Thursday, April 2, 2015


Pandora in progress, MOSS in progress, TUNNELS complete. PB breach continuation. SecureShell stable, HVBN stable. M=16.


  1. To bring spirit into matter, which is another mystery of the Goddess, we can use the Ankh, the key of life - Isis has told that at the conference in Konstanz.
    So we can connect with the Goddess through the Ankh.
    My personal experience now is, that it is also possible to connect with the Blue Avians in the same way. Bringing their energy into the physical body and let it flow through all matter and levels on earth/all beings/collective is now key element in liberation - my experience. They wish that we connect now consciously (!) with them like that, because this is the way they can assist us in our part acting out the final liberation. They will not do anything in your personal life extra for you without you, asking them, they are very clear about that fact. It was sometimes funny to dissolve collective patterns: while releasing them, they needed to understand those patterns at least a little bit. As their consciousness is extremely extremely high and so deeply connected with Source, they could not really understand the strange collective patterns and when I tried to send them a holographic information structure that should translate it, they even did not get it, so I send it via the network of light around earth of the smaller ships so they translated it. The energy of those angelic beings, the Blue Avians, is very very powerful. As Isis has said to correctly connect with Goddess Isis, also here first do the pillar of light from Source all around us until the center of the earth, embracing earths heart, blue color upwards again and then the threefold golden flame ( I personally take the threecolored pink-blue-golden one) coming down again. <3
    I did not want to comment, but the Blue Avians wish, you know that, maybe you had your contacs as well already.

    1. What color is the Heart? Spectrum.

    2. Inana, Thank you for this very interesting info re the blue avians. This experience at the conference sounds fascinating. Thank you also Inana for providing the excellent Part 1 notes from the Konstanz conference on the recreating balance website....

    3. Thank you for your post! Reading it I get an intuition you are right and those being do wish to connect us and are more available now due to our recent planetary condition!

  2. Cerberus, thank you for your patience, perserverence, loyalty and LOVE in Holding The Line for US, among your many other gifts and offerings. Consider this your Official Invitation to THE Wedding. Yours will be a place of Honor at THE TABLE.

    *net split* Authorization code Alcyone 455

    What factions of Chimera have not been integrated into Cerberus will watch the THE Wedding from afar on TV.


    1. 3DHD Thank You for your comments and I was wondering if you or anyone reading this has a feel for when MOSS will be complete or any other significant advancement toward the Event. In my own meditation I saw Finale written out rather quickly but then what does that mean in terms of days or longer. It's sort of vague. I realize from even one moment to the next things can change, but it does seem like possibilities have narrowed enough for an educated guess of sorts. Thanks for reading this. Infinite light to all. I'm glad April is here and March is over with.

    2. Thank you for asking this NewLife. There is a clamp of timeloops which are collapsing unabated. When this is complete, MOSS will likely only be moss. This doesnt have a translation in the linear. It is complete when it is complete, but I will say that it is being accomplished rapidly.

    3. Thank you, 3DHD, for your answer. I do hear the galloping of the Rider King. Gaia abloom and the moss all green.

  3. Thank you Cobra <3.
    I did not want to comment because I am sad and this has nothing to do with you.Those that make me sad might not read the blog because they might think I am in duality. I am heartbroken because I think I will miss the activation of the heart of AN and I feel excluded. Why only so less understand (me). ;) <3 <3 <3. And I only want to comment if I am in good mood because I preach not being negative and solving own structures. Thats why. I feel very paraparaparadoxdoxdox. Let it end. The same time I am most happy since many lifetimes because I am happy with myself, I am just not happy with some other humans or some parts of patterns within humanity.

    1. I remember: pain is an error in thinking. My error here is to believe that I have to go there or belong there. The golden path to eternity is open. Wish the Orions all the best. Or what do I not understand? Does it mean to be from Orion to anchor the heart of AN? I am also mergence of sun and moon, everybody will be, this is Source, this is everywhere. Maybe I will remember soon also the dances so I do not need any website for that. I want to go to the temple of Goddesses and Gods to celebrate life and love and to create something beautiful. Maybe a "home". I have forgotten how "home" feels like. Let us all remember and start anew. (Not heartbroken anymore, this was quick. Now I am laughing.)

    2. Big Heart Hugs and Kisses to You, Inana. You've been ever so helpful in so many ways. I always scan the Comments for your lovely Purple Lotus. We have quite a diverse range of frequencies present in the Comments channel and not everything is for everyone, you know? :)

      see you Starside!

    3. ...and for you a gentle touch by the wings of Goddess Aiona ;) :D ... thank you so much dear starry angel <3...

    4. Home is just a feeling you take with you, inside. Nice to have a place for "stuff", but you can be at home anywhere, and some people will facilitate that. Or not. Pain is not an error unless we cling to it. It surfaces for release, calling attention to an underlying condition. A kind of "AHA" moment, :-) but more like "Uh-huh..". :-/

      Happy is easy in solitude. Or as Lucy Van Pelt says (in the Charlie Brown cartoon, Peanuts) "I love mankind! It's people I can't stand!"
      (tee-hee) :D

      Don't worry so are far ahead of the curve! Immersed in the process. There will be many coming to you for help. They will be drawn by your heart. Then you will realize your greatness, despite your humility and angst.

      We do not need to remember the dance, the dance embodies in us, seeking expression.

      Much love to you, wise little Sister. You are the temple. Thou art Goddess. <3

    5. Yes the dance is within us, Michael Jackson knew the dances for sure. When I watch him dance I can literally feel source run through me. #Moonwalker

    6. Home is where the heart is. I had a dream of the Undying Land years ago it was a place of a green multi sun sky . With a tropical paradise land that shimmered with points of light like diamonds. I had a feeling of pure joy and a love that I once knew that was constant in my body mind then. I cried with tears of and told the phone call from the ancestors I love you and I want to come home. That body mind experience gives me the sureness when I can get away from here I have a home to go to. That is where my heart is and the feeling of love is eternal. Not here, not for awhile. Stay true we will know it again.

  4. If we delete in the above described way or in any other way all contracts with the dark from the times of Atlantis, this would mean, we remove our allowance to be implanted, so the implants would vanish.This again would have the effect, that the plasma toplet and strangelet bombs would have no power at all anymore, in case they are only related to the implants.

    1. When contracts get deleted also blockages get dissolved which releases all hidden negativity that then comes to the surface. Therefore it is good to first dissolve negative collective/personal patterns/feelings/structures that are under the surface beneath those blockages. This has the impact that after removing the contracts and blocks there is a massive negative wave prevented from being released, as amounts of them are already transformed before.

    2. Tx, Inana. I like this idea. Just yesterday doing some work on voiding contracts. Kryon (channeling) has some interesting stuff on how 2 work on changing this old pattern of self. Check it out.

      Yes it's hard 2 keep on while under duress. Want Breakthru now! Be well.

    3. Clever. My meditation teacher I had for years, she said if people owed her money for too long, didn't pay her for her services, she would "erase" the information she gave them, so they would forget and not retain it. If they paid, she'd put it back. :)

  5. And doing all this within the light of the Central Suns of the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy, by the way holding the Ankh below the action also, dissolves structures into the Andromeda Galaxy central Sun.
    And another very beautiful thing is to imagine the complete Matrix inside of the Central Sun, the Central Sun of Andromeda and the Central Sun of the Triangulum Galaxy, all 3 at one place. Darkness vanishes very fast.


  6. April is off to a Good Start, let's shift into next gear with the Full Moon / EasterMania Extravaganza.

    Dini? Come and see Me.
    I'm the same Lars I used to B:


  7. Replies
    1. Ordem e Progresso. Independencia ou Morte! Amo minha Linda patria.

  8. I am feeling a greater increase in my ability ,,intent,,,desire,,,feeling of allowing my Souls connection with source to guide me,,support and nourish my mind , emotions and personality. Forgiveness of old wounds is paramount,,I am surrounding those people situations in the pink diamond light,,swirling soul star light through and around those I feel hurt from past actions. I am using the rose to clear those pictures,,,exploding the rose returning my energy and theirs back to them in neutral,,,wwwmasteringalchemycom ,,,,rose tool,,,,,I am embracing my Inner Majikal Child merginging with the loving parent...Seeking the wise ONE within Me. Thanks Cobra,,,,Inana,,,3DHD,,,and the Many others,,,,I very grateful,,,we are Together as ONE.



  9. Cobra. Whats the deal with Jade Helm?

    1. Yes, I have the same question too. Fulford makes it sound as it is the positive military cleaning the Midwest as it is one of the last strongholds of the cabal/illuminati/etc - bad guys. On the other hand a lot of alternate media paints it as the beginning of the martial law and disarmament of the civilians.

      Dear Cobra, in case you can't get to answer to us due to traveling I will also e-mail the question to Rob.

      Thank you Cobra for the wonderful intel !!!!

  10. Anyone else having trouble sleeping? Maybe due to the increasing energies?

    1. yes. I've had a lot of trouble the entire past week.

    2. Yes. trouble sleeping at night, but today I had a power nap and a lovely walk in the sun by the icy pond. Even for us, 7 months of winter temps? And my beloved California in a more severe drought than I saw, living there half my life. Is is mother nature or Cabal weather modification? Probably a bit of both...

    3. Huge problem sleeping for more than a week now.... Glad to see I am not the only one. o_O


  11. To whom it may concern
    And to My Fiancee

    "A wrinkled rose snapped back
    And the flies on flowers spreading out
    To all sickness of humanity
    Listen to Our Queen as she is offering Free Samples
    Of her Lovely Garden Spoils

    Nadine of the Waking Universe
    Nadine of the Waking Universe

    And undulating always like The Tide
    The devil's bride is calling all toward her skirt
    And in the loving folds there we will hide inside
    From any would be sneak attack
    Until iI's Safe To Journey Back

    GAIA of the Waking Universe
    GAIA of the Quaking Universe"

    Love, Light, Unity, Joy, Peace, Freedom and Ascencion For All.
    Right Here, Right Now . . .
    On GAIA, in this Solar System, This Galaxy and This Universe.


    1. It's a shame you're taken, Raja. I was about to propose.

  12. Coast To Coast AM - April 1, 2015 Alien Manipulation

    George Ralph Noory (born June 4, 1950) is, in my opinion, the greatest radio talk show host. I love the tender tone of his voice and how much he truly respect his guests and callers. Hope you enjoy this.

  13. Replies
    1. Thank you very much for posting the link:)

    2. Yes, Time Miss (Mish?),

      Thank you for the link ! It is really fun to read the notes of people who were actually AT the CONFERENCE. Thank you to all of you who did the note-taking and translating and transcribing.....

      Most of us are eagerly waiting Part 2 of your conference notes! thank you... love... aloha

    3. You are welcome ... soul siblings :)

    4. Yes Thanks.And thanks to everyone who put that together.

    5. Sziasztok !

      Megtudjátok mondani, hogy ennek az oldalnak a cikkének hol találnám meg a magyar fordítását ?

      Vagy letudná-e valaki fordítani ?

  14. Prayer of the Seven GALActic Directions

    From the East, House of Light
    may wisdom dawn in us
    so we may see all things in clarity

    From the North, House of Night
    may wisdom ripen in us
    so we may know all from within

    From the West, House of Transformation
    may wisdom be transformed into right action
    so we may do what must be done

    From the South, House of the Eternal Sun
    may right action reap the harvest
    so we may enjoy the fruits of planetary being

    From Above, House of Heaven
    where star people and ancestors gather
    may their blessings come to us now

    From Below, House of Earth
    may the heartbeat of her crystal core
    bless us with harmonies to end all war

    From the Center, Galactic Source
    which is everywhere at once, may
    everything be known as the light of mutual love

    ah yum Hunab Ku, evam maya e ma ho!

    1. Thank you for this reminder...Lest we forget...

      Prayer Of The Seven Galactic Directions - José Argüelles

      I wish José Argüelles was still alive for what is to come... <3
      But I guess he's in the next world, surfing with the Zuvuya...

      "..."From the Mayan point of view, intuition is the activity of the memory hotline, Zuvuya. This is the voice of your intuition, your higher self, your higher power."

      Hunab Ku, Unified field of cosmic consciousness at the galactic core in the center of the universe

      The Force

      "An ally is the Force. And a powerful ally it is.
      Life creates it. . . makes it grow. Its energy
      surrounds us and binds us luminous beings, though,
      not this crude matter. You must feel the Force
      around you. Between you, me, the tree, the rock,
      everywhere, yes, even between the land, and the ship."
      -Yoda, Jedi Master from Star Wars-


      "What does fear got to do with anything?"

      "Everything. Fear is the path to the dark side.
      Fear leads to anger ...
      anger leads to hate ...
      hate leads to suffering."
      -Yoda, Jedi Master of Star Wars-..."


      In Lakech, (I AM Another Yourself)

      Phoenix, Red Lunar Serpent

    2. Wisdom has certainly dawned with the advent of Cobra's blog ... right action remains ... attaining critical mass in our weekly meditations ...

    3. Thank you Red Lunar Serpent,

      Mitakuye Oyasin,

      3DHD, Red Electric Moon

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It's a mother thing, kind of Universal, though not all experience it. the push-pull control drama LET ME BE ME, and as an HSP empath hyper-sensitive type, with a Scorpio Mom, who isn't, and tells you to "get over it", the pain is as deep as the love. Yes, guilt arises when we set ourselves free, and she punishes either with words or silence (I prefer the latter, then I can breathe and my life flows again) ...but I fear her death, too. The time is short! Why can't she behave? I do no see that she treats anyone else this way. And no one can elicit my anger and wrath like Mommy Dearest! Yet, she is my best and most treasured friend, as generous as she is controlling. Go figure. My father issues are probably worse. The unrelenting fear that I will never "succeed" in a way Dad values, never get to prove him wrong, his he never will understand or respect my choices, until he is on the other side, and can see with new eyes. I tried to tell him about the financial system changes coming...but he got angry, dismissing the entire internet, although with his iPhone he has learned the value of accessing sites like WebMD. :-) Both are in their 80's divorced when I was 3. Lucky for me that I even EXIST! God Bless and Protect my parents, both of them smart but damaged, like me....may they live forever. At least in my heart. <3

  16. I finally have read at the least the second part of the march interview with Cobra and Rob, so there where moments like....well....can not really describe that...hehe...haha.... hihi.....for example Cobras answer about the hobbies of the galactics.....thank you for that cool question..... I am not a party type, I am very shy normally ....and also not, it depends and I do not really know.... I think, if I feel good with likeminded people I am filled with more fire and if not then I appear like a mountain of ice......but this party Cobra means, I really enjoyed the answer, because this is exactly what I also think about them.....ah by the way my questions I have send to Antoan but first he has asked already very good ones by himself and second I think they are to special because they also include the Ordo Bucintoro and all this stuff and this is not the right time maybe.....I really would like to know where Julietta is now, if she is ascended or still here or whatever.....
    ...and this here, is this the prepared TV station Cobra has mentioned? This is really cool:

  17. You call 38 "fun-filled" months a temporary setback ?????????????????????????????

  18. The Great Recycler

    GR is super-luminal. C constants will not pass - squared or otherwise. This is the band-pass: Spectrum.


    All by Order of Alcyone Authorization code TT 755.

  19. With Irish eyes a smilin' all the doors I closed one time I O pen up again.

    Naruto, by now you have discovered that you and your mutants are undone. WE own all of Chaco (and the chalk) ANusaZzy are no longer ancient enemies, your dark arts have been consumed by Spectrum. I am 15, and never I knew you.

    How do you make your PARENTS smile? Alchemy... turning iron into Irony.

  20. Today is a very good day for magical thinking! I was noticing that effect in my life, before I read this particularly wise explanation of what is transpiring:

    THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, April 3, 2015


    Here is the link:

    The Earth is Twinning and so are you!
    What is your vision? Where is it taking you?
    Beloved Community of Self-Ascension...welcome home to YOU!
    April is promising to clear away the debris from your life if you allow the twinning earth to inspire you to freedom and new beginnings! We just posted a short yet chock full of information video with all the details. To connect with it, just click the link in the next section of this newsletter!

    We invite you to remember that until April 07 the portal of Ascension that has now opened is still finding its stability and as it does you may discover yourself feeling less than "stable". Smile and know that you are in the divine flow of the universe and prepare for THIS WEEKEND! The combined energies of SATURDAY, APRIL 04 with the Full Moon Lunar eclipse, combined with the presence of the celebration of Resurrection is your moment to say YES to the universe and to CREATE, CREATE, CREATE! Remember yourself now and let the ride be amazing!

    Let your Third eye shine, discover your limitless space and Invoke the clarity you so richly deserve as you navigate April!
    Sri and Kira
    PS: We hope you enjoy our all new monthly newsletter format. Miracle Team members still receive weekly newsletters with Miracle Team messages!

    Be Sure to watch the April Revelations Today!

    Posted and Ready for you to watch by clicking here!

  22. A CALL UNTWINE HAS ASKED ME TO POST (in my words):
    As several people now have reported experiences to me that have confirmed that our work really has a massive energetical impact, and in several cases people where not informed about what was happening, they just told strange things they experience that exactly expressed what I have seen on the spiritual realms:
    Please dear readers from cities like Toronto, Montreal, Washington DC and New York/long Island help the planet in contacting Antoan ( to do gridwork at those places and have a magical activation and releasing time with him. It will as well be very activating to meet him in person, I am sure, because everytime we meet with our crew we activate also our sometimetimes forgotten abilities and get better ideas about our own missions. Further it deepens our strength within when we connect with people physically who are on the same way.

    Please read this article about gridwork again:

    Or the Cobra interview:

    "U : Are all the beings who are helping in our liberation ascended ?

    C : Liberation from darkness does not necessarily mean ascension, liberation of darkness simply means that you are no longer subjected to the primary anomaly, but you can still keep physical body, you can still keep awareness in this dimension, but you are not subjected to negativity or duality in the same way that people are on this planet."

    Thank you!

  23. I'd like to invite you all to join in on the breakthrough meditation

    here is a beautiful meditation that you can do:

    * Go in a deep meditative state. Close your eyes,
    relax your mind, body and emotions.
    * Visualize you waking up at morning, 30 days after the Event.
    * See where you wake up, feel the air around you, what is around you, how do you feel?
    * As you prepare for the new day, see where are you going to go and what you are going to do. Who will you meet and with whom will you be and how do you feel about it?

    Let us speed up the beautiful manifestation with our pure intent!

    Dream big :) Follow your heart <3

    We will be beginning the meditation at the peak time of the blood moon, but please feel free to continue doing it whenever you would like.

    You can find your local time here:

    and the facebook event can be found here:

    Peace and infinite Love

  24. hey Cobra ,this last news about the EVENT it means that you'll let us Know when the EVENT operation will start or the energetic feeling or shock we will still be able to fill it or both ,thanks for your time and for the liberation of the planet

  25. excerpt:

    "...The tide is turning, the scales are tipping. This is not wishful thinking. It’s fact. The question does remain however: what will we do with this empowering dynamic? Observe, or participate?

    Change, awareness and activation don’t just happen on their own. They work through you, they work through me. If we respond to them the changes happen. If we just observe, pass the buck and let it all just pass, it doesn’t happen or meet up to its full potential.

    It’s a choice. It’s yours, it’s mine. To not enter in at this point is stupefied insanity.

    Will you go all the way? Because that’s the type of commitment it will take at this stage of the game. All it is is simply responding to the need at hand. It’s not all that difficult. When push comes to shove most everything people are now preoccupied with will vanish as if it were a dream. That’s when the remorse sets in for all those who refused to take action.

    Something to think seriously about. We are now at the crossroads. What world are we helping to manifest? Or will we irresponsibly let things slide along as they are? The answer is up to you.

    It’s ours in which to participate. Passionately and with dogged determination. Because everything is at stake. Here and now.

    Fulfill your calling...."

    -Zen Gardener


    1. Hi mate,
      I just want to say thank you for the nice comment you sent me on the other thread. That was so sweet and heart-warming.
      Meow indeed :-)))

      Lots and Lots of amazing things happening here in the last few days.
      Source Tide Is High, Surf's UP.
      Blondie Is BACK !!!

      Lots Of Love and Light


  26. Hello everyone here at Cobra Portal 2012,

    To everyone reading this, I would like to ask for a favor. I need to start a business to help me get out from my current low-paying job, which is not enough to provide for me and my old mother. I have collected some funds to start that business, but it is still not enough. Can anyone of you guys here reading my post here be as kind enough as to offer me a once-in-a-lifetime financial aid? I think that the Universal Oneness wishes that those with wealth or more should help those who are poor or less off, and yet, right now, 90% of the world’s wealth is only in the hands of a few individuals (around less than 5% of world population) and I find it unfair.

    So please, can any of you with excess money, for example, those with hundreds or thousands of dollars in their account help me just for this one time? I just need a minimum of 120 US dollars, so can any of you guys please help me just for this one time? I have tried asking for help from oh so many people, but none have extended any help for me so far. Please help me help my mother and myself. Please, If any of you guys agree to help me, please e-mail me at

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Hi Mitchell T James,

    Please answer this questions again via email.

    1 Whats so hopefull, of cobra,s last update, you said?

    Before 21 12 2012, i read the same messages, until now, over and over......that the event was going to happen...imminent...and that the gateway of heaven was opened, and we were free.

    For 4 years, the same messages....4 years of painfull wait, and till now....NOTHING, its 100 percent understandeable, that me, and others, are definitely losing their patience.

    You think, that the event is going to happen this year, and that all is pointing to let it happen THIS year.......but please James...

    ....i read that, and hear from others, for almost 5 years now.......and still........NO EVENT!

    Im affraid, that this continues, for endless more years.....with still NO event as result.

    Im really affraid of this...thats why, i want say this live goodbye, this Summer...IF....Still nothing has happened.

    Keep in mind, that i cannot stand/withstand, the extreme situationn, around me...on earth, and my personal suffering...ANY LONGER.

    Everyday that i wake up, is a new day of with nasty agressive rude neighbours, who call the police, when they hear little sounds of me...a risk, that i get arrested, with very little, to NO reason.

    every day dealing, with agressive young people on the street, of 15, to 25 years, who bother me, and others, and uses drugs/alcohol.

    Seeing, people /ordinairry people every day getting more grumpy, unfriendly, towards others....

    even saying hello, is a crime, to other people, and staring, angry at me......everybody, me include, feel stressed, and sick, of gigantic proportions.

    Living in horrible conditions, about 25000 years, of ENOUGH, ISNT IT...James??

    Everyday, i pray to god, please stop my heart beating....if its good, or bad in the astral realm....ill take that risk.

    I can only hope, that you are right, that the event is going to happen soon this year.

    But saw other predictions of bashar, or who his name is....

    .....where he says....NO event till galactics meeting untill 2035!

    O, man....this other (Disinformation i hope) cannot imagine....10.......20, or more years of EXTREME unbearable suffering, for everybody, who has not comitted suicide.

    O man....HOPE, this is not true...then i think, alooooooooot of people go suicide before then, and we all doomed.

    Please explain...give your vision.

    2 So, i can get receive a vision of the event, when i ask the angels for it?

    How, and when, exactly can i do this? Have you tried this? And so yes, what was your experience?

    3 You said, that life after the event, will be wonderfull. Hope youre right.

    4 Give your vision, about how you see life on earth, over about 100 years...far after the event?

    How different, and beautifull will life be then, in comparison, with the HORRIBLE situation on earth now?

    Hundred years from now? Use your imagination. Hope all is 5 th dimensional then.

    Remove my last emails, who i send you in the last weeks......forget them...we will start, with this new ones, from now on.

    Love and light,


    1. This planet is a piece of shit, it would be easier to destroy it, the same planets to those in every part of the galaxy.

    2. Well, i woudnt mind to go to another planet and live there.
      Afterall, the good old God must have many mansions out there to occupy, or did he become tired and without creativity after the seven days of Earth' s creation?
      He is probably still taking a nap or watching " American Idol" on tv. Lol

  28. DON'T FORGET TOMORROW.... Sunday... 3. Visualize members of the physical dark Cabal, such as central banking criminals Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and other members of this Cabal such as Henry Kissinger, George Bush, the Jesuits etc. peacefully surrendering and stepping down from their positions of power, releasing control over the financial system and the mass media. Visualize civil authority arresting those members of the Cabal that do not wish to surrender.
    Visualize this process taking place worldwide peacefully and smoothly. Visualize the world finally being free from financial slavery, free from all evil dictators and corrupt politicians.

    To Love and Light

    1. Love and Light from the land of Fire and Ice.

  29. True cobra...........there will be no event ... until ready the new financial system ... resert

  30. Mozart or Nordar, I'm sorry but your post seems illogical and inappropriate. I suggest you ask Universal Oneness by prayer for your answer. Really.

  31. Last evening they (losers) started the chemtrailing and guess what - we were unable to see the supposed to be beautiful event with the moon. Well, they may have managed to stop us form seeing it but they definitely did not stop us from experiencing it with our other senses:)

  32. Does anybody knows what a strangelet or a toplet looks like? It could help to visualize their disintegration in a meditation if we knew their appearance. I tried to search on Google but all I got was some pictures of spaceships and black holes...

    1. They are theoretical particles. As for strangelet and toplet *bombs*, I don't think anybody knows. I don't recall any intel from Cobra about appearance

    2. Cobra did explain them in a previous post. They are made of heavy quarks from what i remember. I did see a picture( cgi?) Depiction of a phisical stranglet bomb somewhere on the net.


  33. Thank you Cobra. Love and Light. 6am Sunday starting meditation for first time. Could someone please send me a link on How to do it correctly? Please and thanks love you. We are the 144.

  34. I have just heard on the news that the LHC at Cern is being rebooted today, after a 2-year rebuild. I hope the RM have their eye on this.

  35. Hi Star Sisters & Star Brothers,
    My dreams have been full of hope lately....I've always had dreams that answer my questions or give me symbols that help guide me. A few weeks ago, I was presented with a basket or container heaping full & I asked what it was and was told it was the "Horn of Plenty". Last night, I was told to look at the news (which I don't watch as I get depressed & upset) but I took a moment and looked at the news and on the screen was a whole new group of representatives for our government (I live in USA) and they projected honesty & truth....I asked what happened to the old cronies that I couldn't watch with their lies and deceptions and they said "Oh, they're gone and these are their replacements".....Perhaps, our changes are 'right around the corner' for governmental changes and abundance for food, shelter and happiness.

    I would like to share my poetry/song to my Star Sisters & Brothers that I hope to meet someday soon:


    Friendship counts
    You can take it to the end
    Gotta have a friend
    Someone you can depend upon

    Take some time
    To make yourself a friend
    Someone who cares..
    Someone who will defend you

    Living & learning we earn our rewards---oh, oh
    Be a friend, it matters .. Makes our day--ay-ay
    There for you when you're in a pinch
    Stop all your worrying -- things will work out in a cinch....

    Friendship will make it through a storm
    Through thick & thin
    Strengthens each time it's worn

    Be a friend ..
    Sincere without pretense
    Be yourself
    Don't try to be someone else

  36. Citizen’s Mass Arrest of the Cabal | NOTICE – PUBLIC ORDER – April 3, 2015 issued by Judge Anna von Reitz

  37. Dear Cobra.
    Day by day Im talking to them. Do they hear me? Can they answer?! Or it is prohibited?
    (them= Positive ET's whos protecting us)
    In The LIGHt we are ONE!

  38. I found this interesting website ("The Awakening") with information on many subjects. Click on the link below, which is about the earth's ley lines.

    Read and then watch the 8:13 minute video about: the earth's ley lines, the star of David (two pyramid shapes), spiraling energy (clockwise and counterclockwise), the construction of the pyramids, the Tesla coil and tachyons, the pineal gland in all of us...

    This video connects a lot of subjects.

    Read and watch the video. In the video, the audio is not crystal clear. Adjust your sound settings.

  39. Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

    12 Oc, 8 Mac, 11 Ik 31 March, 2015.

  40. Theres no need to wait for events and the fall of the cabal, because it matters not. For if these things are still happening its simply because more lessons still need to be learnt. This is an individual ascension, to truly love yourself and to truly forgive yourself will automatically allow you to forgive all and to love all. Because then you will realise this has all been you in many different forms playing a magnificent game of the beings of earth. Do not limit yourself, be AWARE that you have already ascended, you are already with source because you never truly left. Picture yourself as gods that have simply forgot you are gods, then smile and laugh. Don't take life so serious, become a child again and you will have you own events and miracles

  41. cobra why arent you allowing my comments in? is this discrimination seriously?



  43. Very good recent article by David Wilcock:

    1. Thank you for sharing this Mitchell. RA firewall is transcended.

  44. For those of you looking for more info and updates on things...

  45. For those of you looking for more updates and info...

  46. Hi. Joined the line of battle just some hours ago. Synchronicity lead me. Cobra, I really appreciate what you have been doing for this planet. Many thanks. Many mysteries were cleared thanks for your intel. I want to join the Resistance Movement. I'll do what I can!

  47. Would love to hear what cobra has to say about this!... no ones talking about Fukushima.


  48. Righty-oh.
    After a God-only-knows-how-long heel beatdown, The Time has Finally Come for The Big Babyface Comeback.

    Watcha Gonna DO When GAIAMANIA Runs Wild On YOU ???
    HEJ !!! :-)))



    1. As money really means absolutely Nothing to Me, I post this not in the "financial" thread but in an older one so I don't have to get into meaningless discussions about that fictional instrument of power.
      All BullCrap.

      I do not really care too much about a "new" financial system being developed for the surface population of GAIA, money is irrelevant and non-existent in the Future Destined For Humanity.

      So, with all due respect:
      I reject your Reality and Substitute My Own.


  49. Many thanks much love and light Inana!

  50. Replies
    1. Avatara 13, I follow my Heart for the One. If I fail at vigilance, please wake me. If I fail at trusting, please look at me. If I fail at hoping, hold my hand. If I fail at loving, just one glance will return me to You.

  51. motzart.. seriously .. again? how can it be a once in a life time deal if you ask in almost every blog post cobra puts up.. get your drug money someplace else and leave us alone.. thanks.. ps your highly annoying..

  52. Now Yellow Rose for Texas is stating that the 144,000 are homosexual paedophiles! Why do some people stoop to such lengths? I have stopped reading her blogs.″-who-have-not-defiled-themselves-with-women-are-the-homosexual-pedophiles-of-the-vatican-and-its-other-associate-coven-p/