Friday, February 13, 2015

Opening of the Box Update

The »unknown benefactor« has assisted in funding a few projects and good things have been done. Navajo elders have received heating generators to survive harsh winter and a certain non-profit organization has received funds which would help constructing a greenhouse dome which will grow free food for the hungry.

Many project proposals have been received, but only about 10% of them can really improve the timeline for this planet. However, many good projects exist and some of them are presented on this website:
It is time now to widen our horizons. There are good projects out there that can really change the future of this planet. We need to go beyond the old cliche where all the good guys are poor and all the bad guys have the money. There are tens of thousands people reading this blog daily, and according to statistics, about a hundred of them are millionaires and one of them has tens of millions:


If any of those people would like to assist in funding the best projects, they can contact me at

We have a bright future ahead:

We can be passive bystanders or active creators of this future.

The choice is ours.

The Breakthrough is near!


  1. Actually i open this website like 20-30x per day

    1. You are sending Love as often, right?

    2. Starte Christ, a good response!

      Sort of like: Cobra says with each monetary transaction we can visualize the money turning into light crystals...

      Each situation (such as looking at the Portal blog) can transform the energy, in a small way...

    3. why open it that often is it full of false information.. Cobra does not consider "Heaven" its roles in any of this.. only good et and bad et. There are no bad et in this solar system.. the quarantine was lifted on Harmonic Convergence .. August 1987. that was the ending of the Lucifer rebellion. The planet had been in quarantine 200,000 years

  2. I'd love to be one of those millionaires mentioned but I. not unlike so many others, are still waiting for the RV to bring us our wealth, despite the fact that over 200,000 Americans have already had their Dinar, Dong and other currencies exchanged over a year ago.

    But only because those people are claimed, "special" or "privallaged" by the banks and the US government who sanctioned these pre-exchanges to happen through the same corrupt banks who keep us all in constant poverty. These people are politicians, bankers, lawyers, CEO's and all their families and friends they told about the Iraqi Dinar revaluing.

    Perhaps when our governments stop this constant RV/GCR stalling tactics and hold up, that's when we "peons and common folk" will start to get some things done ourselves.

    Until then, we "non special commoners", will have to sit and wait as we have been endlessly.

    1. The white hats have the cheese and knife on the hand. They could make things quickly.

      The common people, they haven't more than manifest on streets and asking for the end of corruption, the punish of criminals of the government, with the threat of boycott the payment of taxes.

      We have to move people forward: putting the vision of the power on people, manifest this on our intentions and meditations. Giving information, sharing the positive structure there in behind - majority doesn't see it because of the lowered frequency they have been putting through - but we have to make it happen, however it cost, is the duty we have to honour.

      May it be.

    2. Been there and done most of what you stated. 3 years I've chosen to stop working just to stop filling my governments coffers. I've proliferated many articles and website to thousands of people in the past 6 years. I listened to and read much about who thinks what and how we "should" be according to them.

      I've grown tired and now stand at the precipice of my life. The company of heaven as well as the Galactic federation have not ensured any faith in me that things have really gotten much better. Current earthly situations would state otherwise.
      We have a possible nuclear detonation in Ukraine, the UK has prevented pretty much all info on the child traffic rings they're involved with, ISIS rebels still have 10,000 troops in Iraq, Israeli zionists continue to murder dozen by the day in their thirst to steal Palestinian land not to mention supply terrorist around the planet and to top it off, we have channelers who are claiming through Arc Angel Michael that world peace will start today Feb. 14th.

      If this is progress then we seem to going backwards. We have witnessed enough sickness within our species to turn the entire universe' stomach and then some.

      The largest factor as to why we are so far behind is because we, (including the company of heaven and the federation), have seriously underestimated the Archon, Chimea, the cabal and their minions at how unreasonable and tenacious they would be.

      I knew these people in control would fight to the bitter end, that they'd scratch and claw to keep everything they've got and I suspect some of them will still be able to walk away with a large amount of their wealth intact.

      It's the nature of this game. Most will lose, some will still walk away. We are asked not to be bitter about this nearing end and event but I believe that will be he hardest thing for me to overcome.

      There is enough blame to pass around on all sides of this worldly conflict.

    3. Help I've fallen, and I can't get up!
      Mid month and as of today have my (Feb. 1st) house rent covered, starting to work on rent (Feb. 1st) rent for my business space...but yet another snowstorm. 5th? 6th? scaring clients away, we had some minor storms in between the 4 or 5 big ones....and suddenly, my phone is stuck in a boot loop...won't turn on, won't turn off...trying to reboot not is my lifeline for work (!!!) and family. I tried to dry my hair and my hairdryer also broke, later, at one point my laptop went crazy, the screen looked like the MATRIX except it was Firefox black and white melting matrix..... and I had a complete meltdown!...but then it recovered.

      Me? I am slower to recover...feeling pretty frazzled Not my sunny, playful self, beat tired. Today should be a fun day, and I'm trying to muster to love myself. Or maybe I am empathically picking up on someone else's despair? No, my life is a hot mess and I suppose that is incentive to create something better, or it will be the death of me. Why not? I've got nothing to lose! Time for a bubblebath jacuzzi. Petsitting, its a good thing. This year my Valentine is a cat! Surprise, surprise. I need to reboot my life before I crash and burn....HELP! (that's not to anyone specific, just to the Legions of Light, mostly in the unseen world).

      Yes, Winds of Change, People have the Power, and like Dorothy, the people have had it all along, we just didn't know it. And what is it to know when your body is weary and and spirit is near spent and broken? I'm tired, so very tired, I miss my enthusiasm, my spontaneity, my trust and playfulness, I miss being a social butterfly and party girl when all I ever feel like doing is hiding, hibernating, finding trees to soothe my soul...and comfort food, the stuff I probably won't even miss someday. Of course, I've barely slept all week and I know that can dampen one's glow and distort perspective... I'm all cried out..nice to be in a place where I can yell and cry and nobody hears..I just need to reassess and make changes, as nothing I'm doing is sustainable, and I am hanging by a thread and my hands are slipping....and just how much fear can a gal squelch in this position?

      Of course I might sleep long and well and wake cheery and excited, and tackle the day with fire and ice, wouldn't that be nice? I need to see some ships in our skies...that'll put things in perspective..but unless I can detox and raise my vibration, I probably can't see the ones already there. Well certainly not tonight, anyway, the soft snow earlier stopped for awhile, but NOW it is snowing fast and furious, sideways. While I was shoveling the driveway earlier, the snow shovel broke, too. Wood rot. I know in retrospect this day will be amusing, but....right now...ugh! I would like to see Lightships in snow...what a pretty glow as they go~!

  3. This comment is similar to the one I posted in Cobra's, Solar System Situation Update. This website has some new information I think many blog readers may be interested in seeing.
    Thanks Cobra for the Opening of the Box Update. Interesting read. Good Will to all.

  4. How can we do projects when farmers get arrested for selling raw milk, get real! We need arrests now of all this "CABAL" and then we can get with the real "HUMANITARIAN" program.

    1. I agree with your comments 100% Mr Trottier. We will not progress as a species until we bet rid of these evil Zionazi scum. Their goals are to depopulate and suppress us into the ground.

    2. I said it here many times....that this is gonna be, an endless wait.

      i feel so hopeless, cry my eyes out here, that they let us wait wait, and only wait...not knowing, if erver something big goes happen.

    3. fear is a companion, not a guide

    4. cabal and illuminati are just some tools , some puppets, if some fall, the master puppeteer will get new ones faster than you can say event


  6. i open this website like 10x15 per day....................and the veil .... and quarantine ...... ?????

  7. Sorry Cobra! We want the big tree to be cut by the root asap!
    Southamerica looks like the forgotten garbage bin and things are getting only worse.
    What we want is justice!
    We are sick of being slaves!
    Arrest those worms!

    1. Recommit yourself to Love. Use your awesome energy to send light to the "worms."

      Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to South America and all other continents that comprise the marble; help them live free and easy.

    2. Sadly, I have to agree with you. Even Africa is receiving more care and support than South/Central america, the Cabal do whatever they want here and nobody even attempts to do something about it. Which pisses me off since the whole population is fed up, a simple spark, a release of some important proof govt corruption on key countries like argentina and brazil, anything, could begin a massive revolution here, but...nothing happens.

    3. En Sur América hay mucha injusticia social,la salud publica no sirve,la educación no sirve,solos mas pudientes pueden salvarse de la enfermedad.La ignorancia es la ganancia de la élite!!

    4. roots of this 'tree go deep down to the root of evil that is satan

  8. Thank you "Anonymous Benefactor" for funding the 2 very helpful projects for needy people...You rock!

    Please, please any other wealthy people you can be an "Anonymous Benefactor" also & it won't be hard to find a project submitted on this website through Cobra that you will feel proud to fund....Just know that we'll be spiritually cheering you on!

  9. A very positive site lots things are happening! I recommended everyone like this page on Facebook.

  10. Yes, it is so true, as soon as individuals make choices and follow their heart, a change for the whole happens, even it is a very small seeming one. No one can know which effects it will have, it can appear as a tiny little thing and cause a huge domino effect. Cobra also said that at the Egypt conference and he really spoke out of my soul, I was always thinking this too all my life. Let us do all we can and make as much conscious powerful choices as possible towards our own liberation also - and the system will scrumble down much faster. It does not only depend on the defence of the chimera. And additionally, as soon as we act on our heart choices, we create a positive structure that inspires others to follow, to believe in themselves. It activates the manifestation tools of the powerful minds through creativity. Imagine now in this second all people on Earth make the decision that "WE ARE FREE" from the fear based system - and we ARE free. So, everything matters, also the defense of the chimera - but not ONLY. The chimera still exists ONLY in this moment, because there is still enough vibrational match present in the collective consciousness. Let us step out of matching that vibration, let our light (consciousness) shine into the darkest corner without getting attached through resonating with limitation programs. We are infinite light.

    My perception of the purpose of Cobra informing us about the existence of the chimera etc. is not to create victimhood. WE shall help to solve the situation through realizing, that we HAVE BEEN victims and to consciously decide, that WE STOP to be victims, because we know how powerful our minds are, how powerful, infinite powerful WE are and to wake up to our abilities to create.

    1. Awesome post Inana
      Thank You

    2. I totally agree and feel the same as you, beloved Inana. It's urgent that we assume our sovereignty and stop feeling as victims. When we realize who we really are everything changes radically around us. Bless you

    3. Thanks Inana, I hope everyone proclaimed your words....claimed those words...felt those words with their Selves....your words sprang to life within me when I spoke them out loud in my own declaration. ..Namaste....

  11. Thank you COBRA, for this vision that will construct our common future.

    In that video, there are many examples how tech could turn our days more easy and joyful, on a society where is no poorness our sickness, but a permanent state of equilibrium and consciousness that make possible the evolution on the place that we habitat - a place were we adore the divinity through our existence - plenty of awareness.

    Many of that pictures maybe came from the Venus Project, are to endorse the envision that anticipate energy to materialize that beautiful projects, and turn it on reality, what we all are wishing for so many years: a healthy way of living, were architecture is integrated 100% with the environment, taking the efficiency from what is so belong to nature in harmony, may this process could be able to everyone - because everyone needs a shelter, food, and love to live.

    Is good to know there is people with capital that read this blog, and that people have good intentions when apply their funds.
    The main problem here was, an in some cases, there is, that the bureaucracy and many other factors turn good projects unavailable.

    Until a short time ago, the Cabal doesn't consent the free express through Humanity - we see it in so many projects that were taken by their inventors, threatened or even murdered.

    They suppress tech and knowledge from people trough wars, diseases, famine, ignorance...

    We hope sincerely that this new time frame could bring us new possibilities and develop our creation potentially, not only because the minions of the dark have their influence diminished, but principally, recover the natural condition of human behavior that make him a co-creator.

    May winds of change bring us times of glory.
    May it be.

  12. I have the feeling our cosmic family will do many surprising things no one has expected. Also related to First Contact. I feel they will do something humourous. What if they appear as stars first, getting more stars everyday until nobody can deny that there are really many many more stars than usual...and then, they get every evening a little bigger and brighter......only a tiny little bit.... how would that be...It would be like a invisible and a visible but more sensuable ray of star-energy-light permeating everything all the time...... all people would feel it, no matter what and get more joy everyday until no one would be left out anymore....until really everybody would call them to come..... Maybe...

  13. If there really is going to be an "Event", why is any of this stuff necessary? Someone needs to explain how that is supposed to make sense. Either we are going into a higher dimension where we can create food with a thought, or we are staying here forever and we need "projects" for a better future. Which is it?

    1. Both. It will be gradually, one step after the other. In order to reach the top of a mountain you need the right equipment and the right pathway.

    2. What is your preference? The Event happens first inside you. But it won't happen until you fully make up your mind. You have to be ALL IN. There really is no waiting. Get your "insides" oriented toward the stars and beyond to be The Event. YOU ARE . . . whatever you choose. I choose God.

    3. The event may take decades or century to happen, but I think when the cabal be arrested will take a few months for the Event

  14. here some new insider information, another RM

  15. Si no hay arrestos , todo va demasiado lento . en orden , primero quitar los malos, y luego continuar planes positivos, sino te pueden haber problemas a medio camino.

  16. Although I respect and admire the work that is done by cobra. I do not appreciate the false hope. The most recent example is the images which cobra posted. While in my heart I know this movement to be true. We must not fall victim to the same cycle which has kept us enslaved. Change can only happen as fast as we integrate it. I have read many messages and it seems to be more of the same. How many times are we going to hear that there is something else that needs to be cleared before the event? Lets focus more on our lives and not depend on cobra or any source but rather our own inner source. And cobra with all due respect please leave the sensational posts for CNN they want ratings. We want the truth good or bad pretty or ugly.

  17. Hi, Cobra, when can you give any update on the plasma plane?

    1. A major breakthrough in the plasma plane

      Today 13th of Feb.2015, we’ve witnessed a major breakthrough in the Plasma Plane by/ the Confederation forces, GFL, and those supporting the confederation , such as: Silver Legion, Andromodian fleet , Guardian fleet and others ,as the work on closing the rift that enhances the Plasma plane has been done, and the work on restoring the cosmic fabric of time & space to its nature has been done { which in harmony with the rest of the universe } through special groups of Arcturians and Sirians in this field , whereas this plane of cosmic anomaly {the second anomaly that separates the physical & ethereal planes} prevents any penetration or reach for the Light within the veil, and this plane was the first supporter for the forces of darkness in their projects...

      Now this area is recovering after the completes of the Cosmic Fabric of time & space, and the spaceships of the Confederation Forces were able to penetrate the center of the plasma plane after the technical examination of the area , also they were managed to besiege the Chimera Group in their last stronghold after weakened their defense points ; which derives its strength from the cosmic anomaly of the central plasma plane , but still the Chimera Group holds their own ethereal technology, and the impact of this technology will weaken on planet earth, because of the breakup of the plasma plane gradually..

      The Confederation Forces stresses the siege on Chimera Group in one hand, and intensify the Light around planet earth on the other hand...

      There is now an ongoing process to examine the extent of accepting & the interaction of the new area from the cosmic fabric to receive broadcast of the pulse, to ensure the readiness of this region in order to pass the pulse at the time of the event in the near future..

      The Chimera Group didn’t ask for surrendering yet, but the path of events will lead to so soon, after that, they will work on breaking the Veil’s Technology { Holographic Sky } gradually to prepare for the Event..

      There are ongoing negotiations to allow some of Confederation’s Light spaceships to penetrate the earth’s atmosphere to help the people of earth to prepare for the event soon …

      The Enlightened Master/Ibrahim Hassan

    2. MERLIN.....thanks for the report ...... but ... as you know .....

  18. Grow free food for the hungry! That is by far one of the best things I have ever read. Im so happy this was a project that was started. IMHO the homeless people and animals should be priority number one until every one is taken care of!

  19. I'm developing a mega garden. I have more eggs than I can eat. I am a refuge holder. The angels are protecting me from scumbags that may try to halt my progress. Those of you who fear the bad guys need to grow some balls and do something positive.
    Girls too!!

  20. Cobra that's real intel or just statistic.or are those million boys cabal agents .just saying ,they can start helping people that coming to this blog ,all I want is for all this nightmare to be over soon ,SO WE DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING ANY MORE WE NEED TO SHARE THE PLANET,LET"S GET THE CUCARACHAS OUT OF THE WAY FIRST.thanks

    1. Send your heart into all the adverse conditions you see. Watch them transform.

  21. small ufo sighted but i think it was *ours*.

  22. Esat persona no va a tener problemas por salirse de las lineas del cabal ?

  23. I would like to suggest one small project that anyone in any part of the world is able to embark upon at any time. This does not cost you any money, only some time and energy. I will call it the "Engage with your Community" project. Get to know your neighbors, heal relationships that are conflicted, clean up areas near where you live that may have garbage, donate some time to the local food bank, be supportive of people whom you may have judged harshly in the past, have a block party and get everyone to sing and dance around a bonfire. There are so many ways that we can bring in the Light without spending a dime. It all starts with a smile and a greeting. -Peace

    1. That sounds good. No holding back, right? Yet balance is important too, until everyone is on the same page, at which point we ALL move toward God only; toward ourselves.

    2. Like many projects the "Engage" project can better benefit with a tool that will help the participants come together to encourage activity. A phone app is being finished to allow this to happen. or 80% complete. Mobile app developers requested.

  24. "only about 10% of them can really improve the timeline for this planet."

    I thought we were already on the best possible positive timeline right now, and nothing can change this anymore. The cabal can no longer use Looking Glass and Yellow Book to see the future, as they simply run into a wall of white light (as stated in several Project Camelot interviews).


  26. I open this web siete like 40x day. Be careful whit the stadistics

  27. It was very nice of this benefactor to give money to help these worthwhile causes. I was shocked to learn that Navajo elders don’t currently have heaters! The way the Native Americans have been treated is a disgrace!

    This is a good project, but it is hardly enough. It is like trying to use a single band-aid to fix several gaping wounds…it won’t work. I lived in Egypt for three years so I know that there are millions of people living in ancient cemeteries with no heaters, no water, and no electricity of any kind. And that is just the beginning. What about the slums of Africa? What about the slums of Brazil? What about the slums of India? What about the new slums of America? Etc. etc. etc. The suffering and poverty on this planet has reached the point that it must be completely stopped or the planet destroyed. People, animals, and children should not have to live this way!!!

    It is not just a “cliché” that the bad guys have all the money and the good guys don’t. The entire, evil, world system was designed that way! Money is a control mechanism and scarcity is the artificial, forced paradigm. I am glad that the Event will put the bad guys out of business, permanently!!

    1. My g-g-grandmother was a native American Cherokee Indian. She met an American soldier during the 1812 Trail of Tears, removal of Indians by the American Government.(I am sure that has been removed from the history books by now).( The government has been eliminating the Natives since we arrived here and stole their land. )She married this soldier and the rest is history in my family. She was lucky that she wasn't slaughtered by the soldiers. She actually found one that had a good heart.

      That's all it takes. A good heart and acting on it.

      Be a free thinker. Self-motivated, a doer, a mover and a shaker.......WHO DO YOU WANT CREATING YOU LIFE.....YOU OR THE CABAL? THAT'S THE ONLY CHOICE.

      Peace, Brothers and Sisters of Light!

    2. It's not all true. Like Cobra said before, we're have all been targeted, just in different ways. White men may have nearly extincted the native americans, but they were being manipulated by the cabal, and most of them had miserable lives.

      Just like right now. We may pity Africans who have little to eat, but most are happy with the little they have, they're humble. We may have food and shelter, but we're constantly oppressed by society, driven to commit suicide, bullied, etc. Life is hell wherever you go, thanks to the cabal.

      I'm brazilian and I know what poverty and misery is, I have to drive through a highway everytime i go to work, where thousands of people live in absolute poverty. The ones with no money live in rotten wood shacks, the ones with a bit more cash can afford to build a humble brick house, but they all live in filth, in a place filled with sewage water and disease. The smell alone is nearly unbearable sometimes.

      So, it's hard to deal with delays when I think about those places..I'd love nothing more than an all-out war with the cabal, weeks of shortages and issues if that meant the event would happen NOW.

      So what if people die? BILLIONS of people have died if you combine the death of all the wars, disease, destruction the cabal have inflicted on us in the past 25,000 years alone. All to feed the evil forces death machine, mindless, needless misery. The death count of a sloppy event would be nothing compared to all that, it would be the opposite: we would have paradise on earth, not just mindless killing like WW2 for example.

      But of course, that's not up to me to decide. Meanwhile, ill just stay being a debt slave, passively keeping the cabal alive, while the RM gets all the fun.

      Free Will can be a bitch sometimes.

    3. I 101% agree with you Mitchell, The entire, evil, world system was designed that way, it is very true.

      For example, if you are an financial consultant or a forex trader working in JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs, definitely you will get very high annual salary. I am not saying the consultant and forex trader are bad guys, what I mean is you are getting your high income by support the cabal's business. Of course as Cobra said money is energy flow ,you can use your energy in positive way, I agree with it but, it looks like a ridiculous scenario that in one hand you get much much money by supporting the Rothschild financial system and their agenda , on the other hand you use some of your income to help the poor or support the liberation process. I mean, is it really legitimate to do such thing from the cosmic perspective? The financial consultant and forex trader put(by encouraging,even cheating the client) their clients' money into the "world biggest casino" to gamble, then no matter win or lose these people will still get commission and bonus because the system is designed that way ! And whether you use your money "positively" to support the light is another story. But the source of your income is not quiet "positive" is what I want to point out.

      Maybe only very few people gain their wealth in justifiable way like St.Germaine, for the majority rich people,they can only gain wealth by following the cabal's agenda in one way or the other.

  28. For Goddess' sake, WHY is the money so often in the hands of those who don't share it?? I would have spread it all around if I had it, but unfortunately I am still just trying to make a living since the 2008 crash. So tired of this.

  29. Yes, it is time for reach people to think not about themselves only, but to think about Earth! Because no matter how rich they are, living underground in bunkers is not funny. And they children living underground even rounded by gold and diamonds, but not rounded by butterflies and birds, is dead end!



    ~lovepower55January 19, 2015 at 1:34 AM~

    How to help
    The planetary situation? Pick up the ones more connected to your soul will.

    <3 Idea 1 - Help me creating other lists.

    <3 Idea 2 - Spread THE RIGHT information to the ALREADY awakened.

    <3 Idea 3 - Create chat and interaction groups (online or not online).

    <3 Idea 4 - Organize protests via facebook, twitter, youtube and others.

    <3 Idea 5 - Write books.

    <3 Idea 6 - Help people in need YOURSELF.

    <3 Idea 7 - Help animais in need YOURSELF.

    <3 Idea 8 - Help the environment YOURSELF.

    <3 Idea 9 - Participate on the weekly meditations and others, organize group meditations also.

    <3 Idea 10 - Stop supporting false spiritual teachings.

    <3 Idea 11 - Revoke your contracts with the darks.

    <3 Idea 12 - Exercise your free will.

    <3 Idea 13 - Guide activists groups.

    <3 Idea 14 - Create objects for the benefict of all.

    <3 Idea 15 - Create websites.

    <3 Idea 16 - Use your artistic capacities.

    <3 Idea 17 - Create atmospheric balloons .

    <3 Idea 18 - Vibrate love, joy, hope and etc.

    <3 Idea 19 - Spread love.

    <3 idea 20 - Use alternative means of locomotion.

    <3 Idea 21 - Become a vegetarian.

    <3 Idea 22 - Record youtube videos.

    <3 Idea 23 - Participate on internet forums, guiding the already awakened according to
    cobra's messages.

    <3 Idea 24 - Visit the orphans, giving them love.

    <3 Idea 25 - Watch less TV.

    <3 Idea 26 - Help the light forces in astral projections.

    <3 Idea 27 - Translate cobra's messages to other languages.

    <3 Idea 28 - Pray and talk to God, asking what you want (free will being used).

    <3 Idea 29 - Adopt a pet.

    <3 Idea 30 - Unite and hang out with those more connected to your soul.

    (the hearts are added)

  31. Independently if you believe Cobra's story or not, his message has unquestionable value. He has stated over and over that WE have to take the first step, the event cannot happen without our contribution. To live by example, shed your love/light and you shall receive that many times over. A big hug to you Cobra and to all of the lightworkers out outhere. Victory to the light!

    1. PFFFFF, there we go again.....waiting for the masses to wake up, im affraid.....CAN TAKE thousands of years.....maybe never.

      The EVENT itself, do wake us all up.

      Does cobra not even know, that the event must be start right now......remember a last interview....where was said........

      ....we cannot wait for the masses to wake up.....we really need intervention, of the lightforces, and extraterrestrials.

      That was giving me some REAL hope, and energy to hold on, to the bitter end......but when i read the opposite , then sorry............i want only one thing.........Suicide.........who wants wait for any longer than a few not inlude.

      Im me a negative...troll, or what only one of the earthlings, who want out of this hell on earth, and live in paradise........where life is meant is not meant to endless thousands of years to unbearable suffer.........isnt it!

      Its a real crime against whole humanity, and let them 26000 years suffer....with still no end in sight 'in my opinion.

      The masses never wake up, not over 1000 years....never...look around in my neighborhood alone....almost everybody has never heard about the event-golden age...ascension....5 th dimension.....and NEVER heard about cobra-blog.....they call it complete new age talk-nonsens.

      Mitchell T James, and others.......please help me.......I not know, what i hace to say anymore.......completely running out of words, ideas......and much more.

      Love and light to all here, also to the ones, who not like my posts......they need also light.

    2. Whine- whine - whine.... Cobra isn't doing my bidding fast enough - kicks the Ascension Machine like a vending Machine that stole my salty snack.

      Complain- Complain - Complain....You all Suck....

      BTW Love & Light to everyone (*rainbows*)

      Really that's what we're subjected to now? Am I the only one who thinks Remco is a Briar Patch of depression & whining? I've been holding back but I've always thought this guy was a "Tourist" - Just my Opinion.

      Does Cobra even know? Part of me would love to see Andrew Bartzis do a reading on this guy.

    3. @REMCO
      My friend, you made me cry.


      Stay strong, dearest soul. We are almost there....

      Feel free to contact me at:

    4. @Gantz, I think you need to stop being so negative toward and attacking Remco. By doing so, you are being just as childish as you accuse Remco of being. "Oh, Remco isn't posting the kind of messages that make me feel good! Oh Remco is upsetting me so he must be upsetting everyone else! Oh, oh, oh, I am so upset and bothered by Remco so everyone else should be!"

      Enough already! Remco just expresses his feeling and emotions at this moment in time. He does so in a rather raw and unfiltered way. That may bother you intensely but it doesn't bother me. We have a lot of lightworkers posting messages here.

      I think that the only requirement should be that you support Cobra and his message to be able to post here. If you want to post weird, absurdist poetry messages to communicate your messages (like some), then so be it. If you want to post long diatribes of New Age philosophy to communicate your message (like others), then so be it. If you want to post links to esoteric sources to communicate your message (like others), then so be it. And if you want to be like Remco and expose your raw emotions of suffering and hurt to communicate your message, then that should be okay also!!

      The good thing about Cobra is that he approves all messages as long as they are not dangerous to anyone. If Cobra approves Remco's messages, then that is good enough for me to accept them also!!

    5. Dear Gantz, No, you aren't the only one who thinks Remco is what you said he is... I think the same as YOU. : ^ )

    6. If you follow the progression, and read between the lines, you will notice that in general, Remco sounds more hopeful. He keeps postponing his end date, which I find endearing, and proof that he is listening, even if he still feels discouraged much of the time. <3 (Hang in Remco!)

      Meanwhile, I'm still a hot mess today, but here in my snow fortress, I am reassessing toxic relationships that trigger my fear and angst, and also examining self-sabotage. I take responsibility for what I have mis-created, mostly out of fear, or for doing nothing because I didn't know what to do, and things got worse. Not projecting blame, but seeing what is inside that is in need of healing, release, or acceptance. I've been beating myself up for choices made going back years, but the truth is, no matter what has transpired, we are free to choose, and choose again. I certainly can do better.

      Perhaps Valentine's Day (and multiple technology failures) were catalysts for me to recognize that we all need more self-love, as a foundation to being in service to humanity. I encourage everyone to love and forgive yourselves as a good place to start. There is no "wrong" there are life lessons. Let go and let God, as they say. Once a thing loses its "charge" you are free. We all have our challenges, and this too, shall pass.

      Mostly I just want to get out of the city, not ready to go off planet just yet. Right now I can't even get out the the door, can't even pay attention. Temporary conditions. The desire to escape is strong among those with vivid imaginations. "If you can dream it, be it." We've got work to do here, so we need to rest up, show up and participate in the collective dream. I believe that is what Cobra is asking of all of us.

      I will do better. I AM better. And so, it is.

    7. Well, I always knew WestCoast-Meg hated my guts (no surprise there) - To be honest. I LIKE the honesty. I like the Bluntness. I am happy that you engage me in the manner you do (who wants False Niceness?).

      @Mitchell - to be honest, I had to see how he'd respond to 'Direct Questioning'. How am I supposed to take someone seriously who acts & makes threats as he does? I have ZERO problem w/ him doing. Let him post 20 times a day, I don't care.

      I was pointing out the hysterical Irony of how he has all these demands, Surly backhanded comments for Cobra, & sticking the victim knife in so many times.....then ENDS it with "Peace & Love & Light be with you all". C'mon!! it's like knocking over a a basket of kittens & a childs lemonade stand and then saying "God Loves You & Have a Nice Day!" and walking off.....It's SOO WTF??

      I had to see if others felt as I do - because I really feel like he's "Milking" the Sympathy Card. By ALL means be his best Buddy - Heal his pain -whatever.

      What I can say is: THIS is the difference between people who are "arm-chair Light Workers" & People who are beyond the Duality Issue. Me, I'm a cynic & skeptic but I'm the 1st to tell you that only your "Heart" (your true soul intuition) is going to make sense of the world to come. There is more than 1 Truth & EVERYONE has some skin in the game.

      You two think you're so much "better" than those plugged into the Matrix? really? Clearly your dislike for me - clearly OUT-Weighs you're need for a "de-facto" Pecking Order I see. You want to play in Remco Briar Patch- be my guest. Enjoy it.

      By all means Continue...

    8. @Gantz, I am not interested in your flimsy excuses and patronizing comments. Plane and simple, you are just a bully. I have very little patience for bullies.

  32. Cobra is not asking us to take on the chimera single handedly friends. He is just asking us to do what we can to raise the vibration so the event can happen ASAP. I see that as a very reasonable request.
    Liberation isn't a spectators sport. let's do what we can with what we have...

    1. OK I am gonna get up and dance! Even if just in this room.
      Always did my best planetary healing meditations on a crowded dance floor, because I would draw off the energy and good vibes of the crowd, and redirect that consciously to people, places and situations on the planet in need.

      ...time to get back to my Shamaness Groove thang...
      Where are those shiny, happy raver kids when you need them?

      OK, food first (for energy) snowplay and dance-healing, coming right up!

  33. Hi Mitchell T James, and others,

    1 Its sad, that i get also negative comments here, in terms of...shut up.....that hurts me also....spiritual people, dont do that, dont be rude.....How to deal with that also= nobody wants to get critizized, in this very horrible times too.

    But you are very friendly, against me, and most others too...but what kind of people, are the ones, who are saying to me, that i have shut up, and telling me, to go away..-.i smell darkness in their words....hope everybody is loving, and friendly-nice to everybody, after the event-ascension.

    2 Is it true, that after the event, all astral planes, and the whole universe is cleared from all negative beeings, Archons, chimera, and the cabal.

    Thats what i read and hear, from cobra, and alot of other people-sources....i really hope, then our whole universe is free of any darkness.

    3 Do you still think, the event is very near now.....i hope, its really going to happen, in this year-2015, and really really no more wait

    Give your thoughts-feelings about it.

    1. I don't know if it's 100% true that this planet and it's planes are the only place where darkness exist anymore (there are probably parallel timelines/universes where there is darkness elsewhere), but I have yet to read an article where someone says there is darkness elsewhere in this timeline. My gut feeling says there isn't, not after the Event atleast.

      I had an experience couple days ago where an reptilian came to my presence and wanted healing. It didn't want to fight me and I started to feel this powerful unconditional love towards it and burst into tears. After our "session" was over the serpentine frequency it had completely transformed and it felt like my pet. Sounds strange, because this has never happened before and we usually have this intense wrangle me yelling "fuck off" to them. I hope others would follow this ones example!

    2. Hi Remco,
      1.Yes, I have seen the rude and dismissive posts to you. I have found them to be quite shocking in their ferocity. I am not quite sure of the motivation but it might have something to do with you threatening suicide. Some people have loved ones or close friends who have committed suicide and that leaves a deep pain- which could last from lifetime to lifetime. When you bring up suicide that could be a “hot button” topic that then makes them very angry. You have the right to discuss anything you want, but I have told you before that it is best not to threaten suicide. It will rub several people the wrong way.

      2.My understanding is that all darkness/evil will be eliminated from our universe. That is one reason it is taking such a long time. The light forces are not just defeating the Chimera, they are transforming the very nature of reality. Such a transformation cannot be done quickly.

      3.I do not know when the Event will happen. I am not a fortune teller. But I would say that I am at least 90% sure it will happen this year, 2015. It could happen any day now. We are in the Breakthrough Phase so it shouldn’t be much longer now. Just be patient and try to be positive. No matter how much you might be suffering, the Event cannot be rushed. It will happen when it is the right time and not one moment sooner.

    3. Stop waiting. Live as if the Event already happened.

    4. Spiritual people come in all shapes and sizes. I personally wouldn't come on here threatening suicide and/or complaining about my life so it's a struggle not to judge this in someone else. That said, I find everyone who comes on here to bellyache annoying, just immature and selfish really. Amazing what Cobra shoulders without complaint but I've a long way to go to have near his patience and lack of judgment. I would ask respectfully that you stop threatening suicide but at the same time, I don't have to read your posts. Probably, I just won't.

    5. Hey Bro....

      "Who wants to be Criticized?" - I DO (yeah! really). How else am I to know what You REALLY think? No Seriously - this is not Pollyanna or Diplomacy in play - this Me telling you when I think you are a "Drama Queen" & Attention seeking Sympathy sucking whiner. (Hey, atleast we know you're Human & not an Ass-Chon right?).

      NO really - since you brought it up. You seem to live in a VERY Polarized world. Who are you to demand anything of anyone? Me, Cobra, Anyone? - Then again who am I? Just another guy on the Path like yourself.

      You stomp your feet & now condemn 'some of us' who have "called you out" on your tantrums while claiming "Spiritual people don't do that"?...really? Who said ALL of us were "spiritual"? (You presume to much)- If you keep whining about "killing yourself" if The Event doesn't happen - like the Universe is going to spin to grant your wishes - then I personally would like you to take your tantrums elsewhere - True, it's your right to do it here (can't stop you) but it's also mine to comment and say "give it a rest"- I can also choose to Ignore you (as many probably have).

      YOU WANT Attention! We get it. You have problems - we get it. WE can't Fix You! Stop acting like We owe you something is what I'm saying. I'm trying really hard to not make this "personal" but you're now condescending telling us who is Light & Who is Dark?

      Sorry you feel that way but YOU are Misguided. That, I am not afraid to come out & say "Hey- keep your tantrums to a minimum if you think you can seeing as how you're so Spiritual - Be the Better Man, Show us all how to behave like an Adult- I dare you".

      You didn't get the attention you wanted w/ your multiple suicide pleas so now you're going to criticize how we respond you? You have many issues & no one here is getting Paid to be your Therapist. There are plenty of better ways to feel needed & getting attention.

    6. No, im not a drama queen, not an attention seeker....nothing att all.

      Im only one, who suffer, on this planet, just like you. ISNT, after 26000 years of incarnations, and suffering-living in a hell on earth...than you are a bit negativebecome....isnt that so strange.......HUH!

      So stop judging, complaining, about, in this case.

      You make me only angry. VERY angry. Poeple like you should be banned here....with 3D minds. So STOP posting judging posts against me...or see what happens.

      I not know you...and i not want know you...not my cup of tea........i feel a strong darkness in your post...low vibration.....maybe a young soul you have-are.

      I stop now...because, it makes me only more angry...and thats not good, when we all want go into 5D, after the event....then anger, darkness...judging not exist anymore.

      Have a nice day....go in nature...and....RELAX!

    7. Remco, i understand your hurt. The conditions on this planet are not natural, it's true. Ok.

      First, you need to understand that all the light forces are doing what they can. They are not delaying things just to see, just to make a science experiment. They know our suffering. There's threats by the cabal to hurt many humans if they would intervene, and the technology of the veil is preventing their full instant intervention to remove it all. That's why you had many UFO crashes in the early/mid 20th century. There's anomalies in the space-time construct all over the place here and technologies don't work well in here. Even ascended masters can't do much in here because of that. So they can't end it all over night, no matter how much they want it, they want it as much as you do.

      Now, look at a few facts. Quantum physics show that if we look, our whole reality is empty, there is nothing there, they keep going smaller and smaller, and really they never find anything. Years ago they said it's 99,999% empty. Now they have looked smaller they say it's 99,99999999% empty. You get the picture. So, it's still real right ? We are experiencing it, just that fact is enough to say it's real. So what is 'there' ? It's our choice. We are the creator. Do you remember that ? You are it. No matter what. No matter anything. So what are you creating, what are you choosing ?

      Every day you have a choice. Every hour, every minute, every second.

      First try bilocation. It's easy, you don't have to astral travel, you can just focus your intention and send your consciousness to motherships, agarthan cities, anywhere you feel outside the veil. You don't need to do efforts, just let go to their help. They'll receive you and give you help. PLUS you will create a bridge with the outside, and help disintegrate the veil, make openings in it so that the Light forces can come in more easily.

      Then, have you tried to do ceremonies, energy work, grid work ?

      Plus, you seem to say that you have nothing to loose, so go ahead and fight then ! Don't just go fight physically that wouldn't work, but go out there and invoke the light from the Source, go to long island, go to wall street, go to the white house, go wherever in your neighborhood, and invoke the light ! Do a goddess vortex, visualize a pillar of light from outside the veil to the core of the earth. Cobra and others have explained that suicide is not a good option, you won't leave the veil, you'll just go to etheric and astral planes, and in a negative feeling state you'll probably get trapped. Even if you don't, you'll just be stuck there still inside the veil. But heck, if you're so desperate, you can even do a hunger strike, go to one of the main public place, and say you are gonna stay there and not eat, until humans, animals, and the planet aren't treated so badly anymore. No need to talk about archons they'd dismiss you. But you can still demand that it stops. You have power to do a lot of things to change the situation and it doesn't take any money or anything. Every second you have a choice, use it well.

    8. PS : Like i said earlier, the Light Forces also want it to be over asap. Do you think it's fun to be going at war against crazy psychopath reptiles rapists warlords cyborgs ? No. Despite this, they are working constantly at this, and i'm guessing a bunch of them are wondering why people here can't even do a few basic meditations or a few other simple things to help us all to be done with this.

  34. POWER OF MY I AM PRESENCE I FREE MYSELF and my reality from the NSA spy network. MY reality is free from your control and you are unable to hinder my spacefamily to enter right above my house where I live and anywhere else on this planet. Power of my I AM presence I DECIDE NOW that all my cosmic family of the true divine light can enter wherever they want on this planet, on every corner, everywhere and in all Utah, right over every NSA spy building, over all of America, right above the White House in Washington, right above the main building of the United Nations in New York, right above the Creml in Moscow, right above the main building of the European Union in Brussel and right above the Bundestag in Berlin and right above all other government buildings of Planet Earth without any harm happening to them.
    Power of my I AM presence our cosmic family of the true divine light is NOW and forever invited to live with us free on this planet in love, harmony, abundance and joy. I decide NOW that the Ashtar Command is invited to enter this planet openly and take over the governance for helping us to manage the transition into the infinite and peaceful AEON of divine light.

    1. Has it occurred to anyone that even NSA/CAI/FBI spies can learn the good things we've come to know, by spying? I'm not saying it's right or that I support the methods of those agencies, although I am sure there are White Hats among them...whom they may consider spies!

      Anyway, what I'm saying is that when I am passionate about a topic, say for example, 9/11 Truth, or talking about surveillance itself, or when we get excited about the prospect of seeing Dick Cheney finally arrested, and its up for discussion in a fb post thread, or maybe I myself or a friend posted an article about it or are discussing controversial things, and the many injustices that "THEY" do to us,..I will sometimes throw out a "Hi, Spies! I hope you are enjoying today's discussion!" comment. Just to let THEM know that WE know THEY are watching US, and WE are watching them watching us watching them watching us. You know? You get the picture... :-) 'cuz I AM not afraid. By sharing the information on known spy platforms like fb, we not only enlighten them, we let them know we are not afraid to speak Truth to Power. The hell with Political Correctness and paranoia that makes people self-edit themselves into cardboard cutouts! May Truth come to Light. Light is Information, Information is Knowledge, Knowledge is Power. Power is Love in Action.

      In Love and Light,
      In Lakech (I AM another yourself)
      Phoenix, Red Lunar Serpent clan

  35. Architects and Builders:

    Abodes and buildings...Will the future honor and build more stone and earth sanctuaries--higher octaves of the Alhambra; Romanesque hermitages; Buddhist monasteries hidden in cliffs...Temple caves...Sanctuaries for peace and stillness...?

    Steely and glassy futuristic depictions of buildings feel inorganic and souless.

  36. Yep sounds good I'll do my part...:)

  37. Why not to finance an orgonite gifting movement?
    will gifting orgonite help with the plasma plane cleaning?

  38. Replies
    1. My heart is grateful. Thank you.

    2. 3DHD, your notes are mysterious... but I like them, thinking maybe at some point I'll understand your mystery. Thanks for the valentine...

    3. Thank you, 3DHD. Cryptic, yes, and full of heart. It may take some time to fathom the depths... This is not a rabbit hole. This is an Epic Voyage~!

      (p.s.) 222 speaks to me, like 11's and 22's

    4. The Valentine is for All of us to wake up!

      TRINITY and CAUSALITY is what MOM is saying. We must do the math and connect the dots...there IS NO time to lose!

      The Dauphin of Viennois is the Count of VALENTINOIS and of Diois, and the whales are dying.

      When do we decide Daybreak?
      Jacob wrestled with an Angel of God until Day-break and called the place Peni-El (Gland), Face of God.

      Neo, after negociating with Mind, wrestles with Agent Smith in the rain, in the Pit, and finally understands to absorb His own Darkness, his opposite, himself, his doppelgänger...and that's when the wresting ends--with his implosion of LIGHT... and a NEW DAY.

      We are the Virus. We maintain the Matrix. We delay the Event. Our Selves oppose Us. Do we continue wrestling ourselves forever, Agent Smith, Neo? Or do we Surrender to All THAT IS, EVER WAS and EVER SHALL BE?

      When we See with Eyes and Hear with Ears, Islam teaches us to Surrender to the Peni-El--lotus flower--fleurs-de-lys.

      Peace is what MOM wants and We are IN the way when We need to be ON the Way.

      So, folks, we land running and running fast!

      Clean House, cuz She's coming!

    5. You do know that whales hold the Akashic Records of the planet, right? So they cannot die! We need them! Although I heard ages ago that Cetacean life would be seeded off of this planet and onto another where their intelligence, loving spirits and telepathy would be understood and appreciated.

  39. I’ve been so confused lately, Cobra had a couple great updates that made it sound like the Event was just around the corner, and now this one while positive kind of implies that we’ve got months or years to go yet. I so badly want to *do* something other than meditate but I feel helpless and powerless even as I’m telling myself that it’s an illusion created by the dark. I’m going to take a huge risk and just ask for help.

    I’m on disability for chronic depression, anxiety and mild cerebral palsy. I don’t have a regular job. My income is mostly from my disability benefits, as well as renting out a room and occasionally doing computer repair work for people in my area. I’m trying to pay of a mortgage on my condo that’s roughly five times its current value.

    I often have to ask for help from my mother to make it through the month. She always helps out without hesitation but she and my stepfather are having difficulty making ends meet as well. She’s very spiritual and was following Cobra for a while but has been burned out on the idea that the world’s going to change in her lifetime for a couple years now. She was pretty much the only person in my area that I could talk to about The Event and now she just doesn’t want to hear about it anymore.

    My mother is also on disability and my Stepfather had a mental breakdown a few years ago that caused him to spend most of his savings without realizing what he was doing. I would love to be able to help my family and their other children out as well.

    I’m also concerned for some friends of mine. When I start to think my situation’s bad I’m quickly reminded that theirs is worse. They are a couple who were formerly Mormons until they found out much of what they were being taught was a complete lie, but not before they’d had three kids that they can barely care for. I’m worried their children are malnourished. They live in a doublewide trailer and cannot afford to fix the leak in the roof in their oldest son room . The trailer is also developing soft spots at the front door and in the kitchen that will probably turn into holes soon. It’s already getting dangerous to walk in those areas.

    If all you do is send love and light I’d be very grateful for that. If you can help out in a more material way, my paypal email is I‘m not sure what possessed me to gush all this but thank you for listening.

    1. I really understand you, i also give up, when i hear-read, that it takes more years,

      but then you get attacked here by some sick persons, who say, i-we are whiners, and what else more....

      ...i want punch the hell out of this bad persons...but then my inner self, say, calm down , you are an old soul, and stop beeing angry, because, anger not exist anymore after the event.

      But lijke i have said...i stop waiting also. ITS ENOUGH NOW!

    2. I never said I was giving up. I just need to see a clear path to move forward.


  40. From just a few minutes ago:

    "Up-leveling of all Hue-manity occurs simultaneous with hu-manity as entrapment zones are “escaped”.
    Flash flourishings are observed and experience by all on Gaia surface.
    Implantations are removed with ease as permissions are granted.
    Light craft are seen for what they are NOT.
    Light Craft are seen for what they ARE.
    Scattered energies now align for a “Final Push”. "

    Green Light Push

    Love, Light, Unity, Joy, Peace, Freedom and Ascencion and Loud Music Forever! ;-)

    Lars B.


    1. Was listening to an internet radio show from 2012, and the opening theme for that day was This. I'm thinking to myself "what in the world is this?"
      "Alright, everybody. Intro today was Bashful Brother Oswald with End Of The World."



    2. "Und wenn Ihr nach hause kommt: bestellt schöne Grüße von uns."

      Nach Hause. Heim. Home.

      "Eins muss jetzt wirklich noch unbedingt gesagt werden: Ich hab Dich wirklich unglaublich lieb."
      "Ich hab Dich auch lieb."

      I Love You, Gaia

      Auf geht's, meine Süße. WuHu!!!
      HGW - Herzlichen Glückwunsch ;-)

      All right, GAIA ;-)
      Let's Go Rockin' All Over The World - And THEN SOME !!!
      As only YOU can DO IT, You Superstar :-)))

      Lars B.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Just saw this quote turn up in my readings....

    ". . . It’s in words that the magic is—Abracadabra, Open Sesame,
    and the rest—but the magic words in one story aren’t magical in
    the next. The real magic is to understand which words work, and
    when, and for what; the trick is to learn the trick.
    . . . And those words are made from the letters of our alphabet: a
    couple-dozen squiggles we can draw with the pen. This is the key!
    And the treasure, too, if we can only get our hands on it! It’s as if—as
    if the key to the treasure is the treasure!

    —John Barth, Chimera

  43. I am so pleased.
    Seems that somebody did read and paid attention to my words.

    HYE ANGELJanuary 3, 2015 at 2:33 PM
    Dear RM members and the groups of the Inner Earth and Heavens, who want to help/support us to get out from this sticky, and dark well of bitumen.
    Now is my turn to talk, before it's too late....

    YOU have the privilege of seeing things - THE WHOLE PICTURE - from above or down from the Inner Earth....

    Yet; it seems that YOU DO NOT understand WHAT IS that we REALLY need to get out from this prison hell?

    Does SOME BENEFACTOR has the stupid money, (the artificial life energy created by the cabal), and wants to help us?

    Please, make US a part of helping US, and pay attention to WHAT KINDS OF IDEAS, PLANS WE have to save UORSELVES.

    Before having free energy and all kinds of "magical", out-of-this-world technologies.... THERE ARE 3(THREE) THINGS WHICH ARE VERY CRUCIAL AND THEY ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT LIFE CHANGING PROJECTS TO START WITH!!! (Well, from time to time, I've been talking about them...)

    THE NUMBER ONE is to help us to get rid of the STRONGEST and the WORST power which keeps us in slavery....
    Yes, I'm talking about the KILLING TECHNOLOGIES - VEAPONS, MACHINES and DEVICES. They MUST be stopped, nullified and ELIMINATED, like you did with the nuclear missles! (BTW, well done!!!)

    (Please, DO NOT tell us that it will trigger more actions taken by the darks, and you don't want to see more people being killed...)
    Every single day, thousands and thousands of people are being killed by these weapons. And thousands more die because they have NOthing to eat, or NO roof over their heads and they die because of cold, and/or because of a scorching heat.

    And that brings us to my NUMBER TWO project.
    HUNGER and being HOME-LESS are THE PRIORITY problems we should concentrate on. THEY ARE THE MOST ESSENTIAL HUMAN RIGHTS, which should be PUT ABOVE THE REST.
    I, personally, can NOT tolerate them any longer!

    I'm doing my best and helping homeless people single handed, all by my self, (when most of the time, I myself, am in the need of money or help).
    HAVING extra helping hands and money to help more people, would BE my dream come true. And I KNOW that people who are following this site, DO HAVE THE SAME DREAM and they/WE want to BE A PART OF THAT MISSION, a part of the RM GROUND CREW, and make this project being fulfilled!!

    YOU could buy or lease some small lands ALL OVER THE WORLD, (wherever possible), and then create groups ALL OVER the world, who would put some tents on these lands, some generators or SOLAR PANELS, provide some sleeping bags, and have people live there, provided with food and simple medical care. (Getting fresh water is easy by using the DOWSING technique).

    So, here's the NUMBER THREE - HEALTH CARE. (Especially here, in the US, the prices are astronomical!!!).
    And I'm talking about the SIMPLEST, first-aid kind of health care necessities. While distributing clothes and food to the homeless, many times, I wanted to give them some vital medicinal tablets, too. But, I just can NOT afford them. NOR, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SO.


    A WARRIOR OF PEACE, who C.A.R.E(s) =Communicating As Renegate Emissary,

  44. For everybody that is so disappointed

    "You cannot experience what you are not the vibration of." -Bashar.

    People, work with your self in order to raise your vibration. Because the EVENT will happen but you will not see this and will continue to live in lower vibrations.
    All that Cobra is doing is to make you raise above your current state. But he is unable to do this, only you can!
    You can not just sit and wait. You must work with your selves!
    Nobody is responsible for you, Cobra can show you the way, but you must walk on it.

    If you are lazy and spoiled, don't blame others.

  45. Up-leveling of all Hue-manity occurs simultaneous with hu-manity as entrapment zones are “escaped” ~ 15 Feb

    Up-leveling of all Hue-manity occurs simultaneous with hu-manity as entrapment zones are “escaped”.

    Flash flourishings are observed and experience by all on Gaia surface.

    Implantations are removed with ease as permissions are granted.

    Light craft are seen for what they are NOT.

    Light Craft are seen for what they ARE.

    Scattered energies now align for a “Final Push”.

  46. "...Love is a good reason for celebration any day, but today (Saturday) there's another reason to celebrate: today is the last day of the year-long energy of "the ruler of a nation." The prime opportunity to establish agendas of control and domination over the collective effectively ends today.

    This is because today is the last day of the Third Quarter Moon phase of the lunar month that is the Third Quarter time of year. In the natural cycle of life, Third Quarter Moons signal the completion of energy established at New Moons. When we apply this to the year, we are at the last day of the astrological "year" that began on March 30, 2014. The cycle or opportunity closes. The new (unnatural) world order's hopes for world domination are vanishing. Those efforts are no longer empowered. It could have been very, very bad, but it didn't happen and it was the best chance they had to make it happen. We are all still here, poised at the edge of the return of the old ways, the natural ways. V for victory...."

    from The Oracle Report ~ Saturday, February 14 - Sunday, February 15, 2015

  47. Has anybody noticed the chemtrails have been disappearing the last few days? The skies around here have returned to the beautiful blue I used to remember, and the comtrails from the jets I see overhead now are dissipating rapidly. What a beautiful, encouraging event!

  48. Not too of an important comment here but perhaps something could be done to minimize the erroneous repeat visitors count statistics Cobra is getting. people have mentioned that they revisit the site from 10x to 20x plus 40x times same day... perhaps something as simple as using or even RSS (which i am unfamiliar with) may make the difference. I am sure there are countless other available methods out there... then again.. maybe "this site as is".. is just perfect ;)

    1. ~anyway if only one millionaire or multimillionaire would share his money would be good, ej? Time to live in brotherhood~

      WE DECIDE that on planet Earth humans live in brotherhood NOW, WE decide NOW that collective consciousness changes so much that every heart is only happy if it can share everything freely, giving freely with joy and be trustful that everything it gives, comes back a billion times. WE decide NOW to let go of limitation programs of all kinds on all levels within all dimensions.

      :) <3

  49. Over The Rainbow

    Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole

    Leon Russell

    Judy Garland

    Ray Charles

    Frank Sinatra

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    1. Hey Mozart - I want to build a time machine so I can go back prevent the Veil from going up and also prevent Courtney Love from ever meeting Kurt Cobain I just need an extra bit of money to use as capital to start my own business to complement my day job in order to get more income. So, can anyone please donate to me 250 US dollars so that I can use that as capital to start my own online business? If anyone wants to help me just this one time in a once-in-a-lifetime request for help by me, please donate the amount to my Paypal account at >>>>> HolyCrapSpamming@Gmail.BS

      My request benefits everyone - not just you. See, Gotta think of the BIGGER picture Bro! You're kind of asking for me reply at this point. Call my accountant Turd Furgusion to set up the details.

    2. You have posts like this all over these blog entries. You've got a paypal all ready to receive money. And before you needed money for rent. Now it's to start a business? It's not once in a lifetime if you ask over and over! If you are trying to scam people shame on you. If you are actually in need of money, sell something, or donate plasma, or go on craigslist and do odd jobs. If you are able bodied, please make use of it. Help the elderly, donate your time. If not, your family should be able to help in some way. I am all for helping others, but not when someone is trying to scam their fellow humans.

  51. Ascension Symptoms Alert: I Want to Go Home and Ascend NOW!
    Shekinah Rose/Blue Ray

  52. The man who wrote the seth matarial books from the lady who first channeled him claims that Seth has claimed the cabal will be arrested in 2 months. He claimed this on Coast to Coast AM air date Feb 6 2015.

  53. C.I.A lockdown !

  54. on a completely unrelated to this post note:

    I was looking up at the very early morning skies today.. with stars twinkling and the cold winter air surrounding me .. I asked for a sign from Our Bro-Stars and Sis-Stars who have come from far away places to help with Gaia's Ascension .. well wouldn't you know it a minute or two later I saw what wasn't a shooting star as it came in on an arc, flashed bright for a sec and then just disappeared .. as a person with my eyes on the skies I have seen many meteorites and this was not one of them ... shooting stars go straight and True and do not make arc's in the sky (also there was no debris falling off) just wanted to share that ... <3

    1. ...some days ago after visiting a dedicated light, on my way home I looked up into the sky and there they where giving me a sign....they looked like a huge star, moving slowly and suddenly turning red and off...... I was sooo happy...... and still am....they are with us and obviously always know where we are .......hmmmmmm........ yeeee.......... :D <3

  55. Stumbled upon this website, haven't joined yet but many ways to begin discussions about the direction we want our world to take and perhaps get involved.

  56. All right, so what do we do about planet killing things like nuclear power plants that get old and blow up, we need power after all right? Global warming is a big problem too, right? Well, not from us, but let's say it is anyway to keep us from infighting. Go here :,151,431.PN.&OS=PN/4,151,431&RS=PN/4,151,431

    after you type in
    "free energy magnet motor patent"
    into google and go here:

    take the patent number it gives you:

    go to the patent website's search engine:
    and it gives you the patent in the first link that is a permanent magnet motor that needs no fuel, or electricity, just permanent magents, and it will continually turn and power a generator and give you all the power you need for your car, house, boat, plane, factory, you name it, because all of science and engineering is mentally retarded and this patent has expired so anyone can sell 20 billion dollars worth of engines that cost 1/10th the normal amount and have near 0 maintenance save swapping out bearings every few years and not owe 1 penny of royalties or have to seek 1 government official out for filling out paperwork to do so. Just sell it on ebay. Well, you might have to get it UL tested to make sure it wouldn't catch the house on fire, but just go to a jobs club and get an out of work engineer and electrician to join your cause and use the 20 year old engineer's couple million dollars in the stock market to get the initial 5000 dollars to get going and make a million dollars in a year building this stuff in your garage with nothing more than a socket wrench and a soldering iron literally.

    Benjamin Mize Of course the little warning along with this whole thing is if someone threatens your life give up now because the cops won't protect you from it.
    2 mins · Like
    Benjamin Mize Unless you get say 100 hunters hired for security measures and promise them a share in the profits.
    1 min · Like
    Benjamin Mize You can find 100 retired hunters that still hunt by the way that are willing to sit around and wait for an income from investing firearm security into your project.
    Just now · Like
    Benjamin Mize Just show them a toy that does what you want to make your generator do and they'll come hoping along since they are usually patriotic and know our country needs to get off oil in a practical way.


  57. This Window of Opportunity will open on December 15th, 2014, will have its turning point on January 21st, 2015 and will close on March 17th, 2015:................
    missing ..... 28 days

    1. I'm quite sure it will be missed this time around.....maybe next time. So far every single date, has come and gone, and nothing has happened. Absolutely nothing.

  58. Another "Over the Rainbow" (thanks Phoenix!) by Eva Cassidy, who, sadly, is no longer with us... But she had such a beautiful voice...

  59. Music For Inspiration:

  60. Cobra maybe the main picture of this site could be modify WHILE the Sunday Meditation is in progress... A simple Text Message over it may suffice so whoever visits the site (specially if using a mobile device) could start meditating if they see it. There is a script that could do this for you although i haven't test it.. here is the link

    or maybe a Mailing List Distribution alerting people of the upcoming meditation 1hr or day before the event. (then again everyone interested could always set an alarm on their smartphones... [personally i dont like the idea of mailing list distribution at least at this point in age.. after the "event" i must probably would.. but not now]

    ...just a thought.


  62. Thank you Mitchell T James, and all others who defending me, against Gantz, and some others here, who are very unpleasant, and have a very low vibration in my scense, and are not nice against me.

    I really appreaciate that.

    Maybe Gantz, and the others who attack me, because i write only my situation and what i see and feel here on this really horrible situation on earth.....i dont want judge...but i smel the cabal influence in them....attacking the ones, who suffer here, and want a loving world for us all.....also for gantz, and all darkies....i forgive all, who have hurt me, in this incarnation, and all past lives.

    But they lower the vibration here on cobrablog...and we include, want prevent that.

    Hope the event starts really soon now, because.....its enough now.

    Record animal abuse-killing here in my country...i read this day....and in the rest of the world....the details, i not post here...its horrible, beyong belief.

    I stop very tired, and have also health problems....heartfunction problems...serious problems...becaus all stress and worries, about the bad situation for us all now on earth.....hope we all experience the event now very soon.

    I wish all of you here, a wonderfull future, in a paradise on earth. Infinite love and bliss, for us all.

    Remco. persons who post still negative posts against me and others.....should be blocked keep the vibration high....and to prevent, to lower the vibration.