Saturday, March 14, 2015

More Interviews, Videos and Conferences by Cobra

There are many things happening behind the scenes and an important intel update will be released through my blog during next week.
In the meantime, you might want to listen to this Cobra interview by Prepare for Change team:
Or here on Youtube:
You can read the transcript of the interview here: 

Or watch the Youtube video versions of some of my past articles:
Solar system situation update:
The Red and the Blue / Weekly Liberation Meditation update / Opening of the box update:
You can also find the most important articles from my blog here:


A planetary network of Tachyon healing chambers is being slowly built. You can now experience the healing power of this advanced Pleiadian technology worldwide:
We will be having a Breakthrough conference in Naples, Italy. Naples is a very important vortex point on the planetary energy grid that needs a lot of healing and has tremendous potential. You are welcome to join us on April 25th and 26th:
We are approaching the exact point of the last Uranus-Pluto square in a few days from now and this is a very good time to practice forgiveness. It will be one of the most needed qualities in the times to come. 
The Breakthrough is near!


  1. Dear soul of Light I thank you very much for your energy. Bow and Love.

  2. don't have any transcripts of this make it to translate to portuguese...

  3. and why don't we have any contact about Tachyon healing chambers on South America or Latin America?

    1. Southamerica is always the forgotten area.
      Do not worry!
      We have a lot of good things here that the rest of the globe lacks.
      Specially Nature, which is a Big Healing Chamber of Light.
      If you look closer, Brazil is a country of Freedom ( i am not referring economically now, but it will be soon, i have big hope in brics)

    2. Eu lí algumas respostas em uma entrevista do COBRA ele disse q a consciencia na americabdo sul é acima da média do planeta.

    3. Things are changing. South America has many good souls who are ready to pead the change to a new reality. It is just a matter of getting the right organizational structure.

      Look for 'Community Connector' which was referenced a bit ago by Cobra. That is a way to build out the South American network.

  4. Aloha Cobra, Mahalo for all the good information...

  5. The picture of the post is exactly the web that connects us all. It'd be very nice if we remember this web during our routine meditations. To give it energy and strength. Feel the connection among us all. How powerful it is. We're not alone. We're together. Tens of thousands of us directly connected with the knowledge of what's happening. Feel this and be happy for it.
    Love and light, dear companions.

  6. Cobra, thank you so much!

    Forgiveness is the term that signify the way to transcend old blockages of energy on way more quickly possible.. And it will very needed in the present future to make this transition the most harmonious way possible: is a work to all, and only will be difficult if we don't let it happen. Is the time and the opportunity to get a real change how we never see/feel before.

    Everyone has scars inside and out, and when the wound is touched, it hurts... What we prefer: keep suffer or get out of this state?

    I'm writing this but I have scars like everyone has. I understand the resistance that keep us paralyzed when we have a solution but we still prevail the old way. But now is different... And I trust in my heart, and I will let it guide me away.

  7. Cobra and resistance movement, PLEASE, listen to me.

    I think it's a total lack of respect for you to stay so much time without any update for us. I understand that no intel can be given unless it is strategically safe, because the cabal also reads this blog. However it does not cost too much to say a little something sometimes.

    You guys don't have any idea of how much we suffer without cobra's updates. Because many of us are VERY sensetive and can FEEL that huge things are going on, but you know what, we don't know exactly what it is, because we receive no information about it.
    If it is for security reasons, then it's ok, but as I said, there are many things that can be said without giving sensetive intel to the cabal.

    Please, respect us more in this subjetct. We, earth humans are the ones who suffer the most in this war. It is WE that have to live in this boring reality, and waiting usually more than 3 weeks to get a little picture about what is going on SUCKS.

    I suggest at least one weekly update, just like ben fulford. It does not need to be sensetive intel update. Just something to break our tension.

    Those who agree with me, PLEASE, say so, because this will make them listen to us.

    Thank you veyr much.

    1. This is a shotgun message. My intent is that it scatters like fine bird shot.

      Highest Will is almost never as you expect it - including and especially with regards to intel. You miss opportunities to advance in your path when you place expectations on the how and what that is to be delivered to you as surely as you exist.

      If intel is not where you expect it look elsewhere! It seems simple and it is. There is only abundance - clean your glasses and you will find it.

    2. One more thing. Those who are in SERVICE like Cobra and others Sserve out of their infinite love for you. Do you think they are not human also? Think about it.

      Be your own Guru - don't ask them - don't expect them to do your work for you. Your path is yours alone, yet paradoxically you are not alone in it. One foot in front of the other - don't stray to the right or the left - keep your eyes straight in front of you and you will - in a Glorious moment find yourself at Home. And there is no place like it.

    3. We are SLAVES and are treated as such. The SLAVES will know what we're allowed to know when we're allowed to know it

    4. @3DHD

      Thank you for you reply. I'd like to say that I try to understand you the better way possible, but the male mind is different from the female mind, specially regarding intuition. Yes, we males also have our intuition, but it is usually related to ACTION, most of times different from the female intuition, that it's about a introspective and internal emotion.

      What I mean is that, with all these things happening, I'd like to be ACTING, in the way I trully desire. I know I can act and do many things to help the liberation process, but truth is that I would like to be in the battlefield fighting the dark forces now. And I can't. It's easy for a light worker to sit still and meditate, but to a warrior, it is not always.

      So, this waiting process is very hard to deal with, but I try not to complain because there are bigger problems than my anxiety for the light forces to solve. This a war and we must carry on, but sometimes we can't help expressing our emotions. Forgive me if it sounded too dramatic.

    5. I know exactly what you are talking about being sensitive, and knowing huge things are going down behind the scenes, but I do not understand your suffering by not having an update.

      Are you really that dependent, when you are sensitive enough to feel all of this going down? If you can feel what I feel, then you have a massive amount of higher dimensional energy anchored into our 3D reality to add to the offensive.

      When they were clearing the Tunnels of Set, I was regularly invited to add my Source connection, as well as travel astrally with them to build up the light barrier as the darkness was pulled out and converted or restructured.....because I can feel this going on. And it is my job to anchor in their energies through the base of this matrix.

      And if you can feel what I can, it is your job as well. Updates on a wordpress blog are nothing compared to receiving first hand knowledge by actually being there. Which you could do, if you werent here on the blog screaming for an update.

      This is war. Do your job.

    6. Dear spiritofjstc2, I understand you, the waiting is sometimes hard. But you are not alone. The RM and Cobra love you. I love you , please forgive me.
      First the war have to end inside of us.
      God bless you

    7. I don't really agree with that. It is not about a lack of respect, you are projecting. I'm an HSP and Empath, so I do know how you are suffering because you are most likely also an HSP and Empath. But those are just labels that helps us define and understand one aspect of the human condition.

      I believe Cobra knows only too well how people suffer. It was a very intense week for everyone. Cobra has his reasons, we really have no idea what he goes through, what the Resistance Movement is handling behind the scenes. Anyone demanding more of him is disrespecting his enormous contribution to humanity, which comes from the heart, as far as I can see. He owes us nothing. We are fortunate to have this place to come to. Many on the planet feel and suffer just as much as we do, but have no frame of reference for it, and no community.

      We all wanted an update, and now we have one. You are responsible for how you manage the time in between. We all need to learn to stay grounded because when the masses wake up, they will be relying on us in order to cope. BTW, no, I didn't stay grounded, either. I became completely unglued and didn't even sleep all night on two occasions! Someone triggered something, but in my hurt and anger I found great clarity and motivation. I was feeling misunderstood and felt a lack of appreciation by a friend, so I reached out to tell people how much I appreciate them by making a post, not expecting any response, but was unexpectedly flooded with love and support by various friends and family!

      That being said, it was the looking inside myself that caused me to reach out to them in the first place. So I was not so much looking outside myself for answers. I was looking within. I told myself it was OK that I am not this awful person she (my friend) made me out to be. I forgave myself for giving her the wrong impression, but I also set her straight on who I am and what my intent is. I told her to stop making wrong assumptions about me, to stop judging me and my life. Since she seems so proud that she doesn't say what's on her mind, I told her how does she expect me to know what she is thinking? I'm and Empath, not a Psychic! And also that I am not the reason she feels limited in the situation, she limits herself by spreading her time, energy and interests all over, giving the impression she cares about everything else and everyone else first. Blaming me for her choice of priorities is ridiculous. I don't appreciate being spoken to that way, and I told her so, mainly because it has happened several times over the years and I let it go. But I am not going to acquiesce to someone's self-righteousness. I am not the enemy, nor am I a pushover.

      As for men wanting to take action, I do agree with that. Men want to protect and help, not so much control. Any action, intent, meditation towards the Light is helpful, whatever you can muster. In the last post thread, there was a lot of lashing out, and in the end many of us learned our limits of where, when, who and what we will invest our life force energy in.

      Remember, you are doing a good job just by virtue of the fact you showed up. Yes we can do more, that's for sure. Again this week, I was working on Sunday during the Liberation Meditation. I had no work all week long, and then a busy work weekend. I do not have the luxury right now of taking the afternoon off, since I get enough downtime when on call waiting for work. I did think of the meditation, but was in my zen with my client. I forgive myself.

  8. Tx, Cobra, 4 the continuing info. Uplifting every time.

    Forgiveness 4 ongoing torture & molestation thru psychotronics by sociopathic Cabal-style neighborhood ... may start after the psychotronics & other harassment STOPS. I feel that part of the purpose of this harm is 2 block spiritual awareness & lightwork.

    I realized that part of the problem is that we Earth humans have no access *as yet* 2 the working law enforcement & other aid that SHOULD be part of our natural problem-solving resources in these situations. 2 stop the harm. That action is a precursor 2 healing of the situation.

    4 example, Targeted Individuals should be able 2 count on local law enforcement or federal law enforcement as a resource 2 solve the problem of being targeted by psychotronics; this is a supposed resource that should work 4 us; but local & federal LEOs most often r passive or even active! supporters of, 4 example, psychotronics.

    We targets r separated from some of r natural resources by the Veil & by the works of the Cabal. This separation is symbolic yet also physical, governmental; & lately cultural.

    So part of the problem of working on forgiveness is about being separated from 1's natural, expected resources 2 stop the harm.

    & then what? Bc most of us r not Yeshua the Christ on the cross. & even he taught about healing grudges 4 PAST harm.

    Tx 2 all commenters who have posted on forgiveness. An ongoing contemplation.

    (Finally I can post! Google must have fixed something.)

    Be well all.

  9. & the other thing: About 8 yrs back, the Goddess appeared next 2 me & said,

    Forgiveness is healing.

    Meaning also & equally, Healing is forgiveness.

    These 2 meanings r 1 & the same meaning. Deity speaks symbolically & in multilayered, multifaceted meaings.

    (In an enveloping forest-green cloak. Then Boop! gone. Wait! What?! Whoa!)

    Hope this helps some folks.

    Be well all!

  10. Hello Everyone!

    Good Luck to All !

  11. Thank you soooo much for continuing info on precious healing technologies. I am compelled to manifest something. I would like to purchase what is offered. I can do the inner mainfesting now, but waitng to see how things pan out after the event to see what funds may look like. Blessiings , Hugs and much Aloha to you and the whole team

  12. Sometimes when I start to feel impatient and frustrated that it seems like nothing is happening yet, the best thing I can do is write a song about it. Check out the new song and sing with me!
    (Best to listen with headphones!)

    Do what you Love with Love and
    Live like its already done!

    1. Wow. Thank you for this Red Pill Oracle. Yes. Let's sing it together... "We invoke our sacred right to give our lives to only Life".


  13. Going to repost what I said in the other thread about Remco and Ho'oponopono because it got buried and few people saw it.

    There have been suggestions that Remco is a negative influence here but I have a different view of him. I see Remco as a synchronicity of some sort. In a way he an opportunity sent to us by fate.

    As of current we are missing this opportunity. If you want to change the world think globally but act locally. Changing the world starts with a single act of kindness. How are we expected to heal the whole world if we cannot fix a single person. Everyone keeps saying, "After the event XYZ will change. and after the event everything will be better." That event is never going to happen if we cannot fix a single person who is crying out for help.

    I suggest we use the Ho'oponopono on Remco that Cobra told us about.

    My message to Remco: "I am sorry, please forgive me, Thank you, I love you."

    I feel everyone on this blog needs to say this to Remco to heal him. If we cannot use this on Remco how are we be expected to use it on the cabal. The burden is on us. After Remco is healed he will be able to help others as we have helped him. The choice of course is ours to continue in the lower vibrations or to embrace the light. Chose wisely.

    Victory to the light.

    COBRA: March 13, 2015 at 4:35 PM
    Excellent! This is exactly the message of my last blog post and this is why all this drama was allowed to be published.

    1. It was easy for me to forgive him because i found it amusing.

    2. Ho'oponopono is actually forgiving ourselves. We wouldn't be healing 'Remco," by saying "I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you." We'd actually be healing the part of ourselves that remains detested/unforgiven/unloved. It is this part of ourselves that projects the "Remcos" or any other person who elicits a strong reaction in ourselves. The next time you have an issue with someone, think about how you may have made someone else feel the same way you are feeling right now. Perhaps it was a previous life. This person that is presenting themselves to you as being hurtful/nuisance/ etc... is simply a mirror, mirroring back to you and aspect about yourself, you are having difficulty accepting. In that sense, it can be a gift. The separation we experience between each other is an illusion. We are all one.

    3. Remco.

      I am sorry, please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

      As I read what you were writing, it all clicked. This is exactly why Cobra allowed it all on here, and then I read that down at the bottom.

      Thank all of you for the wonderful learning experience.

    4. I am not so into Ho'oponopono and saying "Forgive me" to everyone seems a little over the top for me, although I see the point.
      As another, more practical, view of it I share this story:

      There was a worker laying bricks on a walking street but he was not doing such a good job. His manager constantly pointed out what he was doing wrong and that he needed to improve it but nothing seemed to change. Then the manager went away for a month and was replaced by a person from another area. When the new manager met the worker he also saw that it was not very good work but he looked at it for quite some time and then said to the worker: "I really like how you choose the order you place the bricks. Keep up the good work!". Some days later the new manager walks by again and he says "I see you have changed how you pack the sand under the stones. That looks good!". The next week the bricks are much better packed which the manager prays the worker for. When the old manager returns he sees so much better the bricklaying has become from this worker and he says to the new manager: "You must really have been hanging over this workers neck to get him to do such a good work". "Oh no", says the new manager. "I only helped the good in him to come out".

    5. Optimist you are very insightful. I agree that someone who elicits a "charge" is reflecting as aspect of ourselves back at us. (I still am done mentioning that name.) As I said in a comment above: "In the last post thread, there was a lot of lashing out, and in the end many of us learned our limits of where, when, who and what we will invest our life force energy in." Detachment is helpful.

      Wow! There is so much going on in a short time, I have been up all night again and it keeps coming in. Fulford and Wilcock, Putin reappearing (thankfully), and several countries joining the Chinese banking system...I think a whole lot of truth is about to come to light!!! VERY exciting times politically, energetically. Anyone who can see what is really going on has to be elated!

    6. Phoenix, add this to list as well, please ;-)

      A Dream Which Al-Baghdadi Forced to Escape Mosul - Leader of ISIS terrorist group "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi" says “I met the Prophet Muhammad and he ordered me to leave Mosul”. - See more at:

  14. by request of dear Mitchell i want to let you know that i recently completed another violet flame visualization video, with specific aim on long island ...
    i hope you enjoy :)

    ▶ Long island: Violet flame (Meditation / visualization) - YouTube

    i feel and see that much is happening, noticable and unnoticeable ...
    i remind myself: give yourself the unlimited space that you truely are ...

  15. None of this is new...not to be too negative but why not just knock it off with all the teasers and post something once there is actual news to report? Too much convenient vagueness. Im soo bored with this. Hate to say it but: its been a slow news day for like the last decade at least. Doesnt anyone out there have anything actual?

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You are so funny, your humor is not lost on me!

      Yes, mothers will test us to the nth degree but even love transcends that B.S. so that makes it harder, and the constant cycle of forgiving and betrayal, and it is never possible to please dear Mommy Dearest, so harsh and yet so vulnerable, I worry every time I hear that cough. I have told her 4 times now to buy Elderberry Syrup (or was it 40?) but I am the one, I just don't listen, do I? And now she is sicker in bed and I had to email detailed instructions how to use the TV functions at my sister's house where she is cat-sitting. Mothers and there a cure for that? ;-)

      I no longer have a key to Mom's because years ago when she first got on FB someone hacked her and blacked out the eyes of a photo of her I posted for her to use as a profile image. She thought it was me, and didn't speak to me for 6 months, had her locks changed. It was a sad holiday season for me, the black sheep who had done nothing wrong. Eventually she listened and believed me but..Mothers and keys ...sigh.

      What would I do without her care packages bought on her fixed income...(Did you eat today? -not yet, I'm drinking my morning coffee, I had a big dinner, its only 2 pm...I'm not hungry yet...) Mothers and eating, sigh...

      Oh, and the incessant arguing and criticism, until I am blown apart, seething mad, convinced she is evil and not satisfied until she has completely pushed all my buttons, violated all my limits, punished me for being me, made me furious and taken me completely out of my heart, out of my bliss...She, feeling like the victor. Me, wishing to never see her again...waiting to be alone to cry and rant at the injustice! Reduced to a child at my age! -and she knows when she misbehaves... I don't answer her calls or emails... but weaken, as I worry for her age and what if she WAS gone, and I never saw her again? sigh, Mothers and manipulation, and the need to be RIGHT. ugh.

      Why can't she learn unconditional love? Instead of condemning me for being "too sensitive", why can't accept that this is me and this is OK...why can't she let me breathe, let me be ME? Scorpio Moms, yikes!

      I always forgive, damnit.

      I think there is no more complex relationship than a sensitive daughter of a feisty mother.

      We do laugh a lot too. Those are the good days...the ones I shall treasure.

  17. This concept of Ho’oponopono is hard to absorb if we have been living as if all our problems and the problems that present to us from the rest of the world are somehow created outside ourselves. Don’t we feel guilty enough? Do we need any more shame? Now I am responsible for all the problems in the world and those of my acquaintances and all the news stories and the war in Iraq and the grief of the family who just lost a loved one in a car accident?

    Just because we are attracting this energy into our lives it doesn’t mean we are at fault or deserve judgement in some way. We are just replaying shared memories from our past. This is a very empowering realization when the light bulb comes on and we finally get it. If the thought enters your head you have created it and therefore you are responsible for it but it’s not your fault. In fact, you have been given a blessing and an opportunity to clean, clean, and clean some more allowing for inspiration to replace the old memories and attitudes. As Wayne Dyer says; “If you change the way you look at things the things you look at will change”. “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you”. The gift of Ho’oponopono.

  18. Novusod and Cobra, Thank you for this helpful and powerful exchange.

    In cyberspace with electronic postings, it's sometimes difficult to understand a person's tone, feel emotions, and discern whether a person is genuine or not......

    But it doesn't matter. Love is the strongest force in the universe. What else is there to say?

    Remco, I am ready right now to say, I love you, I'm sorry, hang in there, please forgive me and thank you.

    We will see you around the blog, Remco and please do post your thoughts, your dreams, what you can envision for yourself and for the world. I'd like to know because you can make a wonderful contribution. We all can. We just have to hang in there... Thank you. I love you.

  19. Remco. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

  20. Fox that I killed yesterday that was killing my chickens. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you

    1. were i live the only thing that will help any of us is money to help rebuild our town to a more beautiful place. every one is walking around in shock and absolutely broke. like lost souls.. don't tell me money is not the answer because it is the only thing that will help people now..when you learn whats going on around the world it is very sad indeed,,all the land is gone all the hope is gone from every one were i live because they are now realizing that the money system was set up as a trap.. how do we fix this,, every one i talk to wants there own piece of land so they can grow there own food but they cant because they have no money..each person needs to be given 1 million each and left alone to set up there own lives.. but of course that will never happen. i watched and waited for some thing to happen but nothing ever does
      just two days ago the bank kicked a man out of his house next to me because he lost his job and had no money to pay the bank.only some out side force can fix this mess..we are re liven the past making the same mistakes again but its not our fault so welcome to hell

  21. Thank you very much for the update and especially for the written text so the deaf people like me will be able to read... I have a question (pardon me its long, but I think its important) - what will happen after the event with the ultra orthodox Jews who have a strict belief system, they believe they have to grow beards, wear skull caps, learn the bible, dress certain Jewish black garb/hats and the women have to wear very modest long clothes with their heads strictly covered either with wigs or with hats, that no hair shows, they wait for 'Messiah' son of David and they believe it will be 3 rd temple (as 1st and 2nd were destroyed thousands of years ago), and they believe they were formed as a nation after they were liberated from slavery in Egypt and got the 10 commandments in Mount Sinai with their leader Moses. and that the world is suffering because Adam and Eve gave in to the temptation of the Snake and ate from the Tree of Knowledge. They believe that Jews who don't follow the laws of the Jewish religion will be in hell for some time until their soul is burned from its impurities, then will be reincarnated again. So I wonder how will these Jews react in this time of the Event and after?

    1. And also how the christians with their narrow minds? They are just the other side of the coin.
      both programmed.
      I have told many christians about the ets and lo!
      What did they reply?
      They are ALL demons!
      You cannot trust them at all!
      Only Jesus!
      Even though they worship Yehova, same as the Jews
      Even though they read old bible, where Abraham and Moses where directly interacting with ufos and ets.
      Apart from them, the majority of population with their Hollywood brainwashing fear-the-aliens suggestion!
      It will be a strong -reaction!
      Myself, i would not stay in the big city i am.
      I will go back to my small town, with my family.

    2. The catholic church has been murdering christians for 2000 years. If it wernt for christians, we would not have had the fredoms we have now. We would still be in the dark ages. The whole purpose of the jesuits is to eliminate the christians as part of their counter reformation. The founding fathers were christians. Its because of the christians we had a renaisance and its because of the christiance we will have another.

    3. religion is ben use for a tool of fear as long as it ben around as will as brainwashing the humans to never think out side the box or ask way it this way and the brainwashing they use "if you not part of the religion you go to hell" or "if you do not go to church you go to hell" or the best one yet "pay to get into a church so you can go to light"

      and im going to say this ones you do not need a religion to be apart of the light but it dose help to have good poeple around in the times we live in

      and also hear what Cobra has to say Cobra has ben giving you all a lot of info of things that are happen by timing and what he saying

  22. I write here for more people to see it. Its very imortant! Cobra please publish it it would really help everyone.
    In 1974 Canadian health minister Marc Lalonde published report: " A new perspective on the health of Canadians.". That report contain concept how our health is based: 50% of our health depend on LIFESTYLE, half of how healthy we are depend on our own work. 20% environment another 20% on our genetic and only 10% on health care organization! This knowledge isnt some secret or well hidden from public, it isnt self made,it is first thing people in public health or epidemiology learn, if you google that there are countless articles in top medical journals about Lalonde "HEALTH FIELD", why Im speaking about this here, right now?
    Psychosomatic disease, those disease based mostly on STRESS factor, and EMOTIONAL agents. Those disease are:
    -ischaemic heart disease
    -Peptic ulcer disease
    -Diabetes mellitus
    - high blood pressure
    Practice of Ho`oponopono can affect our health, what it affect is called sense coherence in psychology( termin coined by Aaron Antonovsky)( more info on "salutogenesis" on wikipedia). All this what Cobra posted isnt self made absurd talk, but it gathered puzzle that are well know in western education (people who study psychology learn about Antonovsky!). If you dont belive in Event, thats okay or have hard time with all of this, but this AFFECT YOUR HEALTH! Everyone wants to be healthy and now, without paying anyone money you can work more on your health then most of top doctor could imagine!!!

    1. I have cured Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia -my own (supplements, acupuncture, energy work, and exercise. YES, exercise despite exhaustion. It took about 2 months, back around 2000 when little was understood about it.).

      Understand also that our emotions are greatly affected by the solar geomagnetic fluctuations. We've had days and days of solar flares, many in the C and M class, and a few X-class, some with CME filaments.

      My friend Paul Marwood sent me this information today via DM on FB, and Attunement instructions, which he and his wife Holly have posted on their website previously, and which I have full permission to share:

      "Good morning Phoenix.

      This link shows the Kp index. In general terms, the amount the earths magnetic field is influenced by the sun.

      It has been the highest I have ever seen in the last 24 hours. Because our consciousness and memory are directly linked to the earths magnetic field this also affects us in the form of large emotions, tired, buzzed, etc. So if you are feeling unusually emotional in the last 30 hours that is probably the main reason. Holly and I ask the High Council of Orion for an Attunement several times a day. I suggest you do this too. These Kp index peaks don't affect us emotionally like they used to, because of asking for attunements twice a day everyday.

      Link to explanation on how to get an Attunement from the High Council of Orion ..."

      If the High Council of Orion does not resonate with you, there may be others you prefer to work with in a similar fashion. Paul channels the Arcturians, Holly, the High Council of Orion.

      They are also doing a free tele-seminar tonight on the Universal Sphere meditation.

  23. ... Healing is forgiveness. If we cannot work directly on forgiveness, work directly on healing.

    ... @Inana: Including releasing old stuff: old contracts, old griefs. Old energy /patterns /flavors. Tx 4 ur post. Surgery can be part of healing.

    Healing brings growth, & growth brings a larger perception of r natural, larger context. & in that context, we see r larger self & we also see the larger self of the perpetrator.

    & we see the interactions between these larger selves that arranged this situation. In which forgiveness is needed. (& we meantime wonder, What was I *thinking*?!)

    In this larger context, in this larger perception, we are /more/ able 2 forgive or 2 work on forgiveness. What does not come now, can come, will come, as we grow.

    So carry the intention 2 forgive as we grow into that larger perception of that larger context.

    I think that this concept lets go of the burden of trying 2 force forgiveness right now where we r not yet perceiving that it is possible 2 forgive. But we can perceive. We will perceive.

    & in the larger context, we already perceive. Very zen.

    I am not saying, Push off forgiveness! I am saying, Where it seems impossible right now, notice that the path, the process, is already there. Work on the part that u *can* work on! & the rest comes. Naturally.

    @Don Mild: Tx 4 Wayne Dwyer quote: “If you change the way you look at things, /then/ the things you look at will change.” However. Sociopathic neighbors *do *not *want* 2 change. Using their Free Will, they hold their intentions very strongly & very persistently. This is a problem when working on forgiveness: The unrepentant perp. & the persistent perp.

    So ... Work on healing. Work on letting go. @Inana, YES! Letting go IS part of the forgiving process. What is no longer needed, what no longer serves us. Harder 4 me 2 bless it! 4 its service in my life. !!

    @Kevin O'Shea, Light 4 ur beautiful fox!

    Tx, all, 4 wonderful thoughts. Be well all!

  24. Mass protests in Brazil today.. over a million people in the streets demanding that corrupt politicians are removed from power. I don't think it's a coincidence, maybe its a move from the resistance group in South America Cobra was talking about.

    1. Hello Neekian,

      I'm from Brasil and i think it's not like that at all...

      Far away from what's is really goning on brother. You will not see the true in our MASS MEDIA...

      Sei que você é daqui também...procure a verdade !!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hi @Anderson SS - could you please give us an update from your ground crew standpoint of what is happening in Brazil - it is important to hear from real people who are actually there. Thanks and Namaste!

    4. Spirit Bear,

      Since the beginning of more populist government in 2003, we realized a great handling in reports in the mainstream media. This media, as in most of the rest of the planet: it is disguised, in part, politically active against the current government, master of half-truths and hidden facts that occurred in previous progressive and capitalist governments.
      Our policy is highly corrupt and definitely are not concerned about changing this situation. There is a greater drama about it: we Brazilians have a policy that we deserve because we are a people historically easy to corrupt...
      But i think we are improving gradually and waking up to the reality slowly of our political system.

      What is happening in Brazil?
      Since June 2013, we see most active actions of the mass media in an attempt to overthrow the current government in the same way that there was in our military dictatorship in 1964. The extreme right is seriously infiltrated in our mass media and in the protests that time and current.
      Below I list some situations we perceive:
      - Curiously, this media is trying to destroy the government's image since the announcement of the BRICS Bank. They do not want in any way the free Brazil dollar domain and financial dependence on the highly speculative capital
      - The current protests are not really the people who voted in the current government and the people are highly elitist
      - At the same time they are asking for a new military intervention want "freedom" of a new political system. They do not represent the majority of our population nor our wills
      - Numbers and positive government statistics it has manipulated and taken out of context to confuse and hide to the people. Negative numbers it is always the government's fault and exhaustively repeated, increased, causing more misinformation
      - They are placing our current government as a single source of corruption, without any evidence, and them setting aside who is corrupt in our political system (most right parties).
      - The main goal of the right extremist it is denaturalize our big companies’ e industries like Petrobrás and breakout our economy to do the also know problem-action-solution intervention.

      In short, our people need to understand that most of the corruption and the other source is systemic corruption. We live in an extreme concentration of power (money, influence, politic and economic). We urgently need a maturing as a people to be able to require decent politicians.


  25. Reflection, after five years working at the local food pantry.....
    The souls I saw today needing food, once proud and productive men and women from all walks of life, were humbled and in need of basic necessities for life. Shouldn't we all have our most basic needs met without losing our dignity or feeling diminished or devalued. Jeshua said, 'We are our brothers keeper", yet how many of us are living this way?
    Open, or volunteer at, a food feed the poor. Their numbers are growing every day. Grow a vertical garden for your community, then teach each person to grow one of their own. If you give a man a fish he eats for a day, if you teach him to fish he eats for a lifetime....Empowering people to empower themselves. Have no fear, the Valley of the Shadow of Death is in our minds. Raise your vibration higher so the lower vibration entities can't affect you. Follow your heart's inner guidance and let the love energy flow through you and manifest into this world.....Peace and Love to all..XO

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Much more of this type of action is needed. My hope is that within months all will have shelter, (healthy) food, water, and

      No one should have to live worrying when they will next eat.

  26. Greetings Family of Light

    Recent solar flare has had a strong dynamic of raising to the surface where I am feeling hurt,,by friends,,family,,gov,,,religions,,,Cabal,,,often I would see my mind and emotions,,feelings move to a habitual pattern of resentment,,ect,,,over the yrs I've learned not too feed this victim consciousness,,,,I am more and more proficient with each day,,breath,,,,,today,,I had tibetian gongs ,,,guides and angels showing me how when a lower vibration feeling concerning another arises to surround them immediately in the pink egg,,swirl the white light from their soul star through mental ,emotional and personality.....I was doing this intention before,,,but now much more focused,,,NOT wasting my energy on lower egoic , judgmental directions but swiftly moving in to grateful,,,,focused intention of seeing that this ,person place or thing has helped me awaken,,,not with holding this forgiveness,,,,I feel more deeply connected to the Reset within and Know signs are appearing in our reality.
    Wooooo hoooooo

    love n light


  27. Cobra, I am worried about the Large Hadron Collider. After reading about it on The Event Chronicle, I suffered some great setbacks on Friday and watched my family and myself attacked by "allergies". I've felt an impending doom since Friday that is slowly being lifted. It seems to be an antithesis to the Mayan prophecies and Golden Age lore. Can we set up a large scale meditation to bring a portal of Goddess energies to the LHC?

    1. No more meditations....only the EVENT now, as soon as possible...ITS ENOUGH NOW.

      We all have waited LOOONNGG enough now. No more portals please.


    2. Remco you need to take control of your life. For millennia people have been taking setbacks and pushing through them. That's just the way life works. You can either be run over by it, or grab life by the horns. You are draining the life out of yourself and this forum. I'd coddle you with love and forgiveness, but it wouldn't help you. Somebody took me aside years ago and told me this, and he saved my life. It's up to you whether you want to pay attention to me or not. Surely there is some person out there that loves you, be it family or friends, don't make them suffer.

    3. Remco,

      I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

      Stay strong.

    4. No more wars....only the EVENT now, as soon as possible...ITS ENOUGH NOW.

      We all have waited LOOONNGG enough now. No more archon portals please.


  28. Obama talks Area 51, UFOs and aliens with Jimmy Kimmel

  29. Let us say "I am in alignment" rather than "I am sorry". Sorry isn't empowering IMO, and forgiveness isn't about making ourselves small. It is about realizing that all is this ever present moment. Forgiveness is just accepting what is as it is.
    Forgiveness is freeing ourselves from this so called karmic cycle of ignorance and judgement. It is affirming what already is. It is realigning with our own presence.
    I forgive

  30. Growing food to share and inspire. Teach. Learn.
    Breakthrough soon....

  31. A New Level of Lockdown:

  32. Remco is speaking out of ALL of our hearts, we all want the same thing, but most of us don't know it...Lot of us praise patience, which is often just a mask for inaction...Oh and there are many more masks we agreed to wear over what we really desire, but cannot say in a united way...Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite...

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. The latest Cassiopaean transcript gives interesting info about an upcoming collapse that should happen in 3 months and "cosmic intervention"...,37637.0.html

  35. Someone religious who believes in heaven/hell asked me this question: "What about justice? It just doesn't seem fair when the bad guys are having it good either way when they were in control and using the humanity while having wonderful life, then when the event occurs and "Many of them will be able to be integrated as equals in society. Some of them will not be able to be integrated and some of them will be taken to the central sun for restructuring." While the rest of the humanity suffer until the event. How can it be explained?"

    1. very good for asking this question

      i would love to tell you but im not able to right now i need to get repair for my being frist

      i hope some one here can

    2. @Sara Hinda Gubits,

      Hi. It's very interesting your question. I have reflected about it to, and i get a consensus that goes with something that COBRA has mentioned, but at the moment I can't identify here that text.

      Doesn't fair that the bad guys that have made such destruction against Planet and Humanity been "liberated" for what they did and accepted has equals. Seems that there is not equality of justice about who practices good acts from those who only destructs...

      Well, from what I feel, that guys are in very bad situation now. They are in panic because they know that their time has over and they have no way to escape from the consequences they caused. They will have to front the whole world, and this doesn't over here. The segment that will be taken to the Central Sun (recycle), is just because they want it - it has only to do with their capability to reborn from their own ashes - is a rare quality, only belonging to the strong spirits that has the "courage" to accept and keep their way on the evolution.

      At the eyes of GOD we are equals because GOD is the Fountain. You can try to get some explanation on hindi traditional texts about the cosmic days of Brahma. It's a beautiful measure of the creation. Its a metaphor of breath movement of expire and inspire, of expansion and retraction, of give and take back.

      In portuguese, the word "god" is "deus", that is the plural of "deu". And "deu" meaning "give". So God/Deus is the One who gives. If everything provides from the main source, no matter who is "good" and who is "evil". That concept only exists on that moral figure that was given by religion, and it doesn't represent the true. And God is true because is were is the laws.

      Those who will be reintegrated with Humanity of Planet Earth, or in other systems to evolute, believe me that they will suffer for to long from what they have done. This is not have to be with the debt of "karma", but with the naturals laws of cause and effect that has to do with the physical/quantum (the rules in the FIELD). One more time, the moral figuration that has been made by the religious systems are the subversive version of that natural laws.

      The Galactic's (very advanced guys) doesn't will take someone in advance only because he/her was a "good person", but because their level of consciousness (vibration/frequency) equalizes or not with them.

      If doesn't were possible the potentiality to evolute, nobody could return and fusion with the Main Source. The days of Braham doesn't were days/cycles, and we doesn't realize the breath movement with our lungs.

      So, there has to be the quality of mercy to do such job: helping on the path of e evolution, because that is the LAW: Lucifer knows it very well!

      And for this people that has work against the natural laws of harmony - here goes my message to them:

      "THERE IS TIME! The Path of Love is like a irresistible shower of plenty: is were everything exists beyond you could imagine: the true magic: the only place were beauty is: You are welcome."


    3. Divine Grace.

      Divine Grace is steadfast, abundant and never ending.

      Peace to you.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Dear Cobra Family,

    I just wanted to let you know that Remco has started to write to my personal e-mail and I am encouraging him to continue to do so until things cool down in this blog comment section. He is new to this blog; very emotionally upset with the World screwed up situation (who isn’t?); and would like to get personal encouragement to “just hang in there” a bit more until planetary liberation. I think he is like all of us deep down inside. However, the negative comments he experiences here really hurt him emotionally so I have suggested to him that he just stop posting to this blog for a bit. It will be his Free Will Choice to post again to this blog or not. I will continue to write to Remco off-list and answer all of his very many intelligent, wise, and deep questions. Answering his questions helps me out as much as it helps him. I just wanted to let you all know so that you don't worry from the silence.

    I am sorry if any of my posts has caused a distraction to any of you and your meditative efforts toward planetary liberation. That is the most important thing!!! Living in this crazy world, I have many people, animals, and beings to say sorry to. I will keep saying SORRY until I am blue in the face….

    1. That's great! I hope Niki, the Indonesian guy, who shares pretty much the same characteristics (in terms of what he added to and received from this blog) is also all right, he hasn't shown himself here for a long while now. And I also hope that all the other people who used to post (sometimes very precious) comments here and are silent now are OK too. (they are a lot)

    2. Thank you Mitchell. We need more Hospital workers like you.

    3. great job Mitchell, let's help and support one another, we are all in this crazy ride together, I'm with you!

    4. Mitchell showed nothing but real compassion, patience and tolerance.
      this three paramis ( virtues) are very rare to find these days.
      my honour

    5. This experience lays already behind me. If you understand what this means or not I do not know.

      Written in neutrality.

    6. Forgiving someone does not imply a need or requirement to put up with their B.S indefinitely. So for me, anyway, all if forgiven, including me, for saying this, because in my mind, they have already ceased to exist.

    7. You are a kind soul Mitchell. I appreciate that. On this day of forgiveness I would like to encourage people not to be sorry. Be present.
      We all do the best with the perspective that we currently hold. Our job is to find a truer/broader perspective, and hope to share some of that with each other.
      Thanks for being a good person.
      And for my part I don't hold anything against Remco. My hope is that he will be in his power and be able to hold a perspective that uplifts himself and others around him. I know he has access to it, but I also know it isn't easy. In the end we are actually screwed's just an experience :) Nothing to forgive really ;)

    8. Thank you brother Mitchell! Much love 💞

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Your kindness is amazing. Appreciate yourself Mitchell, and allow yourself to be appreciated by others. :)


  37. Dear Mitchell,
    I want to thank you for being so brave and posting a peronal e-mail address on here so Remco can reach you personally. That took a lot of intestinal fortitude, and I greatly appreciate that. The two of you are on a similar vibration that not too many others share. I am not on that same vibe myself, to be honest (your posts were just too long, I am sorry), but I feel the positive energy between the two of you.

    I consider that a Fantastic Solution. It took Actions and not just words, and you're both delivering. I think thas is really really great progress :-)
    Good on you.

    And good on everybody for letting the other discussion come to a peaceful, positive ending. That was beautiful on everybody's behalf. I did have tears in my eyes reading the comments towards the end :-)))

    "Won't you set US free!
    The feeling is coming,
    Our Time For Relief,
    Won't you set GAIA Free !"

    Oh, and Happy 3 : 16 ;-)
    Lot's Of Love And Light To All


  38. All Finaliters are permanently decommissioned with the exception of Celesta. Finaliter Mission parameters, telemetry, weapons, shields et al are fully integrated into Celesta at this time. Her course is laid in front of her. Finaliter Universe is hereby ordered for restructuring.

    S.O.S. [000000-000000-000000]

    1. OH! UCA
      En TI TODO es Hecho

      Celesta, how close you are!

  39. Whenever I catch myself feeling bitter and resentful from past negative experiences, I have been practising "total forgiveness and gratitude". The difference it makes to me, is really noticeable. A warm glow surrounds me and a feeling of Oneness.

    Another great and informative interview Cobra, especially in ref. to the question of who Lucifer is.

    And to Mitchell, I hope Remco is ok?

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.






    THANK YOU KINDLY FOR YOUR ATTENTION (please, share with your friends)

    1. No, I will not share this with my friends.

    2. In my experience, sending unconditional Love to dark beings is quite effective.

      It is NEVER too late to embrace the Light....regardless of the circumstances.

      I feel if those who are in darkness were aware of this fact....they might eagerly embrace the Light.

      Unconditional Love is available to ALL BEINGS.

    3. Whoa friend, watch that edge there. You might cut yourself.

    4. Cool yer jets Sonny. I think in lieu of your wrath and dimension teleporting abilities you should opt for spell check and a nice cleansing breath of fresh mountain air. Things are unfolding, just relax 😄

    5. LOL spell check - that was classic DonH 😹 BTW did you mean magic spell? 😜

  42. I'm from naples and in neapolitan language I say "v'aspettamm cu tutt o'core" (we wait you with all love-heart)

  43. Body double for Putin?

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Please, please, please sisters and brothers - before you post a comment - take your time and think twice or even more.
    If you can't post anything nice, then please, go ahead and IGNORE my plea.

    Creating Peace and Love between my sisters and brothers is the ONLY intention, the only DESIRE I have in my heart.

    English is my third language, yet I know this much:

    We use "I am sorry" when we feel, think that we've done something wrong to somebody, and we are the ones to be forgiven.

    "I Forgive you" is used when you think that somebody else has done something wrong to you, but you are being nice and kindhearted and you are forgiving that person.

    Therefore, I ask you:
    Do you choose to be one of those people who chooses saying "I am sorry", and "I forgive YOU"?
    The fact is that ALL of us need to say BOTH. We have done wrong to others, and others have done wrong to us.

    Here is the thing:
    After the EVENT, when we will start the New Golden Age - those who are ready to forgive, (NOT forget), and are spreading Love, kindness and are ready to BE IN SERVICE - those people, according to their vibrational scales, will go to a much higher dimensions.
    And there are many incarnated Arch Angels in human bodies livng amongst us. So, most of them will go back to their original Angelic Being-ness upper 7th dimensions and above...

    However. Those who choose to stay more like Earth-like person, will go to a lower dimensions, or to another planet being ready specifically for them.

    It is one of the Universal LAWs -everthing and every body survives in an enviroment which mathes its vibrations.

    So. It took me two days, before I decided to post this. Today I had a "Heavenly sign" to go for it. I was shown an article where Ashtar, through channeler Susan Leland, is saying exactly what I wanted to say and had it already written, but was hesitating to post.... I just didn't want to create another misunderstanding amongst you.

    Here is a qoutation from Ashtar's message:

    "Now I grant you that there are many places where violence is continuing to occur. Well, 'it’s always darkest before the dawn,' is an expression that you are fond of and this is true. And it is the darkness before the dawn, except that the Light is shining brightly and is coming through the darkness to such an extent that we can stand before you and assure you that everything is moving rapidly and surely in the direction of the Golden Age!

    "Now the Golden Age is where you get past the conflicts and skirmishes. It’s where those who want to continue to engage can go to the other place, the other planet. It will be looking just the same to them as Planet Earth - we call it Herculobus - but it will look just the same and they will call it Planet Earth, but they will be in third dimension still. Oh, we will clean it up a bit for them – we’ve already done so.

    "Those are the people who do not want to wake up and who have not really done any dark deeds, but they just don’t want to wake up. They want to take some more time in 3D Earth experiences before they ascend".

    You can listen to the teleconference here. Click on March 10, 2015.

    May the Light and Love of Heaven be guiding you TODAY, TOMORROW and ALWAYS!!!

  46. The highest achievement in life is BEING in Servise to OTHERS=Love.
    Mother Theresa did more, than a group of monks sitting isolated in a room and meditating for days and nights.

    If you want to be in service and DO sometning for the whole, (without leaving your home), then please sign up with CHANGE.ORG and sign as many petitions as you wish/can.

    I've signed lots of important petitions. Wow! It is amazing how most of them are being heard and solved successfully. That's the POWER of working as one.
    Also, You can CREATE AND POST YOUR OWN petitoin/s regarding things that are bothering you, and are making our lives more challenging.

    Remember, it is called:

    May the Light and Love of Heaven be guiding you TODAY, TOMORROW and ALWAYS!!!

  47. Pope Francis: Extraordinary Jubilee Year: (Ben Fulford link) Francis will dedicate the Jubilee to the virtue of mercy... "no one can be excluded from the mercy of God."

    Pondering, what came up was: Not mercy. Grace.

    I suspect that God sees things not in terms of mercy but of grace.

    Mercy implies acknowledgement of wrongdoing. & guilt. How many of the Cabal folks truly can do that?

    & when we know all the circumstances, how much responsibility is there? Difficult 2 know just yet.

    Grace flows. Regardless.

    Then found recent Untwine post (ah, I love synchronicity!):

    "A lot of programming has been created by archons to justify evil. For example *the laws of karma,* ... This is totally made up and has nothing to do with true universal law, simply because if it did, nothing would ever resolve and suffering would just escalate forever. *The true universal law is forgiveness and grace* and this is what has been taught by the teachers who had a true connection. *The will of Source is* that *if somebody does something hurtful, *they should receive adequate healing* in order for them to embody their true self again.* Some re-balancing of the energy between the people involved might be needed, ... "

    Now, how do we do that last? ...

    But overall, this feels more accurate 2 me. Be well all!

  48. So, today is the RESET? What can I expect to happen and what am I supposed to do? i know for sure that I will need to visit my local Salvation Army weekly food bank to make sure I have enough to eat until next Tuesday. Any suggestions?

    1. Inner Reset, not the Global Financial Reset.

      Go within, meditate and mostly, forgive. That is all that is required to participate. In general, I find it helpful to forgive as soon as possible, otherwise we experience a disruption to our equanimity, such as the controversy of the last post thread being yet again carried into this one. But sometimes it takes longer, and sitting with that quietly is the best way to work through the reluctance to forgive. I find it helps to be in nature, and sometimes to do something fun that makes you laugh. From the new perspective it can become easier to let go. But certainly quiet reflection is needed.


  49. GAIAPORTAL: Telechronics have activated within Gaia Hue-manity
    17 Mar

    Telechronics have activated within Gaia Hue-manity.

    Stasis is ended.

    Rapidity of hu-being upgrades is noted.

    Serenities of Higher Light are sensed by all.

    Gaia responds with silence.

  50. I have posted this before but it seems especially pertinent now, in light of the Inner Reset:

    Howard Wills Forgiveness Prayers

    About Belief Systems

    Belief systems can create limitations that inhibit our spiritual growth and awareness. The Infinite sends people blessings daily that often are blocked through scorn, judgment, pride, and other self-defeating attitudes. When using these prayers, if we will suspend our belief systems and speak the entire system of prayers aloud, word for word, we will share in the creation of a reality more beautiful than we could ever imagine – Direct Communion With the Infinite.

    Reference To The Infinite

    In the Gift of Life Prayers the reference to the Infinite as Infinite Light or God is formally a reference. Please address the Infinite by whatever name is appropriate for you. These prayers are meant for all people, all religions, and all beliefs. May the blessings of life be with you.

    The Roadmap

    Your Life Is Your Prayer

    As You Live, So You Are

    You Are The Maintainer and Creator Of Your Own Health And Reality

    The More You Love And Bless Yourself And All Creation, The More Your Self And All Creation Loves And Blesses You

    Live, Love, Enjoy And Appreciate The Gift Of Life

    Love And Bless Yourself And All Creation Daily

    And Be Filled With Life. Love and Light

    Work At It, Achieve It, And Maintain It Through The Practice Of Living

    Practice – Practice – Practice

    All Day, Every Day

    Give Thanks, Be Humble Always

    And Remember

    Life Begets Life

    These prayers and affirmations are for humanity. Please feel free to send them electronically through email, copy them and distribute them for your personal use. If you are interested in publishing any or all of these Prayers and Affirmations or translating them into another language, please contact us by phone at 310-650-2733.

    Thank you.

    Please click on the Prayers below to open the document, and then click “save” to download your copy.

    Printable Versions of the Prayers

    (Using the word God) English
    (Using the words Infinite Light) English – Concise Prayer Program
    (Prayer of Freedom, Prayer of Bounty, Full Power Prayer and
    Prayer for Universal Healing)
    Dutch Danish German Russian
    French Spanish Portuguese Finnish
    Prayer for the World Affirmations for the World NEWEST PRAYERS!
    Transformational Concise Prayer Program

    (scroll down to see the prayers in full if you prefer not to download them for printing)

  51. A Dream Which Al-Baghdadi Forced to Escape Mosul - Leader of ISIS terrorist group "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi" says “I met the Prophet Muhammad and he ordered me to leave Mosul”. - See more at:

  52. Well i do not agree that mother theresa has done more than monks meditating.
    monks in a dark room are not reading Playboy magazines, they are actually connecting with the Light and sharing the Light ! This is true Service.! We do not know this because we do not see this! We just see the evident, some lady giving charity and then we call it service. It is but it is only tmporary! Tomorrow they will be hungry again! Did the lady teach them how to fish? No, in exchange for the bread she made them part of the catholic army. So....
    Monks have done a lot to counterbalance the darkness of the planet. Real monks are strong torches of light. There are also fake ones.
    they have done it silently and anonymous.
    so if we ignore that fact it is good not to critize them.

    1. I am right there with you on this one, ger sey!

      Its really an absurd thing to say that group of monks sitting isolated in a room and meditating for days and nights don't do much!! Its a scientific mind speaking - only believing in what can be seen - the physical efforts. The so called 'intangible' actions are brushed aside.

      Do we really know how much of the Light anchored through those meditations by those monks might be actually assisting us right now? And we are doing the same either when we do weekly liberation meditation or our daily meditations. Does it mean they are unnecessary and useless?

    2. They are very important, they are the originals lightwarriors, living lives of purity and wisdom. In Asia they support them and honor them, because they really deserve it. They know they are living torches of Light. Not all of them, there are cheaters also. Like everywhere.

  53. I've got a list of few spiritual "tools" that have helped me tremendously on my journey and I thought of sharing them here. If anyone interested, head off to 💞


  55. i have a hard time forgiving someone who wants to kill me