Sunday, April 19, 2015

Extrasolar MasterMask removal in progress


  1. The events are!

    Notes from Cobra’s Conference in Konstanz, Germany — Part 2

    How many stone is?

  2. Beautiful! Thanks, Cobra.


  3. Anything in removal that's harming things sounds good, and when it's called, "Master Mask" I'm glad to see it dealt with. Infinite Light to all.

  4. Greetings

    I've been drawn too work Pleiadian Emissaries of Light ,,Amorah Quan Yin s book,,Pleiadian perspectives on human Evolution,,,also her books on Working with your Dive KA and Dive Ba ,,three different book titles greatly helpful over the years,,,now very apprapoe,,,,,I am focusing on the tech for the Memory Virus Removal ,,, ,,to integrate the Soul allowing for a greater connection with self and Stellar Families,,,,,Her books are workbooks ,,,with super guidance too grow,,,clear and awaken. I feel a relevance within self as to the master mask removal,,,post.
    Thank You to All Doing the personal clearing work on Self as it creates a groove for others to follow as I WANT and INTEND to Be All That I AM !!!


  5. Cobra, Please, how about a more comprehensive update for us, your loyal readers, who have been waiting patiently whilst you travel in Europa Europa. Take just a quick break from the delectable chocolates and fine wine, and give us some intel, For The Light!

  6. Thank you Cobra and RM sisters and brothers.

    Oh, finally....
    Yes, please; remove ALL the masks, and the layers of this stinky onion.

    It will BRING THE EVENT one step closer...

    And despite how hard I'm being attacked by the darks ON A DAILY BASES - I'll try to be more patient. (Well... do we have another CHOICE?!)

    May PATIENCE and HOPE be with us ALL!!



  8. I was coming across *so many* MM license plates the last week, it was startling.
    Momma Mia? Macho Madness? No idea whatsoever, so thanks for clearing *that* one up :-))

    Today's loop started with a little glitch on my part right at the start - I crossed my Energy Signal too close and actually closed a very short round before getting on the planned one. My bad - I drove not a Loop but a DONUT. Oopsie ;-)

    These ones were new as well, make of it what you will, I'm just telling you what I saw.
    IZ - GI 1111
    IZ - BH 1111
    IZ - RM 3000, how about that? :-)

    Right. I'll get back to work turning On glitter-lamps by clapping, singing or thinking the right thing at the right time. There's Three of those now in here and it works with All Three - even though they can only be activated by physically shaking them, and I'm not moving me arse one bit on My Couch :-)

    "Time to Turn The Lights On over Evry Boy and Every Girl"

    Oh, and the latest update is awesome as well, Cobra-san. Domo Arigato.



    1. Du kannst die Kalka behalten, M.
      Ich fahr' nicht mehr durch Oe'dorf, ist gestrichen.

      Your debts to Me are Not erased, however, I can assure you *that*
      Payback City, Junior!!!


  9. Who does Evil Dick think he is fooling? His mask is glaringly transparent.

    (And why is it Comedians/Hosts who blast Dick Cheney are suddenly retiring?)

    1. Sorry, the arrogance and gall of that being just gets to me sometimes. No wonder he is one of the "Unholy Four". God help us all, for the negative impact this ONE being has had on the entire planet.

      Lauryn Hill | Forgive Them Father