Sunday, February 1, 2015


Pandora in progress, STRANGE EGG complete. MOSS modulation initialized. PB breach continuation, drastic Isidic security breach deflected, HVBN stable, HF testing in progress. M=29, Midas package. 


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    1. Hey, Inana,
      I'm here again. High five! :)

      (The Chimera group has technology based on strange and top quarks.)
      The defeat of the Chimera in advance:

      07-01-14 STRANGE EGG activation in progress

      07-07-14 Fall of the Chimera

      08-01-14 STRANGE EGG sigma complete, STRANGE EGG tau in progress

      08-05-14 Short Planetary Situation Update

      09-08-14 Planetary Situation Update

      09-12-14 TOP EGG modulation in progress

      09-16-14 A New Planetary Situation Update

      09-24-14 Untersberg

      10-01-14 "STRANGE EGG tau in final completion / TOP EGG in progress"

      10-07-14 Plasma and the Planetary Situation Update

      11-02-14 "STRANGE EGG tau complete , TOP EGG in progress"

      A New Planetary Situation Update

      11-10-14 TOP EGG L4 infection cleared

      11-17-14 TOP EGG L3 infection cleared

      A Short Update

      11-20-14 TOP EGG L2 infection cleared

      11-22-14 TOP EGG L1 infection cleared, Imperator in progress

      11-23-14 TOP EGG L0 infection cleared

      11-24-14 TOP EGG convergence complete

      11-29-14 TOP EGG primary clear

      01-01-15 STRANGE EGG L4 infection cleared

      01-13-15 STRANGE EGG L3 infection cleared

      01-19-15 STRANGE EGG L2 infection cleared

      01-22-15 STRANGE EGG L1 infection cleared

      01-23-15 STRANGE EGG L0 infection cleared

      01-24-15 STRANGE EGG convergence complete

      01-25-15 STRANGE EGG primary clear

      01-29-15 Taiwan Conference Report / Solar System Situation Update

      + a guess by "Bob" here regarding "PB breach continuation":
      >>PB= Phase Boundary
      "The demarcation line between the Chimera group and the breakaway civilization is called the phase boundary"<<

      Love, Light, Gratitude, Peace and Unity for all!
      The Breakthrough is indeed near!

    2. Len<3!
      thank you..... maybe sucking the hidden negative technology inside the plasmaplain also with the key of Isis into the central sun.... ;)

      ...last hour of old duality darkness system has arrived anyway thats why it seems to be the hardest time now, greatest tension....probably.....

      {victory of final and eternal infinite freedom}

  2. Cobra, we've been doing meditations at churches and other energy centres in my area. The backlash on us and the people around us is intensely negative and disruptive. What is happening when this goes on? Entities being expelled from the quantum anomaly tunnels of set? Scalar weapon attack? Is this what goes on for you after every interview? Anyways I'm never going to stop until it's finished and darkness is gone from the Universe, so f**k those guys! Victory of the Light!

    1. Good to read your comment. There still a few too many people complaining in these replies, and not enough action. I figure we should just carry on until this gets done and dusted.

      Untwine made this video, Violet Flame for Long Island. I encourage other people to make a video with pics of Long Island and a decent song, and send them to

    2. The Archons hate meditation above everything else (even blogs are not as powerful as meditation). If you are getting together with groups of other people to meditate together (making the meditation stronger) and at energy centers (making it even stronger) the Archons are really NOT going to be very pleased about that! You are very brave and strong to be doing that! I commend you. Just make sure you do as many “defensive” meditations of protection as you do “offensive” meditations of spreading the light.

      I have also wondered what Cobra uses for protection because he must be attacked like crazy! Maybe Rob can ask that question. I think he must use advanced, tachyon technologies to protect himself- plus meditation/visualization/higher beings. Personally, I use magic rituals (LBRP), visualizations, crystals, incense, and herbs/vitamins to protect myself. And I am still under practically daily attack. I will be so RELIEVED when this war is over!

    3. Well, what sort of churches are you doing these meditations in? If they are not of the same beliefs/practices that is probably why you are getting such weird looks and negative vibes. It is sort of like a Christian going to a Buddhist temple but continuing the practices of their beliefs; it can seem sort of offensive. Perhaps your group can find their own space to do these things uninterrupted? I'm just assuming here based on the info you gave but I will await more details on whats going on from you.

    4. @Contact Point.... HMMMM. Interesting. I've been experimenting w// a "similar approach".

      Based on my intel & what I've observed- the "Attack" (if you want to call it that) must be Multi-fold as in Dramatically UN-Predictable. The more marriage of opposites & Aquarius level WTF the better. WHY?... the enemy is grounded in: Ritual, Rules, & Pre-determination Predictive thought patterns. (hence "The Herd Mentality") - Your Goal is to DISRUPT this 'atmosphere' with a free formed version of "Now" that follows NO Set predictive model or technique.

      They can not "Create" - only Mimic- so take an established work re-author it "Creatively" - I.E. having a "Do-Re-Mi" (Sound of Music) sung by Pirates, NInja's, & Cowboy's using light techniques mixed with video style violence weapons - DON'T Plan it out - let the visual to happen AS the Song Plays...kind of like Jazz music. Fuel them with Intent - change their density's give them totems (make some Cute, Hateful, giggly- whatever) - Scrape it all mid-way & make them Hockey Players, Disney Princesses, & Zombies - KEEP Creating - No Rules - No Form - Just every flowing "creation". You are a "Creator God" are you not??

      Even if the AssChon's could analyze it - how do they control #1 the emotional wave (avatar interference), #2 The Music which they can't duplicate (As it's an expression on another Artists Free Will), #3 The Intent buried within (Free Will) and #4 - YOU are simply creating a "daydream" (on the 4th Dimension) Simply sending 'Happy thoughts' - You're diluting the dense energy with "Different energy"....even if you're NOT in a group - You can create UnNeeded Distractions.

      Remember UNPREDICTABILITY (change, shaking the cage, Flash of Light) is the enemy of someone who is SOOO Scared of losing their rituals that all the sudden the sky starts raining pink & yellow Marshmellow Peeps infused w/ the Goddess presence on the Astral Plane...WTF? Who would do such a thing? The AssChons are the Ultimate OCD child - simply realize How EASY is it to mess w/ something that Anal, repressed, and Ritualize.... one might start thinking of near Sadisticly comical ways to set up Comic Rollar Coasters of Goddess lit Violet Flamed trains running recklessly through the 4-D space of Long Island. One could call the effects "Pandoric" in it's Un-Predictive results.... Who Cares, Free Will, Soverign Being - NOT My Energy Grid - Just having a party

      *BTW- Churches are part of the Matrix as they designed w/ Sacred Geometry - wouldn't pitch my tent there....Unless I shot the sacred points with a water gun full of Urine 1st but who has time for that.

      Just simple Internet Troll over here.

    5. Thanks for your wise words everyone! We are definitely having to do lots of protective and defensive energy work after these meditations which help immensely. It's kind of like an exterminator getting stung while clearing out a wasp nest in the attic, lots of pissed of nasties buzzing around for a few days after the gridwork trying to latch onto anyone around instead of going into the light like they should. 
      For anyone wishing to help speed up the time of the Event and help make it an easier and more peaceful time, please check out:
      Also, Scott Onstott's amazing movie Secrets In Plain Sight
      Documents how important monuments and buildings are built over these Earth Acupressure points or vortex points which harness the energies there. <3 Victory of the Light!

    6. Cameron Day put out a bang up process for those of us who are energy sensitive to "trap" sentient implants and nexus points in the scalar field in which you surround it with your light will....walls of violet and gold light surrounding the darkness essentially trapping it in that one space and time of NOW, and forcing an energy conversion.

      These things have been feeding on humanity for millenia. They will scream and yell about their free will when you do this, but I have turned a deaf ear a long time ago. What you do is "poke a hole" in the side of the trapped entity and use the push/pull aspect of 5D to fill them with emptiness and sqeeze out substance....A reclamation of what they stole, and a giving back of what they put out.

      What's mine is mine, what's yours is yours. I turn them into a mini black hole that sucks in negativity and darkness, and at the same time pushes out the pure light...the light you need to store out of the way until done because it has been used by Archonic entities and is still "dirty".

      Then you give them a choice. Conversion to the light, or restructure in the central sun. I find its about 50/50 with conversion/restructure....If they convert, they cant be held inside of your light ball, and you will feel them dissolve away. If they refuse, connect to the central sun and send down a vortex to carry it away.

      So I have been doing this as regularly as I can...they dont get within my awareness too much anymore, so I actively have to go hunt them down now.

      What I figured out within the past 3 weeks, is that I can program the to do exactly what they were doing before, but instead of finding darkness and making it stronger, it would be finding light and making it stronger.

      There is a higher-up implant/entity controlling its part of the grid for roughly every 10 square miles or so, and those all connect further upline to their overseers and up and so on until it hits the storage/conversion/battery nexus where the actual Archons siphon it off and send everything else back downline, and when you have on of their command nodules/entities start spreading light, it destroys the grid in your general area.

      They cannot exist in the presence of light, and by doing this it is causing severe damage everywhere.

      I was guided to put this out here for those few people who might actually come across it and are able to do it.

      The immediate physical changes I noticed after doing this, is that there was a massive population of sylphs clearing out the chemtrails for miles around me, the sun shone brilliantly with almost crystal flares coming off of it, people were incredibly happy....I heard it commented many many times for the next few days how good people felt, and I started experiencing synchronicities and number patterns way out of the ordinary even for someone used to seeing stuff like this.

      I get exactly what was said with too much whining and not enough DOING, and I just wanted to put out there, that I dont really talk to much about what I can do, or what I have done, but we are out there. I am not the only one doing this, and we could care less about the people whining and refusing to take responsibility. We are here to do a job. And we will do it.

    7. I forgot to add that you need to connect with the galactic core and transmute your stored energy that you reclaimed from the implant/entity into brilliant crystalline light and then send it back to where it was stolen.

      What is mine, is mine. What is yours, is yours. Take back what you gave, give back what was taken

    8. That's so awesome! Thank you for the great info. What's mine is mine, what's yours is yours. If a being wishes to be dark, violent and nasty, that darkness can go right back to sender, just like love. 
      Archons, give back all the energy you stole, and take back all the sh*t you inflicted on Earth. Enjoy!

    9. @Eric Pilgrim.... you give them a Choice? No really I don't give my craps any last words before I flush them - lol. You're a better man than I.

      They're ALL going to the Galactic Central Sun. Was I given a choice when they marauded over how many life times & paradoxes? No.

      BTW- Are you only do this in "THIS" reality? or are you addressing ALL time lines, Dimensions, past-present-& Future? there's more going on here than just Our Time-line.

    10. @Gantz Hahahaha that is too funny.
      I give everything a chance. If they can do exactly what they were doing before, but for the light, they are so much more effective than what I can do by myself on my own....they are already part of the system, and can integrate right into it and start wreckin shop.

      Being restructured doesnt help us at all. If they want to , I let them. Only about half can even bring themselves to make the choice, but when they do they are amazing bright points of light....its really a trip honestly.

      I used to be really angry at them and would send them on their way for restructure immediately, but then I realized the straight up upgrades I was getting by forcing the energy transfer, so I started hunting these things down.

      I ran into the same thing every time. They are programmed worse than the sheeple we deal with every day, and I started to feel a bit sorry for them. I dont condone anything done by them or what they stand for, but I understand the situation they are in.

      I backed off from the hate. If anything wants the light, they have every right in the universe, including these things...but thats just me.

      I completely understand where you come from.

      And ya, these things operate outside of time and space, so that is where you have to work with them. The machinery finds the empty spaces and fills it back with new ones within a few weeks, so its never boring anymore :)

  3. My curiosity wants to bite, what about a tally of whats left to do?

    1. It looks like the removal of those plasma bombs might be a major tipping point. It's difficult for Cobra to release a tally, because much of this work remains classified, so to a certain extent we are in the dark. Secondly, a tally wouldn't mean much from a time point of view, because some tasks take ages, and others are finished quicker than normal... I know we have made progress on Long Island this weekend, and the energies have cleared up considerably.

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    1. These comments are meant for the Resistance Movement surface operatives, and not the general public. You can have fun working them out but don't post about the meaning. Enjoy. :)

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    1. It's a coded message to resistance movement members. Many are undercover in key positions in military and government worldwide, waiting for the Event to start mass arrests of the Cabal. Part of Cobra's job is to provide coded updates for them.

    2. Thank you for the clarification! I'm new here and was really confused. I have been studying and researching all the revolution because of a dream I had and just a feeling in my body that something is going on and I wanted more information. My intuition and curiosity has led me here and i'm very glad it did because all of this resonates so well with how i have been feeling! Thanks for everything Cobra and Light Forces!

      Victory to the Light!

    3. Where's the evidence any of this is even true?

    4. Really? Perhaps you can find another site that resonates a little more to your liking?

  6. For all the people saying what and ????????............... Cobra writes a Rehash every month of what happened the previous month.....He does this every month....Nothing New!

  7. Can't Tame the Lion.

  8. Dear Cobra and RM!
    I have a few important for me and my friends questions: is it true that after the event all people will be given 100.000$? And, if it is so, there won't be a financial chaos and drastic collapse due to an enormous inflation?
    Than you VERY much!

    1. I had what I thought was a great answer to your question, but all was lost when I went to post it. I'm going to take that as no one really needs to know yet. Just do what your heart tells you to do and stay in the moment. I truly believe all needs will be provided for.

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  9. Is the Gayatri Mantra linked to the Galactic Central Sun?

  10. Victory to the light! Thank you Cobra!

  11. PB= Phase Boundary
    "The demarcation line between the Chimera group and the breakaway civilization is called the phase boundary"

  12. Something happening soon??

  13. I followed a "Co-Worker" that has given me "stress" in the past and every time I sensed they were near me (or I felt like it) - I set off a violet flame and brought lightning down from the heart of the Sun & the Galactic Central Sun & had it go into the plasma core of the earth AROUND THEM....with the intent of Purifying ANY Negativity or Energy that might have cause them to indirectly mess w/ my situations (This person is a supervisor of sorts of mine).

    Don't know if worked - but this Supervisor now has Minimal Contact w/ me - Coincidence? Remember - it can't be Negative to them!!! Think of it like youre shooting them w/ a Fire Extinguisher of the Violet Flame (or Gold energy) IN CASE they are being manipulated by the Matrix or whatever negative crap they're carrying.

    It's more of an Offensive Move - But these are the things You can play with to DISRUPT the Matrix - Sudden eruptions of Light, Peace, & Goddess light dropped into a giant Puddle of scared starving Fear Provoking Ritualized ASS-chons Must really SUCK!....for them.

    Hey, Hey.... I didn't didn't put up an Energy Grid & enslave people with duality emotional moodiness for 26,000 yrs whiling hiding in a unseen dimension provoking humans like animals just to suck psychic fear from them....No- I'm an simply a Creator God playing with a 4-D erector set having a Goddess inspired Lightshow & using random people as test subjects for Light & love infused intent experiments - FREE WILL

    Maybe this Video will help show what my Erector set "kind of" looks like
    (Caution: Grown-Up Mature Lyrics were used)

    Creator Gods need Erector Sets right? Get Tinkering Kids! Imagine the toys when Veil drops (laughs like an Chinese School Girl drunk on MSG)

  14. Thank you for posting this:) hope my message gets allowed ..

  15. This is fantastic news Croatia writing off debt of poorest citizens :)

  16. The Red Kachina rests... again.

    The Titanic, Britannic, and the Olympic will sail the Seven Seas and never meet the Ice or the Fire.

    1. Apollo, Apollo! Light my way through the Fire and the Ice to the Inner Sanctum! With your Seven Rays lift my Ship across into the arms of ISIS!

      Ocean: you are Amazing. I thank you; you do know so, dear Friend. <3 <3 <3

  17. great website that translates in many languages :

  18. I'm know it's not my imagination, but some of the clouds lately have a different shape about them, and almost as if they're phasing in and out of our dimension? Also tonight, as the sun was setting, the usual red sky was a lot more colourful and vivid.

    Cobra, is this part of the being of the breakthrough stage?