.

    Under multi-activity contracts, we work across land, sea, air and space environments, integrating people, processes, equipment and technology to improve asset availability and capability at the front line.

    Through our marine arm, DMS Maritime, Serco Systems provides maritime services and vessel operations, maintenance and procurement to:
    •the Royal Australian Navy, under the Fleet Marine Services, Armidale Class Patrol Boat and Typhoon Weapons Systems contracts;
    •the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, under the Cape Class Patrol Boat and Australian Customs Vessels Bay Class Patrol Boat In-service Support contracts;
    •the Australian Fisheries Management Authority under our vessel caretaking contract; and,
    •Australia's Pacific Island neighbours under the Pacific Patrol Boat contract.

    Under the Training Authority-Marine Warfare (TAMW) Professional Services Contract at HMAS Watson in Sydney, we deliver simulator-based maritime warfare training, software development and technical support. Our Middle East Logistics and Base Support (MELABS) provides integrated logistics and base support services to the ADF. Medical and Dental Logistic Support Services supplies and maintains medical and dental equipment for ADF troops in Australia and overseas. And Serco Sodexo Defence Services provides garrison support services.

    In the UK, Serco manages the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment, maintains the UK's Ballistic Missile Early Warning System, operates the Royal Air Force simulation centre, and operates and maintains strategic defence assets: the Skynet 5 secure satellite communications network and UK Joint Services Command and Staff College. Serco Marine Services has been providing support to the Royal Navy since 2002.

    Boeing outsourced to SERCO its Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence system which was used during 911 to potentially hijack any Boeing airplane or drone that were already converted to be dronable by Cascades Aerospace at Abbotsville International Airport.

    SERCO was also involved in the Navy Communications systems that were taken out at the Pentagon the day of 911 by a droned weapons platform with Gerald DeCanto being killed that day.

    SERCO is the OCTOPUS that needs to have its tenticles removed from any military, prison, healthcare, or governmental entity within the US.

  50. Does anyone know if Bandar Bush has been stardusted?

    There are various media reports out of Lebanon that he is either dead or in a coma.

    I just was wondering if this was an action taken by the RM/Light forces, since he surely has a lot of blood on his hands.

  51. 20th august